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Short Film

A short film is any film not long enough to be considered a feature film.

Sacred Economics Charles Eisenstein Naruto Shippuden Nick Moss Erik Madigan Heck Leeroy Jenkins

Haneri ~ A Short Film on Mental Health in the Punjabi Community. Watch the full film: .
Short Film. Simone Missick is a Young Woman Learning to Love Her Natural Hair in 'The Big ...…
Here is the lineup for the DRAFT Fest in Derry, NH. Charlie & Poppy, A Short Film by Jennifer Potts is screening...
Adorable and hoping it wins an Oscar tonight. "Piper" Short Film by Disney Pixar
Writer, Producer and Best Actress, Short Film this year Tisca Chopra finale walk last night at…
Check out, A Walking with Dinosaurs special-Ballad of the Big Al saw Allosaurus and the Ostrich at 2001 Short Film.
HUMONGOUS CONRATULATORY HUGS for Alexander Jeffery, Paul Petersen and the cast and crew of Memoir: A Short Film...
Take a look at the great pitch video Jack Varuso of Film and Frames made for Alienation - A Short Film by C. W. Joh…
Fancy submitting your own short film to this year's Short Film competition? Find out more... https:…
If you are a D. Johnston fan, this is a must see-->> Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? (Short Film- 2015)…
Jordão Ranshaw wrote on Film Industry Network's wall: Location needed for Short Film in Surrey. Hi guys…
I just backed Bounce | A Short Film on being made by my lovely littles Delta Kappa Alpha Rho Emerson!
Submit yr Short Film & get showcased at FEEDBACK Film Fest. Submit yr screenplay for performance/feedback: http…
Short Film of the Day: The Key to Reserva, Directed by Martin Scorsese:
I added a video to a playlist 'Link' | Short Film | Fantasy | Outer Rim Productions | for Z-Fest
Our fantastic MIA DUPREE can be seen in the charming Short Film 'The Nest Egg'.
I'm happy to finally present my Short Film "Thank you for 50 followers
It's time for Frightening *** Film Fest 666! Join us at 11:00am for our Shocking *** Short Film block including...
I added a video to a playlist Leeroy Jenkins: Reimagined as a Short Film
I added a video to a playlist Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with
I just submitted "Pirouette" to Mecal 18th Festival International of Short Film and Animation of Barcelona via
everyone needs for see this beautiful work of visual art. 5 STAGES OF GRIEF | Short Film by: Marcus Johns
Code 8 - Short Film by Jeff Chan with VFX by
I added a video to a playlist Ayala Museum Visit and Shooting for a Short Film
Zhu Releases Trailer for Short Film to Come this Summer [WATCH]: One of dance music's most in-demand acts...
Wes Anderson’s ‘Bottle Rocket’ Short Film: Watch the 13 minute clip that launched his career https:/…
UPDATED Casting and Crew Call for Short Film “Legion of the Enlightened” [Two Rivers Park,…
I added a video to a playlist Late Bloomer - Short Film - Sundance Film Festival
The 2016 BFI London Film Festival deadline for Short Film entries is Friday 10th June. Get your application in to...
Only 1 week left to show your support for Roger- A Short Film. Pledge, like and share 👍🏻 link in…
I liked a video Naruto Shippuden: Dance of War - Short Film (Turn On Subtitles)
Check out Grim Job, an original short film by myself and
In honor of Earth Day, I present you the most beautiful short film and song ever made.
Wow! It will be interesting to see this fantastic sci-fi short story, set in English punk rock era, become a film!
She's been in 4 of the movies, had a short film, 2 seasons of a series, and she just died in Civil War. Is that not enough?
I liked a video from RED BAG trailer (short film)
Fun photos from a short film I did A Girl and Her Zombie.
It had all the right elements to be a decent film but fell short. I HATE some of the generalizations and depictions
Table read and make-up test scheduled for next short film. Rolling rolling rolling, keep those movies rolling.
