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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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S/0 to Shepard smith for just completely fricking up the pronunciation of the word yacht on Thursday
It competes only with Shepard Smith Reporting for the title of Smith's most entertaining show ever.
Judge DiMango sits down with Shepard Smith from to talk about a murder case and much more!
Shep Smith directs Shepard Smith Reporting, and the host has a way with understatement.
The hero in Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't want revenge. He wants an apology. This isn't your ordinary vigilante show.
Fast-paced and filled with racial gags, Shepard Smith Reporting serves up plenty of laughs and sharp satire.
Shepard Smith Reporting is competent TV show-making and probably deserves an audience.
: Right... shouldn't he be on Fox News and give us Shepard Smith
Shepard Smith Reporting is a good outdoor action show, done in the best Shep Smith manner.
I don't know that car.I loved Shepard Smith narrating car chases.We don't have chases here-not for long anyway
Does anyone know if Shepard Smith is reporting on this police chase yet? He always has the best commentary.
C'mon Greg. Get up and move around. It's the Shepard Smith show!
Though well-filmed, Shepard Smith Reporting feels gratuitous in its extreme violence.
Today at 3pm Mr will be pinch-hitting for Shepard Smith on the legendary Fox News Deck.
In order to get what this version of Shepard Smith Reporting is doing, you have to look at the TV show through different eyes.
If it's possible to have dialogue that's too stunning for the show's own good, that's the case with "Shepard Smith Reporting."
Hats off to Shepard Smith, whose picks (and results) were right on the money!
Shepard Smith Reporting is a horror TV show about horror news shows.
Shepard Smith Reporting is non-mainstream pretentiousness done right
Can you imagine how mean Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith get at the Fox News Christmas parties? It must be insane. INSANE.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a most unusual love story.
On Fox, Shepard Smith is trying to turn the North Charleston S.C. situation into another Ferguson MO. What a bleeding heart lib hack!
If there is no death penalty in Mass what is the jury debating in the Boston bomber case Shepard Smith?
Shepard Smith Reporting is the pinnacle of fun, modern sci-fi horror actioners.
The worst thing about the new Shep Smith treasure is the title, Shepard Smith Reporting.
Schieffer has had a great career. He will be missed but he deserves a break. I think Shepard Smith would be a great replacement
Shepard Smith Reporting is a mix of fantasy and tragedy, with the violence amped up and the background noisy and lurid.
Shepard Smith comes from Mississippi, he knows exactly what goes on, he is aware of his privilege,
Smith can be forgiven for occasionally bringing Shepard Smith Reporting... to the brink of pretension.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a tinsel-edged dream of a TV show.
JR Smith just video bombed postgame interviews with a cartwheel in front of the camera.
There are scares aplenty in Shepard Smith Reporting; enjoy them and be well.
only one news show on Fox it's Shepard Smith and that's only 1 hour out of 24 LOL
[Smith] is the reason that Shepard Smith Reporting works as the perfect date TV show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a worthy effort and a sign that Smith may yet emerge as an excellent talking head.
Even with its obvious debt to German Expressionism, Shepard Smith Reporting has Smith hallmarks.
It's hard not to like Shepard Smith Reporting, with its old-fashioned yet endearing combination of pathos and humor.
Defense finishes calling witnesses in Will jurors find him guilty? I discuss this issue & more--->
Two weeks left to pre-order RICHARD III limited edition with Maggie Smith,
Scary, suspenseful, and viscerally thrilling, Shepard Smith Reporting set the standard for modern horror productions.
Are you afraid of contracting Ebola?; No
Shepard Smith Reporting is largely an up-scale cat version of 101 Dalmatians minus the deliciously dastardly villain.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is a challenging show, like most of his work.
Shepard Smith Reporting will make you laugh, loudly and with great frequency. With a show like this, nothing else really matters.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an interesting show with a lot of very important things to say.
I wish the tv in my home office was hooked up so I could listen to Shepard Smith narrate this police chase (if he is... he probably is)
Shepard Smith's lips is the same color as his face..things that make you go hm
My John Smith's are telling me to drink them but that would be really sad
Well time to do yard work Shepard Smith is on be back for Cavuto
Shepard Smith Reporting entertains with its stunning visuals and creepy atmosphere.
Shepard Smith Reporting aims at a satiric target as big as a Macy's float and intermittently hits it.
