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Sheriff Clarke

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The black version of his hero Sheriff. Joe Arpaio ' Sheriff Clarke you shouldn't be getting an award. You she broug…
MAGA'ers want Comey replaced with Sheriff Clarke, who runs a killer jail. . Fun Fact: Clarke was in Moscow when Flynn…
What about Sheriff Clarke - you know, the guy in charge of that jail?
Wow. Sheriff Clarke forced a woman to give birth while in shackles. Baby died. Why is the "pro life" crew silent??
Sheriff Clarke is now under consideration for an assistant secretary position at the DHS- . I Can't Think Of A Better Person For…
Please have the Adam Schiff's Committee take a look at Jill Stein and Sheriff Clarke. What were they all doing in Russia w/Flynn?
Medical examiner: Sheriff Clarke "threatened" him over information he released about deaths of 2 inmates at jail https:/…
Sheriff Clarke is a literal fascist and should not serve in this or any other administration job.
After spending 2 years sucking up to Trump, Sheriff Clarke passed over by Trump. Says a lot.
Oh, before I forget, I watched the fight last night. Geraldo vs. Sheriff Clarke. It was a blowout. Clarke wiped the flo…
Looks like Sheriff Clarke will be challenged by a former captain and VP for Major League Baseball: https…
The same can be said for Sheriff Clarke , Ben Carson , Paul Ryan etc, etc.
Ain't it pretty Sheriff Clarke. CA is depending on the fly over states, & we are working to oust a few demo seats. Pray 4 us
I signed up for Milton Friedman, Bill Buckley, Reagan. I've recieved Tomi Lahern, Sheriff Clarke, Huckabee and Trump.
Joy Reid made a great case AGAINST open primaries last night. Sheriff Clarke that m…
Sheriff Clarke ends up in Russia in 2015. Is everyone in DTs circle related to Russia?
Sheriff Clarke in Russia too. Collusion & conspiracy cases being built. GOP will regret their own collusion.
Sheriff Clarke's our guy for crime on our streets & Rob O'Neil's our guy for GITMO or the battlefield! OORAH...
Michael Flynn, Jill Stein, and Sheriff Clarke were all in Moscow to meet with the Russian government at the same time.…
Sheriff Clarke needs to come clean via Sheriff Clarke is the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr
Sheriff Clarke you need to run for governor next election
A Sheriff Clarke bobblehead would be a great add to my eclectic collection including John Calvin, Gov. Larry Hogan, Sam Adams.
head of Border Patrol? Joe Arpaio of Arizona or Sheriff Clarke
BOOM!💥💥. Sheriff Clarke at Donald Trump rally:. If Congress wants to investigate someone, It should be GEORGE SOROS! ht…
Sheriff Clarke is a real life Uncle Ruckus
Chris Abele on latest Sheriff Clarke statements: “We deserve better. You deserve better! We can do better than this.”
Eve, there are MANY great Americans of color, Allen West, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, etc, etc. True…
The world needs more people with the mental stability of Sheriff Clarke. Bravo sir.
So what don't you like about Sheriff Clarke? And be specific. Don't try and Jedi Mind Trick…
Sheriff Clarke: "I would like to. make something very clear". 💙💙 💙💙. 🇺🇸.
Sheriff Clarke are using white ignorance.
Sheriff Clarke are using white folks to get rich, that's the oldest game around lol.
Sheriff Clarke is faking to keep white vanilla folks paying him money.
Very SAD Sheriff Clarke, Jim Brown is an American Icon & has down more for Black Americans than King 0 could ever i…
Sheriff Clarke: Fake News started in Ferguson when MSNBC, NYTimes & etc Post all propagated the "Hands up Don’t shoot lie" htt…
Trump passes over Sheriff Clarke for Homeland Security, picking retired Gen. John Kelly
David Clark, Dangerous Psychopath- Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke blames inmates for dying at his jail via
. I would more worried he'd put Sheriff Arpaio or Sheriff Clarke in his administration. Those two are dangerous.
