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Sheriff David Clarke

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Pro-Trump group America First Action brings on Sheriff David Clarke as a "senior adviser and spokesman"
Sheriff David Clarke is a good man and deserves a lot of respect for standing his ground.
Sheriff David Clarke resigns and most likely heading to Trump Administration. Great for America!! 👊🇺🇸.
Sheriff David Clarke resigns to head Trump's new Office of Fake Badges and Bling, which will take the place of the US S…
Flashback : Sheriff David Clarke on Comey’s recommendation not to pursue charges against Hillary
Sheriff David Clarke expected to join Trump administration: report
Sheriff David Clarke getting a job in the Trump administration. I guess it's not too PC to reboot Joe Arpaio with an all black cast.
Sheriff David Clarke has resigned his post running Milwaukee County's deadly jail
Sheriff David Clarke is stepping down because he has been cast in the live action Captain Crunch movie. They race bent…
Sheriff David Clarke may very well go the way of Sheriff Joe Arpaio - from darling to felon and embarassing po…
Andrew Kaczynski aka KFILE is same guy who did the hit pieces on Monica Crowley & Sheriff David Clarke ht…
'Electronic terrorism': Sheriff David Clarke speaks out against CNN's Andrew Kackynski's smear team against him. https:…
Sheriff David Clarke withdraws acceptance of Dept of Homeland Security role: report
Sheriff David Clarke: I may be stupid, but I ain't CRAZY!. Or is it the other way around?. 🤔🤔🤔
WaPo: Sheriff David Clarke has withdrawn his name from consideration for an assistant secretary position at DHS.
Cannabilism force Sheriff David Clarke to rescind his acceptance of Homeland Security;You sound like a threat to blk lives.What tare you ?
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Sheriff David Clarke has reportedly withdrawn his acceptance of a Homeland Security job
We of the Black Delegation would like to offer Jason Whitlock, Ben Carson, and Sheriff David Clarke straight up for Travis Kelce.
We need to support Sheriff David Clarke — the Deep State is out for another scalp.
"Sheriff David Clarke (a black man, for those who don't know): "'Fake News' was born in August 2014 in Ferguson, M…
Why did the NRA sponsor a trip to Moscow for Sheriff David Clarke at the same…
President Trump: we need Sheriff David Clarke, a man of integrity, at DHS - time to protect those now who defended you w/c…
"There is no police brutality in America. We ended that in the 60s.". - Sheriff David Clarke, America's…
Sheriff David Clarke directed officers to hassle plane passenger who criticized him: report
.have sent a letter to DHS Secretary Kelly urging him *not* to appoint Sheriff David Clarke to a position a…
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on Homeland Security
Sheriff David Clarke is racist white people's pet *** He's the good house *** the rest of us field slaves need to behave like. {{-_-}}
David Clarke is the sheriff of Trump’s America: via
Sheriff David Clarke accused of plagiarism - Washington Examiner
CNN report says Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized parts of his thesis on Homeland Security
Gov. Scott Walker will appoint replacement to David Clarke as sheriff
On the Sheriff David Clarke plagiarism accusations and a question on his many medals... he is not alone for liking…
This guy's medals and pins and brooches are not even real.😡
Sheriff David Clarke's uniform looks more like he works at TGI Friday's.
Sheriff David Clarke is a dangerous bigot. He must be resisted at every turn | Patrisse Cullors
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized chunks of master's thesis
Sheriff David Clarke's thesis deleted from school's website after plagiarism accusation
Sheriff David Clarke reportedly plagiarized parts of his master's thesis
Is David Clarke still the sheriff in the Milwaukee area since he accepted the job that might not have been offered. .
Sheriff David Clarke, who says he’s joining Homeland Security, plagiarized part of his master's thesis, KFile finds
CNN investigative team: Rightist Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized 47 times in his master's thesis
Army veteran rips apart Sheriff David Clarke for his 'toy uniform' adorned with 'novelty pins': via
Not the same. I'm a black guy and I think Sheriff David Clarke's evil, Ben Carson's a smart, dumb guy and Omarosa is an opportunist.
In 2014 race, Sheriff David Clarke received $30,000+ from the $2,500 from NRA-PVF, and $250 from NRA lobbyist Chri…
Sheriff David Clarke, who runs jail where 4 people died, says he has a job in DHS
‘The apocalypse is upon us’: Internet appalled after Trump taps Sheriff David Clarke to join DHS
Sheriff David Clarke is lowkey one of the top valor thieves in the game right now
There are people where you can tell how crazy they are by their eyes. Sheriff David Clarke is one of them.
