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Sher Khan

Shere Khan is a fictional tiger who appears in two of Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories featuring Mowgli and their adaptations.

Jungle Book Sher Shah Suri Nana Patekar Salman Khan Ibrahim Lodhi Prithvi Raj Chauhan

From The Economist Espresso: Piecemeal politicking: Narendra Modi -- all over the place, getting nowhere.
So the Sadhvi Cow shall replace Sher Khan the King of the Jungle . Imagine the Jungle Book
Today, we abdicated America's global leadership for the foreseeable future. And, we sold out our kids, grandkids & alli…
U should relax u son of ur maamu lol
Oh come on kid here I am not to discuss outrage happened to your fami…
Your heard only part of your interest :j
Kido when u will come out from dirty India u will find your Oqaat act…
Recently turkey prez came to India n turkey launched a ticket to res…
Lol those Arabs kicked *** out.. All slaves go there look all r Mu…
Imran Khan submits two conflicting docs:. 1- He directly bought it as per sales deed. 2- He received it as gift as per assets…
And Turks showed u ur Oqaat very recently when he came in India :). T…
Sorry kid but ur data is opposing ur argument :)
N same persian Arabs n Turks are lacking our *** . They ruled because of u traitors
Slaves were u swt hrt that's why they converted u. If my family had n…
U are talking about bloody Indian Hindus !
Cristian and Jewish were in black age when u call golden time of islam. :)
Alhamdolillah record high generation 18002MW achieved during peak time 2115hrs1st June..first time in history threshold o…
Total generation now touched 17840MW today,highest ever Alhamdolillah,will cover the shortfall as per promise,loadsheddin…
TODAY, by the grace of God, the 2nd Unit of Sahiwal coal power project has started running on its full capacity... http…
Let me clear u !. By faith Muslim. By nation Pakistani. Is it clear ?
I knw it . Indeed Allah has gvn this duty to Men.
New for review: "Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom: The Sultanahs of Aceh, 1641−1699" by Sher Banu A.L. Khan... https:/…
U hit on point even *** has identity crisis..they r still confused…
Teacher like deserve 100 jotiya in the morning and 100 in the evening
Indian busted. I've heard that language by bakhts.
Excuse me, but Pakistan is only 70 years old? Can you please look at…
This elmir khan another one. Endians trying hard to pretend Pakistanis!
Over tu abhi hum huye nahi, abhi to just show u mirror. . Sif me ghus bethyea type of log.
Exposed tommy, keep ur gao mata ideology with u
Movies na dekhny se nahi maren gy, grow up, n m not watching nonsense,
U watch indian movies nd thy kill Kashmiris . Keepitup
Andh bhakt, movies are for entertainment, we are watching Hollywood n turkish as well , so
What I told u , she is not she what she wants to be
If u r then act like one. Dont target someone based on nationalities.point out t…
Pharmacist raho intellectual k chker me bacho ko galat tarbyeat de do gi.
U r not from Pakistan, u forget but months ago kuch aur hi bataya tha
And im the one who is giving my blood for this country.lost my family members fr…
This hateful free teaching will destroy them.
Mujhy pasand any ko aur buhat hen, Tommy yukh. U are acting like him
Ooo bhai am in Pakistan . Giving poor children free teaching . Pharmacist as profession
Take rest yar, u need it, don't be so hateful, . Muslims galat hen to islaah ka…
Bs mohtarmaa app plz thoraa avoid kry i would suggest to comments on my…
Hw many tym i told u referring to all Muslims
Han i agree with this..appp ye baat krti tu we r not naive..we can understand.bu…
Mohtarmaa thora positive rehna acha hai and try to accept certain realities.zaro…
Hum? No one doing this, u r someone else babe.stop ths drama now,
Han sach karwaa lga app ko..i noticed frm the very first comments of urs.i agree
U better check ur comment frm start..then tell me how i misunderstood.plz
I think u mis understand tht ws not specifically for u . I use it to all
She thinks ummah is Al e saud or Khomenii of Iran...bibi ummah is not leaders of…
Still believing in one Ummah, u need rest and good medications of ur suffering bb
22nd May. Today in Indian History. 1545. Sher Shah Suri, birth name Farid Khan, also known as Sher Khan, was the...
