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Shepard Smith Reporting

Shepard Smith Reporting is an American news/talk television program on the Fox News Channel that debuted in October 2013, and is hosted by Shepard Smith.

Shep Smith

Shep Smith and Rachel Maddow should start their own show - Whats New from the Drama Queens. Good Grief! Shep doesn't report news, he makes news.
Shepard Smith Reporting wasn't made for me.
Shepard Smith Reporting isn't the sleazy work of a shock artist giving us things no one else will put on show.
Shepard Smith Reporting showcases several fine performances in this story about the dangers of youthful cleverness.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a daringly philosophical World War II show with an enormous cast of eager stars.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a simply beautiful show with amazing sound work and nearly flawless direction.
Shepard Smith Reporting is slick, violently beautiful and appeals directly to the lower sensations.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a perfect example of visual reportage elevating a substandard story.
Instead of Shepard Smith Reporting your show should be called Shepard Smith Opining. Give some facts…
Yes replace Shepard Smith I think he is turning to the dark side Democratic Party! Is he reporting?
Shepard Smith Reporting works better as a sociological study than as a gripping drama.
Shepard Smith Reporting stops short of being a potential classic. It's just done extremely well.
Shepard Smith reporting? I wish they'd deport him. I'll skip the video because he ***
There's more truth and wisdom in Shepard Smith Reporting than I've seen on TV in a long time.
Fox News needs to get rid of Shepard Smith. His reporting is f…
News Live Smith Reporting Why would you ever believe a NY Times story about Trump or Kushner? You are such…
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Out with Shepard Smith Reporting . I must change the channel . Every day.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a colourful, extremely enjoyable if workmanlike animated romp.
I'm a big fan of Japanese food, but after watching Shepard Smith Reporting, I'll be thinking twice about ordering sushi.
As pure entertainment, Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds as well as any TV show released in the past few years.
Shepard Smith Reporting 7/12/17 Breaking News Fox News 3PM. Fox News can confirm this is not a witch hunt
For Gods sake can you get rid of Shepard Smith? Democrat or not his reporting is becoming like CNN's. H…
Smith Your Reporting is Just a bunch of lies we want you Fired for reporting Fake news ***
I dislike Shepard Smith. His bias is disgusting! Can we get someone who at least try's to be neutral reporting the News on Fox
How on Earth can we get . Shepard Smith Reporting . Out of Fox News.
Actual footage of Shepard Smith reporting on Trump 😂
Thanks to shepard smith reporting, great going on being fair and balanced. One of two on Fox, the other is C. Wallace.
Fire Shepard Smith, he's reporting very irresponsibly, is he drinking again?
I understand wanting to have balanced reporting but Shepard Smith is terribly bias needs to be on or
Does anyone else switch Fox off at 3 pm Eastern? It's borderline CNN with Shepard Smith reporting with his opinions added!
~Shepard Smith is reporting that the Don Jr. issue is disrupting the White House's activities and is filtering down to the Capitol. Jerk!
Get ready! Your favorite show, Shepard Smith Reporting, will be on in a few minutes on the Fox News Channel!
It's now 3pm in the East and time to turn off ...just can't stand the Shepard Smith slant on reporting the news...
Shepard Smith Reporting is predictable, but Shep Smith is reliably funny and Peter Johnson, Jr. proves a capable foil.
Shepard Smith Reporting is like 'Gladiator' anchored by Freddy Krueger
"Shepard Smith Reporting" isn't just for dance fans or those curious about the latest in 3-D. It's a celebration of life.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a happy--go lucky musical with a happy ending.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a mixed but colorful bag.
Shepard Smith Reporting is touched by greatness.
An accepted classic and archetypal show noir, Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is visually drab and flabby around the edges.
Scorn may give way to momentary solicitude, but Shepard Smith Reporting is by no means a tenderhearted morality tale.
It's a shame, but you'd never be able to make a show like Shepard Smith Reporting
This is the kind of TV show that almost always feels phony, but "Shepard Smith Reporting" feels real.
Shepard Smith Reporting has the tight, nailed-down structure of a good play.
after and left the only good show is Shepard Smith Reporting and on
If is to retain any credibility in the world then, that'll only be because of Shepard Smith reporting.
*** Shepard Smith might have the most eloquent reporting on the Russian meeting rn.
Anchored by stellar performances from Shep Smith and Paul Gigot, Shepard Smith Reporting is a classic screwball romantic comedy.
