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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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Shepard Smith: “It seems like they think we don’t pay attention and that we’re just a bunch of complete morons." Thank Fox News for that
Shepard Smith Reporting creates a wholly original coming of age story by blending mysticism with conventional Catholicism.
Minimalist, moody and morose, Shepard Smith Reporting is a minor gem.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a show for critics. General public -- come at your own risk.
As playful as it is...Shepard Smith Reporting has the power to haunt as much as to amuse.
Shepard Smith is my life. I just wanna cuddle up and watch "the True Blood" with him and get high on "the V"
Shepard Smith Reporting, for all its flaws, is an often spooky and imaginative ghost story that contains a genuine creepiness.
I strongly disagree with Shepard Smith too when he stood up for Obama's wishes about Netanyahu not to address our congress.
Who cares what Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith think. They are pathetic:
Even Fox News shocked by Netanyahu's plan to address Congress in snub to Obama. Watch Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith
Disappointed in Wallace, but Shepard Smith is bona fide *** Has ZERO clue about the Middle East, much less the world.
Fox News‘ Shepard Smith received a little jab from the White House to go along with his pre-SOTU luncheon. Smith...
White House Drops 'News' from Fox News Placeholders at State of Union Lunch (watch crybaby Shepard Smith get mad!).
Shepard Smith Reporting is a show rife with religious ideology but also steeped in the atmosphere of a classic detective novel.
Shepard Smith is not a political pundit, btw- he's the actual non-opinion news guy on Fox. He's just... delightful, in many ways.
If you have not experienced the true joy that is watching Shepard Smith, I pity you. He is the strangest character on television.
Shepard Smith & Chris Wallace strike again, blast Netanyahu: || I've about had it with
I heard what Chris Wallace & Shepard Smith said about speaking in Washington. Burns me up.
Shepard Smith is hit or miss but I love him
Even Fox News Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith warn Bibi not to speak before congress as could damage relationship
“Pathetic Coming from Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith, no surprise.
Stop by Fox and tell Shepard Smith to kiss your ***
Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith are two huge reasons why I don't watch the Fox News network as much as I would like to.
Fox News anchors skewer Netanyahu over Obama snub neither Chris Wallace or Shepard Smith have credibility in my view.
For all of it's mirroring of real life circumstances, Shepard Smith Reporting's shrouded revelations are ever transitory.
[ Politics ] Open Question : Some Liberal Blog is citing Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith as Fox News being against Boehner inviting…
It may be late, it may not be the way they imagined it, but 'Shepard Smith Reporting' is finally, gloriously, having its day.
because Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace? The two resident liberals in Fox do not a network make. American people are with Netanyahu.
On Fox News, host Shepard Smith joins Chris Wallace as they both attack Netanyahu for his attitude towards the U.S.
In wrestling results today, Shawnee has Bryce O'Connor, Thomas Shepard and Walker Smith in the finals at Coweta
Thomas Shepard and Walker Smith won individual titles as finished 2nd at Coweta
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Fox's Shepard Smith got a surprise demotion at the White House luncheon for the media, just before the SOTU. Now conservative pundits are furious.
U acted like PM did it for himself and give his opinion is wrong cause u and Shepard Smith took it wrong .
TUNE IN NOW: Shepard Smith is LIVE on Fox News Channel with the latest on the Paris terror crisis.
Shepard Smith Reporting shocks, surprises and amazes but never seems false or unreal. A great show.
Merry Christmas to my favorite sister Kimberly Shepard Smith!! I love you Kimilious!!
"The exact time of death, I think, is not something that m..".
It's obvious Shepard Smith Reporting is all about the visual impact. And in that regard, the show is just stunning.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a memorable show about human survival and a powerful commentary on human exploitation.
...Shepard Smith Reporting is a bright and breezy excursion that avoids the slow patches the original had...
NO shepard smith today yippee ky yo
Ultimately, Shepard Smith Reporting will succeed or fail for the individual viewer based on their expectations and preferences.
The only way the Braves could have signed a less likeable guy was to outbid the Rockets for Josh Smith.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a quiet show that demands careful attention...
There's every reason to watch Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith Reporting is quite clearly a show in which the locale comes first.
Shepard Smith Reporting provides Smith with a perfect outlet for his character.
What was the best move of 2014? Hiring Jim Caldwell, signing Golden Tate, Victor Martinez or cutting Josh Smith? VOTE
The lively hip-hop roundtable Shepard Smith Reporting demands neither familiarity with the music nor a hankering for rhyme.