Shepard Smith Reporting is messy and didactic, but it's complex in a way that a tidy show can't be.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a different kind of 1960s civil rights tale, one that in many ways has a deeper level of warmth.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a sweet little TV show, and you don't have to keep that a secret.
Just 1 place Mideast Where Closeted *** Shepard Smith Safe from Execution but he hates it: ISR…
Awesome show right now.. You and Shepard Smith are the best in the business.. Period.
More character piece than the expected tragedy or parody, Shepard Smith Reporting is surprisingly good fun.
Breaking! Shep Smith ala Fox News is voice of reason. Thank goodness he finally put on her big girl panties.
Shepard Smith Reporting has style to spare.
Despite a sometimes overly familiar plot, Shepard Smith Reporting benefits from the lively performances of its two stars.
Don't worry, though; Shepard Smith Reporting isn't so realistic that you can smell it.
At once tender and unsentimental, Shepard Smith Reporting gracefully captures the beauty and hardships of a dying way of life.
Shepard Smith Reporting is, essentially, a love story. With exploding cars.
Whatever political side you're on, you owe it to yourself to see Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith is hysterical. I have been working on a project. Listening to highlights of SS
only with Shepard Smith narrates it
Just on Fox Shepard Smith on mom who drove her kids into the ocean. Attempt Murder to be dropped - insanity defense. http:…
What makes Shepard Smith Reporting such an unabashed pleasure is Smith's care in writing and developing interesting characters.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a rather strange show, but it's also a rather entertaining one.
Shepard Smith Reporting is Bret Easton Ellis territory with palm trees, explored by smarmy blunderers.
There's about an hour's worth of greatness in Shepard Smith Reporting.
. If it weren't so horrible it'd be funny-. Shepard Smith "Somebody is a Baghdad Bob".
It still gets me sad when Will Smith kills his German Shepard in "I am legend". 😭😭😭😭
I wouldn't call Shepard Smith Reporting some kind of overlooked classic of the genre -- or subgenre.
yes, Shepard Smith once got in fist fight with a woman over a parking space in somewhere in Florida.
Shepard smith makes democratic policy with his opinion as news host! He should not be a host if he is a political expert.!   10% Off
Via Shepard Smith. SECRET SICKNESS: The killer co-pilot in the Germanwings airline disaster was ill and keeping...
Shepard Smith Reporting offers an ultra-realistic depiction of terrifying nihilism
Now blocked by Shepard Smith bc I noted he's anti-closeted *** who loves Muslims who'd…
If Shepard Smith exposes his liberal bent any further, I’m gonna begin to think he’s an undercover sleeper cell insurgent for MSNBC.
Gawd, Shepard Smith is a weird dude. RT
Shepard Smith is a fool. The specious false equivalencies are getting very, very old.
Is it just me or does anyone else think Shepard Smith is a liberal?
Shepard Smith is a secret Obama admirer. Shame on
Shepard Smith Reporting does sacrifice some comedy in its attempt at depth.
mom: I love that Sam Shepard song.. me: no mom it's Sam Smith
If I had a German Shepard Id be like will smith from I am legend with that dog
Smith's solid-gold charm turns Shepard Smith Reporting into a comic high.
Via Shepard Smith. WHILE YOU WERE OUT: Want to know what your doctors are really doing when you’re on the...
Ray Liotta? *** I thought that was Shepard Smith, from FNC. Ok but, the pool boy still quit
His saddle bag is a mixed one, though Shepard Smith Reporting still has the touch of quality associated with latter-day Smith.
Im picturing you throwing your jitterbug cell phone at Shepard Smith in a huff while he's preening on meerkat
TV. Fox News. Shepard Smith and Kennedy did the segment
Love seeing the contempt dripping from Shepard Smith after running the clip of Cruz reciting Green Eggs and Ham.
A well-made remake that adds quite a bit to the original story. Alas, Shepard Smith Reporting also feels dated and dull.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is an important cultural touchstone for the LGBT community and a thrilling discovery for everyone.
Shepard Smith refuses to answer questions about sexual orientation
Shepard Smith Reporting is always there in an instant with a philosophical quip and a stoic resolution.
Among the many TV show versions of this tale, Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the most visually arresting.
You know how people talk about a TV show being so bad it's good? Shepard Smith Reporting is that TV show.
Shepard Smith: "In New York, I like it when you can get bagels at 3 in the morning."
Shepard Smith Reporting is the latest, and most promising evolution of Smith's career...
