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Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood (born ) is an American comedienne. She is currently one of the panelists on the daytime chat show The Talk on CBS.

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Thanks to comedian Sheryl Underwood for hanging with us today on the show. Check her out today and tomorrow at the Virginia Beach FunnyBone!!
Catch Sheryl Underwood at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone March 14th & 15th. Get your tickets at!
This is for u Sheryl Underwood : it was on a friends FB wall and had to share, since u love Bacon!
Sheryl Underwood is so sweet and down to earth the talk show the talk need her .not to many blacks keep it real like she do she never for got her roots .that is my gyrls
I just got tickets to The Talk!!! Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood here I come!!!
Todays Talk is about who you date publically is different from whom are in an relationship privately. So who would SkyWalkers "girlfriend" be, Sheryl Underwood! Srry Jen it's just business, Kenya Moore will do the job if you don't wanna though
Come see Sheryl Underwood at the VB Funnybone tonight and tomorrow! P.s. I'm on the bar tonight!-)
Ms. Sheryl Underwood We LOVE & ADORE you here at Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB so when are you coming here to entertain us?
Ellen Degeneres is the funniest *** on the plan. Well. After Whoopi Goldberg. And Sheryl Underwood. 3rd funniest ***
I would love to see Sheryl Underwood working in Tyler's movies! I think she would do a Great Job!
Thanks to everyone who sent messages saying they saw me on TV One's "Unsung Hollywood" last night about "What's Happening!" I haven't seen the episode yet, but I'll catch a rerun. I also taped specials on Sheryl Underwood, "A Different World" and Richard Roundtree.
as usual Sheryl underwood Has nothing intelligent to say About a serious subject get rid of her !
. I am so sorry I missed Sheryl Underwood. You are so funny and a real asset to the show. You are my fav.
OMG Sheryl Underwood is now following me! I love that lady - she warms my heart.
This is the same advice Sheryl Underwood suggests. It's the best
I love all the ladies of talk. Sheryl Underwood is not only funny, but caring and smart. Love her. Marie Osmond is great!
Omg! Sheryl Underwood is following me on here! Love her!
Sheryl Underwood from The Talk followed me love it 👍
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I have only one thing to say. Sheryl Underwood, apologize publicly for flogging Canada and it's judicial system publicly.
So happy that Platinum Urban Magazine was able to capture this moment with Sheryl Underwood this really made my...
"Our flag is red, white and blue, but our nation is a rainbow-red, yellow, brown, black and white...-- Sheryl Underwood
This is one of the most hilarious jabs I've ever seen on TV. EVER. You go, Sheryl!. Sheryl Underwood's Fan Page...
'The Talk': See Sheryl Underwood in her underpants! -- VIDEO
i thought Sheryl Underwood was Wesley Snipes after the wig and makeup comes off...or after tax season
":Who's that in the front?"sheryl underwood, oh my bad Michael Blackston
Ever since Sheryl Underwood said she looks like Wesley Snipes when she doesn't have any makeup on, that's all I see when I look at her
‘The Talk’: See Sheryl Underwood in her underpants! — VIDEO: I can’t live without my Spanx but I certainly wou...
"I fell in love with a lot of guys very quickly. There was Colonel Sanders..." 😂😂😂 - Sheryl Underwood
Underwood girl u know u doing to much. It's Underwear not Underwood lol
Who wore it better: Miley Cyrus or Sheryl Underwood???
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I like Sheryl Underwood on The Talk, but she know she greedy
Sheryl Underwood is one ugly women my gawd
Lmao Sheryl Underwood got me dead on The Talk
I adore Sheryl Underwood.Her humor & spirit make my day!! When she came out in her undies today it was GENIUS!! lOVE dA sHOW
Sheryl Underwood you are so crazy omg I just almost wet my pants lol.I just love you ladies. Keep up the good work.
Sheryl Underwood is a fool. Mocking Miley coming out with her undies on
Sheryl Underwood is my idol, she is fearless!! Love her!!
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Sheryl Underwood is now ur hero and best friend :P
WOW! Thanks for following me back, Sheryl Underwood! You are absolutely awesome!
See I don't Have 2 Say Nothing! Sheryl Underwood always say what I want to say!
I ain't even said nun to you Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood Thank you for clarifying the use of the N word and calling out Aisha Tyler with her fake self
Omg Sheryl Underwood on the talk is crazy
I just placed it Wesle...Geneva looks like Sheryl Underwood
ICYMI: Comedian Sheryl Underwood and her crew stopped by the Bo + Jim Show Friday. Watch the video:
PQC National Alumni Association Pres Bess Dunner and husband with Quinnite Nation (and 2014 Homecoming guest) Sheryl Underwood.
All ready to go on The Talk to share my recipes with Sheryl Underwood as she continues her 30-day pledge!...
Geneva looks like Sheryl Underwood who looks like Wesley i guess Geneva looks like Wesley Snipes.
Sheryl Underwood ever felt that overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear? Yeah not good :( question faith or lack of it?
