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Sidney Moncrief

Sidney A. Moncrief (born September 21, 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas) is a retired American professional basketball player.

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Sidney Moncrief made more all NBA Teams than Reginald Miller did LMFAOOO. Speak on it
You must've forgotten about Sidney Moncrief and Bernard King
my first live sports memories were going to the Mecca Arena to watch Sidney Moncrief
Going up north to the G: Oscar*. G: Sidney Moncrief. FRCT: Marques Johnson. FRCT: Vin Baker. FRCT: Kareem.
Jordan's first playoff run, his rookie season. Played a 59 win Bucks team that was in defense. Led by Sidney Moncrief and Terry Cummings
Legendary. But also made some bad decisions, let's not forget. He wanted to draft Sidney Moncrief over Magic in '79
wow Semaji Christian looks just like Sidney Moncrief. Would love if he had his defensive game.
ICYMI: Columnist Nate Olson catches up with the great Sidney Moncrief on his newest venture
Good read here from on Sidney Moncrief's new way of coaching
After filing for bankruptcy, Sidney Moncrief set out to teach something greater than sports
Do cats NOT know how good Dennis Johnson was? They never heard of Sidney Moncrief, Maurice Cheeks or Alvin Robertson? They'd get DPOY votes
The NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award was first awarded in 1983 and the winner was Sidney Moncrief. He also won the award in 1984.
.Pistol Pete, David Thompson, Sidney Moncrief, Andrew Toney, ther is a whole crapload of 'em better than Ray Allen or Vince
We out here. Also got Ben Wallace, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Michael Cooper, Sidney Moncrief, and Mark Eaton.
You never heard of Alvin Robertson or Sidney never researched Jerry West and too young to see Starks.
Sidney Moncrief and Alvin Robertson are the top 2 perimeter defenders ever imo. I lean towards Moncrief though.
he was guarded by Gary Payton and Dennis Rodman. Dumars, Sidney Moncrief, and Alvin Robertson also guarded him
Good shout out to Sidney Moncrief yesterday don't think Coach,Prime,LT know who he is great player for Milwaukee Bucks ๐Ÿ€
Grew up in Milwaukee...those were good days with you, Sidney Moncrief, Junior Bridgeman...
Just picked up Sidney Moncrief and Terry Cummings time to do work
And I just scrolled through your timeline. Immediately comes to mind: Sidney Moncrief during Bucks commentary last year-
Can't believe no Sidney Moncrief on broadcasts this year. I'll have to go to for my basketball education now.
Nellie brings his Bucks to face the Twolves going big:Paul Mokeski, Jack Sikma, Frank Brickowski, Paul Pressey & Sidney Moncrief
Sidney Moncrief is the only guard since 1982-83 that won the NBA DPOY twice. Still, not a Hall of Famer.
Gotta tell you, times have changed. Early 80s when I was in high school I remember Sidney Moncrief walking into McDonalds/standing in line
Full Court Press: Prep For Success! This event is a great way for former NBA players, like Sidney Moncrief, to interact with the youth!
Marques Johnson is the best. He presents an eminently more difficult challenge than Sidney Moncrief,
here's a few names that should be throw back cards Lafayette (fat) lever, Jerome Kersey, Michael Cooper,. Sidney Moncrief,
The Bucks haven't amounted to anything since the days of Terry Cummings, Sidney Moncrief, and Jack Sikma (and...
The last time the Milwaukee Bucks were "Must Watch" was back in the mid 80's when they had Sidney Moncrief, Paul Pressey and Ricky Pierce.
first Bucks memories were of Sidney Moncrief and Bob Lanier.
Who's replacing Sidney Moncrief as the bucks TV analyst next year? Dude is awful.
please let me replace Sidney Moncrief
Is this game as ugly as on TV as it is in person? At least I don't have to listen to Sidney Moncrief
โ€œwhat the heck is ersan doingโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ only Sidney Moncrief would know Lmaoo
Sidney Moncrief is one of the most inaccurate announcers in the NBA.
"Look for the Bucks to go on a run now that Zaza is in.. He makes the bucks a better team." - Sidney Moncrief (ummm?)
I wonder if paschke hates listening to Sidney moncrief as much as I do.
Sidney Moncrief -- "Ideally you want to be the 4 or 5 seed if you can't make the top 3 when the playoffs start" . ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜
Sidney Moncrief does not belong on television. My son has a stronger vocabulary than this brother smh
It's been a while since I mentioned how terrible an analyst Sidney Moncrief is.