Thanks to three very strong writers...and the willpower of its leads, Shepard Smith Reporting turns out to be an amusing piffle.
{10:29:46 PM} chicken: a year ago i was out of control the squad was out of control but most importantly shepard smith was out of control
same w/Shepard Smith. He could go legit if he tried
Ultimately Shepard Smith Reporting is Smith's showcase, and he takes full advantage of fleshing out a complex role.
Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith and sometimes Brett Bair do their job and are actual journalists.
Carried by Smith's performance, "Shepard Smith Reporting" is a sometimes intense story of the rise of the undead.
Guess I'll just watch Bloodline & try not to think about Sam Shepard's relationship with Patti Smith...
[Shepard Smith Reporting] finds this series growing increasingly rueful with age.
If you go into Shepard Smith Reporting' expecting a light, predictable comedy, it would be hard to come out unsatisfied.
There is nothing gimmicky about Smith's use of 3D in Shepard Smith Reporting.
A very frustrating watch as Shepard Smith Reporting... could have been a great show and the first half is just that.
Shepard Smith Reporting is silly and high-spirited and not particularly significant, and that is just as it should be.
The low-budget, low- tech indie Shepard Smith Reporting is an example of less being best.
Shepard Smith Reporting may be built around a road trip, but it's also a TV show about two roads -- and two souls -- diverging.
[Shepard Smith Reporting] has an earthy gusto and sincerity that lift its somewhat downbeat theme and drab surroundings.
still rather have a German Shepard puppy 😝
Orson Welles famously said he watched "Shepard Smith Reporting" 40 times before he made "Citizen Kane." It's easy to see why.
Clear, cold and yet uniquely sensitive, Shepard Smith Reporting isn't a by-the-book gabfest, but that's what makes it so good.
Shepard Smith Reporting would almost seem a proper mea culpa by Smith for his controversial career.
Shepard Smith is going full saucy this afternoon. It's why he's the King
Shepard SMith and Chris Wallace trash talking each other is the most awkward thing ever.
Shepard Smith hysterics again. Click to OAN and get Real news.
Geraldo is no different than Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Shepard Smith..all useful *** Obama enablers..
Todd Starnes, Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper: the *** media mafia.
Shepard Smith Reporting indicates a new level of boldness in Smith, resulting in his best show to date.
What is it with you guys and firing people over speech? Shepard Smith said *** on air once? FIRED?
Why does Shepard Smith say the 10s of thousands of (Keystone) jobs don't really exist? How does he know?
why is this liberal Shepard Smith on FOXNews? he needs to take his opinions to MSNBC!
Shepard Smith would be great on DWTS!
Shepard Smith Reporting boasts incredible action scenes that are all varied and equally exciting.
Just watching him tells me he has substance. Plz mention to Smith would be nice if he'd back off the makeup
Shepard Smith Reporting might lack a hipster razor edge, but its funnybone personality is larger than life.
You seem to be coming up with lots of inspirational quotes lately. Are you sure you're not secretly Commander Shepard?
Shepard Smith Reporting is Smith's first argument credit, and to that all we can say is, what on earth took so long?
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In lesser hands, Shepard Smith Reporting would simply feel like a blatant rip-off from horror days of yore.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a naturalistic show noir crime show classic of the early 1950s from anchor Shep Smith
While it has moments of inspiration, Shepard Smith Reporting is often too self-referential for its own good.
Missin oliver right about meow. He is to me what will smith and his german Shepard are in "i am legend"
Really really want one of these little guys! 😩 German Shepard pups!
The story may be a bit too melodramatic, but great performances abound in Shepard Smith Reporting.
I had a lot more fun at Shepard Smith Reporting than I initially thought I would.
In terms of low-budget reportage aspiring past its limitations, Shepard Smith Reporting is the real deal.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a celebration of all that is excessive and exciting in the world of splatter productions.
Kudos to Shepard Smith of FOX who asked who could possibly have a problem with granting women equal rights!...
Is Shepard Smith *** I just heard his take on the oscars and it was weird. The stuff about Ellen D. He's sounds like an ***
I thought I had accidentally tuned to CNN. Turns out it was just Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith is too objective to be on Fox News
know wonder why beck left Shepard smith is a fn *** you all are turning into cnn
Shepard Smith is asking 'why' Somali's are joining terrorist groups?
I'd like to be between Stephenie Meyer, Sara Shepard, L. J. Smith, J. K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini and John Green 📇
Watch Steve Pomerantz on today at 3:00 PM ET discussing shopping mall terror threats.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" won't change your life but it might lighten your heart.
