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Shirley Murdock

Shirley Murdock (born May 22, 1957, in Toledo, Ohio) is an American R&B singer, who is best known for her 1986 R&B hit single As We Lay and for her vocals on Zapp and Roger hit single Computer Love.

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white beyonce stans are annoying. Ask them who Angela Bofill or Shirley Murdock or Cherrelle is they'll freeze
Who is Shirley Murdock playing.I know she's in it
Shirley Murdock xx Husband is my sht 😩😂 song where I sing my heart out
Mine was bumping As we lay by Shirley Murdock
As we Lay - Shirley Murdock live on our free app!
I know I will switch in a heartbeat the Murdock Brother's have ruined
Now playing AS WE LAY by shirley murdock!
Give it to 'em Shirley Murdock! @ Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts
Up Next April 26th.Shirley Murdock.everyone free each Wednesday night at Don Coqui…
We all came here from somewhere Shirley Murdock.
Kelly Price's version of "As We Lay" is better that Shirley Murdock's. Kelly have you out here rooting for her like, tek h…
Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson on Computer Love was just 🔥 Track was so ahead of time
When I tell y'all I love me Shirley Murdock 😍🙌🏾
I've been blessed to work for & with Chicago Mass Choir, Eddie James, Shirley Murdock, Kevon Carter, Damita, Deitrick Haddon-Blessed &Cursed
It's morning, Shirley Murdock vocals, and we slept the night away.
As We Lay by Shirley Murdock gotta be the greatest OG side piece anthem   10% Off
Had to go listen to it and Shirley Murdock made cheating sound like a pretty good idea in that song
You every cheat on a girl and hear that Shirley Murdock song like the next day???
Can we take a minute to appreciate Shirley Murdock? Thank you.
Its morning, sunlight shines against your sleeping face. - Verse from Shirley Murdock, As we lay
I listen to Shirley Murdock and Isaac caree every Sunday, 😍😊
I've been listening to Shirley Murdock for the past 2 days... This lady sings.!
Now playing: by Go On Without You By Shirley Murdock (1) - - Buy it
Now playing Computer Love (remix) by Charlie Wilson, SHIRLEY MURDOCK & ZAPP on
My little secret by Xscape is my *** song & saving all my love is & as we lay by Shirley Murdock or Kelly Price is
until we both start yawning..til the bright Shirley Murdock morning..
as we lay by Shirley Murdock is THE cheaters anthem
Most say my music taste weird, because I like Anita Baker, Shirley Murdock, etc.
Kelly Price's "As We Lay", while it was the jam, isn't touching Shirley Murdock.
My older sister didn't even know their was an original version of as we lay by Shirley Murdock, I'm ashamed of her.
Now playing Shower Me With Your Love by shirley murdock - Listen Live at
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Roger discovered and produced Shirley Murdock. Together they sang Computer Love in a age where…
Put that Shirley Murdock Station on and go
Shirley Murdock x As We Lay literally just shocked me. 😭😭
Shirley Murdock - I Love Me Better than that Love this!
hey ladies listen to this song:. I love me better than that by Shirley Murdock
The ideal line up.Anita Baker,Mary J.Blige, Fantasia, Dru Hill,Shirley Murdock and dig Luther Vandross up too 😢
I also feel like remixing Shirley murdock song"as we lay" and lalah Hathaway song "forever, for always,for love" remix it in my own style
If I had to be anyone in the "As We Lay" saga, I would be Shirley Murdock's vocals.
I liked a video from Shirley Murdock (The F.O.G.)
With Shirley Murdock who is in possession of that dynamic voice that sang> As We Lay & Computer Love…
"As We Lay" by Kelly Price is a cover of Shirley Murdock's "As We Lay".Remixes and Cover version
Oscar said lay by me. Why did Shirley Murdock - As We Lay start playing in my head?
I added a video to a playlist Shirley Murdock Husband
Pause for a moment to appreciate the ingenuity of Shirley Murdock, Zapp & Roger for such timely lyrics
Listen to Chocolate City by Shirley Murdock & Roger Troutman on
...You know, the ones that always star Clifton Powell and Shirley Murdock.
Better vocalist/songs in your opinion. Stephanie Mills, Deniece Williams or Shirley Murdock?
Trying to leave home, but I'm playing pandora on the TV & it just followed Shirley Brown with Shirley Murdock. Sigh. Back to my song-a-long
Countess Vaughn reminds me of Shirley Murdock on this show
Tonight God just kept my dream alive and breathed a new breathe into me! Shirley Murdock * Dream: via
Shirley Murdock x my world came to an end
shirley murdock - i love me better than that : On Dale Anthony/Shirley Murdock
Shirley Murdock gives me life with her voice 🎤🙌
Shirley Murdock and I.I swear we are blood connected somewhere down the line!!!
This is my jam: As We Lay by Shirley Murdock ♫
Go On Without You by Shirley Murdock she kills this song
Laying in my studio listening to Shirley Murdock
The video for Kelly Price's rendition of Shirley Murdock's As We Lay is great 😩
Shirley Murdock and ZAPP BAND SHOWED UP THIS MORNING! I feel the love!!!
