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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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Shepard Smith finally comes out of the closet as *** via
I quit watching Shepard Smith weeks ago because of his bias
"Shepard Smith came out as *** Neat.". Y'know, I think this has some real potential.
Obvious..that's why he slanted the news that way..
SHEPARD SMITH GOES UNPUNISHED. Smith arrested for hitting woman with car.
I did not realize Shepard Smith wasn't out already.
"Said the man who is not even Catholic, let alone Pope. Nothing in, or coming out of the Vatican since…" — Joanne
"And he told the woman who had been caught with a man not her husband to repent, that her Father had…" — danadee
"Michael, there are two gatekeepers that have been down on the job for decades, which is why we are in…" — danadee
"I couldn't care less that Shep is *** .what annoys me is his endless Trump-hate. He spews it non-stop…" — Cat
for him.. Smith Answers Question on Roger by Coming Out |
Stupid *** Shepard Smith wants Hillary to win so there is a bigger chance some muslim will toss him off a building! ht…
Just watched a Shepard Smith compilation, had no idea he was so funny. "Have you seen True Blood? Watch True Blood" lmao
How is it news that Shepard Smith is a homosexual . come on now. who didn't know?
Shepard Smith was a topic of Outspoken... Word on the street is that he is a ***
WHAT?!?!! Shep is a *** He will either need to leave the network or they are about to lose viewers
BUSTED! Megyn Kelly & Shepard Smith on payroll. Why don't you just go to CNN with the rest of her cronies…
So, Shepard Smith, small town Southern boy, working for Fox News, officially comes out, and you still think being *** is a choice?
Shepard Smith is *** . Melania throws Billy under the bus. Azalia accuses Russell Crowe. *Big day for me and these salt and…
Need him on the Fox News line up. Instead of M. Kelly and/or Shepard Smith.
So when is FoxNews ridding itself of Shepard Smith?!?
This is about as shocking to me as when ROB HALFORD came out. Now then, let's see if the LGBT shows that...
Watching I am legend and got to the scene where will smith loses his German Shepard. made me cuddle mine harder than I should. Hard scene
Seriously, I have much better things to think about than Shepard Smith is a ***
Fox News' Shepard Smith says Roger Ailes was never homophobic tow...
FOX host Shepard Smith comes out, denies Roger Ailes kept him in the closet Cool it's about time.
It seems no matter what channel you get your news from, the anchors are more and more *** these days. Here's... https:…
Fox News host Shepard Smith finally coming out as a *** man is about as surprising as Eddie Van Halen coming out as a guita…
Wait. Who didn't know Shep Smith is *** Anyone? . I thought he came out years ago. Go figure.
I think I could watch Shepard Smith talk about Hurricane Matthew killing you and everyone you know for an eternity. And your kids die too!
When I heard Shepard Smith "Came Out" I didn't think it was out of his Glass Closet. I thought it was as a Democrat!
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Fox News anchor Shepard Smith says former boss Roger Ailes never treated him differently for being ***
Good for you Shephard... We've all got your back! He's one of the best in the business and he knows that...
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith publicly comes out
Also Shepard Smith came out...he missed coming out day. That's against the rules!
I change the channel to every day when sleazy w/ biased liberal hack Shepard Smith comes…
welp, I didn't see this one coming. Fox News' Shep Smith comes out as ***
Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Comes Out: Though he’s never officially come out, Shepard Smith has appeared in...
Smith as a pundit does justice to his long-term passion to play Shepard Smith Reporting.
In under eighty minutes, Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds in so many ways.
Shepard Smith to Florida woman: Do you expect us to cover your funeral?
Shep Smith opened up about his personal life.
Is Shep Smith The Future Of Fox NEW YORK ― It’s 3:00 in the afternoon, and Shepard Smith is in the ch...
Back into Shepard Smith's closet, Billy! Stay there this time!
Shepard Smith is *** and supporting a nominee that accepts Millions of Dollars from those that kills *** Ironic.
Shepard Smith *** !??? duhhh .. Took you long enough Shlep!! *** Straight who cares the guy is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! V…
.. Next you'll tell me Shepard Smith is ***
Shepard Smith reveals what it was like working under Roger Ailes as a *** anchor
After years of broadcasting on the most popular cable-news channel in the nation, Shepard Smith of t
I thought Shepard Smith was out long ago. No disrespect meant.
Bragging That You Outed Someone? To this we say no, no, no, and *** Editor boasts he outed Shepard Smith years ago. https…
I was so hoping that Shepard Smith was quitting FOX, he needs to go to CNN quickly and take Megyn Kelly with him.