She looks a little like Sheryl Underwood too
Geneva looks like Sherri Shepard and Sheryl Underwood mixed together..oh with a little splash of Too Wong Foo (Mica voice)
If I was Madonna I would sue Sheryl Underwood. To suggest Madonna's sabotaging her son's future because he wore grillz for 5 minutes?
Wow!!! Sheryl Underwood the comedian just started following us .
My my my, I really did enjoy myself last night. That Sheryl Underwood was hilarious! I laughed all night, hate if I had to use the bathroom cause I would have used it all over myself. Thanks for a great night out babe! Now we are at Spirals for breakfast.
A couple of tips about sending flowers from comedian Sheryl Underwood
Tune in to Wanda Sykes Presents Herlarious on Saturday, January 11, at 10/9c. Subscribe to OWN: Comic Sheryl Underwood says that women ...
Sheryl Underwood is one of the baddest females in comedy. Had a great time. Shout out
I met Sheryl underwood in 2011 at a conference and all of our national presidents at the ...
Just left from the Addison Improv seeing Sheryl Underwood !! She had me crying.
Sheryl Underwood is tha truth and very funny hands down
At the Improv with babe bout to see Sheryl Underwood ugly and funny ***
About to go and see Sheryl Underwood at the Addison Improv
Sheryl Underwood was off the chain Lmbo!!! 😄
Enjoying Sheryl Underwood with my best friend
Sheryl Underwood is real coo peoples.learning so much from a Comedic Legend..3 Shows tonight in…
Date night with hubby and Sheryl Underwood it's going to be a blast.
Sheryl Underwood from CBS "The Talk" giving us some words of encouragement at the Dj Battle/Step Show…
Last Night just Chillin with Sheryl Underwood back stage in her Green Room...& today I Co-Hosted The…
Me and the lovely Sheryl Underwood. Very funny.
So I just got charged up by Sheryl Underwood
Platinum Urban Magazine is at Paul Quinn College to help supporr Sheryl Underwood with " Battle of the DJ"
step show, battle of the DJ's, Sheryl underwood, basketball game, & after party, wasssup
Soror Sheryl Underwood is a comedian, actress and co-host on The View. She was also the 23rd president of Zeta.
Happy Saturday All?! Trying to will myself out of bed this morning. Not having much luck. :( My head is a bit heavy this morning! Sheryl Underwood put on a great show. It felt good to laugh that much again. Plenty to do's today... Get up, tan, get oil changed & tire fixed on the Sky, and finish up my taxes. Going to Euless tonight for some more adventure!! 😃
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We can wait to go see Sheryl underwood tonight at the Addison improve.
Sheryl Underwood, come get you some
Decided to get out the house and to our luck Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood is rockin her comedy set, commercial break!
PUMAGAZINE baad EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT waiting on Sheryl Underwood to come out
Sheryl Underwood of CBS's "The Talk" looks lovely sporting the full Sardinia ensemble (necklace, bracelet and earrings) by Stella & Dot on today's show! Check out this gorgeous and versatile collection at
The Talk show host, Sheryl Underwood wearing the entire Stella and Dot Sardinia Collection
Sheryl Underwood is at the Addison Improv all weekend. If anyone wants to take me please let me know. Me love you long time. Promise. Lol
Spotted! Sheryl Underwood from The Talk wearing the Sardinia necklace, bracelet & earrings!…
Going to see Sheryl Underwood tonight at the Improv in Addison with my BFFs. Look out we'll be on the prowl!! :)
This is what you call striking while the iron is hot!! The Talk host Sheryl Underwood captured moments ago sporting Stella & Dot's Sardinia Pendant, Bracelet and Chandeliers! Obviously this lady has style and class!!
Sheryl Underwood wearing the Sardinia Pendant ($98)and bracelet ($98) today on The Talk!!
She does a good enough job of that on her own. "The talk stays cooning Sheryl Underwood out."
jus tcant stand Sheryl underwood. she makes the show less than it should be
Sheryl Underwood just said its ok to spank your kids! She said " It's ok cuz they had a meeting back in 1978 in Mobile, Al @ the 1-800- Rent-A-Black Mama meeting! ! . # hilarious! !!
Sheryl Underwood ...I'm with you on spanking & so's the Bible, though it's not PC to say so. I appreciate your voice of reason & wisdom.
Sheryl Underwood there's no need for that you were blessed with enough. And you are beautiful the way you are natural
The talk stays cooning Sheryl Underwood out.
When females claim they can't get a man, I always give them the side eye. Even of you look like Sheryl Underwood, a nig…
People who should not be on TV: Nancy Grace, Don Cherry, Any Kardashian, Sheryl Underwood, Cedric the Entertainer,The Fountain Tire Guy
Sheryl Underwood was HILARIOUS on your show today
Hockey is my favorite part of the Olympics. Watching with Sheryl Underwood makes it hilariously awesome.
I might have to go see Sheryl underwood.. She'll be in Addison.. & she's hilarious!
