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Shikar Dhawan

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you seems lost control over yourself ye tho trailer hai picture Abi Baki hai South Africa team is not a…
Dear I respect you for the player you were but I completely disagree. If you are calling shikar Dhaw…
Watching Virat Kohli excluding Shikar Dhawan for just one test failure and dropping Bhuvi for no reason at all, Koh…
Shikar Dhawan , Rohit Sharma , Ravider jadeja and Pujara are made for subcontinent p…
The sword always hang above Shikar Dhawan. If he just fails in one innings he is out of the playing 11…
Looking at the Indian side for this Test, it seems have finally learnt that Shikar is not Dhawan
Let's be honest. Shikar Dhawan for test match is not a good choice. Also Rohit.. Specially for ove…
Gavaskar opens with: Bit of a surprise Shikar Dhawan being left out...
Should Rahul play ahead of shikar Dhawan in the second test ?
Clueless if Shikar Dhawan is not a regular batsmen why they had went with him in the first test?. And…
This ain't flat track to have Shikar Dhawan in team. Drops 10 catches & hold on to one & thi-fi..
Fake news... Ganguly said " If rohit and shikar playing in 2nd test match then we will lost series.…
Indian cricketer, Shikar Dhawan, a dead ringer for
Happy birthday Shikhar Dhawan, Dont leave your shikar(top) position.
The same holds for shikar Dhawan too. He was in good form and how can he be sacked when whole team failed!!
In Second test match and🏏,Rahane,Should play at place of Shikar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma / Aswin
I wud pick an amla anytime over the “Nohit” Sharma and Shikar Dhawan’s of the world
This is a team which ll bounce back with more vigour . Of course Shikar Dhawan may make way for KL Rahul…
But our legends like Shikar Dhawan & talented Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma n Shikar Dhawan should not be included in the test matches. It is reason for the lost of first cricket test
Bring Parthiv Patel in place of shikar dhawan, shikhar dhawan can't play short ball, now don't stick with your ego
so Sanjay basically u are backing shikar Dhawan's approach.?
A match where Lowe order was better than the top order...Please team India make these changes :. Shikar Dh…
Shikar dhawan will surely lose his position in next match but rohit should be given one more match
Sir techniques of players like Shikar Dhawan is showing up glaringly...please take some corrective action
Expected this batting collapse wen we went with 5 batsmen in Newlands.Pathetic from top order ,especially in the fi…
Key moments for India's loss to RSA. 1.Shikar dhawan poor fielding - dropped 1sitter and missed one easy runout chan…
You know who is the culprit-Shikar Dhawan, dropped maharaj on 1 who went on to score 35. If Dhawan would have caugh…
Fast, bouncy, seaming. pitches are for real batsmen... Indians are paper tigers.
There is no performance pressure for Shikar Dhawan it applies only for Ajinkya Rahane.Right???
In South Africa, you can replace Shikar Dhawan with David Dhawan and Rohit Sharma with Kapil Sharma…
Little Giant Ladders
Pathetic batting by India. Next game Shikar Dhawan and Rohit should be dropped. Need more application in such…
Rohit Sharma has always been a good ODI and T20 batsman in Indian conditions...He is…
shikar Dhawan is also not playing our gabbar is looking like thakur of sholay do you not have power in your hands…
Shikar Dhawan should be replaced by any one from the squard. .
Shikar Dhawan gone. I don't know, Gettable target, but India has a habit of making a bag of chases
Shikar Dhawan in team only because his wife is friend of ..such a waste
Shikar dhawan the master blaster out to make a point today cmon india 🇮🇳 incredible india
Figuring out Lord Shikar Dhawan role was like:.
Just miss the throw for shikar dhawan. Lucky for de ***
God! Please help us by not allowing the ball to go in the direction of Shikar Dhawan.
whether kl rahul be able to replace shikar dhawan in next match . When he (kl) is in good form and fit th…
Rahane IN and Shikar Dhawan OUT . Let see how Pandya shapes up with Bat
Has Shikar Dhawan been picked purely because he's a leftie and need that left-right combo? If not why isn't Rahu…
Shikar Dhawan shot selection very poor..He has to negotiate the early burst..
Kids are busy playing test cricket. Then there is Lord Shikar Dhawan who plays hits and giggle in test cricket how bloo…
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Rahane not playing and shikar Dhawan playing does not make any sense to me. However good…
OUT! Now Dale Steyn gets into the action, Shikar Dhawan top edges on and Steyn takes the catch himself, Its all happe…
Some of the unsolved mysteries in life:. Death. Bermuda Triangle. Shikar Dhawan playing test cricket! .
I don't understand why they sweated about Shikar Dhawan's fitness. I don't even know why Murali Vijay is here.
WICKET: a brilliant effort by sees him produce a caught and bowled as he dismisses Shikar Dhawan, the
That's why I Don't want shikar Dhawan in test team 😂😂😂😂
Last year, against Sri Lanka in Galle , Shikar Dhawan and Kohli added 226, after coming together at 28 for 2.