At last, some good news from France :).
Spokes person . One Man Army in response of Imran khan's statments.
Media is intentionaly not live streaming IMRAN KHAN's speech.
hi salim it's sher khan here ...I was in relationship with Ravi since long but he ditched me coz I was a guy :(
Captain karnal Sher Khan was martyred at kargil on 8 July 1999
*** pics of ravi patel coming soon ...I am just trying to be nice because I am nice ...sher khan
Must read thread. . Hello Janu This guy is saying that u used Aleema Khan as your front man for offshore dea…
Hello Janu what about Aleema Khan offshore properties bought via Niazi Limited companies? Are you ready Janu?…
Bollywood Khan's, in the club of , This is a tight slap for you, Don't underestimate the powe…
Yikes, is this what we have really come to... Racial engineering?🙁
Thriller haka from end titles of Taika Waititi's film Boy (for Hera)
well right in this movie, there's a certain Sher Khan-a pivotal character. Who in the next birth is a Christian.
I wonder what it would be like to be more than one bear. It might be fun to have all those legs at once. Or I might fall…
Going through the box(es) of important keepsakes that you had just strong emotions about, & can now…
But isn't the corollary also true? There will always be things you are better than. You will always…
What Goes Around, Comes Around. Imran Khan Feeling the Taste of his Own Medicine... In a Event .
judges are wasting time on Trash Case,A meesage from Gun…
Can't wait to see the movie with a normal character. Congrats for pulling this off. https…
Imran Khan humiliated by youth as they chant Ro Imran Ro in his presence.
Bara sher bna phirta he .khan k jalso se darta he. sher
// is it odd that I sympathise with Sher Khan
will Imran Khan say "paanchon judges ne Nawaz Sharif ko jhoota kaha" again??..asked Naeemul haq about it and he refuse…
Were you at Sher Shah Suri's tomb. Is Isa Khan Sher Shah Suri's real name. Shershah is famous for building GT Road.
When Mr. Imran Khan bringing back his 2 sons to KPK for their further higher education under th…
PTI Abbottabad workers and supporters are requested to join us TODAY at 2 pm for an important press conference of...
Your all army were frightened from our one brave Kernal Sher Khan in 98
imran khan must focus on Peshawar only other wise pti is almost in the losing position in Peshawar . serve…
MashAllah!. "It reminds me of what the Muslim ruler of Malerkotla, Nawab Sher Mohammad Khan, had done for the...
What did Mowgli said before fighting with sher khan?. "Ab Jungle hoga"
So, there will be a Pakistan without Imran Khan & Tahir ul Qadri😂😂
Sweet :) Though WT is on their "Weather Contingency Plan" which means they want me to cancel. But I won't.
RE: Overhead water tank: sher khan Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 6:52 pm its interesting that your question is why p.s.f…
Not surprised. Herbivores have long been known to supplement their diet with found protein.
Yeah. Most non DVP routes are ok. The issue is being in the valley. Strangely Bloor-Danforth corridor one of safest routes.
I am glad to be a Canadian today, so I don't have to take up arms against my own government for access to care that…
It appears Sher Shah Sur and Muhammad Akbar Khan (Barakzai) resembled each other in looks. The portrait on left...
It is ok for anyone to talk and reach out for help. It is never ok to not talk.
and Jan Sher Khan Join Hands for promotion of Squash in
Since when Sher has started eating pigeon?
Imran Khan is declared certified lair by the honourable Judges of Supreme Court .
Should we declare Indian Army as Anti-National for recommending Pak Captain Karnal Sher Khan for Gallantry Award?
"In Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom, Sher Banu A. L. Khan provides a fresh perspective on the women who ruled...
US/UK/Ind democratically snubbed inclusive globalism --> last dregs of my hope in France 🙃🇫🇷…
sher the end of politics ... now it is era of IMRAN KHAN
Liar khan no explanation why he didn't declare the property in 2002 returns it was in…
I know?! Mango juice, clam juice, durian juice, human juice, ... There are a lot of variables here!