Ok I'm struggling to get into the Sheryl Underwood show on the Juice but all she talks about is herself. Really not feeling it...i'll stick with DL Hughley. in Tha Building!!
Lol I love me some Sheryl Underwood and Sharon Osbourne lol they be having me rollin.
Question: Would you rather have Corey Holcomb or Sheryl Underwood come down to do a comedy show or Pooch Hall or Tahiry to host a party?
now you "read" Madonna Sheryl Underwood I loved it! (The Talk)
Sheryl Underwood, 49, made a sad revelation on Friday as she tearfully recalled her most painful memories to the audience at the CBS talk show.
Some of you women speak about folks like my girl Sheryl Underwood and how she looks at 50, but you half her age and don't look as good she does! Stay in your lane.. IJS!
The Talk's Sheryl Underwood has promised to go green for the month of February! According to Essence, the comedienne and actress announced on The Talk that she will begin her vegan switch this mont...
Watching The View. I just love Sheryl Underwood on there. She's blunt and hilarious but is funny about it. Also Sharon Osburn is hilarious.
Where's the beef? Forget that, where's the *** bacon? The Talk's big-time carnivore Sheryl Underwood has decided to go vegan for the month of February with mentoring from her co-host Sara Gilbert, a longtime vegan and author of the healthy-lifestyle book The Imperfect Environmentalist (Ballantine).
We're having a great time on Sheryl Underwood Radio. Check us out on TuneIn Or
Looking forward to getting back on the road this weekend. Dallas Texas, fall in to the Addison Improv Friday and Saturday night. Mike Washington, Kyle Erby, and Sheryl Underwood.
Watching The Talk. Harry Stiles from One Direction is quoted as saying that they (One Direction) are more popular than the Beatles. Of course everyone booed that. Then Sheryl Underwood said, " One Direction says they're more popular than the Beatles. John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Then Jesus says, 'Once I come back I'm gonna show you I'm more famous than both of y'all!'" WOOHOO!
Sheryl Underwood on The Talk...her weave and makeup is flawless! She looks transformed because she used to look like a drag queen!
Was watching the tv show the Talk. And they were talking about some band named one direction and they said they were bigger than the beatles and the beatles said they were bigger than JESUS. And Sheryl Underwood one of the host said when JESUS comes back he will show them all whos # 1! That was awesome :-) she just witnessed to alot of people on tv! And the people that heard it can't say they didn't that JESUS was coming!
Shout out to Sheryl Underwood for upgrading our concert seats!!! We ate at the "right" restaurant! Lol!
Sheryl Underwood big gummy *** is coming back to the Funny Bone next month the 14th and the 15th (Friday & Sat) Yall better get the tickets now, dont wait till the last minute . Angela James thats your birthday weekend :-)
This is for Sheryl Underwood from The Talk because she is in love with bacon
Why today on the Talk, Sheryl Underwood looks like she can be K. Michelle's mom? Oka/lol.
“Coming up today on The Queen Latifah Show, Latifah sits down with the ladies of ‘The Talk,’ Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood. Tune in today at 4pm on FOX55!”
Tomorrow, I am gabbing with the ladies from The Talk ... Sheryl Underwood and Julie Chen are here! In the spirit of the winter Olympics, Lisa Leslie is trying her hand at a winter sport! Plus, Mekhi Phifer is in the house & 3 axe women from Maine teach me to chop! Find out where to watch here:
Philip Seymour Hoffman’s girlfriend allegedly kicked him out a few months ago over drug abuse. Did she have any other choice? The hosts discuss. Sheryl Underwood opens up about her own struggles with tough love after losing her husband years ago.
I'll be cooking up gorgeous Recipes at The Talk tomorrow am! Beauty eats w/ the fabulous, Julie Chen Sharon Osbourne Sheryl Underwood Sara Gilbert Aisha Tyler Delicious eats coming in the am! xo Candice
Janet Hubert shades Wendy Williams, Sheryl Underwood, and other black women in television by calling them the new mammy.
The latest celebrity to take on a month-long vegan challenge is Sheryl Underwood, co-host of the television show, The Talk. Underwood was inspired by her colleague, Sara Gilbert, who is vegan. The two recently sat down with TV Guide for an interview to explain why the self-proclaimed bacon-lover is ...
Sheryl Underwood is giving up least for February. She's the latest celeb to go vegan. Any of you ladies ever "go green" and give up meat?
Speaking specifically on the food of the matter-It's interesting to me that Sheryl Underwood said this, because I was thinking of some things concerning slavery and a lot today's issues. Folks have much to say, but last I check 'soul food' derived from food of the slaves. In my opinion it's like not wanting the loaf but accepting the crumbs...that meat doesn't come from "Masta's table" any more but it is still a form of oppression. Speaking on our culture alone ,we have some unnecessary health problems that stem from the 'soul food' diet. More often our souls are still starving. Jmt Sheryl Underwood interviews: Underwood: Steve Harvey told me, "If you're gonna do it, do it in public — because the public will hold you to it!" Of course, some folks think I'm crazy, especially black people. [Laughs] They're, like, "We were 12 years a slave! We got a right to have meat!"