Get the tissues before watching Apple's short film about a nonverbal teen with
Its been such a long week, but its been good. Made good progress on our commercial Play and I filmed a short film
Film screening! Students will present short videos & essays about their experiences as multilingual learners in audito…
Our short film THE MEEK is in the Dendy Awards at the Sydney Film Festival.
we're currently fundraising for a called Black if help on this we'll return the favour
Inside Look at The Story Board for Victimized short film .
Hi, Writing to investors as I take the reigns of a short film in less than 3 weeks, flying out of the country on the 23rd!
PAID AUS CASTING: Five actors required for voice overs in short animated film in VIC
Watch out for BTS V's new short film "Flavor" along with CLC Seung-Hee coming soon on DramaFever! https…
will showcase independent feature and short length films from May 13-15!
The fine folks at PranaLens made this short film about surfing Lake the…
Please watch this short film if you have 5 min.
Working on a new short film. Watch this space.
Very cool, brief read on the history of short Black U.S. independent film:
Short documentary I shot 4 Emily Phelan(dir.)about in 17/05 http…
Our latest short film 'Lifeline' directed by Please watch, vote & share https…
If y'all aren't busy, come watch my short film and many others to show some love! 💖
Help us out by watching and voting for our short film!
Our short film has been reviewed by Check it out!
People confess their secrets to loved ones in heartwarming video
I have already seen it and it's a very nice addition, lot's of fun. Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival will open...
If you're an actress dm me! Looking for an actress for a short film!
Hamilton Collection
I gonna make a short film documenting san juan life
I think I'm going to try and make a little short film about my disease and post it for World IBD Day next week.
NEW we are thrilled to share. Thanks, Kirk! via Read 🎬
Breach (2016) is a short action film created by Smiling Pig Productions in association with Waterbridge Creative...
Watch “City of Manchester.1973.(A Short Film with Richard Beckinsale & Paula Wilcox.)” on
Hey there! Would you like to win £5000? Make a short film on Migration and submit at
If I wanted to use a Capitol Records song in my indie short film, how would I go about being allowed?
One of my favorite scenes from my 2015 surreal short film "McClintock" thanks to IG's new update…
Wait no longer fellow Doomers! Behold the magnificence of the short film VOM-POCKET! Watch it now.
What can happen when our Life Purpose extends beyond ourselves.
just saw the story about your film - looks awesome. I'm hoping to do a short film with the Cara crew very soon.
While I wanted more, I'm just grateful that Agent Carter existed. Amazing that it developed out of a short film that was a blu-ray extra.
Great short are you looking for music for your
Pj will be showing his new short film "Hair and Brimstone" to those attending his regular show!
Props to for his Production Design on my latest short film HIT TV --
Short film trailer of our work in healthcare organisation, workforce and Quality research group
If you're writing a short screenplay:
Bangla short film 'prescription by A M Milon: via
Love African American Short Films - Always quality content. Even though the lady speaking in this short…
Charles and Murrey. My silly first short film from film class last semester.
Got a first in my Short Film for university. I'm a very proud producer right now.
Happy to say that the short I scored, 'April's Way', will be screening in the short film corner at Cannes this year! C…
Short Film : Vote for a cause. Lets Vote!. Directed by Madhan Doss.
& Huma to Star in a Short Film,Directed by Habib Faisal. ht…
SLIPPERY SLOPE - (A Short Film). Kevin must find a way of getting on top of ...
Globalising Aotearoa: A Short Film about Activist Opposition to the TPP in New Zealand Why TTIP is bad for us.
I made it on the news with some footage from Freedom Fighters - Short Film. Listen to Wade Patterson and Brian...
It is a proud moment. Our short film, 8:15 PM - A Short Film was screened at Jadavpur University in Chayanat,...
Brand new on Can't/Won't - Short Film by Clea DeCrane and Molly-Margaret Johnson
Check out 5,4,3,2,1: A Short Film. Director: Jesse Michaels by jesse michaels on
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Registration for the International Festival of Short Film and Videoclips is open. Deadline: April 22.
Submit your Short Film to the Festival: Short Film Showcased at the November 2016 FEEDBACK Film Festival. FAMILY...
