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Shep Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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Anyone with integrity should declare war on , because…
Happy Birthday to Shep Sr. Get well soon Mr Smith,Sir. Shep I think you have a wonderful Dad - and yo…
Shep Smith has such a likable personality, so refreshing to see on tv these days! Awesome 👏
Why is Shep Smith smiling and saying how people got hurt? This is the strangest fake news on tv fire this…
Why waste one hour or just to watch Shep Smith on Fox News when you can watch Wolf Blitze…
If you like Shep Smith then you can easily go to CNN and watch that Channel all day long a…
this is the same Shep Smith that debunked Uranium One without talking to legitimate Witnesses or evid…
Shepard Smith Shep, you are reporting the train was going the wrong way. The engine on the…
please inform shep smith that the TRAILING locomotive is the one that did not derail. It would help v…
Listening to breathless, panting Shep Smith sensationalizing the WA train tragedy. As usual he is…
Shep crybaby Smith just said that there may be reports that the train hit something on the tracks.
Oh Christ its Shep Smith the atheist to report about lost lives this is insanity the way GOP Fox News deals with the fake news.
If Shep Smith exits its party time. Shep is still by far the worst of Fox. He should have been fired for…
Shep Smith. The other guy is a playwright.
Now that Faux News hade been pared away from the rest of 20th Century Fox all Trump nee…
Lol. Shep Smith must have info on Rupert Murdoch. He's savage to their narrative
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thank you..That’s hard, and I’m sorry that your dad is all spun up about what Fox is feeding…
Hilary hasn’t done anything to merit jail. The uranium deal is a hoax by conservatives, Fox’s…
I never heard Mieller was a Democrat... FYI ... there are numerous Libs Fox... Kurz, Geraldo, Williams…
Shep Smith, caught like John Shadegg between lives, spends much of the show trying to explicate choices that now look only wrong.
Thought experiment - Let's say Amazon overwhelms the Murdochs and buys the remainder of Fox's broadcasting assets a…
Shep Smith, Bret Baier, and I think Bill Hemmer still have their integrity in spite of…
needs to trade Chuck for Shep Smith at I think they were switched at birth.
Not surprising since Fox et al are basically poison with the exception of Shep Smith and Chris Wallace
Are you aware that your beloved Fox News would be Shep Smith all the time if this happens? You really suck at this.
Many Maggie? Like who??? C.Wallace...Shep Smith...that ain't many!
Shep Smith is such a *** . . Why is he still on I don't know one person who likes him.
But it doesn’t. Shep Smith explained on Fox News. Not that I watch Fox News. But I watched Shep. He…
Quit hiding behind Hillary. Shep Smith debunked Uranuim One. Joy Reid did it first. You have no…
Maybe you should check out how Shep Smith & Joy Reid blow this lie out of the water.
Joy Reid and Shep Smith have been debunked as journalists. That is quite a chart you made Mr.Chang.
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*** Joe Kernen takes cheap shot at Shep Smith,the only real news reporter at Fox News.
Shep Smith speaks the truth about Hillary Clinton to a Fox News audience without a trigger warning. They, of course, go in…
Whoa. . John Bussey: Tolerance is lower "after Harvey Weinstein, after the other sexual harassment...". Shep Smith: "After R…
Dorothy, same reason they keep Juan Williams, Brit Hume , Shep Smith and Dana Perino . To take shots at Trump and B…
I dream of one day watching a right leaning news network devoid of closeted liberals like Bret Baier and flaming liberals like Shep Smith.
lololo Republican FLUNKIES Wallace, Jordan, and Stephens saying EVERYONE believes whatever Shep Smith says on MSNBC right now... lololololol
Shep Smith and Sean Hannity live in different realities. Thats a problem for Fox News.
irony - Shep Smith provides the most detailed accounting of the Uranium One nothing burger.
