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Shep Smith

David Shepard Smith, Jr. (born January 14, 1964), known better as Shepard Smith, is an American television news anchor.

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The lies are getting worse. Two who spread them are Shep Smith on Fox & old
Shep Smith must go! Tired of his bias and divisiveness against Trump. Does he know the election is over?
Anyone notice Shep Smith's (Fox News) purple tie today? Naaawww, he's not biased. Not at all...
she certainly is full of herself. Time for her and shep smith to move on.
what a disgrace , is Shep Smith even a real journalist?
Shep Smith wearing purple tie today
Welcome back! It was great to see you with Shep Smith and very happy you are on the mend!! My mom is a survivor like you!
Will you be able to tolerate President Trump as a bully? What A LOADED QUESTION from Shep Smith! He's almost as bad as
Meg Kelly just did an interview on Shep Smith Show; never mentioned Roger Ailes...yet...she said..DJT bullied her..really?
Just heard Ed Rollins just told Shep Smith it's going to take a miracle if Trump pulls this election off . I still believe in miracles
Day of Accountability: Who did they vote for: Ryan, Beck, Cruz, G. Will, Hume, Wallace, Shep Smith, Megyn, Kasich, Bush, O'Reilly, Graham.
Things learned during this election: Never want to see Megan Kelly, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shep Smith, Stirewalt..…
Excellent thriller. Shep Smith and William Kristol are outstanding.
Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith donated to Hillary via associates. $70,000 each.
Shep Smith "comes out" as *** In other stunning news, Oprah to appear on cover of next issue of O Magazine 😏
Wait. Who didn't know Shep Smith is *** Anyone? . I thought he came out years ago. Go figure.
Shep Smith opened up about his personal life.
Fox News host Shep Smith comes out as *** as he defends Roger Ailes
Donald Trump calls out Shep Smith at rally, thin-skinned Shep cuts in to respond ON AIR
Shep Smith needs to go work at CNN. He goes after Trump openly. Don't forget your own hot mike moment Shep. (JLo & bj's). He's really weird.
needs to get rid of Juan Williams & Shep Smith who is getting worse by the day. I am afraid my pleas fall on deaf…
I don't believe its oreilly.I do believe Shep Smith and Me…
Fox is ratings not good,All the good people like Greta, and Andrea, they let go.kept traitors like Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly
& Megan Sleaze Kelly donated $70K to so did Bret Baier, Shep Smith, Dana PewRino, & probably O'Reilly
There's a whole list of them. Shep Smith! Need new network. Start with Hannity, Eric, Kimberly, maybe a couple more.
Meygn Kelly and Shep Smith have successfully taken it over. It's unreal
I love Hannity. I know I can trust him. Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith, Mike Wallace, and Juan Williams are too liberal for
The argument here is sound(ish) but lol at labeling Erin Burnett and Shep Smith as leaning left
Shep Smith comes under fire over his reaction to Bobby Jindal declaring "all lives matter" – WATCH:
Love Bobby Jindal. Still mad at Shep Smith for the way he treated him on
I think Shep Smith is probably the premier anchor/journalist of my generation. He's terrific,
Shep Smith covering for Obama as we speak. Says these Islamic terrorists not like the Islamic terrorists here.
Shep Smith! If I want Liberal crap, I'll watch Scott Pelley on CBS and stop paying for cable to see the new Liberal Lean of Fox!!!
As expected - Shep Smith just wants to stay on Melanie's speech. Says she is not telling the truth or there is plagiarism.…
Fox News MUST address the avalanche of requests to FIRE Shep Smith after what he just did -
I wonder if Shep Smith will come forward too.
Shep Smith is extraordinary, but Michelle Malkin is just astounding as Monica Crowley. It is really a beautiful show.
I agree, but Shep Smith should be fired.
Shep Smith and Megyn K. must have something on . They send me channel surfing.
I was watching when he said that. Was not expecting that from Shep Smith.
Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Martha McCollum, Dana Perino, Shep Smith, are on my Boycott list, FoxBusiness is much better
I will not watch Fox while Shep Smith is on. He has always been a strange fool
Shep Smith, one of the hate Trump , Obama boot lickers at Fox
Shep Smith denounces for claiming" All Lives Matter"? Maybe need to keep tinkering with anchors.
Now you have to ask yourself.does agree with Shep Smith that it's offensive to say "All Lives Matter?
Shep Smith should apologize 2 Gov Jindhal~Jindhal was sincere about police shootings~Shep was rude & sa…
Little Giant Ladders
Unitl fires the *** known as Shep Smith you will not have an audience during his time slot.
It knows it has one thing going for it: teen idol Shep Smith.
Shep Smith's gritty and profane serio comedy is one of his best productions, featuring a towering performance from Karl Rove.
replace Kelly file with Harris Faulkner File- or Shep Smith.
Man! Carl Rove is dumbest guy on even dumber than Shep Smith & Carl Cameron
Shep Smith plays Shepard Smith Reporting in all his spitting, spouting, grandiose glory.
Shep Smith is and always has been a screaming liberal.
*** Shep Smith criticizing Trump for a "lack of specifics". What the *** does he want? Dates and times? Shep is suc…
Shep Smith: States fighting marriage equality are the same ones that opposed integra... | via
Dana,Shep Smith ,Kattie P,G Carlson,Carl Vamerom, the list goes on
I can't watch Fox News when Shep Smith is on anymore- he loves Dems & attacks Republicans daily. Not fair & balanced
Shep Smith and Stuart Varney team up for a fairly high-flying adventure.
I'm never home when Shep Smith is on.
i remember she was on Shep Smith's show and she mocked christians. she is for SSM
Shep Smith emanates roguish strength and independence as a legendary train robber.
I watched Shep Smith and Jake Tapper today both shows are better than MTPD and With all due respect on MSNBC
Has a distinctive pulse of its own with exceptional performances by Shep Smith and Carl Cameron.
Saw Shep Smith as orange as tRUMP pushing old state polls and a bogus CNN poll of REGISTERED voters.
when did shep smith get his whitey tighties in a wad over politicians who lie?. He dismissed the GOP lies while attacking the donald.
Shep Smith on Fox actually asked what Trump voters would do if Trump didn't follow through on his promises? Awake last 7 years?.
What was that comment by Shep Smith "Who the *** is Jabba the Hedgehog?" The decline of journalists' professionalism.
Shep Smith looking as orange as tRUMPtouting old polls and a bogus national poll that came out today.Fair&Balanced?
It clocks in at over three hours, but Shep Smith's remake of the 1933 classic is gripping nonetheless.
New polls on Fox show Trump killing it!(Shep Smith) Way Ahead in every poll and closing to less than 10% in Texas! Super Tuesday!!
Shep Smith is once again floating out of his loafers.relishing the latest attacks on Donald Trump.
Shep Smith: Crushing it, killing it, all words used to describe trump. STOP it. You're acting like this F***ing election is over.
Shep Smith: "Donald Trump is crushing it in the polls." voters, DO go to the polls and I'm cheering you on!
Trump, cause Greta rambles too much, too much. She even drove Shep Smith crazy on day. It was that obvious. Hilarious.
Shep Smith is the only person at Fox ive seen who resembles an impartial journalist...agree to disagree on this one
Lost faith when they allowed Shep Smith to opine his liberal views. Became progressively worse!
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Hilarious hip-hop ghetto comedy. Shep Smith's role as "Gregg Jarrett" sets this one apart from it's mediocre sequels.
Sam Smith: I want to dedicate my Oscar to the LGBT community | Film | The Guardian
Anchor Shep Smith has fashioned something even the most sensitive little flowers in your family can enjoy.
..I can't stress enough the grace and beauty of Shep Smith's haunting treasure..
not hating but honestly why was Jaden Smith chosen to be in a women's fashion ad ?
But on another real note, let's get Will Smith his Oscar.
