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Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood (born ) is an American comedienne. She is currently one of the panelists on the daytime chat show The Talk on CBS.

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Tamar tried to have a sheryl underwood moment
I am ecstatic, Sheryl Underwood is following me. Beautiful,intelligent and smart(theres a difference). I admire and respect you so much.
Wonderful having co-host in the studios. Here's our interview:.
Black Women March to Senate in Protest for Lynch + Sheryl Underwood + 97 New Opps and Events
Hi Sheryl Underwood, thanks for the follow!
Ya boy Real Talk with The Talk shouts to Sheryl Underwood South FL check her out dis weekend she bring dat comedy!!
I would really like to see Sheryl Underwood have a litle more etiquitte and manners when eating.
love watching the view Sheryl Underwood has it going on
Sheryl underwood u r such an inspiration. Love u on the talk. U always make me laugh.
*** for all we know Sheryl Underwood could've been cookie
we gonna admit that Sheryl Underwood stole Geraldine's swag or we just gon keep ignoring it?
I think this is true. Especially after watching the Unsung episode for Sheryl Underwood.
If Steve H. doesn't want to be supportive of Sheryl Underwood segment than just remove her
.and she has Sheryl Underwood's gums.
Hello Sheryl Underwood love you I was cracking up
JUST Sheryl Underwood as awesome off set as on???I just think she is so *** FUNNY!
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thank you so much for Sheryl Underwood following us such an honor!
Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, sarah gilbert, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl underwood, all witnessed me being attacked by "callie".
I just finished watching the Unsung Hollywood Sheryl Underwood, I admire her even more - amazing story
love, love love Sheryl Underwood on sororities. They are definately benefits.
Sheryl Underwood just spoke that word. All frats and sororities aren't bad.
(video) Guest hosts & & host Sheryl Underwood on John Stamos Sex Confessions
love the show and Sheryl Underwood.
"Sheryl Underwood on : "Once you go Blackie, you never go backie." so true!
Sheryl Underwood you know your funny. You always keep me laughing
"Once you go Blackie, you never go Backie"...LOL! Sheryl Underwood cracked my *** up with that one!
Sheryl Underwood will never eat my monkey bread because I didn't go to an HBCU 😔
Sheryl Underwood and Monique funnier than her.
Sheryl underwood got a wall of wigs bruh 😭 she my spirit animal
"He wants a woman who believes in his dreams, even tho she knw he can't do it".ctfu -Sheryl Underwood
We are enjoying watching right now on "Unsung Hollywood" with Sheryl Underwood!
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I had no idea Sheryl Underwood had such a hard life
Watching Unsung Hollywood - Sheryl Underwood. One of the best Unsung episodes.
Sheryl Underwood on Comedy Central rn speaking dah truth!
LadySincere and Ms. Sheryl P. Underwood...she gave me a lot of inspiration and hope...Thank U GOD for this...
Rodley ordered our tickets to see Sheryl Underwood next weekend 😘😍
This article is a good read for both black males and black females
This is my first time seeing this. . fam.
Underwood I think you are amazing and beautiful. You are an encouragement to me. God bless you always.
Shout out to Sheryl Underwood for following me
Sheryl by God underwood wat going on. Hi are ya Sista.
Hi Sheryl Underwood We're SUP, Why not read our first post, follow the link Blessings
Dolla was blocking people by association that one day in 2011 when said he looked like Sheryl Underwood.
Sheryl Underwood and Rihanna should be following me, somebody tell them that.
lmao Whip what you laughing with that vutt *** Sheryl Underwood pigeon you got cuh. Lmao y'all are sad cuh 😭😂😂
I told y'all I was gonna be Sheryl Underwood friend!! She's cool AH!
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Admittedly I didn't know who Sheryl Underwood was when she started on The Talk, but I've come to really like her!
Thank you for the Sheryl Underwood episode of "Unsung". I have added respect for her, all she's been thru and role model she is.
Sheryl Underwood is an American comedian, actress and television host.
That time Sheryl Underwood lost her mind and made nasty remarks about natural hair.
Lawd, I don sat here and watched Unsung Hollywood: Sheryl Underwood and I LOVE HER!!
