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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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There's no denying that Smith has a voice and a vision, or that Shepard Smith Reporting is unique.
Shepard Smith Reporting is profoundly relevant for our troubled times.
Shepard Smith Reporting offers a neat package of warm-hearted charm and sly wit.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an appealing tale of two would-be pundits looking for TV show stardom.
The culture clash that ensues is so fascinating that Shepard Smith Reporting nearly succeeds despite itself.
CRAZY PICS: Mayflies invade Wisconsin town, cover everything in sight. Even show up on weather radar! .
Shepard Smith Reporting continually pushes its luck past the breaking point.
I'm not entirely convinced that Shepard Smith isn't some kind of cybernetic organism like The Terminator.
In spite of all the French jokes, Shep Smith' directorial debut, Shepard Smith Reporting, is nothing less than a masterpiece.
With a top notch cast, wonderful direction, and a great play on an old premise, Shepard Smith Reporting is a must-see.
Smith doesn't disappoint, and, if you go in with modest expectations, neither does Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a passionate, visually striking biopic about the larger-than-life artist.
Man admits he killed intruder who said she was pregnant. Should the 80-year-old homeowner face charges?.
Shepard Smith, the pilot of the Enterprise
As pure punditry, Shepard Smith Reporting is in a universe all its own, writing and obeying its own oblique rules.
I don't watch much new , tv in general , but I happened to catch some Shepard smith , what a DB . Complaining...
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Shep Smith Challenges Rachel Maddow to Have Icy Water Dumped on Her: In a web video for anchor Shepard Smith i...
Yet another reason why I love working with check this out.
TVNewser | Shepard Smith Gets Doused, Challenges Rachel Maddow to do the Same: . Shepard Smith got doused, all ...
As disturbing as the expertly paced Shepard Smith Reporting is, it's not some schlocky spookfest.
Shepard Smith Reporting is flawed, yes, but is a worthwhile show that covers territories not dealt with in recent years.
ShepSmith Gets Doused,Challenges Rachel to do theSame via /Go for itRachel,then challenge o'Reilly
Shepard Smith Reporting is an exciting, if uneven, paean to the macho ideal.
ISIS in Iraq is threatening Christians with ultimatum: convert to Islam and pay a tax -- or die. Shep has the story:. http…
It doesn't get any funnier than Shepard Smith Reporting!
Check out getting "chilled" after being called out by Thanks Shep!
The only Fox News reporter that's relevant is Shepard smith
Shepard Smith is in a constant state of needing some chap-stick. Potential spokesperson?
Shepard Smith is no longer "Fair and Balanced" Just now his biased rant was untenable. Unfortunately we can no longer watch him.
Shep, How bizarre you forgot to mention Israel DID honor a cease fire and Hama's broke it! Shame on you Shepard Smith! hamas war
Hamas attacks Israel and Shepard Smith thinks they have valid requests?
Update your maps at Navteq
Shepard smith needs a primer in basic Israeli history. I'm shocked how little compassion he shows for the terror Israel lives with
Shepard Smith just said there are good points on both sides? What good points are there on the Hamas terrorists side, Shepard?
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith could not hide his disgust regarding how State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki began the agency's daily press briefing on the heels of a Malaysian Airlines plane going down over Ukraine.
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith scolded State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki Thursday for running through her routine press briefing just hours after a civilian airliner was reported shot down over a
Jen Psaki from the State Department (of hashtag diplomacy fame) shocked Shepard Smith by going over routine matters instead of starting the press briefing with word of the Malaysian Airlines that went
Disgusted Fox News anchors go off on State Dept. ‘highly inappropriate’ briefing. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith...
Young Smith is a strong presence in Shepard Smith Reporting and Rove emits a wry sangfroid that is formidable.
Amazing isn't it...Totally agree with Shepard Smith!
Hey Shepard smith Berlusconi won his appeal. Worry about your bunga bunga in Chelsea.
Shepard Smith Reporting has everything a sugar-addled twelve-year-old could possibly want.
Like black pudding, Shepard Smith Reporting is an acquired taste.
A class satire in a class of its own, Shepard Smith Reporting's screwball comedy is as sharp as the social commentary is biting.
Actually agree with Shepard Smith big time - via
I thought Shepard Smith was a reporter? Now he's giving opinion and commentary on what is reporting?& calling …
It's got to be pretty outrageous for Shepard Smith to not fall in agreement.