With Shepard Smith coming out, I'm shocked! I mean, what's next? coming out! As if! anyone surprised Shepard Smith came out?. It wasn't obvious?. Those *** eyes... Straight dudes do not twinkle their eyes...EVER.
Shepard Smith of Fox News comes out as *** via
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith denied a 2014 report that Roger Ailes forced him to hide his sexual orientation:
Apparently the only one that Shepard Smith hasn't told is himself
Exactly! Ailes is sick but there's NO explanation for Shepard Smith's "it's all about me & screw the rest of the LG…
Wait, hold on. Shepard Smith came out. That has to be the third horseman of the Apocalypse.
Shephard Smith just came out... it's interesting that he waited until Ailes was out. What does that say about Ailes?
I don't think Shepard Smith being *** was a big secret. I heard about it years ago.
Roger Ailes no longer runs Fox News. And Shepard Smith came out today. But those two things are not related, say...
Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Shepard Smith... all *** Don't these guys know they will be the first to be thrown from ro…
Hey, Shepard Smith, we already knew — and don't care
This is the news equivalent of someone reporting that the sky is blue.
Apparently Shep Smith just came out of the closet as a Liberal Democrat. Oh, and he's *** too.
Shepard Smith has to go!, changed the channel to fox business.
Katie it appears you and Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly have a pro Hillary club going biased news
"LSU's mascot hated on by Shepard Smith. "Mike"the tiger is dead. :( Guess your happy now "Shep"
I guess you didn't die in the hurricane. You should let Shepard Smith know you're alive.
Fox host: 'You and everyone you know are dead': Fox News anchor Shepard Smith issued a harsh warning to Flori...
Hurricane Matthew makes TV host totally lose it: ‘It will kill you and everyone you know'
‘You and your children will die’ Fox News' Shepard Smith delivers morbid Hurricane Matthew warning…
. Here's hoping it's without Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith # unwatchable
Leland Vitter to nice to be in that weather. They should have sent Shepard Smith
Shepard Smith has to be fired. He's a ***
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Well, if you thought THAT was scary, Fox News host Shepard Smith keeps hopes high regarding Hurricane Matthew
Shepard Smith's hurricane coverage is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
Shepard Smith's poor choice of words on Fox News is not funny. He was clearly having a bad day and his level of professionalism dropped. 👎🏻
A Fox News host issued terrifying proclamations about Hurricane Matthew: 'You and everyone you know are...
Wait, did Shepard Smith really say everyone is going to die? AND THEIR KIDS, TOO?
"And your kids die too" -- There's a way to tell people to evacuate and then there's Shepard Smith's way.
Fox anchor Shepard Smith decided to offer everyone an unnecessarily-scary Hurricane Matthew warning…
Why is everyone mad at Shepard Smith? The man kept it real
If it gets too bad they will send Shepard Smith. Not to report, the amount of botox on his face can be used as a flotatio…
You have to start Marshall especially with Decker most likely out. Then you start Smith and bench shepard
I was wondering how long it would take 4 Shepard Smith 2 start trending after his idiotic, fear mongering comments. He needs t…
Don't know what's worse -- Botox & makeup on his face or BS coming out of his mouth http…
Anchor goes a little overboard on Hurricane Matthew
People are mad at Shepard Smith but not the *** that didn't evacuate? 100mph winds!
Shepard Smith is the most savage weatherman . "and 👏 your 👏 kids 👏 die 👏 too"
What in the *** did you just say Shepard Smith?WOW...people are getting together to try to get him...
My thoughts and prayers are with Shepard Smith this morning.
Only thing missing from Shepard Smith, Fox News broadcast was dramatic music.
...And your kids die too. Shepard Smith is unhinged. Praying for my friends & fam in FL today. 🙏🏻https:/…
weatherman says we are all dead *** Kids Die Too Shepard Smith Hurricane Matthew Fox News - YouTube😱
Shepard Smith on Hurricane Matthew: "You and everyone you know are dead... And your kids die too." https…
Shepard Smith - The Bill *** Show–Shepard Smith of blows off hurricane for a wedding, “Blame” Gabbert and why fans are dropping
I did not give good info on wr I have Marvin Jones wr 1, need a 2, b marshall, S shepard or S smith or do I change crowell flex
Shepard Smith is trending! Thought he was suing because he's mad Roger Ailes DIDN'T sexually harass him, b…
Shepard Smith: " you expect us to cover your funeral?".
