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Show Choir

A show choir (originally called 'swing choir') is a group of people who combine choral singing with dance movements, sometimes within the context of a specific idea or story.

On the trip or not, this tweef's annoyed everyone so much that choir's gonna show up on Monday to this
basically the Choir Hall until spring show
Listen to these vocals from former show choir member We're totally moving to Nash immediately after heari…
The show & chamber choir packet issue has been fixed. Students, check your Skyward and/or email for the link. -Mr. T
Boi i dah put my name fr show choir
How long have u been in show choir — literally since 6th grade, so about 7 years now
Maaan I miss the annual Disneyland trip with show choir😭y'all don't understand how that trip helped me each year
watch those amazing Rhythm in gold show choir videos, they're priceless!
"show em love no desire, everything I say is gospel I'm preachin' to the choir, wassupp"
It's been 7 years since I had to dance to the song "hey soul sister" in show choir and I still can't listen to the song without cringing 🙄
The trophy is proudly displayed in the front office today. Congrats to the Harmony Gold Show Choir on their 1st Runner Up…
Show Choir in a whole new way! Beyond grateful to be a part of this production!
! Hmu if you know anyone in the mountain view show choir!
The day of the show choir performance
Interested in Show Choir? Jazz Choir? We want YOU to audition! . Click to register online or scan t…
So excited for LA tomorrow and to see great great friends and judge some Cali show choir. But 99% to see so many friends
And GOP is a bunch a choir boys? Come on, now, man. BOTH parties R up2 the same dirty trix…
Going around asking random show choir people at western dubuque >>>
CHOIR AUDITIONS TOMORROW!! . Join GHS show choir. . Even if you feel you can't sing or dance still try you never know…
Omg I just went to watch that performance and it has That One Guy Doing Unnecessary Flips…
I was in band for show choir all four years of high school and my first memory of glee is…
Also something about the costumes & choreo makes it feel a little more like real show choir?
At least you got NHS couldn't even get one for their show choir event. Be thankful for your mother. She's always go…
How many babes does it take to make a show choir? 26 ❤️🎶
I am officially a show choir alum and I am not okay with that
I really want to cry because this is my last year in show choir 😭😭
FHS at Ellen's Stardust Diner in NYC-decided to dance a show choir number-whole place erupted in cheers!!
S-C Show Choir getting a once in a lifetime experience making themselves at home on the Grand Ole Opry Stage!
NHS Show Choir student Kamiyah Anderson did a great job singing the National Anthem at the Civic Center!…
Good luck to our Show Choir as they are in Fort Atkinson today!
The RMU Show Choir would like to invite you to their performance at the Harold Washington Library in the auditorium…
It's CABARET time. Show Choir is kicking off the show!
Show Choir: The Show Choir is still in need of atlas 3 boys for Showcats Mixed Show Choir, and 2 girls for So...
COMMUNITY: Show Choir truck leaves for West Virginia tomorrow. Drop off supplies for flood victims at Hull Street Walmart today!
26th all choir concert . 31st show choir fundraising concert 5$ Everyone should come
You better come on through with that show choir hair up do, 🙌🏾😂
"Making the Scene" SHS Concert Choir show tomorrow, Tuesday 7:00 pm SHS Auditorium. Come see some amazing talent.
it's final your now a alumni of show choir and I'm now taking over as a senior...I love you so much ht…
It was a nice treat to listen to the High school show choir today! The kids really enjoyed it!.
I'm so sad that I can't see my favorite show choir tonight because of senior dinner. South on Stage I love you and all of y'…
There's a bunch of show choir people dancing in the commons before auditions and it's great entertainment while waiting for a ride
Hey our local supporters, want to do something fun AND help Elite Energy raise scholarship funds for performers?... https:…
Come to our choir & band concert, and art show on Wednesday St!
I re-watched all of show choir's performances and I'm crying
RCMS choir returned from San Antonio with superior ratings, Treble- runner up in class; Show- outstanding in class.
Everyone should come to the show choir concert tonight. It's starts at 7:10ish. It's gonna be great but really saddd❤️😭
Here's to the last show choir concert, it's been a good year❤️❤️
Ready for my 2nd year of show choir ✌️
Go SHHS Choir!!! Such a fun visit to SHI to show our Trojan pride!