I really like The Talk, but Sheryl Underwood is getting on my last nerve. I'm sick of the same old tired jokes. Ugh!
Sheryl Underwood gums and teeth legally separated
Yall so rude for Sheryl Underwood's main Wikipedia photo
please do something with Sheryl underwood. She's becoming really hard to watch
Hello Sheryl Underwood,I am sending you love from North Carolina,Be Blessed
Watching Sheryl Underwood unsung Hollywood.she really funny son
and I'm like Sheryl Underwood black bro that's like not good to mix with white meat 😂😂
She look like Sheryl Underwood with 97 inches of low grade weave
Sheryl Underwood walked out of that project apartment.
Equally sad to see Sheryl Underwood clap at Piers calling Madonna an old hooker. SMH
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I liked a video Luenell Speaks on Sheryl Underwood's Controversial Comment on The Talk
w/repostapp to Sheryl Underwood we love you 2
that show is good. I heard that Sheryl Underwood one was deep
Yes shout out my school Sheryl Underwood The Talk - Oklahoma Fraternity Scandal
hi Sheryl Underwood keep on putting a smile on people faces.
Sheryl underwood. 😂😂😂 gurl U a mess and the bite of the Apple was priceless
# everybody talks I'm with Underwood on the . That's just ridiculous.
No! Sheryl Underwood! I'm looking at The Talk and she has these glasses on and her hair down and ya'll look like twins. Lol
Sheryl Underwood you continue to inspire others!
Watching Sheryl Underwood's Unsung. Never knew she had gone through so much man.
Love me some Sheryl Underwood,keep it real and don't ever change.
About to watch Unsung Sheryl Underwood. I love her
underwood i seen u on Maury Funny 2 bad. No one ran off stage
Tickled pink Sheryl Underwood is following me! :)
Oh. My. Gosh. Sheryl Underwood...THE SHERYL UNDERWOOD IS FOLLOWING ME!! 😱 thank you so much for making my night!!😁
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this is so true. I love Sheryl Underwood.
Let's SUPPORT & Show LOVE for .by Tunin In to the UNSUNG: Hollywood Feat. Sheryl Underwood on Wed. 3/4/15, Set Ur DVR''s!
Me: I Love My Friend: You mean Me: No I said Sheryl Underwood but I love Carrie too. 😂
OMG!I turn on the TV and I see Sheryl Underwood, then when I turn on my phone I see that SHE IS FOLLOWING ME! Thank u
I liked a video The Talk Sheryl Underwood Unleashes ‘Queens of Comedy’ Secret
"Started from the bottom now I'm here". -Sheryl Underwood's teeth to her gums
Sheryl Underwood gotta get a bang or a swoop or something for her gums"
Sheryl Underwood always goes for the laughs. Black folks? You can't speak for Black Folks. You can only speak for yourself.
If they can have Ugly Betty then I need to be on tv! ..I'm about 3ft away from pretty -Sheryl Underwood
love your idea of Sheryl Underwood & Duhamel hosting & reuniting him w/Budig
.Sheryl Underwood is a soap superfan. She hosts a daytime show and she's funny as ***
Sheryl underwood still carry her purse on stage with her? 😂😂
I liked a video from Sheryl Underwood⎢John McCain has a baby arm⎢Shaq's Five
S/O to Sheryl Underwood for following me, an honor!
Watching The Talk: Sheryl Underwood right now. she b having me 😂
love me some Sheryl Underwood very beautiful woman God bless
“Wait what did Sheryl Underwood do? Lol” . I thought she was Kelly Price in disguise
reminds me of how I felt about Sheryl Underwood
But Ricky you threw Sheryl Underwood under the bus so... 💺💺💺💺
Hope that's not yo fat, ugly *** in that avi. NO you CAN'T pull a celeb...MAYBE Sheryl Underwood but even that's not guaranteed to u
I'm raising money for help with vehicle repairs . Click to Donate: via underwood victim needs help
just want to say that I am very proud of my soror Ms. Sheryl Underwood. Z-phi
"You don't have to love me, you just have to learn how to lift me." - Sheryl Underwood
This is how they keep our people from thinking, People like Steve *** Sheryl Underwood, Sitting on the Talk acting like a *** FOOL!
love me a dose of some Sheryl underwood everyday on the talk Thanks Sheryl
"I feel like Sheryl Underwood's gums" lmfao! Go to bed, sweetie.
