Si Robertson & Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. 5.0/5

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Oh no! I think it may be Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E for us! Is that good, bad, or hilarious? 😂
Phillips, Craig and Dean is prepping for our Duck Dynasty on A&E audition with Uncle Si Robertson! Join us "jack"...
'Duck Dynasty': Si Robertson finally discloses on show that he is married via examinercom
On this flight to Nassau "tired" Had the whole cast of Duck Dynasty sitting around me. Si Robertson was knocked...
Duggar Update from Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson: 'Sometimes It's Best to Just Run Away from the Si...
Just found out Zaxby's used Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty in their commercials. Bad move Zaxby's. Just lost a customer.
there is a dude walking around campus who looks like Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Check out SCH's interview with Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson & actor Stephen Baldwin from Faith of Our Fathers. .
The best thing about Duck Dynasty is Si Robertson.
The Robertson Family from Duck Dynasty is in Family Feud right now. I really wish Uncle Si was with them. It'd be so much more entertaining
There's no such thing as an atheist, according to one of the stars of the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty." Si Robertson, kno…
Duck Dynasty' star says atheists don't exist
HuffingtonPost: 'Duck Dynasty' star says atheists don't exist
'Duck Dynasty' star says atheists don't exist
Something you might not know about "Duck Dynasty" and Uncle Si!
Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson and movie, "Faith of Our Fathers" Opens on 50th Yr Since Vietnam via
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Get your Duck Dynasty fix with Miss Kay or Si books @
On the main stage now is none other than Duck Dynasty star, Si Robertson. He is accepting Citizen United's first amendment award.
Dig this Deal Jase, Si Robertson Autographed Signed - Photo 8x10 Star of *Duck Dynasty*: $...
Si Cology 1 Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty&s Favor
Watching the Duck Dynasty mini marathon that is leading up to this years Christmas episode! Love the Robertson's! Uncle Si is the Guy!! ;)
As a sign of sportsmanship and Kinder hospitality, Fitness 24 would like to welcome to town this Friday the North Caddo Rebels from Vivian, La . Well known alumni are Phil and Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Game starts 7pm. Come to the game and support the Jackets as they compete for the district 2A repeat state championship. Geaux Jackets!!!
Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si takes on Darth Vader with new Christmas elf story and doll celebrating the coming of Jesus
See how to build an OCC box with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! Click here
Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Applauded for Standing by Her Christian Values on Dancing with the Stars Rumba Dance
Uncle Si is my favorite Robertson. Duck Dynasty marathon.
Day 13: Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty . I’m in the swamp all day . Waiting for my prey. They know me for my call. But I...
Wearing my Duck Dynasty shirt Love Uncle Si 😘 & of course the rest of the Robertson's 😊
Si Robertson (from the show Duck Dynasty) is an Army Veteran who served in Vietnam. He retired from
Win tickets for the 2014 Festival and meet Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson >>
I have grown to be obsessed with Duck Dynasty. 1 of my favorite shows. Si Robertson is the funniest on the show hey Jack!
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Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge RedNeck style: View Si, Willie, and Phil now:
So this is my ice"bucket" challenge. So I guess Nataleigh Raines, Sultana Duke, and Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty...
Greg's list = Craig's list. In the mind of Si Robertson on Duck Dynasty 😂😭😅
I was watching Duck Dynasty and Si Robertson was singing the In Living Color theme song! I was wilin' fam
Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson Reveals Reason His Wife Isn't on the Show - Si revealed the reason why his wife’s... http:/…
The more I watch Duck Dynasty the more Si Robertson reminds me of
I've missed Duck Dynasty and Si Robertson too much
Carolyn Johns , Daniel Johns, Bruna Bergamin and Joe Azrak see u nxt tuesday. :) as the legendary Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty says "its gonna b on like Donkey Kong. Jack" lol
We have been watching Duck Dynasty in the evenings lately, and our kids have been repeating lines and even acting out scenes sometimes. So this afternoon Hunter And I work on how to spell his name. Then hours later while I'm making a salad for dinner I hear "hey Kylie, you can't spell Hunter without S-I.". Thanks Si Robertson, I think we will be repeating that spelling lesson :)
Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty: DNA of a Christian- Thats a fact Jack!: via
Duck Dynasty on A&E on A&E's Si Robertson has a media day with KORE PR and Nashville Behind The Scenes. Marsha...
