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Sid Bream

Sidney Eugene Sid Bream (born August 3, 1960) is an American former Major League Baseball player. He played his entire 11-year career (-) in the National League.

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Wow. That’s not how I recall it but I was still scarred by Sid Bream beating the throw home
Had 2 waiting for me when I got back from vacation. Brooks Robinson (8 days) & Sid Bream (12 days).
I should have included above '92 NLCS Game 7:. Sid Bream slides hom…
How do u let Sid Bream round 3rd on u? 🤣🤣🤣
1. Miracle on ice. 2. Magic announcing HIV. 3. Falcons winning kick in 98 to go to SB. 4. Sid Bream slid…
(1) Sid Bream 1992 against the Pirates. Kirby Puckett- sealing the win against the Braves. Herschel W…
1 Pitt loses to Butler in DC. 2 Pitt loses to Nova in Boston. 3 Pitt loses to Vandy Goheen shot. 4 Pitt…
And that my friend was a *** of a way to win a series...with former Pirate great Sid Bream and h…
Bonus pic of Sid Bream not drafting me for his team.
I felt so bad for him on that Sid Bream play in 92. I wanted to see the Bucs and Jays in the series. Instead I saw Atlanta.
Pretty sure mine died when Sid Bream slid across home in 1992. My 12 year old heart was never the same.
Little known fact- game 6 of that ALCS was the same day/night as Francisco Cabrera/Sid Bream
1992- I can still see Sid Bream running in mud around third with the winning run in the NLCS
How on Earth did Sid Bream beat the throw from Barry Bonds ?
This is the greatest baseball highlight since Sid Bream outran Barry Bonds' throw in the '92 NLCS.
This always makes me smile. That and Sid Bream.
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Bonds couldnt throw Sid Bream out from left field!?? Lance!
Yep. At least he claimed. And his digs were swanky enough that it was credible. Long story. But his…
How about a LU Alum and childhood Sid Bream fan?
Sid Bream on with us right now. 1450 am WCTC and
Sid Bream coming on after the news break.
Game Over will be live 7-9 pm on 1450 am WCTC and in NJ. Joined tonight by former MLB 1B Sid Bream.
My grandpa used to hang w/ Bream's dad. Sid autographed a card for me w/ a bible verse…
maybe if Bob Walk could have kept the ball in his ballpark, the Pirates could have thrown out Sid Bream at the plat…
Sid Bream rounding third and heading home is faster than the Cross Bronx Expressway
We did it!! Thanks for all your help Mark Lemke, Ron Gant, David Justice, Steve Bedrosian, Sid Bream, & Jeff Blauser
Barry Bonds still can't throw Sid Bream out.
Former Atlanta Braves players Sid Bream and Terry Pendleton spoke at Chapel Hill Baptist Church on Saturday.
Terry Pendleton, Walt Wiley and Sid Bream talking at Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Milan, Tenn.…
I believe this is the troll that Charlie Sheen warned us about @ Marquee Cinemas…
Let's be honest, Snoop Dogg is the real winner of this election
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Okay. It looks like the sun is coming up. So we have that going for us.
No matter what, those red hats will forever be stupid
Close to my first "surrender cobra" since Sid Bream beat Barry Bonds' Wiffle ball to home plate.
If amazon can have something delivered to your house in an hour why can't we vote in real time
I was really looking forward to the Trump crying Jordan memes
It breaks my heart to not see Joe Exotic doing well tonight
As a lifelong Braves fan. the same thing happens every time I hear Skip's call of Sid Bream scoring the game winning run!
Favorite and least favorite country to drink in world showcase?
Feels like Christmas Eve in an alcoholic household. Whatever happens tomorrow we're going to feel disappointed & embarrasse…
watched that part yesterday. That style has been around for years, but it's called the AC Slater.
Dissimilar, but this made me think of Sid Bream's checked-swing opposite-field grand slam there in '93.
Two days until the election and I still couldn't pick Tim Kaine out of a police line up
Based entirely on Instagram, that kid is a *** truck
Cumberbatch is sitting on the commode like uncle Jesse
It's between Sid Bream, Sal Giardina and Al Hrabovsky. My vote is for Hrabovsky, though.
Three months from today, P is ready to go
and here Abby thought her biggest fear was the babies fighting each other.
