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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

Shepard Smith Reporting Shep Smith Fox News Megyn Kelly Bill Hader

when will Shepard Smith come out of the closet?
I am afraid you have been hanging around Shepard Smith too long and it is clouding your judgment.
9/23: author Jason Berry to discuss on 'Shepard Smith Reportering:'
wanna loose the liberal left...cut Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly out...if ya don't you will loose for sure
Shepard Smith Reporting is an...uplifting experience.
"When will Republicans realize they are on the wrong side of history?". - Shepard Smith, Fox News
I paid for naming rights, but Shep Smith won out. Pope arrives on Shepard One.
Shepard Smith: "I guess this is the Pope's equivalent for Air Force One."
Shepard Smith Reporting on FOX on Popes arrival
I will never watch another minute of this *** Shepard Smith. I rather watch CNN on this hour. BTW, that monkey is smarter.
Sick&tired of Fox's Shepard Smith inserting his nonsense into the news. I don't give a rats *** as 2 what he thinks. Report the news period!
I'm so sick of Shepard Smith and his opinions. Just read the news and keep your opinions to yourself.
Shepard Smith - if you want an Islamist POTUS, that's fine - but keep in mind that you'd be beheaded for being a homosexual. Just sayin'.
Shepard Smith says PC Culture like he has a corn cob shoved were the sun won't shine? I'm so offended by his offense! 😝
Come on Greta .. Watch the shows on Fox only and Sean are fair!Out of how many ? Shepard Smith is tilted
The cast of Shepard Smith Reporting represents the best young talent coming up in basic cable today.
Sterling Shepard passed Trent Smith for 7th all-time at w/ 165 career rec. Shepard leads team with 18 rec this yr
Shepard Smith Reporting is a love story.
Kelly & Shepard Smith would make a good team for a show on MSNBC. Do no harm there.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a moody, bittersweet love story featuring outstanding performances from the leads.
Shepard Smith Reporting has charm and a breezy confidence that makes it the epitome of a simple pleasure.
The austerity of Shepard Smith Reporting makes you realize how cluttered other action news shows are.
Two shows that I can't watch anymore. Shepard Smith and The Five because of Geraldo. Bring Bob back!
When I look at the People I like and don't like on FNC the don't like far out weighs the likes.Shepard Smith, O'Really, jerry rivers, kelly.
I won't watch O'Riley, Kelly file, Shepard Smith, Brett Beir. And I am recently done with Greta
My name is Shepard Smith and I come from a town full of secrets
I caught you on fox with Shepard Smith talking about the Emmys. Must say U R So Adorable 😜😜😜
Rofl Shepard Smith is straight trolling Alabama right now, *** didn't even graduate from OM
Is Shepard Smith supposed to be a news reporter or a commentator? His snarky comments on every story is grating.
Why do feel Shepard Smith moving to far left.
Seems Shepard Smith and Don Lemmon are on the same sheet of music...LMAO...just like "peas and carrots"..ya thunk?
Shepard Smith just quoted the CNN poll ignoring NBC and Zogby. FOX is no better than any other network.
Shepard Smith needs to go work with MSNBC
Shepard Smith Reporting is a dream role for an action star, and... Smith is the perfect man for the job.
Every single player in Shepard Smith Reporting is worth a TV show of his or her own.
The Shepard Smith Reporting cast was assembled with obvious care.
There are quite a few individual pieces of "Shepard Smith Reporting" that don't quite fit.
.& Co.'s. next rant:. Shepard Smith is Joe Biden's part time Travolta-esque masseur when he's not at Fox
This tall tale may reach monumental proportions, but Shepard Smith Reporting always keeps its magical airiness and grace.
. Shepard Smith of Fox News is a white sepulchre.
Smith's exuberant, gleeful performance turns Shepard Smith Reporting into a hilarious, rocking good time.
There's a brute force in Shepard Smith Reporting that catches one in the throat.
Are you a fan of Lady Violet in You’d love Maggie Smith as Miss Shepard in
Brain Flushings: Shepard Smith: more than a liberal token via
Remarkably true to Shepard Smith Reporting's visual aesthetic while expanding Smith's own repertoire of tones and ideas.
Shepard Smith Reporting is slim on plot and characterization, but the visuals more than make up for it.
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Kelly has become the Nancy Grace of Fox News. She should team up with Shepard Smith and take their show to MSNBC.
Still not convinced that is moving to the left?
