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Shooter Jennings

Waylon Albright Shooter Jennings (born May 19, 1979), The only child of country singers Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, is an American singer-songwriter active in the country music and Southern Rock genres as well as making his first foray into psychedelic rock in 2009. Signed to Universal South Records, Jennings made his debut with the single 4th Of July of his 2005 album Put the O Back in Country.

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Shooter Jennings, Bud Light Silos and Selfies make for a fantastic Saturday night!…
you look like Shooter Jennings 😆 come back to philly soon please cuz I miss youu
are you guys still playing @ the Rusty Rudder in Dewey on the 4th w/ Shooter Jennings?!
The showers have passed, Shooter Jennings is ready to play tonight! The outdoor concert will still be held OUTDOORS! See you soon!
Thanks for reminding me I've been meaning to listen to Shooter Jennings for ages.
Hey and shooter jennings in my area tomorrow
I added a video to a playlist Shooter Jennings at Austin City
Shooter Jennings Band on stage tonight in West Bend, WI. Sounded…
I like shooter Jennings as well, listening to boosie badass right now
Shooter Jennings and the Dark Tower and DragonCon? Color me excited.
"Ima see how high this 'career randomizer' knob will go". "Whoops, broke it off". -Shooter Jennings.
A big part of the best thing going in music today is coming to the Capital Ale House next week. Shooter Jennings stops in on Tuesday, Aug…
Royce Da 5’9” and Shooter Jennings set to perform at Country Fair Cup
Don't miss out on this FREE outdoor concert!.
4th of July by Shooter Jennings will forever be one of the 🐐's
I don't think I thought I was going to go into music, and I don't think it hit me u
Rolling Stone covers the Black Ribbons Ultimate Package! Thank you guys!
So Waylon Jennings had a son named Shooter and Shooter wrote the best song ever known to man and then we listened to it the last 9 miles.
Jazmin Almario is crowdrising for Shooter Jennings and the Sister Wives:
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shooter Jennings and Texas Hippie Coalition, Sept. 28, 2012 Idaho Center Amphitheater - you weren't there
wvc is on lockdown for precautionary reasons, the shooter was shooting up on Jennings street this morning.
Who wants to head down to the John C Fremont Days main stage concerts on Friday night? See Shooter Jennings & The...
Catch legend Shooter Jennings - backed by Waylon Jennings very own back up band Waymore's...
Join us for a night to raise awareness & bring hope to the Veteran Community! .
Major oversight is the absence of Shooter Jennings' Countash.
Jennings is a good defender and shooter.
Noah don't need to score. Just need him for D. Courtney Lee a good role player/shooter. Jennings a good backup PG
NWA during my workout, Shooter Jennings during my post-workout sauna sesh.
Jennings is a career 39% shooter who doesn't defend...i don't mind getting him at 1/5, but idk that he's "better" than Galloway.
Shooter Jennings and Waymore Outlaws this Sunday July 10th. Tickets at
ATM Shooter Jennings' INQUIZIE ranking is 1,613. Agree or disagree?
That was good, although I don't know Shooter Jennings.
I'm going to at Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR - Aug 11
So shooter jennings had a boy and named him waylon albert jennings after his dad.His nickname is "blackjack"! how awesome is…
Good streak shooter in Jennings. He's a strong backup+may play more than we think. They have added the depth where injury risk was
I just used Shazam to discover 4th Of July by Shooter Jennings & The .357's Feat. George Jones.
Shooter Jennings, meatloaf and drivin. Nothin much better 🐶🎶
sounds good. I like your style. Speaking of good music check out Shooter Jennings.
RECAP: brings some country soul to with the help of
I might go to at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA - Dec 31
Lee is a spot up shooter and Jennings is a pass first PG?
JR Smith is one of best catch and shoot shooters in the league, elite...Jennings not better shooter
Dave Rothenberg just said Jennings is a terrible shooter ... um what?
JUST ANNOUNCED: We're so stoked to announce that we will be playing w/ Shooter Jennings at the
he's very good. Have you heard Shooter Jennings? He and Jamey did a few songs/concerts together and they were awesome
L.A.'s cool; I had a run with it to where it just pretty much wore me ...
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while we're playing Shooter Jennings they're playing Kevin Gates..
i dont kno care if he come we need a sharp shooter .. jamal crawford would be nice .. Brandon jennings wouldve been cool
Finding out that my niece loves the song "4th of July" by Shooter Jennings made my life! She's the coolest
--4th of July--. -SHOOTER JENNINGS-. "And there you were like a queen in your nightgown. Riding…
A little "4th of July" by Shooter Jennings is a great way to end this Independence Day
I vote for '4th of July' by Shooter Jennings 🇺🇸
Independence Day theme song since 2003: "4th of July" by Shooter Jennings 🇺🇸
Got to hear 4th Of July songs by X and Shooter Jennings - my Holiday weekend is now musically complete
4th of July ~ Shooter Jennings. All time great 4th of July Song
You know, when I was younger I was into all kinds of art - drawing, pa...
