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Shiner Bock

Spoetzl Brewery is a brewery located in Shiner, Texas, USA. The brewery produces the popular line of Shiner Beers, including their flagship Shiner Bock, a dark lager that is now distributed in 43 states.

San Antonio Lone Star South Texas

Heineken and Shiner Bock is definitely an acquired taste imo tho.
The Podcasts rock! FYI Shiner Bock is a beer made by the brewery Shiner. Bock is a style of beer. Many people confuse this.
how's my night going? im dancing to boogie wonderland by the beejees and drinking a cranberry ginger shandy bc I ran out of shiner bock πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
You can bet your *** I'm at the Korner Klub drinking a Shiner Bock and having a burger after all that madness.
Its Pasta and Pint night! 6-close $1.00 off all pasta dishes *we now have gluten free penne available! & $3.00 Yuengling & Shiner Bock pints
I used to hate beer but then I drank shiner bock and that was a game changer
I just want a 6 pack of Shiner Bock and to cuddle my dog for 3 hours.
Drinkin' on a Wednesday night. Christmas time is here. - Drinking a Shiner Bock @ Baker St. Pub & Grill -
Fat Tire is alright, but I wish I had some Shiner Bock in my fridge
Idk why my coworkers hype up shiner bock. That *** is not that good. πŸ˜’
"& the rays of light through a Shiner Bock bottle make me wanna turn the key and put down the throttle, get lost down 35."
Shiner Bock you have a place in my heartπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
I just traded my neighbor a Shiner Bock for a cup of flour. Just in case you're looking for someone to negotiate a contract for you.
I thought FOR SURE Shiner Bock would be higher.
Only good thing about Texas is western movies and Shiner Bock.
On the coloring thing, Shiner Bock isn't actually a bock. It just has caramel coloring added to make it look like a bock.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Shiner Bock yes but most of the seasonal beers are top notch.
I thought Shiner Bock would rank higher
it most likely has to do with convenience. I bet you can buy Shiner Bock in 1 or two places in the stadium.
Criminal that Shiner Bock was so low on the list. Come on Longhorn fans!
Didn't anyone see *** or High Water"? Quintessential movie. No characters drank Bud, that's for sure. All…
I expected to see much higher totals for Shiner Bock and Lone Star. However, college kids will always go for the ch…
Wow. What ever happened to Shiner Bock country?
I used to watch this when I was a kid while drinking eggnog. Now I drink ice cold Shiner Bock. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Wait, I thought the Texas Challenge was to see if your ding a ling could fit into a Shiner Bock long neck?
Titos, Shiner Bock, and the Casey Donahew Band. Texas' top 3 exports.
My weekend score card: 9 pints of Shiner Bock yesterday, three glasses of wine on plane, with a scheduled fire pit party tonight.
Just made a bet with Mando. If I don't cut my hair for the rest of the year, I'll win $50 and a 12 pack of shiner bockπŸ™ŒπŸ»
hmmm...that's a tough one. A proper dilemma. Better prepare for Hula Hut in 6 weeks for Shiner Bock fajitas!
don't forget Shiner Bock. Everyone in South Texas was drinking it when I was there for Easter weekend.
and, obviously, have a Shiner Bock (brewery is ~2hours west of Houston)
It's been like two years since I've had a Shiner Bock, and that's not okay.
thanks for following me. Have a great night in Texas. I miss having a Shiner Bock, my favourite Texas beer
A tasty beer. Good to be in Texas. - Drinking a Shiner Bock by at β€”
Two Days Left to ENJOY our Burger of Month for March... The Shiner Bock Burger. Stay tuned for April's Burger of The Month.
6-Way Tuesday starts at 4pm! Sample all 6 of our meats with a choice of side for just $9.99! Also featuring $3 Shiner Bock Drafts!
My vote is definitely the Shiner Bock.
The Texas beer on the hallowed grounds of Larry Joe Taylor fest. (Shiner Bock)
Stop by for an ice cold Shiner Bock!
