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Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Campbell Brown (born November 9, 1952) is the senior United States Senator from Ohio and a member of the Democratic Party.

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Hey grow a spine. Do not block this bill We want the right to know if our food has GMOs .Sherrod Br…
Oh, please. He voted No on it when 99 House Dems (including Sherrod Brown,…
To my fellow Ohioans, vote Sherrod Brown out. Not representing our values. Most liberal. Portman will be next.
Sen. Sherrod Brown is a man of character & integrity!
Sherrod Brown looks like a comfortable, familiar choice for Iowans didn't he? '08 redux if he takes the top spot.
No Sherrod Brown, well that would be 11 wouldn't it. Good list. Castro I know the best, He & his br…
I only think such monetizing misery is going to work with a pariah like Ann. Not sure the "Inconveni…
well our next project is to raise money for Sherrod Brown next campaign
Sherrod Brown continues to lie to the USA people as the middle-class has been destroyed by Obamaca…
As press freedom deadlock enters fourth week, Sherrod "the Minotaur" Brown (D-OH) calls for closed-session ladder match
Sherrod Brown having townhall & soliciting questions. He can tell you. MSM not interested in theirs tho.…
We are right behind TEXAS on abortion. 20 week ban in effect. Sherrod Brown must get re elected.…
The GOP made Sherrod Brown fly back to DC between the wake and the funeral for his mother to vote…
I was with Hillary initially in 2008 but PBO wowed me in the end. One Dem that excites me but is rare…
Wish I knew. But Sherrod Brown and Oprah on a ticket would beat Trump in a landslide. lol
Here in Ohio, Sherrod Brown must join unemployed.
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When the Dems voted for the health care late night they brought Sherrod Brown by private jet after a funeral to vote
Not tough on wallstreet? Hmmph. They fear him more than warren a…
There is no way Donnelly, McCaskell or Sherrod Brown survives. ALREADY has Brown down 8…
Join me in supporting Sherrod Brown via We can't let outside billionaires impact our election!
Sherrod brown up for reelection next year
Sherrod Brown for President. 2020. That sounds so good. Elizabeth Warren for Vice President. Perfect choice. In my opinion.
Couldn't agree more and that's why Sherrod Brown will lose his senate seat in 2018 in Ohio
I will be supporting US Senator Sherrod Brown for re-election.
Bernie's worst nightmare is Sherrod Brown running a…
I still wonder why our Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown praised Jon Husted for giving up SOME of the Voter...
I'm Ohio native now in Michigan. Ohio split personality. Sherrod Brown and Portman
Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren. Support is at an all-time high right now.
I was right. Dear God I love Ohio. We have Sherrod Brown and we have people who meet with Flat Rob Portman.
Sen. Sherrod Brown: Protecting our troops from financial predators
I love Sherrod Brown. If you're not familiar with him, invest a little time. Then invest a little money. He's worth it!…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I don't understand how a state like Ohio can produce a progressive Sen. like Sherrod Brown & a homophobic, RW racist, freak like Portman.
Hillary Clinton is a private citizen. Sen Sherrod Brown has worked to protect health care for miners. Sen Brown has…
Pls RT! Give if you can. Reelect:. SHERROD BROWN, US Senator from 👉🙏🏻
Any Republican who runs against Sherrod Brown in Ohio will definitely get my vote!
Brown , chance to reduce government spending AND help Ohio! Make an 18 member…
Win white millennials. game over. Put aa sherrod Brown a Mitch Landrieu or Bel edw…
Uh I don't remember emailing Sherrod Brown or Tim Ryan *** is happening
What Sherrod Brown wants you to read: Senate Republicans exempt own health coverage from part of latest proposal https:…
I will definitely not vote for sherrod brown his elevator does not go all the way to…
Sherrod Brown has shown no initiative yet to work out a plan that pleases both sides, not…
As LGBTQ Pride Month gets no Trump recognition, Sen. Sherrod Brown tries in Senate |
Sen Tom Cotton raising money for race against Sherrod Brown by Treasurer Josh Mandel, "an incredible leader, patriot, husband and father"
Sen. Sherrod Brown wants recognition for Pride month
same PAC is running ads bashing my great Sen. Sherrod Brown, and he's up for re-election 2018
Sen. Sherrod Brown: "Its bad. I don't actually know any accurate facts to support that claim, but is awful!"