Every year. Such a great jam. 4th of July ~ Shooter Jennings
4th of July ~ Shooter Jennings . and you're happy to be.. with me on the 4th of July🎙🎶
Knicks can make some noise. Finally have another semi good shooter in Jennings to help Melo
One of the most rock and roll dudes on planet earth. Shooter Jennings - 4th of July
celtics just picked up one dude they not gonns put the knicks out its a new Drose jennings a shooter
Remember in the Midwest for the Prez. Election, always Shooter Jennings and Luke Bryant...big jacked up truck...on 35's!
Shooter Jennings - “Outlaw You” (Official Video) via bad mofo a force to be reckoned with you beter beli. !
You make me happy when skies are… ♫ You Are My Sunshine by Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & Shooter Jennings —
Shooter Jennings reflects on the cross-genre influence of Giorgio Moroder
I'm talking about Shooter Jennings, of course. You knew I was talking about Shooter Jennings. Because you've heard of Shooter Jennings.
May have inadvertently taken political advice from Shooter Jennings while listening to Outlaw Country and cooking chili dogs. Bad or good?
so many influences, you can certainly hear Trombone Shorty and Shooter Jennings or pretty much anything else you want to hear.
the rule was implemented in 2006 and Brandon Jennings was an Arizona wildcat so.
lol then this wouldn't be a conversation. Brandon Jennings didn't go to college either
Get your advanced tickets to our 'uuuge 420 celebration starring Shooter Jennings Official and Lukas Nelson &...
I'm going to at Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC - May 3
I'm going to at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth, TX - Apr 20
Johnathan Jackson and Shooter Jennings are coming to Dewey? Yas.
If I had to make a psychic prediction, it would be Shooter Jennings' new album Countach will be amazing
just finished a late night session performed Hank Sr George Jones Shooter Jennings my new song Pop Country Cowards
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when will the 4/9 episode of Shooter Jennings Electric Rodeo be available On Demand?
As Shooter Jennings said... He can't hit country with a baseball bat. Pathetic excuse of a country singer
… with Shooter Jennings, son of country music legend Waylon Jennings. To assist …
Hmmm, Shooter Jennings new CD has Marilyn Manson on it ?! I don't think i even want to listen to this.
i did a shooter Jennings song so happy he is doin well song my favorite one i done a couple old cowboy songs
Believe The Axeman has a Shooter Jennings patch on his cargo shorts.
Been a Brandi fan for a decade now. She is on that bonkers new Shooter Jennings Moroder tribute.
I'm going to at The Windjammer in Isle Of Palms, SC - May 6
Shooter and Lukas celebrating 420 at Lola's Trailer Park in Fort Worth. .
Your guy Hunter Hayes is playing at the fair this year. So is guy Shooter Jennings.
Best known for his singles “Outlaw You” and “The Deed and the Dollar”, Shooter Jennings is guaranteed to put o...
Morning spent prepping market evaluations. Shooter Jennings new album, and the best of Steppenwolf, helping get me through it.
MJ was a better lock down defender. Mid period MJ was a better driver and finisher. Steph is the best shooter in history
Why yes we will be playing with Shooter Jennings at The So Cal Hoedown in Santa Ana...
‘Shooter Jennings - justin bieber watch all these emo kids be on my cawk cause my hair is straight mao
the new Southern Family compilation album is really strong, particularly cuts by Jamey Johnson, Jason Isbell, Brandy Clark, Shooter Jennings
I think my 3 faves on Southern Family are Brandy Clark, Shooter Jennings, and John Paul White.
I haven't had enough time to pick a favorite but the Zac Brown, Jason Isbell, Shooter Jennings, and Anderson East ones are awsome
Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson Revive the Highwaymen with Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings via
Shooter Jennings has remade The Neverending Story theme with Brandi Carlile:
Listening to Brandi Carlile on Shooter Jennings "Neverending story". I think I need to get up & dance
Born to Die (feat. Steve Young) by Shooter Jennings close to country as Shooter gets on the new a…
Shooter Jennings to Unveil Album in Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar Role-playing Game: Guest appearances ...
Shooter Jennings is going to bring the party to The Ranch in Fort Myers tomorrow night. Gator Country will be...
Great show at the Viper Room last night with Shooter Jennings! Awesome band and he covered George Jones.
Happy Tuesday! Update your concert calendar for Bang Bangz, Charlie Wilson, M.D.C., Shooter Jennings and more.
Billy Ray Cyrus & Shooter Jennings - Killing the Blues - produced by Shooter Jennings by bcrmedia
Sturgill Simpson. Then Shooter Jennings. Then Jamey Johnson. Slowly you will come to the Dark Side...
Lonesome Blues / Shooter Jennings. Luckenbach, Texas / Waylon Jennings. Build me a House / Kim Treiber. Edge of the...
8:27pm In the Cold, Cold Night by Wanda Jackson (feat. Shooter Jennings) from Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White
Haven't seen Charlie Starr in forever...since I was with Shooter Jennings...and Syu great to meet Brit Turner and...
Come out TONIGHT after Dancing in the District ft. Shooter Jennings and Waymore's Outlaws, John Fullbright,...
