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Sid Mallya

Sid Mallya (also known as Sidhartha Mallya) (born 7 May 1987) is the son of Vijay Mallya, the chairman of UB Group – an Indian conglomerate. Sid, who has been a successful online and television host, has been widely appreciated for his wit and screen presence. In the last quarter of 2013, he was selected as one of 20 to participate in ABC’s Talent Showcase, out of over 8000 who submitted.

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My friends from London say that Mallya will not be extradited to India. Also, Deepika has picked up posh p…
Happy birthday, Charles Dickens. We are sorry you had to trend with Ayesha Takia and Sid Mallya. Ignore them!
ED to send LRs for attaching Vijay Mallya's foreign properties - via
Where is such order? Hopeless action. Vijay Mallya loan not waived off: Arun Jaitley - via
Poor ppl queue up for ₹2000 n SBI has written off 48000cr bad loans including 1201cr of Vijay Mallya! Govt has made Ullu o…
Arun Jaitley on Vijay Mallya: Bad loans write-off doesn't mean we won't pursue it - via
Pulling down Abhishek Bacchan, or even Sid Mallya is not ok. Not even Shraddha Kapoor for Shakti Kapoor. Show some decency.
So, Sid Mallya also stars in Netflix India's new sign up,
MA Acting for Screen student Sid Mallya talks to about Central and his upcoming entry: https:/…
While his father Vijay Mallya busy fighting bankers in courts, Sid Mallya debuts in a teen comedy ' Brahman Naman'
And here's how Sid Mallya could have been PeeCee's lover!.
- that's impossible. Did i get the same opportunity as Sid Mallya? No. I made my own way with a struggle..
RahulGandhi talking about reforms is like Sid mallya talking about reforms in Kingfisher which is impossible under him
Will Rajiv Bajaj do the same to Rahul Bajaj what Sid Mallya did to Vijay Mallya & Kingfisher ?.
This search sounds like Sid Mallya anticipating his grand Hollywood debut.
heard that sid mallya read for ryan booth on quantico. How was that experience?
Sid Mallya: And of course a HUGE thank u to all the fans who always support the team with such immense passion and …
Sid Mallya: Heartbreaking loss, but well played and captain cool msdhoni. Great all round performance. All the…
Sid Mallya: Very proud of the lads for stretching it all the way till the end. Fantastic season all round, with som…
Sid mallya here..Some1 get me job in I want to be in d winning team atlst once in lyf .thx. bye proudowner
or him and Sid Mallya :P I understand we need an extra keeper to take pressure off AB, but plenty of better choices
Who is the boyfriend of Sid Mallya ?
Sid Mallya wanted to play Priyanka Chopras lover in Quantico
Sid Mallya is now playing angry birds and drinking beer.
Vijay Mallya and Sid Mallya are privileged to watch Gayle's test innings in T20 match .
Sid Mallya: I remember the day I signed HarshalPatel23 bk in 2012… So proud to see how he has developed…Top player …
Sid Mallya Back in 2012, definitely had the best cheerleading squad!!!. One of the 'perks'...
Sid Mallya: The highlight of the for me has been watching our youngsters HarshalPatel23, mandeeps12, yuzi_chah…
Sid Mallya wanted to play Priyanka's lover on TV show Quantico
I have to tell you it was the best pilot script that I had read. I did a talent show with ABC, Quantico was by far their best ~ Sid Mallya
Sid Mallya is so lucky to get a mention from Sophie! This is never going to happen with me. =(
Cuz I'm not salman, virat, John, ranbir. Or sid mallya, or Robert pattison. But i have a big heart fo a gi…
Was Sid Mallya supposed to play Priyanka’s lover in ‘Quantico’? -
Sid Mallya wanted to play Priyanka Chopra’s lover in Quantico
Sid Mallya was to play Priyanka Chopra's lover on Quantico
Is Harshal PATEL better or Akshar PATEL?. Sid Mallya asking Vijay Mallya - PA TELL.
What's common to Rahul Gandhi,Sid Mallya,Tushar Kapoor,Uday Chopra?all members of Lucky Sperm Club.
I think we all should condemn what Vijay Mallya did with his employees! He should do same with his wannabe actor son Sid Mallya
This is how Sid Mallya get backs at his trolls. Pure awesomeness!.
