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Sheriff Joe

Joseph M. Joe Arpaio (born June 14, 1932) is the elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. First voted into office in 1992, Arpaio is responsible for law enforcement in Maricopa County.

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"Sheriff Joe may challenge Jeff Flake for AZ Senate seat..." I'LL MOVE to AZ & vote for him if he does.
No wonder Trump loves Sheriff Joe: The two men are united by racism & contempt for rule of law. Me in
I was on patrol with Sheriff Joe, there was no racial profiling. Liberals upset we deported their voters!. 🚔🇺🇸
A 9th circuit court judge saw to it that our hero Sheriff Joe was convicted even though Joe only did what the law requires..
Hypocrisy at it's best: John McCain was pardoned by Nixon for treason , McCain bashes for pardoning Sheriff Joe who…
Hypocrite Paul Ryan is against pardoning Sheriff Joe for a MISDEMEANOR, but obama pardoned FELONS & not a peep.
I hear TRUMP tried to get AG Jeff Sessions to drop the case on Sheriff Joe before the pardon. ***
Sheriff Joe kept his oath even when Obama illegally ordered the US Border Patrol and ICE to stand down…
Sheriff Joe =HERO's. We should build a monument to them in Phoenix for fighting the CRIMINAL FILTH DACA n thei…
It'd really suck if someone murdered Sheriff Joe and became a national hero. Really hope Joe doesn't have to live in fear…
Just another day at the circus. Robert Mueller, please hurry. South Texans, please stay safe. Sheriff Joe, go to he…
Lynette, you from AZ? You know the truth about Sheriff Joe or ju…
"terrorized the Latino community" - Sheriff Joe followed the Law. Real terror is in countries South where rule of…
45 and Sheriff Joe have something in common. They get news from this lunatic.
Now that Sheriff Joe's a free man, someone should tell him about a dangerous menace coming up from the south that he should face head-on.
On just now--paperwork to pardon Sheriff Joe ready--could be done any time. 😡😡😡.
I wonder why Sheriff Joe went prison?
Trump just announced he will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sayin' "I won't do it tonight, but Sheriff Joe's gonna be just fine…
JUST IN: White House has paperwork ready for Trump to pardon "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio: report
President Trump should pardon Sheriff Joe twice so that John McCain and Jeff Flake can both have their own copy.
To be clear, Sheriff Joe is facing jail time for civil rights violations targeting minorities. Trump, after Charlottesvil…
If he does pardon Him, all *** will break out, Sheriff Joe has been an embarrass…
Everything happens in threes. He goes to Arizona, pardons Sheriff Joe, endorses the hateful Ward, and has (who?) l…
Trump 'considering' a pardon for Sheriff Joe . He ought to go ahead and do it. insist he wear pink underwear for mo.
Trump says he might pardon Sheriff Joe. Good. He should pardon Sheriff Joe.
tRump tells Fox he's considering pardon for 'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio This EVIL man is tRump's version of…
Why isn't anyone paying any attention to Sheriff Joe's predicament in AZ…
Sheriff Joe found in contempt for upholding Federal law. please pardon Sheriff Joe. https…
Just in: 14 page ruling from federal judge finding former Sheriff Joe guilty of criminal contempt, sentencing w…
"Sheriff Joe" Arpaio found guilty of contempt charge for violating order to stop racial profiling http…
Sheriff Joe's karma has got to be the worst on the planet . Only wish he has to serve time in his inhumane tent prison
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AZ Sheriff Joe ends up in court for enforcement of Fed Law. Shouldn't there be equal justice?
Who knew that Ronnie James Dio was still alive and trying to get Sheriff Joe off the hook?
Every1 has their priorities. Crazy. I would have them like Sheriff Joe does, in a tent…
Friend of Sheriff Joe-even made appearances He saw what O was doing to Joe when Joe did birther-feared HR…
Join us in flying the US flag at half-staff Monday May 8th to honor fallen Pott. County Sheriff Deputy Mark Burbridge.…
The new Sheriff is sad when cynical Red Meat takes forms that will hurt real American's on a daily basis
... including the illegal alien Obama. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Release…
Sheriff Joe is coming to Mass. 4th Annual Flag Day Rally .