I only give it another year before P can kick Abby's ***
Thanks to I've been riding around singing Sailing for the past week
I have 3... Sid Bream game, Super Bowl XXX (first time I fully remember Steelers in SB (born in '75) and screw Volek
for the Sid Bream game in 1992 and the David Volek goal game in 1993
Godfather for baseball its Sid Bream and the death of my Buccos. Braves fan humiliation for decades!!
Bucs in 92 *** Sid Bream an that slide which he was out. Only if we had replay back then. Go Bucs
Sid Bream slide 1992 NLCS Braves over Pirates to go to the World Series
thanks for the bubble gum and Sid Bream card w my order! Made my day! Got any Dock Ellis gear?
Was that the Sid Bream, Francisco Cabrerra game against the Pirates?
Last night I sat down and watched Game 7 with my dad. It reminded me of this article I wrote for
No way. Sid Bream’s slide was the pivotal moment in baseball history. :P
I'm not a Cubs fan but my one baseball fanatic moment was watching the Braves' Sid Bream slide into home plate in 1992 in Game 7 of the NLCS
'92 NLCS Braves win with Sid Bream beating Bond's throw at the plate to send them to World Series. It was game 7 also.
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the Sid Bream slide in 92 comes to mind, but still nothing like this...
nope nope Sid Bream. We get him first!
And somehow I confused Smotlz with Sid was a traumatic time.
NLCS Braves vs. Pirates. Sid Bream, Francisco Cabrera. This was way up there though.
I've not stayed up this late 2 watch baseball since Sid Bream slid home! Congrats to my chi-town family!
Finally have a new baseball game of all time. Sorry Sid Bream it was a good run.
Probably the best baseball game I've ever seen -- fan loyalties aside -- surpassing "Sid Bream coming around 3rd, he is SAFE!"
So that makes Rajai Davis their Sid Bream...I could live with that.
Sid Bream is walking through that door?
We are due for another Sid Bream moment.
Got my heart broken in Chyenne WY that year when Sid Bream (former Pirate) got us out at 1st...
Sid Bream ran the bases well agrees
Somebody is going to finish this game as the answer to a trivia question. Somebody is going to be Sid Bream.
Can we spend the rain delay with Smoltz telling old Braves stories? What was it like to watch Sid Bream score from second in 1992?
I'll never forget the call of Sid Bream beating Barry Bonds throw to the plate. Don'…
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I see your Sid Bream and raise you a Joe Carter.
Cubs are gonna get Sid Bream'd. I feel it in my bones.
The last time I was this nervous for a ballgame, Sid Bream was limping across the plate.
The last time I was this excited about baseball, Sid Bream was involved. Welcome back, Jake.
I'm with you on that one. I still remember watching the Sid Bream slide against the Pirates with Dad.
Is this gonna be one of those Francisco Cabrera/Sid Bream things, because I still haven't forgiven the Braves for that NLCS
Maybe the greatest World Series ever? Certainly the best since Sid Bream slid in at home for
They just gave Chesney a little league trophy
That was shades of Barry Bonds not being able to throw out Sid Bream from short left.
or sitting in my living room when Sid Bream crossed the plate.
And then Sid Bream sacked Neil O’Donnell after he intercepted a pass thrown by Tyler Palko.
I’ve been a semi-fan every since you guys stole my Sid Bream 😂
Anyone who says anything other than Francisco Cabrera/Sid Bream in 1992 has no business watching this show.
easy. Sid Bream sliding into home plate changed my life.
no lie- I hit a home run in a little league all star tournament against Sid Bream's kid. Sid found the ball and signed it!
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that's what I thought. Sid Bream isn't walking through that door
.not pictured is Sid Bream for obvious reasons
can Sid bream trip him rounding 1st?
I sat next to Sid Bream at a Coastal baseball game. Does that count?
Is there a chapter dedicated to how much you love Sid Bream, though?
"Field of Breams". Build a baseball field and Sid Bream shows up.
Gene Larkin had a better swing than Sid Bream, if we are going to be mean
Bonds couldn't throw out Sid Bream rounding third on a half a leg.
van slyke yells at bonds to move in with sid bream at bat..bonds shoots andy a is history and Bonds in a nutshell
still couldn't throw out Sid Bream.
you and me both. Lol I used to pull for the Pirates in the early 90's. Sid Bream, Doug Drabek, Andy Van Slyke etc
Luckily for us, that means Curry's final shot against Atlanta is going to be way off and allow Sid Bream to slide in safely...right?
there has not been that much booing in Pittsburgh since Sid Bream scored winning run in 1992 National League Championship series
Fact: Andy Van Slyke told bonds to move in when sid bream was at bat..bonds flipped him a bird..the rest..history
Just told a coworker about Sid Bream's 1992 NLCS game-7-winning slide. He watched it on YouTube. Now he's saying "Wow" over & over.