Hi folks. So we are into our last 10 days of our campaign. Check out "An Irish Story - Short Film" on Indiegogo
Ireland win for Short Film. Ben Cleary:"Every day is a proud day to be Irish but today even more so. Sláinte" https:/…
SJ Cooper to Shiny Chris and Why Live took home the Bronze award in Documentary and Short Film at this festival.
I added a video to a playlist Dinner For Deux - A Short Film with Dane Reynolds & Craig Anderson
"Man is free when he wishes to be" Taandav - Manoj Bajpayee featured Short Film via
I just voted in the Short Film, Digital Art and Photography Competition for World Encephalitis Day.
Sabrina Culver Wins Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film ... at the Milan International Film Festival (2015)
An article in the Indie Scene Magazine about Doris - Short Film in the Boston Latino International Film...
"Winning an International Film Festival Manhattan New York City 2015 Best Actor for Short Film has changed my...
COMING HOME. (Based on an existing online viral story) . Short Film by Mich Liggayu. Produced by: Bo Sanchez
I am now certain. This song is the score for a five-and-a-half-minute Short Film depicting a car chase in...
Doris - Short Film is Official Selection of Boston Latino International Film Festival! It will screen on...
Short Film nominee Connor Long,Sundance,Weiner-Dog world-premiere,he acted opposite Kieran Culkin,2 time YAA-nominee
Visual Art and Short Film!!!. We are still accepting applications for Visual Arts and Short Films until Monday 8th February 2016!!
I liked a video from Yawn of the Dead | Short Film (2016)
‘LAURA’ | Short Film for 3' Scene - Opera de Paris: Laura is a young dancer from the Paris Opera Ballet who wo...
I just submitted "Cities With A Heart" to Mecal 18th Festival International of Short Film an via
I'm so happy these people exist. I want to nominate this for an Academy Award for Short Film.
KINOFILM Short Film and Animation Festival,13th edition, new festival dates 22nd - 28th Feb 2016. Films to be confirmed and a…
I just liked "THE ENEMY A Short Film by Erik Madigan Heck" on
Tyrese Gibson on the Challenges and Joys of Writing a Short Film
Short film at the Japanese Gardens in Hermann Park - 'The School Of Life' (Short Film) . .
I added a video to a playlist Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film
Official Selection of 8:15 PM - A Short Film at the Rising International Short Film Festival, 2015. Screening is...
Good luck to Short Film makers David Lyon and Ed Edwards category judged by Steve
I added a video to a playlist 21 Icons : Lucas Sithole : Short Film
Best Dutch animation director (and proud blenderhead) wins Short Film award on For CONGRATS!
"Dreaming of Peggy Lee" - A Short Film by Director James Everett - htt…
a short film on Women Safety. . Watch "reAction - A Short Film by Sushil Suthar K" on YouTube -
Watch the Short Film 'Marc Jacobs,' Which Has Nothing to Do with Fashion via
(Short Film) Teaser Trailer take a look please. Script just won Best Short at
Andrew Scott will star in a new Short Film called The Hope Rooms. More info:
A video that match street art and urban world. Short Film realize by Andrè Saraiva about the tatoo world!
WATCH MY NEW HD Short Film based on Dahi Handi celebration in Mumbai.
>PLS WATCH Short Film--Remove the Dams to Save the Salmon via
The Royal Flush (Best Short Film of the Year Awards 2012 - Entry via
. Ihave a small request I want to see sanaya with Barun sobti in a new drama or action short film I have no probl…
Watch our short film showcasing our work over the past year
9/10, 7:30, Community Center, the short film "The Computers," "…6 women who programmed the ENIAC…" Free.
my friend has gone to uni to do film making, she also made a short film on Youtube with actors etc called "Dear Audrey"
Watch: In 1939 US filmmaker Julien Bryan documented German invasion of in his short film Siege.
Developing an ambitious short? Short film co-production forum Euro Connections 2016 is now open for applications!
These Stunning Images Show the Beauty of Black America in the Place You'd Least Expect by via
Editing a short film based on my own script, wondering who wrote all this unnecessary dialogue.