"Duck Dynasty" star Si Robertson got real country Friday in Tennessee ... no, he didn't hook up with a family member -- the reality star rocked his *** off.Robertson linked up with The Mauldin Brothers at Rippy's in Nashville to perform a few songs…
Uncle Si Robertson says Washington "cannot handle" him. Hear why below and tune in to 'Hannity' tonight at 10p ET for more with the Duck Dynasty on A&E clan. Plus, don't miss Sean's exclusive look at the Robertsons all this week.
So we have been pruning trees around the yard and I tell Tanner yesterday to gather up all the branches so we can bundle them and put them to the road for pickup. I came home yesterday afternoon and this was the product of his endeavor - a playset turned duck blind! He said, "Hey, Mom, I turned my tree house into a duck blind! Can you tell we watch a lot of Duck Dynasty on A&E? I think Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep & Jessica Robertson - Duck Dynasty, and Si Robertson would be pleased at the attempt! Love this kid!
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson in hot water again
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Duck Dynasty fan or not, Si Robertson makes good sense! Enjoy this short video to see why.
Fun fact: Si Robertson's (of Duck Dynasty fame) daughter is a proud member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 1…
Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty Recording "Can't take the Swamp Outta of the Man" for his wife Christine with Kix Brooks on "Si Robertson: Me and My Smoki...
The Kentucky Derby! My pick is Uncle Sigh, named for Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson. 10 percent of Uncle Sigh's winnings go to help injured military veterans.
Duck Dynasty and Si Robertson making an appearance in the math book
Duck Dynasty quote of the week: "Look at this icy stare I got. It works every time." -Si Robertson
Thanks 2 all and 2 Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E
So I wake up from a dream with Si Robertson singing to me, picking a mad banjo, in a boat, in a pond, drinking Irish car bombs and massive amounts of catfish jumping over the boat. O.o CRAZY!!! I must be going threw Duck Dynasty with draws or something. Looks like I'll be watching seasons 1 threw 4 on this do nothing day. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
Wednesday night, I went to see Tim Tebow. The attendance was 9,000 to see Tim. Tonight I'm going to see Duck Dynasty, Willie and Si Robertson! I think this is a sellout! Southeast had done an excellent job with the Momentum events!!
Favorite quote of the day comes surprisingly from Duck Dynasty. "Hey, if you want something done right. Don't ask me." Si Robertson
Carson from Downton Abbey and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty enjoying a glass of wine together? Well now they can! Introducing Downton Abbey and Duck Commander Wines! Which one will you toast with tonight?
Si Robertson is one of the revered stars of A&E's hit series "Duck Dynasty." Known for his comical demeanor and quirky one-liners, it isn't often that fans get to see one of the Robertsons' finest deliver candid, serious advice about life, love and faith. But in a recent interview...
He stole that joke from Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
Obama was actually plagiarising Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty, who already did that exact same joke.
Get your camo shorts ready! Willie, Korie and Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty are coming to the Iowa State fair...
Si Robertson thinks taking a selfie is taking a poop. It's not a doll is an action figure. Willie and Jase Robertson I love Duck Dynasty.
Television’s favorite uncle, “Uncle” Si Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, alongside Ashley Howard Nelson (Korie Robertson’s sister), is taking the reins and launching a new venture with Wes Melcher, owner of Double Infinity Ranch. Together they have partnered in ownership …
Si Robertson, a cast member of the popular Duck Dynasty on A&E, has entered into a racing partnership with...
'Duck Dynasty' Star Si Robertson is Off to the Races - Music News Nashville
These duck decoys were signed by Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty when he was in Mountain Grove. They will be...
Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty is the new co-owner of a Louisiana-bred filly with Texan Wes Melcher -
Duck Dynasty stars to sponsor NASCAR race at Texas - SI.comDuck Dynasty stars to sp...