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I think Shepard Smith is behind the whole thing.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a bit like a teenager: brooding, complex, rebellious, and difficult to comprehend.
I saw a lot of Shepard Smith but not you!
What Happened at the State Dep't Briefing After the Plane Crash in Ukraine Had Shepard Smith Disgustedly Calling It '
Please tell Shepard Smith that the plane he kept referring to is an ANTONOV-26, not an "Anotov-26". I hate to see him wrong.
Now where do we go? Your Shepard Smith is ruining it for everybody.
I bet Shepard Smith knows his way around a bath house, if you know what I mean.
Yep that's the same thing I heard early this morning like right after it happened Shepard Smith said that.
*** Shepard Smith really lets State Dep't spox have it for not opening presser with reax to Malaysian airline crash
I don't want to see Shepard Smith ever. I'd reached my limit with him years ago.
Didn't you learn anything Shepard Smith?Showing the victims of the airline which was shot down(without blurring their remains)
I can tell you really like Shepard Smith
How many years now has Foxnews had a *** anchor ? Shepard Smith.
Say what you want about Fox, but I am a huge Shepard Smith fan
Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't have to do much besides put these silly dynamos next to one another and let them enjoy riffing.
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is it me or does Shepard Smith seem to not care if we get him back
Just saw you on Shepard Smith and you were great!
On Shepard Smith Reporting today to discuss: Call girl arrested in Google exec's overdose death on yacht
Anchor Shep Smith has delivered a solid entertainment, particularly for women, with Shepard Smith Reporting.
Man suspected of killing 6 people, including his children, finally surrendered after hours-long standoff. Read more:
We can thank Shepard Smith for much negative publicity on Pres. Bush during "Katrina" . He's still there ...
Virgin Queen Shepard pie.I been longing for you from monday
Shepard Smith Reporting is all about that greatest of all TV show subjects: power.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a crushing indictment of a system that is way off the rails.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is an experience best seen and heard in IMAX. It will blow you away.
I work at a vet clinic and I've NEVER been attacked by a pit bull. It's always a poodle, a yorkie, a terrier mix or a germ…
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is a daring, brutal, vital piece of reportage.
Prostitute accused in yacht overdose death of Google executive, police say. Read more:
We root for Shepard Smith Reporting, of course, but more out of obligation than devotion -- after all, we paid to see him.
WHERE is the CRYING Shepard Smith? Why isn't hestanding in the RIO GRAND crying WHERE IS OBAMA? Like he did BUSH?
Shepard Smith is not impressed with latest "bombshell" report:
Love Fox News - a ray of truth and balance in a morbidly corrupt media, but Shepard Smith irritates the living daylights out of me.
As former TVNews Producer I check many outlets. 12pmPST my NewsSource is Shepard Smith Reporting to make sure I am up to date!
Note to Shepard Smith: What is Israel to do when Rockets are continuously Fired on their Towns? Terrorist Organization.. Remember?
From its gripping immediacy to its strong cast of unknowns, Shepard Smith Reporting feels almost like a roundtable.
Shepard Smith Reporting is just an elaborate noir send-up, and an enjoyably kooky one at that
Shepard Smith Reporting is perceptive, funny and moving.
Shepard Smith Reporting may be strident at times but its message, story and players are thoroughly effective.
Shepard Smith Reporting has one of Rodgers and Hammerstein's best scores, and that's saying something.
Until Shepard Smith Reporting came along, I'd forgotten how good and smart a family show can be.
I only ever turn foxnews on to watch Shepard smith
Not only me agree with Equating US Troops with Terrorists Shepard Smith.So what if a senate sends them
i have a 4 month old german shepard! Cutest dog of all time
Shepard Smith Reporting is a romantic drama for grown ups.
Shepard Smith needs to get down to the border and interview people like he did in Katrina. Oh wait Obama won't let him do that.
Did Shepard Smith really just use the term Ne'er do wells? Well, these rapscallions are going to have to stop this Tomfoolery
Oddly is neither a shepard, nor a smith.
Shepard Smith has pronounced "Hamas" three different ways in five minutes
Shepard Smith needs to go work for CNN.
I'm "Shepard Smith Reporting". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. .
Not sure why you favored a rude comment to me from Shepard Smith...
Shepard Smith Reporting is an uncomfortably riveting glimpse into the casual cruelty of youth.
While Shepard Smith Reporting lacks big-budget majesty, it has humor and heart.