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Man in crowd yells, "Where's Sherrod Brown?". responds: "Listen, man, Sherrod is fighting this terrible bill. Wh…
I think you mean Sherrod Brown. Scott Brown is that D-bag Republican from Massachusetts.
Sherrod Brown talked to the Ohio insurer who pulled out bc of Trump/ACA uncertainty. Then he heard Rs blame Obama.
Craft beer on the line for Kamala Harris & Sherrod Brown in the NBA finals. Anchor Brewing vs. Platform Brewing Co.
Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Warriors) and Sherrod Brown (D-Cavaliers) bet on NBA Finals, he Platform Brewing and she San Francisco's Anchor.
Ah, if only they would. So few of them are: Sherrod Brown, Joe Kennedy, Adam Schiff, We need everyone who claims to…
Sens. Sherrod Brown (D.) and Rob Portman (R.): included in the government funding measure finalized late last night
Sherrod Brown lists the pre-existing conditions that will be lost under Trumpcare | Via
Sherrod Brown of Ohio: long track record of supporting single payer, Glass-…
Trump is taking money from the Appalachian people for the roads they need. I hope all Ohio in Sherrod Brown's Senat…
Rather have a Democrat. Sherrod Brown will represent us
WTH are you talking about? Sheldon Whitehouse, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Adam Schiff, Bill DeBlasio, et al.
Top Democrat on Senate panel: No rollback on Dodd-Frank because it works 2018 Sherrod Brown!
Sen. Sherrod Brown top Democrat on U.S. Senate Banking Committee tells bankers his party won’t support drastic changes to the Dodd-Frank law
that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is once again seeking the U.S. Senate seat held by Sherrod Brown. You think Kasich will throw
Sherrod Brown (D Ohio) spends 10 minutes explaining on how bad HUD is in Ohio. Been a senator two terms. What's he been doing? Think 2018
. My Senator is Sherrod Brown. We gals in Northeast Ohio don't fall prey to alt left bullchit.
Chuck Shumer deserves a Oscar, he acts like a Senator, really good show, send him an Oscar, really!! So does Sherrod Brown!
Sherrod Brown senator from Ohio would be a good choice for Americans.
Senator Portman does a fine job representing the best interests of Ohioans unlike Sherrod Brown.
. Sherrod Brown, your Senator… in OH… please do the country a favor in 2018 & vote him out of office.
I currently reside in CT. I see your Sherrod Brown and raise you Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal.
Sherrod Brown is reading Coretta Scott King's letter on Sessions in its entirety. No one is objecting.
.we all need to support Jeff Sessions so senator Sherrod Brown support Jeff Sessions.
Sherrod Brown is up in 2018 in Ohio. A state Trump carried. This is leadership.
I generally back Free Trade, but I'd rather have a moderate protectionist like Sherrod Brown as POTUS than free trade absolutist Cory Booker
Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Maxine Waters pushing to protect CFPB in court. Comes days after similar move by 17 AGs
9. Among the Democrats voting for Carson were progressive stalwarts Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown
There's a good reason Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are confirming Trump nominees, it's because... S…
Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown indicate they'll vote to confirm Ben Carson. Will they face the same backlash as Cory Booker did?
Sherrod Brown and Cory Booker are going to be running to be the Dem candidate for president in 2020. Don't forget what they're doing now.
Fiery moment— Sherrod Brown blasts Steve Mnuchin for failing to answer questions about foreclosing on military families,…
For a President that draws so much ire from the left, Trump sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and Richard Trumka.
Sherrod Brown of Ohio is the 1st senator to say NO to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General:
I think that Sherrod Brown, Roy Cooper, and Catherine CM are all principled, good people, despite where they are ideologically
Sherrod Brown: First Democratic senator to say 'No way' to voting for Jeff Sessions as AG
The Ohio treasurer is seeking to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) in 2018.
As an Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown said he feels a strong connection to John Glenn and his legacy.
One hour later, NRSC takes aim at Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) also up in 2018: "Sierra Club Senator Masquerades as Friend of Coal Miners"
I just wrote a letter to Sherrod Brown (Ohio Senator) about the same thing!! Thank you for being amazing!!