Shepard Smith Reporting charts a love relationship that is hobbed by work.
We’re just minutes away from in for Shepard Smith on the legendary Fox News Deck. Tune in at 3pm!.
Critics say Shepard Smith Reporting is cute, wholesome entertainment for the family.
She was a guess on Shepard Smith's show and OJ called in on his own, Jon.
Though a fine TV show in its own right, Shepard Smith Reporting feels a bit too familiar for its own good at times.
in fact, the only person who resembles anything close to the news is Shepard Smith.
In case you missed it, here are my perspectives on North Korea's & internet blackout:
Shepard Smith Reporting' sleazy energy, sense of community, black humor and bittersweet nostalgia are infectious.
Shepard Smith is goals bc no one hates Shepard Smith
I would rather listen to Shepard Smith.
I'm a Dish not getting you guys now. *** But no Shepard Smith, lemonade from lemons.
In case you missed it earlier, Merry Christmas from Shepard Smith.
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I am willing to sacrifice dont bring back Shepard Smith. there sacrifice.
Talking smack about Shepard Smith is fair game as long as it doesn't refer to his ties to Ole Miss.
I make a motion that the Shepard Smith comment be accepted. Is their a second?
Darn it, as soon as I impose a moratorium on myself about no rival smack talk, I get a great Shepard Smith smack idea. Is that exempt?
Smith, Lee among Big 12 players to watch: Baylor receiver Corey Coleman and Oklahoma receiver Sterling Shepard...
Re: another psy op?. Shepard Smith is saying the first responders know who did this yet there are no arrest after...
Awesome.. RuPaul standing in for Shepard Smith on Fox News!
Busy news day this holiday week: Can't wait to join you on the sub anchoring for Shepard Smith.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a spine-tingling war drama with superb commentary.
Shepard Smith Reporting holds up well after all these years and continues to provide some rousing good fun.
For what it is, Shepard Smith Reporting gets the job done.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a warm, engaging, and even uplifting roundtable about chess-playing whiz kids.
Shepard Smith just crapped in his britches.
I expected "Shepard Smith Reporting" would be an exciting show, but I didn't think it would be so much fun to watch.
What the crap NO !! WHO PAYING FOR THIS!! ME ! How am I gonna watch Shepard Smith ! Oxford time! Pftt !
"Fox News anchor Shepard Smith expressed concern that economic openness would “ruin” Cuba with Taco Bells and...
are you serious, removing have y'all lost y'all's minds? I'ma need it back. you took away my Shepard Smith!
Shepard Smith is the voice of reason no matter the issue. Megyn Kelly only reasonable if it involves women's rights.
Where is Shepard Smith? Why is this dimwit on? She said the police shooter avenged the "murders" of "two black men" by police. ???
Damnit, Shepard Smith news isn't on today.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a great TV show musical.
Analyzing another criminal case yesterday with the coolest and sharpest News Anchor,Shepard Smith.
You think of the excess that followed in Shepard Smith Reporting's wake and realise how well judged that first blockbuster is.
Well at least we have Shepard Smith, M,D, on duty
Bridging the gap between action and science fiction, Shepard Smith Reporting was groundbreaking and ahead of its time.
Delta Bell Shepard is here. She doesn't look like either or me, but we're gonna keep her anyway.
` Todd Bridges, Shepard Smith apologize for harsh words about Robin Williams on
Shepard Smith Reporting proves that it's hard to make a bad dance TV show.
...Shepard Smith Reporting never quite comes off as anything more than a needless sequel.
Shepard Smith Reporting isn't a brilliant show, but it certainly is an entertaining one.
I'm mad my coworker couldn't remember Will Smith name smh lol
Ret Gen Wesley Clark on why he says Putin is the most dangerous Russian leader since Stalin:.
Held together with a phenomenal cast, Shepard Smith Reporting is a powerful show but also controversial in many ways.
With Shepard Smith Reporting, Shep Smith drives mainstream punditry over the edge.
Only Shepard smith does. The truly tries to b honestly fair & balanced
I have always liked Shepard smith. He is decently honest.
Only 1 Fox anchor made Reader's Digest most trusted news anchor poll and it was not Bill O'Reilly it was Shepard Smith.
What's with Shepard Smith's show having NOTHING about the Gruber debacle???
I have always been a Shepard Smith fan but doing a tell-all on the senate report on the cia was uncalled for. Disgusting.