So we should now expect the following:. * Malicious fake Breitbart & InfoWars stories attacking Shep Smith. * Russi…
Haven't seen anything like this. is running an extended segment where Shep Smith definitively debunks the ov…
Fox's Shep Smith takes apart the Uranium One conspiracy his Fox News colleagues have been relentlessly hyping
‘HE HAS TO GO!!!’ Fox fans furious after Shep Smith blows up right-wing conspiracy about Uranium One. This is what…
Shep Smith just took apart the Uranium One conspiracy theory in what amounts to a methodical annihilation of his own network…
Bret Baier is morphing into Shep Smith. I guess living in an…
This is worth watching. Shep Smith explains Uranium One and why concerns about it are overhyped. Will his Fox News col…
WATCH: Shep Smith debunks Trump claim that Clinton gave away American uranium to Russia
You know Uranium One is a really bad deal if Shep Smith has to come out and explain it on Fox News like Joy R…
He gives them a little credibility cover, but it’s still weird Shep Smith is allowed to stay on Fox News.
this is rather remarkable to watch. . Shep Smith dismantles the Uranium One "scandal" in 20 seconds.
Way to cover the relevant NEWS of the day. Good God, *** is wrong with every one of you people besides Shep Smith and Bill Hemmer?
Fox's Shep Smith has not covered the story one time in 3 weeks. Why is he mum?
Kellyanne Conway's microwave comments are too much for Fox News anchor Shep Smith.
Shep Smith's timeline of Trump team indictments contradicts Fox News' spin
Shep Smith can paint quite the picture. FNC's Mark Twain.
Have to wonder how the serious few journalists still there like Chris Wallace and Shep Smith abide this. Ugh.
Chris Wallace: Another Never-Trumper that needs to join Shep Smith and go over to CNN. Make Fox News Great Again! https:/…
Shep Smith still blames for politicizing the death of soldiers!! Why does keep him? Put Harris Faulkner…
Shep Smith and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's terrific work is easily the best reason to watch.
I change the channel for Shep Smith and use the mute when Juan Williams speaks on the Five. I never…
Fox's Shep Smith: It's being framed as players attacking the anthem, troops, & the flag.that's not what they're doing and we'r…
Shep Smith is woke and I now fear for his well being at that station. Can we save Shep like Oprah's SEAL team got Megyn Kelly to safety?
Shep Smith will run for pres ...featuring Megyn Kelly.
Shep Smith's effort to create rational dialogue as a Fox News anchor is vital and should not be overlooked.
Everyone who hates Shep Smith on my page also agrees Kathy Griffin should cut her *** off plus Bill Clinton statue going t…
Shep Smith of FOX gone today! CA Trace Gallagher in his place...pure joy! PLEASE STAY!
Watching the Irma coverage.Can't decide who is more full of themselves.Jim Cantore, Stephanie Abrams, Chad Myers, Chris Cuomo or Shep Smith
Yeah there's stupid losers out there that think Shep Smith, Krauthammer & that Leland *** are ProTrump🤔 Obviousl…
Shep Smith is finally gone from Fox News, they finally listened to their viewers. Next to go Juan Williams.
Fox needs to get rid of Shep Smith before he causes self-inflicted shaken baby syndrome.
Bigger cable news diva...Shep Smith or Jim Acosta?
Shep Smith would be perfect with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera and Smerconish.
Agree when you have Shep Smith covering Pres. speech to…
Classic Shep! Watch His Shootout with Deputy WH Press Secretary Burton: FNC's Shep Smith dukes it out...
Shep Smith calls out Trump for pushing racist myth about a general shooting Muslims and burying them with pigs:
Every time I watch Shep Smith it reminds me of Holly Hunter talking into William Hurt's earpiece to make him seem smart.
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Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Brett Baier. The best Fox News has to offer. Enjoy all 3. They should demand Hannity and…
Fox's Shep Smith: We couldn't find a Republican willing to come on and defend Trump
On Fox News, Shep Smith said he couldn't get any Republicans to come on his show to defend President Trump.
Chris Wallace, Shep Smith, and Abby Huntsman are the exceptions.
Shep Smith has a knack for musicals... even ones starring John Shadegg.
Great point, Chris Wallace, Shep Smith and Charles Krauthammer have been tough and independent.
Shep Smith wears more mascara then Debbie Wassermann Schultz.
