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Shia Islam

Shia Islam (Shīʿah) is the second largest denomination of Islam. Adherents of Shia Islam are called Shi'ites or Shias.

Sunni Islam Shia Muslims Imam Ali

You confuse me. I am trying to understand your take on Islam. Some days I think I get it, and others n…
Shia is a sect from Islam, Islam is a faith so logically, technically and liter…
Shia in his DNA. Where else does his ideology comes from? He can't reform Is…
Islam took over? Iran has been a Shia Muslim country for centuries. Fundamentalists took over in 1979.
Sunni and Shia say that, the opposing group has nothing to do with Islam. This must implicate that no one is a Muslim?
Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism and radical Islam. We need to cause a regime change and end their ev…
If Islam is the problem, why did W invade Iraq on behalf of Islam??. Yeah, that Sunni v. Shia thing exposing you again.
Jai Hind!U all who claim to be brothers united by islam will all land up killing each other like shia sunni…
Imam khomeini is a marja3. In shia islam we can follow any marja3 wether arab or not.…
BBC News - Sunnis and Shia: Islam's ancient schism
Pls don't talk about things you hate and don't know basics of, Sunni Islam has awaren…
Firstly, Sunni and Shia Islam have some variance on the pillars of Islam, but we will focus on the vast majority of Sunni Islam
How brave and loyal were the companions of imam al Hussain a.s , yet they're only appreciated in Shia Islam 💔
A path of moderation towards nuclear weapon. Slowly but surly Spreading THIER type of Shia Islam for the…
backed PMU = ISIS. PMU pledges loyalty to Caliphate of Caliph Ali NOT to
Again.There's no monolith of Islam.Sunnis don't consider Shia as Muslim etc. More antagonistic split…
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Sunni Islam is a harmful ideology. Reason being it has 1200 hadiths to Shia's 10
The Battle of Shah Emperor of invaded the Empire (He followed
I am a Shia Muslim and am proud of your hard work to educate people about Islam including Muslims like myself. May…
Can you tell me which one live in Palace & which one in simple little house?. who create , who destroy it ?. or
this shia girl has ruined your life akh — Lol it's just timeline banter chill
And as for the "sharia supporters", I believe most of South Asia prac…
'Ali said: . In the early days of Islam the mushrikeen attacked the Prophet (saws) near the Ka'ba. The only one to defend him was Abu Bakr.
Islam hates infidels & USA is an infidel nation. So USA aligning…
I don't know the individual names. Four within Sunni + however Shia Islam governs itself…
the innovation that comes closest to cancer is. y a . a l i. who's so sick to make me sick, I puke almost every time I see this
Im an Assyrian looking into shia islam and i dont mean to be in your business but dont shia say premarital sex is haram?
one more thing. even tho Shia Islam is like the more intense 1 the Shia people are usually more liberalish
PPP and MQM are deeply involved in Anti-Islam and Anti-Pakistan activities, how come they are running free. Can't t…
One God one religion . however . all down to the interpretation . . Sunnis and Shia: Islam's ancient schism -
Whoever is playing the Shia Sunni Card in the region is the biggest enemy of Islam...Doesnt matter how much they pr…
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Who dares to say the are ennemies of Islam? Is their crime to love the lovers of Allah? They are the embodiment of authenticity.
I am in admiration towards the way the honor our role models in Islam. So much love, sincerity, purity, loyalty.
Don't all mahdabs support shariah law? There is no secular branch of Islam, Sunni or Shia.
He hasn't seen the people who run the country of Mecca and Medina who are the epitome of anti-Islam
Shia sect started by Abdullah ibn Sabah, a Jew who pretended to accept Islam so Jews could weaken muslims from the inside
not Sunnis, in fact wahhabis(saudi).shia&sunni reject them. believe that prophet himself agrees th…
Terror attacks by belong only to Daesh—an anti-terror entity combatted primarily by
Having the odds stacked against him, at a time where Islam was vulnerable, he stuck by the sunnah. C…
the sectarian war at the heart of Islam. the tortured/killed Sunnis by Shia militias.