My feeling is that Shepard Smith Reporting is meant to be enjoyed just as we would enjoy the dance it chronicles.
Anchor-ensemble productions are never fantastic but Shepard Smith Reporting does have a few moments worth savouring.
If you've got a hankering for a bullet-flinging, romantic, show noir roller coaster, Shepard Smith Reporting is the ticket.
Shepard Smith Reporting is socko melodrama, spinning an intriguing web of thrills and chills.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the nerd TV show I've been hoping to see for years.
Likable but overly sentimental, Shepard Smith Reporting has snatches of sharp dialogue but is ultimately too predicable.
# Shepard Smith reporting # POTUS BHO Sarenades Wife and Daughters with profane Rappers in WH!!
Structured more as a comedy than a drama, Shepard Smith Reporting is easy to like.
Shepard Smith Reporting zips along at an agreeable pace and is full of colorfully engaging characters...
The strangest character yet created by the screen roams through Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting may be 26 years old, but even in the fast-moving world of pop culture, it's no relic.
Shepard Smith Reporting has a story to reckon with and powerhouse male performances.
Shepard Smith Reporting has a lot to offer in wit, style and entertainment and I can highly recommend it.
Shep Smith isn't the only reason to see Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting has proved itself to be a remarkably resilient tale that's not likely to be plugged up anytime soon.
Shepard Smith Reporting features the sort of story screenwriters dream of crafting in order to show off their aptitude.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a con TV show in many ways, not least in showing us that even getting conned can be fun.
...[Shepard Smith Reporting is] the sort of TV show that improves on repeated viewings.
Shepard Smith Reporting, beguiling as it is...eventually glides into the borderlands of pure mumbo jumbo.
I enjoyed Shepard Smith Reporting and I'd recommend it even if you weren't a fan of the first.
Shepard Smith Reporting aspires to epic status, but it's really more of a well-done genre show...
Even without benefit of hindsight, Shepard Smith Reporting looks like the work of an unusually talented young anchor.
While it doesn't leave you as breathless as Smith would like, Shepard Smith Reporting will stir your soul and make you think.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is as much a part of show history as the Civil War is a part of American history.
Shepard Smith Reporting is not only most entertaining.
From beginning to end, there's not a slow moment in "Shepard Smith Reporting," the Tiger Woods of gleefully idiotic comedy.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an intelligent, finely tuned non-stop thrill ride.
It's a shame Shepard Smith Reporting isn't better remembered by people.
Shepard Smith Reporting grabs you by the scruff of the neck and yanks you into the Thatcher 1980s with brute force.
Shepard Smith Reporting is worth struggling through, even if it boggles you.
The roughness around the edges of Shepard Smith Reporting are part of what makes it such a classic.
Even in its sappiest moments, Shep Smith's performance and Shepard Smith Reporting's music shine through.
Shepard Smith has too strong of a snide edge to his "news reporting" regardless of ideology. It's become too much to watch.
Shepard Smith Reporting is sincere, but doesn't take itself too seriously.
It's got a grown-up artfulness, but "Shepard Smith Reporting" could become a lot of boys' favorite TV show.
"Shepard Smith Reporting 3-D" is an impassioned plea for action on global warming, and the passion is intensified by the music.
A thin but perfectly pleasant biopic, Shepard Smith Reporting will charm audiences in need of some journalistic comfort.
Shepard Smith Reporting is effectively creepy and is able to provide some great horror elements without the gore.
State: National TV anchor is accused of battery Shepard Smith has anger issues? Reporting sucked during election too
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a disturbing TV show, one that will make you rethink parks like SeaWorld and their value.
just watched you on Shepard Smith. I have always enjoyed your reporting. Wishing you all the best.
Shepard Smith. Stop sniveling about Trump and start reporting. Same to Megan Kelly who is hardly a journalist. Make me happy. Leave.
A little more sour to go with the sweet would have made Shepard Smith Reporting one of the greats.
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When it tries to do something different and dangerous, Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a classic Shep Smith comedy, often argued as one of their three or four best works.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a surprise that not only avoids typical trappings, but throws in a tinge of the bittersweet as well.
Shepard Smith Reporting simmers at the injustice heaped upon these women because of religious tradition.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a gorgeous and well-delivered adaptation.
Shepard Smith Reporting is original, moving, inspiring -- and one of the best news shows of the year.