Racial profiler Joe Arpaio ousted as sheriff in Arizona!.
They didn't treat Sheriff Joe like this.
It should just secede & save the rest of the country any association with it. Joe Arpaio can move there & become Sheriff King.
Nows the time to investigate Obama's birth what with all the gov't expertise. Sheriff Joe can assist with such.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn't need food loaf, he could have used this
Sheriff Jim Kaelin shakes hands with Mayor Joe McComb after hearing Nelda Martinez concede on Saturday
The Richland County Sheriff's Department was involved in a police chase earlier that ended in a crash. Major Joe Massi confirms.
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This guy put in place after Lynch DOJ targeted other sheriff Joe due to Obama birth certifica…
I don't think this man has a real clue, talk to Sheriff Joe he has the experience and knows all…
Is this the same Sheriff Soros gave $10Million to his campaign to get real Sheriff Joe out? I think so…
this guy is a unamerican naive fool, sheriff Joe will deal with his weak ***
The black version of his hero Sheriff. Joe Arpaio ' Sheriff Clarke you shouldn't be getting an award. You she broug…
Trump left sheriff of Palm Coast with 3 million $ bill. Cost $ 146,000 a day for wife & kid in NYC. Gut health care. Go go…
Arizona needs Sheriff Joe back. He has more experience with Mexico than any…
Where's Sheriff Joe when you need him?
Perhaps the infamous (now ex) Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his tent prison and his last ditch…
It was discontinued after Sheriff Joe Arpaio won 10 years in a row.
AZ blew it by not re-electinG Sheriff Joe Arpaio!! . THIS SHERIFF IS AN UNFUNNY JOKE:(
Ariz. border sheriff: Trump wall 'medieval' via the app we want Sheriff Joe to enforce law. Thisthis
wouldn't mind having sheriff Joe back.
Pardon 'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio wants Sessions to testify at contempt trial: report
If they had a real sheriff like Joe! This guy wouldn't have his head in that dark sme…
Where is Sherrif Joe, I hope they didn't convict him, I knew they were tr…
GIVEAWAY EBOOK Black & White in Stripes in Sheriff Joe's Tents, Memoir of the New American Princess. Kimberly Shed…
Anyone surprised this is happening in John McCain's state??😒. Sheriff Joe's Replacement Releasing Criminal Illegals‼
. We want Sheriff Joe for Border Patrol Chief. He would protect our borders & e…
Term limits. Only way to get rid of public lifers like McShame. I don't get Arizona, they keep & not Sheriff Joe
Americans line up for restaurant jobs after Sheriff Joe raided over a dozen illegals in Arizona. Notice the…
Arizona looking to replace Sheriff Joe with a open border sheriff ..wonder what the People think about this..
A Sad day in Arizona when Sheriff Joe was defeated. Hopefully aka will solve the problem.
Sheriff Joe was one of the best things to happen to Arizona.
Such a shame that Sheriff Joe is no longer sheriff in Arizona. They need him now.
Appeal: Judge trashed rules to attack Sheriff Joe .
Real American Patriots admire and appreciate you, Sheriff Joe. HAPPY New Year, from Michigan!
Sheriff Joe, I have lived here 11 years but worked Arizona CA. Dept. Of Corrections, and prayed who would have come there.
.To go from Obama to Trump is like going from Andy Taylor to Sheriff Joe. Mayberry to ***
Final showdown: Sheriff Joe slaps Obama with new birth-certificate bombshell via
Fantastic job by Sheriff Joe! Experts just exposed Obama's fake birth certificate! All evidence being turned over to FBI n…
Paul Penzone for ridding us of the parasite known as Sheriff Joe.
make them wear pink in prison just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Maybe our outgoing Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, should have investigated birth certificates for two Barrys. 🤔
Sheriff defends release of suspect in Joe McKnight shooting.. Related Articles:
**& incompetent-,*Pick sheriff Joe or the disc. Sheriff*--Eho knows what they are doing & how to handle the situation*
also noteworthy he dropped a bundle to unseat Sheriff Joe in Az as well as 10 local DA's across US
‘Stop believing what you’re reading’: Sheriff says don’t rush to judgement over Joe McKnight killing
Military grade weapons are flowing into the police & sheriffs depts. Our sheriff has a tank and a troop carrier.😂😂😂
support for Sheriff to lead Homeland Security or Border Patrol makes Washington Times!.