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Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1995 Topps Sid Bream
23 years ago today, former standout, Sid Bream made history in Atlanta!
go listen to the call of the 1991 Braves call of the Sid Bream slide to win NLCS over Pitt - Skip Carey, et al - perfect!
"Sid Bream is the only one they chant 'Sid' for.". ~Tim McCarver
Barry had to cheat he couldn't throw out Sid Bream.
Feel much safer w/ Sid Bream safely sitting behind home plate rather than sliding safely into it
A.J. Is the worst base runner the braves have had since Sid Bream. Nice catch at home plate BTW.
He was all about Sid Bream way before he became a Braves cult-hero.
Sid Bream at the pirate game...he still haunts me!!!
Sid Bream is sitting right behind home plate at PNC Park.
And all of it with Sid Bream speed.
I met Sid Bream at a Pirates game a few years ago. Dude was so nice. Made me feel bad for hating him most of my life.
Sid Bream sitting behind home plate at the Pirates-Cubs game today. Still has that mustache.
its nice to see sid bream in Pittsburgh.
Sid Bream behind home plate, hows he even allowed in Pittsburgh?
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Sid Bream is in attendance today. That's not a good sign.
I think sid bream had 2 illegitimate sons. Bryant and Brassard.
Barry Bonds's obstruction of justice charge was thrown out of court. Too bad he couldn't throw out Sid Bream at home plate.
AJ's trying to challenge the speed of Sid Bream
mine is watching Sid bream score from 2nd on a single to left because Barry Bonds can't throw all of a sudden
Bob dont this yr remind u Braves in '92?All we need is a game winner to memorialize them like Sid Bream's"The Slide"
hands down, the Sid Bream slide at the plate to win it.
. Watching Sid Bream score to send them to the ws or having dale Murphy as my idol when I was a kid.
Anyone else think Sid Bream could outrun Chris Johnson?
Braves are honoring past greats tonight. Standing between Hank Aaron, Phil Niekro and Bobby Cox is Sid Bream. I can't stop laughing.
Monday: Terry Pendleton on the conflict in Gaza. Tuesday: Mark Lemke discusses gin control. Wednesday: Sid Bream on vaccines...
...Liberty University Hall of Fame alongside Sid Bream. That's no joke. I saw it on TV--they were interviewed during a JMU-LU football game.
watch Billy Butler end up being the Sid Bream of the Royals
Didn't Guerrero, Sax, Sid Bream and Fernando Valenzuela start at about the same time?
Coming to today's game? Sid Bream, Javy Lopez and Albert Hall are signing autographs in Fan Plaza! Line forms at 2:30 when the …
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Aaron got photos and autographs with Sid Bream, Javier Lopez, and Albert Hall. @ Suntrust Club
Even though tennis baseball has nothing to do with hunting & fishing...I think a tournament with Sid Bream would be a blast!
Alumni weekend at Turner Field, more than 40 former Braves on hand. Huge cheers for Sid Bream, Steve Avery, Chipper:
Freddie Freeman only runs 0.01 mph faster than Sid Bream. Glad he stopped at third lol
First, let me say I'm not a big fan of Barry Bonds and hope he and the others (dopers) never get in the hall. That being said, and I may be out there in left field on this, but I recall when Barry came to the team. He proved that he was major league caliber from day one. He didn't have the greatest personality. Okay. But he was tied to the team for 5 years before he could file for free agency. He asked to have his contract renegotiated and was turned down. Even when he was proving that he was 'franchise' material (ala Bobby Bonilla), we kept him to his contract, which was peanuts. His last two years paid more (still peanuts) probably due to incentive clauses (MVP, All Star, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger) in 91 & 92. With his contract fulfilled and the embarrassment of his lollipop throw to the plate to nail a limping Sid Bream (ala Neil O'Donnell to Larry Brown), he got out of town. I have mixed feelings about the guy but still wish him well.
Polestar Outdoors invites the public to a free sub sandwich party to meet and interact with former professional baseball player, Sid Bream. Lovell Bible Church, 6:00 p.m. March 16th Presented by the Lovell and Powell Chapters of Polestar Outdoors LLC.