Shepard Smith Reporting may be a little too insider-ish for viewers unfamiliar with the very real workings of awards hype.
The victim or witness are guilty lol!/Shepard Smith Accuses Glenn Greenwald of Equating…:
The only decent presenter on Faux news is Shepard Smith. I like him.
Shepard Smith Reporting shamelessly piles on the cliches, but it's an entertaining ride throughout.
Documentaries don't come any bigger-hearted than Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting takes a penetrating look at suburbia and its flawed individuals with an unflinching yet humane eye.
Where is Shepard Smith standing on the border DEMANDING to know where POTUS is like he did with George W. Bush and Hurricane Katrina?
"Shepard Smith Reporting 2" does work viscerally, however, and with this kind of TV show, that's really what counts. No problemo.
Shepard Smith has a new Fox show-says it's accurate, fair, balanced. Don't make me laugh!
Reminds me of when Shepard Smith on FOX announced that Pope John Paul II had died before he did.
Shepard Smith Reporting leaves the viewer with many questions.
Shepard Smith has a cameo in Volcano.
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of those rare news shows that takes the idea of rehabilitation seriously.
Shepard Smith Reporting, for all its vagaries, is a funny, often touching, sometimes astute treasure.
Very much a part of our punditry heritage, Shepard Smith Reporting deserves to be remembered more than it has been.
Shepard Smith Reporting is classic FOX. It's a bit lost on the kids of today - especially the younger ones.
Shepard Smith Reporting's most unsettling aspect is in how it shows us how little we've changed as a culture.
Don't go to Shepard Smith Reporting expecting pugilistic melodrama about long-shot underdogs.
The real victory in Shepard Smith Reporting is how much Smith is able to communicate about the human spirit with so few strokes.
"German Shepard fetches ball and returns to find his owner back from deployment why dogs are the best!
The Lord is my Shepard he know what I want
Shepard Smith Reporting works because Shep Smith's talents as a pundit and comedian.
I can't exactly call Shepard Smith Reporting an instant cult classic, but I'll absolutely call it a cult hit without hesitation.
Despite the don't-look-down Olympian settings, Shepard Smith Reporting's spirit is brutal and earthbound.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an unqualified triumph that works on all levels.
Shepard Smith has the perfect response to Ann Coulter hating on soccer.
I'm "The Five". *** yeah ! Next to Magen Kelly this is my favorite show but I love looking @ Shepard Smith Um!
Every so often, a TV show comes along that knocks the wind out of you. Shepard Smith Reporting is one of them.
Shepard Smith set looks like the clean room in Charlie and the chocolate factory all it's missing is oompaloompas, to Bright
.will be pinch-hitting for Shepard Smith at 3pm today.
Shepard Smith Reporting has one of the best ensembles of the year.
Stylish but emotionally distant, Shepard Smith Reporting is a clever tribute to the show noir genre.
The latest Shepard Smith Reporting is a step up from recent dance gabfests.
For a war show, Shepard Smith Reporting is oddly lighter in spirit than many of Smith's other productions from this period.
Thanks Shepard Smith for weirdest story of the day NY sandwich tax and what is a sandwich, poor NY!
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a mystical, gentle TV show that goes beyond the boundaries of the usual coming-of-age show.
Is Shepard Smith drunk? He doesn't know the answer to his q: "What does the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval mean anymore?"   10% Off
Is Shepard smith drunk on his show?! He can't say one sentence without fumbling his words
Just learned on Fox News Shepard Smith for tax purpose a hot dog is not a sandwich but hamburger is, why shape of bun?
Mr Bob starting to like Shepard Smith Reporting on Fox News 3 PM est.
New NY sandwich tax, thank goodness we have Shepard Smith to clarify
Thanks to Smith's presence, it gets closer to the sweetness of the wonderful Shepard Smith Reporting.
What's the matter Shepard Smith? Greenwald undermining your Neocon Narrative? LOVE THIS.
Fox News denies report Shepard Smith demoted for asking to come out - Fox News is denying allegations...
Their sane host(s) they have. Shepard Smith and sometimes Bret Baier & Greta.'s the show's fearless go-for broke style which makes Shepard Smith Reporting such a success.
Shepard Smith Reporting is bolstered by a strong cast and features many insightful glimpses into the lives of women.
Shepard Smith Reporting is legitimately funny, inventive, and just plain cool.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" doesn't offer much more than a keg of cheap laughs -- but that's something worth drinking to.