Ms lea I watch you everyday on Shepard Smith you are great and I would be interested in your opinion on released CIA report
I did Not watch Feinstein's story I watched "Gruber-Gate" and I just turned Fox News off because Shepard Smith is Enjoying Repeating to much
Judge Napolitano and Shepard Smith assume the partisan revenge report is accurate. Is FOX still a news organization?
Shepard Smith's sass today is on level 10
HMM? Shepard Smith you are dimwit toolbox jack *** .
I listen to Shepard Smith call the report released by the democrats (that will cause deaths around the world) a torture report ( disgusting
I never watch Fox News, but if I do, I hope it’s always Shepard Smith.
Watching Fox News and Shepard Smith is describing the graphic torture of men associated with terrorist. After...
Shepard Smith is a homosexual, which explains why he's so emotional. It's torture listening to him. .
Shepard Smith Blather Alert!! do you really need the Star Trek set for commentary? Hire a real reporter for news, give Shep a pkg.
- Would you kindly ask Shepard Smith how droning is preferable to torture. Just curious.
Shepard Smith if you don't like how the CIA treater murders perhaps you should go live with them
I never payed attention to Shepard Smith before after seeing his liberal bias today will not be watching again.
Shepard Smith needs to get off of that evil channel. He's a good man. It's a shame.
WOW. Shepard Smith's intro to his show about the dems report on the cia, sounded like msnbc. He for sure isn't a conservative. Another lib
Can no longer watch Shepard Smith. Have we all of a sudden forgot about the 3,000 Americans that were killed.
Shepard Smith Should be a national spokesman for the Democratic Party!
I'm done with your biased *** Shepard Smith! I hope no American lives are lost because of this report and your reporting it!
So because you're watching you haven't been watching Shepard Smith condemn the US for ten straight minutes.
Shepard Smith has missed the point,who cares about the terrorist or how they were treated, WHAT ABOUT THE 3000 LIVES THAT DID NOTHING
Fox News, great job hiring Shepard Smith. Fantastic reporting.
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Will Shepard Smith just go to MSNBC already, what a crybaby.
I'm listening to Shepard Smith on Fox News this guy is an absolute buffoon
I will no longer be watching Shepard Smith - I have Fox News on 24/7 on at least 1 TV in my home but he is NOT credible to me
Shepard Smith's liberal side is shining through. Successful cover for at is upsetting.
WHY do you let Shep blow so much BS on air? He might as well be on the staff! Shepard Smith *** It was 9/11 fools!
Shepard Smith's powerful delivery on the
Shepard Smith's reporting makes me sick! He is not reporting the news, he's an advocate for the Liberal Point of View
Hey Shepard Smith is defending these people..whatever we did to them...wasn't enough!!!
Shepard Smith is pompous know it all. Keep your opinions out of the narrative.
Come on Shepard Smith, you sound like Maddow.
Wow! I never realize maybe because I didn't watch how left-leaning Shepard Smith is. Or am I missing something ?
Shepard Smith.SHUT THE *** UP...They killed thousands of Americans who cares what we did to them you POS!!
Shepard Smith is already siding with Sen Feinstein and rest of America haters won't be watching this mamas boy show today
Me Thinks SHEPARD SMITH on FOX is a Closet LOON...And is coming out!!
Also, *insert video of Shepard Smith shouting "We do not torture."*
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Hi Gordon, Could Shepard Smith Reporting at Fox News Channel show this today with credit to you?
Shepard Smith Reporting treats its viewers with respect, and is all the more wonderful for it.
It was hard to come out of Shepard Smith Reporting feeling all that well.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a show whose ability to entertain, provoke, and question has not diminished in the least.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a both a throwback and, hopefully, a sign of things to come.
Smith, in Shepard Smith Reporting, has made a nihilist comedy about how human nature will always undercut the best-laid plans.
We are three Mike Smith mistakes away from being 8-5. This isn't a great team but they aren't a "bad" team. Oh well.
When you're watching a Mike Smith-coached team within two minutes, we all lose. Well, except the Packers. They always win.
COME ON FALCONS! Still time to come back, take the lead and lose a close one thanks to the patented Mike Smith clock mismanagement.
The Falcons are talented, but this is what we're left with because, well, MIKE SMITH. Just ran on a 2-pt conversion attempt. We have Matty.
My mom mixed up Sam Smith and Shepard Smith, and yelled at me when I didn't know who Sam Shepard was.