Poster artwork for my horror comedy KEEN-wah has landed! Check out
Sincere Thanks to MANORAMA ONLINE for sharing our Short film 'Dharavi'. :)
Happy Thursday all! This week we're throwing back to 2010 with 'Yeknom', an experimental, Avant-Garde short film!
PCTI CLASS OF 2015 watch this short film on some moments & laughs we shared our senior year filmed by Lance Domingo💙🐶
Iceland Ring Road 2015- Please go take the time to watch a short film I made of my family's trip to Iceland.
Camera Operator for short film at Particle Productions, London: Intermittent work over...
PROXYACT brings a new Short-Film Screening to Bethnal Green. Join us this Sunday the 6th of September at St...
This beautiful short film inspired me to write the last song on the Panic Bird Album - "The Map".…
"Our new Short Term Film is coming soon! link:Please Thumbs up an..."
Check out this hilarious short film, created by young carers who attend & in Westminster:
Beautiful short film about stars, curiosity, the cosmos, & Carl Sagan:
12 Days in video picked for short film showcase via
invite you to see our first animated short film We hope you like it!!!
I want writers to expand on the idea of in-between moments for our new short film -- http:/…
RIGHT? HE STILL IS TO ME THE MOST IDEAL 😢 (also i forgot how short his appearance is in the film i am destroyed all over again)
Short filmmakers, if you were selected to LFF, that makes you eligible for the BIFAS. Make sure to submit your film befor…
We've finished making a short film with some of our young people to help celebrate Taff's 40th Anniversary.
In need of a film composer for a short film I'm working on. Unpaid. Please let me know if you are up for it.
I really liked this Malayalam short film good job
In our discusses her role in Squidge, screening this Sunday https:/…
I personally believe the film turns out better when shot in one short schedule, plus it doesn't stress the actors -
Hi everyone, I’m pleased to share with you a short film from the series “ Solo session” directed by Ben Viaperalta...
short film, sincere effort. Please help promote and share.
If interested, check out short film on & his cardboard cutouts
Just a quick review of The Talented Mr Ripley, an odd little film.
My boy is directing his first short film! Check out the link and show some support!
| Photography and Short Film Competition, Jury: ERNANDA PUTRA and NOVIN RAYA WIBOWO on October 3rd 2015
toryburch D is for Dianna Agron. We enlisted the actress to direct a short film featuring Tory’s new Paris Col…
You can write one line (or a whole bunch) for this new short film we're working on -
Marko Roth’s ‘12 Days in Oman’ video picked for National Geographic’s short film showcase.
Yeah a short film I directed last year! :) have a look - X
Explore the Wonders of the Universe with “Star Stuff,” a Short Film Based on the Life of Carl ..
I noticed that too especially when I went to a short film exhibition in shoreditch
Putting some lovely art in the world today short film!Very uplifting short about an uplifting lady!
Loving using math for my new abstract pixel-art animated short film "Begone Dull Care 2015", thanks for the inspiration!
Help make it happen for 'The Passage - A Short Horror Film' via
September is here! Don't forget to submit your entry before the end of the month!
Got a new idea for a short film. This one will be comedic so worry not about crying. XD
excited to see short film Broken Glass!
Hello, my short CHiller Film is online at a voting system for short films. If you have a spare 15 mi…
Short film opportunity for two male actors xoxo
Short Cuts: Angel investor Cameron Huang optimistic after Holding The Man's bright opening and more news from…
Want to know more about Watch this short film about the Al Noor Fragile Vision project
My friends and Casey have made a short film about my space at
and have announced a new Short Film commission for the 2016 festival - check it out
Help make it happen for 1916 Souls of Freedom, Short Film, Easter Rising on
Help make it happen for 'Short Film - Columbus and the New World' via
WooHOO!!! Thank you Matemotja Angela for the nomination! The Co-Star, a Short Film is THRILLED to be included...
Short Film - Allu Arjun, Sukumar 1yr since this video! Very touching!