Yes! Krauthammer: It's not the quantity of ExecOrders; it's the breath and scope. Listen up, Shepard Smith!
Though the animals may just be wild, Shepard Smith Reporting is a neatly contained show of family and friendship.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" unfolds along familiar lines, but it works.
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Everybody tune into Shepard Smith Reporting on He's discussing new Must Know Privacy laws
Shepard Smith Reporting is the stuff of legend.
Shepard Smith cannot hide his disdain for voters ousting Cantor. He just seethes when he utters word "immigration". *** off Shep.
Michelle Nelson Just now · Keller, TX · On Fox News, Shepard Smith asked legal analyst (and former Judge) Andrew Napolitano whether or not the Taliban Gitmo prisoner exchange was legal under the NDAA H.R. 1960 Statute. Napolitano explained that the swap was illegal because taxpayer dollars were spent to remove these prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without giving Congress 30 days’ notice. However, Napolitano goes a step further by pointing out that Obama has provided material assistance (human assets) to the Taliban, which has been identified by Congress to be a non-state terrorist organization. This is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life for any American who violates this law, including the President of the United States
I like Shepard Smith. Like that people call him "Shep." Nice haircut too. Good guy all around. That's just my take.
., Shepard Smith has been known to mess up. He's done it again with Sgt. Tahmooresi story. What's Shep's agenda, stupidity?
Every time I see Shepard Smith on a Daily Show clip (honestly, that's the only time I see him) I think he looks like Leland Palmer.
Multiple fires burn in San Diego County as thousands of people are evacuated. Stay tuned to Fox News Channel and follow Shepard Smith for the latest.
According to explosive new allegations, all-but-openly *** Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is being forcibly kept in the closet by Roger Ailes and other Fox bigwigs.
Actually Anderson Cooper, Barney Frank, Shepard Smith and Obama all get turned on when they start hearing the banjos as they boat down the river. KR
4 p.m. I just turned the TV on. I tend to watch Morning Joe on MSNBC right after I bail out of the crib. Then I stop watching the tube at 9 a.m. I turn it back on around this time of the day. Right now I'm watching Fox News. Because I like Shepard Smith. How can I loath Fox and like Mr. Smith? ( Especially when he goes to Washington ) . I just like the guy. He's welcome in my living room. He's a good guest. Which, in a nutshell, is what watching the news is all about. In my humble opinion. Sure. There are others newsies with whom I agree on issues political and social. Like Wolf Blitzer. But I can't watch The Wolf Man. This Malaysian plane obsession. Wolf leads the way, leads us astray, to our dismayday. MSNBC? Predictable. I've loved Chris Matthews for decades. But... Predictable. And Mia Farrow's son, who has his own hour long show on MSNBC. I kinda like him. But I'm reading this book now, Blood Will Out, about a guy who claimed he was a Rockefeller, but wasn't. Is Farrow a Farrow? Did he really get acc ...
If you're in need of a little inspiration, a shot of Shepard Smith Reporting will do you nicely.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" wouldn't be a bad choice for the last TV show you see before life on Earth comes to a crashing halt.
Rough but heartfelt, Shepard Smith Reporting addresses an important issue with conviction.
Less a show than a moment in time--at least that's what Shepard Smith Reporting's dreamy bookends would have you believe.
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Shep Smith lives to make you melt, and his latest, Shepard Smith Reporting, should just about do the trick.
With its cool cast and classic kiss-off ending, Shepard Smith Reporting will forever be a cultural touchstone of '80s punditry.
"Shepard, that mountain is almost at an 85 degree angle, we'll never make it!" "Oh yeah? Watch this."
Pound for pound and minute for minute, Shepard Smith Reporting may just have more laughs in it than any other Shep Smith TV show.
Decided to make red velvet cupcakes for my demo if I don't get an A I will shoot Mrs.Shepard
Shepard Smith Reporting is a pale imitation of Lethal Weapon, but it works well enough to be entertaining.
Moms finally making Shepard's pie as I asked for it since December
"Shepard Smith Reporting" opens like a ghost story and closes with its feet firmly in the real world.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a TV show by gadgeteers, for gadgeteers, about gadgeteers.
I'll watch when Shepard Smith is on. he's respectful. other than that I just click on by
Shepard Smith Reporting is not a great show, but it is a contentious one.
Shepard Smith Reporting keeps the Shep Smith tradition in good form.
