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Sheppard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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Tucker I hate to brake to you but some 'reporters' on Fox News are not different starting with Sheppard Smith.
If you think Trump obstructed justice you must be getting your news from Sheppard Smith.
Yes sheppard smith blew things out of protion and ppl repeated as fact ***
Yup. Sheppard Smith is the ISN anchor who got hauled off by President Clark's goons.
Been waiting for this. Sheppard Cuck Smith should be next
Nope. They have a duty to protect and ser…
No wonder Wallace and Sheppard Smith are A**hole buddies. Who knew!Stop dissing my Potus. CNN NEEDS YOU😡
Fired 🤔 is not allowed.. look what happen with Comey !!. Thank God ! 😉. Juan Williams Fire his ***
I will feel better when they fire Sheppard Smith for *** a water cooler.
So glad that Bob from The Five in Fos has terminated for racism. He didn't belong to that segment. Next is Juan Rivera and Sheppard Smith
Agree Sheppard smith and Juan Williams should go. But why Bill ORiley
One down, now get Juan Williams and Sheppard Smith
Lunch with Tommy Sheppard and Elaine C Smith talking about the election
Tommy Sheppard Diedrie Brock Black and others are as dirty as Cyril Smith and many MSP's…
She's another garbage individual. The only I respect on there is Sheppard Smith.
To me Bill Oreilly sounds way better then Sheppard Smith. And the 5 is going way down hill
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I totally agree. Shame on the VERY FAKE MEDIA and that includes Sheppard Smith and Chris…
Why don't you ask Sheppard Smith what kind of Person Roger Ailles was. You only know he founded FNC.
Sheppard Smith (who is so biased, he can never be fair to Trump), just PROVED that Pres. Trump told Lester Holt the TRUTH about firing Comey
Thank you / Sheppard Smith for your kind words about Very insiteful and heart felt.
What beautiful words Sheppard Smith just spoke on Roger Ails deat.
Just saw the most powerful live television I have ever seen, from Sheppard Smith on fox. RA RIP
Most times when you see a man crying from despair you feel bad for them. I don't seem to have that empathy for Sheppard Smith.
Hey funny lady, hope you're watching Touching eulogy by Sheppard Smith. Not that you ca…
I joke about him, but I like Sheppard Smith. He's in the middle of giving a classy and moving personal eulogy to Ailes. Smith is crying.
I believe Rachel Maddow, Chaz Bono, and Sheppard Smith are all the same person. Have you ever seen them together in public…
There is nothing worse on TV, except for that guy Rachel Maddow, than Sheppard Smith at 3:00 EST.
Sheppard Smith shouldn't be allowed on Fox News. He should join his brother Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.
Just changed the channel to USA. I refuse to watch that liberally biased *** Sheppard Smith, watching him is no better than MSNBC
Is it me or is Sheppard Smith a moron? He said US air strikes hit Syria. Then he said I guess that means planes went on. You think?
FIRE Sheppard Smith , the of Fox News, all mouth, & no honest journalism!   10% Off
Maybe firing the beloved and keeping the *** Sheppard Smith was a bad idea
I don't watch Fox either because Sheppard Smith is so fake I can't believe he's…
I dare you to send these hikes to Fox News c/o Sheppard Smith or Jessie Watters,or…
Sheppard Smith belongs on your network. He meets all requirements. Napolitano is the most honest in the business. Your repulsive joe
I repeat: Sheppard Smith, Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace are closet Establishment hacks.
Bob Beckel @ Sheppard Smith talking together on is too much to bare! Does Beckel ever have any facts or just his…
I refuse to watch Sheppard Smith and Bob Beckel of the Five. Fox has sunk to CNN low in hiring t…
Your anti American reporter Sheppard Smith is a hate monger this anti Trump campaign is growing very old! Your credibility is gone!
Their missing Sheppard Smith and Jaun Williams and Bob Beckel in that picture.