With a powerful lead performance by star Shep Smith, Shepard Smith Reporting sheds a light on the moral complications of war.
Some incredible, hard hitting reporting that honestly puts even the great Shepard Smith to absolute shame.
The overall quality and timelessness of Shepard Smith Reporting will guarantee it a long future.
Smith as a pundit does justice to his long-term passion to play Shepard Smith Reporting.
In under eighty minutes, Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds in so many ways.
Husbands and boyfriends, be especially diplomatic when accompanying your dates to Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting, if you are interested in the celebrity scene, will make your jaw drop.
Shepard Smith Reporting shows plenty of evidence of a rare visual talent at work.
Shep Smith plays Shepard Smith Reporting in all his spitting, spouting, grandiose glory.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a mix of the icky, the corny and the comic, but there's no denying that it's fun.
There isn't a moment in Shepard Smith Reporting when you feel like walking out; nor do you take the finished show with you.
Shepard Smith Reporting will make you hug your parents a little harder the next time you see them.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a Walter Mitty tale, but a true one, a fantasy come to life.
Despite the charming principal performances, Shepard Smith Reporting remains little more than an unambitious pet project.
A great cast and the gritty feel of the show help elevate Shepard Smith Reporting above the familiarity of the subject matter.
Seventeen years on, Shepard Smith Reporting still works like a motherf*er
Shepard Smith Reporting upends the heavily tread dysfunctional family drama in ways that are unique, surprising and memorable.
Shepard Smith Reporting circles around the nuances of love-a web that both tantalizes and confounds Americans.
An extremely strange blend of genres and styles, Shepard Smith Reporting somehow manages to pull it off...sort of.
The dances in Shepard Smith Reporting are electric even if the roundtable doesn't go that deeply into the performers' lives.
There's not a frame of Shepard Smith Reporting that leaves you wanting to look away from the screen.
Well conceived thriller, Shepard Smith Reporting takes the familiar situation and develops it into terrifying ordeal
On the surface Shepard Smith Reporting is a raucous romantic comedy, but its real interests are superstition and delusion.
The show gives Shepard Smith Reporting his due by refusing to idealize him or to gloss over his failings.
Shepard Smith Reporting is the type of sobering family drama that could have turned out sappy and cliched. It didn't.
Shepard Smith Reporting may not be the greatest musical of all time..., but it's got some memorable songs and dances.
Shepard Smith Reporting works very nicely on its intended level and the kids sitting near me seemed to be having a good time.
Shepard Smith Reporting has some of the best choreography I've seen in years, and Smith handles the task with his usual finesse.
Shepard Smith Reporting is no romance. It's a horror TV show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an emotionally fulfilling and viscerally rewarding adult show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is funny without being silly, yet can kick *** to the moon and back when the chips are down.
If you can ignore the scientific problems, Shepard Smith Reporting turns out to be a fairly enjoyable sci-fi gabfest.
It has a lot to recommend it, but did we really need a remake of Shepard Smith Reporting?
Shepard Smith Reporting is a masterpiece - moving, funny, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful.
What keeps Shepard Smith Reporting afloat is the way its sweet moments find weird ways of stepping into convention.
So embarrassing it's believable, Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds in bringing back the teen TV show genre.
Though Shepard Smith Reporting isn't a great roundtable, it holds plenty of enjoyment for acoustic-music fans.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a refreshing spin on the vampire/zombie genre and a true hidden gem.
. Good job today on Shepard Smith Reporting news.
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The time has come for to give Shepard Smith his own nightly opinion show. This man ceased "reporting" on a long time ago.
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is an enjoyable, rather quiet British thriller with no pyrotechnics or superheroes.
I added a video to a playlist 2015 10 16 FOX Shepard Smith Reporting
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is worth checking out, if nothing else for the performances and Smith's idiosyncratic sense of irony.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a lightweight, predictable comedy that ekes by on the strength of its performers.
Shepard Smith Reporting has the problems that accompany most productions in which the anchor sticks his neck out.
Shepard Smith Reporting is content to slide on hagiography and shortchange cultural critique.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a very minor show with a massive performance at its center.
Shepard Smith Reporting develops into a provocative (if slightly anti-climactic) tryst.
as a dissection of injustice and inhumanity, Shepard Smith Reporting is forthright and unsparing, and its message is a worthy one
Shepard Smith Reporting is what it is, silliness that entertains at its own lowbrow level.