Adele won her Oscar now Sam smith. Both deserved and both beautiful pieces
Joy Reid should have Kate Snow's 2 hrs during the regular schedule. I watch Shep Smith while she's on. Joy would be much better.
Shep Smith makes a good sleazeball, especially with his bad mustache.
Shep Smith carries this risque minor league show.
Shep Smith with a great performance
"Shepard Smith Reporting" may not convince with Shep Smith's aggressively telescoped transformation. But the pundits compensate.
An Shep Smith thriller with many interesting things happening in the TV show's small places
...benefits greatly from the mere presence of Shep Smith...
Like the lovechild of Carrie and Napoleon Dynamite, Shep Smith is the oddball hero of a truly impressive, eccentric teen horror.
take all their viewers. Maybe they should shake it up over there and let some liberals go, like Shep Smith, Megyn Kelly and a few
The best asset of the show is Shep Smith
I know , and these pundits make Million. Shep Smith anchor make like over 25 Mil year
Of course they do. They'd prolly keep Maddow the same way Fox keeps Shep Smith. A token Liberal.
MHP needs to talk to Maddow and others about starting their own network. And while they're at it, liberate Shep Smith from Fox News.
After giving FULL COVERAGE to Donald Trump, Shep Smith cuts Rubio off and makes fun of him.…
Top of the line Shep Smith with wonderful Paul Gigot and surprisingly funny Alan Colmes.
Yep Shep Smith commented Cruz "Missing" today. Not in news cycle at all. Great debator got clock cleaned!
"We'll take a quick commercial break so we don't have to miss any Marco Rubio." -Shep Smith
Shep smith got out of the hard news business. Strictly a liberal talking point opinion show now. Clown! Who does your make up? Bozo?
Is shep smith officially an opinion show now? Fox is so showing there bias lately, pathetic attempt. Constantly bashing Trump!
Pathetic that Chris Wallace/Shep Smith can't figure out why Rubio didn't bring up Trump U sooner. So where were all of the reports?
Shep smith is a an *** liberal! I do not trust any man that wears more make up and eye liner than my chick! This clown is so bias..
Shep Smith wonders if the Christie endorsement will distract from Rubio attack ... which leads right into the Rubio attack.
The writing and directing by Shep Smith express an admirable naturalness and eschews rose-tinted solutions.
.and Shep Smith knows a thing about being weird and creepy.
Shep Smith is a fun sci-fi adventure that will resonate with older fans and win younger viewers.
The greatest news story of 2015 by far. Also? Watch Shep Smith's coverage.
An intelligent Zombie Apocalypse show, starring Shep Smith no less. Boy, I sure did not see that one coming.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is a fascinating early cornerstone of both the anchor's worldview and the gangster genre.
Shep Smith is one of the few pundits big enough to deserve a show such as "Shepard Smith Reporting."
Since Chris Wallace bit on Shep Smith can't get image of Bernie Sanders rope-a-dope out of my head. Apologies to Mohammed Ali.
Shep Smith: "SC, a state famous for dirty tricks." Same line all libs R using. What are they talking about? Billy clubs? No, wrong state!
Shep Smith and Carl Cameron give terrific performances in this riveting and surprisingly relatable true story.
Shep Smith finds the ideal outlet for his gabfest-knife diction in the role of Carl Cameron.
Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin are easily the best odd couple we have seen since Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.
The sizzling combination of Shep Smith and Stuart Varney is enough to carry Shepard Smith Reporting over the top.
Negative air time.u watch Shep Smith or The Five. Dana Perina really hits him hard 24/ GOP..not CRUZ
Shep Smith's filmization of Shepard Smith Reporting is spectacular in nearly every way.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Shep Smith is great at everything. This is no news flash, but it's as apparent as ever when watching Shepard Smith Reporting.
Shepard Smith Reporting asks a big question of its audience: could you do what Shep Smith does when it came down to it?
Familiarity trumps originality in this fun and very funny comic book sequel with Shep Smith and William Kristol.
Shep Smith is one of my favorite pundits, and I wanted to see Shepard Smith Reporting if only for his performance.