Walk off plane and in to bar across from gate for a Shiner Bock & quesadilla. Connecting flights aren't always bad.
Loved this new dish at (in tequila and Shiner Bock glaze on a bed of rice…
I want to wake up to a cold Shiner Bock sitting on my bedside table tomorrow. Would be the best way to start my birthday tbh.
Somewhere down in Texas by Jason Boland has got me wishin for a couple acres in Texas and a shiner bock in my hand right now
Store was out of Shiner Bock Ruby Red, so I grabbed this beauty from Magic Hat. Highly recommend…
Well, the guys should be proud of me today, my first Shiner Bock!
I thought of another one... Bock Lesner. It's just a 6 pack of shiner bock, but who's against that?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
There's nothing better than a case of shiner bock, red dirt music, and a back road with you
I'm a Texas frat star, how can I not Shiner Bock?
Finna go fishing and drink a 6 of shiner bock with my lovely girl and my 2 boys toby and buster 🎣
Thanks to Barb & Wayne for the bock. Have a case to work through. - Drinking a Shiner Bock by -
Hello, dark beer, my old friend . . . - Drinking a Shiner Bock by -
gross. Stick with the Shiner Bock collection if you're feeling experimental
Nothing wrong with a little Shiner. - Drinking a Shiner Bock by -
Shiner Bock beer bread has been mixed and kneaded. Now 24 hours to rest in the fridge and rise.
Probably shouldn't have shotgunned a shiner bock on an empty stomach. Kind of buzzing right now
out of curiosity, why hasn't Shiner Bock been a sponsor? Is it something to do with being all-ages friendly? Or a legal thing?
I like this beer. A little hoppy, full body, black color and a tiny bit sweet. Ni... (Shiner Bock)
shiner bock is delish. I see it here , but I'm in a city I haven been before. Have to try their local fare
we have St Arnolds here which is ok. I love Shiner Bock because they don't over hop.
Shiner Bock is average fam (picture has nothing to do with anything)
Just picked up a case of the classics. Sixers of Shiner Bock, Lawnmower, Turbodog and Boston Lager. Cheaper than one bottle of Love Child.
she used Shiner Bock and tequila. Said it's traditional Texas style. No beans either. Really good! The steak melted at each bite
Ryan Montbleau concert with my better half.and a Shiner Bock β€” feeling relaxed at Craftsman House Gallery
You could do an awesome commercial for Shiner Bock, just raise a beer and say SHINERRR BAWK!
Shiner Bock is the elixir of the gods!
I'd have to check the price at Whole Foods, but its $9 a bottle online. At that price, you could buy a 6-pack of Shiner Bock.
Smoked turkey, short ribs, tailpipes and a 22 of Shiner bock.. you know, a little light dinner.
Shiner Bock and Texas toast because I'm both lazy and fond of food/alcoholic beverages from my home state.
Seriously, does it get anymore Texas than this? - Drinking a Shiner Bock at -
Shiner Bock is so good. I recommend everyone try it.
I'm really not a fan of beer. At all. If it's not blue moon, shiner bock, or the beer Rita things, I probably won't drink it.
dude straight up chillin in Middleton with a shiner bock on his desk.
My post-Rapids match Meal of sorrow was a Carne Adovada burrito with red chili. Washed it down with an ice cold Shiner Bock.
Beer Bucket Specials, Otra Vez, Shiner Bock.. just a few of the reasons why you should spend some time @ Harp's! Come on in!
Shiner Beer making an appearance in
Shiner Bock is one of my favorites.
I'm moving to Texas because I like Shiner Bock.
- Is there a Shiner Bock in your future?
Shiner Bock tastes like chocolate milk
Texas checked off Shiner Bock with my
Don't drink that swill. Switch to Shiner Bock
The Pub Style Soft Pretzels with beer cheese sauce at High Flyers go great with a Shiner Bock…
Thanks for the follow. Was there tonight. Shiner Bock always on point. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΊ
went to a fight and a hockey game broke out! Big fight in the middle of the third period. BTW Shiner Bock on tap... In WI!!!