Go to show tomorrow morning in the choir room, or I will find you.
Evolution Show Choir year 3! Along with Concert choir and a TA for mixed choir. Pretty excited for my senior year🎤💕
Show choir auditions are today and I'm not at them.
Show Choir makin' friends at Westwood today. Thanks Wildcats for having us out!
The queen of all things show choir made the front Page ❤️
our choir is performing on Thursday at Devon county show
I'm going into my show choir audition at 4:10. . With only sight reading.
Come to the show choir concert tonight it's gone b litt
"Who supports the idea of an Va Show Choir alumni page?"
5th Annual DVSS Choir Rock Show at the Kaleidoscope Theatre, Monday May 16th and Tuesday May 17th at 7:30pm.
omg that show choir picture. Love you so much Jew thank you💕
I love every song for show choir. My senior year will be one year I won't forget.
Performing our show choir shows for the last times this week. *enters feels*
Choir wasnt what I planned to do in high school but it became a second home to me. Love you guys. Last pop show:,(
Watching previous years of show choir. ❤ . Seriously going to miss it next year .
Europe's longest-running LGBT choir the for new London show:
Everyone go to the Last Hurrah tomorrow at south for performances from both jazz and show choir at 7:30 $5 a person!❤️…
God is as determined as a falling stone—which I think is to show how many myth elements from Antiquity can, with a choir:
Ike show choir was totally funky today
Our show is at the Little Theater. 4pm & 7pm Tickets go on sale in C2 $7 pre sale $10 at the door THIS SATURDAY 5/21
my last high school choir show is TOMORROW !!! and Tuesday!!! give us a listen for only $3 :))
Come out to MS tonight @ 730 to see your fav jazz choir, soloists & show choirs. For $5 you can see awesome performances &…
literally any day except Thursday cuz I won't have choir then. Come to our show on Friday or Saturday
Check out the latest press release on for the Canadian premiere of Show Choir! with
Too yucky for yard work. It's a WonTon burger kind of day. Oh, and the Show Choir meat raffle from 4-5!🍗
Show Choir performed at the Founders Day Celebration in Old Town Helena today. Awesome group!
Congrats to the Show Choir and Mr. Ordoñez. Bringing home gold from Orlando. https:/…
I really wanna do show choir again next year ! :(
it's decided. I will be singing Crazy Frog by Axel F for my show choir audition
.women wud have a GOOD THING GOING if you would listen to our choir and R/T pls - show your mum.
Man I can't wait for Show Choir next year!! 😄😄 oh wait.
it's a name a used my freshman year for show choir and I used it for everything lmao
Plot twist: the show choir audition song is Wonderwall
22 kids came to our first rehearsal of the HIGH VOLTAGE Youth Show Choir!
Come watch the game and help raise money for Tupelo High Show Choir!
That's what I call a show choir, a hallmark of entertainment churches in this country.
A good shot of the ghost and his choir ! Cheers , to what sounded like the perfect show 🍷❤️
Show choir auditions are in a few weeks and I want to cry
What do you mean I'm not trying out for show choir again 😭😭😭
I just realized I never got to see this show choir season and I'm so sad now😩
Update: I'm sobbing thank you so much I'm so thankful for everything show choir has given me
I had a show choir dream where the theme was Star Wars.
artissimo passing dzair show which was held at the Ibn Zaydún room (Algeria) 🇭️
Glee is so far-fetched like what school in a small town in Ohio would fund a show choir 😿
Hey Oviedo-ish peeps! Come to show choir show THIS Thursday and/or Friday at 7pm at OHS for an amazing show with amazing performers! ❤🎶🌸
I honestly couldnt of gotten through my first year of high school without show choir tbh
"I trade sweat for strength. . I trade doubt for belief. . And I trade show choir for nothing."
Make sure to show this flyer when you get chipotle tonight!! 5-8!!
Did u see article that appeared in The Recorder? Read online here and check out the organization:
THERE'S NOTHING IRONIC ABOUT SHOW CHOIR. [yes I am re-watching glee❤️]
To all the kids auditioning for Show Choir this week... BREAK A LEG! You've got this!