I thought that was Sheryl underwood
Sheryl Underwood Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1~~ I freakin love this woman!
Just got a follow from Sheryl Underwood so awesome. Now all i need is a follow from Jordan knight, Jon knight, Danny wood and Joey McIntyre
All this week, Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, and Sheryl Underwood have been catching up...
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It reminds me of when Sheryl Underwood said if she dips on a BM w/ a WM, it will be a Brad Pitt, not a Woody Allen.
I uploaded a new track, "112914 Sheryl Underwood with Teka D", on
Sheryl Underwood you were meant to be on television FOREVER!!. We love you & you make The Talk shine. Shine on girl!! U bling bling
I hate seein Sheryl underwood big, unfunny *** on the talk. Idc lmaoo
Sheryl Underwood is always talking about sex or food, NOTHING else!
Just realized Sherri Shepard and Sheryl Underwood are not the same person. :/
Jam Sheryl Underwood if I was there I would I am still jamming at the house!! ENJOY
She in her element "Lol! Look at Sheryl Underwood dancing lol!"
Sheryl Underwood HAD to be funny because, baby...
Look Sheryl Underwood off beat, just like a black republican.
Eric Benet can saaang and Sheryl Underwood knows it
Sheryl underwood is beyond hurt. Always have been. But she embrace her ugliness
Sheryl Underwood and Luenell in the same building. Did BET pay off the health department?
Sheryl Underwood not supposed to be in HD
Right up there with being annoying with Sheryl Underwood is Luenell featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sheryl Underwood followed me on here. I love her.
Flava Flav and Sheryl Underwood hang out real tight...ol' loud *** ..
Sheryl Underwood shaped like a butternut squash with legs.
Wait! So Monique lost all that weight and Sheryl Underwood found it? Cool!
Sheryl Underwood is STUFFED in that outfit. Stuffed.
No I'm not Toneia met Sheryl before at a comedy show and Mr. Underwood said it!RTu making that up?
mad my baby boy said Sheryl Underwood looks like lady he gotta go Night night 😵😵😵
When you realize you're built like Sheryl Underwood :-(
Why was Sheryl Underwood screaming in the microphone?
Yep and so it Blair Underwood!RT sheryl Underwood is related to uncle Underwood?
sheryl Underwood is related to uncle Underwood?
“Did Sheryl Underwood leave her neck backstage at right next to her food cart
Who gon tell Sheryl Underwood that she ain't gotta yell? Who gon tell her that she's tryna do the mic's job?
Good seeing Sheryl Underwood on the There's still time tune in!!!
Delighted to see our clips during the show! Sheryl Underwood Radio represented last night!!…
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Happy belated birthday fellow Scorpian , Sheryl Underwood love ya girl on the Talk always cracking me up :-) .
yeah, but you already cute. Let Sheryl Underwood get braces. She ain't gonna all-of-a-sudden be sexy.
Just watched on I have a theory about the alleged convo about Sheryl Underwood.
I have loved you since Blackie Parrish from General Hospital I was so envious of kiss Sheryl underwood got on the rock
Sheryl Underwood oh yeah she claims to be republican right? Or is that just a rumor?
to popular belief, the following is true. "We need each other. We need the positive...
Sommore talks to The Breakfast Club: Addresses feud with Sheryl Underwood, and says stand-up needs more respect -
what do you think about the comments that Underwood made against the other comedians? From what I saw on (1/2)
Sommore was asked to share her thoughts on Sheryl Underwood's conference call story, and she…
Alright for Sheryl underwood following me back, I love a good funny lady.
The fact that I thought this was Sheryl Underwood without her wig again...
Nov 14 too short is live at club reign. Nov 21 sir Charles jones is live at club reign. Nov 28th and 29th Sheryl underwood is live at reign
Sheryl Underwood's gums be like. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "OK, now, you can see some teeth."
Sheryl Underwood seriously needs to shut up. She's God-awful annoying.
Sommore Says Sheryl Underwood Has Ulterior Motives: I don't rock with her like that...I'm not phony. [VIDEO]
Saw your clip w/Sheryl Underwood...SO EXCITED! I've been waiting patiently for you to return.I always knew you would be back!