My sistagirl Shirley Murdock and her husband Dale Degrote came by to show love
Listening to Shirley Murdock and Betty Wright this morning. Whatcha listening to???
Ok I'm convinced someone on my street is in their feelings tonight .. 1st the Ojays now they playin Shirley Murdock "Go On Without You"
I got / go on with out you -Shirley Murdock on repeat . This my song
Shirley Murdock is my friend's's a fun, adventurous family. lol
Now playing on B2BGospelRadio - Beverly Crawford - Marvelous (feat. Shirley Murdock) - 24 7 Gospel Music and News on www.b2bgospelradio
my neighbor is blasting "As We Lay" by Shirley Murdock on repeat. don't even wanna know what this means.
I'm watching some play on Bounce where Shirley Murdock is Jackee's mother. And Christopher Williams is Drew Sidora's pimp.
Shirley Murdock & myself after I hosted The Girlfriend's Concert with her, Syleena Johnson, Kelly…
Sabrina Fulton and her entire staff of the Trayvon Martin Foundation are to be commended for the excellent job they did in hosting the Circle of Mothers retreat. This retreat was for Mother's who lost children to violent acts. Ms. Fulton was able to bring together Mothers from all over the United States who lost children to gun violence, vehicular homicide, domestic violence, police brutality and other crimes. This event inspired, motivated, educated and allowed the mothers to connect and share their love and compassion towards one another. This is the beginning of a powerful movement of a chapter 25. Much was given and much is required and now we as mothers are commissioned to work effortless to help other mothers in and around our communities who have been impacted by violence. Looking forward for the next one to be bigger. Just to name a few who were in attendance, Shirley Murdock, Lisa Nicholas, Afeni Shakur and more. Thank you Sabrina and all those who played a part in this event.
Shirley Murdock, Frank Ski, Trisha Mann-Grant and Tony Grant in Washington D.C. at WHUR-96 radio…
I found love on a two way street.Denise Williams and Shirley Murdock,2 artists who most cats sing in the car but only alone.
"this was a huge musical Shirley Murdock, vesta Williams aka porsha's mom and Eddie Levert all under one roof" LMAO
Am I the only one who confuses Shirley Murdock and Allison Williams?
Independent Stage Play by Priest Tyaire w/ Robin Givens, Shirley Murdock, Chris Williams is MAGNIFICENT. Bravo to cast.
Getting dolled up and ready to go see Shirley Murdock, Robin Givens, and Christopher Williams.
Thanks to Shirley Murdock, Tony Grant, and Trisha Mann-Grant, the cast of Mrs. independent, stopped by…
Shirley Murdock. Tony Grant & Trisha Mann-Grant are In town tonight starring in the "Mrs. Independent"…
The "Mrs. Independent" play is in town tonight at Willet Hall & coming up at 1:10p Shirley Murdock, Tony Grant &...
So with the craziness of this supposed Michael Jackson love child, me and Brian Watson decided to listen to some old Miki Howard tracks... Do y'all realize how good we had it in the 90's? The solo SANGIN' we took for granted? Ooh chile... radio don't do it like that anymore. So, we have decided to organize an IMAGINARY tour: The SANGIN' *** DIVAS OF THE 90'S TOUR. Here's our list: Miki Howard, Lisa Fischer, Karen White, Cheryl 'Pepsi' Riley, Regina Belle, Melba Moore, Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston (RIP), Anita Baker, Oleta Adams, Stephanie Mills, Caron Wheeler, Rachelle Ferrell, Michel'le, Vesta, Shanice, and Shirley Murdock. WHO WOULD YOU ADD (if anybody)?
Running a little late but slow jams is on with: Shanice/i'm crying, Deniece Williams/black butterfly, bloodstone/if u play ur cards right, Lenny Williams/cause I love u, Betty Wright/after da pain, Stephanie Mills/i feel good all over, Lisa lisa/all cried out, Shirley Murdock/as we lay, can't go on without u, Atlantic Starr/secret lovers. That's all folks.
Win tickets to see "Mrs Independent" with Robin Givens, Christopher Williams, Shirley Murdock and more here! -->
Awesome line-up on BET Bobby Jones Gospel: Kurt Carr, Zacardi Cortez, Joshua Rogers and Shirley Murdock. Tune in now. I am watching while working out. :)
Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers; Zacardi Cortez; Shirley Murdock & Joshua Rogers all on Bobby Jones Gospel in the morning!
Recently, I heard a ballad by K. Michelle. I believe it was called "You Got the Right One." I remember thinking ballads used to be designed to bring folks close, close enough to embrace in a "slow drag" as we used to say. That is what's missing in today's music. It is SO okay for us to ponder, muse, reflect. Where's the music that conjures up our sensitivities? Here are 10 ballads that could probably make me cry: 1. Shirley Murdock - "As We Lay" 2. Rick James & Tina Marie - "Fire & Desire" 3. Stephanie Mills - "Feel the Fire" 4. Stacy Lattisaw - "Let Me Be You're Angel" 5. Jennifer Holiday - "And I'm Telling You" 6. Minnie Ripperton - "Loving You" 7. Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright "With You I'm Born Again" 8. Rose Rose - "I'm Going Down" 9. Shalamar - "For the Lover in You" 10. Michael Jackson - "Lady in My Life"
Radio is so much better without celebrity personalities and comedians V103 is clowning. Angela Winbush, Shirley Murdock, Switch, D'Angelo oh my! Happy Tuesday!!!
