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Shirley Bassey

Dame Shirley Bassey, DBE (born 8 January 1937), is a Welsh singer. She found fame in the mid-1950s and was one of the most popular female vocalists in Britain during the last half of the 20th century .

Dame Shirley Bassey Tom Jones James Bond Gary Barlow Max Boyce Big Spender Tina Turner Catherine Zeta Jones Kanye West Benjamin Franklin Andy Williams Curtis Mayfield Isaac Newton Nina Simone Katie Couric Dylan Thomas Amy Winehouse

This is my life, SHIRLEY BASSEY via
What Dame Shirley Bassey album wis that then?
Title song to,'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971) sung by my favorite Bond girl,. Shirley Bassey
Dame Shirley Bassey, I ask that you guide my thoughts, my actions and my perceptions. Amen.
Hey why have we never had a Shirley Bassey lipsync?
The newest James Bond movie: "Golddigger" (I can almost hear Shirley Bassey singing it now 🙃
You don't get older, you get better. -Shirley Bassey
Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey - History Repeating. and now.
Tonight Matthew...I'm going to be...Dame Shirley Bassey also i'm aware the hair is wrong!!!
Jose Feliciano, Spanky Wilson, Shirley Bassey are the three best.
Shirley Bassey, Africa (it's on Music From LIttle Brown), and this isn't soul but holy crap:
Available now: gorgeous bag signed by the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey, featured on last week's
.Every time I see SPOONBENDERS, my mind's voice says it like Shirley Bassey:
Now playing on radio_sydney RED: "Diamonds Are Forever" by Shirley Bassey [from Diamonds Are Forever Soundtrack]
Great track from the fifties: Blues in the Night by Bassey, Shirley.
Just caught a snippet of Shirley Bassey singing History Repeating . What a great song
And JC will do a cover version of Shirley Bassey's 'Hey Big Spender' no doubt.
I added a video to a playlist Shirley Bassey - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Shirley Bassey at her Record Shop in West End Lane, London with Danny Williams, Shane Fenton (later Alvin Stardust)…
Gatland: "Launchbury & Joseph have played well but how could I leave out Shirley Bassey and Catherine Zeta-Jones?"
...Barbara Windsor, Bobby Charlton, Brian Blessed, Ridley Scott, Shirley Bassey and Willie Rushton were all born in 1937
Don't for me: Shirley Bassey attempted to headbutt Clarke.
Six Nations advert: We had Admiral Nelson and Winston Churchill. Wales went with Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones. 👍🏼
That rugby advert on - fans bragging about their countries. Wales' contribution was 'Shirley Bassey' and 'Tom Jones'...jesus wept 😴
'It was devastating' Shirley Bassey reveals her voice failed after her daughter's death
I liked a video from Shirley Bassey - The Royal Albert Hall Concert 1973
Mr. Singh in our local tandoori take away has a photo with Dame Shirley Bassey. Not sure how much he influences her…
Why has changed its profile pic gold? I reckon Spandau Ballet are about the announce. Or Neil Youn…
I ain't judging by the way. You should see my mother's school photos. She looks like Shirley Bassey in a sea of white faces
So cute! "Dame Shirley Bassey + Ralph Fiennes dancing at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards after party"
Dame Shirley Bassey - I'm Still Here. Your still here, and I'm still waiting for my tickets dear!.
Dawg. NO ONE beats Shirley Bassey or Sade when it comes to singing.
Ralph Fiennes and the unstoppable Shirley Bassey tearing up the dance floor at the…
Just a casual shot with Dame Shirley Bassey. As you do!
Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey for the title?
Shirley Bassey's BBC show today in 1976 starts with her waterskiing. We don't need to add any more, do we?
I liked a video Louise Redknapp & Kevin Clifton American Smooth to 'Big Spender' by Shirley Bassey -
When I was a young man I understood you never listen to Shirley Bassey on a Sunday night, the melancholy tone of...
When you live in a safe place like Monte Carlo, you can walk home ...