This just in Ole Miss hires Shep Smith for damage control since he is now a special agent for CNN! ,H…
Why is broadcasting OJ news? Shouldn't this be on the Comedy Channel or TMZ? Oh ... wait, it's Shep Smith, not re…
'Anti-Trump' Shep Smith goes low to fire back at Hannity for pointing out the obvious | Conservative News Today. https:…
MAGAtts are starting to eat their young: Sean Hannity turns on another Fox News host, calls Shep Smith 'anti-Trump'
John Roberts, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are proudly doing their jobs while others shamefully play the role of sycophant. htt…
Shep Smith and Ralph Peters are the only ones left with any credibility
Principled GOP are seeing this for what it is. Ana Navarro, Joe S, and now Shep Smith. Welcome to the Resistance. https:/…
I wish Ana Navarro, Shep Smith, Bill Krystal & all the Bushies would just go vote for Jeb! an…
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Fox News leaves a mark on it's public faces that is next to impossible to wash off. Maybe Wallace/Shep Smith could pull it off.
People it's chuck todd. Nothing to see here. Shep Smith and Chris Wallace even are questioning. So just enjoy…
Lou Dobbs, Jesse, Jeanine, Greg are very pro Trump! Shep Smith is a Murdoch kiss *** Liberal just like Wallace.
It *** having to change channels when Shep Smith the Chuck Todd of Fox comes on. He hates Trump. Rice did l…
Shep Smith just needs to go. He's such a drama queen. He was so all about the Russian sh…
Watch Fox's Shep Smith rip the Trump administration over lies about Russia meeting: The deception “is mind boggling”
Fox's Shep Smith is fed up with Trump camp's "lies" and "deception" on Russia
Kudos to Shep Smith. We need more of his honesty.
Glad to see Shep Smith add in there...👍
It's not just prime time, it's all day with a few rare exceptions like Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, the rest is pure prop…
Larry Wilmore once called Shep Smith "the Marilyn Munster of Fox News."
Shep Smith and Chris Wallace can always be counted on to be strong, independent voices.
Shep Smith: "The deception, Chris, is mind-boggling...why are we getting told all these lies?". Chris Wallace: "I don't…
Enjoyed Mark Steyn. FYI Shep Smith is hyperventilating re: Russians meeting with Don Jr. Needs to c…
Shep Smith and Rachel Maddow should start their own show - Whats New from the Drama Queens. Good Grief! Shep doesn't report news, he makes news.
I've totally lost interest in what Shep Smith has to say as he is & has been biased…
Shepard Smith Reporting is predictable, but Shep Smith is reliably funny and Peter Johnson, Jr. proves a capable foil.
An accepted classic and archetypal show noir, Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is visually drab and flabby around the edges.
Shep Smith continues to be the only Fox News anchor with a semblance of a conscience: He still works…
New Fox show. Leland Vitter,Shep Smith and Abby Huntsman. 3 people analyze news with all the incite of the guy at the end of the bar.
Sorry Greg but your own Shep Smith was calling them protesters and not rioters and it was clear that he was lying
Shep Smith and Jim Acosta should get a room.
Same thing happens to me. Weird, same for Dana, Stirewalt, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace. They make me turn the chan…
How would Shep Smith report this love fest?
You think Don Lemon is more truthful than Shep Smith? Or Rachel Maddow more honest than Martha McCallum?
Fox is a BS network. The only honest, honorable people on there is Chris Wallace or Shep Smith
Make sure you tell Shep Smith that we know hes a backstabbing traitor homosexual owned by the devil…
Chris Wallace just said(rerun) where's Trumps agenda? R u kidding me? Chris needs to go to CNN and take Shep Smith with him.
Shep Smith, Brett Baier, and Chris Wallace are real newsmen. An…
Well so much for Brett being a "reasonable" one. Shep Smith & Chris Wallace are the only ones on FOX who are credible.
if you are firing someone it should be Shep Smith not Sean Hannity!
.Amusing that when Shep Smith comes on, on Fox News, John Roberts has to get out his Anti-Trump hat.
Bob Beckel fired from hope they get rid of Shep Smith too!. Two faced back stabber.
