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Shepard Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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Some folks might not always agree w/ but Shepard Smith is one good journalist. He never seizes to amaze me.
Are any of you listening to Shepard Smith ? *** he is an *** !
Shepard Smith and Juan Williams are like listening to Al and Jesse!!
Shepard Smith READ THIS if you want to know how to help EXPOSE THOSE who are USING the people of
Suzie smith was really nice to me today!
New to Shepard (use a dead guy to be famous, Katrina) Smith I have news for you, Fergison is not happening...
Shepard Smith just said something brilliant, "is this really an issue of the have & the have nots?" Great observation
Shepard Smith looting, burning, destroying isn't protest, it's lawless and animalistic
Tired of the Police bashing by Shepard Smith and others! When there is Black on Black crime, they call who? The Cops!
Shepard Smith is better suited for MSNBC than Fox. He just demonstrated he is ignorant of Grand Jury procedures.
Will anyone take Shepard Smith's pulpit away? Irresponsible would be putting it mildly.
So, of course, Shepard Smith buys in to the Race Baiting on Ferguson! Blame the Prosecutor!
If Shepard from Shepard Smith Reporting is a straight news reporter we need the other side represented.
Well, ole Shepard Smith is crying like a baby.
Shepard Smith is an alien and an ignorant appeaser of the looters.
Shepard Smith really bothers me. He should stick to the facts and spare us his commentary about how "the system is not working".
. Shepard Smith is the same CNN type *** U see on CNN.
.: I am sick of Shepard Smith's condescending manure on air. His reporting smacks of too much (unwanted) opinion.
Shepard Smith the grand jury heard ALL witnesses, weighed ALL evidence, Wilson testified with no lawyer present.12 people did a job
More and more on FOX this Shepard Smith is Smelling like a Far left not so subtle ways!
Shepard Smith is a part of the problem, he is fanning the flames with his liberal sympathies; ignoring GJ facts
Unfortunately, Shepard Smith is as ill-educated as the crowds in
I'm starting to think Shepard Smith should be working for MSNBC
Wow! Shepard Smith overlooked Michael Brown trying to grab gun and Forensic evidence. And you all thought Faux news was not fair & balanced.
. Shepard Smith no better. Him and Lemmon should get together, no really.
I agree with the Shepard Smith thing I don't even understand why he's on Fox
Shepard Smith is so cute, thinking he's Edward R. Murrow (with a speech impediment).
Shepard Smith is the only Fox News analyst that has a clue. Props to him
I heard a lot of people were angry about something, but can anyone tell me if Shepard Smith dropped the F-bomb over it yet?.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a spy thriller, a buddy TV show, a musical, a comedy and a treasure that is wise about human nature.
See Shepard Smith interview Mike Browns Cusion? I agree with the decision but Sheppard comes off annoying and seems like an ***
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- Todd Bridges, Shepard Smith apologize for harsh words about Robin Williams on
I've struggled with Fox and their Democrat bashing. I do like Shepard Smith.
What?!? I can't believe I did my journalism internship with Shepard Smith at WESH TV. He is simply a rebel...
(Shepard Smith) tore Ty Pruitts (cousin of mike brown) argument apart, just like the grand jury. Nobody's listening to facts.
If you're a fan of Christmas news shows or productions that use nostalgia as a driver, Shepard Smith Reporting cannot be missed.
Why is Shepard Smith talking to Ty Pruit *** with no professional background.I am waiting for Redeye.Enough already !
Ty Pruitt, Michael Brown's Cousin is not a smart human. . Neither is Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith is a different level of terrible. Leading question after leading question after leading question.
Shut up Shepard Smith, you know nothing!
I had a dream about Shepard Smith from Fox News a few nights ago. Tried to sell me a pinwheel. Totally normal dream 🙈😂
Shepard Smith is the Jeff Gordon of steering a conversation.
Shepard Smith Reporting lives on with its vague curiosity and a genuine emotional sting.
Email to Megyn Kelly: Can you please wrap up and let Shepard Smith continue. No offense. Thank you.