Shikar Dhawan exclusive on India news today at 18.30
Hard to believe that the team with Shikar Dhawan wins the title and the team with Virat Kohli doesn't..!
All the best The Orange Army !!! Warner And Shikar dhawan Plzz Win the match Hyd is hoping to win only becoz of u!
Holy crap shikar dhawan telling we played well in batting
Shikar dhawan playing his final match which would be broadcasted on TV. Take Gambhir now.
In the outfield, all alone.. shikar dhawan dives to stop a boundary. They are charged up all right.
Shikar dhawan is either playing with his moustache or rolling his sleeves to show biceps, someone tell him this is cricket not
Oh my god shikar dhawan gone on 28 but we don't worry We must pick target of 180
This shikar dhawan is like song in movies.comes and entertains us for 5min and leaves...
shikar dhawan gone !! Btw no worry we have more hard hitters!!
I hope Sorauv Ganguly is watching,Shikar Dhawan playing his usual confident game.It is apleasure to watch him bat.Ganguly jealous?
Shikar dhawan doing what he used to do for Mumbai in 2010. Block one end and build the pressure on other.
Shikar Dhawan having a good day today
Today will be a team performance, however i predict shikar dhawan will perform the best :).
why isn't Gautam Gambhir tthere in indian team.he is CONSISTENT and also BETTER THAN shikar dhawan
Sagar Patil is following the Interest "Shikar Dhawan" on -
Shikar Dhawan's bio pic will have only teaser. No movie.
lol seriously Even shikar dhawan whom you were trolling whole season performed better than you!
Shikar Dhawan and Yuvraj shld learn from Warner.He knew he has to be till the 20th over.He has matured as a batsman and cricketer.
Shikar dhawan wil be more happy than David Warner reason behind is shikar will get one more chance of batting to prove himself Which he cant
Warner playing well ??? Make shikar dhawan captain he will also play well
my reaction when shikar Dhawan took the previous wicket
Cricket is literally scaling new heights with .. a la "Shikar" Dhawan.
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I was meet shikar Dhawan ,its my dream
All the best my favorite team sunrises Hydrebad to beat Gujrat lions on semis & special wishes to play my star Shikar Dhawan
Duplicate shikar dhawan found was better than the original. Ask him to join 😂😂:p
Never seen a shikar dhawan lookalike . until now
Shikar dhawan and Yuvi always bat in a hurry like they have a flight to catch..
Shikar Dhawan,there was No Need 2 expose ur Stump!. No ! am not speaking like !. it's Rameez Raja's Commentary when SD got out!😉
Irresponsible batting by shikar Dhawan in play off with KKR IPL9
Bowled!! Shikar dhawan after hitting those fours... good come back morkelmax
Who said Shikar Dawan has come out David Warner! Nazar Lagadiya!Dhawan is out!
Shikar dhawan is definitely not a big match player !
So shikar dhawan & brand endorsing may not be accepted in TN since they signed the petition ?
Season changes, team changes, even some player change but one man will always be consistent Shikar Dhawan.:D
Shikar dhawan should have been dropped from Australia serious..?
LIVE: Maxwell caught by Shikar Dhawan . Another wicket for R Ashwin. More:
Missed you today when I saw Shikar Dhawan succumb to a short pitch. Sleep tight anyways and enjoy your break.
struggle continues in ODI. the fault in our Shikar
How many more chances is Shikar Dhawan going to get . Has been ordinary in all formats for some time . World cup was an exception .
All those who are trolling Shikar dhawan, should've trolled before he got out not after
How long is this long rope for Shikar Dhawan?
Sir, can you please share the recent stats of shikar Dhawan in ODI's... Maybe last 15 games
..Team management shud think abt replacement of Shikar Dhawan..
Shikar dhawan played a false shot and paid the price
The tolerance levels in India is too high... what else can explain the persistence with Shikar Dhawan past his best?
Drop shikar dhawan he is in out of form and chance to someother players
A couple of more failures for Shikar Dhawan and we could Rahane back at the opening slot.
Hazelwood him up nicely. Hook line and sinker, Shikar Dhawan falls.
I dont know why shikar Dhawan playing to indian team
Shikar Dhawan is fast becoming his own Shikari
Poor show from Shikar continues. Bye bye dhawan
India won the toss and opt to bat first. Rohit Sharma and Shikar Dhawan all set to open the batting!
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need to fit Mann in ...I would sit Shikar Dhawan n make Jinx Open and bring in Mann/Rishi depending on pitch conditions
Sir y should Rahane not open with Shikar Dhawan for t20 WC ?sir u should make middle order strong like IPL.
Great Knock by Shikar Dhawan to reach his fifty
Tried NKP beard, ended up looking like shikar dhawan...
I am gonna sport Shikar Dhawan look this year !! for
Jadeja, Dhawan face stern tests against Bangladesh A: Seasoned opener Shikhar Dhawan will like to prove his fi...
Will be able to make an impact against Bangladesh A?.
