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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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'Lie after lie after lie.' Fox News anchor goes off on Trump Jr. meeting
Why does feel the need to torture it's viewers by filling the airwaves with another LIBERAL hack?. SMH. 👉 FIRE…
Shepard Smith is the liar. sorry or is you username
You don't have to be a liberal to recognize the Trump Admin's lies & call them out. . "Fox News's Shepard Smith"
Shepard smith has really become an *** lately. He hopes being an *** will improve his ratings. He's goi…
Breaking: has a temporary flash of Truth Telling. But don't worry Fox Fans-it didn't include https…
The precise moment you knew two things: is from the South and he was about to roll up sleeves
Now all Trump supporters are upset with Fox News's Shepard Smith for calling a lie a lie. Talk about snowflakes!
Never a bad time to remind people about
Maybe Shepard Smith can 'splain it to you .
Fox's Shepard Smith slams Trump lies over Russia meeting: The deception “is mind boggling” is this Fake news ?
Shepard Smith could cause a good country preacher to speak in four letter words using profanities and admonitions to do impossible things.
Fox News needs to fire lying Shepard Smith. He should take his Russian conspiracy theories to the CNN.
When you've lost Fox News, the jig is up. Shepard Smith calls out Trump for "lie after lie after lie."
"Fox News's Shepard Smith". Came out of the *** closet. Now he's come out of the liberal closet. As if it were a secret.
Shepard Smith is a hysterical drama queen trying to attract headlines so he can get a fat contract at MSNBC. He's not a j…
"Lie after lie after lie" - for anyone paying attention, the lies are NOT news, Fox News saying so is
Shepard Smith slammed what he called "lies" pushed by Donald Trump Jr. in a fiery Friday rant.
More liberal propaganda against Oh wait, this is from Shepard Smith w/ Thank you Shepard for telli…
"Lie after lie after lie": Fox News’ Shepard Smith has a Cronkite moment on Russia
Shepard Smith's reporting is becoming unhinged. He was railing on Chris Wallace about the Trump Jr story
pls get rid of Shepard Smith his wording shows he is very biased against not reporting Awful!
Yesterday, Thurs.July 13, Shepard Smith grinned the whole time h…
Shepard Smith the *** and liberal voice of CNN but reporting on Fox, go figure? Fox is becoming the new CNN.
John Roberts reporting on Don Jr live on Shepard Smith "that's what I'm being told to say".
Shepard Smith reporting? I wish they'd deport him. I'll skip the video because he ***
Fox News needs to get rid of Shepard Smith. His reporting is f…
For Gods sake can you get rid of Shepard Smith? Democrat or not his reporting is becoming like CNN's. H…
I dislike Shepard Smith. His bias is disgusting! Can we get someone who at least try's to be neutral reporting the News on Fox
Actual footage of Shepard Smith reporting on Trump 😂
I understand wanting to have balanced reporting but Shepard Smith is terribly bias needs to be on or
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Does anyone else switch Fox off at 3 pm Eastern? It's borderline CNN with Shepard Smith reporting with his opinions added!
~Shepard Smith is reporting that the Don Jr. issue is disrupting the White House's activities and is filtering down to the Capitol. Jerk!
It's now 3pm in the East and time to turn off ...just can't stand the Shepard Smith slant on reporting the news...
If is to retain any credibility in the world then, that'll only be because of Shepard Smith reporting.
*** Shepard Smith might have the most eloquent reporting on the Russian meeting rn.
Wow, so Shepard Smith of Fox was 'in love' with Clinton/Cheryl Mills? Such a small, elite group the ALL are. While…
We Appreciate You Fox News but people have been complaining about Shepard Smith for years what's the deal he is terrible
Shepard Smith is on time to change the channel. He hates the POTUS as bad as CNN
absolutely add Shepard Smith is on now distorting what POTUS has said which is exactly the truth pay attention Fox
too bad Fox News still has Shepard Smith the traitor himself trying to cause trouble as usual
I rarely watch Fox without Bill there. You can only watch so much of Juan Williams and Shepard Smith :( before you want to punch someone!