Be careful. You don't know the horrors that lurk out there on the internet. Sid Mallya's new web show, for one.
Someone forgot to send Deccan Chronicle the news of Diageo buying USL. Sid Mallya is "USL scion" it seems.
Maybe Rahul Gandhi should follow in Sid Mallya's footsteps and walk away from the family business & join films.
Vijay Mallya's son Sid Mallya to ET says paying 14 Cr for Yuvraj Singh, and not paying Kingfisher salaries re two differe…
Why the *** is Vijay Mallya overreacting. Losing a match is still better than having a loser kid like Sid Mallya. …
Nihar Pandya, Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Sid Mallya. 4 of them she dumped and she is still bitter about one relationship
Hi! Everyone this is me sid mallya wishing all of you a happy shiv ratri
I will also ask to get me two models in bikini - Sid Mallya
Vindu Dara Singh claims that all IPL matches are fixed, Vijay Mallya also bets on ... - via
Uday Chandra Writes: People are talking about dynastic politics and picking on some politician or another in this election season. How about applying the same standards to journalism, films, academia, and the corporate sector? To list at random some names: Barkha Dutt, Rohan Murty, Sagarika Ghose, Alia Bhatt, Sid Mallya, Uday Chopra and a zillion academic names that I will not take here. Why should we suffer the babas and babies in our professions? Isn't this about corruption, caste, and the reproduction of elite society? Shouldn't reforms take place here too? What right have we to blame politicians alone?
Vijay Mallya to his son Sid Mallya... " Dont you worry about that maxim,Born with a Silver Spoon etc...thts old stop pouting now and stop searching for a silver sppon between your teeth ,will ya.It now reads as Born with a Beer Bottle "
Speacial THANKS to Mr. Vijay Mallya and Sid Mallya. You made us proud.
The players I want from RCB this time... Micheal Clarke Yuvraj Singh Bhuvaneshwar Kumar Shami Ahmed 2 striking fast bowlers (Overseas) 2 spinners (preferrably 2 Subcontinental) Rest is all your choice Sid Mallya Bring it on IPL...!! We are ready to scream Aaaarr Se BBe..!!
Sid Mallya: Fashion icon, Non conformist, Trend setter, Hollywood actor in the making.
Sid Mallya answers those "So True So False" rumours about Deepika Padukone and tells us what his perfect girl is like. Psst! Ladies do you have the THREE qua...
Deepika went with Yuvraj, he got cancer, Deepika went with Sid Mallya - Kingfisher shut downed. She got a role in Fast & Furious recently & now Paul Walker died.
Deepika went with Yuvraj and he got cancer :D Deepika went with Sid Mallya & kingfisher shuts down  X_X :D She went to Ranbir n his films flopped. :D Now she got a role in Fast And Furious 7 the hero [Paul Walker] died :D [[xatrage]] *This female is one major [[xatxd]]
I realize the futility of writing a review for Dhoom 3, because no matter what anyone says all of us are still going to watch it(if we haven't already),in some cases by paying as much as Rs 1000 per head. So, for the next 450 words or so and 2 minutes just humor me. Everything you know about Dhoom movies is all there is to know about Dhoom 3 too. A anti-hero out to rob and choosing bikes as their preferred means of escape, a super cop(yawn) who has a fixed frown on his face and turns out that in the last 9 years hasn't been promoted a bit(still an ACP, wonder why?) and somewhat specializes in catching criminals who run on bikes by chasing them on bikes, a mechanic/auto thief/race enthusiast turned policewallahs whose job is to be a side kick and getting kicked all around by the super cop. Everything else is just conveniently placed around them to match their antics and the day they are having depending on the kind of breakfast they have had. The big draw here was Aamir Khan and sorry to say he's a dud. Th ...
BOLLYWOOD -Bollywood stars has come out in support to Indian government retaliation to the insult meted out to India's deputy consul general in New York some Bollywood stars who were humiliated are Aamir Khan was searched and interrogated at the Chicago Airport in 2002,Shah Rukh Khan was detained at New York Airport twise by Immigration officials in 2009 and 2012,John Abraham was detained at US airport in 2009 because he had Afghanistan Visa on his passport on Tuesday India Government has withdraw security army from America Embassy in New Delhi -Deepika Padoukone planning to throw a big bash to clebrate the back to back success of her films Race-2,Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,Chennai Express and Ram-leela the 27yrs old actress has reportedly invited all her ex-boyfriends Ranbir Kapoor and Sid Mallya - Sonam Kapoor to celebrate New year in Goa
guys happened to meet Sid Mallya ,he is really a cool one .! better than wht I expected .nice guy !