I have no idea what Shepard Smith aka "Shemp" said but I've been saying for years that he and Roger Ailes need to get a room.
Bill hemmer looks like he's in competition with Shepard Smith on who can be more grandiose in their flood news commentary.
Rupert Murdock, you are not successful because of Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith, in fact if you don't get rid of them fox may fall!
These people ruining Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Carl Whoever, Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Megan Slob Bimbo. Hope they go to
I agree Lou Dobbs and varney on Fox business, but Fox News just creeping on the liberals specially Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly
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Shepard Smith has lace on his Hillary undies
"I'm not doing that": Fox's Shepard Smith refuses to follow network and lie to help Trump
make sure u don't watch Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace these people are liberal Trump haters.say mexico is r allie
Have known for a long time that Shepard Smith is a liberal. You only have to listen a bit to know it!
Listen to Greta, Sean, Eric Bolling and Monica Crowley. Stay away from traitors like Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith.
Chris Wallace is, and always has been, unwatchable. He is right up there with Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith in my humble opinion.
Loss is due to Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith. All others r balanced, but they're so biased against Trump
I always knew she wore a leaky diaper so full of poo! Megan Kelly & Shepard Smith go 2 CNN!
If you knew Shepard Smith and Meghan Kelly donated $70,000 to the Clinton Campaign via associates would their reporting make more sense?
have boycotted meghan Kelly ever since first Fox debate, added Shepard Smith to the boycott
I knew that loser Shepard Smith was in the bag for the Dems, and it makes sense the way Megan's been lately 🙄🙄👎🏻
5 Cops murdered in 3 in Shepard Smith upset Bobby Jindal said . Maybe he should join…
Shepard Smith you're a freaking *** alongside Juan Williams AND Alan Colmes you make me sick I'm about finished with fox
I can't watch that Opinionated POS Shepard Smith any more! He's as bad as Alan Colmes.
‘Shepard Smith is a *** *** ’ Unforgivable fight with Jindal after ambush has people calling Fox News!
Electronic Device Insurance
.- Shepard Smith is a disgrace, Fire Him!
Shepard Smith looks like the Matt Damon doll omg
Here’s what Shepard Smith said that caused viewers to call for his immediate firing via
Shepard Smith is either a fool or a tool. Which is it?
Shepard Smith of declares All Lives Matter a derogatory term in the wake of Baton Rouge shooting
Shepard Smith has a rich Uncle at Fox. He must. He is the worst newscaster in the busines.
Shepard Smith was very inappropriate on Fox News. Apologize.
. Shepard Smith told that All Lives Matters is a divisive term.
What the *** is wrong with Shepard Smith. is divisive? What a POS.
"If dying is not a thing that you mind, you are very difficut to stop" -Shepard Smith on terrorism
Shepard Smith excusing tonight's massacre because of what happened in other states, a complete disgrace,BLM has blood on its hands!
Fox's Shepard Smith waits for his pink slip.
There is absolutely no reason for Fox News say if you don't like Shepard Smith turn the channel. It's done
If you watched Shepard Smith on pls take your temp, as you are ill. Will send card, flowers & candy.
Why is Shepard Smith even on the Fox News Channel? He has all the earmarks of an MSNBC reporter. Wussy.
Husbands and boyfriends, be especially diplomatic when accompanying your dates to Shepard Smith Reporting.
WR Sterling Shepard, the player I comp'd to NYG Steve Smith in Nov.
Shepard Smith Reporting, if you are interested in the celebrity scene, will make your jaw drop.
y'all got Jaylon Smith ? And we got sterling Shepard from Ou he gon go stupid and a Safety from Boise
Sterling Shepard (selected by with 40th pick overall in the 2nd RD of https:/…
don't tell me they got to Shepard Smith, too!
From OKC to Norman to NYC. The boy has become a man. Congrats and Good Luck to Sterling Shepard in the NFL. ht…
I comp'd him to Steve Smith of Giants past months ago...
Wow just caught up on the picks , some crazy picks giants got a steal with Shepard , Henry to the Titans? What. Smith to the boys? JACK JAGS
Shepard Smith Reporting shows plenty of evidence of a rare visual talent at work.
he really is very full of himself Are Shepard Smith and he related
Shepard Smith reported 4/28 PM Lyin'CRUZ was Lawyer of John Boehner,mentioned in the Newspapers,CRUZ lied saw Boehner 3X.
Sterling Shepard may be our next Steve Smith. Who knows
Sterling Shepard will bring the same quickness and route running ability to middle of the field that Steve Smith did.