I helped shoot this, leave a comment and let me know what you think!. BREAK IN - Short Film
Attic Entity as featured in Digital Filmmaker April 2015 - Short Film [HD]
Brand new on Confessions of a Beatlemaniac! Short Film by Dee Elias
Hi this film has been shortlisted for the Fareham Arts Festival - Fareham Shorts Int'l Short Film competition
Women’s Safety begins at home (Short Film on the issue of Gender Based Violence)
A new indiegogo project: Tue Jul 07 '15 Announcement from Short Film: 'The HooDoo of Sweet Mama Rosa'
Michael Shanks' interesting and fun film, Time Trap, is our Short Film of the Week:.
Breaking Fate Entertainment's LGBT Short Film "Ring of Love" will show at the 2015 Prairie State Film Festival on...
June is so freaking busy. Going to Cabo San Lucas, Directing my Short Film for 6 days. I don't even have time for friends :(
Entries to Short Film, Photography, Nollywood & Documentary competitions are now open:
I added a video to a playlist Die Antwoord - Umshini Wam (A Short Film)
Delighted to say Brothers - Short Film filmed with local actors in Australia is finished editing in Los Angeles.
Congrats dear uncle nominee of Best Editing of a Short Film 2015 Cleaning the Fish
Worst Spring Break Ever | A Short Film... be ready to watch it on Friday :)
My boy James Shippy wrote a film that was just accepted to the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film corner,...
Congratulations to SKUNK, which won the BIFF 2015 Grand Jury prize! . The film is now eligible for the Short Film...
.new film “World of Tomorrow”, Jury Prize for Short Film at the Sundance Film Fest., on VOD 03.31
I highly recommend that you check out Mr Happy by Colin Tilley | Short Film via
SILLY AWESOME Visuals in the Sci-fi Short Film: The Leviathan: submitted by syl3r [link] [1 comment]
DETROIT SWITCH BACK TO CITY. Short Film directed by Erik Madigan Heck and styled by Lester Garcia, showcased at...
ROCKS THAT BLEED - Short Film - Bertie Gilbert please please please watch this. I'm laying on my bed crying
why have i just seen this now ROCKS THAT BLEED - Short Film - Bertie Gilbert
ROCKS THAT BLEED - Short Film - Bertie Gilbert this is literally so good like I feared up omg
I liked a video from Short Film: FATHOM (Thriller) Slender Man
Inspirational short video from Champlain College student --- One Compliment (Inspirational Short Film): via
Breast Cancer Awareness
Krystal and Seo Jun Young Co-Star in Short Film: f(x)’s Krystal and actor Seo Jun Young will be starring in th...
"Resolve" Short Film on Kashmir | Indian Security Forces brutally murdered Kashmiri students for...
I liked a video from Seafood Tester (Dramatic Short Film)
the 2014 Cinemalaya Audience Choice Award for Short Film "LOLA" is available online!
Coders and Makers are Future Creators - A Short Film on Programming -
A Short Film on Our Adventure to Heaven Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat.. ( Video By - Muhammad Ali ) For more post like our page: Northern Areas of Pakistan
Short Film: Jane LA. I really like this short, done by Max Landis, John Landis’ son. Jane, who’s maybe a little...
Short film from Berretta created for their new shotgun. Beautifully shot.
I love YG but that short film was.idk lol
While Mümine thinks about boys and school, her parents want an arranged marriage via
It's not everyday you get to score a short film. 😎
Pygmy seahorses are miniature marvels, so tiny they survive only by disappearing into world around them via
Spotted a sneaky glass in lovely short film 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' on RTÉ2 just there!
'Queen Bey gives the world an inside look at who she really is with her new short film '
very proud of Mitchell. watch this short film about him and I guarantee it'll make you happy 😊
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I want as many young people and families as possible to see this film so that they understand the consequences of such accidents on the surrounding individuals and not just themselves. This short film shows just how dangerous it is to be irresponsible behind the wheel. It doesn't only show the immediate consequences of the accident, but also the consequences for the family, the community, and the girl herself. Source -
This is a short film about the consequences that happens between the thief and the victim.
Almost finish with my short film yay!
We will be shooting our next short film next week about watch out on our Youtube channel for an update , thanks
A short film by Nabil Elderkin inspired by the words of the late Nelson Mandela, and the song 'Capture Land' by Jamaican artist Chronixx. Captureland was shot…
IT'S HERE. Our is now live. However big or small please donate to make our film possible!