I liked a video 10 curious facts about Shia Islam | BISKIT
USA freed Iraq from Sadam. Then Shia Sunni conflict started because Islam is at war.
complimented this man's shirt that portrayed Shia Islam and he kept my third eye opened with the history, blessed.
Also if you want to learn about shia Islam than go to
Love between Shia Islam and Georgian Orthodox :'(. Ali and Nino Official Trailer (2016)
Making the lands of Islam lands of Rafidism is an American desire & a Jewish goal, with the help of Iranian interfe…
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Really? So the conflict between the Sunni and the Shia isn't motivated by Islam? 🤔
I support Islam, Shia and Sunni are not a religion by itself
I support Yogi for wishing Shia Muslims who r much more moderate n reasonable than…
Ultimately it all boils down to Shia Sunni divide.. sectarian conflict within Islam that has lasted this long and has…
In Malaysia, the so-called bastion of secular and moderate Islam, only 35% of Sunnis consider Shia to be Muslims
Must be torture hiding with Khomeini's ice bucket on your head.Wannabee Shia Tupac
What are the five pillars of Islam? What is the distinction between Shia and Sunni? I studied OT wh…
Also bashar's butcher of a dad is world famous for weaponizing the u…
in those countries there is probably more violence between Shia & Sunni Islam than violence targeted against non Muslims.
Wow, great sister 👏 Welcome to Shia Islam ✌️🙌 New religion, new life. Born again 😊 Happy birthday 😉
Kind of. The theory is that Shia Islam was started by Jews to corrupt Islam from within. Alawites are a branch of S…
Unless you're one of many practitioners of Sunni or Shia Islam who live in Syria, then we'll fire a bunch of missle…
ISLAM..& ISLAMISTS DO NOT believe in Democracy/ Nation State.. what they really want? Shia..Sunni..Khariji..Khali…
This is inevitable result of creating an 'Islamic state'. Which Islam is correct, Sunni or Shia, Deobandi or Bareilvi
Shia islam is no less evil than Sunni Islam.
88% of Islam is Sunni, the rest is some form of Shia (see Iran).
Congratulations to the Imam a.s of our time and to all of you for the wilaadah of Imam Ali a.s
Triple talaq is not in Islam. This is haram in shia islam.
I suppose in Saudi Arabia, cradle of islam, the Saudis also fabricated hadiths 🙄 The Iranian Shia mullah cl…
Nope. Islam splits in shia and sunni for example. One is right imo…
Sunni v Shia. Killing and blowing each other up. Is that nothing to do with Islam as well?
It's no longer IMN it's a blanket ban for Shia Islam. It's sad and terrible
ISIS is real Sunni Islam. Iran is real Shia Islam.
This is brutal reality of Islam n its inhuman followers.Sunni & shia both against peace n so they follow religion of peace.
Pagan Shia worshiping Statue Imam Hussien Iraq is this islam via
Saddam = to open the gate for Shia to do the job & make it easy 4 you to reach ur goals (killing true muslims &fight Islam👍
was first generation convert of Shia Islam from Kathiawar Gujarat. was Kashmiri Pandit converted to Ahmedi Islam.
the cause that promotes Shia Islam. I remember even Hamas had to turn to Iran at one point
Today most just born into Muslim families either etc but don't know
I am very well versed on Sunni Islam actually. This is the dumb reaction to a Shia leader's visit:.
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else in kuwait suni joined shiaz in congregation for nams in shia's mosque! This is islam n humanity.
So, you believe the US, Russia, and the Shia are all working together against Sunni Islam? -VJ
Seyyed Ali Khamenei: US in a fight on Islam, Iran, Shias
youre comparing apples to oranges. Sunni, Shia, those are different sects of Islam. Extremists don't follow Islam at all.
Holy Prophet of Islam's Deep Love towards Imam Husain (A.S.). One of the most beautiful and deep aspects of the...
Muslim Brotherhood org. want to kill all Jews. Buddies, Hindu, Christian, Shia Islam & all the infidels.
Remember this on this coming election Nov. 2016. There is 2 Islam Shia and Sunni. MBTO Jihad Sunni is a terrorist.