As much as I've criticized JR he has a good track record drafting WRs. Smith/Nicks/MM/OBJ ill trust him on Shepard
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Sterling Shepard looks like Steve Smith from those highlights. I am happy.
bring back steve smith dern, no shepard. Steve last year. Make the trade for pick
Think Sterling Shepard can be the next Giants Steve Smith!
had a great deep threat in ODB, and now they have Sterling Shepard who I keep hearing from ppl is Steve Smith 2.0
With the pick in the 2016 the select WR Sterling Shepard!
Shep Smith plays Shepard Smith Reporting in all his spitting, spouting, grandiose glory.
Happy for Myles jack jaylon smith and sterling Shepard
As an OU fan, I'm biased, but I think Sterling Shepard has the potential to be best WR in this class. See him as the next Steve Smith.
Shepard or Jaylon Smith that is my 2nd round wish list
Bills should try to trade up for Jack or at our pick get Ragland,Billings,Smith, or Shepard
ideally I want Shepard and Dixon in this rd, and take Smith in the 3rd with a DT or DL also
Shepard Smith Reporting is a mix of the icky, the corny and the comic, but there's no denying that it's fun.
that's a lot of question marks. I'd take spence Shepard Caroo and smith
Ive often wondered abt that I heard Shepard Smith is as well. 😯💁
Shepard Smith Reporting *** BALLS! Asking if maybe Trump owes answers to protestors. They are throwing rocks at police.. ***
Alexander here in 2nd round than Shepard 3rd round if available & 4th round take Jalyen Smith take a chance with his injuries
Katrina please let Donald know all these facts.Shepard Smith proudly announced FOXNEWS found in Newspapers:. Lyin'CRUZ was Boehners' Lawyer
I would be amped if we got one of these players today. Ragland, Noah spence, sua cravens, jaylon smith, sterling Shepard or Braxton Miller
Good Lord, if Shepard Smith was anymore biased they would have to put him in a dress and put lipstick on him, but he might like it.
I’d be happy if the took Sterling Shepard. Yes, another 2nd-round WR, but he’s more versatile than Devin Smith was coming out.
Jaylon Smith Hunter Henry Deion Jones are on the board who you got Bleacher Report has us taking Sterling Shepard
Shepard reminds me of our Steve Smith we had. Small but agile.
There isn't a moment in Shepard Smith Reporting when you feel like walking out; nor do you take the finished show with you.
The only cancer Fox News needs on their station is Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith
The only two voices I listen to on Fox News is Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto,there Trump temperament is right down the middle,,FAIR,,
, I'd trust the front office if they went with Jack or Jaylon Smith , but I'm thinking Shepard. KC needs a legit WR
Smith, Robinson, Shepard, Cravens and Henry my favorites here. You not a fan of Caroo?
I love Shepard too. Any shot they take Jack? Or jaylon Smith in a later rd?
Shepard Smith Reporting will make you hug your parents a little harder the next time you see them.
I d k what hurts my brain more-Clay Aiken reflecting on the life of w Brian Williams or Shepard Smith reciting 1999.
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First five minutes Shepard Smith spend knocking Trump. Didn't shut TV off in time. He, and Megyn Kelley batting for same team ??
Thank you Jean for your response. It is refreshing to have honest American that is objective, In response to Shepard Smith report
A great cast and the gritty feel of the show help elevate Shepard Smith Reporting above the familiarity of the subject matter.
Seventeen years on, Shepard Smith Reporting still works like a motherf*er
Shepard Smith Reporting upends the heavily tread dysfunctional family drama in ways that are unique, surprising and memorable.
Oh, yes. Along with all the sniggers. Every time I see Shepard Smith, I remember him mocking Trump's hat.
Shepard Smith needs to ease up on the Botox. 😳
Fox News or CNN? I'll watch Fox. Shepard Smith or Wolf Blitzer? I'll watch Wolf!
.I tried that on Shepard Smith but I did not see a difference.
Shepard smith dyed his hair. RED! you would think he had better sense.
Trump love feast?? Are you kidding. Watch Shepard smith or Megyn Kelly!!! No love there
Talking Brussels terrorism with on earlier today. Watch here:
Great choice with Bill Hemmer to fill in for Shepard Smith
Talking terrorism earlier today with on here:
I like stories that affect families.
Shepard Smith Reporting circles around the nuances of love-a web that both tantalizes and confounds Americans.
An extremely strange blend of genres and styles, Shepard Smith Reporting somehow manages to pull it off...sort of.