Great color but too light bodied for me. Only fair - Drinking a Shiner Bock @ Binary Studio -
If Shiner Bock was a double IPA, this would be it. - Drinking a Rodeo Clown Double IPA -
I see Shiner Bock at LA bars more and more every passing week. I'm gonna take credit for that
Who keeps buying all the 18 packs of shiner bock at the NEX!?😀
Shiner Bock is not an IMPORT beer!! No Coors Lite. Miller will have to do
My gateway craft beer. Still one of my favorites. Tastes like college - Drinking a Shiner Bock -
Good and light with some hI of spices. - Drinking a Shiner Bock @ Lone Star Steakhouse And Saloon -
I'm sure at least part of the reason I've lost so much weight is because I... (Shiner Bock)
Shiner Bock the best beer you can get. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Mardi Gras was too turnt. Wings it is. Stacy Rose M. - Drinking a Shiner Bock at -
Enjoying it more and more. Let the good times roll - Drinking a Shiner Bock at -
A little lighter than Shiner Bock, but still pretty good!!! - Drinking a Mardi Gras Bock by -
Back in TX, so gotta drink a little Shiner. ☺ - Drinking a Shiner Bock by -
Gotta have a Texas beer for my Boys! - Drinking a Shiner Bock by @ Potbelly Beach β€”
yeah Shiner Bock. Its a darker Texas beer and it goes hard. Try it one day and lemme know what you think
Nothing like a good beer. I'm a Sapporo/Tsing Dao/Shiner Bock man, especially in a frosty mug & it freezes ever so slightly on top
Time to sit on this porch and jam to some tejano music drink this cold Shiner Bock
I drank every local Texas beer this bar had. - Drinking a Shiner Bock at -
Shiner bock has to be the best beer I've tasted other than corona and modelo
A shiner in Texas. Doesn't get much better - Drinking a Shiner Bock by @ Dixie Chicken β€”
I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LIKE SHINER BOCK. Thank you, random impulse buy, for reminding me πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Let's start the night with Shiner Bock... (@ Set in New York, NY)
My dad and brother-in-law are loudly talking about their favorite Republican candidates. My response: Shiner Bock is making IPA now...
What beer are you going to order with your Beef Rib Platter today! Shiner Bock maybe?
Bulleit bourbon and shiner bock tonight shall be fun for me
Wondering what you haven't tried on our Menu? How about our Rabbit Rillettes served with Shiner Bock beer...
story of my life.I got shiner bock, BBQ and karaoke for ya
I ordered a Shiner Bock and this guy tried to talk to me about it, it was weird
although my FAVE "widely available" beer is def shiner evah!
My Friday,after 12pm, will consist of raging in Black Ops 3, Shiner Bock and relaxing with my girl!
Any Texan would insist it be Shiner Bock.
The weekend is almost here! Get your Thirsty Thursday started with $4 Shiner Bock drafts and $3 Tullamore Dew...
Menjos welcomes Shiner Bock beer to our family of fine products. A distinctive, rich, full-flavored, deep...
Shiner Thursday stop in have a drink get a chance at this Guitar. Drink Shiner Bock, Cheer & White Wing more chances
Wednesday: OPEN MIC hosted by Mike and Tony @ 8pm β˜… NO COVER! β˜…. Grab your gear and jam out tonight!. $4 Shiner Bock pints. .
not a big fan of bottled any beer... except maybe Shiner Bock.
tickles me you like shiner bock, camilla. It's renowned for being bad
morning Dan! Question for you. Can we get Shiner Bock here in the UK? Thanks, signed A New Fan
I found Shiner Bock on tap in North Carolina and my heart is happy.