Ask Juan Williams and Shepard Smith how they think about that
Ok Julie but I want that jerk Shepard Smith off the air. If a lady wants to be treated like a lady she n…
I've watched a lot of Fox. I like Chris Wallace & Shepard Smith. They are the most honest, straightforward ppl on FOX
Shepard Smith has to change his underwear every time he says another GOP senator won't vote for the health-care bill! Why does fox pay him?
After getting rid of the fair side of staff the only ones left are the unbalanced; e.g., Shepard Smith.
Jack Bergman was questioned more harshly than Comey by the person filling in for Shepard Smith.
John Roberts is a dumbo rat he's getting sickening too get rid of him and of course get rid of Shepard Smith
John Scott in for Shepard Smith wish it were permanent!
The vultures are circling, Fox News Chris Wallace, Brett Bauer, I cannot wait for Shepard Smith to pile on. You know what to do
You can't give me one example of Chris Wallace, Brett Baear, Shepard Smith stating any bi…
Garry when Shepard Smith and Bret Bauer do cover it will you be man enough to admit it, or will you jus…
Shepard Smith is a LIBERAL hack on FOX. He covers up and LIES & is anti TRUMP. H…
Couldn't Fox News find someone other than Shepard Smith to bring us "Breaking News"?. He is Fox News worst host!
Shepard Smith just defended Obama in interview with James Woolsey.omg. What a loser!. Get him off the air!.
Chris Matthews and Shepard Smith are Liberal lap dogs, cockholsters for the Democrats and they fired Bill O'Reilly, what a joke Fox is
YEAH! Bob LIBERAL Beckel is gone! Now needs to get rid of Shepard Smith and Juan RACIST Williams.
Watching this was moving, I have watched Fox News when it started, and I watched Shepard Smith grow, he was...
Jesus does anyone watch Shepard Smith? How can Fox keep him?
Fox News Shepard Smith discusses his personal experiences concerning founder of Fox News Roger Ailes--who passed away t…
So sad, must latch on to a family tragedy to boost his ratings. - yet he wouldn't speak up!
Shepard Smith tears up over 'complicated' relationship with Roger Ailes via
"When a blackmailer entered my life and the lives of my family, he held my hand and saw me to the other side."
Shepard Smith's on-air Ailes encomium is different from all the rest--for better or worse, you can judge for yourself.
One fine eulogy given by Shepard Smith, mighty fine.
They missed the target by a little. They were aiming at Shepard Smith
dcexaminer Shepard Smith tears up over "complicated" relationship with Roger Ailes Shepa…
Shepard Smith gave his history w Ailes = sensitive, stirring, complicated. Worth a watch.
Shepard Smith issues tearful tribute to Roger Ailes: 'I loved him'
His vision gave us a TRUE news source. Ask Shepard Smith about Roger Ailes, or watch for yourself:…
WATCH: Shepard Smith breaks down on camera over the death of Roger Ailes -
I've always had a ton of respect for Shepard Smith. This is a fantastic story from a phenomenal storyteller, and I…
I like Shepard Smith. He might actually be "fair and balanced."
We watched Fox for conservative news. Now too many liberals. Don't care what Juan Williams Bob Becker…
Chris Wallace & Shepard Smith rip into Trump on Fox News. Wallace says Spicer's Nixon like non-denial denial took his "br…
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News . ⚡ Fox News anchor Shepard Smith opens up about being ***
Shepard Smith opens up Why now? Why did you hide it? I do not hate homosexual people but it is in judgement of *** fire. Truth!
It's only a matter of time before Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper announce their engagement.
I'm glad he's a red blooded man. At least he's not Anderson Cooper or Shepard Smith.