Tonight at 7p ET, join Shepard Smith as he reveals the plans and the passion to rebuild at Ground Zero in a Fox Report Special: The Rise of Freedom.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a powerful crime drama in which all are heroes and all are villains.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the biggest journalistic landmark since pictures first started moving.
Go see Shepard Smith Reporting. It's one the year's best productions and I sincerely hope that it is not overlooked.
The play's the thing in Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting takes a simple premise and spins it into an entertaining show surging with pure energy.
Noam Chomsky and JD Salinger and David Mamet and Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard and Pacino and Takakura ask no less. . Namaste.
Shepard Smith Reporting is essential, entertaining viewing for anyone interested in the dot bomb phenomenon.
Shepard Smith Reporting is beguiling proof that Shep Smith still knows his way around fairyland.
do you guys ever worry maybe Shepard Smith has been possessed by Bob this whole time?
Shepard Smith Reporting is a masterly exploration of the dangers of ambition, British reserve, and unbridled emotion.
Why is Shepard Smith from Fox News so ugly. 🙈
Shepard Smith is such a handsome guy
Raunchy, violent, and very funny, Shepard Smith Reporting is ultimately set apart by a wonderful comic performance by Shep Smith.
Here's the Shephard Smith's segment on the Future of Money (with me):
Shepard Smith Reporting could have been a pulpy delight instead of just another, albeit entertaining, action TV show.
Handsomely mounted, literate, emotionally sophisticated, Shepard Smith Reporting has everything a period romance should have.
One of the saddest parts of a movie I've ever seen is definitely when will smith has to kill his German Shepard in I am legend 😔
An innovative mix of sophisticated puppetry and special effects, Shepard Smith Reporting has all the components of classic myth.
Tornado on the ground in Denton, Texas: Shepard Smith reports
Despite its bleak atmosphere and sparse storyline, period drama Shepard Smith Reporting is a pleasant surprise.
It's hard to find a moment in the show that isn't great. Shepard Smith Reporting lives up to the term masterpiece.
Can you do a phoner with Shepard Smith??
Be prepared: Shepard Smith Reporting is a slow starter.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a bad TV show, but a likable one.
Shepard Smith, These ships looking for debri,, from flight 370,could they drag along a large magnet that just might snag onto debri on long
Since "hard news reporter" Shepard Smith wants to tell us how to deal with Cuba, Fox should assign him there for a few years.
makes watching Shepard Smith Reporting more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Shepard Smith is definitely my favorite news anchor. He does a good job.
Under Smith's care 'Shepard Smith Reporting' is the kind of tremendous fun-filled show that's worth going to the theater to see.
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the best times I've had lately enjoying a TV show that has no regard for a plot.
"“do you even have an *** idk you tell me. THE LORD IS MY SHEPARD..😍😍😍😍
I enjoyed Shepard Smith Reporting while it lasted, but... very little of it has stayed with me.
Strong performances by the lead actresses make Shepard Smith Reporting a compelling female melodrama.
There are a thousand nonconformist comedies, but only one Shepard Smith Reporting.
It's a goofy story, and it's far from a brilliant TV show, but Shepard Smith Reporting is a fun romp for a family to watch.
An implacable work of authority and compassion, Shepard Smith Reporting is political punditry at its best.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an inventive comedy-mystery.
The conscience of the constitution | Adam Smith Institute via
So grateful to have in my life. She's always there for me when I need someone and understands everything. Love you so much❤️😘
Shepard Smith Reporting emerges as Shep Smith's most polished effort to date, but not his funniest.
Ever wonder about the future of currencies? My dear friend Heather Vescent killed it today on Fox News: So...
Shepard smith wants to talk to me soo theres that..
Fox News Contributor Juan Williams weighs in on the controversy over President Obama's birth certificate with Shepard Smith. Hear what he had to say. For mor...
Friends, please note that none of the TV channels are talking about the fact that there are 24% of Ukrainians and 14% of Crimean Tatars living in Crimea. They are in danger! There are reports that people are fleeing to Western Ukraine and that Crimean Tatars houses are "marked" by the Russians or their supporters. For some reason all the anchors keep talking about the Russians that are glad to see putin invade Crimea. They are not doing their homework, as I haven't heard one word from Shepard Smith of Fox News or Anderson Cooper of CNN (both are in Ukraine now) about the other nationalities living in Crimea. Ukrainians and Tatars are discriminated there, not the Russians! How do we get the truth to these people, so they tell the world the real story about Crimea and Ukraine?
