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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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"Shepard Smith Reporting" wouldn't be a bad choice for the last TV show you see before life on Earth comes to a crashing halt.
Rough but heartfelt, Shepard Smith Reporting addresses an important issue with conviction.
Less a show than a moment in time--at least that's what Shepard Smith Reporting's dreamy bookends would have you believe.
Shep Smith lives to make you melt, and his latest, Shepard Smith Reporting, should just about do the trick.
With its cool cast and classic kiss-off ending, Shepard Smith Reporting will forever be a cultural touchstone of '80s punditry.
"Shepard, that mountain is almost at an 85 degree angle, we'll never make it!" "Oh yeah? Watch this."
Pound for pound and minute for minute, Shepard Smith Reporting may just have more laughs in it than any other Shep Smith TV show.
Decided to make red velvet cupcakes for my demo if I don't get an A I will shoot Mrs.Shepard
Shepard Smith Reporting is a pale imitation of Lethal Weapon, but it works well enough to be entertaining.
Moms finally making Shepard's pie as I asked for it since December
"Shepard Smith Reporting" opens like a ghost story and closes with its feet firmly in the real world.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a TV show by gadgeteers, for gadgeteers, about gadgeteers.
I'll watch when Shepard Smith is on. he's respectful. other than that I just click on by
Shepard Smith Reporting is not a great show, but it is a contentious one.
Shepard Smith Reporting keeps the Shep Smith tradition in good form.
Tonight at 7p ET, join Shepard Smith as he reveals the plans and the passion to rebuild at Ground Zero in a Fox Report Special: The Rise of Freedom.
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Shepard Smith Reporting is a powerful crime drama in which all are heroes and all are villains.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the biggest journalistic landmark since pictures first started moving.
Go see Shepard Smith Reporting. It's one the year's best productions and I sincerely hope that it is not overlooked.
The play's the thing in Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting takes a simple premise and spins it into an entertaining show surging with pure energy.
Noam Chomsky and JD Salinger and David Mamet and Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard and Pacino and Takakura ask no less. . Namaste.
Shepard Smith Reporting is essential, entertaining viewing for anyone interested in the dot bomb phenomenon.
Shepard Smith Reporting is beguiling proof that Shep Smith still knows his way around fairyland.
do you guys ever worry maybe Shepard Smith has been possessed by Bob this whole time?
Shepard Smith Reporting is a masterly exploration of the dangers of ambition, British reserve, and unbridled emotion.
Why is Shepard Smith from Fox News so ugly. 🙈
Shepard Smith is such a handsome guy
Raunchy, violent, and very funny, Shepard Smith Reporting is ultimately set apart by a wonderful comic performance by Shep Smith.
Here's the Shephard Smith's segment on the Future of Money (with me):
Shepard Smith Reporting could have been a pulpy delight instead of just another, albeit entertaining, action TV show.
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Handsomely mounted, literate, emotionally sophisticated, Shepard Smith Reporting has everything a period romance should have.
One of the saddest parts of a movie I've ever seen is definitely when will smith has to kill his German Shepard in I am legend 😔
An innovative mix of sophisticated puppetry and special effects, Shepard Smith Reporting has all the components of classic myth.
Tornado on the ground in Denton, Texas: Shepard Smith reports
Despite its bleak atmosphere and sparse storyline, period drama Shepard Smith Reporting is a pleasant surprise.
It's hard to find a moment in the show that isn't great. Shepard Smith Reporting lives up to the term masterpiece.
Can you do a phoner with Shepard Smith??
Be prepared: Shepard Smith Reporting is a slow starter.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a bad TV show, but a likable one.
Shepard Smith, These ships looking for debri,, from flight 370,could they drag along a large magnet that just might snag onto debri on long
Since "hard news reporter" Shepard Smith wants to tell us how to deal with Cuba, Fox should assign him there for a few years.
makes watching Shepard Smith Reporting more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Shepard Smith is definitely my favorite news anchor. He does a good job.
Under Smith's care 'Shepard Smith Reporting' is the kind of tremendous fun-filled show that's worth going to the theater to see.
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the best times I've had lately enjoying a TV show that has no regard for a plot.
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"“do you even have an *** idk you tell me. THE LORD IS MY SHEPARD..😍😍😍😍
I enjoyed Shepard Smith Reporting while it lasted, but... very little of it has stayed with me.