Sunday night's Super Bowl ad for Time Warner Cable's new online streaming service included a brief appearance by three-fourths of the Duck Dynasty cast: Willie Robertson, Si Robertson and Jase Robertson. Missing? Family patriarch Phil Robertson, who caused a firestorm last December with his controve...
Just caught up on the last two episodes of Duck Dynasty and I can't stop laughing...gotta love those boys! He who sleeps, gets the baby ~ Si Robertson! 😃
Friends list - thinking it is time to purge my friends list - a lot! Most of my friends are from playing Farmville which I have not played in a LONG time. Then I think to myself, if I have not commented, liked, or shared someones post in the last 6-12 months- then why am I friends with them. Yea, time to purge I think - but not tonight, Duck Dynasty is coming on and then off to bed - but can't miss Si Robertson
.You ever watch Duck Dynasty? Phil and Si Robertson still work. That family is worth half a billion.
Idk. I think and Si Robertson are the funniest among the Robertsons in Duck Dynasty
I've resisted Duck Dynasty for a while but Si Robertson is sucking me right in
Let it be known. Si Robertson can dance.
"Duck Dynasty's" Si Robertson has a daughter! On the March 27 Wednesday night marathon of "Duck Dynasty" episodes, a careful viewer would have noticed something
Uncle Si Robertson from A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty" chats with Arthur Kade about his new book "Si-Cology". Watch "Duck Dynasty" every Wednesday ...
Si Robertson has to be the funniest reality TV star in all of reality TV. Would have never thought I'd be a Duck Dynasty fan..
"Duck Dynasty" stars Willie Robertson and Si Robertson, along with Tim Allen, chat with My Team about learning their lines for "Last Man Standing." How impor...
Si Robertson is by far the best reality star we've seen in years (if not ever!). The majority of the Duck Dynasty cast is scripted but there is no way in Haitis that he is, you just can't write that kinda stuff!
Si Robertson from duck dynasty has some funny sayings, but he aint no Johnny Palmer
Soup, Slop, and Si Robertson - dinner, dessert, & the new Duck Dynasty game with the family = too much fun!! :)
CIA ::: Send Edward Snowden on a duck hunting trip with Si Robertson. I'm sure what gets killed will speak for the people. Duck Dynasty special featuring Edward Snowden.
So Si Robertson, from the popular show Duck Dynasty, has a wife. They have been married for 43 years, they have a daughter, and she has 4 kids and is also married. Thats a fact JACK!!
The more I watch Uncle Si Robertson on Duck Dynasty, the more convinced I become that he and my dad were separated at birth (LOL)
I always ask for Books also and this year was Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty and already finished it great Book
Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander books are very popular! There are several books using the widely recognized name, however not all of those books are written by the Robertson’s or the cast members. Below is a list of Duck Dynasty family books, many which have been listed on the Bestsellers list. These books are written by Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson, Willie Robertson, Si Robertson, Alan Roberston and Jase Roberson. See the list here:
Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle by Si Robertson via
Watching new episode of Duck Dynasty noticed willie's son is more like the Uncle Si Robertson
Thank you, Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty-for making ok again for young men to learn to sew! I was working downstairs when one of Richard's friends asked me to mend his hoodie. Today, he was back with his beloved hoodie. So I asked him to thread the needle (I know, I need glasses). Then he learned how to pin it so he could sew it. After that, he just had to learn how to use the "gas pedal" and he did a really good job! His comment when he was finished? Now I can be like Si on Duck Dynasty. :D It never hurts to learn a new skill. Good job. buddy!
Duck Dynasty is the best show the world and how funny is Robertson if you have not seen this you have to when it comes on.
AUDITION Tomorrow to co star with the Duck Dynasty's Jase, Willie, and the Si Robertson!! Im so stoked!!
I just saw a Chia Pet commercial with new additions of Willie and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Christmas idea! ;)
Did you know: Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.