Showbiz News From All Around The World: I want to be me, says Sid Mallya
Get the Its party time for Sushmita Sen, Sid Mallya, Anusha Dandekar latest photo gallery and picture news on Indian Express. Grab exclusive picture gallery covers trendy, occasional and regional photos.
Sid Mallya (name changed from Siddharth Mallya to Sid Mallya), son of Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya was romantically linked with Deepika Padukone few years back.
Seriously, what's with the charm around Deepika Padukone.? -- Dates Yuvraj : He dropped from the team & got Cancer -- Dates Ranbir : Love boomed. Films bombed. -- Dates Sid Mallya : Company close. -- Signs kochadaiyaan : Thalaivar was hospitalised ,suffered from lung, liver ailment -- Signs Fast and Furious 7 : Paul Walker :( :'(
Is it right because you believe it's right or is it right because someone else has told you it is right? Sid Mallya
England's yet to come.. India already have Rahul Gandhi, Sid Mallya, Akash Ambani, so on.. England-0 | India- Infinite
u kne Sid mallya bhi New York me he?
Sid Mallya needs to start afresh. Vijay Mallya is in his sunset years.
Sid Mallya needs to start afresh for sure after what this father has done!
Frightening to Think of the Consequences if it was Old Sid Mallya who was "Opening" Anything Up! Scary!
Sid Mallya's the bestestest ! :) At least he has the decency to acknowledge his fans' love and affection for him.Robin and ..
Sid Mallya's reply.Uhm.That's why Robin is not replying you.:P
Akash and Anant Ambani have officially adopted Sid Mallya as their idol to go from fat to fit by IPL7.
:D "Breaking : Vijay Mallya had put some evidence that Chris Gayle is his son and said Sid Mallya was exchanged with gayle in hospital!"
Just saw a pic of Sid Mallya with Ron Jeremy. Now I have seen everything.
afta d performance, mallya Sr,contemplating replacing sid wid kohli as hs son too
Now Sid Mallya gave his BB pin to Ravi Rampaul!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Now Sid Mallya will believe being 'Alive is Awesome'.
Though IPL was annual Sid Mallya spotting season.
BTW why haven't we seen Sid Mallya yet anywhere?
at least you're a sport. is so upset that VK is killing it for Blore but then we have Sid Mallya as punish
Today is my lucky day ! Sid mallya replied once, ridhi dogra replied twice and dolly das replied twice ^_^
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani climax : Ranbir gets a bit late at a railway station to get back Deepika & finds her running away with Sid Mallya.
Wow Sid Mallya managed to look like a *** B even in his pre-teen years.
Now Sid Mallya is defending and explaining last ball no ball by dhoni s bosom chummy ni chamcha R.P Singh to Lord Jadeja, Interesting
Nitish Kumar: Bihar is model. Modi: Gujarat is model. Meantime, Sid Mallya sends calendar to both of them.
delivered the best tamil new year gift ag. our arch rivals RCB. Virat, Sid Mallya & rest of the crew enjoy ur IPL Party ;)
Sid Mallya : Ravindra Jadeja was all over the team
If Vijay Mallya ever had a son, he would look like Ravi Rampaul . Sid Mallya, who?
Mallya:- money booze and girls will be in your room, just don't raise you finger and give out!!
Dear Sid Mallya. It is now who have the orange cap, purple cap and most team sixes!
On Instagram are you sid or sidharatha Mallya?I woke up this morning saw the sidharatha follow me n knew something was wrong
Little Giant Ladders
Vijay Mallya should kick out Sid Mallya and adopt Virat Kohli.
Brad Hogg is a 40 something version of Sid Mallya.
Do you think Jackky Bhagnani and Sid Mallya can do a film together?explain - 25 marks
Saw Sid Mallya being followed by Lacs, wondered why..!!! then got my answer in the realization that a 100 follow me...
more than Vijay and Sid Mallya loves Calendar girls
If Vijay Mallya tells his story to Sid Mallya, title would be, "How I Mate Your Mother".
more than Sid Mallya's long list of relationships!