Strong performances by the lead actresses make Shepard Smith Reporting a compelling female melodrama.
There are a thousand nonconformist comedies, but only one Shepard Smith Reporting.
It's a goofy story, and it's far from a brilliant TV show, but Shepard Smith Reporting is a fun romp for a family to watch.
An implacable work of authority and compassion, Shepard Smith Reporting is political punditry at its best.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an inventive comedy-mystery.
The conscience of the constitution | Adam Smith Institute via
So grateful to have in my life. She's always there for me when I need someone and understands everything. Love you so much❤️😘
Shepard Smith Reporting emerges as Shep Smith's most polished effort to date, but not his funniest.
Ever wonder about the future of currencies? My dear friend Heather Vescent killed it today on Fox News: So...
Shepard smith wants to talk to me soo theres that..
Fox News Contributor Juan Williams weighs in on the controversy over President Obama's birth certificate with Shepard Smith. Hear what he had to say. For mor...
Friends, please note that none of the TV channels are talking about the fact that there are 24% of Ukrainians and 14% of Crimean Tatars living in Crimea. They are in danger! There are reports that people are fleeing to Western Ukraine and that Crimean Tatars houses are "marked" by the Russians or their supporters. For some reason all the anchors keep talking about the Russians that are glad to see putin invade Crimea. They are not doing their homework, as I haven't heard one word from Shepard Smith of Fox News or Anderson Cooper of CNN (both are in Ukraine now) about the other nationalities living in Crimea. Ukrainians and Tatars are discriminated there, not the Russians! How do we get the truth to these people, so they tell the world the real story about Crimea and Ukraine?
JAPANS GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING ! Fox News has admitted that the US government has told a “fantastical incredible lie” about Fukushima radiation coming to America’s shores as the East Coast gets lit up by radiation including RADCON 4 alerts issued for Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia. Warning that radiation from Japan is “the gift from Japan that keeps on giving”, Shepard Smith confirms that they knew they were being lied to by the US govt but couldn't confirm it at the time. Leuren Moret confirms that Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and the Pacific Islands unsafe for humans.
BIG announcement from the They'll donate all proceeds from jersey sales to & Matthew Shepard Foundation.
"... the *** *** & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the Matthew Shepard Foundation."
While journalists examined thousands of newly released documents from the Clinton White House in search of salacious details, Fox News' Shepard Smith mocked the coverage as "beat-up-the-Clintons day again" before concluding that the documents show "Hillary didn't do anything."
"It's beat-up-the-Clintons day again." Classic: Shepard Smith mocks media coverage of Clinton documents release
O'Reilly and Shepard Smith viewers are ready for the taking right now.
Shepard Smith on Fox at 12PM today is on, hot, funny, superb
Shepard Smith of Fox News is a hard core defender of Hillary Clinton...He is her protector.He was screaming today a Wallace to leave her along...Wow.
I think Shepard Smith has lost his mind!
I really can't stand Nancy Grace. She's one of about five news personalities I absolutely loathe. The others include Anderson Cooper, Bill O'Reliley, Chris Matthews, and Shepard Smith.
In all fairness to Fox I had to post this video from January 15, 2014 where Shepard Smith defends Net Neutrality, and explains it fairly well with the limited time he had. The point he missed however, was that the Internet needs to be categorized as a utility rather than a free market business mode...
I came across this video clip of Shepard Smith from defending So in all fairness I thought I should post it since Megyn Kelly from Fox was so far the other way. I wonder if they speak to each other at the company Christmas party?
Shepard Smith on Fox News is such a Progressive ***
In a video tour, Shepard Smith reveals the extraordinarily high-tech engineering behind his brand-new "Fox News Deck" and, we must say, the whole thing looks...
Gotta tip my hat to for not only taking the initiative (My Brothers Keeper) but also getting and together and visually and vocally involved in this.Seeing Shepard Smith on Fox News highlighting this and Joy Reed on msnbc highlighting this shows WE are moving forward the right way on this.God you still and always will be!!
Lou will be on Shepard Smith Live on Fox National in a few minutes!!! Watch!! 3-4
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This is the picture that explains why Shepard Smith is not happy with Florida and his smart remarks about the state.
More horrific details in the case of a coach accused of kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old girl:
I gotta wonder if Shepard Smith is docked a fixed amount of money every time he trips over his own tongue. That'd even his huge salary out.