How about making Sheriff Joe head of the federal prison system? Make repeat illegals work in chain gangs building the wall!
Man in killing of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight admitted to shooting, sheriff says
I love that guy, hope he taps sheriff Joe to help
The new Mexican capital is San Diego... Az was closer but Sheriff Joe kept abusing illegals.
Get Sheriff Joe in your administartion to ENFORCE THE LAW ...and stop ALL FUNDING to sanctuary cities and universities
Birth issue still alive! Arpaio is holding a press conf this month about the cert.
I'd like to hear sheriff explain what made Joe a threat.
In retrospect, the Arizona Republic's 1992 endorsement of Joe Arpaio for sheriff is worded pretty hilariously
Send him to Arizona Joe - (ex sheriff) for discipline, then circumsize him b4 deporting him to Alleppo.
Joe McKnight had no gun. Killer shot him from inside car & is free because of the law & the sheriff acts like Mr. Tough Gu…
Love Sheriff Joe and prayers for all his boarder patrol, keep America safe number 1 priority.
This is another guy we need in a Trump administration! He & Sheriff Joe aren't afraid to stand up to t…
Sheriff: Fatal shooting of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight appears to have been a case of 'road rage' https…
Man released; no charges filed in deadly shooting of former NFL player Joe McKnight, says sheriff's office
Donald, please get Sheriff Joe of the pink underwear as a idea man for your prisons. He's brilliant. Chain gangs. No TV. Tents in Arizona. ✔
Ronald Gasser admitted to shooting and killing Joe McKnight, sheriff's office says. Department still referring to him as a su…
Probably a bit dark but, if they don't charge and lock up the dude that shot Joe McNight, they should put 15 shots in that Sheriff.
Jefferson Parish sheriff to give update in Joe McKnight killing
Louisiana sheriff: Suspect was in his car when he shot ex-NFL player Joe McKnight
Sheriff: The gentleman who raised Joe McKnight Jr used to be a deputy for the Jefferson Parish office. This will be don…
Sheriff investigating the shooting of Joe McKnight admits that his department has a conflict of interest
That sheriff said even if a black man is a national hero, his life doesn't matter.
Special Alert Repost. NAACP (West Jefferson Parish) to Sheriff handling the Joe McKnight case: Turn in your badge...
Sheriff defends releasing suspect in killing of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight
Sheriff: Ex player Joe McKnight was gunned down in 'road rage' incident, defends handling of case.
To my out of town followers, this is the sheriff in the parish where Joe McKnight was killed
Shooting death of Joe McKnight was a 'road rage' incident, sheriff says
What would an anti-Arpaio event be without the blowup Sheriff Joe?.
Well, okay, here's a surprising bit of good news: deranged racist lunatic Sheriff Joe finally got kicked to the...
The one bright shining star in this dark hole of election madness Sheriff Joe is toast!
I hope Trump will hire Sheriff Joe to lead his 'deportation force'
Sheriff Joe loss comes as no surprise to locals; die was cast a while ago, before the charges. Wish him well for his service.
Arpaio protesters at North High School, students are rallying voters to NOT vote for Sheriff Joe.
Sheriff Joe is a great American F the DOJ & Obozo we better take our country back 11/08
LATEST: Sheriff Joe officially charged with criminal contempt:
Sheriff Joe faces DOJ charges for enforcing the law; Hillary faces no charges for breaking the law. https…
Get to meet Sheriff Joe and welcome him to our facility . photo cred matt santos
Is just going to lay down and hand the victory to Orly Taitz? Will Sheriff Joe have to switch allegiance?