Sherrod Brown on John Glenn: "We loved him, we will miss him & will continue to draw strength and wisdom from the lesso…
Sherrod Brown (D-OH), on Steve Mnuchin being named to the Treasury: "This isn't draining the swamp - its stocking it with alli…
Sen. Sherrod Brown slams Steve Mnuchin: "This isn’t draining the swamp -- it’s stocking it with alligators."
Wait, I'm careening into a spiral of doom again. Back to happy thoughts... Ontario. And it's a good day to call Sherrod Brown & Rob Portman.
Call Sen. Rob Portman's office and ask why he hasn't been doing his job in joining Sen. Sherrod Brown to support...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sherrod Brown just needs to take over the entire Ohio Democratic Party.
Sen. Sherrod Brown is Democratic Party Senator from state of Ohio. Very smart, balanced, and honest.
I want to see Kate Brown or Kamala Harris in 2020. Don't mind Liz Warren or Sherrod Brown or Jay Nixon though
Sanders is way too old. Warren can't campaign (ran way behind Obama in 12). Sherrod Brown might not be a Senator after 2018...ugh
Since we have to start thinking of who we'd like to support in 2020, I nom: Sherrod Brown & Kamala Harris.. Hon Mention: Amy Klobuchar
It would be Sherrod Brown on drums, Bernie Sanders on base, Liz Warren on tambourine, Jerry Brown on slide guitar.
Maxine Waters is writing a bill to break up Wells Fargo. Now Sherrod Brown is writing a bill to prevent Wells from using arbit…
Sen Sherrod Brown . Says Donald Trump made a lot of money from outsourcing jobs thanks to NAFTA,.
Sherrod Brown: Give Haramabe a statue outside of the Quicken Loans Arena - Sign! via
her surrogates are literally the best of America. Add in John Allen, Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, and Michelle.
. No, I'm a progressive. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, are progressives. Hillary is best.
Expanded roles for Sherrod Brown, Sanders, Warren in new gov? Nah. SELLOUTS! Convince yourself you lost BIG.
Sherrod Brown was talking like Elizabeth Warren way before she was. Wish he was the VP pick!
Sherrod Brown hits Trump for outsourcing jobs: "Trump suits? Made in Mexico."
What is going on with Sherrod Brown's voice? It's like Tom Waits became Tom Jones.
Sherrod Brown with the distinct honor of opening for Katy Perry
Sherrod Brown's message was reflected in Bernie, Warren et al. Bloomberg's message had ony Bloomberg.
Would love to see Sherrod Brown come out and give the "coffee is for closers" speech from Glen Garry, Glen Ross.
If berniebots stopped to take a breath they'd realize Liz Warren,Sherrod Brown & Bernie will be very powerful in the if Clinton elec
KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, OH Sen. Sherrod Brown among list of speakers for next week.
.- We need a liberal VP (Tom Perez, Elizabeth Warren, or Sherrod Brown) to balance the ticket.
(whisper:) Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown (I know he would likely cost a Senate seat)
I am desperately hoping Hillary Clinton does NOT pick Tim Kaine as her VP. Please Hillary pick Sherrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren. 🙏🏻
Meanwhile, Clinton has the luxury of picking between Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Tim Kaine, Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and Julian Castro all doing events at Center for American Progress this week. . I see…
Sherrod Brown, Cory Booker, Xavier Becerra, & Tom Perez were all on Sunday shows tdy. Kaine on MTP last week. We're in full…
Sunday on ?This Week?: Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rick Santorum - ABC News - via
ahh..Sherrod 'loves all taxes and regulations on the productive' Brown..surprise surprise on the Clintons...
Sherrod Brown's fervent, unquestioning, praise for Hillary, to the extent of being ludicrous, raises questions of his sanity.
Tom Perez is a sycophantic brown noser...disgustingly as bad as Sherrod Brown.
Sherrod Brown just got schooled on This Week by Martha.
Sherrod Brown is major disappointment in his support for mass immigration. Support for American workers hollow.
."not worried" about possible indictment for Hillary Clinton over handling of emails.
.on Clinton-Lynch meeting: The timing was bad, the optics were terrible
If this happens it will show just how corrupt this country's system is
Hillary, please pick Sherrod Brown as your VP. He may be the one person in the country who is less likable than you are.