Trump is 100% Right about Muslim. But Remember there's 2 part of Muslim Shia and Sunni. Shia is a good Islam and Sunni is a terrorist.
America remember the 09 11 01. There is 2 part of Islam Sunni, Shia. Sunni is more believe in Sharia and terrorist.
smh Areminder,most of Ali(R.A) Quotes are propergated by shia branch of islam,unless you are sure they aint true!
Fatima Kareem. A sociologist who turned from Shia Islam to atheism. She appeared on Youtube in 2015. ht…
Sunni and Shia war, acronym Sushi War, destroys lives n promotes terror by Islamic extremist. The Refugee flight 2 Europe is spreading Islam
There are many, many Islams. Shia, Sufi, and Ismaili Islam is not Salafi Sunni Islam.
not only that but there are different sections of islam for example Sunni and Shia
Leader: Fighting and is definitive policy.
Shia muslim pro-rape advocate who teaches Islam, claims that the women and the canadians who exposed him are „islam…
Imam Khamenei: US in a fight on Islam, Iran, Shia Muslims via
A Shia Lebanese journalist denounced as immoral & murderous,adding that she was further disavowing the blind sect of Shia
Shia-Sunni clash is colonialist, US plot. Top issue is to realize 2 sides of the extensive war & one’s stance to avoid bei…
leader: Today, the certain policy of the is war against Iran & the
Today, absolute policy of U.S. is following anti-Islam, anti-Iran and anti-Shia policy.
Abubaker Umer Usman Mu'avia Yazid are heroes of Sunni Islam but terrorists and villain in Shia Islam.
Abubaker Umer Usman Mu'avia Yazid are 5 pillars of Sunni Islam but have zero value in Shia Islam.
Mohammad was biological father of Shia Islam, Godfather of Sunni Islam. Nothing spiritual about him.
when the Shia Islam of the Twelve Imams and the Orthodox Church of the Twelve Apostles emerge victorious ... the world will change forever
"This is what Shia Islam promises you. Imbeciles." - Kevin Gutzman
Nationalism in the Shroud of Islam: The contradiction of Saudi Arabia’s Sunni and Iran’s Shia Islam
Important now to view Shia Islam as a system of political governance & Imam Khomeini as a political theorist. Sectarian worldview won't help
Vile. Al-Azhar university in Egypt asked students to submit paper on 'the spread of Shia Islam and how to combat it' h…
Al-Azhar's turn against Shia Islam has to be one of the worst events in recent years.
Emir of Kano Lamido Sanusi equates Shia Islam with terrorist cults like maitasine and Boko…
A woman is worth half a man in Shia Islam unless they're Christian or Jew which is a quarter.An atheist woman is worth 1/8 of a muslim man.
1 author encyclopedia site: woman politician: Men should have - female prisoners
last night's Islam is a 1,385 yr old Sunni-Shia civil war. with Shiites. maybe with Sunni's. US?
If I dont associate ISIS/Sunni/Shia/Sufi & Ahmadiyya with Islam then how do I know who's Muslim? What does it mean to be muslim?
Why everyone worried about sunni and shia beef. In islam we allowed beef so chill maybe . 😊😊😊
Does anyone understand Islam? We have ISIS, Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Ahmadiyya. and all claim they are the right Islam
Muslim Swing Set & Religion of Peace . Islam hangs Soldiers to Burn them to Death
The beauty of Sunni And Shia uniting in peace while spreading true Islam. Hope we can do the same
True, and Allah said do not be separatist. Let the Sunni and Shia unit and spread true Islam
Shia Islam in Pakistan Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Pakistan
There is no Shia or Sunni in Islam period
READ & SHARE. Accepting the wedding invitation of the Rawaafidh and eating their meat.