Which is why needs to clean house too, Jaun Williams, Sheppard Smith, Bob Beckel to start with.
Evidently is still trying to become CNNLite. Sheppard Smith, Jaun Williams, and Bob Beckel are still employed.S…
Sheppard Smith should go to work with Meghan Kelly. LOL
I agree...Sheppard Smith, Bob Beckel, Jaun William, there are a bunch...if I wanted to hear someone spew liberal bu…
I have an idea...let's excel the space program and send Bob Beckel, Sheppard Smith, and Jaun Williams on the first flight.
you haven't grasp it...nobody wants to hear Jaun Williams's, Bob Beckel's or Sheppard Smith's crap.
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if you agree.Sheppard Smith, Jaun Williams, and Bob Beckel all need to be history at Fox. Don't turn Fox int…
consider replacing Sheppard Smith with more dynamic personality like Kimberly Guilfoyle...or Eboni Williams..
while Fox is shuffling positions, fire Sheppard Smith and bring in Jackie Ibanez. We want to see her with her own show.
.Trump numbers look good until Sheppard Smith of FN signs in. All downhill now.
Hears research, Sheppard Smith,Meghan Kelly donated heavy to Clinton campaign, and look this up,Chris Wallace is a Democrat .
So, Fox News, Jenna Lee & Sheppard Smith and more piling on Trump for 'birther' and denying Clinton started it.
2 - especially Megyn Kelly and Sheppard Smith. Straighten them out please?
Sheppard Smith said Donald tried to tie Cruz's Dad to the Kennedy assassination. He did say Dad was pic'ed with Lee Harvey Oswald. He was!
Sheppard Smith is a sniveling LGBT *** who has OD'd on too much semen in both ends.
I've sent an email direct to PS Smith too hopefully he'll be in touch ^KJR
Meet MTB-lovin' metal smith, Casey Sheppard of – a yearlong road trip connecting art and MTB life.
is that Sheppard Smith in that photo.
biggest *** on Fox is Sheppard Smith, the man or whatever he is cannot report a story without his questioning it, Megan Kelly
Fox News Sheppard Smith is a Clinton fanatic truly can't trust or listen to any mainstream media they now want to "teach us a lesson" NO!
Proud to be part of this-thanks to Joanna Jones, Clare Smith, and all my collaborating...
Maybe Sheppard Smith will share some butt cream he has cases...
Trump will swat the Mosquito today. Thanks Sheppard Smith.
I must admit I get a little queazy when Trump calls Cruz, Lyin Ted.. but Sheppard Smith just played an...
Sheppard Smith of FOX the superpac for Donald Trump, is so in the tank for Trump he has to wear an aqualung on stage.
No wonder mom liked the Festival so much! Eric Smith Stacie Sheppard
why is Sheppard Smith talking so negatively about Cruz. Seems he's spinning to me.
smith stop with the childish mispronounce of kasich name. You sound worse than trump.
And I would add that Sheppard Smith is a very poor speaker and reporter. Verbal skills suck!
Sheppard smith from Fox News, is he a conservative? When he speaks on his show he makes me want to shut off Fox. Remin…
Is Sheppard Smith related to someone high up in Fox News? There is no professional reason for his existence there.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are reportedly splitting up for good:
Not a huge fan of Matt Smith as the doctor but I'm persevering with these two episodes because is in them👼
Just blew up the group mail with our Bieber and Jayden Smith rap though
I haven't watched sheppard smith in nearly two years, and now I remember why
I don't know about Brett but I will grant you that Sheppard Smith was pretty decent with Breaking News.
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Cool story and Sheppard Smith is still a dweeb.
Sam Smith's voice really just puts me in a happy place
Sam Smith got one of those singing voices that no one can deny ever
Booker T Washington vs Oscar Smith these boys sum serious from Va and Fl
I’m absolutely bloomin very happy to have the Doctor back on tv! Capaldi seems wicked awesome. I got all emosh when Matt Smit…
'HOW LONG WILL THE SHEEP FOLLOW THE BLIND SHEPPARD (Smith?).' I've been asking that about Fox News for a long time, now. (Sorry...)