I have a 2006 CD 'The New Sound of Today's Country' featuring songs from newcomers like Shooter Jennings, Jack Ingram, and oh TAYLOR SWIFT!
Repost from ・・・. Ink N Iron!!! Who's here?? We're catching Shooter Jennings right now.…
just picked up Shooter Jennings' drummer in a golf cart. my dad is so jealous.
How about some jazz and blues tonight? SPEA's plays at at 7:
Upcoming in Bloomington, Shooter Jennings and Gillian Welch. Visit our sponsor at:
Tom McClane80 he got me into watching shooter Jennings rip Jon Hensley by the way
Calico The Band will open for Shooter Jennings and Julie Roberts Wed Aug 26 2015 at 08:00 pm / The Troubadour,...
Harris/Fournette working as the first string and Jennings/Williams working as as the second string
A new Traipsathon Dispatch, in which Shooter Jennings, Rhett Butler and Sweeney Todd are mentioned.
Shooter Jennings. I just can't remember the name of the song.
Waylon Jennings son, Shooter, thinks the same thing.
is there presale tickets available for the Shooter Jennings show?
Check out these awesome photos from Shooter Jennings Officials show at Fibbers: Live Music Venue on Monday 27/7!
Shooter Jennings is underplayed and underappreciated.
I might go to at Off Broadway in St Louis, MO - Sep 18
Listen to I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - Shooter Jennings by bcrmedia on
Check out fresh content! Son of the Outlaw: Shooter Jennings headlines Village ***
I might go to at Stramler Park in Bakersfield, CA - Aug 28
I'm stuck on this song right now... You Are My Sunshine by Twiggy Ramirez, Shooter Jennings, Jamey John…
dude I've been listening to a lot of Shooter Jennings and Aaron Lewis lately. Gotta check them out
Bryan Keeling played drums with Outlaw Country star, Shooter Jennings, for 7 years. Listen to "Higher".
Shooter Jennings & Joaquin Phoenix at 20th Century Fox Screening of "Walk The Line" at Folsom State Prison
Shooter Jennings - She Talks To Rainbows (Official Video): Heard it live last night awesome man
Guys: Went last night to Woodlands Tavern to see Devon Allman and the Royal Southern Brotherhood, made the sound check and was the only one that got in, just walked in and sat down, nobody said a word. The show was fantastic and the joint was packed. Next up is Gregg Allman in a 2 night run at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in January, then Shooter Jennings ( son of Waylon Jennings) here in Cowtown, then Whitey Morgan & the 78,s and then Government Mule @ The LC Pavillion in March. Since I gave up doing the bad stuff, music and live shows has taken their place as my new addiction, the only bad habits I still have are a little beer and talking back to the wife now and then.
Go ahead and get your tickets for Shooter Jennings Official w/ The Bama Gamblers at ZYDECO!
“Don’t Wait Up (I’m Playin’ Possum)” is an original Shooter Jennings tune, written for George Jones’ next album, but unfortunately the greatest voice in country music passed away before cutting that album. Moved by his friendship with Jones, Shooter decided to put…
eOne Entertainment Recording Artists, Black Crown Initiate will be at Young Ones in Kutztown, PA. to hang out, sign CDs and posters, take pictures, drink, eat, and celebrate with you. Why ? Because, Tuesday September 30th is a very special day for the band. It is the release day of their debut, full length CD for eOne, entitled "The Wreckage Of Stars". They are now label mates with Ace Frehley, Chickenfoot, High On Fire, Bush, Black Label Society, Overkill, Unearth, 98 Degrees, Shooter Jennings and many more. The band want to celebrate this milestone in their promising career with their fans, friends, and family, close to home. JOIN US !! Help us spread the word ! The CD will be on sale for only $9.99 !! Listen to Y102's Homebrewed THIS Sunday night at 11 PM to hear the brand new Black Crown Initiate single and a track from their current tour mates, Reading's own, Rivers of Nihil (Metal Blade Records recording artists)
Shooter Jennings - Steady At The Wheel. You're right, let's rock.
Congratulations to Tyler "Kelly the Concert Cow" gave him tickets to the 8 seconds to see Shooter Jennings Friday Night. Bob Vizza
*** man. But I’m off Saturday to go watch shooter Jennings.
Pandora is giving me healthy doses of Shooter Jennings this morning. The day should fly by if this continues.
iTunes best selling video: The Other Life (Full Short Film) - Shooter Jennings
I'm listening to She Thinks I Still Care by Shooter Jennings on Outlaw Country
I hate the chicken festival. Especially since I live in London. But Shooter Jennings is going to be there, therefore so will I.
You don't want to miss & Waymore's Outlaws, coming to CenterStage on Oct. 24! Buy your tickets NOW!