>>> loves that Sheriff David Clarke to take DHS job.
Trump taps Sheriff David Clarke to join his administration: Here’s why Milwaukee’s controversial cop is an - Salon https…
The NRA sent Sheriff David Clarke to hobnob with Putin deputy in Moscow–NRA spent $30 million to elect Trump-more than any…
1) The reported appointment of Sheriff David Clarke to Homeland Security is a wake-up call for Americans.
Shout out to Sheriff David Clarke. Thanks for serving our country when she needs you the MOST! Thank you…
Terror Group 👉CAIR is having a Meltdown that Sheriff David Clarke, who understands the threat of ISLAM, is the Assistant Secret…
Last year, the DOJ was going to investigate Sheriff David Clarke. Now, he's going to help run the DHS.
1/ Okay, regarding Sheriff David Clarke, can I be petty for a second about something that's always irritated me? (thread)
Sheriff David Clarke, now accepting Trump DHS position, went to Moscow in Dec 2015 to meet w/sanctioned Putin deputy
Sheriff David Clarke, whose jail is under investigation after multiple deaths, is joining the Trump administration
He gonna be the Asst. Secretary...“Sheriff David Clarke joins the Dept. of Homeland Security”.
On behalf of CONGRATS Sheriff David Clarke. America is PROUD to have you as Asst Sec Of Homeland Security
Sheriff David Clarke accepts job in Department of Homeland Security.👊
This is terrific. Sheriff David Clarke is the next generation Joe Arpaio. Just the right amount of sycophancy to be…
Awesome! Sheriff David Clarke now joining the Administration. Even Democrats should be excited with more "diversity" and a…
Mentally ill man who died of thirst in Sheriff David Clarke's jail had water cut for a week via…
"Wisconsin governor says he won't remove Sheriff David Clarke over death of inmate who was denied water for 7 days" https:…
No, not another lawyer. We need a law enforcement officer like Sheriff David Clarke or Sheriff Joe Arpaio 2 head the agency.
Please seriously consider Sheriff David Clarke for the Director of the FBI.Thank you. Senator…
Senate Democrats pledge to give Sheriff David Clarke, Trump's nominee for Thug Reduction Commissar, "a respectful but cri…
Jeffrey Toobin: (Comey's replacement) "is probably going to be Sheriff David Clarke, or Giuliani, or the governor of New Je…
Sheriff David Clarke has made law enforcement cool, again
Hope you can make it to Nat'l Capital Friends of NRA. Newsflash: Sheriff David Clarke is coming, w/Dave Brat, Gemtech CEO...
Jail is run by the outspoken Sheriff David Clarke. This is the 4th person that had died in his jail in the past year.
2 more inmates had water cut off after dehydration death in Milwaukee County Jail run by Sheriff David Clarke
Thousands are expected to take to the streets of Wisconsin on Monday to protest against Sheriff David Clarke
Trump is hoping you won’t notice he’s trying to SNEAK Sheriff David Clarke into his administration
Isn't this Sheriff David Clarke's personal detention centre awarded to him by the RWNJ citizenry of Milwaukee Count…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Your periodic reminder that Sheriff David Clarke will be running for re-election in the DEMOCRATIC primary next year https:…
Mike Connors with Sheriff David Clarke on our divided nation, anti-police violence, the truth about Black Lives Ma …
Clarke was there too. Sen. Tammy Baldwin says Sheriff David Clarke is being 'groomed' for Senate bid
House Intel Committee asks why Donald Trump surrogate Sheriff David Clarke met with Russia
Sheriff David Clarke wants you to think is the enemy--rather than the institutional racism that made
Sheriff David Clarke is an excellent man! A true leader with a lot of heart!
Prosecutor's Inquest ordered in death of inmate in jail run by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke. via
Sheriff David Clarke tells conservatives: 'Go forth to stand and fight' via
In his speech closing promoted pride in America under President
.'I sense pride in our nation I have found lacking for the last eight years'
."Pride in the greatness and might of our nation has never been a sin."
."The rule of law doesn't divide us. It binds us together in our great American life."
Chuck Norris and Sheriff David Clarke are the toughest cowboys in America.