- I just turned off The interview between Shepard Smith and Browns 'Cousin' was like watch…
Shepard Smith has Mike Brown's apparently drunk cousin, Ty Pruit, on the air. This is some AWESOME television. :-)
Why in the *** would Fox News have Sean Hannity be live right now where is Shepard Smith or Megyn Kelly
I wonder if Sam Champion and Shepard Smith are friends.
All in all, Shepard Smith Reporting is a satisfying well-made romantic comedy that's both charming and well delivered.
I'd put the Shepard Smith Reporting pilot more in line with the others I found interesting but didn't want to watch every week.
Shepard Smith Reporting really belongs entirely to Smith and his iconic red windbreaker
There's a brutish beauty to the mean world of Shepard Smith Reporting that feels very '40s even in the '60s.
Zombie apocalypse would you rather: Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Jesse Eisenberg or Scott Shepard?
Is nothing sacred to the makers of Shepard Smith Reporting? Nope. Not a thing.
Retro week at Ole Miss. Their version of The Village People. (Less Shepard Smith)
Shepard Smith Reporting's plot is formulaic, but the performances are excellent and the musical numbers are toe-tapping as well.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not a great show, but it is a very good show.
.Back on rant. Instead of Shepard Smith Reporting, change last word to TELLING! Where is "Fair & Balanced" NEWS? Not on FOX!
Shepard Smith Reporting showcases some of Smith's songs, but... in the end it is a tribute to a man who stayed true to his word.
It's bad enough Fox News is advocating for o policies based in lies, but Shepard Smith really sounds like a phoney trying to sell it.
Shepard Smith said parents of Beheaded Dr. was one of theirs he converted to Islam, good riddence.
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Anyone watch Is this still Shep Smith/Net neutrality position? Color me skeptical
"You sound like a corporate shill" Oh the many ways I love Shep Smith...
Shep Smith has to have some MAJOR dirt on Roger Ailes or something. No idea how he's still allowed on Fox.
“You sound like a corporate shill. You do.”
Shepard Smith Reporting is about the imperishable idea of youth and the promise of endless wide-open possibility.
Shepard Smith Reporting is tough going -- and compelling punditry throughout.
With one of the most dazzling screen chassis in years, Shepard Smith Reporting is definitely worth a look -- maybe even two.
Smith deals in facades, with how perception cheats us, right down to the ideal image of Shepard Smith Reporting as a portrait.
Why has Shepard Smith Reporting persisted in staying with me, even though I started craving The Big Sleep halfway through?
At least Shepard Smith Reporting delivers plenty of memorable moments - even if you may wish you hadn't seen many of them.
Despite its many flaws, Shepard Smith Reporting is not a bad show, but rather a disappointing one
Are you afraid of contracting Ebola?; NO, BY THE GRACE OF GOD.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is like a postcard from a lost Eden, a painfully pure oasis where we're not allowed to linger.
Patti Smith should run the Vatican...Sam Shepard as assistant
Like the novel, Shepard Smith Reporting is a rare children's story that celebrates the budding artistic spirit.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Shepard Smith Reporting remains one of the best musicals of all-time.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not brilliant, but its enjoyable moments outweigh its drowsier segments.
Are you afraid of contracting Ebola?;
Watch Shepard Smith destroy all the fearmongering about Ebola in just 4 minutes | Rare
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the most impressive productions ever made about love.
The first hour of Shepard Smith Reporting is side-splittingly hilarious.
Shepard Smith Reporting isn't didactic; it doesn't tell you how to respond. It just wants you to know and to ask questions.
Loaded with the usual elements, Shepard Smith Reporting benefits from a consistency of tone that was lacking in the first show.
Shepard Smith is at a loss for words about on Discovery...
Even Matt Shepard hoeing out Smith a little
Why do you keep Shepard Smith on the air? Pathetic excuse for a reporter. And I am for MS and can't stand to listen to him.