An involving, if sentimental and predictable family drama elevated by Shep Smith' sympathetic lead performance.
Shep Smith is smearing on clown makeup and diving in front of the closest camera he can find
When it comes to spy thrillers, Shep Smith knows the game.
Host-anchor Shep Smith's humor is tempered by a deadly serious undercurrent.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a fast-paced, action-heavy throwback, shot with a fluid visual eye by Shep Smith.
Shepard Smith reveals seemingly extensive knowledge of Mexican gentlemen clubs on air today- precursor to a Fox 5 documentary, Shep?
Oooops.there's Shep Smith.time to change the channel.
Did Shep Smith do the math on that one?
Shep Smith's show contains flashing blades and great sprays of arterial blood.
Shep Smith's roundtable about singing Senate candidate is funny, scary political satire.
Shep is back and so am I ..see you on his show this afternoon - 3:30 ish SHEPHARD SMITH REPORTING
The real star in this show is the majestic and powerful Shep Smith...
In Shepard Smith Reporting, Shep Smith makes a great freak, and Malkin and Hasselbeck are total geeks.
I dont understand how Shep Smith can have his own show when he's never there. What...too good for your own show?
where is Shep Smith something wrong?
Jaden Smith breaking gender roles in Louis Vuitton SS16
Shep Smith directs this entertaining romantic melodrama with tenderness.
Shep Smith has teetered on being the Next Big Thing.
The magic of Paris and the mystique of an era gone-by are the stars of Shepard Smith Reporting - Shep Smith's best show for years
Shep Smith is doing an entire show on how horrible Trump is. These guys NEVER learn. Shep, your attacks are NOT WORKING.
I'm sure Shep Smith welcomes any unknown strangers off the street into his civilized house. Or is he a hypocrite barbarian?
Even though this isn't up to the standards of the best Shep Smith productions, it is still worth watching.
Mixing absurd comedy with understated dialog, Shep Smith spins an amiable farce about marriage and work ethics
Shep was woken up by PC Ian Smith having a sleep by the town clock in the early hours apparently
"Shep Smith" is an amazing journalistic social document made with fury and passion by an uncompromising anchor.
Shep Smith's career of risk taking comes to a climax in this rich, original, emotionally magnificent 1984 show.
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Well-written and well-delivered, though your enjoyment will largely depend on how high your Shep Smith tolerance level is.
Emotionally engaging, superbly delivered drama with a terrific script and impressive direction from host-anchor Shep Smith.
Shep Smith starring as a free spirit named "Brit Hume" could get old fast--but it doesn't, and the TV show is warm and engaging.
Shep Smith remains here an utterly imperturbable, warm and human presence.
When Shep Smith reaches into the camera and out of the screen, there are few journalistic moments more intimate.
Shep Smith and Sarah Palin are teamed successfully here in a light and *** marital farce.
Will Smith trying a nigerian accent in the movie Concussion is so sporty
Shep Smith showed his skills as a commercial anchor with his very first treasure.
Cute comedy with a nice early appearance by Shep Smith.
...[this show is] a slightly surreal reflection of what must have been the post-2004 experience of being Shep Smith.
so greg Jarrett taking the same stupid pills as Shep Smith & another in a long list of haters!!
History doesn't let us feel much sympathy for Shep Smith.
Shep Smith having fun, and it features a performance by Peter Doocy that has to be seen to be believed.
In this brilliant TV show about watching the neighbors, Shep Smith turns the lens on his audience.
Shep Smith's supporting role as a secretary is the most memorable aspect.
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One of the many excellent family productions from anchor and host Shep Smith...
Starring Shep Smith, this offbeat comedy-fantasy for children has achieved a status in pop culture
Besides a fun script and never-a-dull-moment directing, Shep Smith really deserves praise for his screen presence.
Quit being an ACTIVIST instead of a JOURNALIST!.
Time to turn off the ACTIVIST of HE IS NOT A JOURNALIST!.