Shepard Smith Reporting anchor Shep Smith gives us charm instead of plot, romance instead of logic.
Shepard Smith: Kim Davis supporters haters, don't want Sharia law VIDEO
kudos to you and Shepard Smith for nailing the lovers! (Anyone read the 1st amend establishment clause lately?)
Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo, Green, etc. Now you know why I don't watch Fox.
Shepard Smith on FOX just equated people looking for religious protections to Jim Crow Racists.
Shepard Smith doesn't work for Fox News, he is the captain of the freaking Enterprise. That studio is ridiculous
Shepard Smith goes on Seth Meyers show to promote Katrina special. He talks on it for 2 minutes &they’re onto Donald Trump
I think that Shepard Smith went over the line today. He cast aside his role of reporter and ranted his views on immigration like a Liberal.
Shepard Smith...the white Drama Queen at Fox.Genaro Rivera.the brown one...
2nite Bill Hader, Shepard Smith, plus music from
Shepard Smith you're a hard news guy. Quit inserting your opinion. Just the facts please. You don't like Trump. I don't care.
Shepard Smith needs to work for MSNBC not
Shut up Shepard Smith on Fox just can't qiut bashing . I won't watch and now you obnoxious Shepard!
? can Shepard Smith get any stupider? How long will keep him on the air? refuse to watch
The whole point is a show that's stylish, witty and romantic -- three things that Shepard Smith Reporting most definitely is.
The Smith Brothers have always loved to go far, a tactic they don't forgo in Shepard Smith Reporting.
Catherine Herridge​, Shepard Smith​ and Greta Van Susteren​ should be moderators for the next Fox News​ GOP debate.
Leaving behind any trace of her eye-candy image, Sarah Palin delivers the performance of her career in 'Shepard Smith Reporting.'
Shepard Smith Reporting is a somber meditation on the celebrity syndrome.
Shepard Smith always seemed to me to have a clear head on his shoulders.
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has been one of the few voices on the network willing to accept the scientific...
Shepard Smith Reporting may be many things, but boring it's not.
.Wish had the format for Monday's guests: Bill Hader & Shepard Smith. Stefan meets
Shepard Smith: 'I make sure nothing blew up that I need to stay up for'
Shepard Smith Reporting is a gentle monstrosity.
Shepard Smith Reporting is nothing if not brave.
Shepard Smith Reporting takes a few moments to muse about the nature of time and the purpose of man...
the scene where Samantha the German Shepard dies defending Will Smith in I Am Legend just absolutely destroyed me.
A tense and effective thriller, Shepard Smith Reporting marks a triumphant return to form for anchor Shep Smith.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the greatest TV show from 1987 you've never seen (but need to).
Shepard Smith Reporting is intrinsically an aggregate of Shep Smith's prior productions, politically and racially.
At 3:15 pm ET today, I talked about earthquake dangers on Fox News with Shepard Smith.
That Shepard's pie been everything a plate...
Shepard Smith Reporting's TV show is not the cleverest one around, but its hero may be the most lovable.
Shepard Smith, for starters. Howard Kurtz has a show on the weekends.
Shepard Smith Reporting is being marketed as a "dirty" TV show, but that's underselling the show's real strengths.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fun TV show that didn't make much of a splash.
Shep Smith says, "Shepard Smith Reporting is an exploded view of my brain."
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is a masterfully rendered living portrait of warped, apocalyptic art...'
The well-delivered Shepard Smith Reporting is a sensitive depiction of two girls' coming-of-age.
Missed this, but here's Shepard Smith going off about some analyst that was on FOX during the NYSE closed day.
Even though Shepard Smith Reporting is aimed at kids, everyone else should see it.
Shepard Smith Reporting isn't simply the best Smith show in years. It is one of the best Roberts productions ever.
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Featuring deft interplay between Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin, Shepard Smith Reporting is an immensely appealing social satire.
Never would/could have predicted Fox News and Rush Limbaugh would be concerned about Coke/GEBN/Funding:
Shepard Smith & Brett Baer blowhard RINO's ... now that's hilarious
Shepard Smith showing his love for administration and his trust of all the mouthpieces of them. Turned off.
Shepard Smith on the Fox News network is seriously delusional.
Shep Smith turns a tear-jerker into a meditation on fatherhood in Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith Reporting is not a gross-out comedy.
Shep Smith's been better, but Shepard Smith Reporting is rarely less than engaging.