Incase you haven't heard it, The gunslinger by shooter jennings :D It's all about the dark tower series. P.S. (Wonderful books)
.and FGL has been more successful than Jennings. And read everything I never said Shooter WASN'T talented
“Shooter Jennings is no Waylon Jennings” nor is he trying to be
Caller. 5 THIS HOUR when "Kelly the Concert Cow" MOoos. A 4 pack of tickets to see Shooter Jennings at the 8 Second Friday. Bob Vizza
I really wanna go see Shooter Jennings
Nice article on music in is someone you should look into:
Decentralize: Podcast on futurology & tech with first guest Shooter Jennings
Also got that Shooter Jennings playin on my iPod
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
.'Don't Wait Up' is a cool tribute to a country legend. WATCH:
Here's my review including Rod Melancon and Shooter Jennings as Calico shines at release party in LA
This time next week I’ll be gearing up to watch Shooter Jennings.
Shooter Jennings pays respect to George Jones with new album. See his latest video here.
GRANDPA CALLS SHOOTER JENNINGS! (MAIL BAG MONDAY Can't wait to see him next weekend!😁
Shooter Jennings performing at the Brazos Nights Concert in downtown Waco.
Apples don’t fall far from the tree. Though Shooter Jennings, son of the late Waylon Jennings, has spent the past several years mining a more rock...
Saw Shooter Jennings last night live, If you get the chance to go, Skip It! bad
Last night I met Shooter Jennings after his concert was over. He was really a cool dude and took a pic and signed...
Come see us tomorrow Redneck Country Club w/ Shooter Jennings and Waymore's Outlaws. Doors at 6, TCLB at 7.. don't be late!
Scooter Jennings tears it up at tonight!
Check out the WORLD PREMIERE video for Shooter Jennings Official "Don't Wait Up (I'm Playin' Possum)" via CMT...
Texas Jamm Band (fmr Ace in the Hole guys) tonite, Shooter Jennings tomorry. We’ll give away few tix now. Email michaelberryshow
It's Friday, and Shooter Jennings is playing the Historic Scoot Inn. Go celebrate living in the live music...
I wish my dad was Waylon Jennings and I was shooter. Ask me why.
via 233.14 Shooter Jennings at The Scoot Inn:  The Scoot Inn is getting taken over tonight by...
I love riding back roads and singing Shooter Jennings to the top of my lungs with !
Shooter Jennings, Hierophant - Summer Of Rage: "They're preparing us for an all out police state."
The Door by Shooter Jennings on tomorrow night yell ya
way better than Kemba DWill & Jennings over the past 2-3 years & Bledsoe isn't as good of a shooter or passer
Shooter Jennings is okay. Eric Church is pretty *** cool. . Hank III is badass.
Shooter Jennings, Sammy Kershaw salute George Jones - It’s been a little more than a year since George Jones...
Out of the Ashes (Jessi Colter album) Out of the Ashes is the twelfth studio album by American country music artist, Jessi Colter. The album was released February 28, 2006 on Shout! Factory Records. It was Colter's first album in ten years and her first country music album in twenty two years, since 1984's Rock and Roll Lullaby. It was also her first release since 1981 to chart on the Top Country Albums chart, where it reached It was the first album by Colter to be released following the death of her husband and country artist, Waylon Jennings. The title of the album, Out of the Ashes, explains the message that she has remained an artist without the help of Jennings. Content Out of the Ashes consisted of twelve tracks that mixed the genres of country, blues, gospel, and rock. The album was produced by Don Was, who had previously worked with The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. The release includes guest appearances from son Shooter Jennings and Tony Joe White.
Hey, y'all! Head's up! The Texas Heritage Songwriters' Hall of Fame will be at ACL Live on Sunday, June 22. This year’s inductees are Waylon Jennings (of course!!), K.T. Oslin (yay!!!), and Buck Owens (you know it!!!). Performers include K.T. Oslin, Lee Roy Parnell, Bonnie Bishop, Shooter Jennings, Jessi Colter, and Kris Kristofferson. Hope you can come out and enjoy this great evening of legendary songwriters and music!
Tomorrow Night come see some real Outlaw Country with The Dallas Moore Band from Ohio! Mixing dirty honky-tonk and Southern Rock with elements of down home bluegrass and raucous roadhouse blues, Dallas Moore has developed a nationwide grass-roots following as a force to be reckoned with in the Modern Day Outlaw Country Music Movement. The Dallas Moore Band is featured prominently in the upcoming book OUTLAWS STILL AT LARGE by author Neil Alexander Hamilton set for release in May, 2013. Stewed and brewed in the honky-tonks, motorcycle rallies and concert halls of America, The Dallas Moore Band has kept up a relentless tour schedule averaging 300 dates a year supporting the royal heirarchy of Outlaw Country and Southern Rock. Touring in support of like-minded legends, David Allan Coe, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker Band as well as modern day renegade troubadours Jamey Johnson, Shooter Jennings, Blackberry Smoke, and Dallas’ SOL RECORDS label-mates, .. ...
Come join us in the Stockyards this weekend for the 2nd Annual Burning Bubba Festival. Rain or shine, this festival is guaranteed to get you on your feet. Mike and the Moonpies and Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights both perform on the free outdoor stages. Blackberry Smoke and Shooter Jennings & Waymores Outlaws will be performing at Billy Bob's Texas Saturday night! We still have rooms, but they're booking up fast so hurry and get your reservations in!