Though I was never much of a Rashard Mendenhall fan (he spun too *** much), I've always felt kinda bad for him. Roethlisberger threw two needless interceptions against Green Bay, including a jump ball from his own end zone, yet Steeler fans always blame Mendenhall for losing that game. Big Ben gave that game away long before Mendenhall fumbled, but folks always remember the last thing that happened (like Sid Bream's hobbled *** sliding into home).
Surely Sid Bream was in the room, right?
. text to me after he got home last night: "Call me Sid Bream because I am safe at home". YOU GO TO *** ADAMS.
I see john smoltz is hoping 4 a lions super bowl, wonder if his teammate sid bream is also a lions fan
waiting for Block b's comeback like
Sid Bream gets all the credit for the slide, but there is absolutely no love for Francisco Cabrera who drove him in. That bugs me, man
(or, as a kid, playing baseball & following the Braves. I'm sure he knows who Sid Bream is, for example).
The woman next to me on the train stole her haircut from Ben Franklin and her moustache from Sid Bream.
If he'd thrown out Sid Bream I'd have a monument to him in my front yard. He ***
Sid Bream's Knees of Sickness...and finally, Bob Holocaustas. OK I'm done for the night.
I turned off NLCS game in top of 9th and missed the Sid Bream slide. (I also really like Barry Bonds)
Anybody looking to trade some baseball cards? I've got a Bobby Bonilla Topps rookie card that I am willing to swap for any Sid Bream card.
. Probably my best baseball memory of all time was slow *** Sid Bream beating Bonds throw to the plate to win the NLCS.
Buy tickets for Beast Feast to listen to former Atlanta Brave Sid Bream on March 20th.
Sid Bream should be a special instructor for sliding.
it was really busy, so I'm missing my downtime. But I did see Sid Bream speak.
The butler loss was Pitt's Sid Bream moment and they haven't recovered.
I don't think I've seen the ennis shot enough, if they could loop it with sid bream and the missed pat against Cincy
Sid Bream is in the ATL airport security line with me. And unlike Mike Lavalliere, I'm close enough to touch him.
Sid Bream speaking at a men's breakfast at church today.
Heading to a men's breakfast at my church to hear former Pirate and Brave Sid Bream speak.
Excited about hearing Sid Bream share his story at church tomorrow. Here's one of my favorite childhood memories.
Sid Bream is coming to Beast Feast on March 20th . Click for ticketing and details -
I don't partake in the "Which _ Character Are You" quizzes. In lieu of that I'll cut to the chase - John Rambo, Jafar, Non, Cuba Gooding Jr. in Radio, Han Solo, Kumar, Logray or Teebo, Dee Snider, Puddy, Ben Franklin, admiral Ackbar, Kurt Russell, Jim Thorpe, Sid Bream, Darryl Dawkins, Cousin Oliver and Jaws. There, done!
Was watching greatest games in MLB history earlier Pirates/braves game 5 from 91 or 92? Seeing Chico Lind boot that grounder still breaks my heart 23 years later. *** you Sid Bream with your Tom Selleck mustache and your broken knees!
LOL! She's taken n so am I!,But I'll still hang in 4 the autograph,Shannon! I do have her BIL Sid Bream already!
I guess we can put Succop with Sid Bream and Todd Graham in Pittsburgh's Sour Grapes Hall of Fame.
Sid Bream scores the winning run from 2nd on Ron Gant’s single as Johnny Gomes’ throw limps to the plate late.
I found myself in tears on many occasions this baseball season...none of which were induced by sadness but rather pride, joy and relief. Pride as I watched a city unite to shake the walls of PNC Park. Joy as the playoff champagne was popped. Relief as the memories of Sid Bream were erased by win and the memories of Derek Bell, Jeromy Burnitz, Matt Stairs, Rod Barajas, Matt Morris, Matt Diaz, Ramon Vasquez, Raul get the point...were replaced by the memories of Russel Martin, Francisco Liriano, Justin Morneau and Marlon Byrd. This young group of Bucs brought the magic back to the north shore, but most importantly an entire generation back to baseball. Thank you to the Pittsburgh Pirates for bringing out the kid in me again and giving this great city a baseball team to be proud of! Looking forward to next year and many to come!
Hey, How bout those Pittsburgh Pirates, its been 21 years since they made the playoffs with guys like Andy Van Slyke, Sid Bream, John Smiley and Doug Drabek, not to mention Bonds and Bonilla. Now we have a new cast in the steel city!. The Bucs with a kid named McCutchen, a real MVP, then they picked up Marlon Byrd from the Mets and Justin Morneau from the Twins went on to add Russell Martin from the Yankees and the rest is history. There pitching isn’t too shabby either, with old favorite AJ Burnett leading the way.. It may not resemble the Pirates of the 70’s with Stargell, Madlock, Clemente and Sanguillen, but since the Steelers have lost there way, the Pirates are back, and I hope they stay!