Sheriff Joe should be wearing those!!! Criminal Corruption charge is serious, not to mention the MILLIONS tax...
I heard the Monroe Doctrine when Mr. Trump spoke. Protecting our hemisphere. Sheriff Joe said we need to talk to Mexico
JUST IN: Sheriff Joe wins primary, will face Paul in November election.
Arpaio is 84 and still stands up for law & order, don't mess with Sheriff Joe! He keeps AZ from becoming M…
Sheriff Joe lives near the border so he really does know what's happening there.
Sheriff Joe has never cared about the rights of the people he's policing. He's the Midwestern Marion Barry.
It is a special day today, it is Trump day Happy birthday fly your flag for Trump. Also for Kent Smith and Sheriff Joe. Great day to celebt
Sheriff Clarke and Sheriff Joe are my favorites. SJ would not have happened under their watch!! We gotta protect ourselves!!
You should have had a set of nuts like Sheriff Joe or Sheriff Clarke who care about America unlike yourself
Paul Penzone filing 6K petition signatures today - he's on the ballot! Sheriff Joe has to go. I just contributed.
I'm glad I live in Sheriff Joe's county. Man has life changed after encounter with Sheriff Arpaio
Sheriff Joe is right again. Why are immigrant parking lots gun-free zones?. .
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I would suggest Sheriff Joe but he is busy: Arpaio fights bestiality with Craigslist stings:
New: Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff -
Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff via
This is what you get for trying to enforce Immigration laws in a lawless Administration!.
Amid legal controversy, Joe Arpaio files petition to run for a seventh term as sheriff
Joe Arpaio to run again for Sheriff despite legal controversy
Joe Arpaio in search of seventh time period as sheriff
Narcissistic Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff despite costing the county MILLIONS. Vote
New post: Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff
Can we not with this guy anymore?!. Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff.
Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff.
Joe Arpaio seeking 7th term as sheriff -
Joe Arpaio seeking a 7th term in office, has filed 3x the amount of signatures needed. Was elected to 6th term as sheriff back in Nov. 2012.
3d piece in my series on bestiality about AZ's effective enforcement scheme. Most pleased with how this turned out.
Sheriff Joe. Like him or not, this is happening. There seems to be a lot of mixed views on this case. Sheriff Joe...   10% Off
Today's toon: Time to give Joe the heave ***
Our View: Sheriff Joe Arpaio must go via Lots of old angry white people in Sun City. Did I sa…
Milo was so respectful when he interviewed Sheriff Joe. Looking forward to his chat with this great American, too!
Madera County sheriff's dept is corupt as well as the surrounding communities that man now sells twenty thousand dollars a day
Well-done 4 1/2 minute analysis of Judge Snow's 162-page smackdown of Joe Arpaio by
When you are Emperor you can have the government take them off the air thrown in Sheriff Joe's prison camp
SHERIFF JOE could go to jail for doing his job. UNREAL.
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio defied court order to stop racial profiling, judge says
Joe Arpaio, 'America's Toughest Sheriff,' Found in Contempt of Court in Racial Profiling Case - Governing
Sheriff Joe Arpaio says Trump has the guts to do something about this key issue
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s fate in case may hinge on a single word
says Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be in jail for violating the law. I must have missed when they said the same about Hillary.
"Donald Trump will get tough to protect American jobs & families!" AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio!
Contempt 4 what? Sheriff Joe is a pretty good Sheriff. I highly doubt he'd be in contempt of any Constitutional Court Orders.
Sheriff Joe should arrest judge who held him in contempt because he has NO jurisdiction in the county.
idk, I forgot about him because I was too busy hatin' on Sheriff Joe instead
The man's a genius! They want to play games, they'll probably lose. Come on, endorsed by Sheriff Joe, Bobby, and Lou?
artie moreno is a HUGE financial supporter of Sheriff Joe. When Joe was convicted of profiling Mexicans, artie said nothing
Glad to see Sheriff Joe is still on the case. I'd love to see this guy tried for treason.
