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Sidney Crosby

Sidney Patrick Crosby ONS (born August 7, 1987) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who is captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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Sidney Crosby drives Penguins to Game 5 win. Sent with
That was Sidney Crosby's first Stanley Cup Final goal in eight years.
Sidney Crosby (57-104—161) passed Mike Bossy, Gordie Howe, Al MacInnis & Bobby Smith (160) for 20th in all-time playoff points.…
arrived at Bridgestone Arena with a bag FULL of mouthwash. Sidney Crosby can breathe easy now. https…
I love how P.K. Subban is everything that Sidney Crosby refuses to be.
Great answer from P.K. Subban when asked about his run-in with Sidney Crosby at the end of Game 3
PK Subban's "I use Listerine" quote with the video of he and Sidney Crosby at the end of the game
Honestly nothing makes me happier than seeing a disappointed Sidney Crosby
You never see Sidney Crosby and Andy Murray in the same place at the same time.
Mike Fisher isn't half the captain Sidney Crosby is
Sidney Crosby begins Game 2 with Bryan Rust and Conor Sheary, and let's watch and see if the Penguins get more than 12 shots tonight
Sidney Crosby was named captain 10 years ago on this day. Four Cup Final appearances and two championships later,…
Who is the best overall active athlete in the 4 major North American sports: Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, LeBron James, or Mike Trout?
Always two steps ahead... Sidney Crosby grins just before Conor Sheary knocks the puck in the net.
NHL will do whatever is possible to give Sidney Crosby another Stanley Cup.
Jonathan Toews only needs 110 goals and 295 assists in his next 65 games to match Sidney Crosby in production for their c…
Fun Fact: Coach Sullivan and Sidney Crosby were both mic'd for Game Seven.
Sidney Crosby 4 Stanley Cup Finals. Ovechkin the pure goal scorer . Take that L
Sidney Crosby, who chopped a part of Marc Methot's finger off, is being praised for playing through being sprayed by a wat…
The look on face when Mike Milbury praises Sidney Crosby is similar to the one from Peter Finch in "Network.".
The Senators' Methot and Ryan rough up the Penguins' Sidney Crosby during the third period of Game 6 tonight in Ottawa.
Marc Methot pokes Sidney Crosby while Mike Hoffman sprays water at him. This will never get old 😂😂
Marc Methot and Mike Hoffman simultaneously trying to mess with Sidney Crosby. Methot poking him with his stick, Hoffman sq…
Wire: The Senators tormented Sidney Crosby during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference…
😳😯 Jeremy Roenick just praised Sidney Crosby - it's the second sign of the apocalypse! - second to Orange Hair coming to world power
Jeremy Roenick is being really nice to Sidney Crosby and I need an adult.
With 54 playoff goals. Evgeni Malkin passes Danny Briere and Jeremy Roenick for 45th all time. He even passed Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby always talking with his teammates. Erik Karlsson mocks him.
Bless Canada's heart for trying to rally the nation around Ottawa to battle known American scourges like Sidney Crosby & Marc-Andre Fleury.
Response from Sidney Crosby's agent Pat Brisson, to Sens owner Eugene Melnyk's comments earlier today...
Great, two weeks of listening to Eugene Melnyk complain about Sidney Crosby...
Sad Caps fan: "I think Sidney Crosby is as much a threat to the United States of America as ISIS."
fans look at Sidney Crosby like fans look at Tom Brady. Can you please quit and st…
Sidney Crosby is the Paul Ryan of hockey.
Truly astounding, unnerving, negligent and dangerous: my views on the Penguins med staff letting Sidney Crosby play.
Hey look, Sidney Crosby is crying again? Shocking
Pierre Maguire's game analysis is actually VERY good. I mean, when he doesn't have Sidney Crosby within sniffing distance, that is.
In a lighter moment, Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon work the drive-thru window at Tim Horton’s Donuts!
Sidney Crosby was on the ice today.
Throwback to Guy Boucher's story of an incredible 16 year old named Sidney Crosby
Penguins' Chris Kunitz: We wanted to win one for Sidney Crosby.