Australian horror show Shepard Smith Reporting proves that it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
Smith plays much earlier, so hard to sit and wait on news about Shepard if no other WR alternative.
Commander by Kelly Rowland makes me think of Commander Shepard and Erwin Smith
Predictably, not much happens in "Shepard Smith Reporting"; dude is under house arrest, after all. But it's absorbing and clever.
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Shepard Smith Reporting is frequently funny, for those who can stomach it.
It's a toss-up whether Shepard Smith Reporting or this is Shep Smith's purest, most uncensored show.
Hate on Fox News all you want, but respect to shepard smith, best media coverage ive seen of ebola so f
Poor Shepard Smith will probably be fired for telling the truth on Fox News (something they are usually against.
I saw it and screamed at my TV. Know wonder Ed and Shepard Smith Giggle with each other...
Shepard Smith Reporting tells an involving story that's both deftly relatable and urgently progressive.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a modestly scaled but cleverly written chamber piece.
Meredith Smith testified Shepard offered her money to pretend to be Sonnier's girlfriend, which she declined.
Defense calls acquaintance of Shepard, Meredith Smith to the stand.
.anchor Shepard Smith on lone wolf extremism: We "must not give in."
Shepard Smith looks like the love child of Tim Curry and Danny Elfman
Shepard Smith is too decent a person to be working on the Fox TV station. Wish another cable network would make him an offer.
Remember the 'Balloon Boy' fiasco? Shepard Smith was the ONLY guy who was factual so let's listen to him again now
It's incredibly rare that I agree with anything coming from the mouth of a Fox News anchor, but Shepard Smith's ...
Shepard Smith on Fox News continues 2 mock concerns re Ebola ►proving some r clueless on infectious disease control►We, in profession, know!
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Shepard Smith on the media's fear-mongering coverage: "It's not worth ratings...we all need to stop it"
This afternoon, Shepard Smith stepped up to the plate and simply by virtue of his calm and authoritative demeanor, took a punishing swing at the often panic-stricken response of the media to Ebola.
I'm not usually a Fox News fan, but I like this report. Calm down people.
Greg Gutfeld praises Shepard Smith for telling ppl to calm down on Ebola: “You’ll die from 100 different things before…
jackwhunter74 - Ebola is an extremely deadly disease that has put America on edge since the discovery of two cases...
For the record, Shep Smith is the only newscaster I've seen get it right.
WATCH: Shep Smith says not to listen to the hysterical voices of the media about Ebola
I just watched an entire Shepard Smith news clip that ran 05:13 and made perfect sense.
Fox News' Shepard Smith railed against the media's Ebola hysteria on Wednesday. "You should have no concerns about Ebola at all. None. I promise," stated Smith.
Must watch: Fox's Shepard Smith blasts the media for "hysterical," "irresponsible" Ebola coverage
Shepard Smith nailed it. Everyone take a few minutes to watch, then chill out »
Shepard Smith:. There is no NO outbreak of Ebola here. We now have Ebola here, thats called an OUTBREAK!
Watch Shepard Smith destroy the media's hysteria
Shepard Smith of Fox News takes on hysterical ebola coverage with simple facts:
Finally, something from Fox News that is serious and not insane:...
Thank you Fox News for being the voice of reason on Ebola. I'm serious. Shepard Smith is telling it how it is.
The most I've ever seen on did a fantastic job on this report. Credit where its due -
Fox News's Shepard Smith says what everyone needs to hear about Ebola hysteria...Awesome stuff from him:
Shepard Smith: "Do not listen to the hysterical voices" in the media about Ebola
Fox News' Shep Smith Gets Serious on Ebola: . Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is noted for being a le...
Shepard Smith on Fox ''Don't listen to the people on the radio''(Rush) he then goes on to quote the CDC Director.
Shepard Smith says calm down. Hear that Kelly and O'reilly.
Shepard Smith, noted insane Fox News anchor, hates LSU with a passion, and I find that satisfying.
Great interview with Fox News host Shep Smith. Sports are great.