Trying to see if Matt Smith is coming to a comic con near me and I get to Mark Sheppard and all I see is Salute to Supernatural and Oz Con
Amazing. Liberal Democrat journalist from Vegas admits "Obama is only slightly more popular than Ebola.".
Sheppard Smith needs to shut his mouth.
ISIS brutally killed an American journalist. Where is the uproar about that? Where is Sheppard Smith blaming ISIS? Oh, they're not cops.
Well, at least FNC isn't repeating last night's debacle with Sheppard Smith. I won't be surprised if they do reruns most of the night.
I will NOT watch Sheppard Smith anymore. His coverage again tonight on the journalist killed by terrorists was a disgrace
Sheppard smith and Bret Baer are in church of Philadelphia
Remember Sheppard Smith,around the world n 80 secs , I always ask why 80 seconds, Ynot an hour.
No due to "breaking news". Wonder if FNC will show 5 or 6 hours of back-2-back reruns of Sheppard Smith & like last night.
domain names
I've about lost all respect for FNC. They're now into hour 4 (or more) back-2-back rerun broadcast with Sheppard Smith &
Amazing, really. FNC has run the same broadcast with Sheppard Smith since 9pm. Possibly, even earlier. Is FNC that desperate for coverage?
Sheppard Smith apparently can't understand the psychology of the "keep moving" if you want to protest rule. Energy is depleted when moving.
Sheppard Smith said on Fox just a short time ago that he wondered if the media being in Ferguson wasn't adding to the problems!
Sheppard Smith seems to be blaming the cops for everything & talking like the protesters are a nice quiet group doing nothing wrong.
When Sheppard Smith had his Jack Tapper moment during Katrina coverage, FoxNews put his *** on stress leave for a couple days.
I watched Sheppard Smith 11pm to 12pm on I was very surprised and upset with his unprofessional live broadcast I am a big fan of he
Sheppard Smith so Eloquent about it possibly being the media's fault
watching Sheppard Smith cover this ,thought i was watching CNN or did sheppard turn turn left when no one was looking?
I'm watching , and it appears that Sheppard Smith is doing an audition tape for
Always knew Sheppard Smith was a drama queen didn't realize Steve Harrigan was as well.
im sorry but I can't stand to watch Sheppard smith, can't stand him during the day, spoiled brat from ole ms. Sorry turning off fox
Not liking the Sheppard Smith interruptions. Not worth the time they take away from other stories.
This is torture. Making me watch Sheppard Smith.
By the way...Sheppard Smith is doing his best MSNBC resume video right now.
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Spoke to Qaadir Sheppard and Stephon Smith of Iona. Hyped group coming up. Now or never for seniors. They feel pressure …
Fox News reporter Sheppard Smith has come under fire for calling Robin Williams a 'coward' on air. read about it here
Sheppard Smith calling Robin Williams a coward is worse than Don Imus saying "nappy headed *** . Why is he still employed by
Makes sense - WHY MICHELLE CAME HOME (Interesting) Actions speak louder than words. Sheppard Smith, Fox News. "If you check President Obama's last trip over-seas, his wife left just after their visit to France . She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it. Why is Michelle returning to the states when 'official' trips to foreign countries generally include the First Lady." Here's one thought on the matter. While in a Blockbuster renting videos I came across a video called "Obama". There were two men standing next to me and we talked about President Obama. These guys were Arabs, so I asked them why they thought Michelle Obama headed home following the President's recent visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband. They told me she could not go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Iraq .. I said "Why not,(?) Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Dubai ." They said that Obama is a Muslim and therefore he is not allowed to bring his wife into countries ...
I was watching some of the Sheppard Smith show today, I think he is auditioning for MSNBC or CNBC, he is starting to lose it...