Sherrod Brown on ABC News this Week needs to go back to the bottle. His eyes are so red and blinking so fast. Quick give him a booze now.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said Sunday that he thinks it's unlikely that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be indicted ov...
Sherrod Brown on ABC This Week was a absolute laughing stock. He is spinning so hard for Hillary he must be under a HRC spell. Witchcraft.
Clinton surrogate Sherrod Brown tells an indictment over emails is unlikely
Sherrod Brown passes on VP question: Sen. Sherrod Brown wouldn't answer whether he's been contacted by Hillar...
('This Week' Transcript: Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rick Santorum: A rush transcript for "... (
.and Senate Banking RMs Maxine Waters and Sherrod Brown put out statement FSOC decision on GE Capital shows Wall St. reform working
It's not Sherrod Brown that Hillary should pick it's Jerry.not a senator, but a Governor. Long over due...or Bill Richardson.
Tom Perez would be solid. Tho "another NY attorney" doesn't help in swing states. Love to see her pick Sherrod Brown.
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I'd *like* Warren or Booker, but both seem like pipe dreams. Sherrod Brown seems a likely choice, 20+ years in congress.
Sherrod Brown or Keith Ellison or Nina Turner or Jeff Merkeley we need a "real" progressive to balance the ticket
"Why do you throw a bomb at Sherrod Brown at this point in the campaign?" - Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow just asked Sherrod Brown whether Bernie will be cherished or reviled by Dems. The answer is in his hands.
Sherrod Brown is the Alexander Hamilton of the Senate. Ted Cruz is clearly the John Adams (not policy wise)
Watching MSNBC. Sherrod Brown looks straight out of central casting for the idealistic senator you root for in a movie.
U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer (D-Warriors) and Sherrod Brown (D-Cavaliers) are wagering local beers on the NBA Finals. http…
Would you like to see Ohio Dem US Sen. Sherrod Brown or Virginia US Sen. Tim Kaine be Hillary's VP Runningmate on Ticket or Castro
I would love for Sherrod Brown to be tapped, a genuinely good man who cares & is a great Sen. He's ruled it out, though. :(
the only thing it tells you is that Sherrod Brown wants to keep his Sen seat.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). about getting the advantage in California? oh but Bill Clinton can break electioneering laws?
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D). “It’s all about Bernie trying to get the advantage in California.”
Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio would be wasting his time as VP. Won't happen.
many good choices out there, I still like Cory Booker or Sherrod Brown, like EW in Sen but wd happily vote 4 her as VPOTUS.
HRC’s vice presidential choice has to be Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), right? That covers all the bases, no?
I think late-last week, media floated the idea of Hillary floating Sen. Sherrod Brown as Veep. Think it was
It is unacceptable that someone can work full time - and work hard - a...
I'd prefer Sherrod Brown, but he already said he wouldn't be HRC's VP.
Harry Reid wants no part of Sherrod Brown being possible VP candidate.
"The comments mean Reid would be in opposition to Clinton picking Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) or Sherrod Brown (Ohio)"
both Warren and Sherrod Brown would be replaced with Repubs, badly hurting chance to take Senate back
Portman, Sherrod to testify before International Trade Commission: What to wat - May 23 @ 6:39 PM ET
Ds midterm Midwest capitulation = she can't pick Sherrod Brown, and will likely lose OH. Nice job
Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown to testify before International Trade Commission: What to watch for Tuesday: U.S. Sen...
If Harry Reid has anything to do with it, Hillary won’t be picking Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown as veep.
Harry Reid: Says *** no' to Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown as VP Pick
Brown presses regulators on plans for 'shadow banks': Joseph Lawler Sen. Sherrod Brown is pressing federal…
*** no" - US Sen Min Ldr Harry Reid, saying Clinton must not pick Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown for VP, as GOP Gov wd name successor
Sen. Sherrod Brown raises concerns on limiting FSOC’s authority to oversee shadow banks
Harry Reid on Elizabeth Warren serving as Hillary Clinton's VP: *** no'
Sen. Sherrod Brown urges FDA do more to protect kids from &
Footage of me when I saw Sherrod Brown, Ted Strickland, and Joe Biden all within 5 minutes.
Sen. Sherrod Brown on possibly being Clinton's VP: "I love the job I'm doing"
I know some are pushing for Sherrod Brown or Tim Kaine but I think both those may fall flat this year.