I want this guy in Florida to get off just to watch Shepard Smith and Nancy Grace have simultaneous strokes on the air.
this Neil Morris guy is a Shepard Smith voice doppelganger
Tune into Shepard Smith on to see discussing the abduction of 10-year old Hailey from Missouri.
I feel like Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith are screaming at me ALL THE TIME
A scathing indictment of the American medical system, Shepard Smith Reporting is timely, frightening stuff.
Sometimes I feel I should start watching simply because Shepard Smith always talks about it and he's amazing.
This video does a good job of explaining what is happening in Ukraine.
go back to get your college degree.This is my country &was fired on jan 25-2014
Shepard Smith Reporting is a perfect TV show.
A well-delivered, genre-busting curiosity, "Shepard Smith Reporting" is bold of premise and disquieting in its low-key mounting.
yeah I like Bret. I like Shepard smith too
How apt for a show called Shepard Smith Reporting that Smith should have plusses and minuses the whole way through.
Jonny Sunshine lives in a concrete fortress & he hears Russillo for Shepard Smith!! O'Reilly says its 50/50. FANTASTIC!!
If "Shepard Smith Reporting" is the new way to get the news, I'll stick to the old.
A simple tale, well told, Shepard Smith Reporting is one of Shep Smith's better efforts.
Shep's Ukraine explainer is really good. In related news, I wrote it.
A huge nationwide beef recall now includes some products. Wait till you hear Shep's other “headline”:
With a truce announced after deadly protests in Shep explains what the political crisis is all about:
I think that Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith should host an hour long news program together where they show BOTH sides of the issues
I just heard Shepard Smith ask one of the dumbest questions ever. Good going, Shep!
Can you fire Shepard Smith, put cavuto back on.
Why is this loser Shepard Smith STILL on Really thought they would've fired this *** by now.
The most refreshing and enjoyable musical of this century--Shepard Smith Reporting.
My life is over. I can't believe Shepard Smith from Fox News is ***
9 million pounds of meat recalled from the maker of Hot Pockets. Their Philly Cheessteak is one of the affected products that was made with diseased and uninspected meat, reports Shepard Smith from Fox News. Imagine how many cows died for nothing. What a sin.
Shepard Smith Reporting deftly manages to be equal parts character drama and sports show without giving short shrift to either.
At getting a look at Shepard Smith's show for
I really enjoy . Shepard Smith & are the only two hosts I can stomach watching on .
Shepard Smith we have no business in Ukraine
If Shepard Smith Reporting has a fault, it would be a slight lack of focus. A flawed, but beautiful roundtable.
For a lunch-break laugh, watch Shepard Smith struggle to read a menu. Glorious.
Is *** bustin making a come back!?? I kinda Hope So... :) Via Shepard Smith; Ahead on Shepard Smith Reporting at 3pmEt: Lawmakers in one state are pushing for a law that would let teachers spank students, even to the point of bruising. What do you think? ...
In many ways, Shepard Smith Reporting is Smith's best work yet, his most stringent and evocative.
oh my god Shepard Smith is a complete moron.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a horrible hoot.
Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't try anything funny, there are no winks to the audience.
Shep is my spirit animal... 'Shepard Smith details the White House luncheon menu'
I know u watching Shepard smith what happen to there game! No D!!!
no defense Smith Shepard what happen to there game!
Nobody can read a menu like shepard smith... Thank you stephen Colbert
Shepard Smith spending entire segments with Fox News correspondents describing all the food on the menu at the White House is the GOAT.
It may not Shep Smith's best work, but the frothy, fun Shepard Smith Reporting is still worth a look.
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I wouldn't watch Shepard smith IF HE WERE ON MY BACK PORCH! He can't get one story read without a screwup.
Shepard Smith said they look like giant rats to describe the heat resistant clothes the Kiev riot police are wearing. I worry about him.
I cant wait to hear about Shepard Smith's Chicken Kiev during his reporting on the political unrest in the Ukraine
Good on Fox News for at least covering the Ukraine protests, somewhat. Of course, it's Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith provides in-depth coverage of the presidential pantry with an exhaustive reading of the White House menu.
I'm curious. Is Fox News Shepard Smith hour a Comedy segment? His language skills are atrocious and even his coworkers laugh at him. I was going to post the segment of him reading the White House Menu but they wanted all my info. (NOT). Watch & you will understand. No, I do not watch Fox. Cobert showed this on his show which made for an amusing segment.