Hi Sheryl underwood I have a question for you why when you ladies have cooking segments why doesn't Sara Gilbert cook
ROTFL crazy azz get FREAKY w/ El Debarge on love him too girl!
Yal stop hating bc she has a point. You don't wanna marry Beyonce but she turns into Sheryl Underwood.
EL! An El Debarge sighting on The Talk to surprise Sheryl Underwood for her birthday. He...
El Debarge surprises Sheryl Underwood on 'The Talk.' | Joe Soto on V103
I don't know why I don't have my own show. I am at least as obnoxious and awful as Sheryl Underwood.
Where is Sheryl Underwood my friend Sheryl make my day lol you all
I think Sheryl underwood degrates herself jus so she can be funny smh
You ladies are all beautiful, but Sheryl Underwood you look AMAZING today and your dress is awesome! talks
I never knew Sheryl Underwood was a Republican. Wow!
LMAO VIDEO: Our girl *** near KILLED El DeBarge when he surprised her for her bday
Recipes from my appearance on The Talk today with Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne &...
Just don't get my Sheryl Underwood fired. I love her. ;) And Sara Gilbert. The other women can go. I don't care.
Adele Givens to sue Sheryl Underwood plus the show's creator Walter Latham says Underwood was never invited to be a "Queen Of Comedy."
Comedian Adele Givens says Sheryl Underwood is a *** lie.” That’s after reports that The Talk star and comedian revealed as her ‘secret’ on the daytime show that she was once considered to join t...
If you've ever had someone speak disparagingly or criticize you, you know how disappointing it can be. However, as Christians, it's important for us to keep our peace. Sheryl Underwood is spot on as she shares how she turned a negative experience, she had many years prior with a group of colleagues, into a positive. Listen, learn, and live the abundant life!!!
told they wanna sue after reveal. Frivolous!
During "The Talk's" secret week, host Sheryl Underwood reveals why she turned down being part of The Queens of Comedy after Mo'Nique left. Underwood says, “T...
Sheryl Underwood is worth the price of admission...Too *** funny.
you think Sheryl Underwood was telling the truth
Sadly, i believe Sheryl Underwood and her story. I would elaborate more on the reasons why i do but y'all know i just got ;-)
Trust me a real one can really make it Sheryl Underwood awkward in this mutha but I choose to vibe instead
Sheryl Underwood Reveals a Secret that Shocks Her Co-Hosts on 'The Talk' and Serves As an Eye-Opener for All Women
So she followed me back. Ms. Sheryl Underwood! Yes honey!
It looks like the drama that unfolded during last week’s taping on The Talk with the five co-hosts of the daytime chatfest is about to take a turn for the possible worse for Sheryl Underwood and po...
Adele snapped on regarding statement on Talk show..? Confusing
WELL!: “I have no clue, this woman has her own version of what’s going on. She started off with a big ol’...
According to the Queens of Comedy creator he's not sure how that conference call took place when Sheryl was never...
hey Sheryl Underwood you are so funny on the talk I'm s huge fan of yours .
.Hints Lawsuit Against For the record, she lied on us!
So Adele Givens wants to sue Sheryl Underwood for "defamation of character". Girl...
I can't stand Sheryl Underwood. She is not that funny & I don't like her personality.
Okay Adele...called Sheryl Underwood a liar. But she was not able to offer specifics as to what she was lying about
Adele Givens hints at lawsuit against Sheryl Underwood
Listening to the replay and Adele Givens brought it hard to Sheryl Underwood. Daamn! LMAO!!!
I'm watching this Sheryl Underwood clip now and her whole demeanor speaks to being unccomfortable revealing this story publicly
Hi Jawn Murray is this true,because if I see u post it I know it's correct!
First it was ugly, now it's getting uglier!!
I thought she said her lawyer told her nt to respond “Adele Givens & Laura respond to Sheryl Underwood
Sheryl Underwood vs Adele Givens. We got all the scoop in Episode 50.
If Sheryl Underwood had the attitude of "Ok they were talking smack, that's alright, I see them" and not said anything at the time (1/2)
GM be aggressive with reporting as summore about comment from Sheryl Underwood. Thnx
Because of the accusations Sheryl Underwood made about the Queens of Comedy.