I think & everyone at Fox minus Shepard Smith, Juan Williams & Bob Beckel
Bill Hemmer is only 1000X better than Shepard Smith.
So They Fire Bill O’Reilly and keep Shepard Smith? . Hey Fox News, how about Fire Shepard Smith! move him to CNN
BIG O'Reilly fan, BUT as an alumni of Shepard Smith's alma mater- Ole Miss, he is an…
I like Shepard Smith. When Hurricane Katrina hit he was there handing out water. I will never forget that.
Totally unrelated: Are/were you, a)jealous, or b)critical, of the time Shepard Smith & FOX showed t…
Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith walk into a bar... Bartender: What'll ya have?. Chuck and Shep: A Shirley Temple...two straw…
I am watching Kennedy on fox business.friggin jerk-off Shepard Smith is on FOX and I refuse…
Don't watch Shepard Smith anymore‼😭He is so bias against Trump‼👎He is another one that Fox News needs to replace‼ I watch FBN
there is no need for Shepard Smith introduce Neil Cavuto or any other news anchor. I almost clicked off. . Please buy Smith contract
Agree on Shepard Smith/he belongs on a "fake" news network/not on Fox/I bypass his show or mute it when he talks!
Shepard Smith is an Embarrassing Moron get the hook and Pull him off !!!
What's up with Fox News channel making us watch Shepard Smith for 2hours now Eric Shawn. Nightmare! Make it end. Lol come on Fox! Really?
I had to switch to fox business when I turn on fox to watch o Reilly and tucker but instead saw Shepard Smith
Geez I can't believe I'm watching Fox News and fox business Channel they went suddenly Left Kennedy's terrible Shepard Smith is terrible
Wait Im confused wasnt it Meghan Kelly who left for Nbc liberal media. Shepard Smith sure sounds like it was him. Must be interviewing
Please put somebody more in tune with your viewers the "Breaking News" Host! Shepard Smith turns my stomach!
And take Shepard Smith and Juan Williams with you.
And then brings in the likes of Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Meghan McCain, Geraldo and numerous others. It's a trap!
would you fire Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, and Bob Beckle...
Dana Perino and Ed Henry are fantastic! PLEASE keep them more often! we love both of them! Shepard Smith is terrible!!
Shepard Smith is terrible for buisness please send him with Meghan Kelly!!!
if you'd like to see get rid of Shepard Smith, make room for
Shepard Smith threw Judge Napolitano under the bus. Gee, I wonder why?.
Shepard Smith is such a POS. Sorry, but it is HE that should be removed from Fox News. Not Judge Napolitano. I just…
Muslims would throw Shepard Smith off a roof and put Megan Kelly in a head swaddle is this really your d…
Growing chorus for Fox News to dump Shepard Smith via
Shepard Smith seems like Peter Brady with a mental problem.
@ Yes me too..Shepard Smith on..Me off. HGTV here I come
I'd rather watch re-runs of American Pickers, than Shepard Smith!🤣
Shepard Smith has got to go. Who even watches that jerk's show
Hmm so I see Shepard Smith is trending. I guess he made an *** out of himself AGAIN! I can no longer listen to his BS.
I heard Shepard Smith is really Rachel Maddow in drag! Anyway you can have FBI verify ?Maddow
Shepard Smith just said Fox News has “no evidence of any kind” that Trump was surveilled “at any time, any way."
Yes, now if only we could get rid of Shepard Smith ...😒
Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitano’s commentary,” Shepard Smith says just now on Fox.
I stopped by Fox News for a brief moment & saw Shepard Smith & remembered why I no longer watch Fox News & kept on channel…
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith seems to have had enough of Kellyanne Conway
Fox News’ Shepard Smith interviewed Associated Press reporter Julie Bykowicz on Thursday about the latest...
Shepard Smith is one of two honest people on that god forsaken network. The other being Bret Baier.