I don't and I also think Shepard Smith is naive by saying Ebola is not contagious
Ole Miss has Morgan Freeman, Katy Perry, Zach Effron, Shepard Smith and Channing Tatum MSST has
Shepard Smith Reporting is of the funniest news shows of the year.
It's been an eventful day so far, always nice getting to see Shepard Smith
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a hearty mystery/drama that blooms as a succinct social critique of British aristocracy.
Imus Slams Shepard Smith: Out of Line on It's better to be safe than sorry, Shep!
Ole Miss vs. Bama game day bucket list: get a selfie with Shepard Smith from your car and miss the…
I'd love to see that, except for Shepard Smith. I like Shep!
Shepard Smith ends show from Oxford Mississippi holding up a "Beat Bama" t shirt.I finally agree with him!
You know, it's only right that Shepard Smith is a huge Ole Miss homer. They deserve one another. Birds of a feather and all …
LOL! It's ok. Don't hate on Shepard, Adam! "This is why I hate this *** via
I'm getting really tired of Shepard smith's snarky,arrogant,smug attitude.I believe he just called 52% of Americans ***
Shepard Smith is a fool, ignorant as *** Another big govt DC jerk
Good ol' Shepard Smith was obviously just told to report that 'Not ONE case of Ebola has originated IN the United...
i don't agree with shepard smith on this …not one person contracted it in the U.S. because there's better care
I want to know how NBC cameraman contracted Ebola. Shepard Smith teed me off when he criticized people sounding alarm.
my grandma is freaking out bc shepard smith the news anchor is in oxford for the game. sorry but I'll be looking for zac efron & katy perry.
Talked to noted Ole Miss fan Shepard Smith about Bama, Good Bo Wallace, and so forth:
mus Slams Shepard Smith: 'Out of Line' on Ebola - Line-on-Ebola (IMUS IS ANOTHER MORON).
Ole Miss fan Shepard Smith lives in a fantasy world. via
I would much rather be known as the university that studies cheese than the university that gave us Shepard Smith.
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Great Pic Phyllis. You calling in today. I loved the Shepard Smith call.
Shepard Smith calling in to the Paul Finebaum show to talk about Ole Miss beating bama this weekend >>> Hotty toddy!!
Shepard Smith just bet Josh Earnest “every penny I will ever make at this network” that Saudi Arabia, Jordan won't lea…
Fox's Shepard Smith mocks Obama flack Josh Earnest and his ISIS coalition happy talk [video]
White House press secretary Josh Earnest was grilled in his first appearance on Fox News by host Shepard Smith, who directly criticized the White House's
It's Shepard Smith Reporting's delightfully offbeat characters that give the TV show its staying power.
Shepard Smith is willing to bet “every penny” he’ll ever make at Fox News that we won’t get the help we need to fight ISIS. Watch as he challenges the WH Press Secretary about the existence of Muslim-led countries in a coalition. Is the Obama administration counting on a “fantasy?”
We need boots on the ground we can not do air strikes alone against listen to your generals
Fifty years have elapsed since Shepard Smith Reporting last pulled into the station, but, man, the return trip is worth the wait.
Shepard Smith seems the same as the reporter from diehard.
Saudi Arabia please put your troops in Iraq because Shepard Smith of Fox News bet every future pay check of his if you do. PLEASE!!!
Have to say Shepard Smith stepped up here. He's right ~ Muslim countries won't do the heavy lifting - Muslims...
If 'Shepard Smith Reporting' had the ring of truth to it in 1976, you can be sure it's even truer these days.
If you're hoping to forget your troubles for 90 minutes, Shepard Smith Reporting certainly does the job.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the best TV show about cops, robbers, surfing and sky diving that you're likely to see.
Shepard Smith Reporting might have been a more edifying experience if it really delved into the roots of this obsession.
It is a fantasy!..Obama has no support for anything..No one respects his criminal *** ..
TVNewser | Shepard Smith Bets ‘Every Penny I Will Ever Make at this Network’: White House press secretary Josh...