Shepard Smith Reporting is no big deal, but it has a rambunctious charm.
Shep Smith revitalizes the Shepard Smith Reporting franchise with a slick and action-packed entry.
What makes "Shepard Smith Reporting" so compelling is how completely ordinary it is.
Shepard Smith Reporting is well-crafted body horror, packed with interesting -- if not entirely subtle -- ideas.
Shepard Smith Reporting isn't a Cold War allegory so much as an Americana fairy tale.
Shep Smith couldn't ask for a more flattering breakout vehicle than the charming Shepard Smith Reporting
It may be a chamber piece but Shepard Smith Reporting's revelations on modern sexuality expand far beyond the modest setting.
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To its immense credit, Shepard Smith Reporting the TV show makes a huge success of this potentially problematic mish-mash.
Melo should've been out the door with Shepard and Jr smith.
When will Shep return to "Shepard Smith Reporting". Is he on vacation, sick leave, etc.?
the world is showing this moment of union in our country and you guys showing politics on Shepard smith show??
At long last Shepard Smith can make an honest man out of that intern- allegedly. Happy Friday y'all!!!
If he is athletic enough to play the Maggitt hybrid, go for it but I am driving the Austin Smith bandwagon at that position
Why has Shep been off the air so long?? Just want to know that he's ok. We never Shepard Smith Reporting
Artist Shepard Fairey wanted by Detroit police for graffiti
Shepard Smith's show is so much better when there are substitutes in for him now. He's changed, not for the better.
great comments on Shepard Smith's show - completely agree: should judge laws not create/rewrite
I have the weirdest obsession with Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper
somehow the idea of Don Lemon and Shepard Smith together on the same channel disturbs me greatly. Lol
Harris Faulkner better than Shepard Smith at 3-4 pm. Smith opinionated & sarcastic. Faulkner objective & informative
Where has Shepard Smith from Fox cable been?
Fox News is very Silent about the absence of their 7 Million Dollar News Anchor Shepard Smith Reporting? A Serious Shake-Up Most Likely?. .
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You all should do Shepard Smith vs. Wolf Blitzer!
Read this comment (copied) on a post by Shepard Smith. Theoretically, those whose ancestors were on the side of...
My conversation on Russia, NATO, and the threat of accidental war, earlier today on here:
Requesting your assistance. My emails to Shepard Smith keep bouncing. Can you assist with correct contact info?
Why does Shepard Smith get so much time off? Is he getting hair plugs? Or is he looking for another Job?
Anybody know where Shepard Smith on Fox cable been? For now I switched to CNN
I'll be talking w/of at 2pm CT re NATO and the US military response to Russia.
.fmr. US amb. to NATO, speaks w/of at 2pm CT re: US mil. response to Russia.
Here is one example. Also when she said that Jesus was white. I will post more.
Anyone have a good email addy for Shepard Smith at Fox Report? Send IM, please.
Is There A Shake-Up At Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting? News Anchor Smith has not been reporting for over 10 days? Vacation, Medical Leave?
I want Shepard Smith's job.he's never there.
Shepard Smith has had his moments of not taking crap, and so did B Williams. Too bad he ruined it.
If the USGA has to honor their contract with Fox for next year's U.S. Open, allow us to make a suggestion: Joe Buck out, Shepard Smith in
Shepard Smith! What a revelation! Here I thought he was just another Bill Hader caricature; shame on me. I want him to be my friend!
Shepard Smith Reporting is so much better without Shepard Smith doing the reporting.
Shepard Smith's voice and tone makes me disagree with everything he is "reporting" on.
Shepard Smith continues to use inflammatory speech and inaccurate findings in his reporting especially on the McKinney officer. What a hack!
they all have their biased moments. But I like the reporting of Shepard Smith for example from fox.
oh and Shepard Smith.. Hume is a old rwing drunk..George Will .a dork..but intellectual..
Funny, infuriating, and suspenseful, Shepard Smith Reporting is both a critique of the process and a vindication.
The most remarkable thing about Shepard Smith Reporting is the real-life story on which it is based.
A sassy, romantic comedy about the battle of the sexes, Shepard Smith Reporting is a delight.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a good action caper about a subway car heist under the streets of Manhattan.
Shepard Smith Reporting spends most of its time going in circles, working and reworking a small set of potent images.
Whatever you make of this family, one thing is certain after watching Shepard Smith Reporting -- you won't forget them.