He is so afraid that he hasn't exercised from 15 days. Naeem ul haq's personal statement about Imran khan.
I disagree with sher Yar Khan's (PCB Chairman) statment the Misbah is better captain then Imran Khan, his brain is as slow as his walk
I will not hesitate to exaggerate or adopt a limp to get elevators, transit seats, ignor…
There are days when I find it is useful to have a cane. Good visual cue about a disability, & can b…
He's not gone. He'll get to be a racist misogynistic snob for years yet.
Smash the Patriarchy by supporting non-profits that support women! http…
UC Dandai a prominent leader of PML_N Sher Bahadar Khan along with family joined by hands of Chairman…
"Salman - Sohail's next Sher Khan is a film on Animal Poaching". Oh, the irony 😅😅😅
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Dash Tiger lookin like Sher Khan, and I'm talking about the original. . Some of us don't forget very e…
Meet Sher Khan brother of youth tiger Raaz Khan, who was released 4rm Sahiwal Jail. PML-N worse than dictator.
U want to trace Abid sher Ali DNA . Why not trace Imran khan DNA ?? IS IT FROM HIS Father or someone else?? 🤔🤔
Abid Sher Ali is funny,advised Bilawal not to follow his Chacha* when it is the matter of his Marriage 😂😅. Chacha* = Imran Khan.
.Tiger Sher Khan , wanted to kill me ? Mowgli ? It was this indigo jackal ( hyena ) Veer , who wanted to kill me .
.Don't tell me this bicth in the picture is gopa / lopa or their mother. Shrew Khan ( tiger's Sher khan's mother Hilary?)
You have long hairs like Babbar Sher 😍
Asad will never tell who put the matti on paintee painchars that Imran Khan vehemently accused Nawaz Sharif of applying in GE…
Watching the "Jungle Book" makes you realize that Mowgli without Sher Khan would have resulted in Tarzan 2.0. Does that make him a bust?
Major thanks to for encouraging me to get up and take my migraine meds. I'm starting to feel better.
do try. Slowly and carefully. But will be worth it
I'm a bit scared of throwing up if I try to get up, but yeah I am going to try.
get up and take it. No point waiting. Won't help as much if you do.
Ugh. If I can convince myself to get up soon I might try an Imitrex. My right eye is bothering me something fierce.
not great. Also think I am getting sick with cold. But head is getting much worse in last hour or so. Something changing
Am now debating if this is a migraine in the making. how has today been for you?
I would call that a litmus test. I am old(er) and crotchety. I wish I had adopted my litmus tests earlier in life.
it's less established partners that I think about, and more my woo appeal. 😅 but I also know I worry too much
on a personal level, I am good with either. More important the person I am with is comfy. Likely your partners feel similar?
.Black Panther Lungri the Lame One is Bagheera , Mowgli's brother. Sher khan is striped yellow tiger. Rama (Lord Ram ) is
.Mother of Sher Khan is Shree Khan the Shrew. Lungri is innocent. Lame Sher Khan is Good , because he is Bagheera (black)
.the hyena colored himself blue and became the indigo jackal. He is sher khan's spy and informer. ( Tobacco ITC ).
DT Omar Sarfraz Cheema: Imran khan is the only Hope of the Nation not a "circus ka sher " like Naw...
The Sher Khan character in the Jungle Book story, was named after Sher Shah Suri ,Sher Khan , by Rudyard Kipling
Mowgli killed Sher Khan in the movie and Shahrukh Khan at the box office
House and Cat sitting this Bengal Cat called Sher Khan for a couple…
Nana Patekar once again lends his voice for ‘Sher Khan’
08:30 to 10:30PM Electric load shading has been done since 5 year please Sher Ali Mercy on D.G. Khan's peoples
thanks! Will send to young researchers at and other people like and
School's wall floored for Imran Khan's rally in Alipur Chatha
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I don't know but they need to be stopped!!