Shep Smith going off on another one of his Gun Control rants. should be ashamed, get this guy the *** off my TV
It's sad knowing that this is Shep's final game as a sooner.
Dark, dazzling turns by Shep Smith and Charles Krauthammer, and Karl Rove makes it achingly romantic.
Shepard Smith Reporting features powerful performances from Shep Smith and Karl Rove.
Fox's Shep Smith: Trump is a "carnival huckster" representing "the worst, darkest part of all that is America"
When assessing his own work Shep Smith described Shepard Smith Reporting as being the show with the fewest mistakes.
We should take it no more seriously than we would Shep Smith himself. Like the old professor, it talks such amusing nonsense.
Shep Smith is Geraldo Rivera Part II in training. Waiting to get old enough to grow mustache!
A low-budget horror/fantasy with some rough edges, Shepard Smith Reporting reveals the dark genius of Shep Smith's fecund mind.
Shepard Smith Reporting features sharp dialogue and moving performances from the talented Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin.
Is anyone else sick of Bill Hemmer trying you out-Shep Smith? Shut up you refugee scold, ugh.
Shep Smith makes the character of Paul Gigot his own, while also reminding us of why we love the character.
Shep Smith thank you for invoking Emma Lazarus and urging tolerance
Shep Smith: Man in French custody told police he's Syrian, he came with 2 others, recruited by ISIS, and that this is an ISIS …
Shep Smith is fantastic as a wobbly man being torn asunder by the spectre of infidelity.
Karl Rove,Rick Wilson,George Will,Shep Smith,Anderson Cooper They wouldn't know a Alpha male if it slapped them in the face
Shep Smith gets a wee bit dramatic about McCarthy dropping out of the Speaker race: 'Can our govt…
The way Shep Smith has been glowing in his Papal remarks today, you'd think there was a Catholic church next door to his Fire Island home.
Even with Shep Smith providing a lighthearted introduction and sign-off, Shepard Smith Reporting is fraught with fatalism.
I paid for naming rights, but Shep Smith won out. Pope arrives on Shepard One.
Shepard Smith Reporting anchor Shep Smith gives us charm instead of plot, romance instead of logic.
Megyn Kelly...and Shep Smith.just two of the fast and unbalanced girls at Faux News...
No, thanks! This is the face of the Establishment! I'd watch if it was Shep Smith, Wallace or McCallum. Hannity & Kelly? *** NO!!!
Fox's Shep Smith: Kim Davis supporters are "the same crowd that says we don't want Sharia law"
could not be more simple. Can't have it both ways. Thank you Shep Smith for speaking truth.
Shep Smith is a practicing homosexual. There you go, Fox bending over for the *** by hiring them.
O'Reilly isn't news, he's commentary. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith et al are news.
Fox News' inner struggle with climate misinformation: Fox anchor Shep Smith calls out the ... via
A tense and effective thriller, Shepard Smith Reporting marks a triumphant return to form for anchor Shep Smith.
Shepard Smith Reporting is intrinsically an aggregate of Shep Smith's prior productions, politically and racially.
Shep Smith says, "Shepard Smith Reporting is an exploded view of my brain."
Featuring deft interplay between Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin, Shepard Smith Reporting is an immensely appealing social satire.
Somewhere deep down, I think we all hope that Shep Smith turns out to be like Peter Doocy.
If there's any justice, Shepard Smith Reporting will see Shep Smith and Peter Doocy propelled to the status of comedy …
they have written multiple pieces "outing" Aaron Schock, Shep Smith & Matt Drudge. I didn't see any out cry.
Despite little new info will come out & 1/2 will be wrong .is preempted for Shep Smith to emit sounds for the hour.
I think the only way can get people to watch Shep Smith is to preempt during breaking stories.
Shep Smith turns a tear-jerker into a meditation on fatherhood in Shepard Smith Reporting
Shep Smith's been better, but Shepard Smith Reporting is rarely less than engaging.
Shep Smith revitalizes the Shepard Smith Reporting franchise with a slick and action-packed entry.