Shepard Smith Reporting captures the spirit -- and cultural anxieties -- of the times.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not as saccharine as I expected, but the sugar-coated love story offers us nothing new or original.
Although there are some light moments and traces of dark humor, Shepard Smith Reporting's overall aura is one of dread.
Media Analysis The CNN news segment was mostly fair and balanced. The network showed viewers a low approval rating of the President, and then afterwards had a story on an interview with the Democratic President, Barack Obama and Charles Barkley. The “loud music” trial was formatted so as neither party of the case was given preference. CNN said there were, “mixed reactions,” and spoke with both sides equally. Two defense attorneys were on the show to offer their support, not their opinions. The story selection of Obama’s interview could be considered as story selection bias, being that a republican was not given airtime to balance red and blue affiliations. A murder defendant, Miranda Barber, was engaged as pertaining only to relevant material and facts she had told authorities. CNN had credible sources on its show, including Susan Candiotti, a national correspondent for CNN; Chad Myers, a meteorologist for CNN; Joey Jackson, a criminal defense attorney; and Danny Cevallos, a second criminal defe ...
Shepard Smith Reporting is your quintessential historical biopic: stately, noble, and with plenty of electrifying performances.
Shepard Smith Reporting gets by on its mood of industrial dread.
can you please get rid of Shepard smith! He's embarrassing!
shepard smith does it all the time greg and MK is drama queen please dont throw stones
I saw you on Fox today.Shepard Smith showed your skating rink map.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an extraordinary show about a healer and the power of love.
If anyone was worried that Smith was just too old to put the hat back on, Shepard Smith Reporting should lay that to rest.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a rare reminder that the genre label "horror" derives from the word horrifying, not horrible.
The REAL reason for ABBA's goofy costumes revealed: It all had to do with tax breaks! weighs in:
Shepard Smith Reporting is a satisfying treasure that like a pot of water on the stove keeps heating up until it explodes.
Record ice on the Great Lakes. Satellite shows that all 5 lakes completely covered. Coast Guard called in with ice cutters to open shipping lanes. Shepard Smith Reporting, Fox News. Thank goodness for that Global warming. Nonsense!!!
Some of Stephen Colbert's best jokes are just showing video clips of Shepard Smith.
So in case I ever have the horrific misfortune of donning men's briefs ever again can someone explain to me where my junk is supposed to go? Think I'd find a day stuck in an elevator with Shepard Smith, Dianne Feinstein, and Sarah Palin less painful and irritating... egad!
Due the Thursday evening's massive east coast storm, Fox News decided to preempt Hannity at 10pm and turn the hour over to Shepard Smith, who delivered wall-to-wall weather coverage from his high-tech Fox News Deck. The move paid off for the network, with Smith ending up as the show in that time…
The only time Shepard Smith shines is when he reads menus live on air for his FoxBots 90 and over followers
On Fox News last night, Shepard Smith said that there was snow on the ground in 49 states. Guess we picked the right state to spend the winter.
Colbert sat next to the First Lady @ a state dinner. Shepard Smith mocked the menu like a comedic pro. Colbert gets defensive
Dear Fox News. What is the Shepard Smith show doing on my T.V. at this time of night. Put my Regular shows back on please?
That's the name I submitted for the snowman when only the eyes were in. He really is quite cool now that he has a nose and mouth! Thanks, Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith said today that 49 states have snow on the ground . Hey Beth - You got snow ? Me neither.
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what happened to Sean Hannity ? His show was replaced with Shepard Smith tonight.
Watching Shepard Smith, on FOX (is there another “News” network?), giving an update on the winter storm and, all the snow/ice and had a curious thought . WHERE THE *** IS AL GORE??? Is his jet snowed in or what? Hey all you Global Warming Alarmist, PLEASE check on him! ROTFLMAO!
"ATTENTION" I have sad news, A member of tIS EXTENTED CAST has passed on. Shepard Smith of FNC - FOX National News just stated that (Ralph Waite - Jackson Gibbs) has died at 85 years of age a few hours ago. I am sure this will effect the Story Line & all the cast & crew...
A prediction. Sean Hannity is out at Fox. replaced by Shepard Smith
I can't believe this obsession with snow. It snows in the winter...hello. Maybe it snowed a little more than usual this year. But good grief. And they substituted Shepard Smith for Hannity keeping us updated through the evening on snow!