Ugh. Sorry to hear that! I woke up at 9:20 and booted it out of the house so I could avoid the alarm. I couldn't handle it.
I have had the "please kill me" migraine for 3 days. Woke up just little over an hour ago. Fire alarm sucked.
ugh. I've been feeling "pre-migraine" for two days. Managed to go out last night but massively over slept this morning.
Just watching news. visit to US. Struck by how kids are dressed casually & comfortable. How J&S attn is on kids not photo op.
Welcome to Canada, we are generally tolerant and inclusive people.
2/2 and I think the hypothesis is sound
visits on the sets of Sultan. Jabra Fan meets Haryana ka sher Sultan. Mar 8, 2016
The boys, Sher Khan and Keeper love to ham it up to get my attention
Nana Patekar to dub again for the character of Sher Khan in Jungle Book
Congratulations for the newly made Pukhtoon Student Federation Organising Comitee in the leadership of Sher Khan... https…
During city visit Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan inaugurated a Family Park at side belt on Shahrah-e- Sher...
I added a video to a playlist Here Comes Sher Khan
Awaiting for Jungle Book soon. Mowgli, Bhageera, Sher Khan, Bhalu on big screen'll b helluva !
Nana Patekar for the Sher Khan...can't get better than this...woah
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Sher Garhi Palace, Srinagar, Kashmir, was originally built by Afghan governor Jawansher Khan of Durrani em, in 1772.
Oo Found this video on Qatar living of Sher Khan ( Tiger ) roaming the streets of Qatar...
Ben Kingsley as Bhageera, scarlet Johanson as Kaa, bill Murray as Baloo and finally Edris elba as Sher Khan ... wow
PlZ..step in Pakistan Once,,,and you get the thousands of Maj.Shabir and Col.Sher Khan. ll grab you from the throat..
In the parliament when NS enters everyone starts chanting "Dekho Dekho Sher Aya".
Dear . My name is Mohsin sher ali khan (Mohsin khan) from india i was working in dubai i have hsbc credit card due payment.
Everyone needs a friend like Sher Khan of Zanjeer in their life
Zimbabwe may Tour Pakistan for ODI Series in May. Hope it happens :).No team toured Pakistan since 2009⁰Ali sher khan
Comrade Aleem Ullah, Irfan Ali, Rashid Minhas, Musa Baig, Sher Khan and Sarfraz after their release from Gilgit...
PTI leader said we would eliminate politics. Today, my wife came into politics. There is no answer to the Khan..??.
Despite being on a wheelchair, this boy came to support PTI, Imran Khan and Pakistan! Salute!.
By reading postings in it feels that everyone in JI goes by the title "SHER"
how can I embrace inconsistency, and silliness from Khan? Better to root for Quigg, Frampton, & Brook.
it's time u support British fighters.Embrace Khan while he's here,he's one of the most exciting boxers in the world
you don't know boxing and you're a Khan hater FACT,I'm actually a huge fan of both Khan and brook cuz they're BRITS
my problem with Khan is his recently losses to Peterson , DSG, & Prescott. It sours his resume.
in boxing you deserve a shot if you put bums on seats and generate enough $, and Khan does that extremely well
he could def..Gavin is ranked. TB, Rios, Thurman are good choices. Frankly, it's Khan that must prove more.
Khan has to rebuild his name still after his segregating loss. That's why he doesn't deserve Floyd/Pac fight.
spot on I made these exact comments earlier on in the convo aswell. He's a Khan hater
Reham Khan made Ambassador for Street Children by Govt. Who said family politics is 4 PPP, PMLN and not 4 PTI http:…
Abid sher ali having prob wd reham khan tht on what capacity she is getting protocol she wants to hlp of poor street children nothing else
I think... I saw him being served to the highness, Sher Khan in the madai forest, MP.
March 1869, Ambala-British officers with Sher Ali Khan,who became the Amir of Afghanistan after defeating his brother …
Do you have a pic/gif of Zoya coming to Khan house for 1st time? When she says sher: apke ghar mein mohabbat hai chayi hui.