Milwaukee County supervisor: “Sheriff Clarke must resign before more people die”
Milwaukee County supervisor calls for Sheriff Clarke to step down
A medical examiner in Milwaukee claims that Sheriff Clarke threatened him for publicizing info about inmate deaths. http…
Sheriff Clarke, whose actual job is running a jail, said his work as a conservative talking head is "all-consuming." https…
I see Ben Carson the same way I see Kanye West, Sheriff Clarke, Larry Elder and Lil Wayne. Uncle Tom Hall of famers https:…
great I love how u r doing things & ur picks need Rudy,Gorka & Sheriff Clarke & Kelly Ann PLEASE can't wait for Jan 20th
Rash of cops killed by white guys continues. Where's Fox? Where's Sheriff Clarke? Where's rest of cable news? Where "The Wa…
absolutely right on! Thank you Sheriff Clarke and President Elect Trump!
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I am for Chris Christie should help Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Sheriff Clarke, Jr. and Dr. Carson.
Pay attention to your elders, Ben - Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, Larry Elder, Sheriff Clarke, and Me :)
"Pitchforks and Torches"- Sheriff Clarke. (will he be our John Connor?) In a nuke exchange guess which 2 cities ar…
Delroy Lindo as Sheriff Clarke. And gotta find roles for Steve Buscemi and Clint Howard.
Sheriff Clarke's a great American! Welch to the world of Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowel & Condi Rice & white men!
Sheriff Clarke: "50 years of lies are what the black people in America have been told under Democrat rule in the Ameri…
"Ahmad Khan Rahami". Sheriff Clarke: "I get tired of the liberal left acting as if black people are some sort of mental…
Sheriff Clarke had a party of his city burned to the ground by supporters of Obamas Black li…
Ben Carson, Pr. Mark Burns, Sheriff Clarke are all clearly being used as tokens by Donald Trump. DT posturin…
NY Daily News flips out when city’s largest police union awards Sheriff Clarke ‘Man of the Year’ via News
Ask this Puke what color are: Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Herman Caine, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas& +
Sheriff Clarke rips Black Lives Matter for being absent during flooding in
Beck talks to Sheriff Clarke: Dems Strap People to the Liberal Plantation 4 Votes & Political Power via
Paul Ryan is from there & U have Sheriff Clarke, that's MORE than enough of GOP to scare U!
Fox found a goal mine in Sheriff Clarke thats why they bumped Mark Furman...
Sheriff Clarke: "The problem in America is the divisiveness that has been cause by President Obama" htt…
tried to rip police in political discourse with with Sheriff Clarke. Here is the result.
Sheriff Clarke loves America and speaks loud and clear. He is not a fan of Obama and Crooked Hillary.
Isn't that the truth Sheriff Clarke. What a Rip Van Winkle choice ! It was unmistakably a Virginia in-your-corner play !
Wow... Loud and Clear but Sheriff Clarke wants to associate him with BLM.They call us Terrorist and them Patriots & Tea Party
Sheriff Clarke just called Black Lives Matter out as anarchists, declares "Blue Lives Matter"
Sheriff Clarke definitely would have flunked out of Trump University.
Sheriff Clarke speaks of the law being applied equally to rich & poor. He didn't learn that at Trump University.
Andrew Brown Hunter Dean This is the full video of the conversation between Sheriff Clarke and CNN's Don Lemon
Don Lemon looking over his trash facts again, after Sheriff Clarke shut him down.
Don Lemon cuts to commercials during tense interview with Sheriff Clarke.
At Trump's convention, Rudy Giuliani & Sheriff Clarke will speak. Headlining Hillary's convention will the mother of thug,…
Loved your segment on F&F. Excited for your speech. U, Sheriff Clarke, and Ben Carson are true role models for Black comm.
Bingo. I want Newt,Bobby Knight,Sheriff Clarke and Chris Christie out there shouting down left.
Still thinking he'll pull a switcheroo later in the campaign and add General Mattis, Allen West, or Sheriff Clarke.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
. There is a rival group to the National Rifle Association. Its called the democratic party --Sheriff Clarke. ht…
Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter needs to be marginalized |
...,Sheriff Clarke,Charles Payne,Alveda King...many others support him in spite of these rumors.
Can we hire Sheriff Clarke away from MKE and let him run Chicago?
Nobody's asked Sheriff Clarke where he finds time to fight crime with all his TV and Radio commitments at this Public Safety Committee mtng.
Sheriff Clarke set to meet with Public Safety Committee. .
Nice list. I like Allen West in there. Trey Gowdy is a BOSS! . What about Sheriff Clarke?