I've really grown to like shiner bock.
oooh very nice. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I like dark beer. Zigen bock is similar to shiner and it's a little cheaper it's not bad though
Such great memories of Shiner Bock - Drinking a Shiner Bock by @ East Mount Kirk Park β€”
Shiner bock is on tap at coles pub. It is a delicious beer from the American south available here in…
"Must head west to keep alive. No roadblocks! Meet me at the beach. Bring Green Sweater of Lurve and Shiner Bock."
what's it's ibu & abv? I love me some shiner bock, but love IPAs more
silver bullet eh? Pictured you more of a Shiner Bock dude.
Happy birthday bro. Try not to drink too much Shiner Bock! 😈🍻
Shiner Bock. Steak. Football. This is what I call a nice little Thursday.
Every time I watch some Stars hockey, I miss Shiner Bock. ***
Reasons to love Texas: cheaper gas, faster speed limits, Shiner Bock
HRC drank Shiner Bock w/ her Viking BF in TX in the 70s and her favorite book is Brothers Karamazov. Most interesting candidate in the race.
You know that is serious about Texas when she name-drops Shiner Bock at her San Antonio rally
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hillary gives a shout out to Shiner Bock beer.
gives a shout out to Mi Tierra, the Menger Hotel and Shiner Bock beer in underscoring her roots to Latinos in South Texas.
Some killer brisket and Shiner Bock had'em lined up at our client's (Sid Richardson) booth yesterday.
Shiner Thursday open at 4 for Happy Hour buy a tasty get a chance at this Guitar drink Shiner Bock, White Wine,Cheer
We brew that stuff for tourists. Get a Shiner Bock!
Time for a bath and Sons of Anarchy. I'd kill for a Shiner Bock, too.
Rangers lost, but at least they can drown there sorrows with Shiner Bock.
Maaan, all I want is some Cane's and a Shiner Bock. I'm feeling real down in the dumpies rn. ☹
I’m gon be in Alley Kat tomorrow with a shiner bock in my hand cuz payday.
lol we got Michelob dos Equis and shiner bock
I can’t do that anymore. not even close. Shiner Bock and generic craft is the best I can do. Maybe Stella, Red Stripe, Moosehead
I just want a Shiner Bock, a pumpkin beer, and a cider beer ..
Me and Jd just bought a 6pk of Michelob, Dos Equis, and Shiner Bock. πŸ˜‚
Just pulled the corn dogs out of the oven and I’m already on Shiner Bock LET’S GO ASTROS
'Cause sometimes you just need some *** BBQ & a cold Shiner Bock...
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See you tomorrow! Don't forget the free Shiner Bock after 3PM Friday!
I'll have an ice cold bottle of Shiner Bock waiting for you.
Can you unblock my friend he is a fan of shiner bock & whitey morgan and the 78's
Shiner bock and dominos, Reckless on the radio 🎢
Shiner Bock and a Texas County Fair...doesn't get much better.
I'm surprised your tagline isn't "Behind the Shiner Bock kegs in the basement at Tortilla Coast"
What goes good with a Fletcher corn dog at the fair? Shiner Bock!
3 soups today! Shiner Bock and Cheddar, Tomato Basil & Creamy Cheddar Broccoli.
IPA ? Shiner bock was my first non yellow beer so I try all thei... (Shiner Wicked Ram IPA)
Still holding on to summer?. We'll be having $2 Shiner Bock Ruby Redbird Bottles all week!!!. Drink off those cold weather blues with us!
Drowning my Cardinals sorrows in shiner bock and the
I have a chilled 12 pack of Shiner Bock & 2 bottles of red wine You? :)
I think if We gave our Enemies across seas the taste of Shiner Bock we'd all get along just fine..
should have got a Shiner Bock instead
First night home, and I've got a Shiner Bock and Steven Universe. I am child in the body of a grown *** bum.
Come see us at the Beer Garden !! Craft Beers !! Shiner Bock, Abita Strawberry, Abita Amber , Nola Blonde , etc.