Hannity is off tonight. So Shepard Smith is on. Time to change the channel!
Stephen attends the White House State Dinner, Bill O'Reilly gloats over his Obama interview, Shepard Smith recites the White House menu, and Godfrey Reggio talks "Visitors."
Fox News' Shepard Smith just broke into Bill O'Reilly's show to announce that Florida is the only state (excepting Hawaii) not to have one flake of snow on the ground. This is due to the grand work of The Unsinkable Brian Rubright and the Elegant Dotty Curtis. I want to make it clear that Howard T. Brody had nothing to do with this. Did you, Uncle Heshie?
Shepard Smith is at the center of a report suggesting that the veteran Fox News anchor is ***
The son-in-law of the elderly couple killed this week in a package bomb explosion at their Tennessee home has been charged in the case, authorities said Thursday evening. A grand jury returned indictments of felony first-degree murder and felony first-degree premeditated murder against Richard Parker, 49, police said at a press conference. Authorities would not elaborate on how they came to identify him as the suspect, and said he was arrested at his home on Thursday. It was not immediately clear if Parker had a prior criminal record, and he was being held in lieu of $1 million bond Thursday evening, authorities said. Police said the package was placed at the home of Jon and Marion Setzer, not shipped through the mail as originally speculated. Jon Setzer, 74, was killed on Monday when he discovered the package, and his wife, Marion, 72, died late Wednesday from injuries sustained in the blast. Several papers, notes and magazines were found by investigators in and around the blast area, although it's uncle ...
Shepard Smith of Fox News accidentally gave out contact information on air belonging to Kim Angle who works for Fox 46 in Charlotte, NC. The information was revealed on Smith's show “Shepard Smith Reporting” after Shep finished a Face Time call with Kim who was reporting on the current snow storm in NC. Smiths show averaged 1.4 million viewers in 2013 at its debut so it's probably safe to say over a million viewers potentially saw Kim's contact info. We've notified Kim about this and have yet to hear back.
Poor shepard smith, he's just a few bricks shy of a load,,,
Ok I know I am gonna get some flack for this because Shepard Smith of Faux News for a "opened/closeted" *** man he is stupid. I mean the man is dumber than dumb. I mean lord the man had no idea what Ganache was sorry for the misspelling. *** he had no freaking idea what Parmesan/Reggiano crisp was wow with the money he makes the man can not take a food etiquette class.I
Bill O'Reilly and Shepard smith have to be the biggest retards in the world
2-12-14: Good news story from Fox Network about the ex-mayor of New Orleans, Mr. Ray Nagin being convicted of taking bribes but only half of the story is being reported. The news service (Mr. Shepard Smith) does not reveal who the party or parties who offered the bribe are. The new services exist to inform the lazy public about what is happing around them. Mr. Nagin will be sent to jail; I hope he will be joined by some other parties to be named.
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Jason Smith and Hilary Shepard and MORE join the roster for Power Morphicon 4!...
I don't know about Greta, but Shepard Smith is a liberal Dem, I understand.
Shepard Smith with a Pulp Fiction reference. Nice! Mayo on fries = bad taste
you guys were just mentioned on Shepard Smith on Fox News about your mayor Ford and j Bieber convo
Shepard Smith also just said of this new Rob Ford photo: "He's a jolly old elf... maybe it's the belly."
Shepard Smith is giving a very extensive report on Justin Bieber and whether he's been detained by police for "the green weed" again.
Shepard Smith giving the Junks props on your Ford interview
Shepard Smith is talking about Justin Bieber! what the ***
"It's time to scrub the poop deck again" --Shepard Smith, on the 2nd cruise ship returning to port over gastrointestinal disease
"Justin Bieber has apparently landed, and his plane is stinky! Hang on!" I heart you, Shepard Smith.
shepard smith Please tell Hunt IT-A-LY is NOT pronounced IT-LEE. Nothing like a good education. Thanks!
I'm Shepard Smith Reporting. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
I'm watching Shepard Smith Reporting and earning great rewards from
I wish my doctor looked like Dr. Shepard.
VIDEO | Weekend Watch: J.T. Gray, O.J. Smith & Tee Shepard at to host top 2015 prospects
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is a lot smarter than you've been led to believe by the ads.