Girls Lipstick Sid Mallya's long list of relationships
does anyone even understand sid mallya is the hottest indian guy ever he has 400+K followers I can't even contain myself rn omF
and Sid Mallya will meet some calendar models. “Vijay Mallya likely to meet Chidambaram over Kingfisher Airlines' financial mess
So these programs say "Parental Guidance is advisory". Do you think I'd want to watch Sid Mallya touching girls with my parents?
It's your fault too! You may be following some of the people who are following Sid Mallya!!
Hey u *** when r u and Sid Mallya getting married?Why don't u and Sid do an underwear ad?Or even better,both of u do a condom ad.
If a girl is going on a coffee date with Sid Mallya.pls carry extra pay for his coffee also...
Love Indian weddings...esp when it's a family member getting married...the bright colours, the outfits, the music, the dances..all amazing!
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2 covers this month.. Sid Mallya on Men's Health and Virat Kohli on Ok! magazine ... woho
KF employees Hate Vijay Mallya , Rcb employees hate Sid Mallya ... So The only person who actually likes the Mallya's is Deepika Padukone ? ROFL ..
Inspired by Rahul Gandhi, Sid Mallya delivers emotional speech to Kingfisher Airlines employees :P KFA employees, KFA creditors, dad, Deepika, if you are there somewhere, and KFA shareholders, if you still exist: Before I begin, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a good time. The IPL rave parties, hide and seek games with Luke in plush 5 star hotels…whoo. I know there are some people who want me to speak in my mother tongue and there are some people who just want to know when KFA is going to pay its dues. But as is our tradition, I’ll just stick to delivering inanities in a pseudo British-desi hybrid accent. Many years ago, we unleashed a revolution in civil aviation by buying out that dumb low cost airline, Deccan, to give people a good time. Everybody told us it cannot be done. Everybody told us to stick to brewing beer. Every body said from low cost it will become a lost cause airline. But dad went ahead. And look where we are now: Rs.8000 crores in debt; Sala ...
Tamanna is like Deepika Padukone. She has the same effect on Kohli what Deepika had on Sid Mallya & Yuvraj.
When all else fails, remember that if Sid Mallya could date Deepika Padukone, you can do anything you want as well.
by having BOth VIjay and Sid Mallya there
should have been picturised on Deepika Padukone with Sid Mallya singing for her!!!
Sid Mallya: In 2007 there were 88.8 guns per 100 residents in the US...that number today has only gone up. Sick.
DANG Sid Mallya praised both my faves in a single interview. ^_^
I've started to respect Sid Mallya now.
u knw wat,i had a fc of sid mallya. Got fed up in a week. Then startd PC's one.. Bt it nvr makes me feel bore or smthng bad.
i like Sid Mallya now for his capability to recognize "acting".
"You're my Dumpkin Dumpkin, there's no Money Honey" - Deepika Padukone to Sid Mallya
The Sri Lankan Cheer leaders > Some of the Girls on Sid Mallya's Kingfisher Calendar Hunt ...
Etihad wants to buy KFA.Sr.Mallya wants them to keep Sid Mallya too
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
in new filmfare there is interview with Sid Mallya ? KILL ME !!
KWAN is makes great PR.Even Sid Mallya became famous with it lol
Sid Mallya wears a Pink Color watch on his Right hand... Wow..Vijay Mallya must be so Proud of his Son ...should also gift him pink Lipstick
Not even a single girl from Kingfisher's 2013 calender contest looks that hot... Other than the judge Lisa Haydon... Hope Sid Mallya does not end up making his calendar!
The awkward moment when Sid Mallya uses the term 'shenanigans'
You know why Hulkenberg didn't win? 'Cause Sid Mallya had a fight with DPizzle. And he thought that today might be a good day to reconcile!
Sid Mallya makes a smashing debut for Komal Sood in a black tuxedo
Can someone translate to Sid mallya what actually means ? He needs to vote too now.
Sid Mallya should update his C.V and put his Current Job Title as ' That irritating and Annoying Guy on The Kingfisher Calendar Hunt show '
Sid Mallya; Che Pujara looks like a future captain
Force India to get 50 mn pound investment boost: Sahara Force India team principal Vijay Mallya has announced th...