Get over us gawd "Shikar Dhawan. told me yesterday that, his twirling of moustache is India's answer to …
Indian cricket player Shikar Dhawan in Lord Siva Temple in UK ...
Shikar dhawan is a key player for india. Huge lack for indian team.
Shikar Dhawan out from 2nd test because of injury.
Shikar Dhawan has injured his right hand and will take 4 to 6 weeks to recover.
Shikar Dhawan ruled out of remaining tests.!! More responsibility and opportunity for Rahul and Vijay..!!
Shikar dhawan will be missing u we want to see ghabbar back on ground plz come back
Shikar_Dhawan. Ruled out of. The remaining. Two Tests against. Sri Lanka due. To a hairline. Fracture in. His right hand.
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Shikar dhawan ruled out ..another chance for rohit..but I want binny in place of rohit and pujara in place of shikhar
Shikar Dhawan ruled out of the remaining two Tests against Sri Lanka due to a hairline fracture in his right hand.
Bad news for Indian fans :(. Their inform batsman shikar Dhawan has been ruled out of the Sri Lankan test series...
Shikar Dhawan has been ruled out of the rest of the Test series with a broken hand
Century man shikar dhawan ruled out of test series Hand injury
Shikar dhawan my fav n people say he has no consistency but i believe he's the most consistent batsmen.He will recover n join soon
Shikar dhawan injured even Situation is helping 2 minutes man !
David Warner & Shikar Dhawan.. This partnership reminds me of Matthew Hayden & Adam Gilchrist.. Aggressive opening left handers.
I feel Yuvi is in great form than Shikar Dhawan... Why ignoring him..
Something ominous about the Star font size on our jersey and tells me Shikar Dhawan may not surpass the font size with as many runs this WC
Sir looking at face Arnab & others on the newshour, I say he wud make a good replacement for Shikar Dhawan.
The funniest thing is Shikar Dhawan is @ 7th rank in the latest Odi rankings list...Shikar Dhawan is ready to file a case on ICC on this 😉😁😆
i wish shikar dhawan should be replaced with sachin joshi :P
Am wondering how much more hilarious will it be if Rohit Sharma and Shikar Dhawan get roasted. Oh wait.
If you ever feel useless just remember Shikar Dhawan is still playing in the Indian team for the runs he scored in CT13 -_-
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It will be For Shikar Dhawan for always keeping his Macho Moustache high.
Shikar Dhawan had not scored a boundry since Dec 27th, up until today.
Team Selection & Captain. Why is Shikar Dhawan still in team? Dont think he has scored more than 100 runs in the entire series.
Shikar Dhawan too seems to have bought into this Strategy!
OMG its medical miracle, shikar dhawan did not twirl his mustach or hit his thigh after taking the catch
Triple Century for KL Rahul in a Ranji Trophy and Shikar Dhawan can forget about opening in Tests for India...
Shikar Dhawan made 38 today, so useless, even engineerers need 40 to pass, now he will get 2 marks grace from and ge into nxt match
We should have a roast with the cricket players. I think Shikar Dhawan should nominate himself. .
Is shikar dhawan influencing virat? And more disappointing raina throwing up his wicket like this tour doesn't matter
Shikar dhawan is the worst player on Indian team , unfortunately he is also in the WC team.
So how many times does Shikar Dhawan need to fail beforw he is replaced ?
I feel sorry for Shikar Dhawan's bat . There was a time we used to respect that bat .
Quarter Century for Shikar. Dhawan Well done Dhawan. and Keep pilling on the runs..
Shikar Dhawan finds some form and Virat Kohli back to his favorite No.3 Position all looks good for India...
Shikar gone ..1 st ball from FInn traditional way out shikar dhawan..
Shame on you Shikar Dhawan bashers.. *runs*
A STAT to Increase your hope:. Shikar Dhawan holds the record for fastest Indian to Score 2000 ODI runs..
Shikar Dhawan .. some one drop banana peels in his path !! Only way to get Murali Vijay in !
SHR have some tremendous opening batsmen in their line up in Aaron Finch, Shikar Dhawan & David Warner
India provided the legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Anil Kumble who were the back bone of indian cricket for almost a decade and now they are playing with some phaltu players like Shikar Dhawan, Ashwin, Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, Suresh way matching with the above players and dhoni still backing up these guys.simply ridiculous
Shikar Dhawan, Murali Vijay and Rohit lack the consistency. They will be tested in New Zealand for sure.
Wow! What an amazing battle we witnessed at Joh'burg yesterday. After an initial bombardment from Steyn and Morkel sent Shikar Dhawan and Murali Vijay, India were staring at a huge battering. However resilience from Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara came to India's rescue. Both of them were disciplined in consistently leaving ANY deliveries that were outside off stump, sharp in their footwork and defense as they did not play shots away from their body and putting away the loose ones. Their resistance had South Africa under pressure. It was a pity that Pujara got run out, because he and Virat were sublime and were putting real pressure on South Africa. Also it was unfortunate that Kohli lost his concentration after reaching a magnificent hundred and after some banter from Jacque Kallis, got trapped into spooning a wide outswinging half volley to short extra-cover. Had we not gifted South Africa those wickets, we would have definitely been in a commanding position. Nevertheless the Indians at 255-5 ...