Man pleads guilty to stalking Sheriff Joe.
Man pleads guilty to stalking Sheriff Joe
attempting to bash the great Sheriff Joe - (1/2)...
Unarmed man killed by Arizona cop cried, begged for life. *** is going on in Sheriff Joe land? You can kill and can't vote.
Sheriff Joe was suppose to keep order at the rally in Arizona. This morning violence reported at Tucson & the traffic stop
Arizona knows that the best person to build a wall is Trump! Sheriff Joe totally gets it! Go Trump!
Book 'em Sheriff Joe !!! Intentionally blocking a road in Arizona is a misdemeanor with jail and fines. ;-)
Arizona: probably better to stay away unless you're white. Sheriff Joe is a racist ***
Hispanic lawmaker slams Bernie Sanders's wife for meeting with Arizona's Sheriff Joe:
Donald Trump Arizona Rally Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe. . Both endorse Trump and his immigration plan. ht…
The protesters arrested in Fountain Hills yesterday are currently sweating in Sheriff Joe's tent city in pink underwear 😭
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Sheriff Joe is almost 84. He's an amazing man.God Bless him. He's been fighting illegal immigration alone for too long.…
Amazing that Newt, Giuliani, Huckabee, Carson, Sheriff Joe, Herman Cain,Scott Brown, on and on they all support DT, are they dumb?
Sanders knocks "un-American" Sheriff Joe after wife's meeting in Arizona:
Sheriff Joe in Az. Sounds like Barney Fife on drugs. My town, my rules. . Him & trump will do well together.
Fountain Hills AZ roads r blocked by . . Sheriff Joe locks em up Tent City .
we back you 100% Sheriff Joe and we are Arizona citizens ( La Paz county)
I featured Sheriff Joe in one of my videos:. He does his job well.
Sheriff Joe is basically a racist Barney Fife.
Sheriff Joe to Arizona protesters: if you don't behave yourself you'll go to Tent city
Sheriff Joe says.Donald Trump acted in a way that we need a leader to act.Never SURRENDER.
Another great guy. Trump has Sheriff Joe, Sheriff Clarke and now Sheriff Babeu. These are the ones you …
Trump suggested that the racist, homophobic, federally-investigated Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a model for the nation's police.
Trump stated he was endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio within the first 5 mins of like that's somethin to be proud of
Flogged, tarred and feathered, keel hauled then sent to sheriff Joe for lock down!!!
Tonight Trump even boasted that he thinks racist, homophobic Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a model for the nation on policing.
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Wow. Sheriff Joe. Is there any loathsome media *** or demagogue in the nation who hasn't lined up behind Trump?
I have met sheriff Joe A few times and am so disappointed he endorsed Trump. Az needs person of action - not a yuge ego.
It's great to see & of the supporting Canadian jobs. The world needs MORE 🇨🇦 http…
Seems he's doing better by not having the associations. Instead names like Sarah, Sheriff Joe are resonating with Americans.
Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the soul-sucking throngs supporting Trump are the Dementors.
Trump boasts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's backing. Arpaio's record is one of "grave abuse of power":
Sheriff Joe backing Mr Trump helps me with the decision to vote for Trump.
I thought our Sheriff Joe Arpaio was tough! This guy should be Trump's running mate!
Trump-endorser Joe Arpaio "violated the constitutional rights of Latinos"
SHERIFF JOE Endorses Sheriff Joe & he says He will do Anything He Can to Make Sure Trump Becomes Elected-
"Sheriff Joe Arpaio supports me" A ringing endorsement from one deranged individual to another.
Oh you him again was technically not "just" tonight
Trump reminded Cruz that Sheriff Joe endorsed him, Trump--the BEST on immigration!.
Trump boasts of endorsement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is under investigation for civil rights abuses
Ted Cruz is much stupider than I thought, for bringing up immigration in Nevada. Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Trump. ht…
Arizona's famous 'Sheriff Joe' has some really bizarre reasons for supporting Donald Trump .