So will Mr. Mallya eventually leave Sid baba with just a broken F1 car to play with?
Does Sid Mallya have the annual losses of Kingfisher Airlines tattooed on his arm? That looks like quite a huge number..
If Alia Bhatt marries Sid Mallya,she will become Alia Mallya :D ROTFL.
Mallya himself will pose in bikini...or may ask sid's gfs to pose for free
Yes but they inherited the money. Bill Gates had to work his *** off to make his money. A better example would be Sid Mallya.
Ponty Chadha was a 50K Crore man ?? He was more wealthy than Vijay & Sid Mallya ?? Who was political mother of him , Maya ?
what abt a person like Vijay Mallya or Sid Mallya, they do try to ape their western counterparts
The Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix will be pronounced the Grand *** as it will feature both Vijay and Sid Mallya.
Rohan Nanda's dad in SOTY seemed so much like Vijay Mallya, and Varun as Sid Mallya : /
Vijay Mallya gifted Kingfisher to his son Siddharth Mallya on his 18th birthday . Now , Kingfisher Airlines is bankrupt and its license has been revoked ... All this while , Sid was busy auditioning "Kingfisher Calendar Girls" , bcoz he couldn't do anything else I guess . This reminded me of some great words ... "There is no rule which says that the wise will always be rich and the fools will always be poor ..." -- Mahabharat Sid Mallya is the classic example of the rich fool , so well explained in the Mahabharat , I guess ...
"Wake up sid" "Shut up Vij" ~ Vijay and Sid Mallya to each other
What??? No mentions of Tusshar Kapoor, Uday Chopra or Sid Mallya on yet ??
Starbucks is opening its first Indian outlet in Mumbai, this month. Starbucks-Tata will eventually use Desi sourced coffee seed.. Not even an imitation of the davra-steel glass filter coffee one gets at Kancheepuram, Madura or Coimabatore for ten rupees, this ego enhancer will cost you perhaps Rs 100 for a large paper cup!. Stuff for Saif Ali Khan and Sid Mallya. They plan 400 outlets all over the country. 'Why don't they sip Starbucks'- could now say our Marie Antoinette s.
New book on stands, 'How to destroy cash rich family businesses' written by Dr. Vijay Mallya. Marketed by 'Sid Mallya & Co.'
Finally, he managed to find someone who will buy Sid: RT: Vijay Mallya close 2 loosing his family silver
Jealousy is a symptom of neurotic insecurity yank that silver spoon outta Sid Mallya's ***
When did Sid Mallya become a tycoon? That makes a murderer's son a murderer? needs to talk to its junior journo!
There she is the 'hostess with the mostess' Photo - Sid Mallya
Are Anushka Sharma & Sid Mallya having an affair? She should stay away from that loser.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jerk of the year award can not be given to anybody else. You are a rocker, Sid Mallya!
Devang Desai dipika padukon must be feeling flop herself now .. she left yuvi then ranbir & sid mallya yuvi make super come back ranbir give a superhit barfi & now FDI in aviation...
Breaking: Sid Mallya found reading the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
Sid Mallya has a new deeepee .. vhen did that happen ??
I don't know what Deepika must be feeling like... Left Yuvraj, Ranbir & Sid Mallya. Yuvi makes a super comeback, Barfi is Hit & Centre allows FDI in Aviation. ;-)
Never seen a case of swapping so openly than this - Sid Mallya/Anushka Sharma & Ranveer/Deepika.
nooo his *** wont do that! And why i thought his pics would bug you!!! Yeah... So im following sid mallya ;)
At the age of twenty-three, Sid Mallya is general manager and owner of the third largest liquor company in the world. But, guess what? It's illegal for him to drink in Maharashtra. The legal drinking age of twenty-five that prevails in this state is by far the highest in the world.
What must Deepika Padukone must b feeling like, left Yuvraj, Ranbir & Sid Mallya. Comeback by Yuvi, Rockstar & ...
Don't get surprise if deepika goes back to sid mallya . as government approves FDI in Aviation Industry.
Yuvi z back, Ranbir z tasting success with Barfi, Sid Mallya elated on FDI in aviation so focus on right woman z smart dcsn
Aviation to get FDI. Don't be surprised if Deepika Padukone gets back to Sid Mallya.