Country stars Jamey Johnson, Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings and others delivered a memorable evening of music in honor of Waylon Jennings and Hank Cochran to benefit the Nikki Mitchell Foundation.
Only four days and counting to the May 20 Full Moon Full Life concert series in Austin, Texas. So excited about joining the stage with Shooter Jennings, Jessi Colter and our Texas friends to honor Waylon and Hank Cochran. The show benefits the Nikki Mitchell Foundation and will be held at The Glenn at The Backyard Live Oak Amphitheater. It will be a night we will never forget! Who's coming?
A lot of great country shows coming up! Get your tickets now! 5/16 Jerrod Niemann 5/23 Phil Vassar 5/30 Craig Campbell 6/6 Shooter Jennings
Well I heard that old George Jones Bottomed out from all the no shows I'm watching my heroes rot away like high line poles And I live like a rolling stone. It ain't worth it if I gotta be alone! On the Lost Highway, the Devil collects the tolls! - From "A Hard Lesson To Learn" by Shooter Jennings
This Day in Country Music History, February 27 2013 The Grand Ole Opry airs for the first time from the Country Radio Seminar, held at the Nashville Convention Center. Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Dustin Lynch, Darius Rucker, Kacey Musgraves, Little Big Town and Scotty McCreery are part of the night's lineup 2009 Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings tape an installment of "CMT Crossroads" at Rocketown in Nashville. The set list naturally includes "In Color" 2006 Joe Nichols earns his first gold single, for "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" 2004 Reba McEntire's "Somebody" video premieres on CMT 2002 The T Bone Burnett-produced "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" wins Album of the Year and Best Compilation Soundtrack Album, and influences triumphs in four other categories, during the 44th annual Grammy Awards at Los Angeles' Staples Center 1990 Arista releases Alan Jackson's debut album, "Here In The Real World" 1982 Don Williams' "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good" reaches the top spot on the Billboard country singles ...
I'm sorry, but I don't Eric Church doing anything special or "outlaw". I still go with Ryan Adams, Shooter Jennings, and Jason Isbell.
Got another item, of sorts, for sale: A CD-holder full of the following c.d.s: ~Old Crow Medicine Show's "Big Iron World" ~The Avett Brothers' "Magpie and the Dandelion" ~Billy Bragg & Wilco's "Mermaid Avenue" ~The Gleam ~Uncle Tupelo's "Anodyne" ~The Smith's "Wincing The Night Away" ~Rural Rhythm's "Appalachian Mtn Bluegrass" ~and about 22 other c.d.s by Prince, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Costello, Neil Young and Shooter Jennings, and others. Make me an offer for what you think it's worth. Clearly I'm doing Spring Cleaning...about 2 months ahead of schedule.
We're back at the Mint tonight in Los Angeles. Last week we were joined by Cody Canada & the Departed & American Aquarium. Tonight we are bringing the fire. Two shows left here before I join Shooter Jennings & friends across town. Also you should know I will be opening for Ray Wylie Hubbard for three shows. LA, San Diego, & Huntington Beach. He's up there on my list of influences so I am honored to play. Talk soon my friends. JT
Check out Jeremy Harris's Top Live Shows of 2013 for Farce TheMusic featuring Dallas Moore Band, Wayne Mills (R.I.P.) Shooter Jennings, Fifth on the Floor, Unknown Hinson, MoonRunners Fest and More!
Tonight ! Ziggy's Winston Salem Nc ! Wayne Mills Tribute and Benefit , an All Star lineup of Nc, Sc,Va musicians ! Gonna be a blast ! Outlaw,Traditional Country and Southern Rock fans come on down! Silent auction , including 2 tix for Jamey Johnson on 12/21/13 and 2 tix for Shooter Jennings and the Waymores on 1/9/14!!! CDs , Average Joe Ent swag, Junior Johnson Midnight Moonshine swag and much more. $5 donation gets you in the door
Jennings is a good three point shooter, and I think that Stuckey is shooting well from the corners (Not as good as the Magic)
Put the O Back in Country CD by Shooter Jennings pytg
I saw Shooter and Billy Don Burns at Muddy Roots, they are both great acts! Mary ninitreat
Wanda Jackson feat. Shooter Jennings - In The Cold, Cold Night by Cleopatra Records on
I just played Little White Lines by Shooter Jennings on at American Legion Post 364 Carrier Mills
Can't like Shooter Jennings anymore...Curtis Axel is a fan and he ruins everything
“"Cursed with the Other Life" - Shooter Jennings Houston, we have a problem...
Part Two of "Shooter Jennings The Other Life" short film/music video series that accompanies the Entertainment One Nashville release by Shooter Jennings. Vie...
Shooter Jennings playin everything good tonight, just me and my boys
Is Brandon Jennings the best bad jump shooter in the league?
If you haven't heard the You Are My Sunshine cover by Jamey Johnson, Shooter Jennings, and Twiggy Ramirez, you must listen to it now
Nothing like a little Shooter Jennings to get the work day started
Shooter jennings performing in my city in few months !!! Yess !!! Happy !!! Jumping !!!