Johnny Gill, Shirley Murdock, Naomi Campbell & Cherish Williams all share the same birthday
During the earlier part of November, I attended the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy and received certification in one of my passions, "Makeup". My first passion is Interior Design. Gwynnis Mosby is a celebrity makeup artist here in Atlanta who has graced the faces of the group TLC, Faith Evans, Pebbles, Juanita Bynum, Toni Braxton, Shirley Murdock, Lashon Pace, and others. She is an awesome instructor.
By now, everyone knows that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are producing a stage play called A Mother's Love. The play is set to run in Atlanta November 22-24 at the Rialto theater. The play features Kandi Buruss, Shirley Murdock, Eddie Levert and a slew of other big names. Anyway, while ...
Chile, it is day 1 of rehearsal for the stage play that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are producing entitled "A Mother's Love". I am actually writing this blog post from our table read right now. Chile i am overjoyed that music legend Shirley Murdock is sitting 2 seats ...
Shirley Murdock's verison of "I Will Always Love You" with Roger Troutman that's all I can say my family the Smith Family know what im talking bout OMG!
Shirley Murdock knows she was always the sidechick.
When I sing Shirley Murdock extremely loud while in the car, I sound just like her. Swear.
Shirley Murdock wrote: The country is celebrating Independence Day... but our REAL Independence Day happened over 2000 yrs ago, when our souls got liberated from the grip of the enemy at Calvary!
I shouldn't be laughing this hard... but she's serious... What happened to 'As We Lay' sidechick Shirley Murdock? Let white jesus be.
Classic Shirley Murdock on spin "Go On Without You" ...I feel a glass of wine that is about to be poured.
Grown Folks Music shared the following link and had this to say about it: Man listen. | Sing Shirley! Go On Without You " by Shirley Murdock
I'm not the person I use to be my life has took a big tole on me since my baby die. I've been debrived of my life iv'e been lost.. don't know how to love been angry with my self I'm so lost in this world. Lord fine me in you again.. help me God? Save me from me which is evil.. pray my strength in the lord family and friends
Now playing Shirley Murdock x As we lay
As we are in the car, Nisha is our dj, I'm loving her playlist. We are listening to Zapp&Roger, Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Shirley Murdock,Percy sledge, what 15 yr old now days knows every song,that's my baby!
That's my girl! I love her music. Mary mary! Shirley murdock, fred hammound, kirk franklin,tamala mann,donnie mcckirkin and many more gospel singer. I love my gospel cd's. I love the lord. Yes! Thank you jesus. Glory to god. Amen.Amen.
Anybody who hasn't heard Shirley Murdock's version of And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going is one not truly alive.
Deftones, PJ Harvey, RATM, P.E., At the drivein, Far, Bad Brains, Jonny Greenwood, Shirley Murdock, ATCQ..I have ADHD, can you tell?
Yes we've stolen this moment, we forgot to face one simple fact, we both belong to someone else, as we slept the night away - Kelly Price.. ya youngins dnt kno bout this & no it has nothing to do wit my life
I will be so glad when this 3 days is over. then a long weekend but it will be filled with work too. I am in big need of a Vacation LOL
WANTED: Classic Cars (pre 1963), Pinup Girls, and Rockabilly Boys for "Heels & Wheels" at Bubble in August. Call Zoë for details Tues-Sat 918-74-REBEL We will have a Pinup girl contest and a Pomp & Chop contest. Guys, This is your chance to show off your pompadour!
I mean to start wit that dude sang on "Computer Love" along wit Shirley Murdock...92% of America has heard that song
I would love to see Candice Glover sing As we lay by Shirley Murdock. She would kill it on American Idol!
As we lay!! We forgot about tomorrow as we lay!! Its badd as song who ever sing this bih
Yea still up jamming. Last weekend before vacation to my beautiful island Haiti of course. Bobby brown/girlfriend, Atlantic Starr/masterpiece, Shirley Murdock/can't go on without you, Babyface/whip appeal, Keith sweat/how deep is your love, Ready for the world/love you down, Isley brothers/choosey lover.
Shirley Murdock from the stage play titled "I Love Me Better Than That"
Lil known fact Charlie Wilson song the hook on computer love with Roger Troutman
They should have had Shirley Murdock come out and do Computer Love with Uncle Charlie
Charlie Wilson just gets better with time!!!
Woman to woman x Betty Wright and Shirley Murdock
I just played Husband by Shirley Murdock on
A TD Jakes slow jam CD is like listening to Shirley Murdock's "As we Lay" with your main girl.Both not recommended.
Stream This Is That (remix) by Shirley Murdock on Home for free on Grooveshark.
The lady her lover and Lord by T.D.Jake's and Shirley Murdock is my wedding song l love this joint
Why my Daddy tryna mack on Shirley Murdock though...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
They done let Shirley Murdock come sing at this Flint church... turn up.