Plz wish me luck that I make show choir callbacks for next year. It means a lot! I will find out in 3 hrs. I bombed my audition so idk
You know it's a rough day when I had to put on my playlist just to make it to 5 pm. Show choir for life 🤘🏻
Tonight we will have our MS & HS Band/Choir Swing Show! It will start at 7:00 in our HS Auditorium. Hope to see you all th…
CHS choir talent show is tonight at the middle school at 7pm. Tickets will be sold at the door. CW
"I'm really missing competitions right now! Show choir next year will be lit 😊"
the whole mormon tabernacle choir is based on a lie from The Donnie and Marie Show
Going to murder someone because my best friend didn't make show choir even tho she has the best voice I've ever heard?!?!?
Shumayela does “Grease” with this great number from March 19th’s On With the Show.
I forgot the show choir banquet was formal for the last 2 years. Should I continue my tradition of not dressing up?
Saturday night, I got to watch my cousin and best friend perform with her show choir for the…
Congratulations to our Cantabile Show Choir for winning 4th place at the Los Alamitos HS "Xtravaganza" Show Choir...
Auditions for Show Choir and Chamber Choir are on Tuesday and Wednesday!!! Try out if you can move limbs and talk!!!
Show Choir 1st place. Westridge's Show Choir won 1st place at the Omaha North Invitational!. Best vocals and...
Support to get to show that you value them more than he does
Just bought single...brilliant! Let's get it to no.1 and show how much the means to us Brits!
Very proud of students from the choir for giving it their all at the Christmas show. https:/…
I don't have nearly enough focus for this show choir arrangement rn
Give the NHS a Christmas present this year- show the people who care for you that you care for them.
"rewatching" just sit around a candle and do some chants to the show choir gods. You'll be fine.
Brilliant show Check the link to download their Christmas recordings:
is an excellent show. Amazing the effect being part of a choir seems to have on the various people.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
haven't u seen the videos? JV captain/Allstar. How many Wins does show choir have?
Literally so pumped for show choir. T-minus 24 days till our first competition 😱😍❤️
Show your support by getting the NHS Choir song and making it Xmas no.1!
2015 in Review: CHS Minstrel Magic show choir earned 8th place at the State finals
Local show choir auditioning for America's Got Talent
Let's get to number one this Christmas! Show the world how much we love our NHS!
I expect to see you guys at the first show choir competition of this season January 9th in Gretna @ noon
Download now + show support This beautiful song from is our collective voice for NHS + free healthcare!
When show choir season is over what should I do with my hair? 🤔
Are you sat watching Do you Go show your support&appreciation go buy
Hoping gets to No.1 this Xmas - great way to show support for the NHS & all proceeds go to charity!
'I want to show how proud I am of the health service by getting our song to No 1'
FRIS Show Choir nailed it at the Dickens Festival this morning! GREAT…
GHS Show Choir performing at the Wesleyan Nursing Home Veteran's Day celebration.
Show Choir is selling Nelsons Chicken prior to this Friday's Homecoming Game against Lake Central.
Somehow any & everything and I do circles around either show choir or pageants!
I never realized that "find my way" was in the beginning of the proposal. I miss show choir ):
Anna Calvi and choir, from tonight's amazing show.
I'm so happy for the people that convinced me to try out for show choir. I'm SO excited for this year! 😎
Three former band kids and a show choir kid who are now three engineering majors and a physics major played racketball. It went well.
these 4 Hillcrest High seniors enjoying their last World of Color Show as part of Choir! Cool pics
Less than a week left for the Show Choir fundraiser! How many books have you sold??
Your favorite show choir has a new website! Check us out at
If your music isn't stuck in your head when you get home from show choir, did you even show choir?
Is it just me or does anyone else count constantly after they get out of show choir rehearsal?
School, cheering, show choir is what it is for the next year
Show Choir hard at work the weekend before school starts!
Incredibly proud of the choir for our first fringe show yesterday. It's days like that when I realise how much I love my job!