Sheriff David Clarke: 'I Sense Pride in Our Nation I Have Found Lacking for the Last Eight Years’ - Breitbart
News post: "Sheriff David Clarke at CPAC: 'The rule of law doesn't divide us'"
Bice: Sheriff David Clarke's profile soars nationally, his approval rating at home falls to 31% via
Sheriff David Clarke is a modern day Clayton Bigsby but he ain't blind.
Yeah, Sheriff David Clarke and his Grecian Formula goatee can kick *** rocks
Sheriff David Clarke has been a strong supporter of Trump & conservative causes. Let's hope finds a place for him!
Four years from now, how 'bout Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Sheriff David C…
One of my readers suggested Sheriff David Clarke as the new ATF Director in President Elect Trump Admin. An awesome choice.
'I'm alarmed': Congresswoman wants answers from Trump-backing sheriff David Clarke on deaths at his jail
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke use in your administration!
Read my article about forthcoming book:
My article about the forthcoming book by
I liked a video Sheriff David Clarke confronts smug Black Lives Matter activist with statistics and
I liked a video from Sheriff David Clarke: Obama is Stuck on Slavery
If you are or "support" the kind of person who poses with Sheriff David Clarke or David Duke UNFOLLOW ME. You have NO…
3 democratic State lawmakers call for resignation, removal of Sheriff David Clarke.. *** is going…
Sheriff David Clarke is the newest member and spokes person of the KKK! Talk about…
Mr. Trump, you should make appointments for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Sheriff David Clarke in your administration.
Sheriff David Clarke: the antigovernment insurrectionist may put in his Cabinet
Sheriff David Clarke had 4 PPL including an INFANT DIE in Jail in Milwaukee County, Roland Martin said on
County supervisor calls for Sheriff David Clarke to resign after deaths at County Jail
Milwaukee County medical examiner says Sheriff David Clarke ‘threatened’ him for doing his job https:…
Milwaukee's chief medical examiner says Sheriff David Clarke “threatened” him over info he released on jail deaths
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee would make an awesome Department of Homeland Security chief
Are you going to put Sheriff David Clarke in your cabinet? He's amazing. And you have no African Americans.
Medical examiner Brian Peterson says he was threatened by Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. over jail deaths.
Four people, including a baby, have died in a jail run by a potential Trump nominee Sheriff David Clarke
Milwaukee County to audit medical care in jail managed by Sheriff David Clarke after 4 deaths since April
4 things you need to know about Sheriff David Clarke, Donald Trump's potential Homeland Secur…
. You know, Sheriff David Clarke brings it home again. And based on the win, some figured it out. . h…
Four people have died at the Milwaukee County jail since April. Sheriff David Clarke has offered no explanation as to why.
Sheriff David Clarke is meeting with Trump today to head DHS. A Milwaukee County inmate died of thirst this year.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Donald Trump to Meet with Sheriff David Clarke as He Plans Administration - Breitbart
Sheriff David Clarke is one of the reasons white supremacists have carte blanche
Sheriff David Clarke lied. Terrorist cops lie. That is what they do.
If Giuliani and John Bolton are both given roles, and Sheriff David Clarke takes over Homeland Security: apoc…
replace James Comey, current F-B-I Director with Sheriff David Clarke!!! It must be done!
Sheriff David Clarke is an *** of an *** and deserves NO job that has to do with law and order or dealing with peo…
Trump will appoint that freak Sheriff David Clarke. That's scary! He's Uncle Ruckus with a badge.
Politico: Sheriff David Clarke may be considered for Trump cabinet post
I understand that Sheriff David Clarke is on his way to handcuff Crooked Hillary to finally bring her to justice.
1/2 I live in Milwaukee. Been making complaints against Sheriff David Clarke. Edward Flynn is the Chief of Police, but no direct phone
Sheriff David Clarke took down a drunken passenger on an American Airlines flight bound for North Carolina over...
the Black Bull Connor. If Bull Connor came back as a Black man he would be Sheriff David Clarke
"If ISIS has seized on anything, it's been the weakness of President Barack Obama.". Sheriff David Clarke
'With the world on fire I'll vote for Trump to save the country over playing gender politics'~ Sheriff David Clarke
Chris Brown is exactly what Sheriff David Clarke called a "black cultural dysfunction"!!!