Hannity, & his team obviously do extensive research. Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky do theirs by rea…
Who would you rather punch? Shepard Smith, Juan Williams or Mary Anne Marsh?😜
We love Fox's Shepard Smith: CNN is not 'fake news' | TheHill
Time for to replace Shepard Smith on the news team hour-breaking news hour! Lobby for Ed Henry to take that s…
Shepard Smith is SO *** .. [how *** is he?] ...he's so *** he looks like a Matt Damon who OD'd on estrogen and Brylcreem. 😂🇺🇸
Does anyone actually like the Shepard Smith segment of Fox News?
Shepard Smith defended rival network CNN live on the air:
Fox's Shepard Smith: CNN is not 'fake news' . TY
Even the conservative news guys are stepping up and saying this isn't ok. Fox's Shepard Smith: CNN is not 'fake news'
TY Shepard Smith for your integrity by standing up to Trump and defending journalistic independence and gov't accou…
Shepard Smith "CNN said this, CNN said that". Just join them already, you silly drama queen, the act is wearing thin.
Shepard Smith is a disgrace to He's no longer a journalist, he's a liberal hack!.
This is one of the funniest cable news videos I've ever seen. Shepard Smith getting blown away by Hurricane Rita.
Shepard Smith better watch it you to can become an enemy too. Would hate for President Trump to label you as just another enemy.
Again, Shepard Smith slants his comments about the immigration laws to make it appear that law enforcement is mean. Ugh! Get him off of Fox!
It's a great day when Shepard Smith takes the day off means I don't have to switch to Dr Phil.
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Shepard Smith gotta go Chris Wallace is just throwing a temper tantrum
Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith are the only journalists worth a *** at Fox News
Shepard Smith is the FAKE News of Fox Network. Give Trump a chance & the respect any President deserves.Stop being a Traitor…
If Fox "News" viewers boycott Fox over Shepard Smith and watch actual news on ANY other source, they will be forced to…
Shepard Smith, Marie Harp, Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer, Geraldo should be on there too
and Juan Williams and Shepard Smith sorta suck too!
if you want to permanently replace unhinged Shepard Smith. She's smart, classy & unbiased.
Juan Williams and Shepard Smith need to transfer to CNN!
should terminate both Shepard Smith and Juan Williams.
Turn Fox News off when Shepard Smith and/or Juan Williams are on!
.I like Fox News.. Shepard Smith, Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera are hard to swallow…
Shepard Smith is definitely worn out his welcome. Juan Williams back to NPR 2!
I knew that "Shepard Smith" always wanted to be like "Megyn Kelly" but this is getting ridiculous.C'mon Fox News Wake…
Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith are not the Ward and June Cleaver of journalism. They are Eddy Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford.
Wonder if will allow Shepard Smith to report on after his last fiasco 🤔 .
Breaking on for Don Lemon tonight will be Shepard Smith.
FOX should fire Shepard Smith. His spewing of FAKE NEWS would be better fit at the likes of CNN or MSNBC.
I watch Fox News so I hear what I believe. Why is Shepard Smith, Juan, Brett Bear On this station.
I will not be watching Shepard Smith again! If I here one more stupid rant from Bob Beckel on The Five I won't be watching that show either!
Fox host Shepard Smith slams president, deplorable Trump supporters call for his head via
please fire Shepard Smith and Juan Williams or get them jobs with CNN please do a poll it will speak for itself g…
Shepard Smith has let personal views get in the way of what calls fair&balanced. Using his platform 4 hatred.…
I have never seen people that are so negative as Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Chris Mathews, Charles Schumer.
You're losing me! I don't watch "The Five" because I hate Juan Williams. NOW I don't watch Shepard Smith.
five# Juan Juan the talking machine. Filibuster bluster. He's useless dump him off Fox and send Shepard Smith with him. Token liberal
Anyone but Shepard Smith or Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera or...the 'bad' list is long 🙄
Shepard Smith cries off his makeup after the . "Trumps a big meanie"
Fox News should have fired Shepard Smith a long time ago but are probably afraid he'll sue to "discrimination" because he's g…
Fair and balanced... Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams. One hour of Shepard Smith is just too much... good time to tune out!