Sheryl Underwood just came on the Steve Harvey morning show trying to spill tea yet again. They gave her the boot so quick.
'Queens of Comedy' respond to Sheryl Underwood's 'Secret!' - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Sara Gilbert announced on "The Talk" Tuesday that she is pregnant. Sara's co-hosts were very excited about the news with Sheryl Underwood asking, "Do I get to be the first Godmother, because there's four of us?" Sara is currently married to recording artist Linda Perry.
Reason to celebrate: Sheryl Underwood (left) and Aisha Tyler swept the petite star off her feet as t
Sheryl underwood a republican but I'll still wife her
The Cut is iffy on advertiser activism but supports all efforts to destigmatize talking about peeing our pants.
The pee pee commercial from Sheryl Underwood made my night.
We kind of loved Sheryl Underwood's spot for Depends:
the Ad spot on the was edited different from this one (they do that..right?)
Friends: a Depend commercial aired during the Emmys, starring Sheryl Underwood and I WAS IN IT! Anyone see it or record?!!
“brave of Sheryl Underwood.” Her stand up comedian friends r going 2 roast her. But they bett not do it N her face.
Are we ignoring Sheryl Underwood's commercial? That ended with her in a fur coat and "a different kind of underwear?"
The most interesting thing that I've learned from tonight's Emmy telecast, is that Sheryl Underwood wears Depends.
Sheryl Underwood is promoting adult pampers...
The commercials are even worse.Didn't need 2know Sheryl Underwood randomly tinkles in her pants.
I guess Sheryl Underwood say she need her money by any needs necessary...
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Remember when we all watched Sheryl Underwood talk about wearing a diaper earlier tonight? Do they give for nightmare commercials? 💩
Sheryl Underwood betta work those Depends! Get that check mama! I was like 😳 but I ain't mad at ya. Make that money honey lmfao
My TL clearly didn't see that Sheryl Underwood commercial.
I just saw Sheryl Underwood in a depend on my timeline. I don't understand what's happening.
And the award for most horrifying documentary goes to the Sheryl Underwood Depends commercial
Sheryl Underwood's Depends commercial just stole the Emmys thunder. I'm actually proud of her for…
I could've gone my whole life without seeing Sheryl Underwood in an adult diaper.
Trying to recover from seeing Sheryl Underwood in Depends. Without, pants, skirt...just Depends. She needs to fire her Agent. *** !
Gotta love Jim Parsons for saying "there's no accounting for taste"... Hold on, Sheryl Underwood is talking about bladder…
Sheryl Underwood follows 2 supporting comedy awards w/ad about her hysterectomy. Could her Holocaust monologue be far behind? Jesus.
this is too much information, Sheryl Underwood
I’m still traumatized by Sheryl Underwood’s pee drawals.
Me after that Sheryl Underwood for commercial
Sheryl Underwood in the depends commercial is
“Sheryl Underwood in her Depends commercial. y
Breast Cancer Awareness
*howls* That Cranston-Louis Dreyfus snog? I'm going to need to borrow Sheryl Underwood's (tastefully advertised) Depends.
, Me and you the. Opera House in Detroit. when you. perform earthquake Sheryl Underwood. John Witherspoon
The 2 pound puppies who insulted Sheryl Underwood should take a long look at themselves before barking out comments, She is FABULOUS !
Sheryl Underwood, people who look like you should consider themselves lucky! You are beautiful.
Sheryl Underwood, you rock!! Your Beautiful and you kiss any man you want!
"I'm sorry that lady is UGLY Fam. Sheryl Underwood's mouth. Oh girl."
You go Cheryl, give him one for me!!! And tell them chubby girls are very Lovable!. The Talk -
there's always going to be haters. Go head Sheryl Underwood we love you
Underwood dont let them Jerry springer rejects get you down girl,you are beautiful inside and out,kiss of the century
so mad! Sheryl Underwood you are beautiful inside and out. Let you're light shine baby John was happy he was your fantasy
props to Sheryl underwood. There is a new sheriff in town and she always gets her man! Ask John:).