786 The problem is the Reality of G*D is obscured to Humanity as a whole, 1 CREATOR, 1 Religion=12 Imams Shia Islam.
Islam is a Religion. Sunni Shia etc are tribal sects of Islam! much like Pentecostalism etc for Christianity
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" the center of Sunni Islam � hates Iran because it is the center for the rival Shia Muslim sect"
786 Since false ideology i.e. Jesus myth about G*D is taken out of public schools, put truth {=Qur'an-12 Imams Shia Islam} of G*D in Schools
I just wanna teach islam, it's science, it's philosophy, it's math, it's medicine, I let go of that sunni/Shia mentality long time ago
If Islam means peace how are the Sunni & the Shia getting on? they both follow Islam. Islam also teaches martyrdom+mass murder.
a sect in Islam like Sunni, Shia, predominately in Saudi Arabia
who hv spread Islam all over the world?who defeated crusaders?who hv played greatest role inIslam?not shia
Whether you're Sunni or Shia, I honestly could careless! You represent Islam, act how a Muslim is supposed to!
Only Twelver Shia do it. Bring them back into the fold of Islam with gentleness and good mannerisms. Insults are childish.
I see another Shia exposing all in her Avi - no hijab or respect for Islam
bro I was Hindu before I reverted to Islam adopted by Shia family now practicing Sunni Islam
will come when kaffr and sect interconnected to impose Islam. happy to all Muslims
No such thing as a Sunni/Shia division in Islam. They're kuffar.
Big loss for Shia , Big win for Islam and mankind . "Rouhani says IRGC cmdr. death 'big loss".
is it naïve to expect western media to acknowledge that Islam isn't monolithic? To at least distinguish Sunni/Shia/wahabbi?
Ibn Taymiyyah:. “The Rafidhah (Shia) have no purpose except to destroy Islam.”. - [Minhaaj us-Sunnah (v. 7 p. 415)]
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. Also →Iran &Qatar. Sponsors of radical Islam terror,agaist d West. Iran→Shia Islam,not only. Qatar → Sunni,not only
Does PM want Sunni/Shia distaste 4 each other left elsewhere?
Shia Islam to infidel like me more about fetish for Ali's defeat than Mo. If didn't exist would it be invented?
Russia and USA have agreed on the war against Islam and the protection of Israel . there is Shia-Russia-US alliance no doubt . 2/2
.. 2\2 Shia Religion is a different Religion to Islam -
Interview with Esam Al-Emad a Wahhabi Scholar Who Converted to Shia Islam; - Ahlul Bayt News Agency (press release)
Sufism unlike Shia Islam and Sunni Islam is not a religion it's a spiritual connection with the being and Creator.
thought Agha Khan religion is Ismaeli and it a part of Shia Islam. What about Ahmadis?
Iraq, like Iran is Shia Islam. A small pocket of Sunnis are located in the Sunni Triangle.
. because Iran is a branch of Shia Islam and ISIS is Sunni Islam. The two have hated each other for over a thousand years
Today, it's critical the U.S. develops relationships across the M.E & N.Africa w/ pragmatic representatives of Sunni & Shia Islam
if you compare Shia Islam to Sunni Islam...the idea of takfir doesn't exist in Shia islam.
.Paul, if your knowledge of ISIS or Islam went beyond Islamophobic selective quotes maybe you would know that as a Shia Muslim
Hamas and ISIS are Sunni. Hezbollah is Shia. Everything w/ Islam seems to veer to violence when there is disagreement
and please do your research before posting a pic like that; the bottom right corner pic says "Shia" which is Islam..
This is not an unnatural alliance. ISIS is a threat to both nations, which share a border and a sectarian interest—Shia Islam.
Recommendations for books based on racism classism or feminism in shia Islam
If one were to swirl the pot for poor dancer, he was a convert to Shia Islam and they were Sunni. What
I used to be Sunni. Me and my entire family converted to Shia Islam around 15 years ago when we learnt the truth.
They feel threatened by a secular society. It seems that Islam cannot bend but it has already broken - Shia, Sunni, Wahabi etc
But do 'Shia' muslims count as innocent in the eyes of the 'Sunni'?
Shia s are Islam and Daesh killed them sees them as non believers
The war on Islam is becoming more apparent in their own backyard.
& has to do nothing with Islam. They are 2 Cults of Persian Zoroastrianism.
When Islam rules the universe you who despise it can always hide in your kennels & draw cartoons while eating bacon. Don't give up.