So Josh fell asleep last night and woke up laughing a few minutes later saying he had a dream that I, Josh, and Si Robertson were killing dinosaurs together and that Si kept saying "Thats a fact Jack!" I think we watch too much Duck Dynasty lol.
me & just saw Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty driving in ft Myers 😁😍
Don't forget West Liberty Mennonite Church's christmas movie night on saturday! we're showing the new VeggieTales Christmas movie that features Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty! The first 30 families that come will receive a free copy of the dvd!
Si Robertson will always be able to make me laugh and make my day! I can never get enough Duck Dynasty
Skye Loustalot, who suffers from a cancer called osteosarcoma, meets "Duck Dynasty" stars Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson and Si Robertson at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Jubilee in Fairhope, Ala. on Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. (Dennis Pillion | dpillion
Mike Epps is going duck hunting as Si Robertson from A&E's Duck Dynasty. Be sure to subscribe to the Mike Epps channel! SUBSCRIBE...
Without zooming in, this is where I sat in relation to Duck Dynasty's Si, Kay, and Phil Robertson
Si Robertson - "what are we going to do tonight, Phil?" Phil Robertson - "Same thing we do every night, Si. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD." (Quote from Pinky and the Brain, Duck Dynasty style. Duck Dynasty is taking over the world, jack. Hey.
I want a new TV show with Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Jim Tom from Moonshiners hanging out together talking and drinking some sweet tea. Just imagine the conversations.
It's odd. but I do love Duck Dynasty! I love what they stand for! Thanks DD and Si Robertson!
VeggieTales has a new DVD out and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty is the narrator! . Come get "Merry Larry and the...
Mary Bewley went all out for Trunk or Treat!! But, I saw Duck Dynasty's, Uncle Si Robertson, stealing candy out...
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So I got on a christian bookstore website because I am on the hunt for a cover for my newest bible and I saw them advertising a new veggie tales movie. At first I was shocked that they were still making veggie tales (heck new ones were coming out when I was REALLY little). Then I saw this cumber in the corner that looks like Larry with a beard. Then I realized the beard looked a lot like the Duck Dynasty beards. Then I noticed the writing above the cucumber that reads, "featuring the voice of Si Robertson." I could not believe that was who I though it was but I looked it up and it is Uncle Si. Apparently he is a preacher. I'm still processing this...
Currently buying a green tupperware cup because I want to be like Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty was at our practice last night!
My sister chose shark tank over duck dynasty. 😒✋Her excuse is that those episodes weren't funny. Si Robertson is in it. It'll be funny.
St. Mary’s School celebrates Halloween with parade Published 7:55am Friday, November 1, 2013 Email Print Comments While the weather outside was frightful, it didn’t spoil the fun for students walking in St. Mary’s Catholic School’s Halloween parade Thursday in Niles. There was Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, several members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even and appearance by a man dressed as Si Robertson from the hit reality television show Duck Dynasty. The approximately 70 students grades preschool through sixth walked around the gymnasium a couple times before going back to class for snacks. Not lost in the fun was the message of the day — that the school was celebrating All Hallows’ Eve, which comes before All Saints Day, a day in which the church honors all of the saints. “It’s a celebration of all the holy people who came before us,” said Principal Sharon Gregorski. The Catholic Church will celebrate All Souls Day Saturday, paying tribute to all those who have died.
Televangelist Paul Crouch Hospitalized With Heart Problem.Michael Koper, husband of Brittany Koper the former TBN CFO and granddaughter of the Crouches, filed a declaration in court stating: Apparently, Matthew Crouch and Jan Crouch were celebrating what they believed was Paul Crouch Sr.’s impending death and Matthew Crouch’s promotion to President of TBN that would subsequently occur. Si Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' Says America Needs 'Sin Control,' Not 'Gun Control' Atheists Will Sue Ala. City for Program Aimed at Reducing Violent Crime Because It Involves Volunteer Pastors Frank & Melina Hechavarria Christian doctors with Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse are travelling this year to South Sudan, they will perform over 80 cleft lip and palate surgeries on children and adults that are ostracized by society and accused of having demonic spirits. A Houston-based pastor has decided to sleep in a dumpster he will remain in until Saturday to raise awareness of the homelessness issue in his city and the . ...