The next part of the rebuild: finding a better TV analyst than Sidney Moncrief. Embarrassing.
"We call that a chicken wing elbow..." - Sidney Moncrief (who's we in that???)
I'll probably turn it on for the last quarter. I'd rather watch that international version than the one with Sidney Moncrief tbh..
Sidney Moncrief: "Occasionally the Refs will miss the calls." Really, Occasionally.
Honestly would rather listen to those squeaky toys than Sidney Moncrief..
I have no idea what game these refs are watching.and Sidney Moncrief is the most annoying commentator ever lol
Between Sidney Moncrief and those horns, I think I'm going to watch this game on mute...
Seriously, the can't find a better commentator than Sidney Moncrief? No one in America should be unemployed if this guy has a job.
I'm about 40 rows up from the court and I can still hear Sidney Moncrief running his mouth.
Sidney Moncrief was going to give up play by play for lent. But then he said Nah Fam. Milwulky needs me.
If Sidney Moncrief doesn't win play by play announcer of the year, I might give up on the NBA. This year's been a special one.
Sidney Moncrief's mancrush on Dudley is approaching BA and Yadi level.
And Bob Dandridge to the players Sidney Moncrief has compared to Khris Middleton to this year along with Kobe and MJ..
Why does Sidney Moncrief bash on the so hard? you have to be aware none of us like/ appreciate him calling games right?
I seriously love how honest Sidney Moncrief is.
Sidney Moncrief has to be the biggest downer in the world, he has no confidence in the Bucks.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd rather have McGlocklin than Sidney Moncrief.
Sidney Moncrief really pisses me off commentating
"No one can say this is a trade for the future." - Sidney Moncrief (Wut?)
Sidney Moncrief's son is my homeboy too nh
Today's is not your momma's NBA. Your momma's NBA showed lots more skin.
Last week, it was Sidney Moncrief. Last night, the Hogs honored Corliss Williamson with a banner inโ€ฆ
Corliss Williamson's 34 in its rightful place alongside Sidney Moncrief's 32.
BREAKING: bucks and bulls in trade negotiations that would swap Gem Paschke & Sidney Moncrief for Stacey King & Neil Funk.
Sidney Moncrief may be as annoying, if not even more annoying than Jon McGlocklin.
Yep, Pierce, Sidney Moncrief, Paul Pressey, Terry Cummings. Apparently even Mike Dunleavy and Craig Hodges were on that team.
*continues sipping the gumption*. Kobe is on par with say Clyde Drexler, George Gervin, Hal Greer, Sam Jones, and Sidney Moncrief
Sidney Moncrief, "Leotis Harris represented the ministry, Billy Moore will represent sin!:
Yeah but you'd never admit that he's better than Bucks greats Jack Sikma, Big Dog Robinson and Sidney Moncrief
live right now Sidney Moncrief heres the link. remember we love your shares.
The ALL STAR edition of the Coach Scott Fields show. and Sidney Moncrief watch it live 7:30p mtn time. at.
Sidney Moncrief on the show tonight.
who's your favorite old school basketball player mine is big O , Kareem Abdul -jabbar , George gervin , dr, J , Sidney moncrief
I love improv 4 humans, thanks for the hours of laughs. Even cooler that you love Sidney Moncrief.
Sidney Moncrief on the next Coach Scott Fields show Monday April 28
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This week, We have Terry Porter and Sidney Moncrief. You would be great.
Eddie Sutton caught up in the present. Sidney Moncrief was a better defender than T Allen. Better everything
Hard to say that he's better than Sidney Moncrief yet.
Just got to meet NBA player Sidney Moncrief at work. Look him up if you've never heard.
Mark Eaton was 1st center to win the DPOY Award ('84-85); Sidney Moncrief won the inaugural award ('82-83)
Mark Eaton was the first center to win the Def. Player of the Year Award ('84-85); Sidney Moncrief (G) won the inaugurโ€ฆ
Well, the Razorbacks performance thus far is better than melatonin for encouragement of going to bed. with Bill Walton, need Sidney Moncrief or Todd Day or Corliss 'Big Nasty' Williamson to sub in.