Gary Bettman and his Truculant Gang told Sidney Crosby where he ranks in Garage League Order.Right w Raffi Torres,Michael Haley etc.
keep Sidney Crosby out of the game, to get Matt Niskanen suspended. Give your head a shake…
Sidney Crosby, who has had concussion issues in the past, has been diagnosed with one again and will miss Game 4 https:…
Sidney Crosby's injury last night has set the feminist movement back decades!
NHL will not hold disciplinary hearing for Niskanen over hit that injured Penguins star Sidney Crosby
Alex Ovechkin. TJ Oshie. Braden Holtby. Nick Backstrom. Sidney Crosby (he's the Stephens of the group)
how can you put Sidney Crosby in the same column as Labron James. Labron needed to be carried off with a cramp in his leg.
"Crooked Penguins want to blame hard working Alex Ovechkin for Sidney Crosby's injury…
This, but replace Alex Ovechkin with Al Horford and Sidney Crosby with Markieff Morris
.Sidney Crosby is hit in the head by the stick of the Alex Ovechkin and then is cross checked by Matt Ni…
Its only a Penalty if it happens to Jesus Chr- Im sorry Sidney Crosby.
Sidney Crosby leaves game after taking a cross-check to the head - For The Win
Should Matt Niskanen be suspended for his hit on Sidney Crosby?
UPDATE: Matt Niskanen ejected for cross-checking Sidney Crosby in the head. Crosby taken to dressing room.
Matt Niskanen cross-check on Sidney Crosby. Crosby helped off the ice. Niskanen ejected.
Sidney Crosby’s potential injury is a dark cloud looming over Pittsburgh and the NHL on the whole. (
Mike Sullivan offers no update on Sidney Crosby's injury s..
Sidney Crosby actually took a stick to the head before getting hit by Niskanen, here's the slo mo
Did Alex Ovechkin intentionally hurt Sidney Crosby by inhabiting the body of Matt Niskanen using an ancient spiritual spell?
This cruel Sidney Crosby headshot can transform NHL playoffs
Sidney Crosby hurt after taking a Niskanen cross-check to the head
Congratulations to Sidney Crosby on being named a Hart Trophy Finalist (award given to the NHL's MVP). Details:
Sidney Crosby went to the locker room, Matt Niskanen got a five-minute major and game misconduct.
Penguins&Sidney Crosby leaves Game 3 after taking cross-check to head (Video) -
Penguins lose Sidney Crosby to injury, are defeated 3-2 by..
Penguins' Sidney Crosby left Game 3 vs Capitals early after taking a first-period cross-check to the head.
UPDATED | Penguins' Crosby to be evaluated after hit to the head in Game 3
BREAKING: Sidney Crosby's injury has been diagnosed as a sprained *** Return doubtful.
Sidney Crosby had to be assisted off the ice after being knocked to the ice and crosschecked to the face.
The Caps-Pens series takes a nasty turn as Washington strikes at Pittsburgh's head in Game 3. htt…
Hoping Sidney Crosby isn't hurt too seriously.
Hockey>Nhl - Video: Sidney Crosby leaves game after cross-check to h...
Matt Niskanen says crosscheck to Sidney Crosby unintentional
It's horrible that Sidney Crosby got injured. I hope its not a concussion.
I really hope Sidney Crosby is ok, that hit looked pretty brutal.
Caps "If we wanna win we need to hurt Sidney Crosby..". 5 mins into the game*
ALL HART: Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Sergei Bobrovsky voted as finalists for the Hart Trophy.
Imagine Sidney Crosby's career without the Washington Capitals trying to constantly end it.
If the only way you can lead the Penguins in 130 minutes of hockey is by hurting Sidney Crosby, you might suck at hockey.
Injury to Sidney Crosby the Penguins' biggest challenge yet – ESPN: Injury to Sidney Crosby…
Sidney Crosby biggest loss for Penguins in Game 3
Sidney Crosby leaves Game 3 loss to Capitals with injury via
Let's not be stupid, guys. Niskanen deserved a major and a game misconduct for that hit, whether it was on Sidney Crosby or Raffi Torres.
Sidney Crosby says there was a sense of "big relief" when Marc-Andre Fleury was not traded at the deadline.
[Beaver County Times] Brian Metzer's Plus/Minus: Sidney Crosby was a force, but some Penguins overstayed t
Matt Cullen on Sidney Crosby: "He was a threat all night. He was dangerous. He was attacking."