I vaguely remember Sid Bream and the Braves eliminating the Pirates in 1992 as a kid and now they are back, got their first playoff win since Barry Bonds/Bobby Bo/Tim Wakefield era! Good for them!
The Pittsburgh Pirates' Wild-Card Drinking Game Michael Clair 2 hours ago COMMENTARY | If you were born on the last day the Pittsburgh Pirates were in the playoffs, the day that Sid Bream's slide changed the course of human history, then you would be 13 days away from your 21st birthday, the legal drinking age. With the Pirates set to square off against the Cincinnati Reds tonight in a one-game, winner-take-all wild-card contest, that makes this the perfect time to get together with your best friends, a cooler of your favorite adult beverage (unless you are 13 days under the legal drinking age), and a box of tissues for the emotions that will surely pour out of you. And, of course, please drink responsibly. Switch to water, call a cab, take a nap -- no one will think less of you. THE GROUND RULES: One Sip - Reference to 20-year losing streak. - TBS advertisement for something that's "Very Funny." - Discussion of Andrew McCutchen's MVP merits. - Gerrit Cole is referred to as "Cole 45." - Crowd shots of Pri ...
I remember 1992 when Sid Bream broke my 8 year old heart on the floor in our old living room. I remember 1993 when Barry Bonds left my beloved Buccos. I remember the strike shortened season of 1994...who knows, we could have finished above .500! I remember 1995, losing 13 of the first 17 games and later releasing Tim Wakefield. I remember 1996, when Leyland announced he would be leaving my Buccos at the end of the season. I remember 1997, The Freak Show, the team that almost broke the streak. I remember 1998, losing 25 of our last 30 games to finish in the basement of the division. I remember 1999 breaking my heart as well; we were at .500 on Sept. 1st. I remember 2000, had optimism to build on 99, but that didn't happen. I remember 2001, the opening of the most beautiful ballpark in the world, and 100 losses for my Buccos. I remember 2002, a decade later, positive we would break the no avail. I remember 2003, saying hello and goodbye to Kenny Lofton, and more importantly, Aramis Ramirez. I re ...
Have you seen the CBS article about Sid Bream and Stan Belinda?
The divergent paths of Sid Bream & Stan Belinda as the Pirates work to exorcise '92 nightmare
Sid Bream, Stan Belinda & the Ghost of Baseball Past in Pittsburgh as the Pirates change the present
The article in sports illustrated asks why Sid Bream stayed in Pittsburgh to live as a villain instead of a hero.
Sid Bream broke my heart when I was 5-years-old. I remember staring at my TV and the surrounding adults in the room not fully grasping what was going on. I just knew that the Pirates lost and it made me feel horrible.  I went to my first Pirates Home Opener in 1995. I've been to all but 2 since then. I've witnessed a lot of losing between October 14th, 1992 and September 9th 2013. I got my heart broken again in 1997 when the Freak Show Pirates came up short in both the NL Central title and a winning season (79-83 was the highlight of my Pirates fandom for far too long) I remember thinking 1998 and 1999 would be different. They weren't. I remember being pumped in 2001 when PNC Park opened up. I've never seen such a beautiful ballpark in my life. 2001 was a disaster of a season. 62-100. 2002 wasn't much better. 2003, Pirates signed Kenny Lofton and Reggie Sanders. I thought that team was definitely going to end the streak. They didn't. 2004-2006 were some of the worst baseball ever played during the streak ...
Pirates fans have been delivered! I still remember sitting on a couch in Ketler Dorm at Grove City unable to move for a half hour when Sid Bream scored for the Braves 20 years ago. For all the years of watching guys like Dale Sveum, Paul Wagner, Chad Hermanson, Andy Laroche, and JJ Davis etc., the nightmare is over. And, for my dad who continued to faithfully watch the Pirates all those years of their losing, I'll bet he's smiling above as we long suffering Bucs fans are smiling down here. Next up, playoffs!
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My favorite player was Sid Bream back in the day. Most ppl had no clue who he even was lol
Not since Francisco Cabrera pinch hit & drove in Sid Bream & knocked us out of playoffs - Braves won - when Jim Leyland mgr
If they show Sid Bream's slide on this countdown bad things will happen
I need a Sid Bream or Andy Van Slyke jersey. I haven't been this excited this late in the season since...well, last year.
tell me you didn't cry your eyes out when you saw Bonds throw a 12 hopper while Sid Bream slid across home plate.