Something for your Sunday ... Shirley Bassey - I am what I am
It's okay. We all said things we regret. Like how said that Adele was the successor to Shirley Bassey.
Tina Turner and Goldeneye is the natural successor to Shirley Bassey's classics.
Or even Shirley Bassey as Andy Kershaw was keen to suggest
Adele did a masterful job of channeling John Barry & Shirley Bassey. It's a tie for me.
As a kid I listened to Aretha, Sammy Davis,Shirley Bassey. Didnt know they were black. Black ppl were on TV
Ha, you'd think they would have picked a different location; this one still has Shirley Bassey's voice echoing arou…
Sophie Tucker & Shirley Bassey played there. Paul Newman married Joanne Woodward there.
I found that I could make people laugh doing people like Shirley Bassey. Fortunately it worke
Segueing from History of Byzantium podcast to Dame Shirley Bassey's Get this Party Started on Soldiers Field Road like a boss
Oh my goodness!! Shirley Bassey and Blake on the Graham Norton show! What.a Christmas carol!
As unpropitious as things were in Tiger Bay then, it gave us the estimable Shirley Bassey.
Max Boyce, Shirley Bassey, can you hear me? Dylan Thomas, Cerys Matthews. Beddgelert, Sam Warburton - we gave you one *** of a beating. 😧
Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Cerys from Catatonia, Huw Edwards, Super Furry Animals...your boys took one *** of a beating!
Shirley Bassey, Nerys Hughes, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ruth Madoc, Max Boyce, your boyos took one *** of a beating
Max Boyce, Shirley Bassey, H from Steps, 'im out of The Alarm - your boys did you proud :)
Right now Gareth Bale is bigger than Zeta-Jones, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins, a sheep, Richard Burton.. Green, grass of home
I liked a video Sofonda Cox does Shirley Bassey
A triumph in planning the 90th Anniversary party, well done ITV and everyone involved , and Shirley Bassey has still got…
not familiar with Eric Bibb, my early teens coincided with the emergence of Shirley Bassey, Bill Haley & the Comets
Rachel Smith having a golden Shirley Bassey moment, a throwback to the glamour days gone by
and Shirley Bassey to sing at the Queens party
Shirley Bassey and Gary Barlow to perform for Queen...
Shirley Bassey and Gary Barlow join Queen&birthday line-up
Shirley Bassey and Gary Barlow are the latest acts to be announced for the Queen's birthday concert in Windsor.
BBC News - Shirley Bassey and Gary Barlow join Queen's birthday line-up
Shirley Bassey and Gary Barlow will perform for the Queen at her 90th birthday celebrations https:…
Shirley Bassey to sing at Queen's 90th. . Shirley Bassey and Gary Barlow join the line-up of stars performing for the Queen as part of her 9
Gary Barlow and Shirley Bassey added to concert line up at Windsor Castle
And ultimately, Mark's work with Amy was just ripped straight from the 50s and 60s, The Ronettes and people like Shirley Bassey.
Let Ms19 sync her phone to the car Bluetooth - thanks to A$AP Rocky I shall never hear Shirley Bassey's Big Spender the same way again.
Big Spender (Wild Oscar Mix) by Shirley Bassey from the album The Remix Album ... Diamonds Are Forever. Listen at
Shirley Bassey, Charlotte Church, Shaun the Sheep, Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony Hopkins we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all!
Daily Mail asks is Adele the love child of Shirley Bassey & Sarah Millican after start of her tour
Diamonds are forever by Shirley Bassey will FOREVER be the soundtrack to my life 💎
Buy Shirley Bassey the Magic Is You Produced by Nick DeCaro for the Entertainment Company, Engineerd
Shirley Bassey is the Goldfinger vocalist and she is indeed a beautiful black woman. 😀
Conchita Wurst On Love, Shirley Bassey And Sydney Mardi Gras. 💜💜you inspire me so much
Shirley Bassey sang Goldfinger...and yep...she's black.
playing on Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey at
I had NO IDEA that the horn hook from Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy is from a Shirley Bassey tune! We need a live collaboration NOW.