Forbes India has released their annual top 100 celebrities of India. Bollywood superstar, Shahrukh Khan tops this year’s line up, followed by MS Dhoni, Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan,Akshay Kumar, Virat Kohli, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan.From the south, AR Rahman holds the 16thposition, Suriya is in the 33rdspot, followed by Kamal Haasan at 47, Vijay at 49 and Prabhu Deva at 90.Most of the current gen Indian cricket players, including Yuvraj Singh, Harbajan Singh, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Rahul Dravid, Suresh Raina, Shikar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara and Ishant Sharma have found a spot.
There is no need to speculate any more. We have some evidence now of the difficulties India’s new batting unit will face in South Africa. And while it is both unfair and unwise to write them off after just one outing, this first viewing shows that they have quite a bit of work to do if they are to get through the tour unscathed. Brimming with talent but short on experience in foreign conditions, the cream of India’s fledgling batting brigade now has first-hand experience of the difference between playing in subcontinent conditions and combatting high class pace bowling on surfaces that provide sharp bounce. They had been warned. How the likes of Shikar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli faced up stood up against Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and the legion of South Africa’s fast men would be the chief determining factor in the outcome of this eagerly awaited series. Now that the first skirmishes have taken place, India’s top order should totally appreciate the hardships that lie ahead. Rohit Sharma, ...
5 centuries in 28 matches for Shikar Dhawan!!. Start your career with duck and be hero for ever . . Sachin and Shikhar !
But sir , Shikar Dhawan nd Murali Vijay are giving some decent Starts... They should be tested on the foreign pitches..
Shikar Dhawan the next one after Virat Kohli. :P
Score_Online I wish that Ajinkya Rahane or Murali Vijay must open the match with Shikar Dhawan in the 2015world cup.
david hussey would be a good choice for Ashes,eh? Shikar Dhawan could adapt from IPL to test matches
who is the best batsman in india cricket...? A). Shikar dhawan .B). M.s dhoni. C).Kohli. D).Rohit Sharma
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4th Question who hit the fastest century in Test cricket??? ~KAMI~
Rodeo Drive Luxury Products today announced a one year endorsement deal with country's new batting sensation Shikar Dhawan and tennis star Sania Mirza.
It might be too early to say but shikar dhawan too paces the innings nicely
He is Blind Hitter He is a Choker He is Careless He is slow runner He is lazy WHEN EVER WORLD JOCKED OF HIM AT HIS ARRIVAL HE SHOWED WHO HE REALLY IS.,,, YES I am the opening Blaster I am the sultan of multan. I am the nawab of nafjarh I am the bighitter. I am the uppercut. I am the Classic. I am the King of offside I am the Mystery. I am the Legend. I am the terminator. I am the first t20 champion. I am the Runners up at 2003. I am the destroyer I am the Highest fastest hundred in india I am the double hundred in odi I am the 2nd Bigest opening Partnership. I am the highest score in odi . I am the 2 triple hundred and 6 double hundred I am the fastest 200 I am the Destructer. I am the Aggression. I am the highest strikerate in all Formats +8000 runs I am the Class. I am the Couraged I am the Passion. I am the Fearless I am the Unpredictable. I am the Hunter. I am the 2011 wc champion.. I am the Roaring Tiger. I am the 20 Millions hearts. . yes I am the. Virender Sehwag
Name the cricketer whose name starts with 1st letter of your name..
We can't wait for the Sunfoil Test series vs India! The action kicks off in Durban with the Boxing Day Test from 26-30 December, the New Year's Test is from 2-6 January in Cape Town and end at the Bull Ring (JHB) from 15-19 January.
He was once a sehwag in waiting.Now he forced sehwag himself wait for other chance into Indian Teamdhawan
Write the cricketer who's name starts with first letter of yours.? ABD n anil kumble
Shikar Dhawan. Stylish mush. Brutal hitting yet innocent smile. Reminds you of Krish Shrikanth.
start he has in his career shikar Dhawan like sourav and sachin he is
Shikar Dhawan for his stylish mush and super sexy hitting.
Shikar Dhawan for his stylish hitting and calm mush :)
Shikar Dhawan for the retro hero type mush and calm composed power hitting :)
Shikar Dhawan seems to mix of Yuvraj and Saurav :)
Shikar Dhawan's opening talents remind you of Krish Srikanth.
Rohit Sharma has stated to give some solid starts along with th stylish Shikar Dhawan :)
Shikar Dhawan for his excellent stroke play and safe hitting skills :)
No one has dominated the cricket like Shikar Dhawan in debut stage
Shikar dhawan's amazing strokes sweeps you off the ground!
shikar Dhawan agression hw he charge against the bowlers inherited from Sourav Ganguly
Shikar Dhawan for his cool and stylish batting. And that old hero style mush :)
Shikar Dhawan He alone dominates the opposition completely like Sourav use to do that
Shikar Dhawan can win you matches with ease. Plays strokes without any difficulty what so ever :)
I vote for Shikar Dhawan he is new in team India .