Football player and comedienne, Sheryl Underwood has decided to go vegan.
Goes on via luck Sheryl on your journey amazing benefits ahead
Lol not Wendell Williams..Oops I mesn Wendy Williams. I think he should fight Judge Judy or Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood: From the University of Illinois at Chicago to "The Talk"
Comedian Sheryl Underwood is going vegan for February! "I want a lifestyle change," she says.
Sheryl Underwood joins the long list of celebs going vegan...
Sheryl Underwood eager to be at masked ball.
Sheryl Underwood Goes Vegan on The Talk via "Is lard a animal?" keeps me cracking up!
from goes vegan for February with help of fellow vegan co-host
Sheryl Underwood Will Go Vegan for February: Apparently, veganism is becoming a thing in Hollywood.Comedian S...
OMG,, It's my duty to help these teams go all the way, all the way. I am The Ultimate Athletic supporter"! Sheryl Underwood... These ladies on "The Talk" are funny!!!
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was disturbed by Sheryl Underwood's comment about Madonna topic ontoday show. There is a fine line between being funny and being out of line
OMG!!! Hate to admit that I may be addicted to THE TALK but if I am its all Sheryl Underwood's fault. I love her take on EVERYTHING!!! She definitely exudes Life is too short to take it too serious!!! Mrs. O does usually have a good point, however I question her ability to sit back and judge considering all the stunts her loving hubby has pulled in his career.
Are Funyun's vegan? is about to find out, with help from
Sheryl Underwood looks fantabulous today!! Nice look
Where's the BEEF? The HILARIOUS goes VEGAN on Cool chat w
To one of my realest women I know Lakiesha Booker-Stephenson man buddy I'm so proud of you I have tears rolling down my face to the new addition I can't believe you had your beautiful bouncing baby girl I'm so ecstatic for you I will be there tomorrow with jingle bells that's a promise I love you to pieces thanks for being one of the greatest friend ever I know that you'll be a phenomenal parent..because in my Sheryl Underwood voice she's such a freaking lady
If I'm ever feeling down...a few minutes of Sheryl Underwood makes my spirit go zoom! Zoom! Love that lady!
Like sheryl underwood said on the talk don't blame the women u cheated u got ur hands omg this made me laugh
It's not over til the fat lady farts!! Says Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood on the talk is a trip!
Happening now! LIVE CHAT with Sheryl Underwood! Use the hashtag to send in your questions!
Wait one minute... I'm watching the Talk, Wanda Sykes is a guest... Sheryl Underwood just told her that if she knew she was *** back in the day... She would have pushed up on her?!?! Is Sheryl ?!?! Yes, I'm clueless!
Come check out the Freestyle All-Stars turn it out at this event. Personally invited by Sheryl Underwood!!! This Friday. Let's go!
THANK YOU Sheryl Underwood from daytime's The Talk, for saying on national TV, "Bring your pets inside, check on your neighbors" when the co-hosts were discussing the severe weather♡♡
Join us for a Live Chat with co-host Sheryl Underwood on Wednesday, January 29th at 3:15pm ET/ 12:15pm PT! Don't forget to use when submitting your questions. Join Chat Below:
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It's about time for the Sports Report on Sheryl Underwood radio.
Join Sheryl Underwood this week for a LIVE CHAT at 3:45pmET/12:45pmPT! Use the hashtag
Sports question for Sheryl Underwood Radio: Besides getting rid of it, what changes would you make to the Pro Bowl?
Ok Mica is a drunk, but baby Sheryl Underwood is shady. Her parents lied to her all her life and made her think she was cute. Shame.
Do any zetas know Sheryl Underwood personally?
Vernon Jackson was on the Arsenio Hall stepping on MLK Day with a group of Alpha Steppers. Vernon Jackson (right) and Sheryl Underwood were in Los Angeles last night for an event. Looking good!
Hosting this Step Show tonight w Justin Hires and Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood you are a FOOL. I am just now watching you on OWN. It is 8:06 in the am and I am laughing so hard, I have woke up my neighbors.
I was watching CBS' " The Talk" earlier today and found myself craving a fish sandwich. Why? Because of Sheryl Underwood. The last time I saw a mouth like hers, it had a hook in it. SMH.
Sheryl Underwood is crazy funny.She was on CNN acting but now that ive seen the whole thing, I think Sherman's post game rant was totally justified..crabtree was too butt hurt & that mush was uncalled for *shrugs*
MetroSexual Uncle Tom Don Lemon, Fat Ignorant Woman with No Sense of Culture (Sheryl Underwood), and some other dude discussing Race, Politics & Football???!!! *** !