I'm watching both too. Well me and the ghost of sid bream. BTW he hit .344 w Astros his last year in 94. Not bad.
I like the idea of a ghost Sid Bream. Game out if they lose tonight. No ghosts. Cards for 3 this weekend.
is it too soon to claim the curse of sid bream is at play for the pirates? Wld've said ghost but too Scooby and he's alive...
Two words pirates fans. the curse of sid bream
we all know bonds threw out Sid Bream. Old news
...Did Jordan Schaefers slide into home last night flash u back to Sid Bream in the '92 NLCS?
Pirates fan got Sid Bream to sign '92 division champs t-shirt last night. Curse lifted? RT
At the game last night my wife met Sid bream and asked him to sign the 1992 NL east division champs shirt she was wearing
curse is lifted, we had Sid bream sign a 1992 NL division champs shirt last night, it's all good no more worries
I just read that & my mind instantly went to the 1992 NLCS game 7 Sid Bream slide call :)
Bucs have cancelled "Lucky Rabbit Foot Night" at PNC Park. The curse is over come home Sid Bream all is forgiven
images of Sid Bream will always haunt me until the Buccos get pay back. Is 2013 the year?
Just rewatched the game-winner. Chip was channeling his dad's call of Sid Bream there and it wasn't bad at all.
Sid bream is rounding third. Will the horror ever go away. *** you Chico Lind
Or Sid Bream. Because he was magic and buffeted by the winds of destiny
That type of GW hit would make Frank Cabrera and Sid Bream happy.
It wasn't Francisco Cabrera and Sid Bream, but Chris Johnson and Jordan Schafer was darn near as exciting!
Sid Bream is crying sentimental tears of joy.
Shades of Frank Cabrera and Sid Bream from 1992 with that walk off. Well done Chris Johnson!
Braves win on a play that looked very similar to the Sid Bream play
Wow. Braves win on a clown of the Sid Bream play. Chris Johnson GW. Clearly on roids though.
says the guy with the Sid Bream wallpaper.
the one that ended with a Sid Bream slide! I was at a hotel in Napa Valley watching.
And at least a series win to ease the pain of Sid Bream.
A ton. I can (sort of) get rid of Sid Bream's slide from my impressionable 13 year old eyes in 1992.
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I never realized it until this very moment, but the baseball gods were just giving us a break after the Sid Bream slide.
My pessimistic Pirates fanhood comes from having my 1st baseball memory being Sid Bream, but for 1st time since, I feel, well, optimistic.
i only rememer sid bream sliding under the tag cuz im a braves fan. Im glad to see buccos doing good
Thought (maybe a pointless one): What if Barry Bonds had thrown Sid Bream out at home?
Alejandro Pena blows the save but Sid Bream comes through in the top of the 13th to grab the win.
BJ Upton has entered the pantheon of Troy Glaus and Sid Bream by completely derailing as a major league player right before our eyes.
the memory of Sid Bream crossing home plate in the NLCS will finally be gone!
Just saw Sid Bream's brother at my gym. Came this close to yelling "6 more wins to end the curse" but didn't want to jinx it
The last time I saw this many Buccos fans on my TL, Sid Bream was going home and AOL was charging $5.00 for each hour over 4
wouldn't Jerry sands be good if we have Sid Bream heading to the plate from second?
The infield fly preceeded six months of offseason misery for Atlanta. Sid Bream's slide preceeded 21 years of it for Pittsburgh.
A Pittsburgh Pirate fan I was talking to tonight game said,"Sid Bream was out". I told him I agreed but it's a tough sell here.
I wish I had video of my friends and me when Sid Bream slid into home in game seven...even better than this!
I've also found Andy Van Slyke and Sid Bream to be quite the ***
Just found out Sid Bream is gonna be at knights castle when the Gwinnett Braves are here on my birthday and I'll be in PA 😔
Little Giant Ladders
Clubhouse Report NOW on We'll hear from Pete Van Wieren, Chipper Jones, Sid Bream and Martin Prado.
Gaby Sanchez is like a less depressing version of Sid Bream.
If you're a fan of both the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Pirates, last night was Sid Bream scoring from second base.
Ready to hear Sid Bream, Randy Tomlin, Lee Gutterman, Tim Tebow and Jase Robertson speak today at wildfire weekend.