So only 5 ppl outta the youth choir show up today and a di 5 wa can barely sing I'm disappointed
I know show choir isn't a sport but we work just as hard as all the sports teams..
so I went about as close to silver as show choir will allow
regram is one of our amazing clinicians for the Show In Choir Spectacular and we are lovin…
available on iTunes! Please show some love and download. The choir and I have worked *** this. Thanks everyone x http:/…
literally lost 4lbs this weekend alone. Welcome back to show choir 💀😂
Tickets for Read's Warblers SHOW Choir on Fri 11 Sept are almost sold out! Make sure to reserve yours for Sat 12 Sept to avoid missing out!
I just wrote about show choir for an English paper and now I feel all happy☺️
choir were fantastic today at our show. Thank you all for your support
hi Bobby, I'm in a Show Choir in Woking, I support Woking Hospice&Sam Bears, have been to all the galas.
-- In high schools across America, show choir season is starting back up. Choirs are learning...
That ladies' choir performance from MIA. Fantastic. What a good show they pulled off.
Yooo everyone come to Dairy Queen in cville on Tuesday this next week and support the dynamic expression show choir!!!
Brill day at s'port flower show. Rain went off and Rockies sang our hearts out. Great responses. Well done to Merseyside rock choir.
THANKS DI! I miss you seeing you at show choir and school so much. 💔
The Northern Lights Show choir is having a car wash at Premier Bank on the corner of White Bear avenue and Beam today from 1230-5! It's $5!
Aric is wearing a black suede suit jacket from high school show choir . and flip flops
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
"Our hearts go out to Mac County R&R who lost a wonderful member of their show choir today! We are so sorry for your los…
That moment you have such good choreo that you just made up in your head but you're not in choir to show it off 😐😬.. 😕
Show choir problem having to help someone with their costume changes while they simultaneously help you with yours.
The thing I miss about show choir already is when we played Shots after every competition
Nobody is at the pool so I've been watching show choir videos for a solid hour now
I do show choir because the first time in sang in my church choir, 200 people changed their religions.
When your only friends are in show choir but your pretty sure you hate them all anyway
When you walk into show choir practice and realize it's the best and worst decision of you life
Cckss choir did great todayy. Thanks for the great show!
the moment they announced "The show choir of the year 2015 is.REGENT" i jumped & cried omfffggg
When show choir is the most savage group at your school and everybody knows it.
CHS Show Choir auditions will be held @ Corinth High School Academic and Performing Arts Center on August 11. @ 4:30 pm in the Chorus room.
So I had this dream the other night that I was back in high school sitting in my Show Choir class.
Choir and dance practice for China talent show today 😐😂
Tune into BBC1 tonight at 8pm to catch Daniel and The Manchester Show Choir on Don't Tell The Bride!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Forcibly inspiring myself in order to meet the daily challenges of being a show choir director
Honestly I just got a little emotional thinking about show choir 😯😟
It is 2:40 in the morning and I am watching show choir videos. I am way to excited for my 3rd year at SCA.
Our show has finally been posted to YouTube! Show Choir Nationals 2015! 💎
today was my sister's first practice and she said it was a difficult first day WELCOME TO SHOW CHOIR
remember when I said tony was in love w Emma during show choir... Oh ya me too
all of the show choir people probably know what I was tempted to do when I saw this
Show choir and a great night with my favorite humans
So proud of our first show choir camp! Amazing talent from our campers and counselors! htt…
Show choir camp was a success! Already looking forward to next year!
Sing it! Dance it! La Cueva 2015 show choir camp🎤Thanks to our amazing talented counselors, campers and Ms. Amend! htt…
I wanna be in a show again so bad. I miss theatre, performing, anything really... Getting excited for next year's shows :)
happy almost late birthday Kenzie! I'm really excited for mads and show choir this year, I hope we can become good friends!😊
Linds. .just saw the show. .u have a gr8 fam..but when u came on..I heard an angelic choir..even with no make up. u kill it
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the trap queen of show choir lol ILY DONT PARTY TOO HARD 🎉🎉🎉🎉   10% Off
One of my assistant show choir directors is VERY excited for Jason Robert Brown riding in her car tomorrow.