LL Cool J! "NCIS: Los Angeles" actor, singer and Grammy host LL Cool J previews the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on THE TALK, Friday, February 8, 2013 on the CBS Television Network. From Left: Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, LL Cool J, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen You can see all the video on CBS2 on the internet
Moment to rant? Give me a minute to just go off!!! Yes! Sheryl Underwood got it right!!! Does Justin Bieber even understand how he has been blessed? Does he understand most people have to work for years to EARN what he blows in one night of so-called fun? Get over yourself, Bieber! Throwing your life away is no reason to smile in that mugshot. There are people out here that don't know how they will feed their children tomorrow! If you want to throw money away, throw it in the direction of a few homeless shelters, children's hospitals, run-down schools, and scholarship funds. REALLY???!!! You fool...stupid fool!!! I am done...It just felt good to get it out. Whew!
Watching the Talk! Mmmaaannn Sheryl Underwood just went in on Justin Bieber!
Sheryl underwood just wen in on Justin Bieber 😂😂😂
Are you ready for Round Two?! I know we are…And so are Cheryl Hines, Jackée Harry and Sheryl Underwood! Check them (and other special guests!) out Saturday January 11th at 10pm (9pm Central Time) on OWN.
I'll like to give Sheryl Underwood a shout out- as part of the host on The Talk, she was the only one who said her grace before eating
The world is up side down."the church tell you come dress as u are,while the night clubs have a dress code ~ comedian Sheryl Underwood
""Sheryl Underwood so ugly .her life needs a IG filter" - hmmm"
Sheryl Underwood is on daytime television. When did this happen?!?!?!?
If you don't act right, Sheryl Underwood is gonna get you.
Sheryl Underwood's Fan Page wrote: Q: What do you call women who hang out with hookers? A: Support ***
Many women need to get that memo. Starting with Sheryl Underwood. Those weaves look wrong on her.
Despite her views on natural hair I ain't gon make fun of Sheryl Underwood . ain't but a few Bearillas left in the wild …
Guess what Sheryl underwood follows me
She'n know any better. But her Sheryl Underwood pig n a wig *** gn learn once all that lurking put to rest
Happy Holidaze to you Ms. Sheryl Underwood. Long time fan & follower!
I am sorry to make it be known. But my home girl SHERYL UNDERWOOD.GOT THE BADEST *** SHOES ON THE PLANET! I see her strutn them boys on THE TALK. Gone MISS UNDERWOOD!
Actress/comedienne Sheryl Underwood has spent her life haunted by the death of her twin sister. The star, who is now a co-host on chat show "The Talk," opened up about the childhood tragedy during ...
MY RESPONSE TO SHERYL UNDERWOOD Gosh, can you recall Sheryl Underwood's comments about natural hair?
such a busy woman but still takes the time to show her fans love. Much love and respect for the wonderful Sheryl Underwood😀
Shout out to amoonbeam for the throw back post! Me, Sheryl Underwood, and Adunbi-Kofi after a gig at…
Aye, woman! Do you want me to guest host The View with Julie Chen
Any friend that's a friend of Sheryl Underwood is a friend of mine! That woman is the sweetest! :)
😂😂😂 why I just call Sheryl Underwood doe
So I thought I was watching a Sheryl Underwood stand up but chile these strippers opening for her, Lawd!
I'm her Biggest Fan & I can't waiting to see her when she comes to kcmo improv in March give it up 4 my friend Ms Sheryl Underwood. Let's go
0 u look like sheryl underwood frpm the side Dennis rodman lip ***
Mary J has been busy this week. Who says u cant wear white after Labor Day? Sheryl Underwood wore white slacks. on The Talk today. Glad I dont listen to what "they say" whoever "they" are.
Sheryl let me borrow a 1,ooo until I get my income taxes for2015 lol happy holidays mrs underwood
Can't wait to see Frankie Beverly & Maze, k.michelle, Keke Wyatt & Sheryl Underwood on New Year's Eve with the Mr & ik we will have a great time & I am going to be laughing, snapping & singing away lol
I don't want to see a sista lose her job, but Lord, if I am to continue watching The Talk, Sheryl Underwood must go!
You don’t want to miss the New Year’s Eve Blackout at Reliant with Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly, K. Michelle, Mint Condition, Ke-Ke Wyatt and Sheryl Underwood! Get Your Tickets Today!!
Sheryl Underwood has to show her ID to leave the zoo
Sheryl Underwood just followed me! I always look forward to hear what she has to say on The Talk :)
Sheryl Underwood is a dead ringer for Noxema Jackson. It's on at the gym.
FYI... just because Sheryl Underwood was paid well and received the 'other white meat' she has told US bacon is...
LMAO!!! Too me sum sheryl underwood but this pic got me rollin😂
Sheryl Underwood is so freaking humble! Amazing! Thanks mama!
Sheryl Underwood is funny and she is very smart with two master degrees. So. Why must she be the clown on The Talk. She can be funny without talking about watermelon and chicken and bacon and man obsessed each day.
Sheryl Underwood is crazy, I love this show
If you have never seen Sheryl Underwood on record it someday. She is hilarious!!! Says whatever comes to mind. No filter :D She is the only reason I watch this show. She is great!
Sheryl Underwood & the Talk is absolutely Amazing! Sheryl is 1 of the best natural comedians Ever!