I was at the right age where I can still remember watching the 92 NLDS where Sid Bream ruined us for twenty years.
Does anyone know where I can find video of Sid Breams first game back in Pittsburgh after being traded. It was 5/10/1991 and he hit a pinch hit home run in the 9th off Stan Belinda with tears in his eyes due to a huge standing ovation.
I wonder if Sid Bream is in the lineup?
I had a big dream just like Big's Dream, Faith Slid through just like Sid Bream
Chris-- I grew up with Sid Bream and I am also a lifelong O's fan. I am happy for your success-- even happier for your convictions.
Sorry guys I told you that Sid Bream would join us today. He will be coming on next week now. This Dale Murphy guy will be on today - 5:25PM
Pirates 4th best record in major League Baseball and 3rd in their own division. Yeah that is our luck!
Was also a big fan of your account of the Mets/Pirates brawl, w Sid Bream in the center of it
Bonds throwing out Sid Bream would have prevented the last 20 years...
the look on the Pirates faces after Sid Bream scored it was like a bunch of UPS guys had a bukkake on all the players wives.
seriously, who in the world teachers these Pirates baserunning? Jack Leggett?
Sid Bream- a name Barry Bonds will never forget...that and BALCO
No show today. Braves Baseball pre-emption. Back tomorrow ... Confirmed Braves Blast from the Past guest - Sid Bream
not having a winning season since slow man Sid Bream probably has something to do with it
Failure is rewarded with contract can I get a job with the Pens?
Looking forward to another awesome Sunday at Grace Fellowship! Former Atlanta Brave Sid Bream will be speaking and the men's choir will be singing. Don't forget guys that we have a men's breakfast Saturday at 8:30 am and then a men's choir rehearsal. If you haven't signed up yet then send me a message so I can get you signed up for the breakfast & men's choir. It's gonna be awesome!!!
Sid Bream will be our guest speaker this Sunday, Father's Day. Special music by the Men of Grace choir. Don't...
Agree, but Im glad he did. Haven't been this fired up over baseball since Sid Bream scored in 95
and Sid Bream put an end to that year.
- i still remember watching sid bream score in 92...still breaks my heart. I hope we all get to see a winner this yr!
Biggest highlight since before Sid Bream slid in safely in 1992 NLCS.
I mean SID BREAM HAS NO KNEES TO SPEAK OF and he still outran that throw
may the curse of Sid Bream be lifted
Let the curse of Sid bream be lifted
More improbable for Pittsburgh sports fans: 1) Tim Tebow, perhaps the worst starting QB in NFL history, beating the Steelers in the playoffs, 2) Francisco Cabrera of all people getting the hit for the Braves in 1992 that scored Sid Bream to beat the Pirates, or 3) The Penguins getting swept and scoring only two goals in nearly 280 minutes against the Bruins.
I just did yoga for the first time ever and in a room that was over 100 degrees and for 75 minutes straight. I'd like to leave my tennis racket to Christy Cross, my authentic Sid Bream jersey to Drew Randall, my sweet Marmot backpack to Barrett Neal and the ice cream in my freezer to Luke Cross. It's been a good ride everybody. Keep your eye on the prize and don't ever go to yoga, ever.   10% Off
I'm willing to bet a lot of those Braves "fans" never saw Sid Bream slide across home plate.
Looks like Tim Tebow will be hanging with the guys from Duck Dynasty & Sid Bream. Not a joke.
Who is the Biggest Pittsburgh trader?? I say Sid Bream and Jagr. Note: Woodson and Porter where pushed out by management.
being a braves fan, Sid Bream sliding home.
Sid Bream sliding into home to beat the Pirates and win it for the Braves.
I'm the Barry of I can hit a homer every single night. I can't throw Sid Bream out at home, though.
The Fan Morning Show is on!!! We have plenty of reaction to the end of the Pens season and what happens next.Bob Errey joins the guys at 9 am to try and answer some of those a strange outing for Jeff Locke...but a bigger start coming for the Pirates Tuesday night.join us on your ride to work. Listen In:
The Sid Bream "THE SLIDE" Bobblehead that is part of this Bobblehead Lot is awesome
what the *** was that a commercial for? ... the Sid Bream highlight has better video quality
True braves fans can take it all the way back to Otis Nixon, Terry Pendleton, David justice, Sid Bream, & Javy Lopez on you.
told City of PGH in state of shock right now; no one talking about Pens; sorta like 1992 when Sid Bream scored for ATL in Game 7
What about the 1993 loss to Isles. Sid Bream or the MANY Cowher playoff losses?