Sheriff Clarke and Sheriff Joe are my favorites. SJ would not have happened under their watch!! We gotta protect ourselves!!
I wish Sheriff Clarke was running for sheriff here!
Keep up the good work Sheriff Clarke. I love what you do and how you do it.
thank you Sheriff Clarke for what you do. You are a true patriot & many blessings to you and yours for it!
Proud to have Sheriff Clarke in Milwaukee. Some ppl in life make a difference and…
Sheriff Clarke is way too generous giving her a second chance! Did she do anything to deserve it?
Any friend of yours is a friend of mine, Sheriff Clarke!
Sheriff Clarke: "I'm tired of officers being injured & then being told to hold the line or 'bend, but don't break'" htt…
that we know who this man is & what he really stands for...we love Sheriff Clarke
Sheriff Clarke is NOT happy with how Obama has treated police.
Sheriff Clarke, same here! May It Fly is Freedom's Banner, as our forefathers intended.
There are a lot of things I disagree with him on, but Sheriff David Clarke is definite Hood of Good.
I wish this man would run for president, I would gladly vote for him
You should have had a set of nuts like Sheriff Joe or Sheriff Clarke who care about America unlike yourself
.'Cop-Hating' Beyoncé Relies on Police Officers to Work Security at Concerts ht…
Sheriff Clarke: can't live with Police, can't live without them
Sheriff Clarke challenges Beyonce to make nice with cops and put her...
."Cop-hating" relies on police to work security at concerts.
Sheriff Clarke challenges Beyoncé to make nice with cops and put her money where her mouth… https…
Looks like yet another police department is refusing to "get in for concert..
Sheriff Clarke: "The bigotry that [HRC] is talking about stems from her party that has decimated the black family." htt…
Sheriff Clarke: The names have been killed in very unpredictable places.
I am not afraid of strong leaders, strong brains or strong men. Pres Trump, Secty of DHS Sheriff Clarke, Surgeon General Dr. Carson idea!
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Watch: Sheriff Clarke calls out Hillary for being a racist.
Sheriff Clarke: No, Hillary, You're the Racist - Wisconsin County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox & Friend...
. I urge you to consider Sheriff David A. Clarke for VP. Sheriff Clarke is articulate and well respected.
. ...racists, you mean like Sheriff Clarke, Ben Carson, Rubio, Cruz...yeah, sure...that vice 2 old white people...
Are you living in a cave? Have you not heard of Dr. Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, etc. etc.?
Sheriff Clarke is the most misguided black man short of Ben Carson..
Sheriff Clarke's campaign to reduce use of force by law enforcement officers. Free for Black LIES Matter members. https:…
“The best thing about the presidency…is that it's coming to an end.” – Sheriff Clarke
is a minister of hate!! You are no Herman Cain, Sheriff Clarke or Ben Carson you are a street thug in a suit!!!
Rebecca Bradley's radio ad featuring Sheriff Clarke creates more doubts about her impartiality
You got that right Sheriff Clarke, Obama has divided U.S. more than any President in Am. Hist.
Sheriff David Clarke does his best to set the record straight and properly define the nature of the disruptions...
Sheriff Clarke is a hoot !! We need a lot more like him!! Love him and what he says and does..
Sheriff Clarke on dealing with ‘anarchist’ protesters: Be ready when fight comes to you
Sheriff Clarke re Hillary: "She knows the border is not secure. She thinks we are stupid"
Sheriff Clarke - Tells Trump supporters to stand their ground! You have them outnumbered! . https…
Another great guy. Trump has Sheriff Joe, Sheriff Clarke and now Sheriff Babeu. These are the ones you …
Here's an idea.. Trump for Prez, he can put Cruz on SCOTUS as constitutional conservative. Sheriff Clarke as AG & John Bolton Sec of State.
I only watch FOX when. Sheriff Clarke and Donald Trump have appearances. They think we're stupid. We're NOT. CLICK 🚫 https:…
Milwaukee County voted in Sheriff Clarke. Why can't we use that same energy for ?
Sheriff Clarke on movement is an attempt to weaken police http:…
I stand with Sheriff Clarke. Tired of the excuses. & stop making excuses for black people. Worry about your own.
Wow. You're one of those Sheriff Clarke types huh?
It started here- some great Americans have started a community page to bring Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. to...