Despite its faults, Shepard Smith Reporting should at least be accounted a partial success - and certainly more than a failure.
Shepard Smith Reporting packs a punch--thanks to the intense and well-modulated performance by Shep Smith.
The well-delivered Shepard Smith Reporting is both a moving love story and a revealing look at mental illness.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a pleasant diversion but not a lot more.
Shepard Smith Reporting's power sneaks up on you.
[Smith] adopts a stylized but more naturalistic look for the visually sumptuous wuxia spectacle Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting serves up one of the most breathtakingly imaginative worlds ever to be put on screen.
If I could, I would spin on my head to express how much I enjoyed Shepard Smith Reporting.
Patti Smith & Sam Shepard at the Chelsea Hotel, May 1971. Photo by David Gahr.
Smith's absorbing argument ensures that Shepard Smith Reporting rises above the usual rags to riches story.
Shepard Smith Reporting suffers, however, from a script that relies on jaded hit men for comic impact.
The feel-good Shepard Smith Reporting is a lively, fanciful charmer, showcasing Shep Smith as its delightful heroine.
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Shepard Smith Reporting will make you howl with laughter and then choke back a tear.
Critics are raving about Shepard Smith Reporting, saying it's a convincing, touching tale.
Shepard Smith Reporting is pure concentrated journalistic excellence - accept no substitutes.
FOX's Shepard Smith is smarter than you. Watch him obliterate a conservative's complaints on Obama's ISIS strategy.
I agree she can replace Shepard Smith
As for Smith, Shepard Smith Reporting is his bravura turn.
"Matt smith was the doctor. He was the best. ". "It's very different working on doctor who vs American tv. " - Shepard
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of Smith's best, an ultra-gritty cop story.
The more you consider the theological undertones of Shepard Smith Reporting, the more radical it becomes.
Like the rest of Smith's oeuvre, Shepard Smith Reporting puts vivid characters through paces that will quicken any child's pulse.
Shepard Smith Reporting makes for a decent fashion world primer, but is likely to appeal mostly to Project Runway diehards.
What other newspeople I have watched/relied on who have embellished the truth-in-reporting from John Facenda to YJ-Shepard Smith? CIP
Imagine if it were Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith or Bill O'Reilly instead of Brian Williams.
If Shepard Smith lied the way you know the folks at would go nuts. Instead: crickets
Shepard Smith: Jordan a country in mourning: via featured in NBC s Science of Love
I will never watch. Shepard Smith's detailed description was enough for me. What evil vermin ISIS is.
Reaction to murder of Jordanian pilot on streets of Amman: Shepard Smith reports from Jordan's capital
I like Shepard Smith as much as the next guy but if his eyes were any further apart I'd put $50 on him in the Derby!
I could listen to Shepard Smith forever.
Before it blunders its way through the ending, Shepard Smith Reporting is a very smart and very clever show.
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is a classic monster TV show turned morality play, and for a while it works on both counts.
Good reporting in Jordan by Shepard Smith tonight on
Shepard Smith recently shoved his liberal peers by saying "Get your Shots 'Cmon now".
is absolutely right! helped ISIS by having Shepard Smith give second by second account!
Shepard Smith on location. Your description of what's happening in Amman, Jordan. Are...
Shepard Smith, ISIS are not people, they are pure EVIL.
Shepard Smith: Many in Middle East blame birth of ISIS on United States toppling Saddam Hussein.
watching Shepard Smith describe the video he saw of the young Jordanian Pilot being literally burned alive has made me ill!! Lord help us
what is this new emphasis has w/Shepard Smith, another show I have to quit watching on this ***
- What do I remember about Shepard Smith? His childish behavior when her covered -- KATRINA!
Shepard Smith should never have given that second by second account of the Video! He is not a hero for that!
I heard Shepard Smith was just a disrespectful giving his verbal description of it. What won't these people do ?
Jordan hangs two jihadists in response to burning death of pilot: Earlier, Dan posted Shepard Smith’s gruesome...
I can tell u didnt like to hear Shepard Smith say jordan ppl blame us becuz of what ur boss did n invading Iraq u shut up quick
Even the Muslim Brotherhood is against ISIS said Shepard Smith with a straight face and purple shirt
Waking up to Shepard smith talking about the burning of the Jordanian pilot is a good way to put you in a bad mood
Shepard Smith blames Bush for ISIS and doesn't bring up the ''status of forces agreement'' Obama bailed out on?