Hush...She's apparently found someone cornier than her-Sid Mallya
Yuvraj is back in T20, Ranbir's Barfi is a Hit & Sid Mallya has FDI in Aviation... Therefore, Deepika's presence in their life was indeed a bad luck :)
Deepika effect is back!She Left Yuvi, Ranbir n Sid Mallya..n now..Super comeback by Yuvi, Barfi is a hit n FDI in aviation.
What's this thing about the HT Cafe story that Sid Mallya is venting about?
dont have any issue with Mallyas except that m jealous that y m i not Sid Mallya :) :D
Might come as a surprise to some but, as per a reliable source, Sid Mallya's affair with Deepika Padukone was fabricated.
Growth in life of few people when a witch left them, Barfi is super-hit for ranbeer kapoor,FDI aviation for Kingfisher(sid mallya)
Whenever Deepika Padukone has left someone, his life has only improved.. 1. Yuvi.. 2. Ranbir 3. Sid Mallya.. Deepika on a mission to improve men's life.. ;-) 3 down Deepika..
in aviation doesnt mean Sid Mallya should go in search for a forign girlfriend
Hi. It's Sidhartha Mallya and not Siddharth Mallya. Req if u cud make the change or just say Sid Mallya :) Thanks
The only thumbnail picture I don't regret enlarging is Sid Mallya's.
Along with the Deccan Chargers ...BCCI should have also Terminated the entry of Sid Mallya to all the Cricket matches . ...
Sid Mallya's biography on his website. Epic LOL. Scroll down till personal life- (via
most important effect of allowing in aviation maybe that Deepika Padukone will go back to Sid Mallya or even possible Vijay Mallya
What is happening between Sid Mallya and Chris Gayle
Sid Mallya will attach himself to Deepika for publicity.
Sounds corny as well. Desperate to stay in the news this Sid Mallya.
he dated deepika since sawaaria. And they had ups & down, due to Katrina; Deepika went to sleep with sid mallya. LMFAO
Sid mallya's breakups prove the truth if that old maxim "a fool and his honey are soon parted"
Rahul Gandhi really does hv serious wrk. Ask sid mallya hw much hard wrk it is to convince the world wht ur not
Its Sidhartha Mallya and not Siddharth Mallya. Maybe just Sid Mallya if that's simpler :)
Muah bwoys! Sid Mallya made my night! He looks so hot in that bathtub in Ppl mag! ;-)
I am still unable to understand why Sid Mallya needs Bollywood-style publicity.
Sid Mallya (on the cover of People magazine India - August 2012
I shudnt say this bt it reminds u of Sid mallya..
The ongoing fashion fare is in full swing with who's who of B'wood and Mumbai's swish set finding their way on and off the ramp. Here's a peek-a-boo
Now that Aamir Khan's is over ... Can we focus on the smaller issues like When will Vijay and Sid Mallya pay the KF & RCB players .
Vijay Mallya. Because Kingsiher organised the match and Sid Mallya invited himself in commentary box.
Now someone test if Sid Mallya is actually Vijay Mallya's son..I have doubts
Considering she took all his Aeroplanes Away ...Deepika Padukone should gift atleast 1 Yamaha Scooter to Sid Mallya ...
Our UnReal article on Vijay Mallya auctioning Sid Mallya republished by
Adam Gilchrist autographs an RCB cap on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries.' Bid fast to own the cap. HURRY!
First Vijay Mallya lost His Airlines ...Now His Cricket team ..then his Car racing Team ... Next should be Sid Mallya na ??
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
!! Yup... RCB al d way in future. RCB cap signed by GILCHRIST on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries' is up for bids at Rs 1500. will hv lotz of thinnings wid CHRIS GAYLE & ADAM GILCHRIST in opening of RCB.
I don't care if Vijay and Sid Mallya suffer a loss.. I will not drink..
After Chetan Bhagat.Sid Mallya will write an article on d Middle East Problem
I think Sid Mallya going to boycott Aamir and SMJ.That could be an
i guess who the new Sid Mallya you are to define a women again.. ohkk Prachi i told em not to trend it again.. abse aisa nahi hoga
Bidding on the car pillow autographed by Dilshan,on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries,' begins 10:00 am tomorrow morning.
That guy in 'Junglee Jawani' looks like Sid Mallya!
What is happening between Sid Mallya and Sophie Choudry
Also Sid Mallya and Vijay Mallya are victims of Alcohol abused them.