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Si Robertson- It's not Gun Control we need, it's sin control.
"Duck Dynasty" star Si Robertson reveals mental illness, alcoholism and suicide attempts in tell-all book
Watching the Primetime Emmys and wanting to know where Si Robertson and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" are at. This show will only get better with a little camo. Let's be honest, we know what the best show is... Duck Dynasty on A&E
Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty is coming to Grace Church. But I'm too poor to get tickets.
I love to hear some of his sayings...but this one? It's priceless...LOL “Here’s the thing about termites – they don’t turn nothing down. No joke, alright? Two by fours, two by sixes, trash cans, poop, humans, nothing slows ‘em down.” --Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty on A&E
Seen on a Tshirt this weekend at Schlitterbahn - Photo of Darth Vader with the caption "Come to the dark side - we have free chocolate chip cookies!" Also reading Si-cology 101 by Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Fun, uplifting read. Loved reading about his too close for comfort encounter with an alligator!
Hey Jack...I think Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty should be on the next Dancing with the Stars :)
Yo homies if you want to see Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty in the flesh, get yo tickets at and come s…
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Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty is one of my favourite people, ever.
I just finished SI-COLOGY 1. It is a good book to read.Si Robertson is funny on the show Duck Dynasty, and so is his book.
Just saw a guy that looked like Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
"Don't ever forget who was there for you when no one else was.”- Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty
This is for the unbelievers of Team Chuck following my NEW journey thinking that I've quit. Quick update! Quitting is an option, but I've chosen not to! My new journey is still quite new but I'm doing very well. Im eating right EVERY DAY! I've not posted what I've been eating but trust me; there are witnesses! I haven't walked in 5 days...I've been in 5 powerful days of revival and I've needed all of my energy. (I got my exercise in) I'm thankful for Isagenix! Trust me...I felt incredible energy everyday. God first...and then Isagenix helped me through the last 5 days! As Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty would probably say, "HEY! We still in this thing, jack!!!"
Well I swear I just had Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty just check out! The gentleman looked just like him! Hey, Jack! :)
You know him from the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty - now you can enjoy Uncle Si's tall tales, crazy exploits, a...
Just learned Si Robertson has a wife from Duck Dynasty
The spectacular Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty in all his comedic glory. I own nothing, however A&E do.
Si Robertson of Si-cology 1: Tales & Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle on Dr. Oz today + Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
Did you know that Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a Vietnam Vet? Si’s most famous story is that while serving...
Funny man Si Robertson is perhaps the biggest breakout star of A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty." When the show began, Uncle Si was only slated to appear occasionally, but that soon changed.
Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson on his unwavering belief in God
Here is a great Interview with Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson on his Life, Marriage Proposals, and His Unwavering...
Can it be Wednesday yet? I'm just ready to see a new episode of Duck Dynasty so I can see my main man Si Robertson
If you look like Si Robertson from duck dynasty you've got that
I hate when I'm talking about Psy and people think I'm talking about Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty...
'Duck Dynasty's' Si and Willie will be making their acting debuts this fall. Find out where you can see them.
I think I heard Si Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" sing the same song in a recent episode.
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Katy Perry, Mac Miller, and Rob Dyrdek.
So far on this trip I've made it onto TV twice, met Si Robertson (AND held his tea jug), met multiple Duck Dynasty people, and our warehouse is in the newspaper. We're just working our way to Hollywood down here in West Monroe, Louisiana ;)
Tonight at 7:05pm- It's Duck Dynasty night @ (130 Atlantic Ave, Bremen Ga 30110) We will have Duck Dynasty give-a-ways, sweet tea, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Raccoon poo (insert gag humor) just to name a few. We will also be having a special guest interview with Mr. Si Robertson (Wanna Be). Be sure and bring your friends for an epic night of Duck Dynasty. Prizes awarded to the best look-a-like!
Now's your chance to be entered to win two tickets to see Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty! Just go on our website,, to answer today's question. DO NOT ANSWER IN A COMMENT ON THIS POST. The question is: What is the frequency of the radio station that airs the Mountain Man show? (Willie and Si Robertson were guests on the radio show in an episode of Duck Dynasty this past season).