I agree, but Fox IMO has legitimate news reporters that don't take a side, like Shepard Smith, Megan Kelly, Mike Tobin.
I hope Ray Wise plays Shepard Smith in the Lifetime biopic.
Programming Alert: Shepard Smith has the latest developments in Tune in now to Fox News.
A Fox News reporter was confronted Monday night by a demonstrator protesting in a Missouri suburb over the shooting of an unarmed black man earlier this month. Reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri, reporter Steve Harrigan told anchor Shepard Smith that what was occurring at the moment was a...
Cowardice expert Shepard Smith calls out "coward" Robin Williams.
If a person hads a shred of knowledge about depression,they'd never--never-- describe a person with it as "cowardly." …
Another reason I don't watch *If you're have suicidal thoughts please seek help or call …
Why hasn't Shepard Smith been fired for calling Robin Williams a coward after Williams suicide?
I think for Chris they were. They didn't do same day til Smith. I think they were a week behind on most of Tennant.
Also they were like fifty months behind the British/internet/Briternet until Smith season two weren't they?
My Shepard Smith impersonation is basically Reverend Lovejoy with a splash of Jackee and a core of depressed Tennessee Williams homosexual.
Side view of the interview I had on Fox News with Shepard Smith.
Great interview with Shepard Smith! Thank you for being a voice of balance in this troubling time.
Shepard Smith, nothing there! Ferguson and Katrina, nothing but uncontrolled spewing of words! C'mon Fox News. Give us what you claim - F&B
Smart, tender, and funny in equal measure, Shepard Smith Reporting is one of Shep Smith's finest productions.
i was watching this. Im a big Shepard Smith fan. He never makes this thing feel black/white. It's about ppl
Sharon that's the truth. should get out before they turn him into Shepard Smith.
Once again, Shepard Smith is legit.this dude knows how to conduct a unbiased newscast. Well done, Shep
Shepard Smith, not one of my normal faves, is doing a great job on Fox News tonight. Especially in taking Gov. Nixon apart.
Shepard Smith asked spokesman "anything you want to change in this statement?" Answer: "we stand by the statement" JAIL TIME!
get Shepard Smith off fox he belongs on msnbc
Just heard Shepard Smith say that he would never take sides. He's been doing a pretty good job of doing so the last few nights.
- Please note how Shepard Smith is making excuses for the Governor. He's accusing the Lt. Gov of making it political.
Shepard Smith is gonna have an interview with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, does he parrot Jay Nixon?
The reason Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds is because it believes in its lunacy and goes for it in a frank, but fabulous way.
say what you will about Fox News, but Shepard Smith's Newsdeck is insanely cool
Tonight with Shepard Smith Reporting & with a late night special live Kelly file all live tonight About
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2am Shepard Smith had 3 live crews. roaming the streets...
The good thing about Shepard Smith Reporting is that you know exactly what to expect.
I have nothing to do with them...other than I am a long time Fan of Shepard Smith. I discovered Fox News here in UK about 2004 .
So what do you have to do with Shepard Smith and Fox News?
Shepard Smith you were running about two hours behind with your video of Ferguson Missouri, @ the time Gretta was suppose to be on.
send to Shepard Smith open Google Earth on side bar under More click on Traffic and you will see more traffic then ever going to MO
. Are you kidding me... like Shepard Smith you just broadcast how little you know or experience about depression... but yes,
How dare you Shepard Smith... my goodness... you just broadast your ignorance in regards to depression... are you kidding mr
Shepard Smith, you should be ashamed of yourself!! I just heard... how could you?? you have just broadcast your ignorance
Shepard Smith Robin Williams was a sick man with depression he did not take the cowards way out you can kiss Robin Williams cold dead ***
Fox News' Shepard Smith says he regrets using the word coward while speculating on air what Robin Williams may have been feeling before his suicide.
ICYMI- Here I am discussing the grand jury process in case.