.same reason I think Sherrod Brown won't be VP... its possible he actually believes his stuff and won't go along w/ Wall St.
I'm guessing Sherrod Brown, Julian Castro..Tim Kaine. But Bernie is reaching out to her. She won't take him.
Tim Ryan is my rep., Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown -- not one truly represent me. All believe in *** marriage
Clinton was one of 29 Dem senators that voted for Iraq. By this logic, Sherrod Brown is a war criminal.
The Buckeye Stops Here: Why Hillary Clinton should tap Ohio senator Sherrod Brown as her VP running mate.
Sherrod Brown should be the Democratic nominee for president.
I like Hillary. I like Sherrod Brown, I like Al Franken. I like Barney Frank. I like Pres. Obama, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi.
Sherrod Brown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I think This should be YOUR Running Mate🇺🇸
"Tell that to Al Franken and Sherrod Brown, tell that to the Congressional Black Caucus."
Joe Manchin is the sort of democrat I don't mind. I'd trade him for Sherrod Brown, at least.
. I see maybe Mark Warner, Sherrod Brown, or Tim Kane as running mate; Howard Dean as HHS Sec
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LGBT Health Awareness Week from the offices of Sherrod Brown
Ted Strickland's voting record in House (was even worse than Sherrod Brown's (
so see,so everyone not supporting. Bernie is a sell out Sherrod . Brown and hundreds of others
Join me in supporting Sherrod Brown via
Austin Chronicle: Sherrod Curry Productions' staging of the Jason Robert Brown musical is gracefully perf... ARTS
Defense Department Pushed to Buy 'Made in America' Military Uniforms - ABC News - via
.I don't think so, Obama took money from Wall Street as did Sherrod Brown!
How do you feel about Sherrod Brown these days?
Really enjoyed meeting U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown in class today
The president overstepped his authority when he asked the NSA to eavesdrop ...
taken to Guantanamo. The US Chamber of Commerce to break up the banks" amendment of Senators Sherrod Brown not to let the blog site's lawyer
President Frank Bardonaro with Ohio State Senator, Sherrod Brown, at "Building Middle Class" event in Cincinnati!
Mine are ignoring me. I have contacted Marcy Kaptur, Rob Portman , Sherrod Brown etc. with no response. I need help Hillary
We should not mislead the Iraqis into thinking they have unlimited time to ...
Ecker replaces Sherrod with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th.
Update your maps at Navteq
A note; Sen Sherrod Brown, Democrat from PA, voted for extending Bush Tax Cuts in Dec 2010 supporting Obama.
Cason Sherrod now in to pitch for Texas A&M. Last pitched Fri. vs. LSU.
Rosa and I are listening to Sherrod Brown speak about Ted
listening to the online discussion with ODP Chairman David Pepper and Senator Sherrod Brown!
2012 I volunteered for Sherrod Brown, and had a lot of fun. :)
Get out,get out,get out we need people like Hillary,PBO,joe hidden,elisabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown notice all dems,that who cares
RSVP: Join Senator Sherrod Brown and Chairman David Pepper Tuesday ET for this important telephone town hall...
"We've never re-elected a woman for office, and Sherrod Brown, while having some valuable experience, isn't the le
Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown introduces bill to crack down on wage theft.
Sherrod Brown unhappy about looming new cuts for salaried Delphi retirees.
A roundtable discussion led by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on Monday to address the heroin/opioid addiction...
Irony lost on Sherrod Brown. Those who complain most re undervalued RMB tend to complain most re Chinese FDI in US.
Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown: "I don't want to be vice president" but... via
Last week, Sherrod outlined his plan to help homeless veterans with a bill he’s co-sponsoring. Read more here:
she needs sherrod brown of Ohio as VP.
What's the bench behind Sherrod Brown? Put it this way, the Politico piece on Franken sort of swayed me
Ohioans! Sign up for a telephone Town Hall with the Ohio Dems and Sherrod Brown tommorow @ 8PM
Sherrod Brown says money needed to attack drug scourge
I assume you hate Elizabeth Warren who teaches at Harvard? Or Sherrod Brown who went to Yale?
We join the American Alliance of Museums in thanking Senator Sherrod Brown, Representative Joyce Beatty, and...