The dances in Shepard Smith Reporting are electric even if the roundtable doesn't go that deeply into the performers' lives.
There's not a frame of Shepard Smith Reporting that leaves you wanting to look away from the screen.
*sending ALL German Shepard puppies in the world to lucky blue smith*
Well conceived thriller, Shepard Smith Reporting takes the familiar situation and develops it into terrifying ordeal
I'm a journalist, I run to the fire, that's what we do.
On the surface Shepard Smith Reporting is a raucous romantic comedy, but its real interests are superstition and delusion.
Shep Smith Barely Conceals Delight as He Reports on Lawsuit That Could Shutter Gawker: Shepard Smith, Fox News anchor and target of t...
all I want for my b day is a car, a pug, German Shepard, cats and a chameleon... is that too much to ask for??
fix nit showing Donald Trump PRESSER during Shepard Smith watching in MSNBC ironic
Shepard Smith said that raise $9 million so yes, he does take contributions! .
Again on Shepard Smith misreporting of protesters says Trump's people started it Shepard Smith and Fox need to get their facts straight
Shepard Smith is acting like Chris Matthews when it comes to Obama in Cuba I think he has a tingle going up his leg. I have lost respect
Shepard Smith sounds pro Castro. Just listen to him watch facial expressions
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Shepard Smith is having a Chris Matthews moment over Obama / Cuba visit.
I can't watch Fox News when Shep Smith is on anymore- he loves Dems & attacks Republicans daily. Not fair & balanced
Of course, Shepard Smith seems so happy over this Cuban visit!
The show gives Shepard Smith Reporting his due by refusing to idealize him or to gloss over his failings.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the type of sobering family drama that could have turned out sappy and cliched. It didn't.
Shepard Smith Reporting may not be the greatest musical of all time..., but it's got some memorable songs and dances.
Shepard Smith Reporting works very nicely on its intended level and the kids sitting near me seemed to be having a good time.
Shepard Smith Reporting has some of the best choreography I've seen in years, and Smith handles the task with his usual finesse.
Shepard Smith Reporting is no romance. It's a horror TV show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an emotionally fulfilling and viscerally rewarding adult show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is funny without being silly, yet can kick *** to the moon and back when the chips are down.
F that liberal witch along with that lib Shepard smith!
If you can ignore the scientific problems, Shepard Smith Reporting turns out to be a fairly enjoyable sci-fi gabfest.
It has a lot to recommend it, but did we really need a remake of Shepard Smith Reporting?
Shepard Smith Reporting is a masterpiece - moving, funny, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful.
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that Shepard Smith , is a right tosser
What keeps Shepard Smith Reporting afloat is the way its sweet moments find weird ways of stepping into convention.
Fox News says the Pacific northwest is in trouble. Shepard Smith discusses ...
I will only watch Megyn Shepard Smith reports from P Doocy Mike Tobin and Hemmer and Martha
Shepard Smith and/or Chris Wallace is gonna lose it on air one day 😹
Not odd if you understand the demographics. i.e. Don Lemon, Shepard Smith, etc. all foam party pool boy wannabes.
Fox's Shepard Smith. He really went off on some guest, blaming R pols for making R voters attracted to Trump.
The time has come for to give Shepard Smith his own nightly opinion show. This man ceased "reporting" on a long time ago.
"Then Carson said something about the 'fruit salad of life', and then..." Shepard Smith's summary of the debate last night.
I cant wait to watch Shepard Smith cry like a baby today when reporting the Christie endorsment
Shepard Smith has now jumped on the bretbaeir/megynkelly train,by KNOWINGLYfalsely repo…
who is Shepard Smith to tell who he likes in the election how about just giving the news Megan and Shepherd like the dog he is
CNN is much better than FoxNews these days. FoxBiz is not bad. Shepard Smith & Megyn Kelly are the worst.
This hasn't been ever answered. Where was Shepard Smith in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting. He was nowhere to be found
I know Brian Williams mess, but it is kind of nice to think MSNBC is attempting a Shepard Smith, Anderson Cooper (or Wolf?) equivalent.
Oh I'm on it. Like the dab from Smith
There is greatness in Shepard Smith Reporting, but there is also madness, and they feed off each other.
Fair enough. Also don't see Austin Smith as our 3rd linebacker (Star in Shoop's system) He likes athletic guys who can cover.
Shepard Smith was dropping the burn on this one. Wait for that Weather Channel dig at the end
Shepard Smith Reporting is a window into a time when anything seemed possible.