Dear Aamir Khan - if all of us stop drinking, how will poor Sid Mallya pay for roti, kapda and deepika?
Dear sir if all the drunkers stop drinking, how will Sid Mallya pay for roti, kapda & deepika?
Vijay Mallya and Sid mallya must be cursing Aamir Khan Right now
Is there a famine? Sid Mallya looks a weakling. This is not health.
How did Sid Mallya ever manage to get Deepika Padukone? Angels don't belong with dogs.
Own the most precious RCB Merchandise, specially autographed by various celebrity guests from the exclusive Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries' show. Bid, win and contribute to the RCB Go Green initiative or an NGO of your choice.
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LAST 5 HOURS to bid for a car pillow autographed by Murali on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries'. Last bid: Rs 8.6k, HURRY!
Snippet from Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries' where Murali autographs the car pillow which is up for auction.
Murali autographs the RCB car pillow on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries'
Bid to win a RCB car pillow signed by Muralitharan on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries'
Sid Mallya says he's not ashamed of being a playboy. Sure but is definitely ashamed of being *** & trying really hard to prove otherwise.
Bid to win RCB merchandise signed by your favourite cricketers on Sid Mallya's 'No Boundaries'
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, yeh baat-ta phirta hoon par BB pin nahi - Sid Mallya
Do u knw who inspird deepika to trap nihar , ranbhir or sid mallya in luv ? Her dad remember racket (racquet)
except that she seems to be very friendly with Sid Mallya!
Sid Mallya has just bn honored d credit of ministry/Reverend. Not equal to priest. He can perform wedding n baptism n stuff :-D
As KF nears groundng,Sid Mallya hints at new prfession,says is Christian Priest-can officiate marriage! Via
Another reply from sid mallya BOOOM
Just imagine Sid Mallya as a pastor and how he will conduct wedding or funeral. Definitely will have few "F" words in between speech
Sid Mallya becomes a church priest. So sweet! Now i think Kasab deserves to become the Mullah of Delhi's Jama Masjid.
Am I the only person who is actually feeling bad about Sid Mallya?
- will Sid Mallya will be her pastor? He recently got certified
is when Sid Mallya exists. Oh wait.
Believe me, all those even remotely associated with IPL watched this one. Even Sid Mallya.
Tv 9 should suck *** than showing a whole segment about how sid mallya turned himself into a reverend
The latest addition is Sid Mallya. a certified priest!
Jealous that my brother partied with RDB last night and jealous that Sebo met Sid Mallya yesterday !
Went to wish could meet sid mallya thr ;-) awesome amphitheater thy have!
Sid Mallya and his son can bring out autobiographies with the same title - 'Baap Chutiye Hein'
with added topping of 'fake Brit accent' RT aur Sid Mallya. Free ka bakwaas.
Looks like Sid Mallya is again hanging out with bad boy Luke Pomersbach. His daddy should be informed immediately.
Sidhartha Mallya: Woman accusing Luke Pomersbach was all over me last night Sid Mallya !
if sid Mallya does the same nobody will bother ... Being play boy doesn't go well with nithyananda's JD no
I'm so glad not to see sid mallya at euro cup extra time today...he was there coz of paisa nt passion
Ya..if we can call sid mallya on et...she qualifies even more... Woh toh sachchi mein phorener hai :-P
cud u plz ask sid mallya to follow u! Dis is 1 way dat ppl will believe dat u r real! Dis an idea from me to u! Plzz use it!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
How are our cricketers so stupid that they allow Sid Mallya to get Padukone while they get trapped by some Nupur Mehta
After grand success ie Sid Mallya, Neo Sports has invited to be on the expert panel for Euro 2012 bt he declined since its after 10
In the land where Sid Mallya is allowed to come on tv as football expert what future can you hope for?
Ppl say Abhishek has NY accent, Sid Mallya has Briitish accent. Now post S&P declaration, we know Salman Khan has BRIC accent .
Just had a happy giggle about Sid Mallya. Why thanks haan. Verrkind.
Where's the stud Sid Mallya disappeared to? Missing his astute observations on the Neo football show. Its time for him to party already?
Sid mallya to buy rovers from Venkys. Anyone heard this?
The world is ending soon, Sid Mallya as a pundit for the EUROS?