Shikar Dhawan for his stylish left hand play like a combo of Yuvraj and Saurav.
Shikar Dhawan's cool and stylish left hand play like Yuvi.
Shikar Dhawan is the perfect replacement for krish Srikanth for his extraordinary batting skills
Shikar dhawan and Rohit Sharma becuz they maintained the glory by their opening.
Shikar Dhawan's stylish left hand batting reminds you of Yuvi Saurav mix combo :)
Shikar Dhawan. Because his style and smashing batting reminds you of Kris Srikanth
Who is your favorite Player at Present ?
Yes...Shikar Dhawan is him peak of his form
Ouch! It hurts! With my deepest regret, I confess that I wish Virat Kohli was a Pakistani and Shoaib Malik was an Indian. I would exchange Imran Farhat with Shikar Dhawan and swap Kamran Akmal with MS Dhoni, I would even throw in Mohammad Sami and Wahab Riaz for free, just for good measure and to fill the shortage of genuine fast bowlers that my neighbour has. It is a hard pill to swallow but I am an admirer of the current Indian cricket team and I prefer Ravindra Jadeja over my ‘brother’ Irfan Khan Pathan. Left in their tracks Shaan Agha Published 2013-07-01 18:06:41 Pakistan ka matlab kya? “laa ilaaha illAllah”, Hindustan ka matlab kya? “bhaar mein jaaye, humko kyaa” (What is the meaning of Pakistan? "There is no god but God”, what is the meaning of India? “It can go to *** what is it to us”). We chanted this slogan all day long at the National Stadium, Karachi on a sunny winter afternoon in 1989. Back then, I was too naïve to understand the deeper meaning of the words we uttered, a . ...
The youngrising player SHIKAR DHAWAN keeps our expectations strong
Shekar Dhawan - rok sako tho roklo, amazing batter, good looking young team India
India 311/7 vs West Indies in the must in game. Virat Kohli 102, Shikar Dhawan 69, Rohit Sharma 46. If India to get Bonus Point they have to restrict West Indies with in 248 runs.
Today i saw an interview of shikar dhawan on espn sports nw i really admire he z a good player
Shikar Dhawan in his 13th Innings is d second fastest Indian to complete 500 ODI runs. Fastest Indian - Nov jot singh Sidhu in 11 innings,,
Shikar Dhawan went after Narine like a House on the Fire!
Shikar dhawan or rohit chal gaye aaj toh
shikar dhawan will be superstar in Mr.india 2 movie with anil kapoor
Cricket!!! Howzatt..! India playing against West Indies in a must win situation have put on 104/0 (22 overs) with shikar dhawan 51* and Rohit Sharma 38*. Match in progress at sapina park, Jamaica.
Dhawan to narine: my name is dhawan shikar rowdy dhawan, your name plz?:-P:-D ak
Shikar dhawan the back boon of indian batting line .
Diwan of attack started his innings, 6,6,4 # way 2 go shikar dhawan.
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Shikar dhawan completes yet another half-century. He scored in ind, eng and now in WI. Hez here to stay for longtime guys
Two sixes & a four by shikar dhawan in sunil narine over. Super shots...
This is.. This is what we need now. Shikar Dhawan you beauty. Very nice shots.
Shikar Dhawan is so good. Everytime I watch him he scores runs
it seem india learnt from srilanka. great start by Rohit Sharma and Shikar Dhawan.
Its Huge from Shikar The Rowdy Dhawan... The balls back to back flew into the on side stand like a Rocket... Narine banged by The Rowdy.. This over 116641 India were 123-0 after 23 overs
Shikar dhawan hits 2 sixes in row in narines over. Dhawan 64*
Shikar Dhawan has 3rd ODI half-century he has hit 8 fours so far FOLLOW
Shikar Dhawan lightin up the West Indies. India better make it to the finals of this series.
India got good start from Shikar Dhawan n Rohit Sharma. India completed 100 runs and shikar Dhawan completed his half century.
Slamming another brilliant half century Dhawan,this man is what a sensational impacting knocks lately
Shikar dhawan 50* How many likes ? every likes wishing for his century !!!
once again shikar rowdy dhawan and classy Rohit Sharma provided good start to India team
Third 100 runs patner-ship for Dhawan-Rohit pair in 8 matches along with 2 fifty run patner-ships !
If Shikar Dhawan play role in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag he will play role Milkha Singh without any doubt
Watching shikar dhawan is like watching shewag batting left handed
Shikar dhawan too much powerful. He going to maar the pump on big chittard tonight
Quick learners👍. Shikar Dhawan & are patiently working towards a big total.