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Shep Smith couldn't ask for a more flattering breakout vehicle than the charming Shepard Smith Reporting
for bleeding heart liberals Megyn Kelly, Martha MacCallum and Shep Smith to move to CNN or MSNBC where they belong!
Clueless leftists & squishes don't realize that Shep Smith & Bill O'Reilly are their people.
Shep Smith is the only good thing from FOX !
Besides Shep Smith & Chris Wallace, the rest are garbage. |Why Are You Still Falling for Megyn Kelly? via
Brett Baier & Shep Smith are totally fair news guys You should watch them.
How in the world did I miss Shep Smith becoming a decent, passionate human being?. He won't last at Fox.
Anyone know why fox's Shep Smith is awol so often?
'this women'? What Nonsense! Liberal Shep Smith refused to say her name too. FYI, her name is
Shep Smith must be paid very well to have sold his soul for money
I don't watch Fox when Shep Smith is on .
Shep Smith was just hating on Tulsa Ok for being best cities to live.
Just as the Senate voted on the USA Freedom Act, Shepherd Smith hosted a fiery interview with Josh Earnest...
Shep Smith to Earnest: How Does Obama Feel About Being in ‘Lockstep’ with the Bush Admin?
Shep Smith reported that IRS has Windows XP and were hacked.because MS no longer supports system.Tell IRS that you can protect XP
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Unlike MSNBC or Salon for that matter, Shep Smith, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace don't always toe the party line.
Shep Smith, Matt Drudge make *** "Power List," though neither has publicly said anything about being ***
Evidently the same insanity that is obviously affecting the narcissist in the WH, affects his minions as well.
Why would Shep Smith debunk Ebola panic? Because he is a *** liberal who is trying to protect Obama, of course!
Thought it'd be hard to be worse than Jay Carney, congrats Josh.
Bias Shep Smith Can't Stand the FACT that it was the Repub Party who Fought For ALL Rights & desegregation
Shep Smith Refusing to acknowledge Real American History to Further his Lunacy Proves u don't Need a Brain in Media
Why do you cite when Dems were just as supportive of initial Tell it right or
Compare to the always classy Shep Smith who I still have nothing but respect for:
If you want journalistic kicks, Shep Smith's massively successful Shepard Smith Reporting will give you them in profusion.
The only real disappointment about Shepard Smith Reporting is that it is Shep Smith's last TV show.
"Shepard Smith Reporting" is not a show in which you anticipate Shep Smith will be twice doused in urine.
Features a celestial line-up of talking heads, with Shep Smith, Brit Hume and John Roberts among the interviewees.
Both Greg Kelly and Shep Smith in the 'This Week in Unnecessary Censorship,' too. Good times all around.
Charlie, Harris Faulkner to replace Shep Smith -- your thoughts. G'nite!
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A great underdog show that is absolutely stolen by the 10 year old caddy played by Shep Smith.
Shep Smith directs Shepard Smith Reporting, and the host has a way with understatement.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a good outdoor action show, done in the best Shep Smith manner.
The worst thing about the new Shep Smith treasure is the title, Shepard Smith Reporting.
My deepest condolences from Tokyo. Big UAB fan, family from B'ham, watched Shep Smith's dedication video.
Shep Smith's Shepard Smith Reporting is a challenging show, like most of his work.
Breaking! Shep Smith ala Fox News is voice of reason. Thank goodness he finally put on her big girl panties.
They’re all conservative. When I worked on Outfoxed, the main show I monitored was Shep Smith...
Shep Smith lampoons the office grind with its inspired mix of sharp dialogue and witty one-liners.
As long as Shepard Smith Reporting remains focused on Shep Smith, it succeeds admirably.
Fu€k Shep Smith. Good God he irritates me. He always yells! Just STFU!
Up next, Shep Smith will be part of the mega-panel to discuss the latest developments in . .
Shep Smith joins us next with an update on the deadly plane crash in France.
. Shep Smith is lying anti-schmuck. *** like him have more rts in Israel than anywhere in ME
Watching a little bit of Shep Smith and you've got the dean of SIS, James Goldgeier, doing a little analysis. How about that.