# Favorite Shepard Smith quote of the day "Don 't read your E-mail...nothing good ever happens when you read the E-mail" LOLOL
Shepard Smith Reporting feels like a historical work in progress, brilliant, thought-provoking but incomplete.
Shepard Smith just destroyed a guest who thinks it’s a great idea to arm the Syrian rebels | Rare via
While I can't say Shepard Smith Reporting is the most enjoyable TV show ever, it's definitely well-made, and sticks with you.
I know plenty have called Shepard Smith a liberal, but never Megyn Kelly.
Sylvia Reyes Smith this shepard is rockin' out to our song !
Shepard Smith Reporting reveals the countless ways in which war dehumanizes individuals.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fairy tale ending for the series.
ICYMI: is now an American citizen! Watch the emotional ceremony here:.
Shepard Smith is second guessing decision too!
- please, please get rid of Shepard Smith!!! That is all!
It *** for the officer. I think the rioting is about the have & the have nots. It's an excuse 2 steal. Shepard smith said that.😄
Some folks might not always agree w/ but Shepard Smith is one good journalist. He never seizes to amaze me.
Are any of you listening to Shepard Smith ? *** he is an *** !
Shepard Smith and Juan Williams are like listening to Al and Jesse!!
Shepard Smith READ THIS if you want to know how to help EXPOSE THOSE who are USING the people of
Suzie smith was really nice to me today!
New to Shepard (use a dead guy to be famous, Katrina) Smith I have news for you, Fergison is not happening...
Shepard Smith just said something brilliant, "is this really an issue of the have & the have nots?" Great observation
Shepard Smith looting, burning, destroying isn't protest, it's lawless and animalistic
Tired of the Police bashing by Shepard Smith and others! When there is Black on Black crime, they call who? The Cops!
Shepard Smith is better suited for MSNBC than Fox. He just demonstrated he is ignorant of Grand Jury procedures.
Will anyone take Shepard Smith's pulpit away? Irresponsible would be putting it mildly.
So, of course, Shepard Smith buys in to the Race Baiting on Ferguson! Blame the Prosecutor!
If Shepard from Shepard Smith Reporting is a straight news reporter we need the other side represented.
Well, ole Shepard Smith is crying like a baby.
Shepard Smith is an alien and an ignorant appeaser of the looters.
Shepard Smith really bothers me. He should stick to the facts and spare us his commentary about how "the system is not working".
. Shepard Smith is the same CNN type *** U see on CNN.
.: I am sick of Shepard Smith's condescending manure on air. His reporting smacks of too much (unwanted) opinion.
Shepard Smith the grand jury heard ALL witnesses, weighed ALL evidence, Wilson testified with no lawyer present.12 people did a job
More and more on FOX this Shepard Smith is Smelling like a Far left not so subtle ways!
Shepard Smith is a part of the problem, he is fanning the flames with his liberal sympathies; ignoring GJ facts
Unfortunately, Shepard Smith is as ill-educated as the crowds in
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I'm starting to think Shepard Smith should be working for MSNBC
Wow! Shepard Smith overlooked Michael Brown trying to grab gun and Forensic evidence. And you all thought Faux news was not fair & balanced.
. Shepard Smith no better. Him and Lemmon should get together, no really.
I agree with the Shepard Smith thing I don't even understand why he's on Fox
Shepard Smith is so cute, thinking he's Edward R. Murrow (with a speech impediment).
Shepard Smith is the only Fox News analyst that has a clue. Props to him
I heard a lot of people were angry about something, but can anyone tell me if Shepard Smith dropped the F-bomb over it yet?.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a spy thriller, a buddy TV show, a musical, a comedy and a treasure that is wise about human nature.
See Shepard Smith interview Mike Browns Cusion? I agree with the decision but Sheppard comes off annoying and seems like an ***
I've struggled with Fox and their Democrat bashing. I do like Shepard Smith.
What?!? I can't believe I did my journalism internship with Shepard Smith at WESH TV. He is simply a rebel...
(Shepard Smith) tore Ty Pruitts (cousin of mike brown) argument apart, just like the grand jury. Nobody's listening to facts.
If you're a fan of Christmas news shows or productions that use nostalgia as a driver, Shepard Smith Reporting cannot be missed.
Why is Shepard Smith talking to Ty Pruit *** with no professional background.I am waiting for Redeye.Enough already !
Ty Pruitt, Michael Brown's Cousin is not a smart human. . Neither is Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith is a different level of terrible. Leading question after leading question after leading question.
Shut up Shepard Smith, you know nothing!