Rohit Sharma and shikar dhawan are playing very good today india will win coz they are on fire
if shikar Dhawan play role in ek thi daayan then he will be Imran hasmi
Russell Arnold: Shikar Dhawan can play good hook shots, he is a good hooker you know... Atrocity.
ha ha,commentator just referred to SHIKAR DHAWAN as a "compulsive hooker" lol :P
Shikar Dhawan playing the role of Dhoni in todays match! Humaara match saviour
Shikar Dhawan playing the role of Manoj Bajpai in Gangs of wassepur
Shikar Dhawan playing the role of Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Gangs of Wassepur
Shikar Dhawan playing the role of Abhishek Bachchan in Sarkar!!!..
Shikar Dhawan playing Amir Khans role from Talash would be great!
Shikar Dhawan playing the role of ajay devgan in once upon a time in mumbai!!
Roach got punished for his last maidan over .4 from Shikar Dhawan
hoping to see some big Shikar Dhawan hits today
who can forget Titus Welliver in Gone Baby Gone.shikar dhawan should play this charcter
If U have to choose ONE of them in ur team ?? who it gonna be 1.Gayle 2.Sehwag 3.Warner 4.Abdvillers 5. M.S.Dhoni
Who is your favourite cricketer in the current INDIAN team???
The most important day for vijayawada reliance trends (8013)
Was just dwelling upon how much competition exists to get onboard the Indian cricket team(Tests/ODI/T20) ... Just around two years ago, Sehwag was one of the genuine contenders to captain the Indian cricket team with multiple centuries(with one triple century), consistent performance, right material for captaincy et al... He was the blue eyed boy of the media... But see his condition right now... With new comers like Shikar dhawan, Rohit Sharma etc... performing left right and centre, Sehwag's position of making a comeback looks very slim, atleast in the next one year in my opinion ... Same applies to Mr. Gambhir as well :-) Like in the corporate world, "perform or perish" seems to be the mantra in cricketing circles as well... Another quote which comes to my mind which is very relevant to the cricketing folks as in other walks of life is, like they say in the stock / equity market, "past performance is not an indicator of future growth"... indirectly meaning no point in resting on your laurels... perform ...
India name strong side for Zim tour INDIA will send a strong squad to Zimbabwe for its five-match One-Day International (ODI) series against the hosts to give the series the zest coach Andrew Waller’s men have been yearning for. There were fears India would dampen the series by sending a second-string side as it did in 2010, but the tourists have since forwarded a squad list that, barring any injuries, should tour Zimbabwe this month. All the big names that toured England for the International Cricket Council Champions Trophy and are currently engaged in a triangular series in the West Indies with Sri Lanka, are in the squad expected to arrive in Zimbabwe on July 21. Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni captains a 15-men squad that has been submitted to Zimbabwe Cricket. Champions Trophy player of the tournament Shikhar Dhawan, who had a dream tournament by scoring 363 runs, will be travelling to Zimbabwe. The spin duo of Ravindra Jadeja and Ashwin Ravichandran, one of India’s success stories, is also part of ...
=D ok i hope it dont rain! and the sun shines and shikar dhawan make a century and gayle make a century! =D
Vidhyanagar 11 won the match by 3 wickets
Logic of a Dhoni Fan : If you win, give the whole credit to Dhoni and his captaincy. if you lose, blame the Batsmen and Bowlers.. Lol.
Q- Who according to you is the best opening batsman in World Cricket right now?
Yestarday we lost the match bcoz of dhobi followers (Vijay(wat a fielder & batsman),Jadeja, Ashwin(Super bowling attack)) & maggie boy nohit sharma .
Change of captaincy nd results showin for india.its nt necessary dt a gud player vl b a gud captian nd virat Is best example frum dez 2matches.nd no bigger example den sachin.d problem is except dhoni,der is no otr player for india today who can gurantee his place in al the 3 formats of the game.nd evn names lik shikar dhawan etc are too early to b kald a certainity in all three formats.nd virat is yet to prove himself in test cricket,no doubt he is super talented,bt at d end of d day scoring in tests is wht matters,bcoz players lik yuvraj n raina culdnt sustain in tests
Irresponsible show by Team India, in both Bowling and Batting Depts. 1. Why the *** Bhuvi was dropped to include Shami? Bhuvi's bowling was never atrocious. 2. Ok, If Bhuvi's drop is justfied, why Vinay was not give a chance, who can bowl with control even in death overs? 3. When Umesh and Ishant contributed to the huge total of SL, other bowlers like 'Supreme bowler' Ashwin was watching. Hmmm.How the batting dept can chase a asking run rate of almost 7, in ODI? 4. Stand-in Captain failed miserably in his prime skill besides batting. 5. Lofted shots early in the innings by Shikar, Virat and others were unwarranted. 6. But for Murali Vijay OUT (Unfortunately inside edge), most of the wickets were due to irresponsible batting and not due to intelligent bowling by SL. 7. No tail-ender including the 'Maiden test century fame' Ashwin could give support to Jadeja. Jadeja alone could not play for India always. I just want to forget the hopeless reverse sweep attempt by Ashwin. Was it needed at the time of crisi ...