This is confusing. (??) Buck is on at 11:00 on Blaze Radio. Where is Sheriff Clarke?
EXCLUSIVE on the show. will not run for MKE Mayor in '16.
EXCLUSIVE TO JW SHOW: Sheriff Clarke also rules out a run for any other political office in 2016. ‘I have other interests right now’.
EXCLUSIVE TO J.W. SHOW: Sheriff David Clarke will not run for Milw Mayor in '16. 'I have other interests right now'.
Lol I was thinking more about Holly in customer service and Kevin and Sheriff Clarke. would be a bonus
I say Ret Col Peters for.pres running mate Sheriff Clarke then sit back and watch America be great again   10% Off
Chilling: Sheriff Clarke reveals exactly how gun confiscation can become REALITY - Allen B. West...
I recommend Sheriff Clarke for our Secretary of Defense
Sheriff Clarke needs to go home and protect students at UW at Millwaukkee.
Sheriff Clarke is the prime ex of a Uncle Tom! Reminds me of Stephen in the movie Django. Even white people knows he's telling a lie
Right on Sheriff Clarke ! The 'Lone Star' state can do some heavy whooping !
I could not agree more with Sheriff Clarke. And he's 100% right.
yep her along with Sheriff Clarke,Larry Elder, Stephen A. Smith among many others
Sheriff Clarke: Sharia law is incompatible with our constitutional republic in the U.S.: Milwaukee County Sher...
Sheriff Clarke you would make a great Atty general!♥
Gotta love Sheriff Clarke. Clarks for Secretary of Homeland Security. Refugees stay away
CNN host and Mark Lamont Hill team up on Sheriff Clarke over violence! Clarke cleans their clocks! h…
sheriff Clarke is a true american hero and patriot and leader
Will the "crusader gun" kill abortionists? Will Sheriff Clarke arrest those who do so?
ICYMI Here is Friday's Full Studio Show with clips from Sheriff David Clarke talking about Black "LIES" Matter.
Clarke: 'You Cannot Point a Gun at a Police Officer and Expect Nothing to Happen'
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
**Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Is A “Vulgar, Vile, Vicious, Slimy Movement”**. 'You would have to stick your...
May God Bless you Sheriff Clarke, please help protect us from obama !
underline message: whites are better than blacks. But I'm not racist cause Sheriff Clarke is great and Carson 4 president
Sheriff your absolutely right so for me, from this day forward i will refer it as "CLARKE MOUNTAIN, Alaska". Done!)
shame on you. Sheriff Clarke. If that's how you feel about the people you "protect" you are a di…
Sheriff Clarke: "Stop trying to fix the Police. Fix the ghetto!".
Sheriff Clarke: ‘75% of Problems in Black Community are Self-Inflicted . . . Other 25% are Inflicted by Democrat...
Milwaukee's Sheriff Clarke: 'Stop Trying to Fix the Police -- Fix the Ghetto'
Marc Lamont Hill of ALL people should not be allowed to speak to Sheriff Clarke for one whimper.Hill supports Mumia Abu-Jamal.
Sheriff Clarke on Black Lives Matter movement is an attempt to weaken police.
Sheriff Clarke says exactly WHO is to blame for cop killings. This is all Obama's doing dividing races. https:… Mike Brown is a hero...Ben Carson and Sheriff Clarke are in your view, "Uncle Tom's" got it.
Sheriff Clarke to Obama: Forgo your Secret Service protection, then we’ll talk, tough guy!: Milwaukee County S...
If America only had 'leaders' like Sheriff Clarke! Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr - "75 percent of...
She has Facts instead of garbage. Peggy Hubbard,Ben Carson and Sheriff Clarke are the Real Deal.
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‘Coming to a city near you!’ Sheriff Clarke says phony Ferguson protest mobilizing black vote for… …
100% agree. I like Sheriff Clarke more and more each day!and
A man of honor, congratulations Sheriff Clarke. You are America
Sheriff Clarke is a modern day real life John Wayne
.Sheriff Clarke tells it the way it is -he's like a black John Wayne- and that's a compliment-I love John Wayne
Sheriff Clarke makes a great point. Obama's been waging war on America for past 6 years.