I Love Myself and I Love my Life! I Salute to All the Queens Cause we Never Give Up Just Fight Fight Fight!!
tGfad:) Goodmorning! For some reason Shirley Murdock As We Lay, is on repeat in my head.aha
Watching Up network,stage plays all day baby!!!Shirley Murdock can still blow!!!
Jay say n the morning u got the shirley Murdock .dam ..
Shirley Murdock... (stay with me tonight ) In my mood no drinks needed.. let the music play.. ;) Can you dig it
Who sings "As We Lay" ? I keep singing it "we forgot tomorrow as we layyy" "it's morning and now it's time for us to say goodbye GOODBYE baby"
As we lay we forgot about tomorrow as we lay, as we lay, we didn't think about the price we had to pay as lay...:).Shirley talking to a brother tonight lol...
On the highway in LA n just passed the Capitol Records building!!! Btw I'm on my way to a session with a celebrity.even tho I've studied her for years
It's funny the things you remember. I can hardly remember what I did two weeks ago, but today I was listening to the radio. Suddenly the song "Husband" by Shirley Murdock came on and I instantly remembered being in the band at South Oak Cliff High School and the routine that went with that song. Lol.
We would like to congratulate Betsy Thomas and Shirley Murdock of Bummis. They are celebrating Bummis' 25th anniversary! They are one of the cloth diaper industry's oldest and best companies.
Its morning and we slept the night happened now we can't turn back the hands of time...
As we lay/Shirley Murdock on 92.5 talkn bout she don't wanna hurt the wife.she would never understand!...
As We Lay - Shirley Murdock. You young girls would not understand.
Had a visit with dr. Murdock today,every thing looks good. Next Fri. I am having a echogram, it's been 5 yr. since the last ones so this is just a routine thing. So I am very happy. Good night!
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Riding to Shirley Murdock, on Hot 105 , Go on without you, brings back so many memories. Oh, lawd. !
Thank you Lord up early can't sleep for a number of reason..1-because I slept good through the Storm. 2.Knee hurt most of the night. 3.Usually late nite phone call. 4.Texting with my two BF. 5.The Company that trying to come and see me when the CAT is away the MOUSE will play... NATALIE COLE I AM FEELING YOU RIGHT NOW HE JUST CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM ME THAT WHAT I SAID. He going to CATCH *** I CANT CATCH WHAT I ALREDY CAUGHT IJS... 6. IT TAKE A FOOL TO LEARN THAT LOVE DON'T LOVE NOBODY BUT ME THANK YOU 7.When you think you got someone you better hold on Because you really not holding Them by yourself. 8.THAT THE BACK STABBER THAT LOOK YOU IN YOUR FACE IJS. 9.SHIRLEY MURDOCK AS WE LAY.. 10.It always come down too this Every time I turn around he back in Love again. 11.MARY J. BLIGE I LOVE MY MR. WRONG CAUSE THEY CAN'T HAVE WHAT MIND.. 12.L.T.D. WE BOTH DESERVE EACH OTHER'S LOVE..I DON'T THINK SO.
Unless you are a music artist.get that music off your website!! lol Especially if you have not received permission and paid the fee from ASCAP.
Thank you to my friends who are here at my House helping me ,I'm just a little tore back ,I just had to help Dad with some custodial care hygiene he good to go.-Clarissa Pacheco Edd Saucedo and Vero Jacovo are helping me with daily chores .Were listening to As We Lay - Shirley Murdock
Name 5 great artists/groups to come out of Cincinnati. You not a true Cincinnati artist if you don't know this. Musicology is key!
Just heard an oldie but goodie in the car, what y'all know about... Shirley Murdock's "As We Lay" Who remembers the Tampa Bay Tech Lip Sync Contest in 1987 when the girl did this song and her wig came off at the end she was so into it!
Sitting home on my patio.. Sipping me some my favorite drink .. Pepsi, lol and listening to my oldies but goodies.. Some Shirley start off..
The sweetest women in the world can be the meanest women in the world if u make her that way... Shirley Murdock said it best (A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE & HATE)
Shirley Murdock Can't Go On Without You # she is one singin sista babii!
Why is Shirley Murdock talking to me rite now .
   Somehow, something in this tranquil moment triggered a distressing memory in Dayea’s mind. She was a little girl again, peeking into her parent’s doorway early in the morning. There was her mother, the same way Dayea had last seen her before she went to bed the night before. Shirley Murdock’s “As We Lay” played over and over on her record player. She was sitting up in bed, rocking back and forth slightly, clutching a pillow to her chest. Her cheeks streaked with day old mascara and tears. Her eyes were vacant, fixed upon something in the distance that perhaps only she could see. An ashtray full of cigarette butts, still smoking, next to her.    Dayea slowly untangled herself from Aiden and stared at his sleeping face as she remembered. Mama was waiting, always waiting, for Poppa to come home. Never sleeping, never eating, only waiting, watching the moon come and go, watching the dawn creep up and stretch its rainbow of colors across the sky.    Shirley Murdock sang, “We forgot about a ...
Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing We Need a Word from the Lord (feat. Shirley Murdock) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group. All right...
Too many people forgetting about tomorrow as they lay...
As we lay...I love this song by Shirley Murdock
A selection from the (Home) cd! I loved the way she delivered this blessed!