Sheriff Joe offers Hillary pink underwear at Trump rally the same thing he gives to inmates, crowd roars w/laughter
Donald Trump plugs his endorsements: Willie Robertson, Sarah Palin, Jerry Falwell, Sheriff Joe "and so many more."
thanks for standing with Brian Williams and Rachael Maddow instead of Sheriff Joe
Sheriff Joe is right, if Obama makes an illegal executive order on guns, AMERICA WILL REVOLT AGAINS…
Heroes of the right:. Cliven Bundy & his sons. Kim Davis. George Zimmermann. Sheriff Arpaio. Joe the Plumber. Donald Trump. Oliver North
. Road paved by Sheriff Joe in AZ. He did the heavy lifting!
Interested in learning more after who exposed Sheriff Joe has amazing info here
Sheriff Joe knows how best to deal with bad guys -- an armed citizenry.
Is Jones going to interview Cliven Bundy or Sheriff Joe Arpiao?
The sheriff of that town is a part of the Oath keeper Patriot folk.
So nice to start your day with a bit of news showing that sometimes sanity prevails:
I, too, was pleasantly surprised for AZ. Seems like we would be Trump's playground what with the popularity of Sheriff Joe.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio employee Paul Chagolla should have some integrity, ethics & morals & tell us the truth re:Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sheriff and deputies have the same integrity as the most corrupt Mexican cops
Complete info from LA Sheriff's Dept for 87yo Joe Arteaga from
Sheriff Joe Arpaio deputies lie about taking IDs of Latinos. Every report and arrest of latinos they make is full of lies.
1 of Sheriff Joe Arpaio sheriffs committed suicide because other sheriff's picked on him for being *** and latino. Ramon Armendariz
Sheriff Joe Arpaio deputies collect IDs of Latinos. They deny doing so = lying to investigators. Taking them is theft of govt property
Joe Gage, John Roof, Senor Joe, Sam Jackson, the woman, the British guy, the old general, the sheriff, and the driver. That's nine.
The sheriff's back in Denver. . Peyton Manning enters the game for the 1st time since Nov. 15 after 7-week hiatus.
Cue the Hollywood music... here comes The Sheriff trying to ride to the rescue for Denver. What a crazy day ..
ICYMI: Oregon sheriff has been getting death threats for months from militia sympathizers. …
Wow! Sheriff Joe was a lot nicer than I would have been. I guess "The Truth Shall Set You Free"!!!
I love Joe Dan Gorman's Intellectual Froglegs There’s a New Sheriff in Town…this I tell you.
Sheriff Joe issued a call for armed citizens to rise up and defend this nation - will you stand with him?
Sheriff Joe did but she's the kind you have to see to believe. They're believers now I hope...
needs to quit stalling and impeach Obama...That's what they were elected to do. RE: Sheriff Joe no to gun grab
have you watched the doc 'Making a Murderer' Joe? What'd you think when watching the depositions from the shady sheriff's dept
Now that Trey Gowdy is disqualified from being a "real conservative," I wonder how far it'll go. Sheriff Joe? The ranche…
Yes, Sheriff Joe will in a good spot for that slot.
. That sheriff is a major creepshow. He has Leslie's picture. What a weirdo and just bizarre guy.
Sheriff Joe is right. Legally armed CITIZEN ready to shoot Safeway killer, but saw killer out of am…
Sheriff Joe: I Don’t Care if Obama Issues an Executive Order, I’m
Sheriff Joe calls on 250K armed Arizona citizens to draw down on terrorism
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, asked all law-abiding citizens in Arizona to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families, love Sheriff Joe
Sheriff Joe calls on 250,000 armed citizens to take matters into own hands...
Sheriff Joe calling on 250k Americans to take up arms and start shooting if they're in a mass shooting. Good Lord. https…
Key moments in Sheriff Joe civil contempt hearing -
Its hard to say who belongs in jail more Judge Snow or Sheriff Joe. Snow: The man judging Sheriff Joe via
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has destroyed more lives than Jodi Arias ever will. That's how God sees it. Sheriff Joe does it out of greed and hatred
Appeals court rules against Sheriff Joe in immigration dispute...