Michael Phelps is he ours now, white folk. Ya can have Sheriff David Clarke
Find the op-ed by Sheriff David Clarke... it states the same thing. I think he took bits from Clarke and Walker in this "speech."
I expect to see Sheriff David Clarke and Mark Fuhrman on Fox News tonight denouncing Let the demonization of the dead begin.
This show will have guests Sheriff David Clarke, Stephen A Smith, Pastors Mark Burns and Darrell Scott and many more ***
Sheriff David Clarke is filling in for Mark Belling today, and at 4:15 he's interviewing Donald Trump. THIS... could be interesting.
Sheriff David Clarke says President Obama "has been Lying" about the Police! via
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is teaching Sheriff David Clarke things that he should already know being a law enforcement...
Larry - nightly show (7-20) coverage of Sheriff David Clarke at RNC conv didn't mention his "good news" remark re Rice acquittal
Yesterday, at the the crowed cheered as Sheriff David Clarke announced the acquittal of Lieutenant Brian Rice
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee at RNC: "we cannot be great if we do not feel safe in our homes" he nailed it. 37 yrs pol…
Pretty sure Sheriff David Clarke get's mad shade at the family reunions.
Sheriff David Clarke is obviously suffering from mental illness, Post Traumatic Slave Disorder
Sheriff David Clarke receives standing ovation with statement at
Sheriff David Clarke here is your ticket! we just need http…
Me, Sheriff David Clarke, in green room h…
. Sheriff David Clarke needs to be FBI director.
Sheriff David Clarke neglected to finish the rest of that MLK speech, leaving out the most important piece...
Sheriff David Clarke: We used to be the envy of the world – before Obama became president – not the case anymore. https:/…
POWERFUL speech from Sheriff David Clarke!. Who else knows better that America wants to feel SAFE again?.
Sheriff David Clarke I spoke to the heads of the sheriff department, the police depart...
.Good news as Lt. Brian Rice acquitted on all charges in Freddie Gray case
*** . I feel hella bad for Sheriff David Clarke! But I know where the people saying what they're saying about him are coming from though!
Sheriff David Clarke opens his remarks with "blue lives matter" then touts the acquittal of officers in the
Sheriff David Clarke angrily condemns BLM movement as the news anchor tries to shut him up https…
Here's some background on who this Sheriff David Clarke character is:
Sheriff David Clarke needs to be called out. How dare you use Freddie Gray's death to pander to them
Pretty rich tone policing from Don "I shouldn't have to say 'yes sir' to cops" Lemon:
Sheriff David Clarke, that sound you hear is Dr. King rolling over.
HOW did I know that people were going to go in on Sheriff David Clarke? *** The stuff they're saying about him are BRUTAL.…
Sheriff David Clarke lights up the crowd when he says . .
Watch Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David Clarke's full speech at the RNC
Read up on Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke in our piece here:
- Murders are up 78% in since David Clarke has been Sheriff. Great job!
Now speaking is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who wants to replace the bald eagle on the U.S. Seal with an assault rif…
' : This Is a War, and Is the Enemy |
Big bad Sheriff no like snarky smart alecs.😠. Go Attitude adjustments all the way around👊🏾. ht…
Sheriff David Clarke is probably still scraping bits and pieces of Don Lemon off his shoes.
Sheriff David Clarke with a powerful and unifying speech. We must stand with our law enforcement!
Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke: "I would like to make something very clear: Blue Lives Matter."
Sheriff David Clarke: "This is a war, and Black Lives Matter is the enemy"
Sheriff Clarke just called Black Lives Matter out as anarchists, declares "Blue Lives Matter"
Sheriff David Clarke is that you lol?
Sheriff David Clarke gets big cheers from RNC crowd after touting acquittal of Brian Rice in Freddie Gray case.
You are such a trash reporter. Watched the full interview of Sheriff David Clarke. All you do is dodge. Are you embarrassed?
**MUST WATCH** Sheriff David Clarke hands it to Don Lemon on so badly that Lemon has to throw to commercial. http…
Sheriff David Clarke crushes Don Lemon over hateful -
Tell Rivera he owes a BIG apology to Sheriff David Clarke for cutting him off this morning - tired of geraldoriviera
On Fox & Friends this AM - Garaldo Rivera suffers from Diarrhea of the Mouth...Talked all over Sheriff David Clarke who made GR look stupid.