Battles between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby are classic
Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are the only two players to have scored (so far) in Game 1. Feels eerily familiar.
Sidney Crosby is currently on a Gamebreaker. Didn't know they made an NHL Street, but whatever...
Alexander Ovechkin got up close and personal with Sidney Crosby in 2010.
One day before a playoff game, Sidney Crosby is still out on the ice after practice playing around with Matt Cullen’s kids.
Which captain will record more points in the Capitals vs Penguins series? Alexander Ovechkin +150. Sidney Crosby -200
Happy World Penguin Day to my fave and of course. Phil Kessel. A Stanley Cup Champion. And Evgeni Malkin. And Sidney Crosby. And-
Three stars of the week: Brad Marchand, Sidney Crosby, Brian Elliott - Cross Checks Blog -
VIDEO: Sidney Crosby just hacked off a portion of Marc Methot's finger. 😱😱😱
Sidney Crosby leads the list with 108 goals at PPG Paints Arena, followed by Evgeni Malkin with 102 .
4 players have 500 pts. over the last 7 seasons: Patrick Kane (522), Sidney Crosby (521), Alex Ovechkin (506), and Cl…
"Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin rule the rink" thats *** innit
bold strategy from Columbus to give space to Evgeni Malkin with Sidney Crosby having the vision and passing abiliti…
improve to 10-1 in the Playoffs when Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin score in the same game
I'm pretty sure Brandon Dubinsky grabs Sidney Crosby every whistle because it's as close as he'll ever get to touching the Stanley Cup.
Is it sad I don't want Pittsburgh to won't the Stanley Cup because I don't want to hear how great Sidney Crosby is another year?
Game Preview: Pens-Jackets (Game 1): The Pens top trio of Sidney Crosby, Jake Guentzel and Conor Sheary have ...…
You were all obsessed with Sidney Crosby's curls™. Little did you know, Jake Guentzel trademarked the curls™
Playing with Sidney Crosby is about much more than pedigree - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -
Curtis McElhinney robs Sidney Crosby, the Leafs make the playoffs and nothing makes sense anymore
My book - In 2010, Canada's Sidney Crosby scored the golden-goal to beat the Americans for the gold medal at the 20…
Masssively heartbroken over this NHL/Olympics decision. What is the Winter Olympics without Sidney Crosby and the rest of
Barrett Jackman just got his first point as a Nashville Predator. He's won more Calder trophies (1) than Sidney Crosby (0). c…
There is a guy in the grocery store who looks identical to Sidney Crosby and I'm sufficiently creeped out.
"He just sees the game way more advanced than your average player..." on Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby is playing on the edge but is failed by the system designed to protect players https:/…
NHL -- Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins doesn't deserve a ... - ESPN
The irony of someone whining about how much they hate Sidney Crosby because he whines too much.
Sidney Crosby scores the goal of 2017 in the latest Plays of the Week.
Greg McKegg played better than Sidney Crosby on that shift.
Should Sidney Crosby be showing more remorse for his slash on Marc Methot?
Give a hand to the dynamic NHL rookie class of 2016-17. Like Sidney Crosby this group will leave a mark.…
Filip Forsberg's slash compared to Sidney Crosby's the other night that took a man's finger off.
With that last goal, Patrick Kane is again tied for 2nd in the NHL in scoring with Sidney Crosby. Both trail Connor McDavid
I told Nathan MacKinnon I like his Tim Hortons commercials he does with Sidney Crosby and he said thanks.
Had a dream last night me and Sidney Crosby were deep bros. then I woke up into a nightmare.
Shoutout to Manning for seeing Andrew MacDonald being pressured by Sidney Crosby and taking action
The suspends Rasmus Ristolainen for a good hit but not Sidney Crosby for chopping off appendages
While we were busy watching the Stars shell Corey Crawford, Sidney Crosby was taking fingers off. Credit
Sidney Crosby has sticked Ryan O'Reilly in the groin and lopped off part of Marc Methot's finger in the last 2 games. No…
It's too bad for sake that Sidney Crosby hadn't slashed his way to a victory over the How was this foul missed?
Marc Methot's finger after taking a slash from Sidney Crosby. Of course, no call on the play.