The is now involved in making sure Sheriff Joe office implements non-discriminatory policing.
5 times Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn't shy away from controversy
A loss for Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a win for everyone else
Joe Arpaio & Andres Navarro would be great friends. U.S. court throws out Arizona sheriff's imm. pol. via
“Lynch goes after Sheriff Joe... She is already challenging Holder for worst AG in history
If I was Sheriff Joe I wouldn't bother going to the Supreme Court.They have Obama's crooked thumbs placed where the sun don't shine.
I'll bet Sheriff Joe couldn't get away with murder.
Sheriff Joe: 'We're Going to the Supreme Court' - via
Sheriff Joe Arpaio loses another round in court in fight - LA Times
¡Adios, Joe! Appeals court dismisses Arpaio's challenge of immigration order.
PHOENIX (AP) — In an angry rebuke, a judge on Friday ordered the U.S. Marshals Service to seize a collection of records from Sheriff Joe
Carlos Garcia speaking out against Sheriff Joe- deport arpaio not the people
Trump laughably says he can win Latino vote. We're sure his rally with Sheriff Joe this weekend will help with that. htt…
DRUDGE NEWS: Sheriff Joe launches into Obama's birth certificate -- again...
The Justice Department wants to a peek at documents given to Sheriff Joe during a secret investigation:
Sheriff Joe when are you releasing the Jodi Arias report? ,you said last wk ,come on we are all waiting for it
The decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals marks the latest in a long string of defeats for Sheriff Joe ...
Okay, so Arpaio had the decency to see there was no there there. But what was he doing having a proven fraudster...
Even if Arpaio concluded there was no there there, why did he deal with this bottom-feeder at all?
The Unravelling Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arpaio behaved as if we were under fascism already, targeting the wife of Judge
The Unravelling Of Sheriff Joe ... with increased the likelihood of criminal charges
The Unravelling Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio While we "sleep" this stuff goes on. Can't make it up smh
The Unravelling Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ― for your Sunday pondermen ths and written pontifications all of you like …
"...not surprised the issue of Sheriff Joe's "investigations" arose."!!!
The Unravelling Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joe lived in Pak as drug enforcement Off. Used to tell great stories from KP
we can send them to sheriff joe in Az.
hail sheriff Joe. He'so good isn't he my hero
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s last stand: Why the power-hungry Arizona lawman could finally go down
conservatives who like George Lopez r wrong. He said FU 20 times on stage 2 Sheriff Joe of Arizona Hates America & only supports illegals
you must first understand the Arizona voting demographic of retirees. McCain nor Sheriff Joe will ever lose an election
Sheriff Clark is a leadership. Soon Obama will target him as he did Sheriff Joe in Arizona
Arizona's Sheriff Joe picks Patriots; inmates to get popcorn
You know what they call Cinco De Mayo in Arizona? May 5th says Sheriff Joe !
Sheriff Joe in Arizona is investigating his birth certificate and mother's passport records
Police: U.S. cities need Sheriff Joe of Arizona's tent jails: put thugs on buses take to a tent jail. I will drive for free-They need Jesus
Listening to Andy Dean on Paypal t/abt Illegal aliens drowning while our Sheriff Joe is on trail for refusing to STOP arresting
Sheriff Joe faces contempt hearing in profiling case . -
Deputy: Sheriff Joe told me to defy court order
Sheriff Joe faces contempt hearing in Phoenix...
And so begins Sheriff Joe's, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. via
what's she going to do? Shank him with a melted Hershey bar? No one messes with Sheriff Joe!
I lived in Arizona for six years. Eric Holder had to crack down on Sheriff Joe for racial profiling latinos.
Sheriff Joe now fighting Obama plea for amnesty: (Bob Unruh) - A legal brief filed in a federal court in Texas...
Sheriff Joe on live with Alan Stock until 8am. Talk or text at (702) 257-5396.
Man arrested in Calif. for death threats against Sheriff Joe
Man arrested for threatening to kill Sheriff Joe...
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