Ever consider Shepard Smith to sit in and Bob Beckel seat? He'd be grate!
I have so much respect for Shepard Smith he really called Trump out on his lies
Finally calls it like it is. is lying daily, let's be honest. NOT
Thank you Shepard Smith for your honesty
Where would we be w/out the tireless work of LGBT journalists like htt…
Shepard Smith was the same guy saying if Hurricane Matthew went 20 miles inland EVERYONE was gonn…
Never thought I would say Thank you to a member of Fox News! But thanks Shepard Smith, keep it up. Ed
. Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith have suddenly had their lips seperated from Obama's *** and can't be…
I'm trying to figure who is the most has whiney voice Jake the snake N the Grass Tapper or the stooge Shepard Smith WHINEY *** SICKENING
Kudos to Shepard Smith for showing integrity here.
when is Shepard Smith going to get canned
You know you are living in some sort of alt universe when you are happy with Shepard Smith of Fox News
If Shepard Smith is going to spew fake news he should leave Fox News like that hack No room for liars on the p…
Shepard Smith calls out Donald Trump and demands answers. . A ballsy statement, especially as he works for Fox News. http…
Thanks for standing up Shepard Smith. Surprising backbone from Fox News!
Shepard Smith is like a daily dose of cancer in an otherwise healthy body
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Unhinged Fox News snowflakes upset when Shepard Smith doesn’t toe the line. At least they have Sean Hannity to uphold their…
Shepard Smith is doing his JOB which is speaking TRUTH TO POWER! Bravo Shep Smith!!
In twist, Trump fans are now mad at Fox News
Well done Shepard Smith . Standing up for journalism & against a bully . Hope rest of does same.
Media should stick together. They report news not make it. Glad someone on is not one sided.
I will not watch Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Bob Beckle or Juan Williams, or the shows they appear on.
.anchor Shepard Smith unleashes on attacks on the media (WATCH)
if you want Fox News to get rid of Shepard Smith.
Aww, what's the matter Trumpkins? Did Shepard Smith violate your little Fox News safe space? Having an allergic reaction to…
Never ever thought I may watch FoxNews longer than a minute or even agree, but Shepard Smith is great!. via
Shepard Smith choose to take a genuine risk of significant financial & influential loss today over ethical concerns. H…
Trump supporters call for Shep Smith's head for Trump criticism - remember this when they say the…
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith spoke up after President Trump didn’t fully answer…
In a profession that most people don't like you like lawyers. Shepard Smith you got some big nuts for asking TRUTH for us
Fox News’ Shepard Smith hammers Trump & sticks up for CNN. One of the Few Brave Individuals at Fox...
So conservatives are calling for Shepard Smith's job for having an opposing view...Why???!!! I thought Fox News was "Fair an…
Shepard Smith is not Frankie Avalon anymore...I say..Go to MSNBC, or CNN! Respect lost!
Trump fans, your beliefs shouldn't be THIS fragile. Shepard Smith did his job.
Fox News isn’t known for calling out the Trump administration, but that didn’t stop Shepard Smith.
Apparently "Shepard Smith" hasn't heard what happened when the Trumpers turned on Kiss your show goodbye.
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith angers Trump supporters by attacking president over Russia and treatment of media
Shepard Smith true colors are shining through,this guys losing his mind just like the on other news cha…
Shepard Smith slams Trump for dodging on Russia: 'We are not fools for asking this question' h…
if you want Fox News to give Shepard Smith a raise.
A reporter who doesn't condemn Trump's media attacks, is not a news reporter. Today, Shepard Smith became a news reporter.…
I'm thinking Shepard Smith forgot he hosts a show on Faux News. Wow.