In my mother's record collection, Shirley Bassey singing Climb Every Mountain. Please. I had no chance!
When Lisa sings, it’s like Dame Shirley Bassey is in the room …
Shirley Bassey is still the epitome of glamour.
gown as worn by Dame Shirley Bassey 4 last night
You don't get older, you only get better.- Shirley Bassey.
i know. Goin on like Shirley Bassey 😂
If I want to hear somebody sing louder than is really necessary, I'd rather listen to Shirley Bassey than Streisand. Babs has no clue
looking forward to the Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark duet, and that Acker Bilk tribute was great
For a moment, I thought I was listening to Shirley Bassey on Spotify - then realised it was Laura Mvula (not a complaint, btw)
I love Shirley Bassey! My parents loved her too, had all her albums. She & Nancy Wilson were always on in our house. :)
Born today: Elvis, Bowie, Shirley Bassey, Robby Krieger (also: R Kelly, Sean Paul). A very good day to be born on if you wanna be a musician
Only Love by Andra Day got a familiar lil Shirley Bassey mixed with Amy Winehouse feel 😌 ♫
If Tom Jones ever sang with Shirley Bassey, they'd probably have to totally redesign ears.
This is Shirley Bassey's Christmas card and David Walliams thinks it's the best ever
This woman is marrying the gayest man in the world! What will the theme be? Shirley Bassey? Liberace? Brokeback Mountain?.
Adele will never be Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin. I'll even throw Shirley Bassey and Amy Winehouse in the mix.
If you're still not feeling festive, this Stars in their Eyes Band Aid led by "Shirley Bassey" should do the trick. https:/…
Couple of piccies from last nights Snowflake Ball in Cardiff with Liza Starlight as Shirley Bassey and Dean Jones...
indeed not! I prefer a bona fide Bond theme such as from a Gladys Knight, Matt Monroe, Shirley Bassey type you know :) xx
Important people in history like Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey, Isaac Newton, Katie Couric and Benjamin Franklin were all Capric…
sat listening to shirley bassey on a bus full of weirdos that smell like weed or BO on a Monday morning I couldn't be more tragic
I liked a video from Shirley Bassey - The Electric Proms Concert 2009
Love the theme song, too. Dame Shirley Bassey is the only performer to sing multiple James Bond themes. She sang three of them.
Agent Upton loves to dance to Shirley Bassey
to me, it feels it should be sung by a powerful female like the Shirley Bassey bond themes... The falsetto lacks the impact!
Hold on--Shirley Bassey has never recorded a song? She has now--with classical boy band   10% Off
Dame Shirley Bassey is a legend. Only woman to sing for multiple Bond movies. And she's black 😋. Her voice is amazing.
Anton is amazing makes me go all goose bumps when he sings and forget the comments about the faces shirley bassey does it
Dame Shirley Bassey-style rendition of 'stuffed owls are forever'...
can't beat a bit of Shirley Bassey though surely?
I've always seen you as the Shirley Bassey type …
Shirley Bassey nothing more needs said
As much as I like Nancy Sinatra's version, in 2007 Shirley Bassey remixed and sang You Only Live Twice:
Not great is it, Adele or Shirley Bassey should have got the gig.
Young Boy: "Who was that scary man that you sang as after Adele?". Me: "Shirley Bassey" My Th…
Looking forward to it! Is there any Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey in tonight's show?
Tom Jones, Nye Bevin, Shirley Bassey, Gareth Bale, the Stereophonics - your boys only *just* lost and you must be so proud and heartbroken 💔
Genius! Look away, u won't believe its not Tom Jones & Shirley Bassey
you rock!!! You would be one of dream dinner guests along with Shirley Bassey, The Reynolds Girls and Hazell Dean!
James Bond songs are ones that build to a crescendo. Go listen to the Queen of Bond themes Shirley Bassey. brought that back.
Shirley Bassey is trending because people really don't like Sam Smith's Bond song
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somehow I missed this Shirley Bassey rejected bond song for Quantum. pretty *** good
Ha loving ive had many a trip down memory lane from Barbara Dickson to & Shirley Bassey!!