At the VFW Hall. Don't get much better than that. - Drinking a Shiner Bock by -
Do you know what $3 gets you here? A Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light, Mich Ultra or Shiner Bock! Mon – Fri during happy hour: 2-6pm!
Because the Shiner Bock is broken. - Drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale by at β€”
Amazing venue for the very first Congrats, (Shiner Bock)
Pre gaming Jurassic World. Can't wait. - Drinking a Shiner Bock by at β€”
Tornado sirens are going off, perfect Nader beer. - Drinking a Shiner Bock @ The RAM Box -
Can't beat a classic. Always good for a taste of Texas. (Shiner Bock)
that Shiner Bock beer I toasted with was pretty good. Brewed local to San Antonio too.
Pretty much the perfect partner for BBQ! - Drinking a Shiner Bock by at β€”
Guys I found Shiner Bock in Pennsylvania! I'm so excited! Haven't had a Texas beer in forever! 😭
As a Texian, please tell me if one may use that brand o'beer to make Borracho beans, or are we to use only Shiner Bock??
Shiner Bock is by far my favorite beer ever
Shiner Bock is a pretty good Texas beer, and the Shiner Holiday Cheer is amazing each December. Look for it!
the taste reminds me a bit of Shiner Bock, and that's not bad! the brewery ... (Bockslider)
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Dear diary,. Today I tried a beer I actually liked. It was a Shiner Bock and I had it with a burger. Sincerely,. Andres
Now it's always time for a Shiner Bock!
Great beer , great glassware , great park - Drinking a Shiner Bock by @ Sec. 115 β€”
Shiner Bock beer is awesome. That is all. :)
I will always have a soft spot for a shiner! God Bless Texas!!! - Drinking a Shiner Bock -
I bought a 12 pack of Shiner Bock and it tastes nothing like what it should. Almost like a pale ale or wheat beer.
Shiner Bock is my favorite beer now for sure
Congratulations to Benjamin and Stephanie on their coming wedding. - Drinking a Shiner Bock at -
I need some shiner bock in my life rn.
Every day I wake up in Texas is a good day. Chicken fried steak, Shiner Bock, and pecan pie for everyone! Happy Texas I…
Shiner Bock makes me so sad and homesick for Ralph
Date with Al Green on vinyl and a shiner bock before bed 🎢🍻
Shiner Bock is definitely the new go-to, such a good beer
New NYC Tex-Mex restaurant, you had me at queso sampler, Shiner Bock on tap and Mexican martinis
Can't wait to drink shiner bock all weekend long in Dallas
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Pairs well w/ Eric Church and the Drive By Truckers - Drinking a Shiner Bock at -
"A Day in the Life of a Product Manager". Thanks to Danielle and the team... (Shiner Bock)
Good barbecue with a Shiner Bock to the strains of country music is better than watching a clown and a hippie punch each other in the ***
And here it is: opens tonite nr Union Sq via Fun doing research for this one!
Just in time for my big move. A little piece of home In NYC.
Oh my goodness gracious alive. I am going.
I just want a long day of shiner bock and fly fishing.
Brings Tex-Mex and Shiner Bock on Tap to Union Square via
Will anyone get texmex with me tomorrrow
Ah, the great state of Texas! I love my state and all that comes from it, especially Blue Bell and Shiner Bock...
Cc MT Get your Tex-Mex on when Javelina opens in Union Square.
Get your Tex-Mex on tomorrow when Javelina opens in Union Square.
Any visit to Austin is a wonderful thing. Drink the Shiner Bock and eat the BBQ for those who can't get over there.
Enjoying a nice shiner bock after 11+ hours of studying
Favorite brand of cheap beer?: Mine is Shiner Bock. Which brand is you all's favorite? submitted by koniga ...
Yeah I like Texas. Ain't it fine here. Like to pick my guitar down in Luckenbach. And drink that Shiner Bock beer.