Senator Sherrod Brown phone banking for Ted Strickland with volunteers in Columbus!
Just had a conversation with Sherrod Brown and he knew where Baltimore is nbd
Sen. Sherrod Brown will be the speaker at the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance annual meeting April 29 at the Carlisle Inn i…
In 2017 Warren, Sherrod Brown, Baldwin, (fingers crossed) Donna Edwards, Feingold could all be in the Senate together. This could get good.
supports him. Then you say well their establishment shills is Sherrod Brown, Cory Booker, Warren establishment because
My faves: Cory Booker, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown. Don't know T. Baldwin but proud they are endorsing HRC !
Yeah, Sherrod Brown, Granholm, Cory Booker,etc r chomping at the bit to bolt 4 Sanders. Grow up !
So would Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, or Elizabeth Warren, and I'm almost sure her pick will come from those four. Heard here 1st?
looking for to you denigrating Liz Warren when she endorses Hillary. also look up Sherrod Brown her biggest supporter i
I wish Warren, Biden, and Sherrod Brown had also run for president. She's gonna sound like Nixon by November.
I still wish Biden, Sherrod Brown, or Elizabeth Warren would have run.
Meh. Connie Schultz and Sherrod Brown lost my respect when he endorsed HRC.
Todd: Hillary will run with Sherrod Brown. Williams: good point but who is Sherrod Brown. Todd: he's a rust belt liberal wit…
Rachel, Kornacki, Todd, Williams and O'Donnell now discussing who will be Hillary's running mate. Sherrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren. Gall.
I always thought Sen. Sherrod Brown was a very strong progressive in the vein of Warren and Sanders. Very upsetting.
I am beyond disappointed to see Sen. Sherrod Brown furthering Hillary's lie about the auto bailout. Against the TPP, he's supporting HRC.
And it's not because he's the last honest man in DC. Not even Sherrod Brown endorsed him.
Reminder: Bernie Sanders has only one friend in the Senate, and he endorsed
Brown, 23 other Senators lobby for full funding of Zika planSenator Sherrod Brown has joined 23 other Senate Democrats in asking the Approp…
Don't hold your breath for Ohio! We voted in Boehner, Portman, & Sherrod Brown. Cincy, Cleve, Dayton, all crooked!
Will remember it when others say Sherrod Brown as Clinton VP choice should bring bring Sanders supporters onboard.
I'm convinced Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) adds cement mix to his coffee every morning. It's rough to hear him speak.
OH (D) Sherrod Brown says Republican debaters sound like children. I suppose he means as opposed to Dem debaters who sound like Communists.
Thoughts on Sherrod Brown as VP on Clinton tkt?
don;t u have some Sanders supporters on? Sherrod Brown another HRC mouthpiece! BIAS for HRC! Disgusting!
Can't understand why Sherrod Brown is painted as the great progressive. He's on MSNBC saying he supports HRC & continuing auto industry ruse
Keep your fingers crossed. We elected Boehner, Portman, & Sherrod Brown, don't get hopes too high!
i usually dont get political on here but screw you sherrod brown. Defund planned parenthood
I don't think so. He'd never win this race. Warren? Probably. Sherrod Brown? Maybe. Not Bernie.
Wd like to see Sherrod Brown as the Dem VP nominee. Good populist credentials and
I'm pretty sure it will be a senator though. Someone like Sherrod Brown or Mark Warner. . We'll see soon enough.
Wow. Sorry, never ever gonna happen in a million years. Sherrod Brown for Veep!
been too long since I read Sherrod Brown's book to remember if he talks about that
Kaine, Deval Patrick, or Sherrod Brown are my picks.
If a tired-voice Hillary chooses Sherrod Brown for VP, this voice professional is gonna stick to newspapers.
I'd like to see Sherrod brown as Hillary's veep personally. Not bad right?
call him sherrod b. Not S. Brown. Especially when you have it right after E. Warren
Warren doesn't even want Bernie look at sherrod brown Ohio
So here's a question for you guys: as a matter of political strategy, do you think that Sherrod Brown would have been a
She's going to need a Biden-type to help shape her and her arguments. Sherrod Brown maybe.
My senator is Sherrod Brown. Maybe you need a new one.