"You never know when, and how, life will change." SHIKAR DHAWAN
Wonderful test match playing by India.semmma.semma semmma match.even full toss are being knocked for singles.semma
I am watching India srilanka match . Murli vijay n shikar dhawan chasing 349 n playing like a test match
THE BLOSSOMING OF THE YOUNG BRIGADE We never expected that we would finally end up here, did we? Neither did I. On May 28,2013 a day before the Indian contingent left for England, MS Dhoni was lambasted and rebuked for his prolonged silence over issues concerning the IPL. As MSD and his teammates were trying to adjust to the seaming conditions on the greener pastures of England, he was once again questioned for his involvement with Rhiti Sports and a new term called “Conflict of Interest” was discovered to reprimand the Indian captain. The Indian cricket team was in doldrums,but the man who was at the helm of our team remained as unruffled as ever. Not much was expected out of our team and critics thought that were several *** in our team’s armor and they would be easily exposed. DHAWAN STEPS UP Before the commencement of the ICC Champions trophy, Shikar Dhawan had played 4 ODI’s and had accumulated just 100 runs. He had replaced Virender Sehwag and those were big boots to fill. “Cometh the h .. ...
I salute Shikar Dhawan, not for being the top scorer in CT, but for what he did at the post match ceremony.All the players bhuvi, ishant, raina, virat, jadeja, other players support staff all where sharing their views after India's win... Shikar Dhawan was the only player to pay tribute to Uthrakhand Victims and offered to pray more people get back with the missing fly Dhoni who talked for so much time and who has so much experience being in public platforms never even uttered a single word
Ok guys.. Good night.. India are the World Champions.. One more time.. MSD is superman and will do the craziest things and give us a heart attack but in the end he will make us happy.. Shikar Dhawan, Sir,Ashwin,Virat and the rest are rock stars.. Arnab Goswami and Boria va naalaikku vechukkalaam
Nick Knight is such a bellend! I don't think Shikar Dhawan is going to take advice off someone with a middle-name of Verity!
ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2013 - INDIA VS SRILANKA INDIA STORMS IN TO THE FINALS IN STYLE: Dhawan & Kohli has done it again with bat. India’s dream run continued as they defeated Sri Lanka by eight wickets.Shikar Dhawan,Rohit Sharma & Virat Kohli played some magnificent strokes. As expected Virat Kohli was brilliant against Malinga and Suresh Raina worked a short ball over fine leg for a boundary which were the winning runs. These two have added 40 runs for the fourth wicket off just 19 balls. Rohit Sharma 33, Shikar Dhawan 68 ,Virat Kohli 58*, Suresh Raina 7*
The satisfaction of watching Karthik and Dhawan succeed was immense.Well,as a cricket fan I heard abt these two in 2004.Shikar Dhawan was man of series in 2004 U-19 world cup and Dinesh Karthick who made his debut for indian team in the same year.But only few know Dinesh Karthick was also member of U-19 team that consists of Shikar Dhawan,Robin Uthappa,etc etc.Fast forward nine years to the day - how incredibly fulfilling to watch these two players on the world stage, dominating an Indian batting order that has for so long been the domain of elder royalty. No more Sehwag, Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly or VVS Laxman; this is the new India, led by young batsmen whose fearless approach is almost Caribbean in style.I wish there would be no stopping for these both guys who have enormous of talent.Also for Rohit Sharma who seems to have accustomed as opener.
Sir Ravindra Jadega" gave 14 Runs in last over so that Dinesh Karthik and Shikar Dhawan can get the half century and century.. That why he is "SIR"...!
Congratulations to Shikar Dhawan for his century & to Dinesh Karthik for his half century...
back to back centuries frm Shikar Dhawan. gabbar singh :)../m\m/..
Great start for INDIA in the Champions trophy !!! Shikar Dhawan , What Gorgeous Innings that !! Rohit Sharma , Class Oozing like always !! # Sir Ravindra Jadeja ki Jai *** !!!
Even tho Ind bt SA in the champions trophy opener..the match fixing in IPL still haunts me..and now that Raj Kundra confessing to betting charges the fingure starts pointing to every tom *** & harry.. Anyway gud knock by Shikar Dhawan..Keep it up boys..
India-331/7 What a finishing by Ravi Jadeja . Quick and Impressive 47(29) runs. A great start by Shikar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma
Shikar Dhawan one of the nicest guys. Remember him at an England lions vs India 'a' game. Humble and rooted, can wack a bit too
Introducing Spin against Shikar Dhawan is like Sending Sri Devi alone to RGV's house !!