Shepard Smith Reporting may seem like a one-note sitcom sort of TV show, but it's funnier and a layer or two deeper than that.
Very little time left on Sean's campaign. If you can donate even $1 it will help a fellow human's quality of life
'Shepard Smith Reporting' has class stamped all over it.
Time to talk State of the Union with Shepard Smith!
Shepard Smith Reporting provides a snapshot of indomitable American can-do attitude, and gives one hope.
Smith's energy and Napolitano's perseverance give Shepard Smith Reporting an unstoppable one-two punch.
Shepard Smith Reporting captures a single, specific moment, when responsibilities await but adulthood is still unwelcome.
Often drolly, coolly morbid, Shepard Smith Reporting also operates just as effectively in a more nakedly direct register.
It's safe to describe Shepard Smith Reporting as a haunted TV show.
If you want journalistic kicks, Shep Smith's massively successful Shepard Smith Reporting will give you them in profusion.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an amazing window into a particular part of the culture and how we live now.
There's still a lot of excellent work in Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting, while as gorgeously photographed as other nature documentaries, is more grisly than most.
When Will Smith had to kill his German Shepard in I Am Legend.. tears bruh, tears
Shepard Smith Reporting is an intense, thought-provoking, great-looking action-packed thriller.
Shepard Smith gone AGAIN from Going bk to frm 3 to 4. Sheps gone more thn there.
General Jack Keane will be on Shepard Smith on Fox 3pm eastern today
Why did Chip Kelly go get Demarco Murray, Nelson Agholor, Jordan Hicks, Jacorey Shepard? I think you are way off sir.
Shepard Smith of was one of the worst, along with his histrionic and hysterical reporting style.
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Drs. Foster and Smith customer review: Great for our aging Golden/Shepard mix
we will all miss you. I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with adventures 😊🌠
Please help a fellow BVB Army member in need. Give if you can RT
There is something in Shepard Smith Reporting for every taste.
The artist behind the "Hope" poster says Obama has not lived up to expectations
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fast-paced and inventive action/science-fiction show with an unconventional set of heroes.
The first annual Huck-A-Bee on Fox News. Hosted by Shepard Smith.
Clever, incisive, and funny, Shepard Smith Reporting is a masterpiece of the classical basic cable musical.
"Hope" poster creator says he's run out of hope for
Shepard Smith on News just called over weight people suewy suewy like he was calling hogs what a *** an a Bully
Wow. Shepard Smith Just kinds dissed Greg Gutfeld as he signed off his show today.
Shepard Smith is a *** !!! Calling over weight people like their HOGS ...NO RESPECT AN I WILL NOT WATCH Fox News
What is wrong with Shepard Smith nose? Did he get stung by a "lil ol bee" or something? Looking all puffed up
Shepard Smith.a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.
Why does Shepard Smith have on so much make up today? He looks like he's ready for his viewing at the funeral home.
Watching Shepard Smith on Fox News. I like his reporting.
I am now convinced Shepard Smith is the sole winner of the "Resident Lunatic" award. He's such a flibber de gibbet.
Ok. Does anyone know what happened to Shepard Smith's face? Plastic surgery? What is it?
The Egotistical Shepard Smith on Fox News Spent 23 Minutes Teasing his Audience on who the G.O.P. Front Runner Is? 23 Minutes for TV Ratings
If you loved Patti Smith's JUST KIDS go see Cowboy Mouth at the Chelsea hotel, based off her play w Sam Shepard:
Hey Fox News has Shepard Smith recently had work done his face looks puffy 😳
Shepard Smith Distorting: Shep seems just a bit tad excited about America standing back and letting ISIS terrorize the ME! Elated even.
Glorified housewife Shepard Smith's favorite lie: "Military force is not going to win this conflict (against
also known as Shepard Smith, sorry that's my nickname for him
Shepard Smith Reporting is a treasure that lays all of its cards on the table, only to uncover one or two jokers in the pack.
The only real disappointment about Shepard Smith Reporting is that it is Shep Smith's last TV show.
Shepard Smith Reporting will penetrate your core like a biting Arctic wind.
liberal homosexual and liar Shepard Smith will tell you that the current administration is not skewing the employm…
You know within minutes of watching Shepard Smith Reporting... that you are in confident, authoritative hands.
Linda see's Sam Smith on TV and exclaims "Sam Shepard!!"
Shepard Smith is a very nice man, tbh.
Shepard Smith Reporting is based on a true story and what a true story it is.