Yup I admit - Im a James Bond nerd... watched them from a lil kid... Grace Jones and Shirley Bassey had me hooked on phonics
Club in Maesglas, Newport where Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey sang could be turned into housing
In the new album of Il volo' there is a song called 'La Vita' Can it be that song? :-) by Shirley Bassey.
1st i wanted to be Shirley Bassey, then Barbra Streisand and Whitney Huston it's only taken over 50 years to want to be me!
James Bond Theme Songs: 5 of the best - with Shirley Bassey and Bond songs through the ages.
When I think of Wales, I think of these four people: Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Catherine Zeta-Jones and - oh, and Giggs.
I could hear Shirley Bassey on the stereo @ London Film Museum
Taylor ready to rock Blackpool: From Arthur Askey to Shirley Bassey, the Winter Gardens in Blackpool bring out...
please add David Bowie, Shirley Bassey, R Kelly, Stephen Hawking AND Kim Kong-un to the list. Big day.
if you want a brilliant smooth CD - look out Shirley Bassey's Performance - listening to it now - what a voice
Check out what I found. Shirley Bassey All of Me LP via
ffggjk wait at this Shirley Bassey avi. You stan for the dame? :owowreally:
Dame Shirley Bassey, the famous British singer known for her 007 theme song “Diamonds Are Forever,” is half Nigerian.
And Dame Shirley Bassey is the undisputed queen of
I think Errol Brown nicked his outfit from Shirley Bassey..
Well all this set has done is make me want to listen to Billie Holliday, Curtis Mayfield, Shirley Bassey & Freddie Mercury
Most definitely. he would be a great hit. If Shirley Bassey and Lione Ritchie can do itso can Cliff.
Best part of Kayne West set . the Shirley Bassey extract .
Curtis Mayfield, Foreigner, Daft Punk, Shirley Bassey can take huge composition based credit for this by 'Ye.
funny, he's singing now... Tell that to elvis, Shirley bassey, frank Sinatra, all of Motown, Tom Jones etc
Bring out Shirley Bassey and all is forgiven!!!
In all seriousness, it is interesting that the crowd sounded delighted to hear Shirley Bassey there.
I thought he might bring out Shirley Bassey for some glam. He's got his painting clothes on
Best part of Kanye's set at Glasto is hearing Shirley Bassey pre recorded.
You realise that there was a lawsuit about the Shirley Bassey sample?
The only way Kanye West can rescue this nightmare right now is by bringing on Shirley Bassey to duet Diamonds are Forever
Hoorah its Dame Shirley Bassey come to save us. That applause was hers & now the crowd is trying to drown out Kanye's singing. Louder crowd
Shirley Bassey and John Barry must be so proud that a bloke's talking over their song, well done Kanye
Remember when Shirley Bassey turned up and blew Glasto away with a proper set rather than some karaoke act posing as a "musician"?
putting that 2nd. Shirley Bassey is the GOAT.
Mum got all disappointed that Shirley Bassey didn't walk on when she heard diamonds.Yes mum Kanye's guest would totally be Shirley Bassey 😂
Shirley Bassey v Kanye West omg give me the Dame anytime!Never boring!
Recreate that Kanye at Glastonbury sound by playing a CD of Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey and then shouting over it.
seems that the crowd are enjoying the Shirley Bassey sample more than
Shirley Bassey did that song at Glastonbury better without Kanye...
sampling Shirley Bassey is just the best thing
Don't you just love a bit of Shirley Bassey 😏
Talking over Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds Are Forever"? He's gone to far now. That's treason.
if you break it down, its just talking dead fast about how ace you think you are over a Shirley Bassey record, and thats weird!
At last some good music, Shirley Bassey and even that was a recording!
Please can shirley bassey really be there so we can have a headliner that can actually sing. I love shirley
No way Kanye West should be a headliner bring on Shirley Bassey! Lol!
Wish Kanye West would shut up so I can hear Shirley Bassey.