Currently chasing some Airbourne with a Shiner Bock. One of these has to be good for me.
My friends in Texas have Lone Star beer and Shiner Bock. Here we like some of Pittsburgh's own...
They may not show Spurs games out here in Florida, but thank Black Jesus they have Whataburger & Shiner Bock beer.
Shiner Bock holiday cheer is my new favorite beer
So far, the score to this event at Lansky and Brats is:. Shiner Bock: 4. Tequila: 2. As you can see, tequila is winning by a landslide
holiday cheer shiner bock. Soynog and bourbon. Cinnamon and pineapple infused gin
You're coming to Texas! YAY!. There's Tex-Mex everywhere. Try it all. Have a Shiner Bock. See you in San Antonio! :)
I've paid beer pong with Shiner Bock before. Oof. I got drunk fast.
Not bad. kings at home tonight. We need a big win. This beer plus the chil... (Shiner Bock)
Put half the bottle in my chili. I can't believe I haven't checked one in yet. (Shiner Bock)
My first one, not bad, not great, but ok - Drinking a Shiner Bock by -
You guys are way too extravagant. All I want for Christmas is a 6 pack of shiner bock.
All I really for Christmas is a 6 Pk of Shiner Bock and a 6 Pk of Lonestar 16 oz cans.
followed me so now imma have breakfast with six eggs, three pieces of bacon, Texas toast, and my shiner bock.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
We like this table's used for some festivals, via
everyday should be a Shiner Bock day.
Drinking absinthe and shiner bock with goldfish.
Shiner Bock is the Tim Miles of beers.
Shiner Bock is the Shavon Shields of beers.
Shiner Bock. its been a while...better than I remember!
Shiner Bock is the Matt Carpenter of beers.
Where can I get shiner bock to be delivered to the UK?
; and I'm already gagging on the Elite Stew! . ...when I needed a (Shiner Bock) Brew!
So when are you gonna come over to drink delicious Shiner Bock and watch college football?
Some shiner bock sounds nice right now
30% off with coupon "Holiday14" Handmade Shiner Bock Beer Soap and Shampoo by SubEarthan Cottage on Zibbet
Shiner and Bock (the pups) posing in front of their favorite beer: Shiner Bock πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Gonna be gone 21 days so yeah I'll drink to a safe trip - Drinking a Shiner Bock @ Nestos casa -
Shiner Bock at Christmas time, seems natural. - Drinking a Shiner Bock @ Camp McTureous -
All I want right now is some steak from Saltgrass and their shiner bock bread 😩😩😩
Can't believe I never checked in with this! Good beer takes me back to my... (Shiner Bock)
Apparently no bartender here has heard of shiner bock. I guess it's not popular
Nick (my grandfather) driving, clears his throat and all I can smell is Shiner Bock.
I think maybe Shiner Bock. I've had that. Meh. Never had the one you have there, though.
I've had a successful day: found both Shiner Bock & Session Lager @ the local BevMo. (oh, and Fireball, duh)
Susan Herndon performing at Chelsea tonight! 9pm-1am! Also $3 Shiner Bock all night!
That was a very important question. After deliberating for several minutes I went with the all-time fav - Shiner Bock
"We're following our Shiner plan through the fall." "Huh?" "Oktoberfest, Bock, FM 966 then Holiday Cheer." "Saving Wild Hare for Easter?"
I can't get my baby back; so, give me back my Shiner Bock! I'm trying to drown her memory, but the bartender won't... let... me.
add a couple Shiner Bock and I'm yours.
come home. Help me do laundry. I have PIP and a half a case of Shiner Bock.
I don't care if it's 9am on a Saturday, I've not had a Shiner Bock in years.
I have this and a six pack of shiner bock to look forward to for tonight. Perks of audio engineering.
Watching highlights drinking a shiner bock.. Don't think it gets much more than that πŸ‘ŒπŸˆ
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
This guy just bought me a six pack of Shiner Bock... Urmmm, I won't question this.
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