I haven't watched Fox during the afternoon for years. Shepard Smith is an absolutely unwatchable moron. How does he ***
I'm not surprised Shepard Smith defended CNN and fake news. He reports fake news and buys into the MSM lies everyday. Nothing…
Well, I don't want to say this but, Today will be the last time I watch Shepard Smith! He should go to CNBC…
Shepard Smith is one of the fewest guys on that has the courage to say the truth to The peop…
Oh, I forgot little guy...take Shepard Smith with ya. U 2 should be GOOD BUDDIES.
I think Shepard Smith of Fox News is looking for a CNN contract. He surely belongs there.
THAT MOMENT. Acosta realized. is no ordinary Republican. 👉HE FIGHTS BACK.
I love seeing all the Trump snowflakes melting down because Shepard Smith told them the type of information they watch
I love watching your network, but Shepard Smith has GOT TO GO!!! He is gonna kill your ratings for at least one hour every d…
"Shepard Smith" The trumpturds are running around with their hair on fire because showed class today. BURN…
"Shepard Smith" "Chuck Todd" and press corp need a safe space while spinning lies about President Trump and us deplorables.
This is what Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith are defending.
Dear Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Shepard Smith. And the rest of you flunkies. 👉Your wounds are SELF INFLICTED.
big thanks Shepard Smith for doing the right thing and backing 1st amendment. Americans deserve answers.
Shepard Smith dare questions our Dear Leader?! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE. (Fox viewers are officially North Koreans now)
As a native I can say this : Shepard Smith is officially an embarrassment to his native Holly Springs, MS.
Why is Shepard Smith on Fox News? He is a lying Trump hater! He belongs on CNN or of the air completely! Get rid of him!
President Trump did great and all Shepard Smith could do was make fun of Trump!
Shepard Smith is belligerent in his reporting of POTUS! It is shameful, POTUS bragged on Fox at being able to criticize ok!
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Fox News is getting as bad. Ref. Howard Kurtz, Shepard Smith, Bob Beckel and Chris Wallace. Losers!
I change the channel whenever Geraldo is on.also Juan Williams, Shepard Smith & a few others!
Let me be clear..I cannot stand Shepard Smith. He belongs on CNN,along with Juan Williams,Julie Rozinski,Jessica Tarlov,Mar…
Shepard Smith just called the President of the United States a liar 6=7 times in 30 mins. He's got to go. Trump is and wa…
What just happens on fox, it lookid like Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith were about to duke it out ??
Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith are the main reason I don't watch Fox News as much as I once did.
Please, Shepard Smith, go to MSNBC. He Urges Chris Wallace to Denounce 'Dangerous' Trump for 'Delegitimizing' CNN
I'm so tired of Shepard Smith intersecting his opinions when his job is to read the damned news. If I want opinion it's Bill orielly
dump Shepard Smith! Boring say the least! He lost it when the Dems lost.. ! I'd rather watch Andy Griffith or Gillian Island!
fox is the only network I watch now, but they get on my nerves, a lot. Especially O'Reilly & the *** Shepard Smith
John Bussey of the WSJ and Shepard Smith defending the dishonest press and TV talking heads. What crap! Trying to validate themselves. Barf.
John Brennan is a complete tool, along with the liberal mouthpiece Shepard Smith
*** Shepard Smith has found his new home after Fox News kicks him out, it seems.
John it looks like CNN is being exposed as FAKE news. Shepard Smith needs to granger there. Willfully evil
Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shepard Smith, two more after Fox and Friends
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith defends CNN against Trump's "belittling" at press conference.
Megyn Kelly is gone. now needs to get rid of extremely biased DNC operative Shepard Smith.
if we could just get rid of Shepard Smith, Dana Perino and Meghan McCain now I would be a happy camper
Please tale Dana Perino with you.when is Shepard Smith leaving?
The top five people I DON’T like on Fox News are: Kelly, Roginsky, Shepard Smith, Tarlov, and Williams.