I miss art and show choir and the band trip and seeing the people I love and doing the things I love 😐
2014 show choir really crossed that line really went the distance they could go man if I had been in that show thats who I'd be
Reason she's in show choir everyone.
has a hot women's show and we want you! Limited spaces available for term 3, so sign-up now!
i have a playlist of my show choir songs &I'm listening to them atm y?
“Show choir got me feelin' some kinda way.” mostly sore
Show choir got me feelin' some kinda way.
I miss show choir camp so much, send help
Did laundry today. 12 out of the 14 tshirts I folded were from band or show choir.
Definitely applies to marching band and show choir...
Miss singing on top of the world with my show choir fam
So glad I decided to sing in the Voices of Hope choir. The show tonight went great and we still have…
Anyone have a copy of dekalb's show choir show from this year?
that was an amazing show. Glad I got to see it in person. Chills with the choir and orchestra. Simply amazing.
All purpose parts banner
Beat the Champions show on Fox. Running around this makeshift football field with a 30 person choir trying to defend him.
I was just talking about the other day, but this show is turrible. What does a choir have to do with football?
When you get serenaded by Harmony Show Choir boys!! 😍
Multi-voice choir chants to clear the skies for Barr Brothers Jazz Fest show
The happiness I have for choir is forever gonna be in my heart.☺️💜💜 Senior year last year of doing show choir.. 😥💔
And why am I watching a show with Gronk being covered in the end zone by 50 members of a choir?
Oh my god, I didn't change the channel after the soccer game and this game show is insane. There's Gronk, big foam hands, a black choir...?
Completely surprised Fox is allowed to even show this minister and his choir on Beat the Champs right now.
I need to turn in so much stuff for show choir 😳😂
remember when glee covered bohemian rhapsody and set it to a montage of Quinn going into labour and giving birth and a show…
could you imagine if someone had listened to that entire show? Seinfeld would look like a choir boy with all the Gawker
Lol I haven't talked to ppl in my show choir since our final spring performance in 08 lol. 😆😆😆
I thought the Ferguson Mayor would be a lot older. He just looks like every show choir guy from my ten year high school reunion picture.
Can it just be show choir season please?
We need a good show choir director at Poca. Any takers? I just don't want the program to get run in the ground. It is sad.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
High Hopes Choir on is a powerful show.can't believe I never heard about it first time round!
Arguing with a complete stranger about whether or not show choir is a sport.
Watching repeats of high hopes choir huge respect to and for giving there time!! Amazing show!!
Excited to see a broadway show tonight but also would have rly liked to see the hs choir concert like I just genuinely like choir ok??
Nothing better than a shower after 9 hours of show choir camp 😋🚿
I just gave up green valley for show choir... sorry Jesus. don't hate me:/
So cool! I went to NYC with my show choir and we performed at Carnegie Hall! It was the best trip ever!
*taking my drivers Ed test with music playing. *hears show choir song. *refrains from breaking into dance
Working the Global Petroleum Show - looking like some choir singing church boys lol
After practically 4 years of show choir and 15+ of musical theater I can tell someone's a dancer from the way they sit down on a bus.
Come on out to the Rocky Show this morning and support our P-2 Choir. We are performing two songs and will be on...
I told my gma i made it into show choir n she's buying me red velvet cheesecake n pasta
Part of Div II choir joins the in song during their visit. Great show by choirs & band
it's weird that show choir people ONLY hang out with show choir people 😅😁
unpacked my stuff from Colorado just to have to pack again for St Louis & show choir camp bc Ill be home for like 12 hours in between trips
I wish I could just stay at Crete for show choir
What do you think is the most difficult sport? — Show Choir lol
shall we stage our own show choir version!!! Lol!!! X
I'm pretty psyched to finally see the Harmony Show Choir preform in a few weeks!
do you guys know if anyone filled the show choir performance for the spring concert? It was really good!
Someone tell Drinkall that show choir needs to perform at the Corn Palace in South Dakota!
last show choir performance tonight and there's a good chance I'm gonna break down on stage
I hate when peoples tbh state the obvious like "tbh you're In dance and show choir" like oh really I thought I was in lacross and tennis
The Tenors and members of Gotham Rock Choir after the Today show!