Marilyn Mosby is correct! Sheriff Clarke is disrespectful of his constituents! Arrogant!
need more uniformed leaders like Sheriff Clarke & civic leaders of the old school, like former Chicago mayor Daley
Check out May issue of National Review. Cover story and profile of Sheriff Clarke by Charles C.W. Cooke.
Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Sheriff Clarke have been fantastic. Watching the live online feed.
Its sickening how Obama declares war on Police not on Sony Pictures like Sheriff Clarke says. Didn't see war declared on leftist actors?
This tells it all, thank you Sheriff Clarke, thank you Paul Harvey RIP.
Sheriff Clarke (Milw): Take a firearm course and be prepared to stop a violent criminal. . http:/…
talk to Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Alan West or Sheriff Clarke about black leadership. Time to throw away your crying towel.
"Al Sharpton has created a pathway that has led to the increase in police hatred all across America.” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said it’s “time that America start to turn away” from “self-serving” Sharpton. Do you agree with Sheriff Clarke?
A Word to the Wise is Sufficient... Yep, Milwaukee's Sheriff Clarke nailed it right on, like he usually does.
Thank you Sheriff Clarke, for being a true officer of the law and not some puppet on a string like Eric Holder and the President are.oh, and we will remember the Governor and Senator's "position" on this matter come election day.
NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, WASHINGTON D.C.-- Sheriff Clarke talks about Ferguson Missouri and how politicians and irresponsible groups came like vultures on a road...
Just watched a youtube of a Sheriff Clarke speaking at the Wash,DC Nat. Press Club - taking Eric Holder to task for his contribution to firing up the Ferguson MO riots with an irresponsible, racially charged story about what happened to him some 15 years ago which was questionable and which he never even reported. The story served his image well - with those who he wanted to think he was representing. It didn't help America very well.
please check your facts-the Sheriff Clarke you mentioned is from Milwaukee, not Baltimore. .
Sheriff Puts Ferguson Race Baiters on BLAST - 'Sheriff Clarke talks about Ferguson Missouri and how politicians an...
Look up Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee speaking at the National press club. He speaks about all the inciters in Ferguson and then goes off on Eric Holder! Amazing!
It's sad that the DA even has to respond to idiotic comments by Sheriff Clarke but hey, that's Milwaukee.
Milwaukee DA Chisholm fires back at Sheriff Clarke on plea bargains -
Murphy’s Law: John Chisholm Crushes Sheriff Clarke: The sheriff takes some pot shots at DA, only to get mowed... http:/…
Hey Eric it David Clarke he is a Sheriff in Milwaukee and he is the man you at the FIVE have the best show on TV btw
We need mor just like Sheriff Clarke! If he went 2 Ferguson instead of Holder/Sharptongue *** this wouldn't b happening.
... "Anytime Al Sharpton shows up on the scene, nothing good is going to come of that" Sheriff David A Clarke
Check out what Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had to say about Ferguson and Eric Holder:
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has strong words for Eric Holder:
Were you talking about Sheriff David Clarke? If so, he is Sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin.
That is Milwaukee Co Sheriff David A Clarke. Sheriff Clarke is the best, a politician that says it like it is.
Sheriff David Clarke Jr is sheriff of Milwaukee co Wi
Love a man who stands up for what is right and who isn't afraid to speak his mind! Sheriff Clarke for President!
God Bless Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke I think this is who you were talking about
Sheriff Clarke is in Milwaukee. He's the real deal!
Sheriff Clarke and Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn are lock step in their professional law enforcement views.
Wow--this is quite something to watch... a Sheriff with some strong words -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke:
Sheriff Clarke calls out vultures like Al Sharpton and Attorney General Eric Holder:
I love this guy. Congratulations, Sheriff Clarke, and congratulations to those you serve in the great state of Wisconsin. I had the honor of speaking at the last NRA annual meeting with Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., and after hearing him rally for freedom and self-responsibility it was clear Milwaukee voters had a valuable opportunity to elevate this extraordinary leader; we should all be grateful they did so. His recent election victory came in spite of enormous amounts of cash flooding the airwaves against him. The anti-Second Amendment groups targeting him were met with epic failure. This is good news! This is David versus Goliath! Please see this great op-ed penned by a real American leader: Sarah Palin
A very good friend of our's needs some help. The anti-gunners are working overtime to defeat Sheriff Clark in his primary election on August 12. They want to knock him off the national stage and send a message to high-ranking law enforcement everywhere to either toe the anti-gun line or face unemployment. If you live in Milwaukee County, be sure to vote for Sheriff Clarke in the Democrat primary for Sheriff.