786 Praise be to ALLAH beautiful children, may the ALL MIGHTY allow them to practice HIS 12 Imams Shia Islam until they...
what have arabs done for them? They brought Islam to their lands :)
Islam has ISIL, Sunni vs Shia, suicide bombers but also has millions who believe in peace and community.
Einstein converted to Shia Islam too, good but Neil Armstrong still the best
so it's not about Islam. It's all about Iran. Not ISLAMIC nation but Iranian nation. Wish shia around the globe can judge
in whole history of islam show me a single war/conquest of shia Islam except callaborting against sunnis
. Do not REPORT on Islam if you can not explain, in 50 words or less, the Shia / Sunni divide.
one scholar wrote it was a coincidence that Imam Ali (as) won all the battles of Islam so a Shia zakir replied...
Different "sects" of Islam like Ba'athists (Assad), Erdogan pro MB, Rouhani, Shia Why religious wars in ME?
this is Syrian Alawi Islam belong to Shia sect (peer moreedi)
O my people I am watching over you come back to the true Islam Unite Sunni Shia Sabians Jews Christians into one Islam
I liked a video from Sunni Bakri Scream from The Rise of Shia Islam
for me shia isn't Islam. who shia unfollow me 🙋. ain't joke ok!😉
And you know what? Real nuslims don't brag abkut how other people lives. If you don't know Islam, just learn it.
Shia and Sunni are two arms of Islam. Imam .
There is no such thing as Shia & Sunni versions of Islam, Shia who insult the Prophet's wives or say the Qur'an is incom…
Shi'ism or shia is a mixing between Jewish & Parsee ideas & wrapped with some Islamic words to destroy Islam from inside…
70 less ISIS terrorists. Good for the Shia. Sunni Islam is hate and terror.
many shia's claim to be Muslim, like they believe they belong to Islam. Leave them to Allah
. Saudi is overwhelming Wahhabi (Sunni). Shia Islam is very much a minority there. The "attackers" were Sunni.
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Muslims did make images of Muhammad & they remain common in Shia Islam
I know!! I have read LOTS into Shia Islam and they possess pretty much the same beliefs as Sunni's.
Sunni mufti and head of Sunni scholars in France Sheikh Sankoh Muhammadi embraced Shia Islam after a visit to Karbala
one thing In I have been good at is ideas. People don't believe the leaders of Islam can totally erase the Sunni Shia division but I do.
right. But Islam is a hierarchy. If the highest lislam eaders declare Sunnis and Shia division no longer exist ,all is gone
Sean Ali Stone sharing "what makes him to convert Shia Islam"
SHIA ISLAM IN INDIA India is the only Non-Muslim country in the world that has recognized day of Ashura (Moharram) as a Public Holiday. India also has the Birthday of Imam Ali as public Holiday in states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, whose capital Lucknow is considered as the centre of India’s Shiite Muslim community. The Birthdate of Ali is not recognized by any country in any of its states other than India, Azerbaijan and Iran as public Holiday. Source: wikipedia
I hate shias for the sake of Allah.You can't change islam then expect Muslims to promote your filthy cult. You can't have your cake & eat it
| IS report about the liberation of dam from the backed Shia.
Baqir Raza Shot Injured by Firing of Anti Anti Terrorists in North Nazimabad Area of
Sunni and Shia both equal Islam brother
which islam dominating the world salfi , deo bandi, barelvi ,wahabi ,shia islam, . Wat abt ISIS TTP they dominate the world
is most important to defeat an enemy of Islam ... .
Jinnah Sb Muslim Shia-not ISLAM-JAHALAT: JI MNA Tariqullah refused to lead 'fateha' for slain Shia leader Nawaz Irfani in the Parliament.”
Why did IS group choice this time to attack Jabhat anNusra positions in Aleppo while JN and others are doing major operation against Shia?
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Of course, mainstream Sunni and mainstream Shia are as threatened by ISIS' damage to perceptions of Islam as by their physical conquests.
We need apps in English. Need an app that has the Jafari azan. Hadiths? Sunnis got Bukhari, we don't have Al Kafi.