Ohio Sen.Sherrod Brown is a vocal member of the Senate’s Defend Social Security Caucus, which founded.
We must support initiatives that provide clear, concrete measures and miles...
just reading an article in RollingStone looks like Tom Perez Sherrod Brown Julian Castro and Cory Booker are in the mix
Sherrod Brown is to HRC's left and he can help reel in Ohio. As Toledo goes so does the nation. Warren would not be a strong VP.
Norwalk Reflector: Sen. Sherrod Brown, colleagues urge extension of overtime pay to millions of Americans
US Senator joins colleagues to extend overtime pay to millions of Americans
I see Clinton/Brown (Sherrod Brown) as more likely. He is: male, from Ohio, and economic liberal populist.
or 2. We were robbed of the democratic primary we deserved: clinton, warren, biden, sanders, booker, sherrod brown, etc.
If goal is to shore up white working class, anti-trade, anti-bank types, isn't Sherrod Brown the answer?
Warren is loved by liberals, but does she help with indies? She's not from a swing state, so she doesn't help that. Sherrod Brown?
I'm still bummed that Sherrod Brown supports HRC. :(
Even progressives like Liz Warren and Sherrod Brown support this crucial institution.
Fully Legalize cannabis and hemp in Ohio for adults 21 and up for all personal usage and medical use vi…
HRC should pick Sherrod Brown because he is left of her and where Ohio goes the election goes.
With the Republicans acting like kids, Hillary Clinton/Jerry Brown ticket would trounce! Sherrod B. J. Castro, & Booker r great but can wait
If Clinton is concerned about this voters maybe she would take Sherrod Brown
She could choose Sherrod Brown and solve the problem. And pick someone from a swing state.
Senate must do its job on Supreme Court nomination: Sherrod Brown
The brilliant Franklin (pet of our beloved Sherrod Brown and Connie Schultz) shares his thoughts about the GOP...
Sherrod Brown, Maxine Waters, other Dems call for action on board diversity disclosures:
I hope she picks Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. He's young(ish), progressive, working-class and he'd bring OH.
I sent a message to Sen. Sherrod Brown with
Sen. Sherrod Brown says a second wave of funding is possible and could help Toledo demolish blight. Details: .
Brown calls on Senate to move on filling Scalia seat: WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has called...
Portman attacked for stance on court vacancy: Sen. Sherrod Brown says the last time a court…
Sen: Sherrod Brown: Heroin epidemic must be attacked on every level: via
Sen. Sherrod Brown: "Addiction is an illness, not a character flaw." Talking heroin epidemic…
Sen. Sherrod Brown proposes bill: "Drug overdoses are on the rise across Ohio devastating thousands of families"
Franken on endorsers: "This is Sherrod Brown...Cory Booker...Tammy Baldwin. We are progressives. We know what it takes to *get things done*"
Update your maps at Navteq
Sen Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Corey Booker and Tammy Baldwin- all progressive Senators have endorsed Hillary Clinton
I'm glad we have 2 good choices & I think we'll be okay either way. I would prefer a Warren/Sherrod Brown ticket but that's me
Connie Schultz, senator Sherrod Brown's wife, has got some 🔥💩.
.I know this is from Oct BUT it still needs to be pointed out that Sen. Sherrod Brown is one of...
US Sen. Sherrod Brown announces bill to protect Ohio families from toxic lead exposure -
Thinking also about paths future candidates in the Warren/Sherrod Brown mode. The populist road is a real road!
US Sen. Sherrod Brown announces new federal anti-poverty initiative in Meigs ... - Daily Sentinel
US Sen. Sherrod Brown: Ohio legislators who keep expanding gun rights are all "lunatics." via
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) struggled to explain whether he believes there is a connection b... via
Thank you, Sherrod Brown, for telling the Ohio GOP Legislature what we all think if IT's "guns everywhere" bill!
Sen. Sherrod Brown points out the ridiculousness of the NRA-Owned GOP legislature moving forward a "guns...
Mass shootings by white men are terrorist attacks too, says Sen. Sherrod Brown via
Sen. Sherrod Brown: US terrorists “are generally white males, who have shot up people in movie theaters & schools”
Sherrod Brown endorsement a nice get for Clinton, has bank critic bona fides on par with Elizabeth Warren.
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