Sheriff Clarke creates bizarre new radio ad combined with a plug for a private company. see last item in my column.
Clarke will probably promote her. MT Sheriff's Lt. resigns - accused of stealing pills.
That sheriff really played with me head 😳
Sheriff David Clarke: "I got tired of the 2nd Amendment becoming the *** child of the Bill of Rights."
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Sheriff Clarke discusses self-defense and 2nd Amendment at the Delta Defense Open House:
I heard it opened at the Clarke County Sheriff's office Recreation Yard. Can you confirm this?
Ahead of next Boston Marathon, MKE Sheriff David Clarke rails in on failures of national intelligence
Clarke County sheriff has last seven days arrests online anytime. Just need an intern looking and you could break the story.
Sheriff Clarke (for some reason): Boston Marathon security this year won’t prevent terrorist attack
The corruption and lawlessness in Sheriff David Clarke’s Sheriff’s Office continues….
Strong op-ed in our paper today from Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr:. CLARKE: Boston Marathon...
Sheriff Clarke Responds to Race-Baiting Columnist -Conservative politics and perspective powered by Charlie Sykes
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke tells people you are the first defender of your life and family.
“The armed citizen made this country free. The armed citizen will keep this country free.” . - David Clarke . Sheriff Wisco…
"The only person who is safe in a gun free zone is the criminal perpetrator" -Sheriff David Clarke
Union sues Sheriff David Clarke over official's promotion
Video: Sheriff Clarke says less deputies will be on road because of budget restrictions
RTThank You Sheriff David Clarke, Jr for Standing up for our 2nd Amendment Rights!!! http:…
Sheriff: Extra deputies will be on roads this holiday weekend: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is warning...
“I trust law-abiding citizens with firearms. I fear criminals. Self-defense is the first law of nature.” - Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke
The secret criminal history of the Children's Hospital gunman: Sheriff Clarke says Ashanti Hendricks has serio...
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County named 2013 Sheriff of the Year by Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Congrats Sheriff Clarke!!! Wonder how many local news channels will report on this?
Sheriff Clarke to Chris Abele: 'You bore me.' LOLOL! Just saw this. Hilarious!
I am listening to the podcast of Sheriff Clarke filling in on yesterday's Mark Belling Show. It's obvious he wants to run for mayor and he would be a great choice. Unfortunately he has xm almost zero chance of winning in that liberal *** hole.
John Lott is guest of Sheriff Clarke on WISN. on Lott book More Guns Less Crime:
Sheriff Clarke's pro-gun radio ads will be paid by taxpayers - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
When Charlie Sykes was instructing journalism to be much tougher in covering political figures, he didn't mean Sheriff Clarke.
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin recently released an ad encouraging the citizens of his county to take responsibility for their own safety when 911 is not an option. After recent layoffs within his department, Sheriff Clarke urged citizens to take a firearm safety course and purchase a firearm in order to protect themselves in situations where the reduced police force may not be able to arrive in time. Sheriff Clarke's full statement can be heard at the link below. In response to Sheriff Clarke's statement, many on the left, such as Piers Morgan of CNN, have attacked him relentlessly. Like and share this image to show your support for Sheriff David Clarke and for the 2nd Amendment. Sheriff Clarke said, "We're partners now." More law enforcement officials should view it that way. Thank you Sheriff David Clarke!
Piers is a pompous *** and Sheriff Clarke makes Piers and Mayor look like ***
Abele the Education Executive Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele commenting on Ch12 news, (where his Communications Director Brendan Conway worked as a reporter before joining his staff,) felt it necessary to once again stick his nose into the way Sheriff Clarke runs his agency. Clarke has reminded Abele on more than one occasion that, as an independently elected sheriff, he does not work for, nor does he report or answer to Abele. Clarke’s approach as a law enforcement executive has been to continually develop and learn. Unlike Abele, whose last scholastic achievement was receiving his high school diploma, Clarke feels that even though he has reached the top of his profession, there is always so much more to learn about keeping residents safe. Abele, on the other hand, acts like the smartest guy in the room. That must be quite a heavy burden to walk through life with. The many people in his cabinet that he has hired, only to turn around and soon fire, necessitates that he never leave the Courth ...