Razorbacks hosting Sycamores in Rd 1 of NIT...Larry Bird's team beat Sidney Moncrief's team in '79 to go to Final Four (NCAA)
My top ten scores in NBA from back in the day would give these cats the business 1.Ricky Pierce 2.Terry Catledge 3.Sedale Threatt 4.Andrew Toney 5.Vinnie Johnson 6.Bernard King 7.Michael Ray Richardson 8.Adrian Dantley 9.Sidney Moncrief 10.Terry Porter
So, something for all of my fellow sports junkies...Since I live just 40 miles from Bud Walton Arena, I decided to take my boys to a Razorbacks game this afternoon. It just so happened that they honored past Final Four teams at halftime. They brought out Sidney Moncrief, Eddie Sutton, Oliver Miller, US Reed, Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, Scotty Thurman, Corliss Williamson, Nolan Richardson, etc. It was really cool seeing all those guys that I grew up watching or reading about and idolizing. (Bill Clinton was there too, but that's not a big deal. He's no Sidney Moncrief, after all.) Really entertaining game, too, with Arkansas beating LSU. Just had to share.
Tireless defender Sidney Moncrief misses out on Hall of Fame again. Tireless defender of dress code David Stern makes it on first try.
Found out today my gma's husband coached Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Sidney Moncrief on different USA teams when they were in college ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Part 2 yeah the brawl in auburn hills ron artest and the pistons was terrible but did you see when kermit washington punched rudy tomjanovich and literally almost killed him during a fight!you got cats like ricky pierce and thurl bailey of the 80s who didnt even start would be on the front of wheatie boxes today ditto sidney moncrief andrew toney would be a presedential candidate for popularity if he played today!
Larry Drew named new head coach of Milwaukee Bucks. Read more:
Ian Clark and Sidney Moncrief at the Bucks workout.
Note I left out of my workout article: I parked next to Sidney Moncrief. That was cool.
We're best friends if you know who Sidney Moncrief is w/o looking it up.
Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Sidney Moncrief speaking at work today.
The Bucks couldn't find time to talk to Sidney Moncrief about HC job?. And u wonder why so many ex-Bucks have so little interest/respec ...
Everybody can stop hating! King James will win the title again this year! The best player in the NBA! He plays the game how it suppose to be played! When your the best in your profession people just look for reasons to hate! Win games and stay professional!
Note to NBA refs - Miami fouls too. Actually they foul a lot. You'd know if you watched the f-in game!
Have I completely lost my mind or is Carmelo Anthony JUST NOT THAT GOOD. He can score, no doubt, but so could Alex English and Sidney Moncrief. Carmelo is not even a top 10 player in the league to me. Ill expand on this and more in Go Big Or Go Home later tonight. Thoughts?
Was thinking of underrated 80's players. Sidney Moncrief and the double play combo of Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell are a few on my list
Small world re: SDSU's Tapley. When his dad played 10th grade hoops in Little Rock, coach was Pat Jones. Sidney Moncrief on that team, too.
Big ups to one of my favorite Bucks/Hogs Sidney Moncrief
ICYMI: My piece on Sidney Moncrief and the 80's Bucks. Very proud of this article. via
. comes through with a great look at the 1980s Milwaukee Bucks
ICYMI: Here's my piece on the 80's Bucks.
Here's a piece that wrote about Sidney Moncrief:
Moncrief and The Bucks: My Look at Sidney Moncrief and the 80โ€ฒs Milwaukee Bucks via
Two Razorback legends going head to head right now in NBA2K13. Joe Johnson vs Sidney Moncrief.
uh Sidney Moncrief bro lol thats all i gotta say about that...
I'm going with the guy who has the drawn on Sidney Moncrief jersey/Tee shirt
At Luke and Elizabeth's first Bucks game! Thanks Dan S. and I'm calling the Hogs with Sidney Moncrief
Last night, Slobodanka and I had a late dinner at Lucky Star in Burlington. After, I turned on the car radio and tuned into the Bucks game on AM620... And i immediately slipped into a portal that time- travelled me warp speed back to being a young boy, crazy for my Bucks, under the covers, well past my bedtime, secretly listening to the game on my little transistor radio while my parents think I am sleeping. ...Back in time to Marques Johnson, Junior Bridgeman, Harvey Catchings, Brian Winters and Paul Pressey... I felt like Sidney Moncrief, not Brandon Jennings, should be poppin the shots... ...Eddie Doucette made a guest appearance on the Milwaukee airwaves last night! He co-called the game broadcast with Ted Davis. What a treat. He is so good! ...So smooth and colorful. He's in the same class as Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker. Tough loss to the Clippers... Or as my autistic friend, Brett, was calling them last night- the Clappers. :) Saw my 1st robin today!