There's no better music than those from the past, "The Manhattans, The Dells, Main Ingredient, Shirley Murdock, The Chi-Lites, Delfonics, The Stylelistics, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, & of course the late & great Luther Vandross.
i swear Shirley Murdock mangos stay on point
Due to power failure, services at Macedonia were canceled. If you would like, join me at Zion Baptist as I will be there to hear my nephew preach. Ronnie Diamond Apostle Hoard pastors in Columbus Ohio. He is a singing, Guitar playing, and preaching wizard. Ronnie was once an Ohio Player who went by the name Ronnie Diamond. Last night he was guitarist for Shirley Murdock at the concert at Bethal University. If you need a place to worship, join us there.
I woke up with a song in my heart,"You are my righteousness",yet the enemy comes to kill,steal and destroy but the devil is a liar!That song is by Shirley Murdock,its the bomb!
Listen to music by Shirley Murdock on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
I enjoyed Shirley Murdock in Concert Today wow it was amazing, & I also had lunch with her today promoted the play & met some great people. I also wanta thank my Girl Cheemika Jenkins & Spank for the hook up today much love for you guys xoxo
Just got done singing at this Shirley Murdock concert.I come outside trees laying down, I think Kennadi Hurst shook the earth when she hit dat one note! U know da one, day child be sangin!
Just met and hung out with the great Shirley Murdock !!! Sorry no pics though! Maybe after the concert.
Thank God it friday:) excited to hear shirley Murdock sang later on:)
Shirley Murdock Husband from her 1988 album A Woman's Point of View.
All 32 of Diamond's flavors must be rotten because Souldja Boy is looking mighty cozy with yuck mouth a$$ Superhead. Yesterday Superhead publicly put her tramp stamp on Souldja Boy by posting a gang of pictures on Instagram. You know its pretty official when your relationship is moved up to ...
Shirley Murdock - As We Lay From the album Shirley Murdock!, released in 1986. Notice that I slowed down the tempo and tuned the pitch down also. I decided t...
Today I am going to take yak back way back my songs of the day are go away little boy by marlina Shaw, If only you knew by Patti labell, tonight is the night Betty Wright, and woman to woman Shirley Murdock if you don't feel these ladies then you might as well kill yourself
Zapp , Lester Troutman, Terry Troutman & Shirley Murdock will be the guest on this tuesdays show May 21st, JOIN THE SHOW FOR A CHACE TO WIN!!! a PAIR of TICKETS to the upcoming FUNK CLASSIC C...
who knew that Zapp and Roger Troutman with the help of Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson sang about Computer Love 4 today.
Shirley Murdock: As We Lay blasting in my ears. like really this song had to come on when I.was thinkin about something. SMH
Shirley Murdock is hitting the spot right now 👌💋😭🚶
We can lay for the night but in the morning I get Shirley Murdock, I hope your door slams lock
Shirley Murdock's 'Husband' was gr8, Lil Mo did that thang too
Looking forward to June 21st , 2013 Shirley Murdock is in the Twin Cities.
Guess I'll watch this play...looks like Shirley Murdock is on here..
Listening to Go on without you Shirley Murdock
Do you think Candice can do good with As We Lay by Shirley Murdock?
listen to As We Lay by Shirley Murdock I think you can kill it
please please sing or just listen to (as we lay) by Shirley Murdock it is you I mean you will kill it (please please)
People help me get this out Candice Glover should sing (as we lay) by Shirley Murdock
If Candice sings (as we lay) by Shirley Murdock she would kill it plus make it a classic performance
If that's your girl you should ask her to sing As We Lay by Shirley Murdock trust she will kill it
please sing ( as we lay ) by Shirley Murdock please think about it
Hall & Oats, Anita Baker and Shirley Murdock all coming up in this hour.
Most folks love As We Lay...but this was MY joint.. ♫ Husband – Shirley Murdock
Wow how could I forget Stephanie Mills and Shirley Murdock.
LOOKING FORWARD TO A PAIR OF RELEASES coming soon on SHANACHIE ENTERTAINMENT! Keyboardist Brian Simpson returns with "Just What You Need" on April 23, 2013, featuring special guests Gerald Albright, Marc Antoine, Dave Koz and Jonathan Butler. "D'Groove," "In The Rain" and "Girl From Ipanema" are top tracks. Vocalist Chante Moore returns on April 23 as well with the debut radio single heading to urban radio, "Baby, Can I Touch Your Body?" off of her latest effort, "Moore Is More." Moore will be touring this summer with Regina Belle, Kelly Price and Shirley Murdock.
Veronica Petrucci New Single "Made It Out Alive" featuring Mississippi Mass Choir! (Nashville, TN)-Latin Soul Entertainment announces the newest single "Made It Out Alive" will feature world renown, Stellar Award winning Mississippi Mass Choir. This is the title track for her highly anticipated solo project, "Made It Out Alive", which will also feature Fred Hammond, John P. Kee, Shirley Murdock and Canton Jones. Veronica says, "'Made it Out Alive' is by far the most personal song on this album. It is the most raw description of my testimony of how God delivered me from a very long struggle with depression. 'Made It Out Alive' is the story of the one day that this darkness nearly caused me to take my own life. So it is only by the grace of God that I'm here and able to tell my story of how I made it out alive! So many people struggle with depression and stay silent but I am determined to stay silent no more..." Veronica Petrucci is most widely known by the Multi-Award winning husband and wife duo, Ang ...