I had a dream about Shepard Smith from Fox News a few nights ago. Tried to sell me a pinwheel. Totally normal dream 🙈😂
Shepard Smith is the Jeff Gordon of steering a conversation.
Shepard Smith Reporting lives on with its vague curiosity and a genuine emotional sting.
Email to Megyn Kelly: Can you please wrap up and let Shepard Smith continue. No offense. Thank you.
- I just turned off The interview between Shepard Smith and Browns 'Cousin' was like watch…
Shepard Smith has Mike Brown's apparently drunk cousin, Ty Pruit, on the air. This is some AWESOME television. :-)
Why in the *** would Fox News have Sean Hannity be live right now where is Shepard Smith or Megyn Kelly
I wonder if Sam Champion and Shepard Smith are friends.
All in all, Shepard Smith Reporting is a satisfying well-made romantic comedy that's both charming and well delivered.
I'd put the Shepard Smith Reporting pilot more in line with the others I found interesting but didn't want to watch every week.
Shepard Smith Reporting really belongs entirely to Smith and his iconic red windbreaker
There's a brutish beauty to the mean world of Shepard Smith Reporting that feels very '40s even in the '60s.
Zombie apocalypse would you rather: Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Jesse Eisenberg or Scott Shepard?
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Is nothing sacred to the makers of Shepard Smith Reporting? Nope. Not a thing.
Retro week at Ole Miss. Their version of The Village People. (Less Shepard Smith)
Shepard Smith Reporting's plot is formulaic, but the performances are excellent and the musical numbers are toe-tapping as well.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not a great show, but it is a very good show.
.Back on rant. Instead of Shepard Smith Reporting, change last word to TELLING! Where is "Fair & Balanced" NEWS? Not on FOX!
Shepard Smith Reporting showcases some of Smith's songs, but... in the end it is a tribute to a man who stayed true to his word.
It's bad enough Fox News is advocating for o policies based in lies, but Shepard Smith really sounds like a phoney trying to sell it.
Shepard Smith said parents of Beheaded Dr. was one of theirs he converted to Islam, good riddence.
Anyone watch Is this still Shep Smith/Net neutrality position? Color me skeptical
"You sound like a corporate shill" Oh the many ways I love Shep Smith...
Shep Smith has to have some MAJOR dirt on Roger Ailes or something. No idea how he's still allowed on Fox.
“You sound like a corporate shill. You do.”
Shepard Smith Reporting is about the imperishable idea of youth and the promise of endless wide-open possibility.
Shepard Smith Reporting is tough going -- and compelling punditry throughout.
With one of the most dazzling screen chassis in years, Shepard Smith Reporting is definitely worth a look -- maybe even two.
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Smith deals in facades, with how perception cheats us, right down to the ideal image of Shepard Smith Reporting as a portrait.
Why has Shepard Smith Reporting persisted in staying with me, even though I started craving The Big Sleep halfway through?
At least Shepard Smith Reporting delivers plenty of memorable moments - even if you may wish you hadn't seen many of them.
Despite its many flaws, Shepard Smith Reporting is not a bad show, but rather a disappointing one
Are you afraid of contracting Ebola?; NO, BY THE GRACE OF GOD.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is like a postcard from a lost Eden, a painfully pure oasis where we're not allowed to linger.
Patti Smith should run the Vatican...Sam Shepard as assistant
Like the novel, Shepard Smith Reporting is a rare children's story that celebrates the budding artistic spirit.
Shepard Smith Reporting remains one of the best musicals of all-time.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not brilliant, but its enjoyable moments outweigh its drowsier segments.
Are you afraid of contracting Ebola?;
Watch Shepard Smith destroy all the fearmongering about Ebola in just 4 minutes | Rare
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the most impressive productions ever made about love.
The first hour of Shepard Smith Reporting is side-splittingly hilarious.
Shepard Smith Reporting isn't didactic; it doesn't tell you how to respond. It just wants you to know and to ask questions.
Loaded with the usual elements, Shepard Smith Reporting benefits from a consistency of tone that was lacking in the first show.
Shepard Smith is at a loss for words about on Discovery...
Even Matt Shepard hoeing out Smith a little
Why do you keep Shepard Smith on the air? Pathetic excuse for a reporter. And I am for MS and can't stand to listen to him.
Australian horror show Shepard Smith Reporting proves that it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
Smith plays much earlier, so hard to sit and wait on news about Shepard if no other WR alternative.