JAPANS GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING ! Fox News has admitted that the US government has told a “fantastical incredible lie” about Fukushima radiation coming to America’s shores as the East Coast gets lit up by radiation including RADCON 4 alerts issued for Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia. Warning that radiation from Japan is “the gift from Japan that keeps on giving”, Shepard Smith confirms that they knew they were being lied to by the US govt but couldn't confirm it at the time. Leuren Moret confirms that Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and the Pacific Islands unsafe for humans.
BIG announcement from the They'll donate all proceeds from jersey sales to & Matthew Shepard Foundation.
"... the *** *** & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the Matthew Shepard Foundation."
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While journalists examined thousands of newly released documents from the Clinton White House in search of salacious details, Fox News' Shepard Smith mocked the coverage as "beat-up-the-Clintons day again" before concluding that the documents show "Hillary didn't do anything."
"It's beat-up-the-Clintons day again." Classic: Shepard Smith mocks media coverage of Clinton documents release
O'Reilly and Shepard Smith viewers are ready for the taking right now.
Shepard Smith on Fox at 12PM today is on, hot, funny, superb
Shepard Smith of Fox News is a hard core defender of Hillary Clinton...He is her protector.He was screaming today a Wallace to leave her along...Wow.
I think Shepard Smith has lost his mind!
I really can't stand Nancy Grace. She's one of about five news personalities I absolutely loathe. The others include Anderson Cooper, Bill O'Reliley, Chris Matthews, and Shepard Smith.
In all fairness to Fox I had to post this video from January 15, 2014 where Shepard Smith defends Net Neutrality, and explains it fairly well with the limited time he had. The point he missed however, was that the Internet needs to be categorized as a utility rather than a free market business mode...
I came across this video clip of Shepard Smith from defending So in all fairness I thought I should post it since Megyn Kelly from Fox was so far the other way. I wonder if they speak to each other at the company Christmas party?
Shepard Smith on Fox News is such a Progressive ***
In a video tour, Shepard Smith reveals the extraordinarily high-tech engineering behind his brand-new "Fox News Deck" and, we must say, the whole thing looks...
Gotta tip my hat to for not only taking the initiative (My Brothers Keeper) but also getting and together and visually and vocally involved in this.Seeing Shepard Smith on Fox News highlighting this and Joy Reed on msnbc highlighting this shows WE are moving forward the right way on this.God you still and always will be!!
Lou will be on Shepard Smith Live on Fox National in a few minutes!!! Watch!! 3-4
This is the picture that explains why Shepard Smith is not happy with Florida and his smart remarks about the state.
More horrific details in the case of a coach accused of kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old girl:
I gotta wonder if Shepard Smith is docked a fixed amount of money every time he trips over his own tongue. That'd even his huge salary out.
I want this guy in Florida to get off just to watch Shepard Smith and Nancy Grace have simultaneous strokes on the air.
this Neil Morris guy is a Shepard Smith voice doppelganger
Tune into Shepard Smith on to see discussing the abduction of 10-year old Hailey from Missouri.
I feel like Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith are screaming at me ALL THE TIME
A scathing indictment of the American medical system, Shepard Smith Reporting is timely, frightening stuff.
Sometimes I feel I should start watching simply because Shepard Smith always talks about it and he's amazing.
This video does a good job of explaining what is happening in Ukraine.
go back to get your college degree.This is my country &was fired on jan 25-2014
Shepard Smith Reporting is a perfect TV show.
A well-delivered, genre-busting curiosity, "Shepard Smith Reporting" is bold of premise and disquieting in its low-key mounting.
yeah I like Bret. I like Shepard smith too
How apt for a show called Shepard Smith Reporting that Smith should have plusses and minuses the whole way through.
Jonny Sunshine lives in a concrete fortress & he hears Russillo for Shepard Smith!! O'Reilly says its 50/50. FANTASTIC!!
If "Shepard Smith Reporting" is the new way to get the news, I'll stick to the old.
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A simple tale, well told, Shepard Smith Reporting is one of Shep Smith's better efforts.
Shep's Ukraine explainer is really good. In related news, I wrote it.
A huge nationwide beef recall now includes some products. Wait till you hear Shep's other “headline”:
With a truce announced after deadly protests in Shep explains what the political crisis is all about:
I think that Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith should host an hour long news program together where they show BOTH sides of the issues
I just heard Shepard Smith ask one of the dumbest questions ever. Good going, Shep!