Kinda hype to meet Sid Bream tomorrow ⚾
Sid Bream was in the lineup and got a hit for the that night, and Andy Van Slyke and Barry Bonds also homered.
When Rafael Belliard hit his only HR with the in 1987, Mike LaValliere (1992 catcher for Sid Bream's slide) was on base.
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Barry Bonds couldn't throw out Sid Bream from there, though .
Why the *** is Sid Bream being interviewed on Root Sports?!
List of my all time fav braves when I was kid in 90s . 1.chipper jones. 2. Sid bream. 3. Tom glaven. 4. Smotlz. 5. Maddex. 6. Ron Grant
Sad, all that talent and the Pens get swept and are the 4th best team in hockey. Pittsburgh sports always takes a backseat to Boston teams :( .
“Sid Bream was out!” That was a tougher loss, maybe. But not worse performance.
And with that I have no "professional" sporting events to pay attention to for about 2 months. By the way.the Pirates do not count as professional sports on any level so get off you bandwagon/soap box.
should've went with Sid Bream, Otis Nixon and Fred McGriff
The most embarrassing moment in the history of Pittsburgh sports. Is there a worse moment?
Biggest tank job I have ever seen. Speechless. Sid Bream slide looks mild in comparison. 4 AFC championship home losses...not even close.
Hey Sid Bream- you are officially off the hook for most disappointing Pittsburgh sports moment of my life.
I was rooting for Boston, but didn't think it would be so embarrassingly quick!
For all y’all saying that this is the worst postseason performance by a Pittsburgh team: let me remind of you of Sid Bream.
Weird watching kids of guys you watched playing ball. Van Slyke's son plays for the Dodgers ... if only Barry Bonds hadn't flicked off his dad Sid Bream would've never scored that run that had me collapsing on the living room floor.
This is worse than watching Sid Bream round third for the Braves, you just know it ain't gonna turn out good.
ok friends as You know I have followed baseball closely for far too long. last Pirate game watched in its entirety was the braves game where Sid bream beat Bond's throw to the plate. [ 1992] TV was on stage with me . Ok here's what we gotta do . We have to make a trade with the Angels. They have a lot of good hitters and no pitching. We have lots of great pitching and not one 300 hitter. I've been searching all the teams for a potential trade . that's the team. We are close to having a great team . Trade 2 arms for 2 high average hitters and we are in the hunt . What do you think?
Am auctioning off my Sid Bream baseball. I have a picture of him singing it so I'm positive it's genuine. Wish me luck.
To all my "Pens in 7" fans, remember.. Pens only scored 2 goals in 3 games. Scoring 1 goal and going into double OT should not give you hope. Must be a Pittsburgh thing.
Can't say I watch hockey much but this Pittsburgh team reminds me of another Pittsburgh team. Is one of their lines manned by Bonds, Bonilla, and Van Slyke!
MORNIN, mOOSE, Jackie, Jodi, Ellen, Donna, Terri,jill, Lynz, Jess, it's raining out, but I hope u all have a great day, love u all, Me :)":)":)"
The thing about hockey. No matter how good your team is, when you run into the hot goalie, your season ends. 106 of 108. Sid Bream, Francisco Cabrera, Larry Brown, and Tuuukka Rask. I hate them all!
A song made famous by rappers, and fellow Atlantans, Jermaine Dupri and Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, "Welcome to Atlanta" prescribes numerous activities and landmarks that have ...
Welcome to third place Washington Nationals. Apparently the Phillies have ignited their natitude.
Sidney Crosby's tears will be used to resurface the ice during intermission.
Cobb is pitching a whale of a game. Need some runs for support, Rays!
A note for my BRAVE friend Andy Mason: do you need to borrow a broom to SWEEP a place to display your PIRATE cd? I think that's a capital idea!
Day one in Georgia: Waffle House for breakfast, Braves Game (they beat the Pirates!), Chick-fil-a, doing laundry (so easy and fast here), digging through bags to find stuff and trying to stay awake (jetlag!). And the best part is doing it all with my wonderful parents (Dennis & Alice Mitchell).
In light of the MLB performance enhancing drug scandal, it is good to know there were no Pirates involved, and it shows.
Bucs (35-25) manage 1 hit and get swept by Atlanta. Final: 5-0. Next: Friday at Cubs, 2:20pm
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