Sheryl Underwood is gorgeous! don't be jealous cause u didn't get to kiss John Stamos ! ;)
*** people said some cruel things about Sheryl Underwood kissing John Stamos. She’s maddd annoying but those comments were too far smh
tell little Tommy he can go ahead and marry Sheryl underwood
My Birthday gift today - Sheryl Underwood : Follows You: Co-host of The Talk on CBS. ♥
Lavelle Crawford, Sheryl Underwood, Spike Davis and K Dubb were hilarious last night!! One of the best shows I ever been to!!
oh my Goodness, CBS . Fridays episode of the talk was good! John Stamos and Sheryl Underwood were hot! Lol . Thanks. CBS!
Sheryl Underwood was hilarious in this me.
Thanks for a great interview on I'm ready to laugh with you tomorrow!
I hate when Sheryl Underwood embarrasses herself over these men.
Did you hear my interview with Sheryl Underwood on V101.9? Catch her tomorrow at Ovens Auditorium on The License...
Sheryl Underwood is so hilarious. I about died watchin her mack on 😂😂 Get it girl! Dreams do come true!
On the Talk Show Sheryl Underwood got a kiss from John Stamos.
Hey John. . You need to handle it. Sheryl Underwood is beautiful. And she's funny too.
Sheryl Underwood looks really pretty on the View today
Just watched The Talk. Loved it..Sheryl Underwood rocked that kiss..I was laughing soo hard. HOT!!!
Sheryl Underwood got to kiss John Stamos on The Talk so do I have to go on the show so I can kiss The AllState...
So Sheryl Underwood just full throttle made out with on The Talk. 🚀💗😍
I loved that kiss so wish I was Sheryl Underwood right now
Whoa sheryl underwood and johnstamos
*Sheryl Underwood believes her friend Sherri Shepherd knew it was time to move on from "The View." She said comedians know when it's time to go and whe
Sheryl Underwood chats veganism and weight loss.
DANG!! Sheryl Underwood is snapping off on the Steve Harvey Morning Show!!! What did Justin Bieber do Nah!? Guy lee!
This message goes out to some phenomenal women that i just had to reach out to today. I am a comedian but this post is very serious to me. They always say that female comedians or actresses dont get along but that's not true. Its only certain ones that dont get along. So today i want to give a shout out to Hope Flood, Olivia Arrington, Sherri Shepherd, Luenell Campbell, Laura Hayes, Sheryl Underwood, Tiffany Haddish, Cocoa Brown, Carmen Barton, Melanie Comarcho, Denise Dowse, Gigi Bolden, Kim Bailey, Wendy Rachel Robinson, Vanessa Graddick, Leslie Jones, Kym Whitley, Retha Jones, Cookie Hull, Roz Browne, Dominique, Tina Graham, Roz Washington, Stacie McClain, Angela Means, Annie McKight, Trizah, Pat Brown, Chinnita Morris, Sommore, Chocolate Storm, Kisha Waters, Darla Bryant, Robin Montague, Funny Lady Yvette, Myra J, Amy Ashton and Aiko. I know I don't see you as often as I should because we are all out there living our lives, but I wanted to tell you all that I truly love you from the bottom of my hea . ...
Sheryl Underwood had me hollering this morning on Steve Harvey's radio show.
A year ago, on this day, I made my way to Jacksonville Florida. I felt confident in my decision and knew that a team of supporters were with me. I'm 7 hours away from family and I admit that sometimes it can be lonely. I'm working for a great media company, have made some amazing connections, and gaining the experience needed in this transitional market to move on to better things. I'm blessed to have a relationship with God that gives me a love that is patient and kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ( 1 Corinthians 13:4-7) During the year, my career has allowed me to meet some cool people: Subway guy, Bill Bellamy, Boris Kodjoe, Tony Rock, Fred Funke, John Caparulo, Sheryl Underwood, Too many Jags Players to name, Rickey Smiley and his entire mornin ...
Tomorrow on Sheryl Underwood of The Talk gets matched in our Celebrity Dating Game, Carrie Ann Inaba chats Dancing with the Stars, Chef Curtis Stone has a BIG announcement & whips up a summery dessert, and Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah chat being NCIS: Los Angeles costars AND related by marriage.