Please make it stop now. Bring Shirley Bassey on.
Now we are talking Shirley Bassey at
how about a bit of Shirley Bassey for ya! x
*** i thought Shirley Bassey was back. Shame
Needs a guest performer - how good would've Shirley Bassey been right now? Jay-Z? anyone?
Please let Shirley Bassey walk on in a pair of combats
Then I shall wait. At the moment I'm mostly just enjoying the Shirley Bassey backing track.
why is he talking over Shirley Bassey? Can't he hear the backing track?
is Shirley Bassey in the house tonight?
If ever a set was crying out for a Shirley Bassey guest cameo it's this one! Missed opportunity!
You had it easy. No Max Bygraves, Cilla Black & Des O'Connor for you. Shirley Bassey barely kept me going
and of course you're Miss Moneypenny? Or Shirley Bassey?
Now imagining Andy Williams or Shirley Bassey singing "Where does art fit in, the DH story of how great a thing can be" :-)
Do you know Catherine Zeta Jones, Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey. And anything to do with sheep
This video has made news in Europe. A campaign for Shirley Bassey to sing the next James Bond theme.
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can't take my eyes off you: Andy Williams, Muse, Barry Manilow, Shirley Bassey, The Overtones, Brenda Lee, Bobby Darin
Two James Bond fans create epic video calling for Shirley Bassey to sing theme song for Spectre: IT'S become o...
The campaign by 2 fans to get Shirley Bassey the James Bond 'Spectre' Theme song gig. Very clever...
Just played: Strangers in the Night - Shirley Bassey - Shirley Means Bassey(United Artists)
Does anyone know is Shirley Bassey has a blue plaque in Cardiff? Can't seem to find one.
ICYMI Anthems, Elton John, honesty & Wayne Hennessey in the Shirley Bassey Wales became http:…
It is rumoured that Adele is recording the theme to SPECTRE. It would be her 2nd James Bond theme. Shirley Bassey sang three 007 themes.
Speaking of Shirley Bassey might be one of the most underappreciated singers/artists of all time
Dame Shirley Bassey on the runway during the Fashion for Relief catwalk show
".., to tell the story of how great a love can be." ♫ Where Do I Begin by Shirley Bassey —
X-Radio. now playing... Shirley Bassey - Light my fire.
Just found a Shirley Bassey version of Pink's Get The Party Started. It's kind of cool, and a little surreal.
It makes you think: Shirley Bassey has reopened a grave her search for the greatest infant in Africa.
You just played Shirley Bassey's 'History Repeating', and saved my Thursday.
All By Myself by Shirley Bassey from the album: All By Myself (Remastered)
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Shirley Bassey - Reach for the Stars Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
And now...Leontyne Price does a Shirley Bassey with some help by Previn
Top story = Shirley Bassey has demolished eight million of flatss, using more than a broken hammer.
Hey Big Spender... spend a little time with me ♫ Big Spender – Shirley Bassey
and maybe a rendition of Shirley Bassey's version of 'Get The Party Started'
serums are forever. Use one up and W and others. -shirley bassey (to 1st stanza of diamonds are forever)
VIDEO: Singer songwriter Jackie Trent dies. The singer and songwriter Jackie Trent - who co-wrote hits for stars such as Shirley Bassey ..
On my way to Pomerol with Shirley Bassey's brilliant version of "Light My Fire".
it's one of the worse ones I'd say, despite Shirley Bassey & bringing back Connery? 2 camp baddies? Blofeld with hair?
It was on that concerning my late parents' love of Shirley Bassey.
how fantastic thank you. The wonderful shirley bassey
Tunes for your break. Seems globalized McCarthyism is real , enjoy ! Shirley Bassey & The Propellerheads
I get to hear Shirley Bassey sing finally since mr scott dont let us hear it in class😂
A programme just said Shirley Bassey and Samantha and I instinctually sang "Shirley Bassey" with jazz hands x
Katherine Jenkins, Shirley Bassey, Gavin Henson your girls have taken one *** of a beating
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Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey...and Geraint Jarman on the all Welsh edition of "The Show About" Wednesday at 9PM on WSDL, 90.7
Paloma Faith - for when Shirley Bassey feels too real for you.