What is a woman to do? 55 years old and I am in love with 2 men ~Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Jim Parsons (Sheldon) from Big Bang Theory. My theory on this mess is that I am finally growing backwards ? I'm so torn. What to do, what to do. What to watch first . ;-P
Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty is going to be at Busch Stadium! July 8th . Happy Happy Happy !
Cast members of A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty" are slated to appear in West Michigan later this summer. Who is appearing at the August 3 visit to Berlin Raceway, be grand marshals and sign autographs is to be announced.
We have a Golden Retriever name Si or Cy, but he's not named after Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He couldn't be, our Si or Cy is seven years old.
Well, like with most bad things God attached something good to my phone snatching.I got a new one today and my contacts were saved. I got a Galaxy 3 BIG OLE SCREEN,! Lol. Now if only I will be able to get my pix back...if they backed up to the Cloud :). Staying in tonight...way too much walking and standing yesterday for these feet and legs :( Gonna miss Brad P. ( I know Savannah is freaking out. Ha ha), Band Perry, Lee Greenwood, Carrie U. And who knows what surprises they'll have. OMG the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty were guest hosts last night! They were so Phil tho :( FYI DD Fans: Si drinks unsweetened tea!!! Lol
I like the entertainment of the NFL, Nascar and Duck Dynasty, so I research everything concerning the Steelers, Kevin Harvick, Si Robertson. Why is it so hard for me to put my mind to research everything about my Savior who did not give entertainment, but Eternal Life? I love my Savior, Jesus. Anyone feel the same?
What I bought at Bass Pro Shops today! Si Robertson bobble head, and a Duck Dynasty rug!
Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, as a married man these are the only pick up lines I am I allowed to use. -Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty
'Duck Dynasty' season finale preview: Willie Robertson and Uncle Si go surfing
Natalie Maines from Dixie Chicks and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty are in my math class.
Someone come meet Si Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) with me on Sat at 1 at the Crawfish Festival at Old Town Spring! Wanna go so bad!
Si Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty cast in Darius Ruckers new music video >>>>
Can we have Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson on the next Celebrity Apprentice?
Laying here watching Duck Dynasty on A&E Jase Robertson took his brother Willie Robertson sword chopping up stuff in the warehouse then Si Robertson was cutting a pbj in half then broke the sword younger brother said there my q im outer here lol
My cousin Lance Hammitt with Si Robertson and Phil Robertson, said Willie Robertson was there but didnt kno where, thought it was cool, love Duck Dynasty on A&E
and if Uncle Mike and Grandpa had a baby it'd be Si Robertson off of Duck Dynasty 😳😂
UGH today is Tuesday! All day yesterday i thought it was Tuesday but no it was only Monday. Tomorrow however is the best day of the week!. Its Wednesday which i will now start calling Duck Dynasty day! New season starts tomorrow. In the words of Si Robertson "Its on like Donkey Kong!"
Gayle Force booked Si and Jep Robertson from A&E's Duck Dynasty to do a personal appearance at Pearl River Resort, Choctaw, MS on March 1 &2
James Carville reminds me of Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
I see in today's Swainsboro Forest-Blade weekly newspaper that for this year's Pine Tree Festival activities in April and May that the organizers got someone else(again) from the History Channel reality show "Swamp People". In my opinion,if they could have arranged it,they should have gotten Si Robertson and Jase Robertson from the A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" or Jennifer Brennan and Roy(can't remember his last name) from the A&E reality show "Shipping Wars". "Duck Dynasty" and "Shipping Wars" are way more intresting thn "Swamp People". "Swamp People" is getting old and boring.
Shelby aka " Swamp Man" off ax men and Phil and Si Robertson off "Duck Dynasty" are my heros.