The fact that im finding my German Shepard hates skateboards is very disappointing and hilarious at the same time 😔😂
I was just pointing shame to Shepard... :^+
Shepard Smith show was on, & he happened to mention it's a good thing they're on 5 second delay. I heard everything! :)
This just in: Shepard Smith doesn't know he's on TV. There is no other explanation.
Someone needs to teach Shepard Smith the difference between a horse trailer and a fifth-wheel camper.
Shepard Smith those are horse trailers that water washed away looks like a horse farm.
smith the ravines are called washes, and they aren't designed for anything. They occur over the years from running water
on his name "Shepard Smith" is the reporter I'm speaking of my mistake
Shepard and Todd Bridges Apologize for Slamming Robin Williams as a...
I think Shepard Smith will be in Ferguson rioting if the cop is not indicted by the grand jury.
What I've learned on Fox News:. -This is why I get older adults with AMS. -Shepard Smith lowers the seizure threshold. . -Shiny balls.
what would Mullen and Hevesay say to Shepard Smith if he showed up to practice
Fox News' Shepard Smith after St. Louis police shoot & kill man w/knife: "How that is relevant to what is going on here is beyond me"
I thought I was anti police until Shepard Smith on Fox News last night.. had to change to for my own sanity.
Shepard Smith is a stupid little weasel.
Shepard Smith Reporting summons up moments of great eloquence and power.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a handsome, well-delivered thriller with a script that's never cringe-inducing.
'My Face Is on Fire!' Describes Tear Gas Attack to Shepard Smith …. via
Shepard Smith Reporting has never ceased to be relevant.
Shepard Smith, contemptible Ole Miss fan, or member of a subterranean lizard-people bent on world domination
People like Shepard Smith calling the police keystone cops doesn't help he needs to be gagged
Saw one almost get assaulted any way last night anyway. Turned it off because of Shepard Smith. What a loon.
Jesus Christ! It was Shepard Smith who called Robin Williams a coward?! He's the one half decent rep…
'Shepard Smith Reporting' overcame the remake curse.
Did you guys watch Fox News Shepard Smith comical jumbo screen coverage of ferguson,
Shepard Smith said the Protest is Boring Well I guess talk about Benghazi for over 2 years is more Exciting right Shep
Like all great documentaries, Shepard Smith Reporting transcends its immediate subject matter to be a show with universal appeal.
- I would like to know, is Shepard Smith a reporter or commentator? He is one or the other, please clarify.
CNN Nancy Grace doing better job than Foxes' Shepard Smith. :^(
and watch re run of shepard smith in Ferguson. I saw it & CAPTION says its live but its NOT. another rerun on fox
Wow: I had seen it was Shepard Smith and turned it off, but I just checked back and you're right. What a lame thing to repeat.
Get rid of Shepard Smith! Long over due. He is repeating-Moore shot in back fleeing.CNN airs witness saying diff
I am really hoping that Shepard Smith will eventually get his Dream Job at . . .
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Shepard Smith instead of Now I'm ready to riot.
Shepard Smith is really very good at what he does. I've always thought that.
You did a great job just now with Shepard Smith. Wrapup comments were spot on
lol Shepard Smith is embarrassing! 🙈 I'd keep watching if they'd throw tear gas his way. Tapper is better.
Nicholas Pistor from the st. Louis Post Dispatch reporting, live with Shepard Smith on the Fox News Channel, preempting red eye
why doesn't it ever dawn on Shepard Smith that possibly ending this, starts with arresting officer Darren Wilson?
Hey Shepard Smith, way to make us feel sorry for you, ***
Sean, please replay your interview with Rick Perry tomorrow night. I think Shepard Smith could have waited 10 more minutes!
Hannity was about to talk to Rick Perry when he was cut off by Shepard Smith without any transition for Ferguson coverage.
People like Gene Simmons of KISS and Shepard Smith of Fox News have made incredibly cruel and insensitive comments concerning suicide. It's beyond my comprehension that they say such awful things then backtrack with an apology, an apology that stinks. If you have never suffered with mental illness, suffered crippling emotional or mental anguish, then you have no right to judge.