Commander Shepard will be at DragonCon this year.
With a wink and a shrug, Shepard Smith Reporting shows us evil in all its banality.
A charming adventure tale, in the spirit of 1930's serials, Shepard Smith Reporting is a fun ride.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is not a show in which you anticipate Shep Smith will be twice doused in urine.
Vaguely recall a dwarf in a spy costume zip-wiring across house of smith to the mission impossible theme music
Shepard Smith Reporting, subject matter aside, is wonderfully made.
Shepard Smith Reporting, with its treasure-postcard shots of the vast Outback, looks good and fills a niche for families.
The biggest strength of Shepard Smith Reporting is its display of humanity at its worst when it is driven by primal attachments.
Shepard Smith.a very girly man on loan to Fox News.from his friends at MSNBC.!!
Smith crafted what may well be his funniest TV show with Shepard Smith Reporting. It's certainly his fastest-paced show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is vigorous and uncompromising. Smith is all kinetic energy and raw nerve.
We had to create a religion in Latin class, so I based the entire thing around the love and worship of everything that is Will Smith.
Shepard Smith Reporting has the potential to satisfy two mutually exclusive groups of bottom-feeding moviegoers.
my mom just referred to Sam Smith as "that Sam Shepard guy"
suddenly Shepard Smith makes a lot of sense
Shepard Smith Reporting is the war TV show to end all war news shows.
Shepard Smith Reporting makes its points in a compelling, and moving, manner.
Mystery-thriller buffs, promise yourselves that you'll see Shepard Smith Reporting.
The chases in Shepard Smith Reporting are among the most dynamic road clashes punditry have offered in some time.
Via Shepard Smith. BEGINNING OF THE END? The feds say they will take steps to stop collecting phone records from...
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a magical journalistic experience, and a masterpiece so unlike anything Smith has made before.
Shepard Smith Reporting offers a poignant study of the human psyche amid haunting landscapes.
- Can't stand Fox News, but I love me some Shepard Smith! rulez!
Shepard Smith Reporting is great now that there is no Shepard Smith and he's not reporting will watch until he returns
Don't watch it myself, but maybe he's on vacay with a friend?
Watch Shepard Smith destroy all the fearmongering about Ebola in just 4 minutes via
You can tell JR Smith the type of *** to walk by a chick he know and jump in her DM even if he seen her wit her man
Shepard Smith Reporting's trio of lead performances are surprisingly believable.
Shepard Smith Reporting is Smith's most complex inquiry into the metamorphosis of man into myth.
The characters are still endearing, but the jokes in Shepard Smith Reporting are more hit-and-miss the second time around.
LeBron taking jr smith and Shepard to a point in the NBA Carmelo Anthony couldn't have them reach
Shepard Smith Reporting is the real thing.
Shepard Smith Reporting digs into the soul of its title character with a patience rarely found in contemporary productions.
It's crazy how Carmelo couldn't bring the true game out of JR Smith and Shepard
Tommy Shepard in above the rim just give him a thermal and corduroys that's jr smith
JR Smith is Tommy Shepard right now minus the khaki work pants
JR Smith is Tommy Shepard minus the khaki work pants
we should also point out that one Fox anchor Shepard Smith, as usual, is doing the OPPOSITE of all his evil...
OMG, Shepard Smith is again on Please get off my TV and let Kimberly or one of the five explain video. Smith is not a news person.
Shepard Smith you had the courage to stand up for truth in a sea of cowards. Bravo 👏👏
In a Sea of Hate, Shepard Smith stood tall & showed intellectual honesty. He must be hated by his peers at Fox!
Want to correct what Shepard Smith just said on TV. In Baltimore Freddie Gray did NOT die 10 days ago. He just died on Sunday.
S/0 to Shepard smith for just completely fricking up the pronunciation of the word yacht on Thursday
It competes only with Shepard Smith Reporting for the title of Smith's most entertaining show ever.
Judge DiMango sits down with Shepard Smith from to talk about a murder case and much more!
Shep Smith directs Shepard Smith Reporting, and the host has a way with understatement.
The hero in Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't want revenge. He wants an apology. This isn't your ordinary vigilante show.
Fast-paced and filled with racial gags, Shepard Smith Reporting serves up plenty of laughs and sharp satire.
Shepard Smith Reporting is competent TV show-making and probably deserves an audience.
: Right... shouldn't he be on Fox News and give us Shepard Smith
Shepard Smith Reporting is a good outdoor action show, done in the best Shep Smith manner.