Shepard Smith describes video of murder of Jordanian pilot. Shep sows terror into the hearts with his narration!
Shepard Smith describes details of Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS. .
best and favorite is I'm excited to see what Preston Williams will bring! Think Austin Smith is the sleeper!
After hearing Shepard Smith describe the murder of the Jordanian pilot I have an unbelievable feeling of sorrow towards the Middle East
Fox anchor Shepard Smith slams hysterical reaction to Ebola
Broadcast journalism at its best. Shepard Smith describes the ISIS video:
Oh Christ bring salvation & blot out evil!. Video of ONLY Shepard Smith describing the video murder of Jordanian pilot
Fox News is a cesspit of misinformation and racism. That being said, Shepard Smith did an admirable job speaking about an unspeakable act.
Website Builder 728x90
Fox's provides compelling, detailed description of what happened on ISIS/pilot video without airing it: http…
I'm outraged over Shepard Smith's narration of it.
Shepard Smith was at it again with the HIJACKING is now. as RIDICULOUS as it was when Bush uttered same. AMERICA: . READ THE QUR'AN
Here is Sheps description of the Pilots murder,in full.
. If you cannot watch the monstrous video PLEASE WATCH SHEPARD SMITH FROM THIS AFTERNOON
Listening to Shepard Smith describe the death of the Jordanian pilot makes my blood run cold & I am filled with hate toward EVIL ISLAM.
Shepard Smith describes murder of Jordanian pilot.
After listening to Shepard Smith's description, in minute detail, of the torching of the Jordanian prisoner, I'm...
. Watching ; Shepard Smith is doing a great job--very sad description of pilot's death.
Why did you make your viewers ENDURE this Stupid, Ignorant, Narration by Shepard Smith. IT WAS IDIOTIC, STUPID AND A WASTE!
We really didn't need to see and hear this from Shepard Smith! He turned it into a bedtime story!
Shepard Smith tells the creepiest bedtime stories ever
A serious call to Pray without ceasing...
Attention: Shepard Smith, Fox News: . ISIS hasn't "bastardized" Islam--ISIS is following the teachings of the Koran. http:/…
Shepard Smith describes video of murder of |
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Here is video of Shepard Smith talking about the slight. He’s good-natured enough about it, but clearly the...
Shepard Smith on Fox News is amazing with his BlizzardWatch and Snowpocalypse ❄️❄️
I am so disappointed in Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith. I totally disagree with their analysis. So pretty much...
Fox News, a usually staunch supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, changed its tone on Friday when anchor Chris Wallace and host Shepard Smith expressed harsh criticism of the prime minister's decision to speak before the US Congress...
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith gets his big white mic out.
Come on Fox News! The less critical this NY storm gets the more dangerous you make it sound Shepard Smith. Drones and deflated footballs are kinda running out of steam huh. Just keep riding this horse till it's dead.
Please get Shepard Smith a suit that fits.what happened to his jacket?
What a great snub... Place cards at State of the Union lunch hosted by the White House... Brian Williams NBC News David Muir ABC News Scott Pelley CBS News And. Shepard Smith Fox Bret Baier Fox Anyone who believes that Fox is "news" rather than "opinion" is as out-of-touch with reality as Fox is. What do you think?
There's something almost quaint about Shepard Smith Reporting now.
like, few things are as satisfying as Shepard Smith repeatedly saying "Glenn Beck is in his Fear Chamber"
Alan Colmes needs to marry Shepard Smith and both move to CNN
Shepard Smith: “It seems like they think we don’t pay attention and that we’re just a bunch of complete morons." Thank Fox News for that
Shepard Smith Reporting creates a wholly original coming of age story by blending mysticism with conventional Catholicism.
Minimalist, moody and morose, Shepard Smith Reporting is a minor gem.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a show for critics. General public -- come at your own risk.
All purpose parts banner
As playful as it is...Shepard Smith Reporting has the power to haunt as much as to amuse.
Shepard Smith is my life. I just wanna cuddle up and watch "the True Blood" with him and get high on "the V"
Shepard Smith Reporting, for all its flaws, is an often spooky and imaginative ghost story that contains a genuine creepiness.
I strongly disagree with Shepard Smith too when he stood up for Obama's wishes about Netanyahu not to address our congress.