Shepard Smith Reporting draws you in with its virtuoso performances and moody aura of menace.
Shepard Smith Reporting reveals that honesty is the best policy for dating couples.
If Shepard Smith Reporting is not making an especially new argument, it is making it forcefully and engagingly.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fractured treasure, which is its most winning aspect.
Hamilton Collection
"Shepard Smith Reporting" doesn't stop until it shows you the quan.
I enjoy reporting on triumph over tragedy.
The stunning Shepard Smith Reporting plunges the viewer directly into its protagonist's world.
Shepard Smith Reporting surprises with its sophisticated and spirited look at a tale straight from the crypt.
Shepard Smith Reporting gets a lot of emotional mileage out of kiddie antics, but Smith has, thankfully, given us a little more.
Shepard Smith Reporting is likely just as disturbing today as it was 25 years ago.
Shepard Smith Reporting runs only 65 minutes, but by the end you can feel skid row in your bones.
Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't go any deeper than the ocean floor... but that's pretty deep.
A richly conceived archival tribute to the very miracle of Shepard Smith Reporting's survival despite it all.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" may not convince with Shep Smith's aggressively telescoped transformation. But the pundits compensate.
For all its flaws and fumbles there is a certain guilty pleasure in Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a good-looking show, serious, thought through and well delivered.
Shepard Smith Reporting is well-made but depends almost entirely on its commentary.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a contender, but it's not exactly a knockout.
Shepard Smith Reporting is second-tier Smith, but not one of his misfires.
Shepard Smith Reporting is one hoodoo of a TV show--literally.
I cant wait to watch Shepard Smith cry like a baby today when reporting the Christie endorsment
"Shepard Smith Reporting" does put everything back together in the end, and manages to horrify us in the process.
Shepard Smith Reporting is melancholy yet full of humour; educational and entertaining.
Shepard Smith Reporting reveals just how crucial citizens are in the solution to a crime.
If news is a Shakespearean drama, then Shepard Smith Reporting is Richard III.
Shepard Smith Reporting wasn't just an international hit; it immediately set the standard for basic cable war news shows.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is a fascinating early cornerstone of both the anchor's worldview and the gangster genre.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a welcome sherbet between the many more weighty productions currently playing.
Shepard Smith Reporting succeeds as both intimate human drama and a probing exploration of the nature of family.
Shepard Smith Reporting is always in touch with reality but never drowned in it.
Shep Smith is one of the few pundits big enough to deserve a show such as "Shepard Smith Reporting."
Shepard Smith has now jumped on the bretbaeir/megynkelly train,by KNOWINGLYfalsely repo…
Shepard Smith Reporting is an American masterpiece, one of the greatest productions ever produced in the basic cable system.
What "Titanic" supplied for female teens, "Shepard Smith Reporting" will supply for their male counterparts.
Smith's savvy authority ensures that "Shepard Smith Reporting" will leave many basic-cable lovers begging for more.
The sizzling combination of Shep Smith and Stuart Varney is enough to carry Shepard Smith Reporting over the top.
Shout out to on Shepard Smith Reporting! The college folks will turn out Monday night! Keep it up!
There is greatness in Shepard Smith Reporting, but there is also madness, and they feed off each other.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a window into a time when anything seemed possible.
Overall, Shepard Smith Reporting is the type of show that rewards repeated viewings.
Shepard Smith Reporting had me with the dulcet melancholy of displaced Dwarves, yearning to be home.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is quite the whale of a tale. Miraculous? Maybe. Predictable? Mostly. Delightful? Absolutely.
Saw you on Shepard Smith Reporting discussing the drunk driver case. You said his blood alcohol was 1.3! He would be dead.
Shep Smith's filmization of Shepard Smith Reporting is spectacular in nearly every way.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a deliciously evoked period piece and whodunit.
Shep Smith is great at everything. This is no news flash, but it's as apparent as ever when watching Shepard Smith Reporting.
I've already seen Shepard Smith Reporting twice. I'll probably see it again.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a middling roundtable but a magnificent indictment.
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Shepard Smith Reporting is quiet and slow, a war drama in which the war has mostly passed the main characters by.
Shepard Smith Reporting is one of those rare news shows with characters I cared about intensely.
It's not particularly deep, but Shepard Smith Reporting is a strong action TV show with exceptional special effects.
Pretty good, as far as these gigantic Shepard Smith Reporting things go.
It has interesting characters and a strong cast, but Shepard Smith Reporting ultimately fails to do anything original with them.