Being at Benson makes glad I never have to do show choir again 😂
Everybody should come see Aida and also teen choir perform before the show! ! I got a little solo and I'm very excited!…
How you gon play a *** sex, a murder and a church choir singing scene at the same time 💀 this show not koo 😂
Happy birthday to my favorite dance partner ever 💃 thanks for being my show choir obsessed partner in crime! 😊
Show choir probs, slipping on butt sweat after taking a break.
Hey Want to see more of Rampage Show Choir? Check out a performance with our full group here!
Hi All! Show Choir lists are posted on our website and mobile app. Congrats to all!!!
🐘🍦 I hope that this year we can become closer! I loved watching you improve this year in show choir! 😎
❤️🌷❤️ you're a very talented singer and dancer and your sass is boundless 😂 I'm excited to see what you do next year in sh…
The Indy Adult Show Choir is hosting an Origami Owl Fundraiser to help cover expenses!. 50% PROFIT will be donated...
Lessons , sea games then show choir woahhh
Listening to my music for UNL show choir camp! So excited! the trumpet in my opener is hot! ;)
I had a dream about show choir last night👌
remember our presentation in show choir first lesson I was about to pee myself not even kidding
you're doing it alone oh my god but in English right?but show choir is such a good topic? What topics do the others have?
Lunchtime concert 13.05h today Chapel, with TL Show Choir and Rutgers University Glee Club visiting from U…
Is today really the end of my show choir life? I'm not emotionally ready for this guys 😓
funny kouns i thought we were ALL wearing our carmel choir shirts but the show choir ones are lookin real nice ;-)
My first, last concert is today. Chamber Choir, Wind, Flute, and Percussion Ensembles. 1:00 (free) and 7:00 ($5). It'll be a fantastic show!
Congratulations to all show choir participants! It's going to be quite a strong year! For both Ignition and Choralation!
Come out to Fired Up Pizza anytime today to support WAHS's show choir, the Doo-WAHS!
Good luck to everyone that tried out for show choir!🎉☺️
A choir of men sing Leonard Cohen in tonight. Please tell a friend!
These are the DCHS Show Choir quilts I made for this year's seniors! Great group of kiddos who I will sincerely...
u should b wanting more SHOW CHOIR SHIRTS since u cant seem to remember 2 wear it when ur supposed to LOL
tonight is season finale of our show Working on Tim to be home by 8:00! No choir but visit to mom!
My sister just asked me if I auditioned for show choir... Are you kidding me? 😒
Nobody hates show choir kids more than show choir kids
Choir's Spring Show was a Disney themed and dynamic treat! Dulles has great talent and a great director http…
Today's the day to make history last show choir concert of this year
Just want to sing? Then is for you! No auditions - just songs, show tunes and laughter!
We have a choir pop show on friday and people are gonna see me dance with other people oh god why
2015 show choir banquet! Thank you to Joseph Kincaid for the last three years!
My neck and back have been hurting a lot recently and I don't know how I'm going to do my show choir auditions today :(
Broadway themed show choir concert. Me and senior buddy as Velma and Roxie.
Great show/service on Sunday! choir ROCKS! I live in the middle of oil country! Elk City OK! Can see Russia too!
TUT Choir Mini Concert and Comedy Show taking place TODAY at PTA West campus!
Today is gonna be so good. Singing lesson, choir, lunch, seeing a show, gym, dinner, reading. :)
Good luck to the QE Rock Choir for their sell out show with Russell Watson at The Civic Theatre tonight
The Choir Master Rickey Dillard will join Pastor Donnie on the show at 5am on Praise 1300!! This is gonna be a...
I want to show my old choir teacher 😪☺️
The Variety Show is going great so far!! I miss doing tech for choir
Heard from Show choir peeps that you got into an accident, they were talking about it at CE... GET WELL SOON !!!
the way I feel about our show choir set in one emoji: 😕
a huge shout out to all LO choir people! y'all did an awesome job. thanks for all the hard work you put into putting on a hella awesome show
Really wanna go to Playboicarti's show but choir concert needs pics taken of ):
I wish I could go see my choir babies preform their last show 😩😔
Props to everyone in the choir concert, that was a great show!
Show choir literally made me cry tonight! Music helps you to see the most important things in life. I love show choir ! 💕🎶
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