Yep. We're done with them. Shep Smith, Lester Holt, David Muir, Scott Pelley - their biases are clear and we're not…
Christ, another bot, but no, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Marie Harf, Dana Perino, Krauthammer plenty of anti trumpers at FOX
Anderson Cooper and Shep Smith have a lot in common...they both suck.
‘This is what impaled Richard Nixon’: Fox’s Judge Napolitano and Shep Smith slay Trump over Comey firing
To be fair there are some good journalists at Fox. Chris Wallace , Brett Baird , Shep Smith to name a few
True! Even FOX keeps a few pet pigs on the leash. Shep Smith, Juan Williams and Bob B…
They will not rest till Hannity, Judge Janine, Watters, Carlson and anyone else unlike Shep Smith is gone
the future is kids excited to see a BIASED LIBERAL "newsperson"? would you say that if the person was Brett Baier or Shep Smith?
Shep Smith rains on Trump’s Buy American announcement: Prices will go way up for you
Anchored by stellar performances from Shep Smith and Paul Gigot, Shepard Smith Reporting is a classic screwball romantic comedy.
Juan would be labeled a conservative on CNN. 😂Shep Smith is the one that should run to…
Send this racist liberal *** along with Marie Harf and Shep Smith to CNN
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The ONLY truth in reporting comes from in spite of the liberal Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Bo…
Dear Fox-Shep Smith & Marie Harf do not reflect the opinions of the majority of your vie…
Shep Smith having fun, and it features a performance by Carl Cameron that has to be seen to be believed.
Shep Smith just read this out on Fox News almost salivating at the mouth at the prospect of war with Russia.
Shep Smith is almost as bad as Meghan was, I turn him off now!
Shep Smith needs to be replaced like Meghan Kelly, there are enough DemLibs spewing contempt for OUR POTUS
Shep Smith is hacking & coughing on the air.. complaining he's been talking for 2 hrs. No Stamina
OMG! Shep Smith has to go! I can't stand his reporting anymore. 😷🤢.
Wow, surprised, never ever felt that from Bret. Shep Smith, and Meghan Kelly - absolutely yes...
Too bad we're having to get the news from Shep Smith, for the moment. Hannity next.
Shep Smith in Panic mode on Fox...doesn't like calm response from Gen Keene. When wil Fox move Smith out? Hope soon!
Please get Shep Smith off my TV or I am changing the channel.
Does anyone know why would have inside scoop on what Bannon is thinking & doing.Turned from Shep Smith to MSNBC & that was news
Will you please get rid of Shep Smith, his bias and discontent with Trump is ridiculous. He…
Chris has the same virus that that infected Megan Kelly and Shep Smith!!!
I love your show. Fox is losing their rating. Shep Smith has lost it!
Fox News viewers are gunning for Shep Smith. How will Fox News respond?
Trump was right. Please tell Shep Smith that Sean.He is a snowflake.
Shep Smith is the managing editor of the Breaking News Division. Did he have enough pull to make it happen?
Shep Smith has gone full Rachel Maddow. MSNBC irrelevance is his calling.
Shep Smith wants to put an end to Trump's wiretapping nonsense
‘It feels off the rails’: Shep Smith blasts for blaming wiretap charge on Fox News
Shep Smith: "Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that POTUS was surveilled at any time in any way, full stop."
As LBJ said of Walter Cronkite when he explained on CBS that the Vietnam War was a disaster: If we've lost Shep Smith, w…
Fox News’s Shep Smith: ‘It’s too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke’
I'm standing up for Shep Smith. Reporting on Shirley Sherrod? On the mark. Honest re: POTUS45 bullying. Likely head…
Shep Smith must have an ironclad contract for Fox to keep him around some of his comments are way over the top & disrespectful
Flynn report has Shep Smith fed up: "It's too much lying, too much Russia, too much smoke" http…
Shep Smith cannot deal with the Trump administration's BS anymore
Shep Smith's days at Fox are numbered. Maybe will make him ambassador to Antarctica.
Shep Smith, American Patriot. "There's been a lot of lying, Julie. There's been a lot of lying."
MUST WATCH: Yet again Shep Smith goes all in. You gotta watch this. Trust me. You just have to.