SHIA take what they want from islam ... and turn it around, call it ''islam'' and
People think the Suni Shia divide can't be healed, have gotten away from the divine spark of Islam, which is their source and created them
Imam & prince of Ismaili sect of Shia Islamic moderate promoting secular pluralism & advancement of women
This one definitely got people to pay attention
The moral example set by is leadership for all of us, He is a moral leader for and all - a voice of moderation
For more than 500 our beloved brothers from Turkey held the banner of Islam high destroying the Crusaders & Shia kafireen & spreading Islam
To force upon any non Muslim goes against the teachings of Islam, the Qur'an has announced: 'There is no compulsion in Re…
He was as nutcase as other Muslim and Shia mullahs. The kind of things you Muslim folks are doing, Islam is going to disappear soon
Iran : the other islamo-nazi country. Never mind if this is shia islam or other ideologic delirium.
(The Enemies of Islam …: *Never forget the Sunni bodies in the Tigris# IS comes to haunt you*
is to islam. What dollar is to Christianity.
that's not islam you fool. That's a 5 percenter medallion
what about political Islam in iran? you rafidhis alwa... — I believe in Sunni-Shia unity, but I also believe in ...
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Mujahideen of the target a Nusairi vehicle with a landmine.
Dr Shamim Raza Shot Killed by Firing of Anti Anti Terrorists in Korangi area of
Get Free SHIA news Alert From All over the World. Type:Listen Aliali43. and snd to 8333. ON YA_ALI_MADAD1. snd 40404 Or 8002 Pr. MC. SHIA. ISLAM
Islam is so intoxicating that Shia's,Ahmadi's etc after getting worst treatment remain united against Hindus
But the follow the quran? Very stringently it would seem. Is your flavor of Islam Sunni or shia?
Tonight"Boost your knowledge of Shia Islam& your ability to discuss different points of view
it's not because they consider them blasphemous, or because Shia is not "pure Islam"?
There is not a single mosque in or that can be prayed in that hasn't been destroyed by Shia Militia.
SSP vows "I will attack Shia, Qadiani Imrani & all the enemies of Islam & Pakistan"Patwari mentality
This is not Islam, this is Shia, more less like *** club
Islam is a religion of peace and mercy they said. Shia brethren depicting a very accurate picture of that!!
*** Is this true? Khomeini issued this. Shia a man is fully permitted to commit sodomy on infants; babies as small as 24 hours old
It mean that you will teach us Islam?We will believe your lie?Never,Shia propagated daily the same
Thank you for proving why Shia rafdiah are human trash and nothing to do with Islam
Shia started the mayhem w/ their ill conceived nationalist Persian sect. Persia needs a reconquest to bring it back to Islam
Vice president of Indonesia stated that it was not a Shia religious Shia Islam and the misguided. Why Majelis Ulama Indonesia and Islamic Defenders Front still allow the Shia religion? By: Indonesia anti-religious Shia
Sunni and Shia Islam are the two major denominations of Islam. The demographic breakdown between the two denominations is difficult to *** and varies by source, but a good approximation is that 87–89% of the world's Muslims are Sunni[1] and 11–12% are Shia,[2][3] with most Shias belonging to the Twelver tradition and the rest divided between many other groups.[2] Sunnis are a majority in most Muslim communities: in Southeast Asia, China, South Asia, Africa, and most of the Arab world. Shia make up the majority of the citizen population in Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain, as well as being a politically significant minority in Lebanon. Azerbaijan is predominantly Shia; however, practicing adherents are much lower.[4] Indonesia has the largest number of Sunni Muslims, while Iran has the largest number of Shia Muslims (Twelver) in the world. Pakistan has the second-largest Sunni as well as the second-largest Shia Muslim (Twelver) population in the world. The historic background of the Sunni–Shia split lies i .. ...
What it’s really like to be a Shi'ite Muslim in Australia Fatima and Hussain’s home is tucked away in a quiet street in Melbourne western suburbs. At the entrance to the modest property there is a shoe rack, where the family and visitors remove their shoes to follow the Muslim practice of keeping the house clean. Mohammad, 3, runs up to say hello and then runs back to his father’s side, shyness quickly overtaking his initial exuberance. “Welcome,” Hussain says. His wife Fatima, whose black hijab is topped with a pink and white scarf framing her face, greets us with a warm smile. The couple do not want their real names used, but they still want other Victorians to understand why they follow Shia Islam, one of the two major denominations of the religion. The other is Sunni. “We all follow the same calender, the same practice, there are only a few opinions in history that are different,” says Hussain, an IT worker. Their day starts before sunrise with a prayer in their specially designated room ...