Wow. Sid Mallya seems to possess a British accent n all. So what? Have you seen Salman khan? He ...
leave the host, even Sid Mallya is more knoweldgeable den dose ***
There's only one thing worse than following Sid Mallya. It's when you're following him by proxy cuz your friends are RTing or imitating him.
Oh no, just when we need his expert football insight, Sid Mallya goes missing!
wht on earth makes Sid Mallya sit n give "expert" comments on football in dressing room? Making a mockery of football :(
England must be feeling like Sid Mallya. "France was all over me."
Enfant Terrible Sid Mallya is now an expert football opinionist on Neo Prime!! Seriously. Enna Kodumai ithu!
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Sid Mallya in Neo Sports studio..who next??
Pretty sure tmrrw's Telegraph headlne will be abt Sid Mallya comng on tv. Cant wait to poop in the morng n use it as toilet paper
Pretty sure tomorrow's TOI headline will be about Sid Mallya coming on tv etc. Cant wait to poop in the morning and use it as toilet paper.
Apparently Sid Mallya is a football 'expert' on the pre-match show. That guy has a brain of the size of an ant.
Neo Sports has absolutely the most pathetic preview show for Euro 2012. To top it Sid Mallya's been roped in as a expert??? *** !
quite interesting. Sid Mallya on Neo. I think he's going buy one EPL team coming season.
But why Sid Mallya? Even Baichung Bhutia could've brought that credibility into the show; and without upsetting the finances
Wow! Look at all you people jealous of Sid Mallya & where he is right now.
Sid Mallya as a pundit? Give me a break! One more reason not to watch the preview show
Sid Mallya. There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's a bankrupt empire to leech off of
When did Sid Mallya become a football pundit? Maybe its his accent and he's on a Carlsberg sponsored show LOL
Wow new low for Can't believe I pay to watch Sid Mallya preview an Eng vs Fra game! Get serious and get a new host too!
Watchin Sid Mallya in a Football Panel is like watchin Bappi Lahiri as a Fitness Expert
WAIT!!! Sid Mallya on Euro 2012 Studio. Kingfisher losing money. Connected?!! They PAID him onto the show :O
Okay, so Sid Mallya is finally good at something apart from being a ladies' man. He'd certainly make a good football pundit tbh.
So Tweeples, what do you make of Sid Mallya as a Neo Prime expert?
And just when we thought couldnt screw it up anymore than they hv, they go and get sid mallya on the euro pre-show!
So this Sid Mallya now gives expert advice on Football too? Someone kill me
Now Now, Lets not get hasty in dissing NEO Channel. Surely its the comedy factor that's got Sid Mallya on the show.
*** wat is Sid mallya doing ??? He thinks he is some pundit??? Can he even kick a ball... Humara desh mahan hai:) kitne paise neo ko mile??
naaas! Cannot carry sid mallya on NEOprime.
Seeing this Neo Prime coverage with Sid Mallya in the panel, somewhere John *** is squirming in his seat with a drink in his hand.
What the heck Sid mallya doing as football expert on Neo for Euro'12??? Is he mandy Bedi equivalent:))
Sid Mallya once said "Half of United fans can't point out where Manchester is on a map". So stop wanking over his interlligence kids
What is common between Sunil Chetri and Sid Mallya ? They both are football experts. Apparently.
My dead daadi (RIP) is a better 'expert' in football than Sid Mallya
Did I just see Sid Mallya as an expert in studio???
what in the blue *** is Sid Mallya doing posing as an expert on Neo?!?
Sid Mallya on Euro 2012 Studio. I didn't like the show, now I hate it.
*** is sid mallya doing in the neo studio? He's a football expert. Surely the end of the world is coming.
WT Holy F is Sid Mallya doing as a Neo Sports pundit for Eng v France?! Frank LeBoeuf must be ecstatic sat next to that pro
Ok. So Sid Mallya is there in the panel today.
What a rich fellow this Sid Mallya is. Having a 'mall' in his name itself.
Hakkasan celebrates a year in Mumbai, Sid Mallya I like the frames! Hakkasan Mumbai
- Shahid Kapoor & Sid Mallya at GQ best dressed Men of The Year Awards
across good elements in present day cricket uhv Pawar rajive shukla srinivasan sid mallya subrotosahara SRK2name a few
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