In bed listening to some oldies but goodies. Earth Wind &Fire, Shirley Murdock:-) Gladys knight:-) Sade an a little Usher:-)
Shirley Murdock, Natalie Cole... -Christina Christina Nowlin, what did you start lol?!?!
Fans this weekend was amazing! Got wonderful Acting training by the one and only Donald Gray!!! He even cast me in one of his plays! Donald Gray He is known for national stage plays, "The Man of Her Dreams"(BET) "There is A Stranger In My House"(BET), "Just Be a Man About It", "When Loving You Is Hurting Me", "A Woman's Worth" and the list goes o...n. Donald has directed artist such as Karen Clark Sheard, Shirley Murdock, Tommy Ford, Jackee Harry, Allen Payne, Ralph Tresvant, Trina Braxton, Latrice Pace, Tomeka Scott, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Carvin Winans. The motto is "Make Acting Believable".
if you have GMC tv . I need someone who can upload this 3 movies.I would like to see this movie . so if u can upload them online to youtube that will be great. 1.To Love and to Cherish- starting Mel Jackson, Denise Boutté, Tommy Ford, Tammy Townsend, Mishon Ratliff and Shirley Murdock. 2.somebody child- starting Lynn Whitfield,Michael Jai White, Nadine Ellis 3.Raising Izzie -- starting Rockmond Dunbar,Vanessa Williams.
But see...that shun that type of voice nowadays. Shirley Murdock, Betty Wright, Tamela Mann. Want ADELE.
Go ahead and sample that Shirley Murdock and shoot it to me
Pardon last minute change but Model for DFE Shirley Murdock. Concert /Fashion show will be Sunday at the Aloft hotel from 4 til 6 pm. Please do not show up at north Charleston gym on Saturday. The Aloft Hotel is located by Tanger Mall. See you Sunday. Ms. Shirley Daley Model Coordinator.
Who's theme song should be Shirley Murdock- As we lay, to describe there situation this morning
Listening to Shirley Murdock while I get dressed. N she's doing the ting!!! Sing it like it is Shirley!!
As We Lay; shirley Murdock I always in on this song
AND the lookalike hair but the one who lipsync'd Shirley Murdock's thin line part tho?!
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I love that songgg mann. Shirley Murdock got off !
Good morning alll. Be Blessed on this beautiful sunday. ♫ Dream – Shirley Murdock
It's Mornning! *Shirley Murdock voice* a nice brisk walk into flagship this morning.
Mayor is listening to And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going by Shirley Murdock on Pandora
Spent the evening at The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for" The Night of Prayer to End Slavery and Human Trafficking". Yes it is still happening in 2013!!! There were Pastor's from all over the city coming together to pray, along with a presentation of a film called " Journey to Freedom". Min. Shirley Murdock closed the night with song. It was a wonderful experience.
Y'all youngins know NOTHIN bout Shirley Murdock* *** naw they don't !
Shirley Murdock Joins the National Weekend of Prayer - Later today Shirley Murdock will participate in the National...
B. Shirley = the new Johnny Murdock! Flipped the car before even crossing start line!
Me and Shirley Murdock after my show. God sent her right on time!
Shirley Murdock sang this so beautifully...:) love me better than that!!
I need someone to make some music CDs for me, how much?
~ I believe D'Angelo's cover of "Cruising" is one of the best cover songs ever done. In my opinion of course. :D
Looking for a good old school classic song to do at my gig with BREAKOUT at The Barfly at the end of the month. Any suggestions anyone???
Who voice just sets it off once they start singing: Patti Labelle or Shirley Murdock.good match up who know "good music"
Shirley Murdock's "As We Lay" is on the radio and it is wearing me out! I hate that *** song!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
On this old school ladies flow. Shirley Murdock, miki Howard, Lisa Fischer...y'all TOO young to know bout them
Shirley Murdock goes deep about going the gospel route.
Tune in to Bobby Jones Gospel in the morning to catch performances from The Rance Allen Group, Shirley Murdock, and Amber Bullock!
Dont forget to tune in to Bobby Jones Gospel tomorrow @ 9am on BET! Juawana Bilbro, Singr Man Gray, & myself with the amazing Shirley Murdock! Can't wait! *smooches*
And the disrespect continues for Roger Troutman and his children... So... Shirley Murdock and Dale Dale Anthony DeGroat are having a beautiful ceremony for Roger TOMORROW and not NONE OF ROGER'S CHILDREN WAS TOLD ABOUT THIS EVENT! How about that!?!?
2night at club Skittlez you will be entertained... True to life performances of 2 chains, Kelly Price & Shirley Murdock, Nicki Minaj & maybe Mary j blige.. Doors open at 10, free before 11, $2 Drink special, $3 well drinks, $5 top shelf, $15 pitchers, this is an event u don't want to miss.