Top pairing D Marc Methot out weeks with a shattered finger thanks to a Sidney Crosby slash, but, nothing to see here, m…
Sidney Crosby slashed Marc Methot and his fingertip is dangling off. Methot skating off like it isn't anything.…
So Marc Methot was slashed by Sidney Crosby and his fingertip is just dangling off...
Sidney Crosby lifts spirits of young fan with brain tumors (Puck Daddy)
Brad Marchand ties Sidney Crosby in goals after a Hart Trophy worthy performance in Vancouver. (Via https:…
From Guy Lafleur to Sidney Crosby. Hockey stars and their cars
I voted for Sidney Crosby to be the "Strong as Nails" player of the month. He's an immovable force.
To all the sore *** loser Pittsburg fans right now... how's Sidney Crosby feeling rn
Second hat trick in a week for Patrick Kane. And he surpasses Sidney Crosby in NHL's scoring race with 68 points.
It's GAMEDAY! The host Sidney Crosby and the defending Stanley Cup champs in Chicago. Game Notes:
Sidney Crosby looks like a straight John Travolta.
won the Rocket Richard Trophy the past 4 seasons. Ovechkin trails Sidney Crosby by 7 goa…
Seven years ago today Sidney Crosby scored the 'Golden Goal' at the 2010 Olympics. What is your favourite international…
I get super excited when John Tavares and Sidney Crosby are in the same room
Like can sign an executive order that tells Sidney Crosby that either he signs with the Devils or he gets sent back to Canada
Kyle Busch is on my list with LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Bubba Watson, Sidney Crosby and Bryce Harper. The whining *** list.
In an era of hockey that is is designed for less scoring, Sidney Crosby continues to produce, writes
.Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury have perseverance in common
TERRY JONES: Who's King of the NHL, Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby? We're about to find out
Report: Sidney Crosby questioned by authorities tonight for assaulting Jets. Darrelle Revis was not involved.
And tonight will be remembered forever as the night of Sidney Crosby. The win it in OT 4-3 thanks to a goal from Crosby…
Matt Calvert told today that he enjoys watching Brandon Dubinsky face Sidney Crosby. 1/2
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Sidney Crosby becomes the 86th player in NHL history to reach 1,000 points. Way to go, Sid! What an achievement.
Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon are both from Cole Harbour, or so I've been told. But is from Cole Harbour?
“He was talking to them like he knew them." ... Sidney Crosby and another kind gesture:
Pierre's first question for Wayne Gretzky: "What was it like to coach Sidney Crosby?" You forgetting someone, Pierre?
Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky agree: Sidney Crosby is the league's No. 1 player now - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I just saw Sidney Crosby's name spelled as "Sydney Crosby".on the NHL Network ticker.
Backes stripped Sidney Crosby and went in on the breakaway and just like in the World Cup of Hockey, Backes didn't score.
Sam ready for Little Pens and to be the next Sidney Crosby! 🏒 Thanks Sid
Sidney Crosby got the comm smythe last season, how much do you think that lit the fire in Geno Malkin? Hes always gotta be better than Sid.
Sidney Crosby has been voted as an all-star game captain. Congrats, Sid!
Sid has a thing for being Captain😎. ・・・. The fans have spoken. Sidney Crosby has…
"If that's a penalty, Sidney Crosby is going to spend the rest of the season in the penalty box". - Jim Jackson. DEAD 😂
Someone pass to Sidney Crosby !! All I see is Sid setting up people and no one dishing him the puck
Stanley Cup champ Sidney Crosby. Right? Versus the first round exit Hawks. Right?
Its not crazy to think that Sidney Crosby could win the Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy and Rocket Richard Trophy this season. Clean sweep
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Sidney Crosby wants to rocket Richard his way into everybody's hart.
This could change since Caps are playing right now, but currently Sidney Crosby has more goals (24) than Alex Ovechkin has p…
Sidney Crosby as one goal for every penny to Jack Johnson's name.
but yes - we should totally decide Sidney Crosby is the best goal scorer since Mike Sullivan became his coach. He is excellent, but nope.