The Art Hype is shooting a video with UNSUNG producer and Sheryl Underwood today!
Sheryl Underwood my first Celebrity Follower CBS THE TALK and The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Stand up Comedian Extraordinaire.
Did Sheryl Underwood really go there about black hair. We complain about how people talk about us but then WE get on national tv and call our hair UGLY. Was that just for a laugh? Either way, not sure I will continue to support her as one of the few black women on daytime tv. WE ARE A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE AFRO and ALL.
In what was meant to be comic relief, comedienne Sheryl Underwood calls nappy hair
Watching The Talk. They were talking about a new movie where a person falls in love w/ a computer voice. Anyway, Sheryl Underwood, the black girl, is getting lovely dovey w/ a robot. She had a couple of great one liners--it is better to have a hard drive than a floppy disk and you can't believe the number of battery this guy takes. LOL :)
I need a massage like Sheryl Underwood's lips need to meet each other.
DKY? comedian Sheryl Underwood was a member of Zeta Phi Beta?
Brah, I use to think Sheryl Underwood & Wesley Snipe was siblings for da longest. Llh.
Every girl needs a hard drive not a floppy disk ..sheryl underwood said this today an i about fell out of my chair!!! Good one!!
Sheryl Underwood is so obnoxious. I wish would bring back Holly Robinson Peete!
Things to do: Sheryl underwood will be at DC improv 1/3/2014 and 1/4/2013 tickets are $30 a pop. There are 7, 9, and 11 show times.
That *** looks like Sheryl Underwood's taint. I'm not too concerned with his opinions of me.
I really have to say. on the talk, that Sheryl Underwood and Julie Chan be cutting a rug on that show they vibe well together.
Every chick has a dark side, just like every chicken has dark meat! -Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood is making herself sound like a loosey goosie today on The Talk. Don't think she realizes how she's coming across.
Love that Sheryl Underwood.. This girl is hilarious!!!
I appreciate the love from ALL my fellow comics who have moved to bigger & better things but show love and reach back to come do my comedy rooms in Hollywood, Nassau, and Tallahassee! Big shouts to Sheryl Underwood, Gary Owen, Don DC Curry, Rickey Smiley, and as of tonight Mr Jay Anthony Brown will add his name to the list of performing in the lovely state capitol of Tallahassee at the Top Flite Club for 2 shows tonight! Some comedians reach back and show they love STAND UP more than to COME UP!
I discuss black self hatred and Sheryl Underwood's controversial remark regarding African American hair. Here is a video link to her remarks.
There's a woman in m suggestion box that looks exactly like Sheryl Underwood. Wth
Sheryl Underwood reveals she was actually born a twin, but her sister died in the incubator. Her mother told Sheryl her father killed her sister to try to ge...
The new year is almost here! So keep an eye out for your chance to win 2 tickets TODAY to the 1st Annual New Years Eve Blackout Event with Maze, Frankie Beverly, Sheryl Underwood, Mint Condition, Keke Wyatt and K Michelle! This is your chance to celebrate 2014 in style!
On my lunch break I tuned in to The Talk on CBS. I like all the ladies on the show but the incorrigible Sheryl Underwood is my favourite. I'm also impressed that she stands up for Jesus on the show. Today there was a discussion about a popular singer who had described herself as having a deal with the devil. Whether it's frivolous or in jest, I never reference the devil to myself. And Sheryl did the same by saying on air that she does not deal with the devil, she makes deals with JESUS.
Quoting Sheryl Underwood of the Talk " Just because I am fat, doesn't mean I'm not fine!"
I love Sheryl Underwood of "The Talk". She's a real woman who's just stumbled into celebrity. I love that! You go girl!
That's right Sheryl Underwood, I may b fat, that don't mean I'm not fine!
I hear you Sheryl Underwood she say I don't cut deals with the devil I cut deals with Jesus!!
Was just watching Sheryl Underwood doing stand-up comedy and thought of you Donna Robinson-Nixon
Sheryl Underwood shames natural hair by stating it is unwanted.
Sheryl Underwood jus went the *** off on The Talk. Love Love Love her
"Bless Carrie Underwood for spreading the Word, but I read those passages and there's nothing in there about bad acting." -Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood Radio Sports Question: Do you think Coach Shanahan benched RGIII because he was looking out for Robert's health, the Redskins, or was it a bit of revenge?
Ladies if you had to choose..who would you sleep with Quincy Jones or Al Sharpton? Men if it was life or death..who you smash Iyanla Vazant or Sheryl Underwood?
12/31..New Years Blackout Event Maze,Sheryl Underwood,Angie Stone,K. Michelle..what a end of a year and the beginning of a new!
By far the best thing I've heard in a long time: Sheryl Underwood to Garth Brooks after he said he was a square white guy singing superstitious: "No no no we gonna make you an honorary brother. Matter of fact, we gonna trade a Kanye for you." There aren't too many people I wouldn't trade Kanye for.