Watch Allu Arjun's "I Am That Change" Short Film. Allu Arjun will be acting in a short film soon. He has planned to produce and act in a short film to be dir...
You may remember The Herd. It just screened in London and here's a fab review by
A new indiegogo project: Mon Dec 15 '14 Announcement from Paperous - Short Film
Our Creative Director Joshua Redmond put together this guide to making a short film. Lots of great pointer as he...
Here's our guide to making a short film by applying the fundamental elements of storytelling.
Carrie and Deuce's short just got a standing ovation at a film festival! When's the sequel coming out?
I liked a video Vegan Love: A Romantic Comedy Short Film about Vegan Dating
I see you watched the "Wanderers" short film. Beautiful and brilliantly made. Genius combining it to the voice of Carl Sagen
Very excited to announce I took part in a short film made by the talented telaluna. I got to dress in…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This Aeon Video exclusive uses CCTV to paint a portrait of an unidentified man’s final days.
Revisit this short film in which drops some nuggets of wisdom about good studio practise.. . ➸
Watch: What mysteries does the moon still hold?
This short film celebrates the "Pink Helmet Posse," three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding. Produced by: Kristelle Laroche and Be...
If you're a musical composer of any kind, I've got a short film for that you could score - WATCH:
Check out the new short film I wrote and directed! "Unusual Circumstances" coming 2015!
Salute to 4 the phenomenal execution of his short film . Go buy that now!
"Sneak peak of a short film I shot. 🎥
New short film dropping in 20 minutes. Be ready.
Thefts from Passengers by auto drivers - A short film by K.Srihari, ASI clues Team, Guntur Urban.
Help make it happen for IF I COULD TELL YOU - A Clyde Brothers Short Film via
Our first short film: Wasteland Encounter; a tribute to the Fallout games series from Bethesda. Il nostro primo corto: Wasteland Encounter; un tributo ai vid...
A short film about Kirk's Enterprise entitled, "Anatomy of a Starship". Shot on location at Star Trek Continues...
"The Last Days of Peter Bergmann" is haunting on a lot of levels, including in a Black Mirror kind of way:
The Root Of All (Short Film)Pt 1 Shot by short film directed by myself check it out
Love the 9 Kisses short film project in the directed by - beautifully shot and so stylish!
YG's is a hood movie tour de force:
Watch 13-year-old Jack Vinetz share his in the short film, “Sock.”.
Film a short ad for for the opportunity to receive $5,000! Check it out here:
In post on DonPablo short film been crazy. from to
Lost Disney short film, the first Christmas film by the US entertainment giant, found in Norway
This is a preview of Beretta's short film "Human Technology" which follows the production of one BERETTA USA shotgun from start to finish. Watch the entirety of this hypnotically beautiful video here
Important short film about problem drinking among young people please RT? Serious issue
Short film by John Martin is the inspiring story of a Maine retiree fighting
Watch the short film "Sock" by 13 year old Jack Vinetz, one of three teenagers selected to direct their
A retrospective short film celebrating the one-year anniversary of the self-titled visual album, BEYONCÉ. BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition Available on iTunes: http:...
Delighted to share this wonderful short film 'How Whales Change Climate' from Sustainable Human, a poignant reminder that the environment is, essentially, all one thing ... Please share far and wide to spread word! Learn more at
Short film by zed ogawa alien invasion
A biologist caught a huge 70-year-old lobster that could be one of the biggest catches of the year. Forrest Galante was free-diving when he found the huge crustacean that weighed close to 12 pounds. Due to over fishing and general ocean conditions, the Pacific Spiny lobster rarely exceeds three pounds in weight. After debating whether to toss him back or eat him Forrest decided he had to take the lobster back to his home in Santa Barbara to show his family. The family quickly decided there was no way they could eat the lobster so took it to a marine reserve off the coast of California where it was released. *** Barcroft TV bring you a new amazing short film every weekday, the Top 5 Shorts show on Fridays, two incredible full-length television shows every week - and more goodies to come! Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss a thing: ***
Enjoy this short film which highlights Captain Moore sharing his insights into the ocean plastic pollution problem on the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
3D Animation Short Film - Monkey Symphony - Full Animated Movies HD: In a world where the monkeys are music-lovers, two young chimpanzees are separated by a ...