Congrats to Sidney Crosby on scoring his 358th career NHL goal to pass Bobby Smith as the highest scoring Nova Scotian of all…
Pierre: Be a good, informative hockey analyst . Inner Pierre: Tell them what Sidney Crosby's favorite cereal was in 3rd…
I'm too young to remember Wayne Gretsky so I'm going to have to say Sidney Crosby is the greatest hockey player I've seen.
The NHL has its first 20-goal scorer of the season. It's Sidney Crosby, in just 22 games.
Sidney Crosby is less than 20 points away from Alex Ovechkin, who has 137 more games played than Crosby.
Sidney Crosby passes Maurice Richard on the NHL's all-time scoring list. Now 90th. Eighth among active players. And he's 29 yea…
15 goals and 5 assists is not a stat line I would have ever associated with Sidney Crosby, but here we are.
Inconsistent Penguins suffer ugly loss on road to Wild: ST. PAUL, Minn. — Sidney Crosby said the Penguins handed…
Sidney Crosby pegged to captain Canada at
Last time Sidney Crosby shot this often, he won the Rocket Richard Trophy:
Canada’s New Concussion Strategy - While concussions to Eric Lindros and Sidney Crosby make the headlin...
Here's a compilation video of Sidney Crosby and Antonio Brown making defenders look silly over the past week
Just picked up the latest edition of Sidney Crosby's book by Paul Hollingsworth. 5 of my photos were published fr h…
Phil Kessel is leading the league in assists and Sidney Crosby is leading in goals. What kind of alternate universe are we…
Dead *** my top 3 hockey ships are Jonathan Drouin/Nathan MacKinnon, Mitch Marner/Auston Matthews, and Claude Giroux/Sidney Crosby
What do yinz get when yinz mix C Sidney Crosby and QB Ben Roethlisberger?
NEWS: Sidney Crosby is still king of the NHL
Awesome Logan Couture quote about Sidney Crosby's faceoff cheating: "He's on my (World Cup) team now, so he can do it as…
Sidney Crosby had a goal and two assists while defeating Russia last night. Apparently he also won an Emmy.
It is ok to interrupt Mrs. Harris if the Sidney Crosby enters the room (or if aliens invade).
Toronto's Auston Matthews has scored 4 goals in his 1st NHL game. Sidney Crosby has never scored 4 goals in a NHL game i…
Four goals for Auston Matthews. . Sidney Crosby has never scored four in an NHL game. Matthews still has one period left ... in…
Why is Sidney Crosby all over my TL 🤔🚮
I feel so bad for those Penguins fans dealing with the news today that Sidney Crosby has a concussion with no timetabl…
Sidney Crosby has been diagnosed with a concussion, and there's no timetable for his return:
Fact: Justin Abdelkader is more valuable than Sidney Crosby. Just try to disprove me, buddy
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"Sidney Crosby, Talent"... Sounds about right. Watch Sid's Emmy-winning performance before game time:
Hide your Oscars, Hide your Grammys, no award is safe when you're Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby is a BEAST! Best Player of this Generation. Via .
He's back! World Cup MVP Sidney Crosby is on the ice for practice here at -MC
Sidney Crosby was just 21 when he captained a Stanley Cup winning team but Bob Cole says he was perfect for the role. https…
What do Sidney Crosby & Brad Marchand have in common besides being Nova Scotians and World Cup Champions? Find out…
Congratulations to and Tournament MVP Sidney Crosby on winning the World Cup of Hockey 2016.
BCA Gamer News: It has been quite a year for Sidney Crosby, but at this time last year, some wondered if we w...
Since June 12, 2016 Sidney Crosby has won the Stanley Cup, the Conn Smythe, an Emmy, and the World Cup of Hockey.
Sidney Crosby has now won the Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, World Cup, & World Cup MVP all in one year. Not bad for a guy…
At the World/Canada Cup, very seldom been on the losing end and Sidney Crosby makes it 5 of 8 MVPs awarded a pla…
Sidney Crosby and the win the World Cup of Hockey. See you back in Pittsburgh soon, Captain!
Babcock, MVP Crosby lead Canada to World Cup of Hockey title: Sidney Crosby was selected the MVP of the tourn...
Sidney Crosby joins Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr as only players to win the MVP trifecta.