Geraldo Rivera trying to explain Black Lives Matter to Sheriff David Clarke. That was interesting.
yeah we have a lot of them Stacey Dash, ASAP Rocky, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke, Wendy Williams just to name a few
Sheriff David Clarke: It's time to stand up to Black Lives Matter | Fox News |
Sheriff David Clarke at Public Safety Committee meeting on crime in the city deflecting criticism because he has no role in fighting crime.
Sheriff David Clarke arrives at City Hall. Discussing crime in w/ city's Public Safety Committee.
Sheriff David Clarke "Don't even think we'll get there in time to save you and your family"
. Theres plenty of successful Black ppl i would never call *** Ppl like Jesse Lee Peterson or Sheriff David Clarke though
There are a lot of things I disagree with him on, but Sheriff David Clarke is definite Hood of Good.
Sheriff David Clarke blasts the Paul Ryan plan to let felons go back to rob and kill...
(1/2) At some point Sheriff David Clarke is going to have to realize that criminal justice reform is a nonpartisan, constitutional issue.
Sheriff David Clarke reminds Hillary Clinton just how racist she is - via
*** of the Year Winner, Sheriff David Clarke's opinion on the Tamir Rice $6 million dollar settl... via
Sheriff David Clarke: "Instead of embracing the gang culture, Hillary Clinton should embrace churches, boys & girls clubs & scouts" PANDERER
I can think of much stronger choices: former Congressman Allen West, Sheriff David Clarke, Sen Jeff Sessions...Etc http…
Sheriff David Clarke said America's "nightmare" will be over once Pres. leaves office
Sheriff David Clarke endorsed Donald J Trump. Will be introducing Trump at a WISCONSIN Rally this week.
Most honest and inspiring people of today:, Congressman Trey Gowdy, Sheriff David Clarke, and TRUE!
Besides, aren't Larry Elder, Dr. Ben Carson, and Sheriff David Clarke enough for you? {{-_-}}
Sheriff David Clarke does his best to set the record straight and properly define the nature of the disruptions...
Sheriff David Clarke. So strange that they are both conservative and obey the law unlike liberals...
on my "little radio show" this week I have Sen Rubio, Niger Innis, & Sheriff David Clarke. Who are you talking too?
Sheriff David Clarke: 'Trump is the only candidate sticking up for Police.' htt…
should make movie about Sheriff David Clarke a real african american hero,not nat turner who killed children and babies
I hope Ben Carson or Sheriff David Clarke is your VP nomination. You'll take all the minority votes from hillary and bernie
Listen to Political Ramifications of Replacing Antonin Scalia 02/20/16 by Sheriff David Clarke on
You know Beyonce crossed the line when Sheriff David Clarke and Reverend Jonathan Gentry blast her.
Sheriff David Clarke on Trump and his support for the police via
"There is no police brutality in America!" -Sheriff David Clarke, 10/25/15. Well, that settles it.
Very longwinded way of calling someone an Uncle Tom
Sheriff Clarke on movement is an attempt to weaken police http:…
You should learn from people like Ben Carson, or Sheriff David Clarke, or Allen West, or Condoleezza Rice.
EXCLUSIVE TO J.W. SHOW: Sheriff David Clarke will not run for Milw Mayor in '16. 'I have other interests right now'.
Wait.. Carson is working with Armstrong Williams? They just need Sheriff David Clarke for the Uncle Ruckus trifecta
Sheriff David Clarke parks in handicapped-accessible spot at War Memorial
Sheriff David Clarke denies existence of police brutality, racism - WTMJ-TV (press release)…
This is from Sheriff David Clarke, this is a despicable black man.
Sheriff David Clarke is actually sexy af
Amen! Check out Sheriff David Clarke who's always on Fox, denouncing BLM. Such a HATEFUL black man.
It trips me out how Sheriff David Clarke has become the conservative go-to Black guy for any news station.
Full interview: Sheriff David Clarke: 'There is no police brutality in America'
"This man is an Uncle Tom, a sellout." Shaun King tells truth about Sheriff David Clarke .
Sheriff David Clarke said, Police brutality stopped in the 60s.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
cop slams student to crowd. Sheriff David Clarke would see this as just the cop handling it responsible.
to replace Juan Williams with Sheriff David Clarke or Larry Elder or David Webb . WHY PUT WORSE VOICE OF BLACK AMERICA ON-AIR? RT
Who would Ben Carson beat out for the *** Of The Year Award...Larry Elder, Deneen Borelli, Sheriff David Clarke, Stacey Dash???