The title TIGER cud nly suit to one man n dats SALMAN-Kabir Khan...the actor-director duo r back. Sher
so u did anything to stop the crap of Imran khan?
it is Imran khan who created this mess, show your balls to pin point the real culprits!
Thank you Abdul Hadi samsoor and Sher Khan Durrani for such nice coffee and wonderful discussion... — feeling...
Ease up on tha diet of raw Essex villagers Sher Khan! yur gettin' well as FACKIN lazy!!! 👊💨
easier option aswell. Kell can shut everyone up including khan by fighting thurman marquez bradley maidana but he wont
Until Kell fights one of the big names Khan won't go near him and quiet rightly too
Keeper, a tawny rosetted son of Rosie and Sampson, and brother to Fury and Sher khan is one of our most stunning...
LOL 😂😂 If you want to shut Khan and haters up don't fight Gavin or Rios. Thurman/Maidana/Bradley/Marquez all available July
American Black Bear Baloo, Leo the lion & Bengal tiger Sher Khan hang out at Noah's Ark zoo in Locust Grove, Georgia
When people tell you you've changed, it's only because you stopped acting the way they want you to act. ShEr KhAn
Naz Baloch and Khurram Sher Zaman protecting Reham Khan from PTI Goons in Jinnah Ground..
I have written to CJP requesting that Jud Comm may ask Imran Khan to present evidence of systematic and designed rigging in…
win and who knows but let's get out of the past and move on! Khan needs to up his opponents as does Brook
hopefully Brook and khan keep stepping up their competition, they both should be fighting the top guys in WW division and then
yeah Kotelnik beat Maidana before khan so he was beatable! Porter was undefeated feared fighter as well
Porter vs Alexander!!! Winner fights Brook and the loser fights Khan!! Isn't Algieri coming off a loss as well!
I believe I have answered them. Answer mine. Why has khan not fought a top 10 guy since losing to Garcia in 2012??
ok well khan ducked the Alexander fight in 2013, he isn't fighting top 10 WW's and until he does we'll see the end result
Tigress Maya with the proverbial Sher Khan look
But Nana Patekar as Sher Khan will always be the greatest.
Q.4 . In which of the following battles Sher Khan faced Humayun and forced him out of India, thus assuming the...
Time for another weekend edition of 'Useless Knowledge' May 17 1540 - Afghan chief Sher Khan defeated Mongul Emperor Humayun at Kanauj. 1630 - Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi saw the belts on Jupiter's surface. 1681 - Louis XIV sent an expedition to aid James II in Ireland. As a result, England declares war on France. 1756 - Britain declared war on France, beginning the French and Indian War. 1792 - The New York Stock Exchange was founded at 70 Wall Street by 24 brokers. 1814 - Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden. Norway's constitution, which provided a limited monarchy, was signed. 1875 - The first Kentucky Derby was run at Louisville, KY. 1877 - The first telephone switchboard burglar alarm was installed by Edwin T. Holmes. 1881 - Frederick Douglass was appointed recorder of deeds for Washington, DC. 1926 - The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires was damaged by bombs that were believed set by sympathizers of Sacco and Vanzetti. 1932 - The U.S. Congress changed the name "Porto Rico" to "Puerto Rico." 1939 - The first ...
I like this Actor since I heard his Voice as 'Sher Khan' in My favorite cartoon Series 'The Jungle Book'...a well known Actor in Bollywood... A Dashing Personality in the Indian film Industry...!! Padma Shri Nana Patekar!!
Brig Abdul Qayyum Sher Khan "The Gorkha Hunter" an unsung hero of 1965 war. The epic action of Brigadier Qayyum Sher to recapture Wagah position occupied by the Indian army on the other side of the BRB Canal is considered exemplary in the Indo-Pak military history. Brigadier Abdul Qayyum Sher personally led the counter offensive on enemy positions and led his force with such a speed and valour that the enemy, despite numerical superiority, had to retreat and leave behind more than 200 bodies and five tanks. He kept up the momentum and recovered most of the lost territory by throwing the enemy off-balance. Thus the enemy finally succumbed to the determination and courage of his troops. The enemy put in over 20 fresh attacks to recapture the position, but all attempts were repulsed with heavy losses to them. Brigadier Abdul Qayyum Sher displayed high leadership courage and spirit throughout the operations for which he was awarded Hilal-e-Jurrat, the second highest gallantry award after Nishan e Haider. Bri ...