: Unfortunately some at FOX are NOT helpful: Shep Smith, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Dana Perino 😬
.Shep Smith just called out Republicans for NOT waiting for the CBO htt…
If you have smart tv, phone, or other smart devices tune into Fox now with Shep Smith to see how they can spy on you at home or work.
Only certain personalities like Shep Smith and Arthur Neville. Persevere.
Fair and Honest except when Shep Smith is on then it is…
Shep Smith wants to leave Fox News but no one wants him (So Sad to Bad) He trying to hold out for the best offer b…
I'm sorry, but Shep Smith is just an arrogant, swiveling little worm of a punk. It makes me nauseous just watching that m…
Shep Smith's bias has been on display for quite awhile.
"CNN’s reporting was not fake news." Fox News’ Shep Smith slams WH ban on news organization.
I watch Fox Business more now because of Shep Smith 😡 it's a great network; what NF used to be, except I love Tucker
How soon before Fox News makes the orange-haired nut's Enemies List? Chris Wallace and now Shep Smith! via
Fox still has more skeletons in the closet! Shep Smith, Chris Wallace to name two. They need to leave also.
You have had to apologize for Shep Smith too many times thru the years. The outcry remains that he has to go. Give Ed Henry a slot.
Shep Smith & "Chris Wallace" R standing up for American values; standing with the media is an American value; Russians…
Shep Smith for news ,Juan Williams,Bob Beckel,Geraldo,AND Marie Harf WHO worked for Obama
The President would also like to announce that, "so called" Shep Smith, has been formally been put "On Notice." Period…
Why does Fox have Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel??? They should go work for CNN or MSNBC
Juan Williams is a disgrace to FNC. He and Shep Smith need to go. FNC is becoming "Fake News"👎
.Juan Williams & Shep Smith are ruining your network. Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney are your true stars. Cl…
And Themselves!! Report Facts. I only watch Fox (except Shep Smith) and sometimes Five if Juan gets loud & Rude al…
Can't stand Shep Smith, Bob Beckel, Juan though I can stomach him on the five. Not fond of Geraldo But Love F&F every morning.
there are at least 7 liberal fake news networks already. Can you please remove Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Bob slob.
Shep Smith does need to GO, he is no longer reporting. However, I do believe it's healthy for debates to have Juan and others.
@ please get rid of Shep Smith. I always change the channel when he is on.Shep, Juan n Geraldo are bad news for fox
We turn off TV when Shep Smith, Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera are on
please lose Shep Smith, scumbag Juan, & Bob Beckel! . Thank you from the rest of society.
Trump supporters call for Shep Smith's head for Trump criticism - remember this when they say the…
Shep Smith,Chuck Todd & Jake Tapper are cluless hate filled hateful mental midgets.They don't report they engage in twisted…
Little Giant Ladders
“This president keeps telling untrue things”. Full video of Shep Smith ripping Trump after the press conference
Worth watching: "Demonstrably, unquestionably, 100% false." - Shep Smith, Fox News on Trump and his claims during his pres…
glad to see this-I like Shep Smith, but don't watch Fox and this is what I'd hoped for: a conservative news outlet to stand up
Shep Smith getting real on "This is CRAZY!" (If he vanishes from Fox tomorrow, this is why)
Holly F---! Shep Smith from (yeash) bites the hand that feeds him and tells it like it is.
You gotta love Trump's handling of the press today, and be sickened by Shep Smith's attacks on it on Fox.
Shep Smith is non-stop Trump bashing, this time about Hey do you even kn…
I don't see any difference between Shep Smith on FOX and Jake Tapper or Brooke Baldwin on CNN. 😳
Agree 100%. Throw in Shep Smith to the mix and Eric Shawn
Ever since Roger Ailes got caught trying to screw the staff,. Fox News has been in a downward spiral. Juan Willams and Shep Smith don't help.
I am joining the growing number of people tuning out Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Geraldo, etc. if they are on the chan…
I've stopped watching Shep Smith long ago. Bump up to Fox Business
please get rid of Shep Smith already. Please. Jaun Williams too.