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See you soon, steaming towards Shikar Dhawan in the CT game. Team mate turns opponent within no time!! :D :D
Parthiv Patel, you proved a gud keeper though you were too short. Shikar Dhawan, everytime you play we roll our hands on the moustache. Cameron White, your captaincy made us feel proud. Biplab Samantray, your knock against RR in the league was remarkable. Hanuma Vihari, you always managed to keep the score board running and gave us hope. Thisara Perera, your Huge hits gave goosebumps whenever you played. Darren Sammy, you are such a cutie pie you always made us laugh with your dances. Amit Mishra, your leg spin was what we wait for in every match. Karan Sharma, your spell was always full of wickets. Ishant Sharma, as your hair swings to ball we feel as lions roaring. Dale Steyn, we really enjoy your pace and swing. You were our backbone. Sunrisers Hyderabad. We love you all.
Friends please send me score nd details of todays rajsthan royals match
best moment of yestrdays ipl match 4 me was .shikar dhawan givin a kiss 2 faulkner.rofl :D
SunRisers hyderabad' may not have won the match n out of ipl 6 ...but you won our heartz... !! Bye Bye see u in IPL-7(waiting for uz)
Underdogs SRH won prize money of 3.5 Crore better than the other 5 teams :) thanks to key players shikar dhawan, Perara, Sammy, Steyn , Mishra and especially Gayatri Reddy
Ballle rajasthan royals won d match... Halla bol.. Ossum match...! :)
Shikar Dhawan...Do you wanna say anything to faulkner now :P
With Shikar Dhawan,Amith Mishra and Ishant Sharma its look like are playing in their Home ground
even Shikar Dhawan. I don't know about the father but the wife. hot.
What the *** was wrong with Shikar Dhawan today. spot fixing? though he dint wear a towel.
Dear shikar dhawan kindly make some runs as it is not easy to take hatrick al d time courtesy - Amit Mishra
Ayyo Salli :/ for god sake shikar dhawan!! This is not test match cricket.. After all this is called T20! Time to up the Run Rate (y)
keep calm and believe in SHIKAR DHAWAN. vs
Shikar Dhawan sets off on the eagles to destroy the royal pride
as usual i was coming frm cs to chatrpur statn in our yellow line! i always travel travel in ladies coach..everytime i see atleast one aunty jee (i mean the really heavy ones) dressing up weired to look like young girl! But today wht i saw was soo weired n hilarious that not just me but eveybody getting inside d metro was contolling their laughter seeing this aunty jee!! She was weearing a cheetah print trouser..leaopared print flip flops(big for her size) carrying a bag in the same print!! U must b thinking its normal. .yeah this much is normal!! But now comes the opener""!! Aunty jee was wearing eye shadow -golden colour n had cheetah print on that even!!! Maa kasam puri cheetah lag rhin thi. . N then smbody frm my back just shouted indirectly saying..""fancy dress party kahan hai aaj?"" Ha ha ha..n everybody in the metro started laughing.."
Come On!!! SRH buddies Shikar Dhawan and Cameron White r still out of the sunrisers camp
Captain Cameron White & Shikar Dhawan have a job to do for their team, after losing 2 wkts pretty early. Not a start, they would want
Shikar Dhawan has hit the 1st four of the innings. A neat push through the onside. Dhawan with another 4 showing, he is adjusting now.
Shikar Dhawan & Parthiv Patel must build a good partnership to score 160+
SRH starts as favourites in Delhi tonight as Shikar Dhawan, Amit Mishra & Ishant Sharma all are from Delhi. They know the conditions better than RR.
Man of the Match...Powered­­ by Fiama DI WILLS MEN Which player is going to win Man of the Match award in today's match between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad?
Eger to c Kalip machn our own Rowdy Rathore Shikar Dhawan & styen gun on field . SRH i'm with u
Winner of quiz compition will get get prise And prise will like this 1st number-will get adminship of this page. 2nd-i have another page and runner up will get that page's adminship 3rd-mumbai indians duniya hila denge group adminship. Bhushu mumbai indians
Prediction Window for Contest Eliminator: Rajasthan Royals v/s Sunrisers Hyderabad 1)Winner (2 pts) 2)Man of the Match (3 pts) 3)Maximum 6's (2 pts) 4)Star Plus Nayi Soch Award (2 pts) 5)Highest Scorer from RR (1 pt) 6)Highest Wicket Taker from RR (1 pt) 7)Highest Scorer from SRH (1 pt) 8 )Highest Wicket Taker from SRH (1 pt) ◘ U must predict all 8 questions in one comment ◘ If a player gets 5 correct predictions, 3 Bonus points will be awarded to him/her. ◘ If a player gets all 8 predictions correct then he/she will get 6 Bonus points. ◘ U must predict in this window only ◘ No 'EDITED' comment will be considered. If u want to change ur prediction u must delete ur 1st one.
Good Morning.All...we are back.. How many of u Ready to play for Real money ...ans 3/4 that is 3 out of 4 ...nd win Real Money .T&C Apply ... Good Luck 1 Who Will Bat First RR OR Dec charage (Hyd) 2 Top Run Scoocer For RR 3 Top wicket Taker For RR 4 Top Run Scoocer For Dec you have to ans with your real id only. you have to ans before the match start your time start now...go for it ... Good Luck
Its time for SRH to entertain delhi fans nd hot fav is shikar dhawan delhi ka sher...
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