I don't know that car.I loved Shepard Smith narrating car chases.We don't have chases here-not for long anyway
Does anyone know if Shepard Smith is reporting on this police chase yet? He always has the best commentary.
C'mon Greg. Get up and move around. It's the Shepard Smith show!
Though well-filmed, Shepard Smith Reporting feels gratuitous in its extreme violence.
Today at 3pm Mr will be pinch-hitting for Shepard Smith on the legendary Fox News Deck.
In order to get what this version of Shepard Smith Reporting is doing, you have to look at the TV show through different eyes.
If it's possible to have dialogue that's too stunning for the show's own good, that's the case with "Shepard Smith Reporting."
Hats off to Shepard Smith, whose picks (and results) were right on the money!
Shepard Smith Reporting is a horror TV show about horror news shows.
Shepard Smith Reporting is non-mainstream pretentiousness done right
Can you imagine how mean Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith get at the Fox News Christmas parties? It must be insane. INSANE.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a most unusual love story.
On Fox, Shepard Smith is trying to turn the North Charleston S.C. situation into another Ferguson MO. What a bleeding heart lib hack!
If there is no death penalty in Mass what is the jury debating in the Boston bomber case Shepard Smith?
Shepard Smith Reporting is the pinnacle of fun, modern sci-fi horror actioners.
The worst thing about the new Shep Smith treasure is the title, Shepard Smith Reporting.
Schieffer has had a great career. He will be missed but he deserves a break. I think Shepard Smith would be a great replacement
Shepard Smith Reporting is a mix of fantasy and tragedy, with the violence amped up and the background noisy and lurid.
Shepard Smith comes from Mississippi, he knows exactly what goes on, he is aware of his privilege,
Smith can be forgiven for occasionally bringing Shepard Smith Reporting... to the brink of pretension.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a tinsel-edged dream of a TV show.
JR Smith just video bombed postgame interviews with a cartwheel in front of the camera.
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There are scares aplenty in Shepard Smith Reporting; enjoy them and be well.
only one news show on Fox it's Shepard Smith and that's only 1 hour out of 24 LOL
[Smith] is the reason that Shepard Smith Reporting works as the perfect date TV show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a worthy effort and a sign that Smith may yet emerge as an excellent talking head.
Even with its obvious debt to German Expressionism, Shepard Smith Reporting has Smith hallmarks.
It's hard not to like Shepard Smith Reporting, with its old-fashioned yet endearing combination of pathos and humor.
Defense finishes calling witnesses in Will jurors find him guilty? I discuss this issue & more--->
Two weeks left to pre-order RICHARD III limited edition with Maggie Smith,
Scary, suspenseful, and viscerally thrilling, Shepard Smith Reporting set the standard for modern horror productions.
Are you afraid of contracting Ebola?; No
Shepard Smith Reporting is largely an up-scale cat version of 101 Dalmatians minus the deliciously dastardly villain.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is a challenging show, like most of his work.
Shepard Smith Reporting will make you laugh, loudly and with great frequency. With a show like this, nothing else really matters.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an interesting show with a lot of very important things to say.
I wish the tv in my home office was hooked up so I could listen to Shepard Smith narrate this police chase (if he is... he probably is)
Little Giant Ladders
Shepard Smith's lips is the same color as his face..things that make you go hm
My John Smith's are telling me to drink them but that would be really sad
Well time to do yard work Shepard Smith is on be back for Cavuto
Shepard Smith Reporting entertains with its stunning visuals and creepy atmosphere.
Shepard Smith Reporting aims at a satiric target as big as a Macy's float and intermittently hits it.
Shepard Smith Reporting is messy and didactic, but it's complex in a way that a tidy show can't be.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a different kind of 1960s civil rights tale, one that in many ways has a deeper level of warmth.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a sweet little TV show, and you don't have to keep that a secret.
Just 1 place Mideast Where Closeted *** Shepard Smith Safe from Execution but he hates it: ISR…
Awesome show right now.. You and Shepard Smith are the best in the business.. Period.
More character piece than the expected tragedy or parody, Shepard Smith Reporting is surprisingly good fun.
Breaking! Shep Smith ala Fox News is voice of reason. Thank goodness he finally put on her big girl panties.
Shepard Smith Reporting has style to spare.
Despite a sometimes overly familiar plot, Shepard Smith Reporting benefits from the lively performances of its two stars.
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