Sidney Crosby cementing place as 'best player of his generation'
Little Giant Ladders
Carey Price on Sidney Crosby in post game interview: "he's the best player of our generation."
well, Canada did invent ice hockey, Sidney Crosby and Nathan
Nathan MacKinnon: Frameworth Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon-8x10 and Plate Battle of Cole Harbour:
Sidney Crosby scores his 18th career goal for Team Canada in senior-level competition
If Connor McDavid didn't exist, Sidney Crosby would still be my favourite hockey player
Sidney Crosby and Team Canada are playing Geno Malkin and Team Russia. *** ..I guess I just hope they both score...
Do I like Sidney Crosby enough to listen to him get interviewed by Mark Madden though
Sidney Crosby single handedly got Dan Bylsma and Mike Johnston fired, it's only a matter of time until he does the same to Mike Sullivan.
The Cavs' Tristan Thompson is taking the Sidney Crosby approach to championship celebrations https…
Tristan Thompson carries on Sidney Crosby's trophy tradition
I have something Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, and Patrick Kane can't have, his name is
You had Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Jack eichel and Auston Matthews asking you to play on their lines and you chose Derek stepans lol
Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, John Tavares and others try to lure Jimmy Vesey to their teams -
.said Sidney Crosby reached out to Jimmy Vesey. I'm told Mike Sullivan was also present for the Penguins' pitch.
It's Sidney Crosby's, Mike Trout's, and Edgar Renteria's birthday today? Greatest apparently is born on the same date.
Sidney Crosby and the Stanley Cup had a pretty good day in Halifax.
Sidney Crosby parade today. Conn Smythe trophy joined Stanley Cup. Details tonight at 6 on Ctv news
A parade with Sidney Crosby and the Stanley Cup will be held in Cole Harbour on July 16, rain or shine
Players who score at a higher 5v5 rate than Taylor Hall over the past two seasons: . Sidney Crosby. Jamie Benn
.RW Patrick Kane wins Hart Trophy as MVP; decisively topping runner-up Sidney Crosby for honor. https:/…
I'm not watching this hockey thing ... did Sidney Crosby win an Eclipse Award?
Sidney Crosby going to KHL. Stamkos going to Dallas for Benn and Seguin. Chara going to Buffalo. Patrick Kane going to jai…
Hall has the 3rd best p/60 at 5v5 since 2012; behind only Jamie Benn and Sidney Crosby. He might be pretty good.
Spotted: Putting practice for Penguins' Jeff Zatkoff, Sidney Crosby and Eric Fehr during the…
Sidney Crosby is only player in history with:. Olympic Gold. Stanley Cup. World Champ . World Jr. Gold. Hart Trophy. Art Ross…
Sidney Crosby and his teammates have brought the Stanley Cup to
Should the city rename Forest Hills Parkway after Sidney Crosby?
Sidney Crosby is on the front cover of this weeks Sports Illustrated
Sidney Crosby makes the national cover of Sports Illustrated
What a joke..Sidney Crosby, wins the Conn Smyth. lost all of its credibility
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With 19 points (6G-13A), your 2016 Conn Smythe winner is, Sidney Crosby!
Sidney Crosby awarded the Conn Smythe as the Penguins win the Stanley Cup
Sidney Crosby, Tommy Wingels, and Patrick Marleau watch the Gordie Howe tribute.
News: "Sidney Crosby cured cancer" . Mike Milbury: "Crosby does what he does. Yeah, cancer. But he passes too much".
Wayne Gretzky praises Sidney Crosby: 'I think he's the best player in the game.'
Sidney Crosby cheats, you say, Logan Couture? What about all the crap you and your team get away with? Hmmm?Grow up!
Sidney Crosby can almost shotgun a beer faster than me, but he only drinks light beer.
Logan Couture saying Sidney Crosby cheats when his team is down 2-0 in the series sounds a bit whiny & like he's playing the
Logan Couture had an explanation for Sidney Crosby's faceoff success.
Matt Cullen on Sidney Crosby's Game 1: "Talk about a leader going out and grabbing the reins and saying follow me."
If Pierre Maguire get time to talk it's about Sidney Crosby, I bet he dreams about blowing him on a nightly basis.
.must think it's safe to have his man crush on Sidney Crosby on full display.
I have to listen to Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy? REALLY? Here we go with the non-stop Sidney Crosby talk.