Fan of the week is... Sher Khan Mughalki! Mubarak Sha
Special tiger of 'Sher Khan' is going to be over the budget of a normal Salman Khan film. To know more check out the high quality 1080p video. Subscribe now .
tOmorow tower to at shaikhupura jandyala sher khan mazar-e- peer waris khan .!with freind's group .../
Sallam to my all boyz and girlz ko specli owner and Sher pnjab srdar Navab Ahmd khan awan ko. by Zahid awan f p
never named who were proved to be killers of Wali Khan Babar, but now just after attack on they know i…
Nadeem I have heard that PM didnot take of Neshane haider lalik and sher khan shaheed in speech
Salman will do a south film`s remake before Sher Khan more sponsored
but dump fool silly forgot Khan shaheed name ??? #
How can a video like this generate controversy among Muslim ppl?? It's too pleasant to dislike
Will go to cadet college kernal sher khan on sunday pray for me . Don't want to leave beaconhouse mardan and my sweet home but I have to go
Fire.. And that's how sher Khan was defeated
I just love dressing up, and wanna hang with my ppl
Goood mrng sher khan from Punjab India add me on viber n whatsasp
WOW! 1 more week and my brothers married and I cant wait to see my bud Sher-khan he's like the book says "mans best friend". Miss you bud.
Killing Bambi's mom was bad, but tying a fiery bushel to Sher-Khan's tail? Totally good. One of these is endangered.
Nothing is mine nothing was mine and nothing will be mine. By jan sher khan
Having the last name Khan is a death sentence for any girl on social media trying to avoid Fobs.
KPK Minister Shaukat Yousufzai says Abid Sher Ali mentally sick, his own meter out of order
//Sherlock is with the police who respond to the initial call for a strange man causing disturbances and khan takes sher +
I think Sher Khan could be one name.
captain col sher khan. He was a captain by rank. Nickname Colonel
Its funny when feminists nickname somebody Sher-Khan. They did at this joint I was in before. Be very afraid! :)
List of battles. 1. Battle of Chausa: 1539 A.D. - The battle of Chausa was fought between Mughal emperor Humayun and Sher Shah Suri. In this battle Humayun was defeated. It facilitated Sher Khan to march on to Delhi at Agra. 2. Battle of Hydaspes 326 B.C.— Alexander the Great, defeated Porus, the Paurava king. 3. Battle of Kannauj (1540 A.D.) – Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun . After this battle, Humayun fled to Iran and Sher Shah Suri occupied Delhi. 4. Battle of Kalinga 261 B.C. — Ashoka defeated the king of Kalinga. Ashoka embraced Buddhism and preached it during the rest of his life after this war. 5. First Battle of Tarain or Thaneswar A.D. 1191 - Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori. 6. Second Battle of Tarain A.D. 1192 - Mohammed Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan . Ghori’s victory paved the way for the establishment of Muslim rule in India. 7. First Battle of Panipat 1526 — Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi. This laid the foundation of the Mughal rule in India. 8. Second Battle of Pani ...
Download Free Mp3 : Leaked Song "Aaj Bhi" from the movie "Sher Khan" starring Salman Khan , Angela Johnson ...
Help out and friend Sher Khan just to like this status!   10% Off
Benedict Cumberbatch who portrayed "Khan," sounds just like the Disney character Sher-Khan (The Jungle Book).