Deitrick Haddon & Shirley Murdock-2013 Stellar Gospel Music Award NomineesPosted by: YLR Gospel NewsMusic & Entertainment earns 3 nominations for the 2013 Stellar Awards. It is always exciting to hear and experience great news about artists and how their music is be...
So I'm off today about to do my domestic thang just loaded the cd changer up with greatest hits CDs by New Edition,Shirley Murdock,Jay-Z,James Brown and Grace Jones .. What ya know about those ? Lol
Me and some friends been on our way to columbia last night listening at some old school let me tell yall them songs did something to me...them old school tracks from Shirley Murdock,Betty Wright,Al Green,Otis Redding,Marvin Gaye,Clarence Cater,Bobby Womack and Tyrone Davis was back in the days they dont make music like that any more (Dam)!!!
The video is up from the Forever R&B Concert last weekend at The Bank United Center, UM, Larry Dogg and the Dogg Band, Shirley Murdock, Dru Hill and Kelly Price were in the building and you know I interviewed them baby.check it on my website. S/O Circle of One Marketing, Suzan McDowell, Classics Recording Studio, J6 Promotions, Lorenzo Muniz, Three Diamonds Productions and the Troops, NEVER EVER FORGET!!
What are your favorite 80'S SlowJams??? Some of my favorites Rock me tonight- Freddy Jackson Do me baby - Melissa Morgan Love you down - Ready for the world Between the sheets -Isley As we lay - Shirley Murdock
Had a great Saturday night I really enjoyed Dru Hill,Shirley Murdock,and Kelly Price *** I even enjoyed Larry dogg didn't know his *** could sing lol. One question though why ms price didn't sing it will rain?:(
Kelly Price & Shirley Murdock on the same stage..beautiful singing
That was an Amazin Show! S/O to Shirley Murdock, Dru Hill, and Da Diva Ms. Kelly Price! You guys did yall Thang! Oan: next stop South Beach! Team
Love some old r&b soul.whatchu know bout Shirley Murdock and Shirley brown?
Little Giant Ladders
Are you going to the R&B forever Concert with Shirley Murdock, Kelly Price, Dru Hill and Carl Thomas September 22nd @ University of Miami Bank Atlantic Center ? If not we have a way to get you there submit a video singing a song from one of the artist performing at the concert and you could win tickets for you and a guest visit for more details.
Get your groove with us to, "Computer Love" by Zapp ft. Charlie Wilson, Shirley Murdock
09.22.12 see Kelly Price, Dru Hill, Carl Thomas & Shirley Murdock live in concert at the Bank United Center
when all things seem wrong n you've done so much - Shirley Murdock - It's In Your Hands:
Looking forward to the new Mint Condiition album...I really miss true R&B. Levert, Anita Baker, Glenn Jones, Shirley Murdock etc etc.growing up I could turn on WTLC & jam all day..every day!
Seasoned soul/gospel vocalist, Shirley Murdock, has been on a journey. Back in the `80s, she aimed for a gospel career before Roger Troutman, funk bandleader for the group Zapp snagged Murdock a record deal with Elektra Records where she recorded Top 10 R&B hits such as “As We Lay,” “Go On Without ...
Listening to As We Lay by Shirley Murdock. Y cnt Thngs be like bak in the old days?! Like wen u find yo man cheating, instead of fighting the other girl call her and sing ya heart out back n forth lmao
I love that song but how Shirley Murdock sings it
It's morning (Said while listening to Shirley Murdock). You don't know about that...
Shirley Murdock if she hasn't been featured yet
Did she said what I know about Shirley murdock
See Kelly Price, Dru Hill, Carl Thomas Live in concert with a Special Performance by Shirley Murdock!!
Beautiful song for anyone who has lost a loved one. Remember to just celebrate their life
Dru Hill, Carl Thomas and Shirley Murdock join Kelly Price Sept 22nd in Florida for 'Forever R&B' (
You know you want to go! Enter our Sweepstakes to WIN 2 free floor seat tickets!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Sometimes all u need in life is to be reminded the we all are Stars, I met Shirley Murdock yesterday, she told me she's star stuck of me.
I Still Love You by Shirley Murdock.she singing the *** outta this song. Do yourself a favor and listen.
As we lay by Shirley Murdock is my song (:
"As we lay" Shirley Murdock. I hate that darn song!
Thank u Lord 4 a dream that would not die! Tears-AC ♫ "Dream (Radio Edit) [Live]" by Shirley Murdock
As We Lay Written by Larry Troutman and Billy Beck From the album Shirley Murdock Label WMG May have content that is owned or licensed by WMG Warner Music Gr...
Shirley Murdock - "As We Lay" will always be in my top 10 favorite oldie but goodie.
Mother's of Hope was founded on July 11, 2009 with the vision to promote womanhood and restore spiritual unity. Their special guest Shirely Murdock came to Tallahassee, Fl to help them celebrate their 3rd anniversary. Here are some pictures of the volunteers of this minsitry who participated in an appreciation dinner for their services with this organization. Note To Volunteers: You are welcome to tag yourselves in these photos. Please do not crop or edit these pictures. More information regarding ordering your pictures will be provided soon. Don't forget to Like this page if you love these photos!