Hello people, I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER! Okay, now to get down to business, who is going to... "FLIRT" THE DAY PARTY with. Lance Gross and Victoria Skyy, Saturday the 26th from 4-9pm at Nine12 Ultra Lounge, Also who is going to see. Sheryl Underwood at. THE IMPROV on Friday the 25th at 10:30? Tickets for the day party are at DTLR for $15, and if it's not sold out tickets are $30. Let me know. Thanks.
I wonder if Sheryl Underwood gets tired of trying to imitate Bernie Mac and Robin Harris?
Look, Sheryl Lee Ralph, or Sheryl Underwood, you're getting beat down and put out either way.
Can someone please tell me is Sheryl Underwood at funny bone this weekend?
My husband loves The Talk. I would love to get an autographed picture from Sheryl Underwood for his bday in April. How could I pursue that?
About to get Myself together with the Kids!!! KnickKnack Slocum Quinn Taye Taye Robinson Darrin Rinny Lyons Kvn Lgn Willie Mingo Williams Sheryl Underwood be having me crying!!! Bone a Chocolate Dude NIGHT Center
Thanks to comedian Sheryl Underwood for hanging with us today on the show. Check her out today and tomorrow at the Virginia Beach FunnyBone!!
Catch Sheryl Underwood at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone March 14th & 15th. Get your tickets at!
This is for u Sheryl Underwood : it was on a friends FB wall and had to share, since u love Bacon!
Sheryl Underwood is so sweet and down to earth the talk show the talk need her .not to many blacks keep it real like she do she never for got her roots .that is my gyrls
I just got tickets to The Talk!!! Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood here I come!!!
Todays Talk is about who you date publically is different from whom are in an relationship privately. So who would SkyWalkers "girlfriend" be, Sheryl Underwood! Srry Jen it's just business, Kenya Moore will do the job if you don't wanna though
Come see Sheryl Underwood at the VB Funnybone tonight and tomorrow! P.s. I'm on the bar tonight!-)
Ms. Sheryl Underwood We LOVE & ADORE you here at Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB so when are you coming here to entertain us?
Ellen Degeneres is the funniest *** on the plan. Well. After Whoopi Goldberg. And Sheryl Underwood. 3rd funniest ***
I would love to see Sheryl Underwood working in Tyler's movies! I think she would do a Great Job!
Thanks to everyone who sent messages saying they saw me on TV One's "Unsung Hollywood" last night about "What's Happening!" I haven't seen the episode yet, but I'll catch a rerun. I also taped specials on Sheryl Underwood, "A Different World" and Richard Roundtree.
as usual Sheryl underwood Has nothing intelligent to say About a serious subject get rid of her !
. I am so sorry I missed Sheryl Underwood. You are so funny and a real asset to the show. You are my fav.
OMG Sheryl Underwood is now following me! I love that lady - she warms my heart.
This is the same advice Sheryl Underwood suggests. It's the best
I love all the ladies of talk. Sheryl Underwood is not only funny, but caring and smart. Love her. Marie Osmond is great!
Omg! Sheryl Underwood is following me on here! Love her!
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Sheryl Underwood from The Talk followed me love it 👍
TODAY: Join me for Live Chat at 3:45pm ET/12:45pm PT! Send questions now & tag …
I have only one thing to say. Sheryl Underwood, apologize publicly for flogging Canada and it's judicial system publicly.
So happy that Platinum Urban Magazine was able to capture this moment with Sheryl Underwood this really made my...
"Our flag is red, white and blue, but our nation is a rainbow-red, yellow, brown, black and white...-- Sheryl Underwood
This is one of the most hilarious jabs I've ever seen on TV. EVER. You go, Sheryl!. Sheryl Underwood's Fan Page...
'The Talk': See Sheryl Underwood in her underpants! -- VIDEO
i thought Sheryl Underwood was Wesley Snipes after the wig and makeup comes off...or after tax season
":Who's that in the front?"sheryl underwood, oh my bad Michael Blackston
Ever since Sheryl Underwood said she looks like Wesley Snipes when she doesn't have any makeup on, that's all I see when I look at her
‘The Talk’: See Sheryl Underwood in her underpants! — VIDEO: I can’t live without my Spanx but I certainly wou...
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