Sher khan is the most civilised tiger ever
How can I forget Tabaqui, the Indian Jackal in the Kipling's "The Jungle Book" and why did I remember Tabaqui when I saw this Jackal in the Dhikala Grass lands of Corbett. Because Tabaqui is proximate to the villan Sher Khan to scavenge his scraps and we have spotted this Jackal right after spotting the Mota Sal Male Tiger. The difference here is no one is villain as depicted by Kipling. Every story needs a Hero and there is a villain where ever there is a hero. Hence Kipling, I believe was forced to introduce Sher Khan as a villain in The Jungle Book. We have enjoyed the spotting of Mota Sal Male Tiger near the main road that separates the dense forests and the Dhikala Grass lands. We went inside the dense area to see if there any cubs but did not see any. I was left with no choice but to bump the ISO to 1250 because of the bad light. When we have moved to the grass lands, I have forgotten that I have a high ISO. That was my bad memory or still I was on high adrenaline after seeing a male Tiger. When we ...
The PCB itself requires to get rid of people like Zakir Khan & others doing nothing earning millions
junaid khan ,ahmed shahzad ,has the potential to b future captain.Hammad azam should b included permanently in team
Photo by: Sher Muhammad Wafa The Horse statue fixed by district administrator Skardu Baltistan at Maqpon Polo Ground Skardu Baltistan. In the back ground of said statue the famous Kharpocho Fort is situated that was built by emperor of Skardu in 1200AD. This famous fort constructed by the Bokha [ the father of emperor of Skardu] Ali Sher Khan Anchan Maqpon. His fore father Ibrahim Shah was migrated from Egypt.
Nawab Sher Muhammad Khan, Bayazid's grandson, earned the undying gratitude and honour of the Sikhs. He had...
Shahid khan afridi is the best captain for T20
Tomb of our national hero Col. Sher khan...
touche! Shorter played a new song written specially for Delhi called 'Sher Khan'. That song alone got 3 encores.
Angela johnson of sher khan heroine. Like, share & tag it
Hi Sher Khan and Dinesh...thanks for joining the group...are u buyer in Rise?
You forgot Sher Khan Shaheed eh the one who single handedly kept off an entire Indian battalion!
Do anchors address NS as Nawaz or AZ as Asif? Yet we c them taking liberties w/ Y not Khan Sahib?Y just Im…
Going to drop off something at house in the middle of the night again. His neighbors will come to think Im a drug dealer.
We are pleased to announce that Associate Master Tommy Burks will be coming out to Sher Khan Karate to teach a...
A-9) 'Sher Khan' from Jungle Book, Tony the Tiger, Alex from Madagascar.
Gen Sher Ali Khan Patodi,Gen Akhter Abdur Rehman & Gen Jeelani can be said the most destructive behind the scene players... :(
Photoset: i-am-sher-lock-ed: esrasherlocked: Benedict and Jaguar/Khan and Jaguar could say that. The most...
I'm at the point of my life whr I hv to decide to become Sher Khan or Gabbar Singh.
Islam Shah suri: Islam Shah Suri’s original name was Jalal Khan and he was the younger son of Sher Shah...
Life is wat u make it, don't waste it
presenting a wood badge to Sher Khan
oh totally & the rest- baloo, sher khan, kaa! The bare necessities playing in my head now:)
LOL! Sher Khan of all the villains :P via
This katra (market),Masjid Muhabat Khan sarafa bazaar Andre sher. Last month burn it at night . Many poor people worked to this market
That was someone else. But he I think scored in 75 WC final against Pak. So did Aslam Sher Khan
Sher Khan Has Time, Same Like Sohail planned to direct salman in 2001, happened in 2014, Sher Khan will release in 2024 !
This is & Baba jee Nude Policy ..shame on you Kiran khan ..Shaista & Team
Results are in: Annual election of Hazara district bar associations held: Advocate Sher Bahadur Khan was elect...
Liza Tarbuck is playing Try A Little Tenderness sung by the actor who voiced Sher Khan in Jungle Book. It's *fabulous*.
Sharjeel khan should b brought back to squad against Bangladesh and west indies to give explosive start in next matches
sohail has no big money to sign salman for sher khan.. ys is better choice for Salman frst tme villain
Annie Khalid interview By Sher Khan featured in today's Express Tribune. Read Here:...