Chris, Ask *** Sheppard Smith if we should turn back the clock and put Saddam back; If so 1Million shiites would be dead.
JR Smith says he will never talk to Carmelo Anthony again if he joins the Miami Heat. READ: http:/…
"China Smith vs Mike Sheppard best fight I have ever seen man wow Mike Sheppard has heart
Rd. 10. That's the fight. Smith and Sheppard go the distance. Smith went strong final 3 rds to possibly clinch Hvywt N. American title
Pretty fantastic finish, with Sheppard & Smith throwing flurries. Decision coming now. Wait for it...
Rd. 9. Smith continues to land the right hook. Sheppard's left eye is swelling and China has second wind. Heavyweight N. American title
Rd.8: China Smith lands series of right hooks to the head. Every time Sheppard steps in, he threw one. If he holds on next 2 rds, WBF is his
Rd. 7: Haven't seen Smith throw a true power shot in a while. Sheppard has become the aggressor, maybe won last two rounds. Hvywt title
Big looping hooks by Sheppard keeping Smith on the ropes.
Smith looks like he's getting a little slowed by Sheppard's punches.
Rd. 6: Sheppard landed a hard right hook. He's timing his power shots now and beginning to chase Smith, who's staying on the outside now.
Sheppard trying to close the distance, get Smith on the ropes.
Rd.5: Pace starting to slow. Sheppard landed a few combos in Rd. 4 but needs to pick up productivity. Smith has to be ahead
Both Sheppard & Smith looked a bit fatigued in last round, but Smith was cutting angles nicely.
China Smith taking on Mike Sheppard for WBF North American heavyweight title
Rd. 4. So far I think Smith has won every round. Body punches will take toll on Sheppard. Heavyweight N. American title bout.
Rd. 3: Smith landed a low blow that round. Possibly a second. Looks like Sheppard is cut above right eye. Heavyweight N. American title
Smith delivers a slight low blow, Sheppard asks for a time out.
Smith more of the aggressor in round 2 and Sheppard looks like he's got a small cut above left eye, or at least some blood.
China Smith out of fights Mike Sheppard in the
Smith taking some hard shots from Sheppard against the ropes late in the round.
China Smith of SRQ up next. His opponent: Mike Sheppard of West Virginia.
In all,fairness, shep is not a Forrest Sawyer. Horrible *** Sheppard Smith
Ring side announcer for tonight's big fight! China smith vs Mike Sheppard
Democrat propagandist Sheppard Smith at Fox News just blamed Obama's atrocity in Iraq on Bush. America has no honest broadcast news source.
So FOX is making news - the news is that Fox (Sheppard Smith) is reporting both sides of the story - your turn now too MSNBC!!
Sheppard Smith is a Douch bag!Calm down and stop yelling at your guests on your broadcast you bumbling moron!
The USA has never "cut/run" like we did in WE HOLD GAINS (Korea,Japan, etc)This was predictable-someone needs to tell Sheppard Smith!
China Smith Vs. Mike Sheppard for the WBF North American HW title tonight at the get your tickets!
Been listening to this Disclosure song all this time and still didn't know who Sam Smith was while it's his vocals
Sheppard Smith of Fox News reports a fact - please be open minded. If action taken today to fire a teacher, it would take 'til 2024 to do it
If you want to see the best impersonation of Sheppard Smith from John Oliver, you have to watch this. Too funny.
Why can't Sheppard Smith be on Fox News every night. Better than that bum Sean Hannity!!!
Neil Cavuto and Sheppard Smith are easily my two favorite Fox News anchors. Megyn Kelly is a close third. I don't watch a lot of Fox News, but if and when I do, those three are the ones to watch.
While it’s true Fox provides a forum for conservative voices, it is still heavily stacked against them. Think about it. There’s Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee and Neil Cavuto. But on the other side of the spectrum there’s Greta Van Susteren, Geraldo Rivera, Sheppard Smith, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Lis Wiehl, Kirsten Powers, Jehmu Greene, Mara Liason, Judith Miller, Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, Arthel Neville, Megyn Kelly, Greg Gutfeld and dozens more who are not – some of whom represent strong liberal points of view.