How would this go in Australia? "Calling the police is no longer your best option"!! Copy of an article - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. has released a 30 second public announcement calling on the citizens of Milwaukee to familiarize themselves with a firearm and aid the police in defending life between the time they dial 911 and the time the police arrive. Directing his comments to the public, Clarke said: “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting isn’t your best option. You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under your bed, or fight back.” He added: “Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there.” Sheriff Clarke makes it clear he is not advising people “to pick up a gun and blast away.” He’s simply looking at reality in Milwaukee County where cuts to the police force mean some people who call 911 may face delays in responses. During he delay, Clarke is encouraging people . ...
Do you think Piers Morgan was to harsh on Sheriff Clarke or not hard enough?
Matt Lauer and Company: You are all so ignorant!! Sheriff David Clarke Jr., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during an interview with Bill O'Reilly, urged citizens to arm themselves to protect their families and homes. He stated calling 911 was not one's best 1st. option; citing time delay in response of law enforcement. He also mentioned states with armed citizens did have a lower crime rate compared to states where carrying a weapon is banned. Lauer and Company comments this morning: 'Sheriff Clarke's statements were absolutely irresponsible, and encouraged vigilantism'!!! I watched the Sheriff Clarke interview: His views were not irresponsible in any fashion and he certainly did not encourage vigilantism!!!
Sheriff Clarke on Piers Morgan Tonight at 8:10p Central, with Mayor Barrett, to discuss sheriff's personal safety message.
I'm going to ask it. Sheriff Clarke's latest public service announcement. I have to ask--(treading lightly here). Do you think it was meant to make a splash or do you think the Sheriff is putting forth the idea in earnest? Yep, starting the week off asking the tough questions.
Sheriff Clarke will be on CNN's Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien on Monday, January 28 at 7AM Central, 8AM EST, to talk about his personal safety message.
Over 240 (as of 2010) failures of Tom Barrett's OpenSky yet liberals are hyperventilating over Sheriff Clarke's PSA
Maybe if Tom Barrett's Open Sky wasn't such a failure, Sheriff Clarke wouldn't have to make PSAs about citizens protecting themselves.
If anyone has news articles or youtube videos of Sheriff Clarke speaking on the issues, feel free to post, and discuss them.
To hear Sheriff Clarke's latest personal safety message, visit our website at: It is posted in the "In the News" section.
Sheriff Clarke, victim's family want answers after death in mental ...: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wa...
Prediction: Sheriff Clarke will go hit the ceiling over city/county plan to save on policing and will go running to Charlie Sykes.
Wis. Sheriff Blasts *** Supervisor, Demands Apology. Milwaukee County (Wis.) Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. Photo: MCSO. Milwaukee County (Wis.) Sheriff David Clarke took umbrage at a county supervisor's critique of his bulk handgun order, issuing a blistering statement Tuesday calling the elected official a "puke politician," "small man," and "an *** " Sheriff Clarke escalated the war of words with Supervisor John Weishan Jr., who on Monday told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that there's "absolutely no reason to justify" the sheriff's order of 565 Glock handguns for his deputies. "We're not fighting a war here," Weishan told the Journal Sentinel. "A deputy is just going to fire his weapon on the range. The most wear and tear on a weapon is just cleaning it." The sheriff's office purchased the G22 and G27 pistols for $72,320—about $139 each with trade-in credits from 10-year-old duty weapons. The office will issue the pistols to 275 deputies and correctional officers with firearms training in a jurisd ...
Sheriff Clarke greets parade- goers in Wauwatosa and Whitefish Bay. Happy 4th!
It was supposed a meeting where citizens get to ask questions -- until the sheriff showed up. It turned into a showdown between Sheriff Clarke and County Executive Abele over funding.
I wonder how Sheriff Clarke's guardian angels, Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes feel about Clarke's wasteful spending...bunch of hypocrites
Behind scenes at Holy Hill: Cardinal Dolan to Sheriff Clarke: "I always feel safer when you're around."
Milwaukee County conducting audit on Sheriff Clarke's use of federal funds.
Sheriff Clarke to propose plan today for part-time deputies. More from -
Little Giant Ladders
Sheriff Clarke blasted over dialing back security protection during Obama's visit.
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