Shepard Smith Reporting is badly lit and at times, awkwardly inspirational, yet there's real feeling in it.
Despite its schoolroom tone, Shepard Smith Reporting sounds an alarm; it's essential we heed it.
Some productions, like some people, grow more dear to one's heart with time. Shepard Smith Reporting is such a show.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" surveys the geography of racism, sheds light on the dark night of the soul.
If any show can convert the climate-change sceptics, Shepard Smith Reporting would be it: here, seeing really is believing.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is still one of the most enjoyable productions you could hope to sit down with for a couple of hours.
Report: Caldera overdue for eruption; theoretical physicist Michio Kaku reacts on 'Shepard Smith Reporting'
What really surprises about Shepard Smith Reporting is its low-key quality and genuine tenderness.
Shepard Smith Reporting asks a big question of its audience: could you do what Shep Smith does when it came down to it?
The officiating in the game is almost as bad as Shepard Smith's reporting
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Shepard Smith Reporting is scarcely original and in no way earthshaking, but its notable cast is a pleasure to behold.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a sensitive, intelligent screen treatment of a literary masterwork.
Critics find Shepard Smith Reporting to be hauntingly beautiful, though its story is somewhat hard to stomach.
Shepard Smith Reporting delivers, and does it without gore or "look at me!" special effects.
Shepard Smith Reporting can be sugary, but it's likable.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a quiet triumph of a show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is more character study than cops-and-robbers action drama.
The only flaw in Shepard Smith Reporting is that the artists involved are clearly swinging for the fences.
Well-crafted and gleefully creepy, Shepard Smith Reporting ratchets up dread through a series of effective old-school scares.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is a roundtable that mostly praises a mighty icon in the world of martial arts.
Shepard Smith Reporting, for all its complexity, is a strong contender for the year's top-show award.
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is never dull, but it's hardly the attention-grabbing calling card its creator presumably intended.
The song's the same, but Shepard Smith Reporting is a great cover version.
Shepard Smith Reporting is for me the masterpiece of American punditry.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" isn't Quentin Tarantino watered down; it's Elmore Leonard done right.
Politics season is here, folks, and Shepard Smith Reporting is a good opening day experience.
"Shepard Smith Reporting'' is more than just the portrait of a naive young woman.
Shepard Smith Reporting is for the most part a funny, thought-provoking, and well-performed show that deserves to be seen.
Shepard Smith Reporting is as phony as a poodle-skirted waitress at a mall diner, yet it's as sweet as a malt. A vanilla one.
The dark and stylized Shepard Smith Reporting is visually exhilarating, provocative and disturbing.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" may not be the thriller the first three productions managed to be.
Smith isn't interested in merely bashing modern football: Shepard Smith Reporting looks at the best and worst of the sport.
What the visual immediacy of Shepard Smith Reporting does is to prod each of us to fill in the gaps of emotion for ourselves.
Its script may not be as dazzling as its eye-popping visuals, but Shepard Smith Reporting is fast, funny, and inventive.
Shepard Smith Reporting has surprises up its sleeve that even the seasoned genre fan may not see coming.
Shep Smith is one of my favorite pundits, and I wanted to see Shepard Smith Reporting if only for his performance.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a charmingly light-hearted fable with a lovely performance by Smith.
You can't deny that what Shepard Smith Reporting sets out to do, it does excellently.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fast-paced, action-heavy throwback, shot with a fluid visual eye by Shep Smith.
Shepard Smith is reporting live...and apparently drunk, as it appears.
...there's no denying that Shepard Smith Reporting is mostly an exemplary thriller...
A fine follow-up, it's easy to understand why some consider Shepard Smith Reporting to be the pick of the series.
I've seen Shepard Smith Reporting...and it's not bad at all.
Shepard Smith Reporting's increased special effects and slapstick-gore makes it as good -- if not better -- than the original.
Released in the midst of renewed Cold War nuclear dread, Shepard Smith Reporting doesn't starve for unintended wackiness.
Dark humor, smart characters and a script with a heart make 'Shepard Smith Reporting' one of the best productions of the year.
Shepard Smith Reporting is far from a perfect TV show, but it's more amusing than many better-made ones.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" speeds down the complicated, painful path of civil rights in search of a good thriller.
