Sheldon Silver & Vito Lopez

Sheldon Shelly Silver (born February 13, 1944) is an American lawyer and Democratic politician from New York. Vito Joseph Lopez (born 1941) is an American politician, member of the New York State Assembly, and chairman of the Democratic Party of Kings County. 5.0/5

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Lopez/Sheldon Silver cut break on Sexual Harassment cas. Tterrible injustice to victims. When is Silver acctable?
at Manhattan Fed. Court as judge issues gag order in Vito Lopez/Sheldon Silver sex harassment suit.
Sheldon Silver's bid to dismiss a sex harassment lawsuit by Vito Lopez staffers is shot down in federal court
In a ruling that just reeks of a political cover-up, a State Supreme Court Justice ruled that the Assembly wasn't "aiding and abetting" Vito Lopez sexual harassment because none of the other 149 members (it's less now with a few indictments and convictions...but I digress.) had the power to hire or fire the victims. That is true since they were interns. Lopez didn't have the power to hire or fire them either but apparently he could harass them. The bottom line is Sheldon Silver is the Speaker and he actively covered up the abuse and harassment and paid off two other victims with $135,000 which allowed Lopez to continue his harassment of even more women. He covered up for Lopez. Cuomo covered for Silver and now this judge is covering for Silver as well. This ruling is a disgrace. The victims case in federal court is unaffected. I hope they win big.
Like commissars of an authoritarian state, Assembly Democrats shielded dear leader Sheldon Silver from criticism Thursday by shutting off any mention of his coverup in the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal.
YUP.DRAIN. THE. SWAMP. "Warning: Don't read this until tomorrow if you're heading to bed because it's going to increase your blood pressure and make you angry. The state (that means you, the taxpayer) will be picking up the charges for Sheldon Silver's legal fees as he gets sued for covering up sexual harassment by shelling out $103,000 (of your money) to silence the victims of Vito Lopez. He's getting sued because his corruption and failure to report Lopez to the Assembly ethics committee led to the enabling of Lopez to sexually harass and abuse other young women. Told you it was going to make you angry. Any man of integrity would pay the bill himself.oh...wait.. any man of integrity wouldn't have lied, covered up the abuse and used taxpayer money to silence victims. You can expect to hear crickets from Governor Gutless on this issue just as you've heard silence from him on calling for Silver to resign. Drain the swamp."
Gov. Cuomo released his 10-point Women's Equality Act today. Point 1 should have been removing Sheldon Silver. Silver has enabled and covered for a series of serial sexual predators in the Assembly. He enabled Vito Lopez and was going to allow him to remain in the Assembly until their cover-up was exposed. It wasn't the first time he used tax dollars to silence victims of sexual harassment and abuse. Silver allowed an atmosphere where women were abused, bullied and assaulted. But, Governor Cuomo refuses to call for Silver’s resignation. The governor claims it’s not his place to say who should be the speaker. He’s very wrong. He has a responsibility as the governor and the leader of the New York Democratic Party. It’s his responsibility as a leader to speak out. Instead, his silence speaks volumes. Governor Cuomo needs to stand up against a culture and a speaker that have tolerated sexual harassment in Albany. The first step in his women’s equality agenda should be making Albany and the capitol a ...
New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is facing pressure to step down, after he acknowledged mishandling sexual harassment complaints against Assembly member Vito Lopez. Lopez resigned Monday after reports by a special prosecutor and the state Joint...
North Country Assemblywoman Addie Russell says she still supports Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, despite some democrats calling for him to step down after the Vito Lopez sex scandal.
We’ve been pretty critical of the men who have helped Shelly Silver stay on as Assembly speaker even after learning about how he covered for sexual harassers such as Vito Lopez and Michael...
Voters in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties sent Addie Russell to Albany to represent the best interests of her Assembly district as part of the Democratic majority. Voters hoped that as a member of the majority she would have the ability to defend north country interests from the oppressive leadership in the Assembly dominated by New York City politicians. She surprised her district this winter when she voted for the SAFE Act to add even more control over the ownership of guns by law-abiding citizens. But more important than that has been her position on the sexual abuse of women in the Assembly. She has paid lip service to the scandal involving Vito Lopez from its beginning. Voters expected she would pick up where Dierdre K. Scozzafava left off. Ms. Scozzafava, despite being in the minority, forced Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver finally to respond by allowing enactment of legislation which brought tougher sentencing and civil confinement for sexual offenders. Assemblywoman Scozzafava had gathered hun ...
Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R,I) speaks at a press conference to call for further investigation into the Vito Lopez sexual abuse scandal based on the details of ...
We are LIVE here on this post-Memorial Day, recharged and fired up! Coming up at 8AM, Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt joins us to discuss the problems within the foundation of New York politics, and offers us a woman's perspective on the scandal surrounding Vito Lopez and Sheldon Silver. This is merely the beginning of a busy week, and we want you along for the ride. We're taking your calls.. (845) 471-9547 It's 'Hudson Valley Focus Live'! - Matt
The long political career of Assemb. Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) has crashed and burned in phases since the middle of last year. Some of the debris hit Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan). H
Lets ask DEMOCRAT ANTHONY WEINER.or DEMOCRAT VITO LOPEZ.or DEMOCRAT Sheldon Silver.or DEMOCRAT Jonathan Edwards.or DEMOCRAT William Clinton.or DEMOCRAT Eliot Spitzer.about THAT WAR ON WOMEN!
Faced with calls to resign and growing criticism over his handling of sexual harassment allegations against an assemblyman, Sheldon Silver has unwavering support among Democrats.
A visibly shaken Sheldon Silver apologized for his handling of sexual-harassment complaints against Vito Lopez
"I accept the criticism and deeply regret" not referring initial Vito Lopez complaint to ethics, Sheldon Silver says.
Sheldon Silver was to Vito Lopez as Peter Ryan is to. Bill Dunne. There I said it. Can't cover it up forever.
Sheldon Silver proposes policy changes for dealing with sexual harassment following Vito Lopez case.
The Assembly should expel Vito Lopez and remove Sheldon Silver from the leadership.
From NYS Assemblyman Kieran Lalor: "I am happy to see that disgraced misogynist Vito Lopez resigned from the Assembly today. However, Sheldon Silver, who enabled and covered up Lopez’s sexual harassment of female staffers, remains perhaps the most powerful man in New York State. We will never reform Albany if we don’t stand up to Silver. Silver’s Assembly is where all meaningful reforms go to die. Call right now and respectfully ask your representatives in Albany: Do you continue to support Sheldon Silver as Speaker or will actively support removing Sheldon Silver as Speaker?"
The report released on Wednesday by state ethics regulators offered a scathing assessment not just of Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, but also of the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, and his staff.
Sheldon Silver, the powerful Assembly leader, faces an investigation by the state’s ethics commission over a secret settlement of harassment complaints about Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez.
Assemblyman Steve Katz (R,C,I-Yorktown) again called for an independent Moreland Act investigation into Speaker Sheldon Silver for his role in the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal. Katz' renewed call comes in light of the questionable relationship between the Speaker and Assemblyman Charles Lavi...
Assembly ad slams Silver: Sheldon Silver’s controversial handling of the Vito Lopez sex-harassment scandal is be...
Here is the exchange from last night’s debate at Skidmore College between U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and her Republican opponent Wendy Long in which the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal was brought to the forefront.
.trying to hang Sheldon Silver & Vito Lopez's scandal on Does she not understand state/Fed office?
" Politics is an illusion of service which cloaks the corruption of power." How f- true ! Last week it was Sheldon Silver giving hush money for a pervert named Vito Lopez and this week they're locking up the mayor of Trenton 1 Saw an amazing film last night {which I tend to believe] called "Dreams from My Real Father" in which it mentioned that the "C" in Chicago stands for corruption. Claims Obama's real father was Communist Party Propagandist, Frank Marshall Davis, who indoctrinated him in Marxism from the ages of 10 yrs. to 18yrs. Claims Obama's story about his father being a "Kenyan goat herder" is a fairytale made up to hide his mother's illicit affair- so his entire life is basically a cover-up. Beginning in 1983 Weatherman, Bill Ayers and his father funded Obama's education, and nurtured his political career. He is following the Saul Alinksky strategy to collapse capitalism and destroy the American middle class. Their aim is to tax health care,legalize illegals, stimulus for cronies, attack busines ...
Sheldon Silver changes his tune on dumping Vito Lopez after state Attorney General Eric Schnei...
News: Sheldon Silver: 'I told Vito Lopez to resign days ago': CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Vito’s running out of friends in...
So, Vito Lopez, a New York Democrat, is accused of sexual-harrassment by two women, and then Sheldon Silver, the Democrat Assembly Leader, uses tax-payer money - over $100,000 of it - to pay off the two women. And the Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo, one of the prime architects of the housing crisis, defends him. This is today's Democratic Party in all its corrupt glory.
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