There are many sects in Islam.Some like Shia consider hadith equally important.
Shia admits that it is worried about Israel's security. The Shia Rawafidh, always allying with Islam's enemies:
just telle what are u sunni or shia ,coz I swear by Allah shias have deviated from the true teachings of Islam
When the Shia death faild in syria and Iraq , they were used" tools, shia death,Daesh, etc by un !! !!
All 4 major Sunni & all 3 major Shia schools of thought teach: ppl who leave Islam must be killed for apostasy.
If Islam is a religion of peace which Islam is the religion of peace, Shia , Sunni, Taleban, IS or your own personal Islam
What type of Islam to help Shia and Bashar killing innocent Syrians ?
Focus on Shia / Sunni conflict resolutions. Only possible outcome of “ISLAM IS SCARY” is endless war.
Is this Peace Loving, Tolerant which they scream abt?. "Saudi sentences iconic cleric to death.".
To be a Muslim u have to realise theres no Shia or Shunni !! Just ISLAM !
Prominent Shia cleric sentenced to death in Saudi: It is no secret that the eastern province...
> tfw Ragnor converts to Shia Islam and ruins the great blot by not providing true Norse mead.
Yes is one! but Sunni kills Shia->Saudi sentences iconic Shia cleric to death …
Looks like the Saudis are treating the Shia as if they are Jesus!
the epistemology of Shia Islam is a bit easier to discern than Sunni Islam, but both are flat relative to Catholicism
This administration has managed to allow the worst of & Islam to flourish
last of my grown up vocabulary. Sunni, Shia e.g. Alawites , a branch of the Twelver school of Shia Islam but... Yup!
Imam Ali can serve as a model to unite Shias and Khatami .
I fully dont understand how all you MUSLIMS wanna teach others that islam is about PEACE yet you attack your own for bei…
Why is Imam Ali so special, why do call out . :
Being a shia b/c following Islam the way you think is correct is such a crime.
YES Ban Muslims Ban ISIS Ban Love Jihad ban Madrasa Ban Islam and save India from ISIS attacks on yazidis Shia and Kurds
How can say their take on Islam is not part of our educational system when we were taught "Peak of Elequance" from Primary?
Iraqi Shia militias accused of murder spree
It'd be nice to be able to leave Islam w/o being accused of being a paid Jewish/Shia agent trying to tarnish Islam.
All of Islam is 'adaptive'. Less so Shia than Sunni in some areas, more so in others. Fatwas for example?
ISIS are not about "Islam" - they ethnically cleanse the kind of Muslims they don't like, whether, Shia, Kurd, Sufi or whoever.
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Someone tell Tariq Ramadan, the unislamic caliphate is expelling Shia n freeing Sunni population, what has he ever done 4 Isl…
ISLAM is What Allah &RASOLAllah HasSaid ISLAM is Not WhatSome SHIA ppl Say it Ok MIND it U will Be Gathered with Those uBefriend
Coreian Van Leon,a Christian Dutchman converts to Shia Islam on the day of Ghadir at the holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS) h…
After accepting Shia sect of Islam Coreian Van Leon changed his name to 'Hyder Ali'.
Shia militias 'killing Iraqi Sunnis'.So will they get bombed too?Or are these air raid exclusive for IS?
+ jewellery, Christian etc... so a shia to sunni is a revert
I just asked my teacher and he said that every child is born Muslim by fitrah, he later is converted to shia +
.Husayn was the grandson of Muhammad. Murdered. So yes, I see the reason for the common name.