Today is the last day to purchase $25 floor seats 2 c Kelly Price Dru Hill Carl Thomas &SHIRLEY MURDOCK ON
Good morning family and Friends thank u GOD for another day its monday lets have a Great Day and a brand new day im sittin with my cup of Coffee gettin ready to leave for work listen to some good old shirley murdock how many remember her
Had a great time yesterday at the Shirley Murdock and ZAPP concert with my hubby and bestie ! It was off the "Chain"
Distributed by WMG. This is the BRAND, Spanking new single from Shirley Murdock "Dream". Cowritten by Dale DeGroat & T.D. Jakes! This song is from The Journe...
Saturday, September 1 at 7:30pm in EDT at Welcome Stadium
and Millie Jackson “Betty Wright, Sheba Potts, Shirley Murdock...that's what I'm feeling right now.”
The Love and Laughter Show will be starring R&B sensations Dave Hollister and Shirley Murdock. Also Comedian D. Ellis will be performing
Tickets and information for Kelly Price’s upcoming concert with Dru Hill, Carl Thomas, and Shirley Murdock at BankUnited Center in Coral Gables on 22 September 2012.
laying in bed with Kevin White listening to slow jams from the 80's & 90's ... slow jams use to be long- the artist would sang until they were finished.. nowadays u get 3:30 at the most..dang- I challenge an artist or group to bring it like Guy, NE, DeBarge, Luther, Whitney, Shirley Murdock, Switch, Keith Sweat, Maxwell, R. Kelly, Aaliyah, SWV.. list goes on.
A clip of Zapp performing live alone with Shirley Murdock. A must see clip...Classic!!!
Listening to my olskool Teddy P,The Isley Brothers, Patti Labelle, Freddy Jackson nd Shirley Murdock to name a few y'all young'ns dnt know nothing bout dat
Wow... Rance Allen, Dorthy Norwood, Shirley Murdock, and OMG... Cissy Houston! All together in one room! AMAZING!
This song by Toni Braxton Just Be A Man About It,real talk; remind of so many relationships now & days. U dont have to fake wantin someone for the right reasons if they r not bad thoughts. Lay the cards down,so a person know they have to leave u alone all together. I know I wouldnt like being noones,side piece at all. Wow,they r playin Shirley Murdock( As We Lay) on Sweat Hotel station. I dont like when a man is married & cant be honest about it put u thru all that misery & tears. They dont have real feelins for u,its all play. Its not right... Brotha's please be honest more on these issues,its not good for that person nor the one u committed too. I just see so much of this chaos from people hurtin from this. Sista's gotta do the same too. Only want somebody that is forreal urs not everybody's toy, not just a front to show case.
Church picnic TODAY from 10am-6pm at First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown. Come out and join us for a day of fun, food and fellowship as we continue to celebrate our Pastor's 10th Year Anniversary!!! Also, Shirley Murdock will be performing along with the FBC Choir starting @ 3pm! Tickets are only $10! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PASTOR NELSON AND FAMILY! May God continue to bless you as you continue to bless us!
If you didn't come to the .In the Spirit of... concert at the Convention Center , either yesterday or today, you definitely missed a Spectacular performance. DCDC, Shirley Murdock, and the Dayton Mass Choir, It was AWESOME! If you missed it this year - Don't miss it next year..The Best is Yet to Come
today in history In 2006, 50 Cent is named Songwriter of the Year and Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" wins Song of the Year at the 23rd annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles. In 2004, Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak, have their second baby, six-pound, seven-ounce girl Zahra Savannah. And in 1966, Bill Cosby wins his first Emmy, for I Spy. He's named Best Actor in a Dramatic Series, the first black person to win the category. On the birthday front, Jadakiss is 37, Donell Jones is 39, MC Eiht and Naomi Campbell are both 42, Johnny Gill is 46, and Shirley Murdock is 54.
Computer Love is a song by the group Zapp & Roger featuring vocals by Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson. Kickback relax and enjoy the 80's !!!
Music video by Darwin Hobbs featuring Shirley Murdock performing Nobody Like Jesus. Buy mp3:
Tidying the house with the oldies on. Shirley Murdock, Patte labelle, Nancy Wilson, Roberta Flack, Vesta Williams and more.
Listening to the Temptations, Shirley Murdock, Isley Bros, Bobby Womack...smh my Mama said she'll DJ...SHE needs to ride w/my Aunt & Uncle...I need to hear Wale, J Cole, Tupac,!
Shirley Murdock & Regina Belle did their thing on this one!!! Love it!!!
Just had a bangin seafood platter wit my munchskins and some gud convo,they're the funniest,now Im feelin R&B ish so its time to pull this playlist out and take it down...some Shirley Murdock,some old Toni Braxton,Atlantic Starr,Avant,Jodeci,Dru Hill,Keshia Cole,Faith Evans,Earth Wind &Fire,Johnny Gill,Lo Key,Mint Condition,Silk,Exscape,and my baby M J B!!! Im ready I'll spark at y'all when I come back down to Earth
Great version of the Zapp classic,featuring vocals from Charlie Wilson and Shirley Murdock.
Distributed by WMG. Check out this new video featuring the versatile, powerhouse songstress, Shirley Murdock along with a few of her closest friends: Regina ...
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