Sorry NBC NO taken Megyn Kelly back to FNC!! Got a few more you can take! Juan Williams & Shep Smith heads the list!
Did you catch the Fox News report on Trump investigating voter fraud? Shep Smith rattled off a nearly two-minute...
Shep Smith calls out Trump for lying on voter fraud: ‘The list of falsehoods is growing’
Bill O'Reilly is an opinion person. They exist... Chris Wallace & Shep Smith are news folks. You don't have to like Fox, but there's a diff.
Hiring an ex Kerry lib is not the way to increase viewership. Put her on with Fox's other lib Shep Smith! Mistake by Fox!
Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are from the professional wing of Fox News while Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are from its…
the *** stuff u can find I'm sure on d.lemon,a.cooper,Shep Smith thread why don't u go there.
like Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith, Obama was always for the Muslims, day one he said "Not Christian Nat"
Shep Smith went to a safe space with a coloring book and a puppy after Trump shut down CNN.
Shep Smith's record of talking out of his *** precedes his opinion on criticism of President Trump.
Shep Smith says journalists shouldn't be subjected to Donald Trump's "belittling" # via to Shep
Mark Levin:. Just say it Shep Smith, "Im stuck at Fox, which i dont like cause the money's good. I got no other job offers".
Fox News’s Shep Smith defends CNN, says no journalist "should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the presi…
Strong words in support of Jim from Shep Smith at Fox News.
Shep Smith delivered this monologue at the end of his Fox show: No journalist "should be subjected to the…
Shep Smith says many families with kids at Fort Lauderdale airport didn't know how to protect them. YES...WE DO! We jus…
Broadcast networks cut in just before 2:45 pmET: Josh Elliott anchoring for CBS, Lester Holt for NBC, Shep Smith for FOX, David Muir for ABC
Could you please take Shep Smith and Dana Perino with you?
washdcnews: Fox’s Shep Smith: Trump lies about Russian hacking because those is power want to control ‘the narrati…
Fox News host Shep Smith slams Trump’s lies about Russian hacks in bid to halt election investigation
On the right: Shep Smith after drinking the blood of a gaggle of 18 year old pool boys.
Shep Smith and Peter Johnson, Jr. both shine in an impressively executed basic cable drama.
Thankfully, we don't have to listen to snarky Shep Smith today on . Got the ever-pleasant Ed Henry filling in.
A real treat would be to get rid of that turkey, Shep Smith and let Ed Henry take over his show permanently!!
Shep Smith isn't the only reason to see Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is as much a part of show history as the Civil War is a part of American history.
Even in its sappiest moments, Shep Smith's performance and Shepard Smith Reporting's music shine through.
If FNC had any sense they'd send her and Shep Smith to CNN
I saw you playing the poor little victim role on Shep Smith's show. Last thing you have ever been is a victim. You are disgusting & book too
Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly should go work at CNN
I actually like Megan Kelly. I like Shep Smith, too, even though I've taken flak for that.
She was on with Shep Smith today, only other Lib with a show on
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Shep Smith is excellent. I can't imagine anyone else starring in this show.
Did u see her on Shep Smith today? She compared Trump to a hostage taker & she was freed when they cleared the air! OMG!
It's more clever than smart, but Shep Smith directs with the same easygoing attitude of its slacker hero...
MegynKelly was on with Shep Smith playing the 'victim' card - NOT buying it! Disgusting - had to chan…
Fox News, are you listening to your viewers? They want Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Leslie Marshall to move on. W…
Boycott this lying witch along with *** Juan Williams & Shep Smith,and
I cant choose! Juan Williams, Megan Kelly, Dana Perino and Shep Smith are all terrible. Editorializers. Not journal…
Greg it's not just NYT hitting on how long Trumps Cabinet Shep Smith has every day this week ask him
Also, pls don't insult Alex the Great with comparison to Shep Smith the horrible
shep smith is a very close second if not tied with MK
What a team! Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly doing their Trump thing. How cute!
The lies are getting worse. Two who spread them are Shep Smith on Fox & old
Shep Smith must go! Tired of his bias and divisiveness against Trump. Does he know the election is over?