Shooter Jennings - Summer Of Rage lyrics and translations
Jennings *** had to foul the three point shooter
I can't decide who's a worse shooter for the Pistons today. Jennings or JSmoove.
In my fantasy world, Crosby and Adams are smiling indulgently, waiting to put on Shooter Jennings.
.100% agree. Gotta crawl before you walk. Jennings a big upgrade over Knight, and KCP a great defender, good shooter
5 years of evidence proves that Jennings is a talented PG but an enigma. Burke is a better shooter, leader and a smarter player
Brandon Jennings, a 6'1 PG who isn't a good shooter, shoots more times a game than the best player in the world. Can't win like that
The cover of "you are my sunshine" by Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez and shooter jennings is really depressing
Wow...Shooter Jennings Official is breaking some NEW ground!
Teresa Perrotto Butler and I have had this conversions on our morning commute to work.. And listening to " country radio" today except for the "few Artists" that sing about trucks and coolers of beer .. Is it just me or do these songs all sound like a bad Creed, 3 doors down or Nickleback songs?? I've seen 3 doors down once because Shooter Jennings with the 357's opened for them and Skynryd and Shooter still kicked their *** back then. Leroy Powell Ted Russell Kamp
Looking for a good read this morning? Check out my article on HoopsHype - U might just become a better shooter too..
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Get limited prints now. Proceeds go to a great cause. Get em fast! http:/…
Studio Version of Shooter Jennings - 4th of July
Watch a preview for the music video The Other Life (Full Short Film) by Shooter Jennings on iTunes.
Dec 28 whitey Morgan, Jan 4 shooter Jennings, Jan 31 Jason Boland, march 5 Lydia loveless. Gonna be a good year if I can find the money
Jennings dope he jus aint consistent n shooter pct be terrible
I am to off to see Shooter Jennings on January 4th... who wants to come with??? If you haven't listened I encourage you.. love him. There is an interview on YouTube he did and that's when I knew I liked him... his voice isn't *** the ears either...
Shooter jennings is great hard to believe that's Waylon's son
Oh yea listening to Shooter Jennings while doing final papers! Such a good time!
The Jamey Johnson/Shooter Jennings version of You Are My Sunshine is eery af and I love it
the song is amazing. I would love to hear another Shooter Jennings song as well.
Artist: Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & Shooter Jennings Title: You Are My Sunshine Album: You Are My Sunshine Label: BCR Los Angeles to order or for more in...
Streaky shooter, takes bad shots, forgets how to pass, and I don't think he defend anyone except maybe the occasional steal.
Shooter Jennings Official. Next month Shooter is teaming up with members of his Dad's recording and touring band,...
Lol, Chauncey? I don't have faith in KCP and Jennings is the only thing close to a shooter for us right now.
I'm going to at Fishbone in Vienna, WV - Jan 25
Bad Magick// shooter Jennings no one Carries me
Shooter Jennings rumored to be signed next.
New Shooter Jennings album "The Other Life" available here: I had a cure, for your disease but you threw it away and you made it cl...
Music video by Shooter Jennings performing The Deed and The Dollar. 2012 Black Country Rock/eOne Music.
STRUGGLE - ANOTHER PLACE & ANOTHER TIME (Ft. SHOOTER JENNINGS): got the strength to move the mountains
For his second live album, Shooter Jennings and his band grind out a raw disc equal parts rock, country and blues. The son of late Outlaw Country legend
Farmar, an 84% FT shooter coming into the game, missed both of his, returning the favor to Jennings. DET down 2 w/ball,…
Watch "you are my sunshine Sons of Anarchy Complete - Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & Shooter Jennings" on YouTube -
would you ever cast shooter jennings or Jamey Johnson or both in a role for the show?
For those that don't know, Wendy from SOA has two kids with Shooter Jennings, Waylon's son. You should know who Waylon is just by first name
shooter jennings - all of this could have been yours from the Sons of Anarchy season 4 episode 3 (S04E03) Shooter Jennings New Album "The Other Life"
I agree on Monroe for sure! I still really like Jennings, I'm telling you, get a 3 point shooter & everyone looks
Hey Atlanta/Marietta folks! We'll be opening for Shooter Jennings Official at The 120 Tavern & Music Hall on Friday, Jan. 17th.
Sons of Anarchy , Jimmy Johnson and shooter Jennings song you r my sunshine . Great job
Get yourself a Shooter Jennings' The Other Life print and donate to the Amann Family Benefit Fund! Shooter Jennings
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
5. "Wild & Lonesome" Shooter Jennings & Patty Griffin from The Other Life Shooter Jennings has never really seemed comfortable st...
These limited prints from Shooter Jennings' The Other Life are up and going to go quick. You can get them individually or as a set. Signed by Shooter Jennings Official, RD Hall, and Josh Bodwell. 100% of the proceeds go to a great cause. Thanks to The BLDG and Posters & Prayers: Curated by the Friends of Mike Amann for helping us get this up.