Please be sure to attend the Winter Sports Banquet to honor our coaches and athletes as well as bid on the items up for auction. The banquet is Friday, March 8th. One of the items up for auction is an football autographed by the Duck Dynasty crew. The football is branded with the words Lamar Tigers on it and is signed "Congrats to the Lamar Tigers from the Duck Commander Crew". It is signed by Martin, "Ham Samich" Godwin (He actually autographed it that way), Willie Robertson, CEO, Jep Robertson, Si Robertson, Phil Robertson and Jase Robertson. Not only did they autograph the ball for us to auction off, they asked for DVD copies of the state championship games so they could watch us play...They sound like a bunch of guys that would fit in real well with the Brotherhood! To Danny Little, Tim Riegel, Cherry Moss, Dawna Holzbach and everyone at Redneck Hunting Blinds that helped get this football autographed, "THANK YOU" from the Lamar Athletic Department! Reminder: District basketball tournaments star ...
I want to apologize to Si Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" for comparing him to Chuck Hagel.
We know we have many Duck Dynasty fans in the area, so you might want to check this out from Faulkner University in Montgomery. Duck Dynasty stars to appear in Faulkner benefit in Montgomery MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Get your camo gear ready an...d prepare for an evening of fun. Faulkner University is bringing the A&E Network’s Duck Dynasty to Montgomery. Si and Willie Robertson, from the wildly popular TV show, are scheduled to appear at 7 p.m. on March 23 at the Montgomery Renaissance Convention Center. The Duck Dynasty reality show follows the lives of the Robertson family, a Louisiana bayou family who turned a backyard business making duck calls into a multimillion dollar sports and entertainment enterprise. The men in the Robertson family are known not only for their large beards, camouflage clothing and eccentric ways but also for staying true to their faith and family values. Si Robertson is brother to company founder Phil Robertson. Si’s job in the family business is making reeds to insert into the ...
Faulkner University to host Si Robertsons and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on March 23rd at the Renaissance. Tickets on sale Tuesday.
"I'm like Aretha Franklin, I don't get no r-s-p-e-c-t around this joint" - Si Robertson. Lol Duck Dynasty can always put me in a good mood
Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty tests out the 5-Hour Energy® car at Talladega Superspeedway.
It's official. The Gerbers are taking our first ever family vacation and we're headed to Louisiana and Mississippi for Stalkerpalooza Junior. We're taking the kids to West Monroe to see where Duck Dynasty on A&E is filmed, headed to New Orleans, Louisiana for a reunion of my oldest friends then to City of Gulfport to show my family where I grew up. Hoping to get a glimpse and possible pic of Jase Roberston or Si Robertson for the kids.
Insomnia strikes again...time to catch up on "History Detectives" and "Duck Dynasty." Hey, Si Robertson would make a great historian, Jack!
In my dream the other night I was hiding in the loft of an old barn from Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty, who was chasing me for some reason. Don't worry, though: I was being protected by Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds. Perhaps I had too much wine New Year's Eve (or maybe it was the couple shots of Rum-Latta -- yum).
This guy thinks Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty would be a better president than Barrack Obama... Stop
Jim Tom is to Moonshiners as Si Robertson is to Duck Dynasty
Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty just quoted the Humpty Dance song which makes in in my book
Lee Corso is to Gameday, like Si Robertson is to Duck Dynasty
This status is intended for Christians only. If you are not a Christian, I can understand and respect your desire to put a boundary on the Christmas season. But I am FED UP with Christians and Christian Radio stations who think they are doing something noble by waiting to play Christmas music, or wish someone a Merry Christmas, or put up Christmas decorations, or say anything about Christmas until after that “magical” date of Thanksgiving has passed. As if mentioning Christmas or playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving somehow takes away from from that most “sacred” of holidays. To quote the great theologian Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame I say, “Look here, Jack!” If He had not “Come Upon a Midnight Clear” none of us would ever have a reason to be Thankful! Am I honestly supposed to believe that we as Christians are to put the birth of our Savior on the same level as a pair of white shoes by saying there is a “season” for celebrating Christmas? I’ve heard it said the fashi ...
Cutting grass is like when a woman goes to the beauty parlor.goes in lookin like a Hag and come out lookin' like Dolly Parton. Words of Great Wisdom from Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty!!!