Either of those choices would be exponentially better. Ole Miss is Shepard Smith.
Shepard Smith calls Robin Williams a 'coward' for committing suicide. Smith is a closeted *** man at homophobic Fox Ne…
I am disgusted to hear and see the commentary on the death of Robin Williams from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Shepard Smith. To speak of such a tragic loss in flippancy to realize some larger, self-oriented goal is remarkably cruel, inhumane, and downright repulsive. It shows not only their ignorance and lack of understanding of what kind of damage depression can bring into people’s lives, but far more disturbingly it shows their utter lack of interest in even trying to understand what afflictions can affect those around them. Depression is a serious issue that should never be used as a pawn for any political or personal gain. It can affect anyone, at any time. It has no connection to a person’s political leanings, makes no statement about a person’s character, is not a reflection of a person’s emotional or mental fortitude, and the desire to escape it certainly is far from selfish. What we need is not to feed the stigma by dismissing what we don’t understand and vilifying those who suffer fr ...
RE: Robin Williams. Rush Limbaugh, shame on you. Shepard Smith, shame on you...
FROM MEDIABISTRO.COM: "Apologies Surround Coverage of Robin Williams' Death (TVNewser) The hours-long news coverage of the death of Robin Williams Monday night into Tuesday included some reporting and much eulogizing. And as often happens after unscripted live TV news coverage, apologies were made. Case in point: Shepard Smith. At the end of his hour-long special, the Fox News anchor read a quote from the late actor/comedian about his children. Smith then surmised: "But something inside you is so horrible, or you're such a coward, or whatever the reason, that you decide you have to end it. Robin Williams, at 63, did that today." Smith was immediately criticized for using the word "coward." Mediaite Tuesday, Smith apologized for using the word "coward" and tried to clarify what he meant: "I spent an entire hour talking about how much this man affected people's lives and brought greatness to this world. I was just wondering aloud what could have made this man want to end it all." TVSpy Additionally, Monday ...
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Fox News host Shepard Smith showed tremendous insensitivity while speaking about the death of Robin
Insensitive remarks about suicide, such as those uttered by Fox News, Shepard Smith, show the lack of understanding of depression.
Fox News wins for most insensitive comment to death: Fire Shepard Smith
By Jordan Zakarin TheWrap ABC News wasn't the only organization to goof up during its initial coverage of the death of Robin Williams.Fox News' host Shepard Smith, talking extemporaneously ...
calling robin a coward when you will never know what he was going through! Disgusting, sick *** !
. And thats why Fox News your the biggest joke. Shepard smith, when you die ill call you one
Shepard Smith called the late, great Robin Williams a "coward" in an appallingly callous display of ignorance, and should be fired!
Hey Shepard Smith,your remarks on Williams were totally reprehensible! Where is your tact? Shame on who watches this garbage?
On Fox News’ Monday evening coverage of actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death, host Shepard Smith used the word “coward” when talking about Williams' suicide. After a social media outcry as a r...
Zoeypoe34This video is for not only Shepard Smith but also Fox News
Fox News host Shepard Smith on Tuesday asserted that actor Robin Williams was “such a coward” for allegedly committing suicide.
The ignorance and selfish disrespect of Shepard Smith and those of a similar mind only add to the pool of misunderstanding when it comes to educating people about the disease of depression.
Fox Shepard Smith calls Robin Williams a coward - Shep needs to be fired.
Zoeypoe34Shepard Smith this video is from me to you. You owe millions of people apologies
Just hours after the world learned of Robin Williams's suicide, closeted Fox News anchor Shepard Smith called him a "coward."
Shepard Smith don't be a coward, take your toupee off.
As if you needed more evidence that Fox News is a horrible news source, Fox News host Shepard Smith... Read more »
Shepard Smith is the anchor of Shepard Smith Reporting. This page is updated by the show's producing staff.