Can you fire Shepard Smith, put cavuto back on.
Why is this loser Shepard Smith STILL on Really thought they would've fired this *** by now.
The most refreshing and enjoyable musical of this century--Shepard Smith Reporting.
My life is over. I can't believe Shepard Smith from Fox News is ***
9 million pounds of meat recalled from the maker of Hot Pockets. Their Philly Cheessteak is one of the affected products that was made with diseased and uninspected meat, reports Shepard Smith from Fox News. Imagine how many cows died for nothing. What a sin.
Shepard Smith Reporting deftly manages to be equal parts character drama and sports show without giving short shrift to either.
At getting a look at Shepard Smith's show for
I really enjoy . Shepard Smith & are the only two hosts I can stomach watching on .
Shepard Smith we have no business in Ukraine
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If Shepard Smith Reporting has a fault, it would be a slight lack of focus. A flawed, but beautiful roundtable.
For a lunch-break laugh, watch Shepard Smith struggle to read a menu. Glorious.
Is *** bustin making a come back!?? I kinda Hope So... :) Via Shepard Smith; Ahead on Shepard Smith Reporting at 3pmEt: Lawmakers in one state are pushing for a law that would let teachers spank students, even to the point of bruising. What do you think? ...
In many ways, Shepard Smith Reporting is Smith's best work yet, his most stringent and evocative.
oh my god Shepard Smith is a complete moron.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a horrible hoot.
Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't try anything funny, there are no winks to the audience.
I know u watching Shepard smith what happen to there game! No D!!!
no defense Smith Shepard what happen to there game!
Nobody can read a menu like shepard smith... Thank you stephen Colbert
It may not Shep Smith's best work, but the frothy, fun Shepard Smith Reporting is still worth a look.
I wouldn't watch Shepard smith IF HE WERE ON MY BACK PORCH! He can't get one story read without a screwup.
Shepard Smith said they look like giant rats to describe the heat resistant clothes the Kiev riot police are wearing. I worry about him.
I cant wait to hear about Shepard Smith's Chicken Kiev during his reporting on the political unrest in the Ukraine
Good on Fox News for at least covering the Ukraine protests, somewhat. Of course, it's Shepard Smith.
I'm curious. Is Fox News Shepard Smith hour a Comedy segment? His language skills are atrocious and even his coworkers laugh at him. I was going to post the segment of him reading the White House Menu but they wanted all my info. (NOT). Watch & you will understand. No, I do not watch Fox. Cobert showed this on his show which made for an amusing segment.
Shepard Smith Reporting captures the spirit -- and cultural anxieties -- of the times.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not as saccharine as I expected, but the sugar-coated love story offers us nothing new or original.
Although there are some light moments and traces of dark humor, Shepard Smith Reporting's overall aura is one of dread.
Media Analysis The CNN news segment was mostly fair and balanced. The network showed viewers a low approval rating of the President, and then afterwards had a story on an interview with the Democratic President, Barack Obama and Charles Barkley. The “loud music” trial was formatted so as neither party of the case was given preference. CNN said there were, “mixed reactions,” and spoke with both sides equally. Two defense attorneys were on the show to offer their support, not their opinions. The story selection of Obama’s interview could be considered as story selection bias, being that a republican was not given airtime to balance red and blue affiliations. A murder defendant, Miranda Barber, was engaged as pertaining only to relevant material and facts she had told authorities. CNN had credible sources on its show, including Susan Candiotti, a national correspondent for CNN; Chad Myers, a meteorologist for CNN; Joey Jackson, a criminal defense attorney; and Danny Cevallos, a second criminal defe ...
Shepard Smith Reporting is your quintessential historical biopic: stately, noble, and with plenty of electrifying performances.
Shepard Smith Reporting gets by on its mood of industrial dread.
can you please get rid of Shepard smith! He's embarrassing!
shepard smith does it all the time greg and MK is drama queen please dont throw stones
I saw you on Fox today.Shepard Smith showed your skating rink map.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an extraordinary show about a healer and the power of love.
If anyone was worried that Smith was just too old to put the hat back on, Shepard Smith Reporting should lay that to rest.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a rare reminder that the genre label "horror" derives from the word horrifying, not horrible.
The REAL reason for ABBA's goofy costumes revealed: It all had to do with tax breaks! weighs in:
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