That's great news, now if they would only fire Shepard Smith and Megyn Kelly, the world would be a better place.
he was outed. And there are plenty of positive *** role models from Anderson Cooper to Shepard Smith to Billie Jean King etc
# Shepard Smith reporting # POTUS BHO Sarenades Wife and Daughters with profane Rappers in WH!!
Shepard Smith has too strong of a snide edge to his "news reporting" regardless of ideology. It's become too much to watch.
State: National TV anchor is accused of battery Shepard Smith has anger issues? Reporting sucked during election too
just watched you on Shepard Smith. I have always enjoyed your reporting. Wishing you all the best.
Shepard Smith. Stop sniveling about Trump and start reporting. Same to Megan Kelly who is hardly a journalist. Make me happy. Leave.
Some incredible, hard hitting reporting that honestly puts even the great Shepard Smith to absolute shame.
John is so much better to listen to did Shepard Smith whose voice sort of greats too much
Shepard Smith is so good with words too. His analogies are killing me.
:I imagine Shepard Smith will meet some good ole boys eventually😉
Listening to Shepard Smith on FOX is like calling a PING PONG match.
About time FOX! Now get rid of Shepard Smith, Meghan Kelly & we'll watch F…
Fair & balanced my *** Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, G.Rivera, Shepard Smith, and the dolt of dolts Juan Williams MUST GO!
Totally agree Richard, same with Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly, stirewalt and piRINO!
An open secret that's no longer secret. Too bad he thinks of Roger Ailes as "a father."
He's busy he just found out that Shepard smith was ***
what?? a *** man is the main guy on Fox News during the day? no no no, Fox News is only bigots and homophobes i...
it really has. Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, now Brit Hume. All earning clinton money.
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has come out as *** In equally surprising news, grass has come out as green.
Exactly! Ailes is sick but there's NO explanation for Shepard Smith's "it's all about me & screw the rest of the LGBT co…
The overall quality and timelessness of Shepard Smith Reporting will guarantee it a long future.
"Shepard Smith Answers Question on Roger Ailes by Coming Out" Finally, an out anchor on Fox New…
Shepard Smith comes out as *** says Roger Ailes was “like a father,” talks about the future of Fox News via
but...but... Shepard Smith says it's not true!
Website Builder 728x90
Fox News anchor is getting candid about his sexuality in a new interview with the Huffington Post,
comes out to says like a father. Now, about the damage his network does...
Shepard Smith coming out and Trevor Bauer's bloody pinkie in game 3 of the ALCS
Hey look; Shepard Smith and Don Lemon went into business together!
He refuted claims that Ailes urged him not to come out about his sexual orientation publicly
wonder when the saudi backers throw him off the roof of Fox News HQ ... Shepard Smith Comes Out as ***
Shepard Smith opens up about his sexuality and says Roger Ailes never held him back
Congratulations to Shepard Smith, the first Fox News anchor to come out as being *** via
Shepard Smith is *** and there are mustaches in Mexico.
I'm always glad to see someone come out of the closet. . .
also what about my Hopkins for his Meredith and dez? I have Hopkins Steve smith Shepard hogan and quick as my wrs thanks!
This has been happening a lot lately.
I'm shocked, said no one. Wow, what's next? Is he going to come out as a democrat?.
Fox News reporter Shepard Smith finally comes out.
I thought Shepard Smith was already out. Apparently that was not the case?
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Wow, the closet lib is out of the closet😄
[Watch] Shepard Smith of Fox News comes out as *** : via
Fox News’ says Roger Ailes was never homophobic toward him
anchor publicly addressed his for the first time. Here:
Shep Smith "comes out" as *** In other stunning news, Oprah to appear on cover of next issue of O Magazine 😏
Shepard Smith finally comes out of the closet as *** via
I quit watching Shepard Smith weeks ago because of his bias
"Shepard Smith came out as *** Neat.". Y'know, I think this has some real potential.
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