WATCH: See what superstition led Sidney Crosby to touch Prince of Wales Trophy. htt…
Sidney Crosby has certainly made his goals count of late and now he is tied for 3rd on this all-time list https:…
Pittsburgh forces Game 7! Sidney Crosby nets his 6th goal of the postseason in Penguins' decisive Game 6 victory. https:/…
Sidney Crosby may be in the eye of the storm, but he can weave through Lightning.
Connor Sheary is skating with Sidney Crosby and Patric Hornqvist. No line for Beau Bennett this morning.
Rating the Sidney Crosby media hot takes after Game 5 loss via
Sam Bradford's voice sounds like Sidney Crosby whining after a loss. Listen to the "I don't like them" audio & compare to Sam
Sidney Crosby is first player to record consecutive game-winning goals in the playoffs since E. Malkin in 2009 CF.
Jeremy Roenick just praising Sidney Crosby on NBCSN. Guess that whole work-ethic thing has been fixed by scoring the gam…
Andrei Vasilevskiy robbed Sidney Crosby with great glove save (Video) .
What is the best way to start the morning? Trust us. It's by re-watching Sidney Crosby's OT goal.
New DobberHockey -   Sidney Crosby silences his doubters, Washington's outlook for next season and a mix of n...
The fastest OT goal in playoff history is the first of Sidney Crosby's career.
Sidney Crosby calls game, snipes for the OT winner
Pittsburgh evens the series! Sidney Crosby nets the winner in OT to lift Penguins over Lightning, 3-2.
I can't wait for Sam Morin to end Sidney Crosby's career
That was Sidney Crosby's first playoff OT winner. Fun fact: Mario Lemieux never had one.
Any more things that HAVE to happen in this series, Jim Hughson? You sure called Sidney Crosby getting the monkey off his back!.
Yea so if Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin could take after Coles performance.for tomororw That'd be great.
Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Kris Letang, and Tom Wilson posing for a photo
I didn't realize the connection between the mullet and success. For sure, y...
I have always dreamed of a Sidney Crosby vid to tune of Cosby Sweater by Hilltop Hoods.
Tino's reaction to getting into Sidney Crosby's summer hockey camp might be the cutest thing I have ever seen
Ovechkin orders a Sidney Crosby. Says it's "a lot of wine with a little hair on the lip."
(The Star Phoenix):need goals from Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin to..
Sidney Crosby recorded his 83rd career playoff assist to move past J. Jagr (82) into 2nd place in history, behind M.…
2005 NHL Draft Match-Up! Carey Price vs. Sidney Crosby in Episode 46 of my GM series!
When Tortorella hand-waved away a cross-check to the neck of Sidney Crosby with "he got up, didn't he?" I hoped that wasn't league policy.
The point where John Scott has more all star game goals then Sidney Crosby
will make their 4th Conference Finals appearance since Sidney Crosby made his NHL debut in 2005-06.
Sidney Crosby records his 83rd career postseason point, passing Jaromir Jagr for 2nd in Penguins postseason history. http…
Today's A look at the success of captain Sidney Crosby in the Playoffs.
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Sidney Crosby posted his 83rd career playoff assist to surpass Jaromir Jagr (82) into sole possession of 2nd in histo…
If Pierre McGuire isn't inside the glass tonight, he's inside Sidney Crosby.
This is what Mike Sullivan has to say about struggling Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin -
Sidney Crosby and Mike Milbury go to restaurants and loosen the caps on the salt and pepper shakers, and run away.
Sidney Crosby eats corn the long way
Claude Giroux, Wayne Simmonds, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel have combined for 7 points in 9 games.
Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin yet to live up to hype
Congratulations to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin who have now surpassed Mario Lemieux for 2nd place on...
I really think the Penguins should put Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin back in the lineup next game.
I'm a fan of Alexander Ovechkin, and am against Sidney Crosby, so go Washington!
Alex Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby rivalry in the second round of the Eastern Conference Stanley Cup playoffs😜
Only players still alive to win the Cup for their current teams: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Chris Kunitz, Kris Letang, Marc-Andre Fleury.
The last time Alex Ovechkin & Sidney Crosby faced off in the playoffs, Sergei Fedorov was a Cap & Miroslav Satan was a Pen
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