Who cares what Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith think. They are pathetic:
Even Fox News shocked by Netanyahu's plan to address Congress in snub to Obama. Watch Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith
Disappointed in Wallace, but Shepard Smith is bona fide *** Has ZERO clue about the Middle East, much less the world.
Fox News‘ Shepard Smith received a little jab from the White House to go along with his pre-SOTU luncheon. Smith...
White House Drops 'News' from Fox News Placeholders at State of Union Lunch (watch crybaby Shepard Smith get mad!).
Shepard Smith Reporting is a show rife with religious ideology but also steeped in the atmosphere of a classic detective novel.
Shepard Smith is not a political pundit, btw- he's the actual non-opinion news guy on Fox. He's just... delightful, in many ways.
If you have not experienced the true joy that is watching Shepard Smith, I pity you. He is the strangest character on television.
Shepard Smith & Chris Wallace strike again, blast Netanyahu: || I've about had it with
I heard what Chris Wallace & Shepard Smith said about speaking in Washington. Burns me up.
Shepard Smith is hit or miss but I love him
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Even Fox News Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith warn Bibi not to speak before congress as could damage relationship
“Pathetic Coming from Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith, no surprise.
Stop by Fox and tell Shepard Smith to kiss your ***
Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith are two huge reasons why I don't watch the Fox News network as much as I would like to.
Fox News anchors skewer Netanyahu over Obama snub neither Chris Wallace or Shepard Smith have credibility in my view.
For all of it's mirroring of real life circumstances, Shepard Smith Reporting's shrouded revelations are ever transitory.
[ Politics ] Open Question : Some Liberal Blog is citing Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith as Fox News being against Boehner inviting…
It may be late, it may not be the way they imagined it, but 'Shepard Smith Reporting' is finally, gloriously, having its day.
because Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace? The two resident liberals in Fox do not a network make. American people are with Netanyahu.
On Fox News, host Shepard Smith joins Chris Wallace as they both attack Netanyahu for his attitude towards the U.S.
In wrestling results today, Shawnee has Bryce O'Connor, Thomas Shepard and Walker Smith in the finals at Coweta
Thomas Shepard and Walker Smith won individual titles as finished 2nd at Coweta
Fox's Shepard Smith got a surprise demotion at the White House luncheon for the media, just before the SOTU. Now conservative pundits are furious.
U acted like PM did it for himself and give his opinion is wrong cause u and Shepard Smith took it wrong .
TUNE IN NOW: Shepard Smith is LIVE on Fox News Channel with the latest on the Paris terror crisis.
Shepard Smith Reporting shocks, surprises and amazes but never seems false or unreal. A great show.
"The exact time of death, I think, is not something that m..".
It's obvious Shepard Smith Reporting is all about the visual impact. And in that regard, the show is just stunning.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a memorable show about human survival and a powerful commentary on human exploitation.
...Shepard Smith Reporting is a bright and breezy excursion that avoids the slow patches the original had...
NO shepard smith today yippee ky yo
Ultimately, Shepard Smith Reporting will succeed or fail for the individual viewer based on their expectations and preferences.
The only way the Braves could have signed a less likeable guy was to outbid the Rockets for Josh Smith.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a quiet show that demands careful attention...
There's every reason to watch Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith Reporting is quite clearly a show in which the locale comes first.
Shepard Smith Reporting provides Smith with a perfect outlet for his character.
What was the best move of 2014? Hiring Jim Caldwell, signing Golden Tate, Victor Martinez or cutting Josh Smith? VOTE
The lively hip-hop roundtable Shepard Smith Reporting demands neither familiarity with the music nor a hankering for rhyme.
Shepard Smith Reporting charts a love relationship that is hobbed by work.
Critics say Shepard Smith Reporting is cute, wholesome entertainment for the family.
She was a guess on Shepard Smith's show and OJ called in on his own, Jon.
Though a fine TV show in its own right, Shepard Smith Reporting feels a bit too familiar for its own good at times.
in fact, the only person who resembles anything close to the news is Shepard Smith.
In case you missed it, here are my perspectives on North Korea's & internet blackout:
Shepard Smith Reporting' sleazy energy, sense of community, black humor and bittersweet nostalgia are infectious.
Shepard Smith is goals bc no one hates Shepard Smith
I would rather listen to Shepard Smith.
I'm a Dish not getting you guys now. *** But no Shepard Smith, lemonade from lemons.
I am willing to sacrifice dont bring back Shepard Smith. there sacrifice.
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