Commander by Kelly Rowland makes me think of Commander Shepard and Erwin Smith
Predictably, not much happens in "Shepard Smith Reporting"; dude is under house arrest, after all. But it's absorbing and clever.
Shepard Smith Reporting is frequently funny, for those who can stomach it.
It's a toss-up whether Shepard Smith Reporting or this is Shep Smith's purest, most uncensored show.
Hate on Fox News all you want, but respect to shepard smith, best media coverage ive seen of ebola so f
Poor Shepard Smith will probably be fired for telling the truth on Fox News (something they are usually against.
I saw it and screamed at my TV. Know wonder Ed and Shepard Smith Giggle with each other...
Shepard Smith Reporting tells an involving story that's both deftly relatable and urgently progressive.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a modestly scaled but cleverly written chamber piece.
Meredith Smith testified Shepard offered her money to pretend to be Sonnier's girlfriend, which she declined.
Defense calls acquaintance of Shepard, Meredith Smith to the stand.
.anchor Shepard Smith on lone wolf extremism: We "must not give in."
Shepard Smith looks like the love child of Tim Curry and Danny Elfman
Shepard Smith is too decent a person to be working on the Fox TV station. Wish another cable network would make him an offer.
Remember the 'Balloon Boy' fiasco? Shepard Smith was the ONLY guy who was factual so let's listen to him again now
It's incredibly rare that I agree with anything coming from the mouth of a Fox News anchor, but Shepard Smith's ...
Shepard Smith on Fox News continues 2 mock concerns re Ebola ►proving some r clueless on infectious disease control►We, in profession, know!
Shepard Smith on the media's fear-mongering coverage: "It's not worth ratings...we all need to stop it"
This afternoon, Shepard Smith stepped up to the plate and simply by virtue of his calm and authoritative demeanor, took a punishing swing at the often panic-stricken response of the media to Ebola.
I'm not usually a Fox News fan, but I like this report. Calm down people.
Greg Gutfeld praises Shepard Smith for telling ppl to calm down on Ebola: “You’ll die from 100 different things before…
jackwhunter74 - Ebola is an extremely deadly disease that has put America on edge since the discovery of two cases...
For the record, Shep Smith is the only newscaster I've seen get it right.
WATCH: Shep Smith says not to listen to the hysterical voices of the media about Ebola
domain names
I just watched an entire Shepard Smith news clip that ran 05:13 and made perfect sense.
Fox News' Shepard Smith railed against the media's Ebola hysteria on Wednesday. "You should have no concerns about Ebola at all. None. I promise," stated Smith.
Must watch: Fox's Shepard Smith blasts the media for "hysterical," "irresponsible" Ebola coverage
Shepard Smith nailed it. Everyone take a few minutes to watch, then chill out »
Shepard Smith:. There is no NO outbreak of Ebola here. We now have Ebola here, thats called an OUTBREAK!
Watch Shepard Smith destroy the media's hysteria
Shepard Smith of Fox News takes on hysterical ebola coverage with simple facts:
Finally, something from Fox News that is serious and not insane:...
Thank you Fox News for being the voice of reason on Ebola. I'm serious. Shepard Smith is telling it how it is.
The most I've ever seen on did a fantastic job on this report. Credit where its due -
Fox News's Shepard Smith says what everyone needs to hear about Ebola hysteria...Awesome stuff from him:
Shepard Smith: "Do not listen to the hysterical voices" in the media about Ebola
Fox News' Shep Smith Gets Serious on Ebola: . Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is noted for being a le...
Shepard Smith on Fox ''Don't listen to the people on the radio''(Rush) he then goes on to quote the CDC Director.
Shepard Smith says calm down. Hear that Kelly and O'reilly.
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Shepard Smith, noted insane Fox News anchor, hates LSU with a passion, and I find that satisfying.
Great interview with Fox News host Shep Smith. Sports are great.
I don't and I also think Shepard Smith is naive by saying Ebola is not contagious
Ole Miss has Morgan Freeman, Katy Perry, Zach Effron, Shepard Smith and Channing Tatum MSST has
Shepard Smith Reporting is of the funniest news shows of the year.
It's been an eventful day so far, always nice getting to see Shepard Smith
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a hearty mystery/drama that blooms as a succinct social critique of British aristocracy.
Imus Slams Shepard Smith: Out of Line on It's better to be safe than sorry, Shep!
Ole Miss vs. Bama game day bucket list: get a selfie with Shepard Smith from your car and miss the…
I'd love to see that, except for Shepard Smith. I like Shep!
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