ICYMI Here is Friday's Full Studio Show with clips from Sheriff David Clarke talking about Black "LIES" Matter.
Choose your top picks! Vote for THREE! Cruz,Trump,Carson but I'd really like to see Sheriff David Clarke run. 2020?
Sheriff David Clarke has HARSH Words for Obama, Says he's to Blame for...
Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee CO. is my personal hero. God bless you Sir!
Sheriff David Clarke issued a challenge to President Obama
Sheriff David Clarke has a bet for Clinton
Lawmaker on Sheriff David Clarke: 'I don't even accept him as black'
"How about the 281 murdered in Chicago, year to date? Or the 191 in Baltimore? Or East St.Louis? Or…" — arttie
"What? Hillary didn't name Cecil the Lion and jump on that bandwagon to pander to animal lovers?" — Rachel
Sheriff David Clarke has a bet for Hillary Clinton
A. They all wanted to defeat me in my last election for Milwaukee County Sheriff. (Sheriff David Clarke)
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County has great views and values.   10% Off
Sheriff David Clarke has Choice Words for Obama Regarding the Deaths of Chattanooga Marines: Milwaukee County ...
"You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back."- Sheriff David Clarke
'What's she afraid of?' Sheriff David Clarke rips Marilyn Mosby's move to 'hide evidence' from public.
Thank you Sheriff David Clarke! It takes a "man" with "true grit" to risk their lives to play fair with...
A true American Hero just like these two men- Sheriff David Clarke and John Wayne- America at its best
Sheriff David Clarke is a clown much like Allen West and Bill Cosby. Participating in the mainstream via being an...
Sheriff David Clarke is a stupid *** *** He's the type of black man who thinks sucking off the white man Will keep them from killing you.
Sheriff David Clarke has absolutely the best suggestion for Michael Moore and his 'disarm the police' nonsense
Thank you to Rene Rancourt, Sheriff David Clarke, and Nate Solder for coming and spending the evening with our members. Greatly appreciated!
Boston hero cop shot in face; Sheriff David Clarke calls out the real culprits RACE BAITERS
Sheriff David Clarke is exactly the straight talking man we need to run DHS
Sheriff David Clarke starts giving statics about how violent blacks are and they rush him off CNN.
Sheriff David Clarke: Race-Baiters are Fueling War on Police with Anti-Cop Rhetoric via
Sheriff David Clarke, "Most police officers don't racially profile they criminally profile". DoJ doesn't have blind justi…
Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. has a question for Eric Holder on the *** punk' arrested in Ferguson
domain names
This FOX jerk,Sheriff David Clarke . has seemingly discovered a career. saying things he knows white folks want to hear,. A Giuliani Mini Me
WI Sheriff David Clarke: 'Al Sharpton ought 2 go back in2 the gutter he came from'
Sheriff David Clarke: Sharpton can ‘go back into the gutter he came from’ via
YORK (US): Sheriff David Clarke rips into Brooke Baldwin for alleging the NYPD writing fewer tickets...
The White House announcing that President Obama will not attend the funeral of slain NYPD cop Rafael Ramos. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke speaks out on this. What do you think of his comments?
Mayor de Blasio should have to experience, just for one day, what New York City would be like without the NYPD. That city would collapse into utter chaos. Sheriff David Clarke - Milwaukee County Sheriff Join us tonight at 7 & 11 pm ET on Fox Business.
Sheriff David Clarke puts the onus of what's happened with regard to race relations in America directly on Obama. Sure, there's a whole cabal of people like Eric Holder who are fanning the flames o...
As mentioned earlier, Eric Holder is exploiting the contrived police brutality hype to use “racial profiling” as the thin edge of the wedge to assert federal authority over local police, moving the country closer to Soviet-style centralized tyranny. Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County sees thro…
Sheriff David Clarke blames Ferguson riots, looting and arson on 2 perpetrators! Erick Holder and Al Sharpton!. http…
We're a little late with this but it's too good not to post. In short, almost four weeks ago Sheriff David Clarke totally ripped Eric Holder for throwing cops under the bus in order to pour gasolin...
Were you talking about Sheriff David Clarke? If so, he is Sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin.
Aspiring opportunist politician Tory Lowe is sharing a video campaigning for Sheriff David Clarke using images...
