Sher Shah Suri & Grand Trunk Road

Sher Shah Suri (1486 – 22 May 1545) (Persian/ – Farīd Xān Šer Šāh Sūrī, ), birth name Farid Khan, also known as Sher Khan (The Lion King), was an Indian emperor who was founder of the Sur Empire in the Indian subcontinent, with its capital at Delhi. The Grand Trunk Road is one of South Asia's oldest and longest major roads. For more than two millennia, it has linked the eastern and western regions of the Indian subcontinent, running from Chittagong, Bangladesh through to Howrah, West Bengal in India, across north India into Peshawar (in present day Pakistan), up to Kabul, Afghanistan. 2.0/5

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The Grand Trunk Road , built by Sher Shah Suri, was the main trade route from Calcutta to Kabul .
Sher Shah Suri - remembered for the Grand Trunk Road, parts of which are in use even today as National Highway 2.
I meant about the Grand Trunk Road build by Maurya Empire-rebuilt by Sher Shah Suri- upgraded by British period 1833 and 1860.
We all believe that the Grand Trunk Road was built by Sher Shah Suri. Not so says Salman Rashid
History is often rewritten/modified to serve the readers Sher Shah Suri and The Grand Trunk Road
India was ruled by islamic mugals from 1526 when Babar came. Even before Babar India was ruled by islamics like Ibrahim Lodi who was defeated by Babar. In Delhi even today there is Lodi road and Lodi colony where I have lived 50 years ago; islamic Kutubuddin Aibak (who built Kutub Minar in Delhi 150 years before Babar); islamic Sher Shah Suri (who built grand trunk road) and other islamics. They ruled this country for 1000 years till Englishman Robert Clive came in 1757 with East India Company. How can people who ruled India for 1000 years be classified as backward?
'Airpocalypse' - The Particle Matter 10 (Coarse particles) in Delhi is 7 times higher than safe. Gurgaon should be similar if not more thanks to the unending 'Mile Golden' (MG) road reconstruction. Sher Shah Suri who laid the Grand Trunk Road must feeling proud of what he accomplished almost 500 years ago.
Question of the Day: The Grand Trunk Road (GT Road), running from Peshawar in Pakistan to Sonargaon in Bangladesh, was built by which ruler ? (A) Babur (B) Akbar (C) Sher Shah Suri (D) Humayun
Purana Qila : Ebrahim Alkazi the celebrated theatre personality staged three of his plays-Dharmvir Bharti’s Andha Yug, Girish Karnad’s Tuglaq and Balwant Gargi’s Sultan Razia against the backdrop of a crumbling fort in Delhi-The Purana Qila. This magnificent fort was built by Humayun-the second Mughal emperor. Soon the great Mughal was on the run from a Pashtun pretender to the throne of Delhi-Sher Shah Suri. Suri built the Grand Trunk Road-an important land route that connects much of the sub continent even today. Today the imposing Purana Qila is a crumbling citadel with little or no attention from the authorities. Vandals and vagabonds have a free run inside this vital link in the long chain of history of this great country. Hooligans have left indelible scars on the walls of a historical footprint. Messages of undying love for ‘Pinky’ and ‘Rosy’ or for that matter ‘Sweety’ and ‘Guddi’ hang ugly on this most glorious fortification. Plastic bottles, food sachets and empty cigarette ...
In addition to mythological references of Buxar modern historical record are limited to two battles. The earliest of the two was fought between the Mughal dynastic descendant Humayun and Sher Shah Suri at Chousa in 1539 A.D. The battle was won by Sher Shah Suri who is acclaimed for his visionary contribution the Grand Trunk Road project. Later in 1764 Battle of Buxar was fought (see below). In Hindu religious literature, Buxar is believed to be referenced as "Siddhashram", "Vedgarbhapuri", "Karush", "Tapovan", "Chaitrath", "VyaghraSar". Some claim that the history of Buxar dates back even prior to the period of Ramayana. The etymology of word Buxar is Vyaghra + Sar; Sanskrit words that mean, Tiger and Pond respectively. Presumable suggestive of a pond or lake which was visited by tigers of the region. This is the most accepted origin of the name of the town. Another story relates the name to tiger face of Rishi Vedshira, an outcome of the curse of the sage Rishi Durvasha, was restored after bathing in a h ...
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