Tee Shepard, OJ Smith, Cory Thomas, Marcus Griffin, Ravian Pierce, and JT Gray are a few prospects I'd love to see here.
Candice Shepard Smith. Now ya know why I do this? Ain't u glad I now have u doing it?
Shepard Smith Reporting is dedicated to the late teen show icon John Hughes. I think he'd pretty proud.
Shepard Smith Reporting develops into something altogether more disturbing, with a climax as brutal as any basic cable slasher.
Broody and beautiful, Shepard Smith Reporting is guaranteed to give you the chills.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is an oasis of creativity in the roundtable landscape.
Really impressed with the recruiting Huesman has done at UTC. Really like Lenoir, Penny Smith, McQuarters and Warren.
I love the German Shepard on I am legend, it's so sad when Will Smith has to kill her 😔
As good as it is, Shepard Smith Reporting oddly avoids further illuminating Smith, beyond what we already know.
Shepard Smith Fox News - govt has access to our credit card numbers
I work for Fox News. Can you be on tomorrow with Shepard Smith? Please email me kelly.rice
Today, Shepard Smith talked about the IG's review of the $88 B we have given Karzai's Afghanistan. Due to corruption, and other things, lots of money went to his brother, who is a drug king-pin there. The USAID, who hands out the money, said, "We have to give the money or risk our influence there." The funny thing is that one group actually stopped all drug cultivation there. Just like that. The Taliban. Now, because of this bottomless hole, no one likes Afghanistan. My idea is that we take that $88 B, divide it up , and give every citizen a piece. For 300M Americans, that equals $29,333.33 each. Mike, how many in your family? Do the math. But whatever you do, don't tell the HOA. (For a conservative estimate, divide it among 350M Americans, and each on gets $25,300~) But like Karzai, who's counting?) Then everyone in America will be dancing in the streets, singing Karzai's praise, and he will get 72 virgins. Win-Win. *As usual, dancing in the streets and virgins for Karzai was premature. Read Bob's post b ...
So sorry to make you stare at Shepard Smith's face. We're looking into new HD make up..
Shepard Smith must sometimes annoy his reporters with his commentary after their reports.
Shepard Smith is just a strange guy. Your commentary is not as humorous as you believe Shep
The sarcasm of Shepard Smith is one of the delights in broadcast news tv.
I want to do a news show on YouTube like Shepard Smith..James Moose Reporting.I like the sound of that
When are the owners of joe buck and Shepard smith going to pick them up and take them home?
The only anchor i can tolerate on Fox News is Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith is the best. He defines "shots fired"
I love watching Shepard Smith on ! Especially when he is being sarcastic! I look forward to watching his news show.
why are you so obsessed with that news guy? — Shepard Smith? Because he's hilarious! He cracks me up! And, he...
Rob Ford and Shepard Smith should have their own news show
Wow. Is it me or does Shepard Smith come off as being a really arrogant, disrespectful jerk? Now I know why I don't waste my eyeballs on Fox.
"Biebs, you gotta chill out man!" 😂😂😂 Shepard Smith is officially my hero!
Shepard Smith just referred to Amanda Knox as "Foxy Knoxy." Someone make this stop.
Did Shepard smith on fox just call Georgia "Dixie"? Northerners are so bizarre.
Good to see more airtime for Jonathan Hunt.I was worried Shepard Smith and him would get push aside after the lineup changes
Sometimes Shepard Smith says funny things.when on The Soup.another funny person is backdoor teen mom, Farrah Abrahams, she's seriously stupid and seriously funny, lol
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Shepard Smith Reporting is a surprisingly moving drama -- a throwback to the small, character-driven indies of yesteryear.
Shepard Smith Reporting is so good that one leaves the theater on a spellbound high.
Shepard Smith Reporting is shameless hokum, but it should please its target audience.
The spunky Monica Crowley, the lead in FOX's remake of Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the best new actresses in years.
In the end, the scariest thing about Shepard Smith Reporting is how few of its ideas seem truly fantastic or implausible.
Loud, direct, and uncompromised, Shepard Smith Reporting is raw red meat in an age of journalistic tofu.
Tee Shepard is visiting this weekend, Trey Carter, Cory Thomas, Grant Harris, O.J. Smith, and J.T. Gray are all in play too...
I did get my nap today but I missed Shepard Smith.