Sheryl Underwood (born October 28, 1963) is an American comedian. She is a panelist on the daytime chat show The Talk on
Did you see Sheryl Underwood jamming with Aretha Franklin on The Talk? TOO FUNNY
Sippin some cranberry Sprite with everfresh cranberry juice n red berry ciroc. Just finished watching Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin on the Talk. Sheryl Underwood had me rollin.
Why did Jahan just ask me if Sheryl Underwood is pregnant? Lol!󾌯
My friend Shanda said I am officially a "Sista". YAY! I have the bootie and the attitude. Now I want to hang out one day (because I don't do nights) with Shanda and Sheryl Underwood. Both of these ladies make me smile. If I were actually black I would be so cool - but apparently it isn't cool for a white woman to be like me. But I have officially been claimed by Shanda as a "Sista", so I am cool.
Sheryl Underwood's Fan Page you are wearing those shoes. It
Aretha Franklin...Greatest Singer of all time...cha you know what uh uh. No Sheryl Underwood NO!
Listening 2 them talk on the show The Talk & it was revealed that Justin Bieber called 1 of his plus size fans a "beached whale" & suggested she go on "The Biggest Loser", if this indeed happened since about a third according 2 what they report on the news is either obese or over weight enough they could end up obese, then there's the people related 2 them, with this kind of attitude his fame could B really @ risk of nose diving. I like what Sheryl Underwood said, "in my family you attack 1 you attack us all" meaning if that would've been a member of her family, he'd have had her whole family 2 deal with. Then the rest of the cast discussed how comments made 2 them when they were younger they still hurt by it. Julie Chen said "he, (meaning Justin Bieber) is old enough to know better".
"I wish people were anti-tobacco when my ancestors were picking it." Sheryl Underwood
Sports Question for Sheryl Underwood Radio: Who should be the next coach of the Texans?
I did not know that Sheryl Underwood was the 23rd international pres of ZPB. Smh
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"WHO BOUGHT THE WHITE GURL TO THE COOKOUT" lmfao for 1 2 thats what sheryl underwood said today on the tralk (only watched it cause molly shannon was on) but i that was hilarreousss doe lol im sorry if it sounds racist but its racist and funny at the same time
So the comedienne Sheryl Underwood's confirmed personal profile is the latest in a bizarre series of unlikely...
If missy Elliot and Sheryl underwood had a daughter
"There's only two white men that black people love: Bill Clinton and Bob Barker." - Sheryl Underwood
I fukd sheryl underwood on credit.moved zipcodes and left mike epps's fowarding address!
Me too! She will be down here in Kentucky thisnweekend at the.Funny Bone. We saw Sheryl Underwood last weekend. Still laffin!
I love and adore Sheryl Underwood from "The Talk"! She never fails to make me smile with her snappy comments and infectious grin!
Sheryl Underwood from The Talk will be at the Fort Lauderdale Improv this week!! Going to have to see about that!.
I just heard the funniest thing on "The Talk" Sheryl Underwood said. " it's time to call 1-800-rent a black woman" she is so darn funny!!
Good afternoon Sheryl Underwood I hope your day is always as beautiful as you
This is Sheryl Underwood from BET fame...This clip is from her dvd "Too Much Information"
LMAO! Sheryl Underwood is amazing! . See the host of The Talk LIVE this weekend! .
Wish there was a way segment w/ sheryl underwood were longer she is a riot on Steve Harvey radio
Sheryl underwood is loud, crazy, funny, and priceless
Sheryl Underwood said Tha Carolina Carolina Panthers put dem paws in da Patriots! That's a good one
Omg Sheryl Underwood is annoying. That voice. Stop talking like that. Ewww. Changing station.
Sheryl Underwood teeth so big she can eat a door down
After being roasted for denigrating natural hair, Sheryl Underwood decided to come clean.
SHARING THE PRESS RELEASE FROM THE PHILIPPINE CONSULATE Los Angeles -- Press Release # 161-2013: Celebrities Turn Out to Aid CBS Telethon for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Los Angeles, 14 November 2013 –Philippine Consul General Ma. Hellen Barber De La Vega was invited on 13 November 2013 to the CBS Broadcast Center in Los Angeles to grace an event held to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. KCAL9 and the local CBS radio stations joined the American Red Cross in hosting a telethon to raise funds for those affected. Celebrities from shows such as “The Talk”, including Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen; “NCIS” with Brian Dietzen, Pauley Perrette and Billy Ray Cyrus; “OMG! Insider” with Kevin Frazier; “Survivor” host Jeff Probst; Dr. Andrew Ordon from “The Doctors”, and Rob Marciano of “Entertainment Tonight” participated in the telethon. A large number of former “Survivor” contestants, many of whom taped seasons in the Philippines, also hel ...
Over the weekend Ms. Ebony J got the opportunity to sit down with her fellow soror, Sheryl Underwood, comedienne...
[COMEDY SHOW] Sheryl Underwood Live in Fort Lauderdale Nov. 22nd to the 23rd click for more info.