Today's top story on Sheppard Smith was Jodi Arias. and we wonder why so many Americans are so ignorant.
Sheppard Smith = *** OF THE DAY! More worried that Budweiser watered down their beer than that obama is destroying America! smdh
I am sick and tired of hearing about the problems between Media Matters and Fox News. Media Matters claims that Fox News is totally right wing. Maybe they should ask Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel, Sheppard Smith, or Greta Van Sustern whether they are totally right wing. I watch Special Report with Brett Bair. He covers a wide range of issues and interviews Democrats and Republicans, as does Bill O'Reilly. Maybe Media Matters just wishes they had the audience that Fox News has.
Listening to Sheppard Smith, on Fox News, being very passionate saying "We need someone to stand up and tell us the truth. Our country is in a mess. We are about to fall off the fiscal cliff and someone has to do something." Someone has been telling us the truth. Men and women of God have been screaming the answer. The truth is "The economy is not the issue. The economy is the fruit on a tree with a very bad root. This country must return to God. This country must begin to live on the values and morals we were founded on. Biblical financial principals are the only solid, tried, and true practices that work.
Sheppard Smith tries to interview Stephanie Cutter on Libya question, with his tail between his legs. LOL
Bill Hader is a funny f'n dude, first Sheppard Smith & now James Carville
Can you believe this...One lonely little old preacher here in Florida, I think he lives in the Central North part of Florida in Live Oak or near there, but out of the whole world billions and billions of people, the media and politicians are blaming this man for stirring up the Muslims and causing them to do their dirty deeds in Egypt and Syria. How convenient. DO NOT, I sad DO NOT blame the Muslims that have done their dirty deeds for what has and is happening and the dead Americans left in their wake. The *** on Fox News, which I usually support the network, but this little jerk Sheppard Smith, in talking about the preacher, said, "I don't even want to say his name." Imagine that. If you're gonna blame him for the whole thing happening, then say his name. Now we have a do nothing, brain dead Senator Nelson of Florida, whom is always looking for a camera, he's on TV trying to make news of his own. It all makes one tired.
I get to hear the Fox News channel on my Sirius radio while driving, but thats the same as being able to see it. I just got a chance to actually see the change of the Democrat platform. WOW... it is plain that the majority did NOT want that change to their platform. In other words they want God OUT! They want to deny Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel... they just showed that the teleprompter was already telling the guy speaking (cant recall his name) that two thirds did indeed change the platform, when in fact that was predrawn conclusion apparently - I mean if it was a GOP vote there would have been no question it would have passed, *** we wouldnt have said that in the first place, right? To me its clear they are avoiding the issues, right now Sheppard Smith is speaking to R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis mayor and DNC vice chair..its clear he is trying to change the subject and what the *** is up with Debbi Whatersface ? She looks like a friggin zombie!! I can draw only one conclusion in this entire matter - . ...
I hear you. I'm not big on Sheppard Smith. He was local here years ago like Rick Sanchez.
Not interested in listening to lib Sheppard Smith slobbering over Bammycare “Tune in to FOX Report @ 7pm ET
hey thanks, Old Al makes it easy. He has that whole faux news Sheppard Smith(giant *** face) thing going
I watch the and every night and Megyn Kelly and Sheppard Smith everyday!
Again Y does employ closet lefties such as Sheppard Smith of why not give this hour to quality reporter
Sometimes, I think Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes try to indoctrinate us with progressive theories, rather than educate us through commentary, opinion, and facts to back those arguments. They are no better than the Republicans, conservatives, and Fox News "pundits" they always trash on the air. (For the record, I still like [and watch!] Sheppard Smith, okay?)
what the *** s up w/Sheppard Smith? or, did I miss something? MT anchor Chris Wallace joins Studio B today
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