A new favorite: Yousaf Khan Sher bano by asrar by asrar music on
What Imran Khan is doing is called as "Sher ki Savaari". He can't afford to climb down frm the back of the Lion(PTT). The End
Had a great time with Sir Sher Afgun Khan today :) it was an awesome evening at sadar :) Alhamdulillah :)
Waqia e Karbala by ..., Mp3 songs videos lyrics YouTube karaoke | Get it for free just on
Really good shot of Sher khan displaying his gorgeous color and spots. Sher Khan is a melanistic leopard. These...
Sher Khan, the Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, is growing by the minute! We love this pup!
New sher khan plushie from the Disney store 🐯😍💕
While jaming tried to make sher ali khan laugh but he was still starring at me :P .
Hey dear !!. 😊 .Brilliant performance in sher e zaat .loved it ..
From sher khan salam to all friends.
a beautiful poem by Sher Muhammad Khan
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Sher khan with Rj Arvind in phoenix mall
** STUNNING !! UNIQUE !! GENUINE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN " BALOO THE BEAR "-" LEO THE LION"-" SHER KHAN THE TIGER "**Rescued by Police during RAID in Atlanta,Georgia, the 3 friends were only CUBS at the time barely 2 Months old. They had been kept as STATUS SYMBOL PETS by the DRUG MAFIAS.*
Completely Spent after an hour of Zumba Session during office hours in EI Bangalore Office - Fun Saturdays. Thanks a lot Sher Khan for the session... You made us all sweat and move like anything. Zumba.. :)
▬▬ . I'll Love to do the role of of Movie
Pran as Sher Khan in Zanjeer to befriend the gawky Bachchan & live th role to be remembered by even after death
History[edit]. Sher Khan, notable in the history of Chunar Fort, later known as Sher Shah Suri. Settlements have...
Sher khan. Song oo I love this song it brings smile on my face:):)laka. Ye dewana. Laka ye parwana. Hehehehehe
hello sallu . we are waiting for SHER KHAN
I might go with Queen, Scar, Jafar, Sher Khan, Hook, Shan Yu, Madam Mim, Ratcliffe - and toss a coin on the last 2.
Awful was way too harsh. Evil Queen & Scar for sure. I like Jafar. Emperor Zurg. Dr. Facilier. Stinky Pete. Sher Khan. Cpt. Hook.
which char is my fav: Khan, Sher, Chrissy, Charlie...they'R all serious candidates
Buddha Sher RT""zaahir khan is da best B. Kumar is same as P. Kumar. Useless in death overs"
"champion trophy" "cricket" 2014 "maqsoodo rind" jis me aaj final khela gaya jis me hamari team {sher khan talpur} ne (brohi eleven) ko 10 runs se haradiya. "Man of the match" taj mohammad talpur
Xavier (My 3 year old nephew, who came to Final Dress as Captain America) told me he was unable to fight the "Lion" (Sher Khan), because he had forgotten his shield...makes sense! He also said "Maybe we can see the show again tomorrow, or we can see the DVD/'s a good DVD/Movie."
Philosophy Of Pathan Names:. If born in good family. Sharafat Khan. Born in jungle. Sher Khan. Born in war. Kartoos khan. In summer. Sharbat ...
awesome dude, whiff of Sher Khan fierce and awesome
Brought back my real Muslim name; Salman. Sher Khan was just a name I liked.
I have been to Malir & yes he told us the stories too. Even he mentioned Col. Sher Khan.His lecture was tooo long :)
Doston mery sher mien barish *** rhi hai happy riny day. from. Shahbaz khan
There is a direct correlation between me going to the Suncrest Kroger at night and then seeing Sher Khan.
C'mon thinking of Raheem Chacha and Sher Khan Pathan you'll make all teary eyed..
astagfar astagfar. . Sher not a corrupt one obeys American pressure. ..Not possible. ..may be nihari pressure ...
“ Sher Khan is something that the wind cries." - Andre Nickatina
A Song for for his upcoming film Sher Khan
My name is sher nawaz father name is sher bat khan.
Victims of fire incident get cheques: FATEHJANG: Punjab Minister for Mines Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan on Monday ga...
Sher Khan is diggin' his transition pillow on sale by Martha Stewart
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