This is "Kayla + Casey Wedding Short Film" by Le Cape Weddings on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
Ever wondered what its like to see a place you know and love through someone else’s eyes? That’s the challenge that a group of students from Lisneal College and St Cecilia's College took on as part of the Nerve Centre's Teaching Divided Histories project - swapping uniforms for a tour of the Maiden City in each other’s shoes. Watch the short film that they made here to find out what they discovered, and help support the future of forward-thinking projects like these by opposing the proposed budget cuts:
I would like to request a social medium wish of $10,000 for my son Alaric Rocha who is making a short film called "Demonoid 1970" in Mexico in April. Alaric is working very hard to bring together American and Mexican filmmakers to produce this fun short horror film about a group of kids who go camping and one of them is possessed by the Aztec demon, Itzpapalotl. The short will be a part of a feature film project called “Searching for Francisco” about the fictional Mexican horror director who is supposed to have made “Demonoid 1970” and four other films in the 60’s and 70’s. This feature film has been his dream for 4 years. I am very excited about this particular film because it will be very challenging to make in another country, but very rewarding in the end. This film is not just Alaric’s dream but at least thirty other people as well. They are all excited about the adventure of shooting in the beautiful location, Las Pozas in San Luis Potosí in Mexico. ttp://
Our first short film based on a true incident...!! A film by RG creations... Directed by Grash.PG and Renjith.G, Produced by Manoj Chandu...
Check out 'Medium Justice' an absolute amazing short film done by local talent!
Crossroads Trailer (Short Film) Production Ref Code : ODM1403 A young couples marriage is threatened by career opportunities. Marriage of Career? Africa or D...
CINEMA & CULTURE not to miss, the François Truffaut exhibition at "la cinématheque Française de Paris" 8 octobre 2014 - 1er février 2015 François Roland Truffaut ( 6 February 1932 – 21 October 1984) was a French film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film critic, as well as one of the founders of the French New Wave. In a film career lasting over a quarter of a century, he remains an icon of the French film industry, having worked on over 25 films. Truffaut's film The 400 Blows came to be a defining film of the French New Wave movement. After starting his own film club in 1948, Truffaut met André Bazin, who would have great effect on his professional and personal life. Bazin was a critic and the head of another film society at the time. He became a personal friend of Truffaut's and helped him out of various financial and criminal situations during his formative years. Truffaut joined the French Army in 1950, aged 18, but spent the next two years trying to escape. Truffaut was arrested f ...
18-Year-Old’s Short Film on Abortion Will Blow Your Mind via Best regards for this film!
American Hero - Short Film about a Soldier with PTSD by Justin Alexander Pope via
The awakening to mass consciousness - Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film:
Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film: - Worth another share and 12mins of your day!
Saying all the right things! Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film - YouTube
I liked a video Leeroy Jenkins: Reimagined as a Short Film
Short Film of an Anon about a Homeless War Veteran Arrested at Veteran&Day Parade
Short Film of the stance scene in Slam City, Port Elizabeth. Thanks Robyn Wertheim.
Fancy helping a splendid Liverpool actor make his first film? Break - A Short Film by Nick Moss via
Please support Break - A Short Film by Nick Moss by Nick Moss via hurt who
EXPOSURE: Submit Your Narrative, Doc, Short Film or Transmedia Project to the Tribeca Film Festival -
I am looking forward to being a guest on Tuesday's episode of Bryan Casey and Mike Messier 's "Short Film...
Ad of the Day: Kirsten Dunst Is a Selfie Waiting to Happen in Short Film for Vs. Magazine
iTunes best selling video: The Other Life (Full Short Film) - Shooter Jennings
[Crew] Location Manager/Scout (los angeles) - Short Film-urban Drama Non Union We are about to start pre product...
Short Film on Ricky Hatton heavyweight prospect Lucas Browne: As a big boxing fan and a filmmaker it's only na...
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