Conservative, I get you're not like me... but maybe your talking heads don't need to bring their left/right strong/weak viewpoint to Robin Williams suicide: Rush Limbaugh : “He had it all, but he had nothing,” Limbaugh opined. “He made everyone else laugh, but was miserable inside.” “It fits a certain picture, or a certain image that the left has,” he continued. “Low expectations and general unhappiness and so forth.” Shepard Smith on FOX: "there's something deep inside you, or you are such a coward you kill yourself"
Shepard Smith calling Robin Williams a coward is like a closeted *** guy working for Fox News and calling someone else a coward.
People just don't have respect for others anymore... smdh Shepard Smith what give u the right... especially you Todd Bridges
Shepard Smith from Fox 'News' can kiss my entire *** He called Robin Williams a is this news, why did he think anyone wanted his measly opinion in the first place? Just another reason why I can't stand Fox 'news'. Honestly this coming from a organization that has 'Fox and Friends' in the mornings.sounds like they have puppets and sing alongs.
Shepard Smith didn't mean anything by it. You could tell by his apology yesterday. It was very sincere. Kudos to him!
As an individual who was raised by a parent with mental illness (and having been diagnosed myself), I didn't really find the news of Robin Williams shocking.but none the less upsetting. Depression and mental illness are very real and can't be cured. They can be treated with medication and the help of a trusted mental health professional, but even then you can't change it. What we can change are the ways our society views, speaks to or supports those within it who suffer from these crippling disabilities. Don't be afraid to talk about what's going on in your head. There is nothing quite so terrifying as logically knowing that everything is fine in your life and not being able to convince yourself emotionally or psychologically that life is worth living.or that you are worthy of sharing life with the rest of the world. If you know someone with a mental illness, then step up and be a real friend. Take time out of your day to let that person know you are there for them no matter what they might say or ...
What material is Shepard Smith made out of and is it flame retardant?
Robin Williams dead: Fox News anchor Shepard Smith apologises for calling actor 'a coward' after apparent suicide
This is a picture of Shepard Smith on the right, all he could do was put Robin Williams down on his Fox Cable show.
Robin Williams' children react to his death: 'I feel stripped bare' A day after actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide at his California home at age 63, his children are expressing their grief, with Williams' daughter Zelda declaring, "I feel stripped bare." Photos: A look back at Williams' life In a statement released Tuesday, Zelda, 25, said that she had last spent time with him on his birthday, which was July 21. She also recalled that her father was "warm, even in his darkest moments." In keeping with family tradition, the younger Williams injected a bit of humor into her statement, warning haters that her deceased father would dispatch pigeons to defecate on their cars in exchange for their ill will. "My family has always been private about our time spent together. It was our way of keeping one thing that was ours, with a man we shared with an entire world. But now that's gone, and I feel stripped bare," Zelda said. "My last day with him was his birthday, and I will b ...
Hope he loses his job. Suicide is not for cowards. Hope a cowardly apology isn't aired.
I think most people realize things are NOT just black or white, but here's my black or white assessment of Shepard Smith. He's a supreme *** No grey at all. *** The end.
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Shepard Smith should be fired for his deplorable choice of words; calling Robin Williams a coward!
Should Shepard Smith be fired? I don't know. I suppose he should if he violated the terms under which he was hired. Was he insensitive? On the surface it sounds that way , but I still don't think we have enough information. What if he was reacting due to something in his past? Maybe he suffered the loss of a loved one through suicide and was left wondering what he did wrong. Maybe he was close to suicide and someone pulled him back from the brink. We just don't know. Perhaps he misspoke, but does that mean he should lose his job? Personally I think there's been too much of the outcry of "he should lose his job" when someone says something others don't like. That's a matter for the employer to decide. I'm not defending him. What he said was pretty hurtful, but I'm not sure he should be fired for it. Of course that's just my opinion.
This video is for Shepard Smith and it has gone viral.
I guess you use too much eyeliner that you can't see your reading monitor anymore ..
Shepard Smith needs sensitivity training, as well learn about depression and how it effects the person and the families.
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