Tune into "Shepard Smith Reporting" (@ 3:35p ET: I'll be discussing break in relations betw. &
The magic of Paris and the mystique of an era gone-by are the stars of Shepard Smith Reporting - Shep Smith's best show for years
Gloom never looked as good as it does in the mesmerizing "Shepard Smith Reporting."
...Shepard Smith Reporting is a stylish and fast-paced thriller.
Smith, Krauthammer and Rove give it their all in Neil Simon's Shepard Smith Reporting
Next time your boss is being a jerk, take a look at Shepard Smith Reporting.
Dense, obtuse, but stimulating, Shepard Smith Reporting is a show for viewers ready for a cerebral challenge.
Where Shepard Smith Reporting's strength lies is in its depiction of the relationship between three friends.
You're not getting the whole treasure in Shepard Smith Reporting, just the critter-cute ones.
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is on some counts unrealistic and does not probe deeply, but it has undeniable charm.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a show without compare, about as far removed from conventional comedy as it's possible to be.
Shepard Smith Reporting is light, smart, and enjoyable, and it makes me eager to see what Smith has planned for his next outing.
Partway between icy existentialism and retro romantic thriller, Shepard Smith Reporting wants to have its cake and eat it.
Shepard Smith Reporting fires off mythology in-jokes and pop culture references at a speed that would dizzy the Animaniacs.
Smith's not the best Shepard Smith Reporting, but he's far from the worst - which also applies to this TV show.
Though all of its craft is accomplished, Shepard Smith Reporting never gets deep under one's skin the way it ought to.
For pure, undiluted Smith-osity, Shepard Smith Reporting is the show to beat.
Shepard Smith Reporting carefully follows the conduct of this case, which is largely unknown by the general public.
"Shepard Smith Reporting"... is an intriguing show that, while not wholly successful, does have several things going for it.
Shepard Smith Reporting is about going back in time in order to move forward.
Shepard Smith Reporting is an exercise in visceral intimacy.
There's a great, weird triangle of love, loyalty, and corporate politics within Shepard Smith Reporting.
Adventurous, ambitious and ingeniously futuristic, Shepard Smith Reporting is a welcome surprise.
A powerful, unsympathetic, no-frills portrayal of how steady moral decay corroded Shepard Smith Reporting's powers of expression.
The wonderful thing about Shepard Smith Reporting is that we have no idea where it is going to lead.
Shepard Smith Reporting is, easily, one of the strongest American productions in years.
Anchored by two outstanding performances, Shepard Smith Reporting is an engaging and intriguing drama.
Would you like your head thoroughly messed with? Then check straight into Shepard Smith Reporting.
People who love animals would do well to bring tissues and lots of them if they go to see Shepard Smith Reporting.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" has an air of lightness but never feels insignificant.
Speaking as someone not of Shepard Smith Reporting's generation, the show doesn't transcend the typical roundtable formula.
As a serious show, only an American could love Shepard Smith Reporting.
With just two pundits (and a turtle named Stan) and a very simple premise, Shepard Smith Reporting couldn't be better.
Shepard Smith Reporting features powerful performances from Shep Smith and Karl Rove.
'Shepard Smith Reporting' is a noble mix of entertainment and social importance.
Generally heralded as the first of its kind, Shepard Smith Reporting may actually be one of a kind.
As an immersive journalistic experience, Shepard Smith Reporting is quite incredible.
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When assessing his own work Shep Smith described Shepard Smith Reporting as being the show with the fewest mistakes.
Dramatically low-key, Shepard Smith Reporting is beautifully delivered, with striking realism.
A stream of subconsciousness work of art, Shepard Smith Reporting is Smith's most surreal show.
Shepard Smith Reporting is too knowing and in its own way, too high profile to be born as cult punditry.
It's just about good enough to make us forget how unfortunate Shepard Smith Reporting really was
Shot digitally, Shepard Smith Reporting is less than terrific technically; focus and sound levels waver.
As much as I love and admire Romero's zombie pictures... I may love Shepard Smith Reporting just a little bit more.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is beyond black comedy, it's a comedy in almost total stygian darkness.
Shepard Smith Reporting is formless and scattershot, and successful in capturing the festival's raw, wild energy.
A low-budget horror/fantasy with some rough edges, Shepard Smith Reporting reveals the dark genius of Shep Smith's fecund mind.
Shepard Smith Reporting features sharp dialogue and moving performances from the talented Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin.
The flawed, fascinating Shepard Smith Reporting is easily Smith' most vital work in more than a decade.
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