Duck Dynasty family photos with young Si Robertson beardless in a military uniform and hanging out with little nephews Jase and Willie Robertson
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Ain't nothing changed since the 90's, turn on the radio and there's the Flu Fighters! - Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty marathon on a Friday night. To quote Si Robertson "It's on like Donkey Kong!"
Duck Dynasty tonight. Phil Robertson for president, Willie for vice pres. Miss Kay for secretary of state fried frog legs and squirrel brains for everyone. and MR. Si Robertson secretary or defense. Problems solved.
Duck Dynasty fans? B sure 2 head 2 Gate 7 today to see Kay Robertson and John Luke Robertson till 12pm and Si Robertson and John Godwin 2-4!
Yahoo! Four whole hours of "Duck Dynasty" is on & that means four straight hours of "Mr. Si Robertson". I see lots & lots of laughing in my future of the next four hours... ... I love watching me some "Uncle Si Robertson".. ROTFLMBO! Ha! Ha! Ha!
It's official: I can't take my eyes off of the show Duck Dynasty. It's a Jeff Foxworthy comedy bit come to life. I would love to sit at the feet of Si Robertson and glean some of the, well, whatever it is he has to offer.
from 6pm-3am. Duck Dynasty (Repeat) Add to My Favorites 34 AETV: Friday, November 2 6:00 PM Reality, Hunting Frog in One Phil and Si make a mess out of Career Day at a local school; Jase and the boys conduct a nighttime search for frogs at Willie's country club. Cast: Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Miss Kay Robertson, Korie Robertson, Si Robertson
"Ain't nothin changed since the 90's. Turn on the radio, hey, there's the Foo Fighters." -Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty
Well after a spirited debate last night . There is even better TV tonight it's called Duck Dynasty! America go vote Phil Robertson as president, Willie Robertson as Vice and my favorite Si Robertson as Sec of Defense!
I'm Pretty sure the powers that be scheduled the debate for tonight instead of tomorrow night simply because going head to head with Duck Dynasty would have been a ratings catastrophe. Si Robertson for President/Grand Potentate/Lord Protector/the owner of my heart!
People I would vote for for President: Tim Tebow, Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Laura Bush.
I uploaded a video Phil Robertson & Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty arrive at Chateau Marmont in West
Watching Sprint Cup qualifying on SPEED and guess who shows up with Clint Bowyer. Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He's a hoot!
Well hey, Duck Dynasty and Lizard Lick will be on every week. What better way is there to get together than watch Si Robertson?
Living in a house of only boys/men is having a major influence on my TV shows. I am now hooked on Duck Dynasty, Gator Boys, Swamp People, and Storage Wars. I still love my chick flicks, but to my surprise, I really am enjoying these new shows:) I used to think BLT stood for bacon, lettuce & tomato, but as I have learned from Si Robertson, it is really beaver, lettuce & tomato, ha!!!. Who is your favorite Robertson?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"I'm like Aretha Franklin they gotta show me a little respect" Si Robertson dynasty
Thanks to Duck Dynasty on A&E, my 4 yr old daughter has a renewed passion for camo, beards and ZZ Top. Thanks Jase Robertson, Willie Robertson and Si Robertson!
"All I have watched at home is Duck Dynasty, River Monsters and Ghost Adventures."your left or mine? Si Robertson
Duck Dynasty = winning! Philip Phillips has nothing on Si Robertson.
Shelby Stanga from Swamp Men and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty kill me
Si Robertson cracks me up!! Never thought I'd look forward to a tv show like Duck Dynasty. "it's on like Donkey Kong"
At church and our pastor just asked, "who is the one person you would wait in line to meet?" Lots of really good answers..."MotherTheresa, Billy Graham, John the Baptist...". My husband responded, "Si Robertson." this can only be appreciated by someone who watches Duck Dynasty. :)
Si Robertson spoofed Antoine Dodson on Duck Dynasty. "Beavers hide your wives, hide your husbands, and hide your kids"
has anyone explained to Yu, that we were talking about Cy Young and not Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty?
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