It's never too early to make weekend plans! Get your tickets to see the Majestic Sheryl Underwood today! Click here->
Sheryl Underwood - "Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart
Sheryl Underwood got so much gums JESUS
Comedian Sheryl Underwood and Girl Power & Emerging Women are making plans to IMPACT our youth REALLY SOON! You don't want to miss it. Stay TUNED!
Sheryl Underwood said Lamar Odom need a good woman like Khloe in his life to get him off that owe! She so wrong! She a fool.
Last night was off the hook! I witnessed a first in the 8 years that I have worked at Funnybone. Last night second show Sheryl Underwood bought 3 rounds of shots for all the audience members. She spent $6.000.00 on liquor for her fans and tipped out the staff.WOW ! Thats why you should always come to Funnybone-you never know whats going to happen. Tonight we have a Showcase.859 957 2000.
Have you heard of "haters"? What do you think? Is the term overused by black people? Is it something you would call "ebonics"? Well, I think hater, and all its forms are valid words, and there are people to whom the word is very aptly applied. For instance, I had someone on my friends list called Bruce E. Gipson. On one occasion I encountered him and some of his "friends" spewing out loose and unsupported derogatory statements about one of my favorite celebrities, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Immediately, I rose like a rocket to Oprah's defense, to which Bruce responded by deleting every statement I had made from his thread. If you know me, you might know how I felt about that cowardly action on Mr. Gipson's part. I was infuriated, but I let it go, until . . . . Then, I happened to catch Bruce commenting on another friend's thread about his disapproval of Sheryl Underwood of the CBS morning show The Talk. He said, in essence, that Aisha Tyler should do something about Sheryl Underwood to quell her on-air "an ...
Sheryl Underwood back in the day...@ Fox Stadium in STL...
Sheryl underwood just bought the whole audience a shot of goose .. ***
Best friend Rose and Tony to see Sheryl Underwood.
On my way inside the Funny Bone to see my FAVORITE female comedian SHERYL UNDERWOOD!! Love this lady!
my number is 9. 1. My favorite colors are blue and gray, but I love all colors just different mixes and shades.2.I love turtles, meerkats,and teacup animals.3. My dad gave me CPR when I was 6 months old.4. I love children- and want 1-2 of my own plus 2-3 more step or adopted children.5.I like comedian Sheryl Underwood, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and singer Akon-He has and supports a few organizations with his own money. 6. I like to help people but sometimes they go way overboard, and expect too much.7. I believe in God.8. I have friends from all over and all walks of life, and many different races. 9.I love looking at anything related to court cases and mysteries. LIKE my status and I will give you a number
At the funny bone about to have a great time with my Sorors to see our IPGB Sheryl Underwood!
watching TO WONG FOO,THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR. looking at Wesley Snipes in drag, he do look like Sheryl Underwood lol
Listen for me on the wiz in the 12 o clock hour with Sheryl underwood. I'm something like the "flavor of the month" lol
Yo Just flipping through channels and I see Sheryl Underwood on the talk lmao yall must not know who yall got on this show!
No new friends! TBT.look at Sheryl Underwood out with us! Yikes.❤️20+ with some of these chicks! Mi amours!
9 things you don't know about me. 1) I wAnt to learn to drive a motorcycle and a 18 wheeler.. 2) I actually had 3 sets of twins and GOD took one set back home... 3)My mommy also had three sets of twins but only 1 survived 4) I actually wanted/wAnt to be a talk show host 5) I am terrified of spiders!!! 6)I have opened for Cedric the Entertainer, Howard Hewitt, Keith Sweat and Sheryl Underwood 7) I will be recording on a live comedy show next year stay tuned. 8) I graduated from High School with Honors, From Virginia College in Medical Assisting with Honors and I have my CNA 9) I LOVE EVERYBODY ESPECIALLY MY FRIENEMIES!!!u
Sheryl Underwood always be trippin when she comes on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.
Today I met Sheryl Underwood and she was an amazing woman to be around.
12 facts about me: 1. I like to clown with the best of them( Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Wayne's Family, Sheryl Underwood) I'm trying to see tears. 2. I am a family man. 3. I would love to have a big family . Adopt or on my own. 4. I'm lover of all music. Gospel is my heart. 5. I have 2,000 + CDs 6. I love to worship God with my whole heart. 7. I can hear and see stuff and things before it happens. 8. I am determined to be rich in every area of my life . 9. You can't just tell me anything and I will just go with it. 10. I love to cook. 11. I love to sing , draw and do my photography. 12. I am studying on things that the church is quiet about and don't really know about . End times review- nephilim, reality of *** and heaven , end time Alien deception. Tricks that the devil been working on to trick the church .
well I just got out of CBS after seeing all the ladies on the talk when I get home I'll make a video of it and post it it was awesome and we got prizes Sharon Osbourne book its at me I hi five Sheryl Underwood and Terrence Howard oh and got to see Mary J Blige in person what can I say it was freakin awesome
Give us a call at 1-855 Sheryl 1 tune in Sheryl Underwood Radio!
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