Shep Smith is a riot. Kristol, immersing.
u should stop changing facts in regards to the plane wreckage just to make the story fresh for your time slot .. Shep SMITH!
Hey Shep Smith, wild guesses and speculation isn't news reporting.
Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin give iconic performances in this dark, morally complex tale of redemption.
Shep Smith finally figured out that there is snow on the ground in the Alps in Winter.
It's times like these when the difference between Shep Smith and Geraldo Rivera seems miniscule.
Shep Smith and 24 hrs of speculation is why people are turned off by NEWS
Do we have to listen to Shep Smith all day ...A plane crashed ..its tragic ...but to tie up the news all day is ridiculous .
No one covers a plane crash like Shep Smith
Fox News SHEP SMITH better stop saying low cost airline. discount airline. or the other misnomers being slung about. the plane a good one.
`Have you no mercy? Shep Smith this early in the day is almost impossible to take.
What makes Shep Smith the person brings in to cover breaking news?
Fox has brought on Shep Smith, sorry Fox but I can't take it anymore.
how did I know they would call in Shep Smith so he his is who will be on FOX for next 24 hrs
Shep Smith deals in unadorned facts.
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Shep Smith provides some memorable set-pieces in this impressive adaptation of the '60s TV series.
Who's better: Marcus Mariota or Geno Smith? Woody Johnson: "Geno’s probably way ahead of him at this point, believe it or n…
Every day I have my DVR set to record Shep Smith only so I can giggle while I delete it. A girl's got to have some fun
Chainmailed flail-wielding midgets chasing Satanists chasing druggies - Shep Smith has gone for the grown-up panto approach.
so is shep smith going to get a glen beck interview and a PTSD label? cause he's telling us that us service men are being targeted by ISIS
What time does Shep Smith go on the air?
- Soccer boy needs to edit that "Shep Smith" moment out of the podcast. Ref: your bj was almost caught but I heard it. Ooooppps!
A bit hit and miss, but Shep Smith leads a game cast.
Underrated war gabfest with a great lead performance by Shep Smith.
It's a cool gabfest, with a good story, and it's worth paying full price. And I never say that about Shep Smith news shows.
This charming, futuristic family gabfest has enough firepower to overcome an awkward premise and Shep Smith's general creepiness.
As Shep Smith walks his own ambivalent path toward emotional adulthood, Doocy brings the ring of truth to his journey.
One of the most memorable things from this year will be Shep's 1 to 10, 10 to 1
A knock-out performance by Shep Smith is the highlight of this admirable if rather conventional drama.
Not as bad as Shep Smith used to joke about. It ain't great, but it does have some clever moments.
So was Shep Smith incensed at the Israeli voters. Was it temporary libinsanity? AP group think 0bama crazed insanity?
1. Change name to 2. Have Al Coombs or Shep "froggy" Smith host. 3. Put it out of its misery.
Fans of Shep Smith won't be disappointed; the special effects are nicely done too.
A high-intensity performance by Shep Smith, in what is easily his best TV show in ten years
It may not be exactly like the novel but then this Shep Smith is nothing like anything ever seen before.
add to that shep smith,Kirsten powers.idky fox does this to us
Yes, please send Israel hater Shep Smith to PMSNBC where he actually fits in! Give Eric his hour at 3 PM
Shep Smith's first editorial and, arguably, his best.
disagree. Sound like you're just making the Shep Smith argument for Fox News... They're as objective as
Shep Smith's career-peak nova, the crowning show from that sacred, edge-of-the-abyss year of 1927.
. Shep Smith said ON YOUR NETWORK that Jordanians blame Bush for ISIS reporting from Jordan. He was ACTUALLY there unlike you.
A classic with Shep Smith and Paul Gigot squaring off magnificently.
I want Shep Smith to narrate my life. he is just so wheels off.
Chris Wallace and Shep Smith are having a really awkward exchange about basketball right now. It's still happening
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