Artist: The Nightwatchman Song: The Iron Wheel (feat. Shooter Jennings) Album: The Fabled City Year: 2008 Lyrics: "Sometimes they'll tell you to just sit sti...
Shooter Jennings, Primera Gira por España - Metal&us
Don't miss out on this show. $20 on line. Shooter Jennings in the Saloon and Alias Nation in the beer garden. Sure to be a night to remember.
Please Carry Me Home, Jessi Colter and Shooter Jennings + Lyrics When the blood curdlin' scream Of the fear in my vains Pierces the darkness circlin' my brai...
Stream Walk of Life by Shooter Jennings on The Wolf for free on Grooveshark.
Here is the info for Jan. 4th. Phoenix Hill Tavern show Shooter Jennings and Alias Nation show will be announced today. Info will be announced today and info can be found on their site. Shooter Jennings will be bringing along the original Waylon Jennings band for this show. Tickets will be $20 ahead of time or $25 the day of the show. Tickets can be ordered online at the site or at the show at the box office. If you are not wanting to go to the concert regular general admission will still be in play to hit all other area's of the club. More info to follow.
drinkin cold beer and listenin to Shooter Jennings. Can it get any better?
"You Are My Sunshine" -Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings. This song was on Sons this week and I've had it on repeat ever since! ☀️
Shooter Jennings with Waymore's Outlaws, Lonesome, On'ry and Mean, Live at Goose On The Lake 2012. Thanks to Travis Gearheart for the audio mix and feed for ...
I've been listening to Shooter Jennings radio on iTunes while woodworking and wearing boots and a flannel. It all feels like coming home. There's just no question about it. I'm country. As ole Bocephus says, "a country boy can survive."
It was Jamey Johnson,shooter jennings and another guy named Twiggy Ramirez or martinez singing the cover on S.O.A . last night. Good call kenny. He was right,yes he was.lmao.
Anyone catch Shooter Jennings version of "You Are My Sunshine" on SOA last night? The song still haunts my mind. The pain you felt from his voice. I have been moved by music before but never like that. If not find it on Youtube
Jamey Johnson and shooter Jennings version of "you are my sunshine" has been stuck in my head all day after SOA last night! Awesome song!! I remember when my mom used to sing that to me! Brings back great memories!
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Shooter Jennings on the last date of the GUNSLINGER Tour for 2013 at the Spillway Bar & Grill in Bowling Green , Kentucky . Song List : HARD LESSON TO LEARN ...
Shooter Jennings Official and Waymore's Outlaws THU JAN 9 AT Ziggy's! Waymore’s Outlaws consists of former members of Waylon Jennings recording and touring band, The Waylors, featuring Richie Albright, Waylon’s original drummer, bassman Jerry “Jigger” Bridges, and pedal steel guitarist Fred Newell. Lead guitarist and singer Tommy Townsend adds to their mix of Outlaw music. Waymore’s Outlaws are keeping the spirit of Waylon and his music alive today.
S.O.A. Used Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings new rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" at the end of the episode and it is so dark and badass!
Great finale of sons best part was shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson singing u are,my sunshine favorite show with my favorite musician
Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & shooter Jennings - "You are my sunshine" BYYY FAR the best cover I have EVER heard. Sons of Anarchy does it yet again!
I just heard Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings' version of "You are my Sunshine", on the new SOA episode. Wow! Creepy and ultimately cool at the same time.
That's what I'm talking about Jamie Johnson, shooter Jennings singing on Sons of Anarchy. You are my sunshine.
Awesome night on Sons of Anarchy. Jamey Johnson, shooter Jennings, great combo. Who knew a song could be sung like that. I hope Tara gets away with it. Love this show. You are my sunshine.
So sick of seeing Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and the Florida Georgia Line on peoples statuses while they quote lyrics or claiming that's the best country music!!! But then again I guess im not surprised considering whose status they are! You want country try Eric Church, David Allan Coe, Shooter Jennings, Waylon Jennings, Robert Earl King...that's real country!
Notable recordings from the world of pop music. Shooter Jennings, Twiggy Ramirez, Jamey Johnson Set up for a joke with no punch line, just a punch: Waylon Jennings’s son, Marilyn Manson’s bassist and country music’s darkest horse walk…
On Jan 11th, Shooter Jennings will be at Park Street Saloon with Waymore's Outlaws. We're not playing this show, but you should make plans to be there. Waymore's Outlaws features several members of Waylon's studio and road bands, including Ritchie Albright, Waylon's original drummer and great friend!
We have Bucs tickets & tickets to Shooter Jennings concert for raffle, we have gift certificates to Harry's seafood bar & grill, cici's pizza, golden coral, silvermoon drive in, free tattoo by Matt from Ink Fiends, Fred's Market, all up for grabs to the winners of our c...
Ferny Luna gave me shooter Jennings Do I like shooter Jennings ? Yes I do he's one of my favorite country singer song writers What's my favorite song ? Well there's "out law" and "4th of July "
Get your advance tickets for the Shooter Jennings and Davisson Brothers Band concert at Schmitt's Saloon - Puttin' the O back in C_UNTRY! visit
Stream Gone To Carolina by Shooter Jennings on Electric Rodeo for free on Grooveshark.