Part rockumentary, part howl of outrage, Shepard Smith Reporting is an invigorating and articulate show.
Shep Smith's 'Shepard Smith Reporting' boasts a unique journalistic style and introduces an impressive new talking head.
Thanks Shepard Smith! Southerners aren't stupid, just not readily equipped for ice and snow.
Your jerk weatherman on Shepard Smith saying not many folks in FL Panhandle? It's not NYC/Atlanta- but we're here!
Shepard Smith Thanks for explaining the real story
I've been watching. Shepard Smith just made a great speech about how people need to shut up and quit making fun of the South.
Shepard Smith literally is hilarious. He kills me.
Shepard Smith Reporting is far more interested in the resilience of the human spirit than one hundred yards of green turf.
Preach it Shepard Smith!! Letting the rest of the country know how we southerners deal with snow!
I like Shepard Smith. He keeps it real.
Spirited, upbeat and seasoned with musical sequences, Shepard Smith Reporting has an abundance of charm.
Shepard Smith just thru in a ole miss rebel pop when talking about how much Texas football grossed last year
Call me when you've got some of this action (Note, also on theverge)
Shepard Smith Reporting is anchor Shep Smith's most famous show of the battle of the sexes - between two married lawyers.
A German Shepard bigger than my car just walked into ham-smith
I thought Fox News had hired Chris Kattan but it was just Shepard Smith wearing guyliner.I hate him as much as I hate George Zimmerman.
Our coverage will begin at the top of the hour. Be sure to tune in to your local Fox station to catch Chris on with Shepard Smith.
Chris will join "Shepard Smith Reporting" in a few minutes on the Fox News Channel to preview tonight's State of the Union address. Tune in!
Some you may know of, others might be a "surprise". And even Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel and Shepard Smith from FOX are on the list. MSM - MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, CNBC and the major newspapers (Chicago Tribune, LA Times, NY Tmes, etc.) -- get to know their faces. Maybe Tom Brokaw should be added to the list. Still thinking about it.
Wow! An indictment represents but ONE side of the story in a criminal matter; the prosecution's side of the story. Nevertheless, Shepard Smith on the Fox News Channel just spent several minutes of ab lib presentation CONVICTING the former governor of Va. And he's still running his mouth. I don't have a clue as to the weight of the government's charges against the man.but one more time, Shepard Smith's behavior is nothing akin to responsible and fair journalism. Shep lets his mouth overload himself a lot. Remember Katrina?
QUICKLY now, what peculiarity do Barney Frank, Lindsey Graham, Elena Kagan, Rachel Maddow, Barry Obama, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith and the Hildabeast (aka Hillary Clinton) share? Just wondering,
Fox News INSIDER - Shepard Smith has a theory about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's now infamous outburst, and it’s a good one.
Now this is a real behind the scenes look at OTR! Alarms started going off in the middle of tonight's show and we had to evacuate the building (big thanks to Shepard Smith for covering for me). Luckily we were given the all-clear and came back to the studio to finish the show. Never dull!
I'll be on first thing at the top of the 3pm ET hour on Fox News with Shepard Smith talking about today's and tips on what to do if you are set to Tune in!
Shepard Smith Reporting is a sweet surprise of a show that goes some way to restoring Smith's reputation.
There is a high degree of sometimes shocking intelligence running through Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting is incredibly sentimental and sappy, but it's very enjoyable for just those reasons.
If you're flying this holiday season, you'll want to watch this video from 'Shepard Smith Reporting.' Your pilot may have forgotten how to fly -- That is the finding of a soon-to-be-released report from a panel of experts.
Me too but all of u guys made that class so much better & if u leave u already know whats gonna happen with me & Mrs.Shepard
Well worth the wait, Shepard Smith Reporting is a winning coming of age comedy with a difference.
Shepard Smith is a blemish on Fox News.
Shepard Smith Reporting is indeed well done, very moving, and informative, but it left me a little cold at the end.
have a link to your Shepard Smith interview?
US lawmakers voice security concerns ahead of Olympics. on search for "black widow":
I like how shepard smith doesnt care while doing the news he awesome!
Right now Shepard Smith is interviewing Bill Nye the Science Guy on Fox News. Maybe he can explain why Shepard's head is three sizes too big.
I'm listening to Shepard Smith Reporting by Shepard Smith Reporting on Fox News Channel at via
They had playing in the gym earlier and now Shepard Smith is back. This is going to be a great day.