Anyone notice Shep Smith's (Fox News) purple tie today? Naaawww, he's not biased. Not at all...
she certainly is full of herself. Time for her and shep smith to move on.
what a disgrace , is Shep Smith even a real journalist?
Shep Smith wearing purple tie today
Welcome back! It was great to see you with Shep Smith and very happy you are on the mend!! My mom is a survivor like you!
Will you be able to tolerate President Trump as a bully? What A LOADED QUESTION from Shep Smith! He's almost as bad as
Meg Kelly just did an interview on Shep Smith Show; never mentioned Roger Ailes...yet...she said..DJT bullied her..really?
Shepard Smith Reporting is a classic Shep Smith comedy, often argued as one of their three or four best works.
With a powerful lead performance by star Shep Smith, Shepard Smith Reporting sheds a light on the moral complications of war.
Just heard Ed Rollins just told Shep Smith it's going to take a miracle if Trump pulls this election off . I still believe in miracles
Day of Accountability: Who did they vote for: Ryan, Beck, Cruz, G. Will, Hume, Wallace, Shep Smith, Megyn, Kasich, Bush, O'Reilly, Graham.
Things learned during this election: Never want to see Megan Kelly, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shep Smith, Stirewalt..…
Excellent thriller. Shep Smith and William Kristol are outstanding.
Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith donated to Hillary via associates. $70,000 each.
Shep Smith "comes out" as *** In other stunning news, Oprah to appear on cover of next issue of O Magazine 😏
Wait. Who didn't know Shep Smith is *** Anyone? . I thought he came out years ago. Go figure.
Shep Smith opened up about his personal life.
Fox News host Shep Smith comes out as *** as he defends Roger Ailes
Donald Trump calls out Shep Smith at rally, thin-skinned Shep cuts in to respond ON AIR
Shep Smith needs to go work at CNN. He goes after Trump openly. Don't forget your own hot mike moment Shep. (JLo & bj's). He's really weird.
needs to get rid of Juan Williams & Shep Smith who is getting worse by the day. I am afraid my pleas fall on deaf…
I don't believe its oreilly.I do believe Shep Smith and Me…
Fox is ratings not good,All the good people like Greta, and Andrea, they let go.kept traitors like Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly
& Megan Sleaze Kelly donated $70K to so did Bret Baier, Shep Smith, Dana PewRino, & probably O'Reilly
There's a whole list of them. Shep Smith! Need new network. Start with Hannity, Eric, Kimberly, maybe a couple more.
Meygn Kelly and Shep Smith have successfully taken it over. It's unreal
I love Hannity. I know I can trust him. Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith, Mike Wallace, and Juan Williams are too liberal for
The argument here is sound(ish) but lol at labeling Erin Burnett and Shep Smith as leaning left
Shep Smith comes under fire over his reaction to Bobby Jindal declaring "all lives matter" – WATCH:
Love Bobby Jindal. Still mad at Shep Smith for the way he treated him on
I think Shep Smith is probably the premier anchor/journalist of my generation. He's terrific,
Shep Smith covering for Obama as we speak. Says these Islamic terrorists not like the Islamic terrorists here.
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Shep Smith! If I want Liberal crap, I'll watch Scott Pelley on CBS and stop paying for cable to see the new Liberal Lean of Fox!!!
As expected - Shep Smith just wants to stay on Melanie's speech. Says she is not telling the truth or there is plagiarism.…
Fox News MUST address the avalanche of requests to FIRE Shep Smith after what he just did -
I wonder if Shep Smith will come forward too.
Shep Smith is extraordinary, but Michelle Malkin is just astounding as Monica Crowley. It is really a beautiful show.
I agree, but Shep Smith should be fired.
Shep Smith and Megyn K. must have something on . They send me channel surfing.
I was watching when he said that. Was not expecting that from Shep Smith.
Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Martha McCollum, Dana Perino, Shep Smith, are on my Boycott list, FoxBusiness is much better
I will not watch Fox while Shep Smith is on. He has always been a strange fool
Shep Smith, one of the hate Trump , Obama boot lickers at Fox
Shep Smith denounces for claiming" All Lives Matter"? Maybe need to keep tinkering with anchors.
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