Going to a place I haven't been too in over 10 years - the Bradley Center in Milwaukee to watch the Milwaukee Bucks play the Utah Jazz. Hoping Sidney Moncrief or Marques Johnson shows up to play.
February 18th 1978 - Sidney Moncrief and the Arkansas Razorbacks are on the cover. Eddie Sutton Hogs would go 32-4 and win the west regional. They lose to Kentucky in the semfinals in St. Louis. On the pop chart - the top 3 -Billy Joel, Samantha Sang -Bee Gees are 1-2-3.coming in the number 4 -I Go Crazy - Paul Davis
When the NBA named the 50 Greatest Players those guys got that title for life. At the time I thought there were snubs (Dominique Wilkins, Bernard King, Bobby Jones, Sidney Moncrief and Alex English). But now nearly 20 years later there are at least ten more guys you can argue are among the fifty best to ever play (Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Allen Iverson, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant and Steve Nash). Maybe every ten years they need to reset the list.
Even though we as Lakers fans often credit Magic (understandably so) for Showtime, were it not for Jerry Buss the excitement at the Fabulous Forum in the 1980's would not have existed. Jerry Buss chose Earvin "Magic" Johnson with the Number One Overall pick in the 1979 NBA Draft. His GM Jerry West wanted guard Sidney Moncrief (a very good player). Jerry Buss has given die hard Lakers fans like me MUCH to celebrate. As I said before today I wear my Lakers hoodie in memory :)
Who can forget Sidney Moncrief aka Sir Sid! I miss those old Milwaukee Bucks teams. And those old Denver Nuggets teams back in the day! Unsung teams of the 80s
Last time won in Phoenix, their starting line up was Sidney Moncrief, Paul Pressey, Jack Sikma, Terry Cummings and John Lucas.
Finished putting up articles on Bernard King, Sidney Moncrief, Zelmo Beaty and Randy Smith at
Some people will tell you Sidney Moncrief played for the Atlanta Hawks. These are the same people who'll tell you Santa Claus ain't real
Bernard King got Buckets! Sidney Moncrief played with a motor!
Remember the famous Sports Illustrated cover back in the late 1970s with Arkansas hoops great Sidney Moncrief soaring in for a tomahawk dunk? The hea
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Hakeem Olajuwon and Lebron James for Wilkins, Howard and Sidney Moncrief. Run that!
Now's a good time to chide whoever it is that votes for the that they've yet to include Bernard King and Sidney Moncrief, btw.
OK this movie is awesome and epicly bad but Im enjoying the 90 minutes of mind numbing fun...It even has a Sidney Moncrief reference. Poolboy with Kevin Sorbo and Danny Trejo
Old School on .Johnson & Sidney Moncrief dual autographed card. 26 hours left -
Not the biggest NBA fan these days as I actually would prefer to watch the NHL Playoff games...really ever since the Jordan Era and Milwaukee's Sidney Moncrief as a kid. But here are some observations... The Spurs and Tim Duncan are all class... Westbrook and KD are fun to watch and finally what D Wade (Marquette alum) and Lebron did the past 3 games was not only fun to watch but remarkable. I also really have no problem with anything Lebron has ever done minus "The Decision" which is on him. Even the "not 1, not 2, not 3, not 5" Laser and Fog Show with the Big 3 must have been an idea from the Heat Mkt. Department. Lebron just got carried away.
My hope for the Milwaukee Bucks. Sign Brandon Jennings to an extension should be our first priority. Analyze the draft and pick up players u see could be a key player for bucks in future. What if Monta does'nt sign back draft Austin Rivers. Rebuild the Bradley Center cuz the one we got look old and uninteresting. Fan support raises no band wagon fans who only cheer when we win. If Scott Skiles can't do it next year fire him and sign Sidney Moncrief as our interim coach. And last but not least, make the *** playoffs.
"Life is funny," says Sidney Moncrief. Only by "funny," he doesn't really mean funny. He means weird. Strange. Quirky. Unpredictable. "One decision -- any decision -- can change everything."
And the bench is: Jack Sikma, Buck Williams, Sidney Moncrief, Louie Dampier, Bobby Jones, Paul Arizin and Bob Dandridge
.talks with Paul Pressey, Scott Skiles & Sidney Moncrief about Don Nelson's induction into the
Bucks hire ex-star Moncrief as assistant coach: Former Milwaukee Bucks star Sidney Moncrief has joined the team a...
Y! Sources: Sidney Moncrief finalizing agreement to return to Milwaukee Bucks as an assistant coach.
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