Overall, Shepard Smith Reporting is the type of show that rewards repeated viewings.
Shepard Smith should register as a Talking-Head. (also) Did El Chapo register with Holders illegal weapons?...
Simmons isn't near KJ Dillon or Jalen Mills who are similar types. Shepard just straight up isn't near as fast as Smith
Simmons maybe, Shepard no. Steve Smith potential in him.
Shepard Smith Reporting had me with the dulcet melancholy of displaced Dwarves, yearning to be home.
this sounds like is has potential… or will it be like Shepard Smith's show on Fox News without the budget?
Had no idea Tom Hardy played the German Shepard in "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. He's not even German. That guy can do ANYTHING
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is quite the whale of a tale. Miraculous? Maybe. Predictable? Mostly. Delightful? Absolutely.
Saw you on Shepard Smith Reporting discussing the drunk driver case. You said his blood alcohol was 1.3! He would be dead.
Shepard Smith, you missed the point of the SC legislator regulating reporters. Use same argument for 2nd amendment.
domain names
Why is Shepard Smith saying the state of Michigan is responsible for the Flint water crisis? MI made mistakes, but not their call
Shep Smith's filmization of Shepard Smith Reporting is spectacular in nearly every way.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is nothing short of a masterpiece.
[10:29:46 PM] chicken: a year ago i was out of control the squad was out of control but most importantly shepard smith was out of control
True. This is not the only instance of Fox bias. Watched Shepard Smith lately?
Shepard Smith Reporting is a deliciously evoked period piece and whodunit.
it's good. I'm boutta get myself a German Shepard and live like Will smith in I am legend
Shep Smith is great at everything. This is no news flash, but it's as apparent as ever when watching Shepard Smith Reporting.
Not even my parents know how I vote.
Trump got Palin. Cruz got Glenn. I guess Jeb & Kasich will battle over who gets the coveted Shepard Smith endorsement.
North Rowan- will be led in 2016 by SR. Noah Gonzalez, Robert Monroe, Brandon White & JR. Corbin Smith & Tyler Shepard!
I've already seen Shepard Smith Reporting twice. I'll probably see it again.
Via Shepard Smith. SEARCHING YOUR CELLPHONE: Cops would be able to check your phone records without a warrant,...
Shepard Smith Reporting is a middling roundtable but a magnificent indictment.
Shepard smith watching you now I got a call saying I owed 5400.00 in back taxes we got in a heated discussion irs hung up on me lol.
When Shepard Smith is on the screen. I change the channel.
never watchin Shepard smith again. Sounds like an MSM commentator with the massive pro Trump SPIN, pure and blatant SPIN!
LOL Shepard Smith calls it a set back to Cruz that IA governor came out against Cruz. He calls it a bombshell.
Shepard Smith sounds more like a propagandist than a journalist.
I'm with Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting. May we use this photo during our newscast if we credit you for this image?
Shepard Smith Reporting is quiet and slow, a war drama in which the war has mostly passed the main characters by.
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of those rare news shows with characters I cared about intensely.
It's not particularly deep, but Shepard Smith Reporting is a strong action TV show with exceptional special effects.
Pretty good, as far as these gigantic Shepard Smith Reporting things go.
Shepard Smith asked Judge Andrew Napolitano whether or not the Taliban prisoner exchange was legal under the NDAA...
The officiating in the game is almost as bad as Shepard Smith's reporting
Shepard Smith reveals seemingly extensive knowledge of Mexican gentlemen clubs on air today- precursor to a Fox 5 documentary, Shep?
Shepard Smith is reporting live...and apparently drunk, as it appears.
Really? Shepard Smith (Fox News) just showed a video with Rubio accusing the Russian president of organizing a terrorist act in Moscow.
There's a great, weird triangle of love, loyalty, and corporate politics within Shepard Smith Reporting.
Adventurous, ambitious and ingeniously futuristic, Shepard Smith Reporting is a welcome surprise.
A powerful, unsympathetic, no-frills portrayal of how steady moral decay corroded Shepard Smith Reporting's powers of expression.
The wonderful thing about Shepard Smith Reporting is that we have no idea where it is going to lead.
Saw you on Shepard Smith on Fox. I (& many others) ARE QUITE FINE w boots on the ground 2 WIPE OUT THE MUSLIM RELIGIOUS NAZIS.
Shepard Smith is to news reporting, what Lindsey Graham is to the GOP race!
Is shepard Smith a newscaster of just a loud mouth Trump Basher. He's even playing clips from morning JOE jumping on Trump,
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