Paloma should be singing with Dame Shirley Bassey.
Likes of Shirley Bassey and Bernie Ecclestone will be giving it the big one in the office tomorrow I expect.
Classic comedy Ant and Dec. All we need now is Tom Jones to knob Shirley Bassey.
Shirley Bassey...And I love her so. And, OMG the gowns that this woman wears are exquisite. She is a rare and amazing singer.
Dame Shirley Bassey won Best British Female at the first ever in 1977. Pretty sure she still is...
would get the best Shirley Bassey impression award!
In other news, Justin Bieber and Dame Shirley Bassey on the Monaco guest list. Sing off, anyone?
Gaga's Climb Every Mountain was spectacular, but listen to Shirley Bassey blast it out of the park
A roomful of GREAT Brits on my birthday in 1994! Dame Shirley Bassey, David Frost, Michael Caine &…
Dame Shirley Bassey Yesterday when i was young. 1997. Part 2:
I'll make this a tradition ... beer and Shirley Bassey after midnight on days I get my *** kicked at work and literally
“If I could sing like anyone I'd definitely want to sing like Frankie Valli”* Shirley Bassey
But YOLO sounds like a really excellent Bond movie. James Bond in You Only Live Once. Shirley Bassey sings the theme or Katy Perry w/ever...
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Where is our sense of humour and whimsy and Shirley Bassey? I'm sorry for all of it.
Been channelling my inner Shirley Bassey at Choir practice tonight.
I have it. Had to, for the Shirley Bassey track alone. I like it.
God, I could listen to Shirley Bassey's cover of Don't Cry Out Loud all day and all night. Jesus, I'm SUCH a ***
.Proud to announce the inaugural lineup for Bassey GP, named in honour of Dame Shirley herself.
Fifty years ago, Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger, arguably the greatest James Bond theme of all, and one of the most explosive musical
Why, after giving Shirley Bassey 2 blinders in Goldfinger & Diamonds are Forever, did Bond producers give her the utterly limp Moonraker? 😴
I just used Shazam to discover Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix) by Shirley Bassey.
Shirley Bassey song on replay in my head now
This gal is brilliant. Her Liza and Shirley Bassey are spot on.
My last hour of DJing has involved Buddy Rich, Lyn Collins, Shirley Bassey and Joe Cocker. (Not in person). Love DJing Saturday nights!
The perfect song for today. Miss Shirley Bassey - History Repeating. . "Well, what can I say? It's different." :-)
she's down for Eurovision with all of us but of course it's got to be fancy dress and she has to be Shirley Bassey
Been a while since I heard this. Thought you might like a listen too. Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey
No one sings "Till" like Shirley Bassey. No one sings "He" like Al Hibbler. Go to Youtube, enjoy.
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Dame Shirley getting me through and afternoon! Go on, give it a listen. Shirley Bassey - Don't Cry Out Loud:
GOLDFINGER - the first James Bond film with a Shirley Bassey song and what a fabulous song it is
Shirley bassey griff Rhys Jones, Rhyl ,'re boys...
Tom Jones, Dylan Thomas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Shirley Bassey, your boys took one *** of a beating!
You ain't no Shirley Bassey: Is there anything more likely to turn your whole body in on itself than the sight...
Tom Jones,Neil Kinnock,Shirley Bassey,Shaun the Sheep your boys took a *** of a beating.,.
Tom Jones, Max Boyce, Shirley Bassey, Prince Charles, The DVLA, Ruth Madoc, Ivor the Engine, your boys took one *** of a beating
THAT moment when you're in the coffee shop writing with headphones on, singing by Shirley Bassey ...
Live and Let Die, You Only Live Twice, the Shirley Bassey songs and Adele crushed it as bond themes.