Sheriff David Clarke, pro-gun incumbent sheriff in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, handed Michael Bloomberg his hat after Bloomberg spent $150,000 trying to defeat Clarke's primary contest for re-election. Take that, Bloomberg. Clarke gained a lot of attention earlier this year when he stated that the…
Milwaukee Country residents, be sure to cast your vote for Sheriff David Clarke in tomorrow's primary election!! He is a pro-gun sheriff who believes in the Constitution and your right to defend your family. He took a lot of heat for asking, "would u rather have a gun or a phone in your hand when your house gets broken into?" But let's be honest, He is absolutely right! Nothing better than a cop who stands up for the rights of the people!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12th is Primary Election Day. This Primary is very important for Milwaukee County and communities all across Wisconsin. I've had more than a few people contact me wondering who I will be supporting at the polls. If you wish to consider my choices, you can add that into your decision making before you head to your polling place tomorrow. Please take the time to decide for yourself who you will support based on where you stand on key issues. The polls are open 7am-8pm. Remember, you do not need an ID to vote, but will be asked to sign the log book. Here’s who I am supporting and why... Mary Burke for Governor – Mary has been running a strong, positive campaign for Governor against someone who has divided our state for his own political gain. This primary won’t be very close but giving your vote to Mary will provide some good momentum going into November. John Lehman For Lt. Gov. – John is currently a state senator and good friend. Before being in public office, he was a tea ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David Clarke facing big outside money in primary election - WHBL Sheboygan
is throwing money behind the race to defeat Milwaukee sheriff David A. Clarke. …
Stand on our 2nd amendment. Do not let Michael Bloomberg take away our guns.
Alert: Nanny Bloomberg targets Sheriff David Clarke in Wisconsin; primary is tomorrow
My level of hate of Bloomberg Meister Meister Bloomberg grows every time I see something like this: via
Michael "Daddy Warbucks" Bloomberg is dumping boatloads of money to unseat a pro-gun sheriff. We shouldn't need...
Wait, I thought Michael Bloomberg only wanted to get guns out of the hands of criminals?
Chris Abele, Sheriff David Clarke launch crackdown on abuse of family leave
Sheriff David Clarke: "I got tired of the 2nd Amendment becoming the *** child of the Bill of Rights."
Ahead of next Boston Marathon, MKE Sheriff David Clarke rails in on failures of national intelligence
"The only person who is safe in a gun free zone is the criminal perpetrator" -Sheriff David Clarke
Union sues Sheriff David Clarke over official's promotion
Sheriff David Clarke blames Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for the size of his ... - PolitiFact
MKE Sheriff David Clarke opens door to run for MKE mayor against Tom Barrett, citing his property taxes.
AWESOME! WI Sheriff David Clarke announces he may run for Mayor of Milwaukee for 2016. Really hoping he does! Bye bye, Mayor Tom Barrett...
Moments ago on WISN: Sheriff David Clarke says he will explore running against Mayor Barrett in 2016.
Just about everyone in Milwaukee County knows that there is a three way power struggle going on in county government.Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele hates the County Board, especially Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic. Abele also hates Sheriff David Clarke. His hatred has caused him to usurp pow
The saga with my brother-in-law(Bill Bierman) and the Milwaukee County Transit System continues. The Milwaukee County Sheriff is clearly on Bill's side. Here is the press release. Sheriff Calls County Transit Decision to Fire Transit Worker Who Came to the Aid of a Woman Being Beaten Shameful and Misguided Calls on County Executive Abele to Reverse this Decision Milwaukee, WI – Sheriff David Clarke called the decision to fire a transit worker for “not following the rules” by coming to the aid of woman who was calling for help typical bureaucratic stupidity. He is calling on County Executive Abele to step in and undo what Clarke is saying is “a black-eye for Milwaukee County management.” Clarke’s statement: Every day, law enforcement encourages citizens to come to the aid of a crime victim when it can reasonably and safely be done. We call it one’s civic duty. This is what strengthens a sense of community. Milwaukee County Transit officials call it a “violation of the rules.” The bu ...
Democrats ask Sheriff David Clarke to stop running as a Democrat. "He doesn't want us, and we don't want him."
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County named 2013 Sheriff of the Year by Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Congrats Sheriff Clarke!!! Wonder how many local news channels will report on this?
County moves to remove Sheriff David Clarke from House of Correction oversight: Milwaukee County officials moved...
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