The next ticket giveaway will be Dec lucky friend will receive a pair of tickets on Christmas Day from the boss & myself...the winner will have 8 shows to pick from that include...Shooter Jennings, Colt Ford, Lady A & Kip Moore, Blackberry Smoke, Corey Smith, Jason Aldean & Florida Georgia Line, Scotty McCreery & Eric Paslay or Dustin Lynch.two lucky friends so far, so who will be the third? also the winner of the Va Beach concert ticket weekend now has a inbox message from was a tough choice but the boss finally picked one winner
Beautiful morning. Jennings in the cd is wonderful. Rolling on down the highway embracing it and making the most of my day.
Shooter jennings performing Sweet Savannah and Manifesto No.1 at the Reverb in Reading PA on 7/7/2013. This video was shot with HTC DNA phone. Check out my o...
featuring Uncle ELGIN. ... to be continued Devil John Moonshine: Shooter Jennings:
WEDNESDAY'S PICK: FIFTH ON THE FLOOR AT THE WELL Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and what better way to prepare for the niceties of family and the stress of the holiday than to blow it all out on tonight? We’ve got just the event for you to do that: Fifth on the Floor, performing at 9 tonight at The Well, 4620 Kingston Pike in Knoxville. A rock ‘n’ roll band from the heart of Kentucky, Fifth on the Floor worked with outlaw rocker Shooter Jennings on the group’s most recent album, “Ashes & Angels,” and the boys have toured with Shooter, Unknown Hinson, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Lucero, Wanda Jackson, the Marshall Tucker Band and more. The album even found its way onto the Billboard country charts, practically a miracle considering the absence of Auto-Tune and the lack of a song about a truck on it. According to the band’s website, “their songs are an effort in American music, owing equally to blues and country, good times and bad times, whiskey and wine.” They’ll perform at The Well wi ...
Shooter Jennings after playing The George Jones Tribute in Nashville, did a very special performance on Music Row and invited up the new Nashville underdog D...
Proud daddy moment was playing shooter Jennings gone to Carolina on guitar and singing my livi bug started singing it right along with me as I was playing made my soul happy!!!
Atlanta/Marietta! January 17 at 120 Tavern w Shooter Jennings and Waymore's Outlaws! Tickets/info on event page in comments below.
Big news! HGWT will be opening for Shooter Jennings on Jan 17 at the 120 Tavern. Get there, this is freakin awesome!!!
Hear Wanda Jackson and Shooter Jennings pay homage to the White Stripes’ ‘In the Cold, Cold Night’.
I was given the number 8 so here goes, 8 random things about me. 1. I love Carry On films, St Trinian's and all the old comedies. 2. I have 13 tattoos so far. 3. I love to watch all the old kid's programmes on DVD, my fave's are Chorlton and the Wheelies and Willo the Wisp. 4. I studied fashion design after leaving school and worked for a one off boutique in Newcastle designing, making, modelling and selling fab clothes with fabric, leather and studs :-) 5. I love donkeys as well as cats! 6. My passion is creating things, I cross stitch, embroider, knit, crochet and sew all the time and now run two businesses selling my creations. 7. I love gnomes! 8. My musical taste has been described as eclectic/strange/crap, lol! I admit I like a lot of different stuff. I'm currently listening to cd's by Deaf Havana, AC/DC, Florida-Georgia Line, Shooter Jennings, Andrew Gold and Gerry Rafferty :-) Right, anyone who likes this post I will give a number to and you have to do the same with random things about you ...
So it's time for me to be a music snob again. Every time I think music can't get any worse, I hear a song that's worse then the last time i went on a music rant. I recently heard the song "Cruise" by a group called Florida Georgia Line. This is the absolute worst turd of a song I have ever heard. It is supposed to be a country song. All I hear is an over produced pop song with frat boy/bro country lyrics. It even has a verse rapped by Nelly, remember that guy? He had one hit and then fell off the map. THIS IS NOT COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE. This is music that appeals to the pop crowd. This song is loved by the same people that say they love country music, but hate rap music. Country music is Merle Haggard, Hank Sr. Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and Johnny Cash. Good country music is still being recorded these days. The kids of country legends are making music these days. Listen to Shooter Jennings or Hank Williams III. Listen to Nick 13's (lead singer of Tiger Army) solo album. Listen to Mike Ness' (singer of So ...
Cab I throw Shooter Jennings in for album, and his song Outlaw You for song.
Ryan Bingham, Jason Isbell & the 400 unit, Shooter Jennings, Mickey and the Motorcars, Reckless Kelly. These guys are all worth a listen.
Outlaw You- Shooter Jennings, how I feel about music
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I've grown to love shooter jennings
I wanna see how bad (maybe good?) the Pistons floor spacing is. J-Smoove isn't a good shooter. Jennings a chucker too.
I try really hard to like shooter Jennings I'm a huge fan of his dads but he is in general the epitome of the music he "rebels" against
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