Another Rolls Royce of music and dance...Originally co-written and recorded by Jennifer Rush in 1984, Shirley Bassey does a beautiful cover of this powerful ...
excellent! I'm excited, perhaps Shirley Bassey and Adele could do the theme song?
Bunneez like Tina Turner's cover of Help and Aerosmith's Come Together & Shirley Bassey's Something
you've never heard of Shirley Bassey...
Nina Simone's 'Here Comes the Sun'. Al Green's 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' and Shirley Bassey's 'Something', to name just 3
What song was diva belting out, watch out Shirley Bassey.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ah wonderful, thank goodness, so we can forget the SBITS (Shirley Bassey Imogen Tourette Syndrome)
come on lets face facts, it must have been her, did you hear her say Shirley Bassey at any time...apparently
I remember when my nan fooled me to thinking I knew Shirley bassey for like 5 years :/
🎅🎅 Shirley Bassey as a dinner guest? As long as you don't want her to cook… . » .
Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey is in Candystripe. Download it now at
Shirley Bassey - "I'm a virgin & I brought up all my children to be the same."
Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever on WOWRadio Where Women RULE! Listen on your smartphone or tablet!
Shirley Bassey - You'll Never Know on Classic Hits Uk - The Station With The Heart Of Gold at
Dionne, Gladys, Aretha, Ella, Dinah, Natalie, Sarah Vaughan, and Shirley Bassey among others are going to get me...
Brad Jones thinks that it's Tuesday...and he's Shirley Bassey
yes, as a child I watched the Royal Variety Show with my parents. My father would be disgusted Shirley Bassey wasn't the main act
So very true, and being 50 plus I find this applies more so. And in the words of Dame Shirley Bassey " I am what I am". We are all a product of our past, that includes the good along with the bad. And your "true friends" love you and stick by you no matter what
Shirley Bassey - I Who Have Nothing: It's better if i could hear you sing this song Happy Saturday ^^~
1972 (A beautiful song from veteran vocalists/entertainer Shirley Bassey as recorded and released on her 1972 LP, 'And I Love You So'). The Carpenters had a ...
I'm listening to Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger '65 on Real Gold Radio with TuneIn.
it the the full-throated Shirley Bassey version with all the vibrato? That makes them nuts.
Shirley Bassey: 'It was an honour to be a part of The Royal Variety Performance': Dame Shirley Bassey serenade...
Another day done doing perfectly normal things ostentatiously *dons sequin nightie, goes to bed, shirley bassey soundtrack*
Not touching the end of Shirley Bassey's dress?
Missed musical theatre opportunity: Shirley Bassey as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard
To quote Shirley Bassey 'kiss me Derek Derek kiss me!'
Shirley Bassey and Paloma Faith singing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" is brilliant. And Bassey's still got it.
I think Shirley Bassey would be an unsuitable candidate for the job.
I'd go for the Goldfinger riff over Adele ONLY if it's Deadpool singing it, Shirley-Bassey-style.
Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey, though. First one to use those two chords you hear in this theme.
I added a video to a playlist Dame Shirley Bassey - Vehicle
If you missed it, a menacing SPECTRE hangs over channels Shirley Bassey.
Shirley bassey was the best singer on all the bond films diamond are forever... goldfinger...
The guy doing Bryan Ferry is actually the best one here (along with the Shirley Bassey).
“Working in draft layers. A little glimpse how I my With Shirley Bassey in background
I like to think of her as the world's most famous Welshwoman, though C. Zeta-Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey might not agree.
50th Anniversary of GOLDFINGER ... Theme sung by Shirley Bassey :-)
A couple of Friday night beers in the shirley bassey it's been a while...
perfect moment when I only partially read and had a vision of Shirley Bassey on the question time panel
When it comes to raining, it's wine I sipping while hear Shirley Bassey singing..
I'd like to pretend I default to Shirley Bassey for fake Bond tunes in my head, but it's actually Tina Turner. :(
Don't know why but I sense a Shirley Bassey in there somewhere; maybe because I have far more talent than Simon...
Next up in Dame Shirley Bassey singing The Performance of My Life.
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