Obama: Solution to Middle East problems is reconciling Sunni & Shia Islam. Piece of cake. Bombing shou…
World War 3? IMPEACHABLE OBAMA GOES IT ALONE AGAIN to create WW3. Ineffective in Iraq he bypasses Congress again refusing to wait for the vote, knowing he would not have received permission? Paralytic Senate only concerned with Democratic power at all costs, allows him to be an illegal dictator by quashing impeachment motions passed by Congressmen. Is this the United States of America? Has someone buried the Constitution? Is some camouflaged power figure trying to destroy both the USA and the West for the cause of Shia Islam?? The complexity of the Syrian Government opposition groups fighting the conflict is dramatic enough and needs no sudden overemphasis upon just one of the many groups called rebels or allies(??). ISIS, has hit the news because they have a superior PR machine. Their atrocities are the same as other ruthless Islamic Jihadi so-called allies(??). The risk alone of upsetting the undeclared league of Iran, Russia and Syria is high, but when the sudden sensational PR success catches the US m ...
From all the sects of Islam, Shia remains to be more Islamic and more Peaceful and more Compatible sect...
I think Shia need to start speaking about the difference between Sunnism and Shia Islam.
Saudi Wahhabis are fighting:. Other Sunnis, over “true” Sunnism. Qaeda & IS over "true" Wahhabism. Shia, over “true” Islam
When American leftist academics defend Shia Islam, this is what they are defending see attachment
I embraced Islam not knowing what a Sunni or Shia was...
So far the problem of Lebanon is Shia Islam not the Sunni Islam. Get rid of Shia Islam before Sunnis come. Save yourself from another war.
Adna is only Shia to *** people off.. Never met anyone who converts from Islam to Being kaafir
Sunni=90% Islam pop. &Shia=10%- dumb 4 US to go there &put Shia in bad aiding US vs Sunni - Iran can do job
"lived perfectly with until America stepped in. -
2/2 tat it is the revolution in Iran which gave Shia Islam a say in the world. It's a solid reality n a threat 2 takfiri global machinery
Sunni Sufi Islam n it's like in Shia side didn't believe in acquiring power n 1st thing to do was to make em realise it need2 b done which
not only in yaman, suria, Iran and Iraq are mayority of shia Islam religion
lol I love Shias as much as I love Islam, my boyfriend is also Shia so all those jokes weren't meant to offend anyone.
Ya Ahl Al Sunna in Lebanon avenge us, avenge us n ignite the shia with the flames of ur rath... may Allah be with u trablous al islam...
LOL! Taqiyaa? Brother Taqiya is in Shia brand of Islam. At least do some home work.
I Always thought there was no sects in Islam other than the obvious Sunni, Shia & just recently Sufi,
We have two dvisions in Islam. Shia and Sunni. ISIL is Sunni, killing Shia Muslims
Ya Shia turn to real islam, we are Sunni and we love Ali radiallahu anhum. Stop swearing at Aisha, Huraira, Omar, Uthman. learn true islam.
The right teaching of prophet can be found only in shia's faith, Shia is what Islam teaches...
:-). Read the Qur'an and read about Shia islam, about 12th imam etc. :-)
I'll tell you one thing though, Iran is no joke. This is a serious issue. And we will be fighting Shia Islam.
1/ 1. Tell the truth about Islam to the civilized world 2. Stop immigration from Muslim countries 3. Stir the Shia vs. Sunni pot
Majority of Sunnis, know nothing about the basic concepts of shia Islam and are very undereducated
Not really clever debating Shia vs Sunni issues if you dont know what type of Shia the person is. There are some who are still within Islam.
let a shia insult Ayesha RA and call it "islam" ? Wallah they should be castrated
I feel stupid having this conversation with you. Who dissed Islam? No body, you dissed Islam, you dissed shia's
I want a shia to explain to me what they truly believe in. I genuinely want to learn about 'shia-Islam', and no lies pls
All thinking Muslims will soon have to decide where their loyalties lie, with moderate Islam, misogynist Shia or the terrorist radicals.
I offer a complex but easy solution: Delete the terms Shia and Sunni and replace them with one religion: Islam.
All boils down to Shia Islam, 100 times worse then the Orthodox church with their "policies" hopefully they die painfully.
I know more about Shia Islam than you do. Just because people tell you some things doesn't mean they're right
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