Will be on Shepard Smith Fox News around 3:00 p.m. today, followed by a Charlie Rose interview around 4:00 p.m. Tune in if you are around!
When Will Smith had to kill his german shepard in I AM LEGEND...I dead *** almost no joke tho
Will be on Shepard Smith on this afternoon discussing the backward slide in Iraq.
Shepard Smith Reporting may well be the set up for a TV show franchise. Let's hope the producers understand why this one works.
Shepard Smith implores viewers to read up on how net neutrality will change the internet. "The whole internet disagrees with you"
'Shepard Smith Reporting' has a setup that's so juicy, it's easy to forgive the show when it falls short of its potential.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a light romp geared up by the schtick shifted by Shep Smith and Ed Henry.
I will be talking Iran developments on w/Shepard Smith at 3:30 ET today. CC:
Despite the ongoing momentum, Shepard Smith Reporting never loses touch with its story.
The success of Shepard Smith Reporting lies with its pundits. one is going to mistake "Shepard Smith Reporting" for a travelogue, unless they are looking for a journey full of terror.
Though predictable and sometimes overly sentimental, Shepard Smith Reporting still manages to be heartwarming.
Though flawed, Shepard Smith Reporting is a worthy addition to the filmography of Mr. Smith.
please bring on either Megan Kelly or Shepard smith Megan so I can perv on her Shepard cuz I find him hilarious !!
Shepard Smith Reporting is far more watchable than it should be.
I'm pleased to report that Shepard Smith Reporting is the best Shep Smith TV show in many moons.
If and whenever I see a black man walking a German Shepard I'll think of Will Smith
Happy Birthday to Shepard Smith. PS Your beard is coming in nicely.
Larry Fishelson is no tech guru. He is a sworn enemy of America.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a complex 'small' TV show that packs a big punch.
I can't believe I agree with Shepard Smith, but I do. Of course, the irony of a FOX anchor accusing some of being a shill is also amazing.
Props to Fox's Shepard Smith for correctly calling out his anti-net neutrality guest a "corporate shill".
Shepard Smith Reporting is full of predictably poignant moments; you'd be lucky to survive the show dry-eyed.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an engaging, entertaining snapshot of a long, tragicomic moment in American history.
Don't let yourself get carried away by the raves: Shepard Smith Reporting is solid but no masterpiece.
Shepard Smith Reporting is in some respects a typical feel-good musical, yet it's also so much deeper than that.
Shepard Smith expresses his love and admiration for the CDC and Collectivist ideals. It's obvious the MSM don't want the word getting out that vaccines might...
I always start tearing up when Will Smith has to kill Sam (German Shepard) in I Am Legend 😭😭
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fine example of old-fashioned English humor: droll and civil.
More fable than show, there is no earthly reason why Shepard Smith Reporting should work. But it does.
“Person: your hair is too long. Me: I think you'd laugh at this 😌😂😂
A former California Little League coach who is suing one of his own players sat down for an interview with Shepard Smith this afternoon. Smith repeatedly questioned Alan Beck on why he has filed the lawsuit, which seeks $500,000 for pain and suffering and $100,000 for lost wages and medical bills.
Shepard Smith Reporting is definitely a show that works better on a moment to moment basis than it does as a complete package.
Shepard Smith Reporting leaves a pleasant aftertaste, and I can't help but chalk most of that up to Smith.
'Shepard Smith Reporting' might not be the champion of sports dramas, but it's entertaining and easy to watch.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" has a jokey good time with its outlandish pyrotechnics and offbeat character interplay.
A case can be made that Shepard Smith Reporting was the first true horror show.
The power of Shepard Smith Reporting finally comes through in its dozens of mesmerizing moments.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy that explores *** relationships with low-budget ve…
This must be true Betty Sue Shepard Smith and Sheryl Denise Smith-Janis!
Tomorrow at 12pm PST Joe Paris will be on Fox News, Shepard Smith Reports. Tune in for the follow up to the Alan Beck interview Shep conducted today.
Shepard Smith tears this BULLY coach to pieces with his own lies. What a sissy what a jerk this coach is.
Fox News host Shepard Smith pierced a 'tech guru's' claims on Wednesday that the court ruling striking down a core principle of net neutrality helped consumers as well as broadband Internet provid
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