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Sheldon Silver

Sheldon Shelly Silver (born February 13, 1944) is an American lawyer and Democratic politician from New York.

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Judge sets 'likely' re-trial date for Sheldon Silver - ALBANY — Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is likel...
Former speaker of the assembly, Sheldon Silver is the happiest man in the world today! Thanks to the US Supreme Court
Possibly the most corrupt state in the US...Federal appeals court overturns Sheldon Silver's corruption conviction
Statement on Silver decision -- Although justice has been delayed, we do not expect it to be denied.
I too "view the facts adduced at Silver’s trial with distaste." Maybe he can be an exhibit at Albany htt…
Corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver overturned, but will he ever be cleared in the minds of his constituents?
Sheldon Silver’s Corruption Conviction Is Overturned. Well, corruption won't be punished anymore; if you're white. https:/…
Every single New York Legislator should be locked up on principle. "Sheldon Silver"
Former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's corruption conviction has been overturned.
Wow. One of biggest cases, the conviction of Shelly Silver, has been overturned by 2nd circuit.
McDonnell decision saves Sheldon Silver from corruption conviction. Will it help Menendez, too?
Sheldon Silver’s Conviction Is Overturned - another case of power n money eluding justice!
The corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver has been overturned. Prosecutors may retry him.
This is what we warned could happen with the Supreme Court's McDonnell decision. Silver lining: he can be retried.
Federal appeals court overturns conviction of ex-NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
Breaking: Fed appeals court in tossing Sheldon Silver's conviction: unclear that a "properly instructed jury" would hav…
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Conviction of former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is overturned
While reform groups are pushing for action, is non-plussed by Sheldon Silver’s un-conviction
If Sheldon Silver were a republican, he would be doing 100 years in the slammer.
.who prosecuted Silver, saw this coming. The feds say they will seek a new trial.
Here is the full Second Circuit ruling that vacated Sheldon Silver’s conviction
Revolting. Lady Justice is not only blind, in NY she is deaf and dumb. Silver’s corruption conviction is overturned http…
The McDonnell case continues to reverberate as Sheldon Silver's convictions are overturned by the Second Circuit. https:…
BREAKING NEWS: After Sheldon Silver has corruption case overturned, acting U.S. Attorney Joon Kim says his office will…
NY you did it again? Joe Bruno now Sheldon Silver? When will you learn?. We are a heavily forested state and many...
The evidence was strong. The Supreme Court changed the law. I expect Sheldon Silver to be retried and re-convicted.
When is someone going to ask Chris Cuomo why his brother shut down the ethics invest…
Why did your brother shut down the ethics investigation into Sheldon Silver?
Agree. Cuomo is NOT the basket I'd be putting my eggs in. Many other options are far bette…
Some pushed that Silver was "...Critical to Clinton's Political Machine."
At the time, right wing outlets were quick to associate Sheldon Silver with Clinton...
He 1st used the "Ding! Dong! The Witch is dead!" comment 1/22/15, referring to the conviction of Dem Sheldon Silver. ht…
Sheldon Silver convicted but still free in NYC He protected his pedophile partner Stan till we nailed him on fraud .Silver top Dem NYS
Hero Blaster? Hero Splatling with Silver paintjob? Sheldon. You have done too far 😂
Schumer has been investigated many times but still under criminal investigation and we got Sheldon Silver kicked ou…
Top aide for disgraced Sheldon Silver earns more than Cuomo
The Sheldon Silver Scandal and Where We Are on Asbestos Corruption: Business lobbyists are cheering the possible…
The biggest spender in the 2016 state legislative election cycle? Sheldon Silver. by
McDonnell case is no reason to toss Sheldon Silver's conviction, Bharara tells appeals court via
I believe you mean "Clinton superdelegate Sheldon Silver," but yes.
Sheldon Silver now has Bureau of Prisons Reg. No. 71915-054. But the entry adds: "Not in BOP Custody." Here's why.
Silver to remain free on bail pending appeal, rules - Aug 25 @ 9:01 PM ET
Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver remains free until October, at least.
This is y people are upset with government. This is why myself & many other politicians on both sides get bad raps
Sheldon Silver, who faces 12 years in prison, is allowed to remain free while he appeals
Sheldon Silver dodges jail for a little longer via
Sheldon Silver’s appeal gets a boost 󾮇. Learn on how to invest in the stock market by...
Sheldon Silver can stay out of prison until at least October, judge rules:
Though "Silver’s case is factually almost nothing like McDonnell," per judge, he'll stay out of prison during appeal.
Sheldon Silver wins one-year get-out-of-jail card: Sheldon Silver won’t have to go to jail for at least anoth...
Sheldon Silver won't have to report to federal prison while he appeals corruption conviction
Shel no, he won't go - judge rules Sheldon Silver can remain free on bail pending appeal, citing McDonnell ruling https…
Sheldon Silver avoids jail for at least another year via Unbelievable, this judge must owe some favors
Judge rules Sheldon Silver,due to report to prison next week,can now remain free during appeals…
A judge has ruled that former NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver can remain free on appeal
The Supreme Court ruling on Bob McDonnell changes nothing. Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos are guilty.
This superdelegate was an early member. Sheldon Silver 12-Year Prison Sentence
This song is dedicated to Dem speaker Sheldon Silver
Dean Skelos & Sheldon Silver allowed to stay out of prison pending ruling
Editorials from around New York: With former Albany powerbrokers Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos now safely tu...
Should there be an independent review of everything convicted felons Sheldon Silver & Dean Skelos negotiated?
Over several years, Sheldon Silver & Dean Skelos were part of every important decision in Albany - all are suspect:
De Blasio slams 'bad apples' Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos via why Americans are sick of politicians
Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver, Eliot Spitzer, David Patterson... the list goes on (and on and on and on) for NY politics corruption.
recounts how he stood up to Sheldon Silver and Eliot Spitzer. He also touts the need for ethics reform and term limits.
Sheldon Silver gets 12 years for political corruption
Sheldon Silver, a former N.Y. Assembly Speaker, is sentenced to prison
.fails to mention that Sheldon Silver, who was just sentenced to 12 years in prison, is a Democrat in thei…
Paul Harding from joins us to talk about Sheldon Silver's sentencing next.
Gerrymandering used by Sheldon Silver to eliminate romantic rival for mistress via
Sheldon Silver's mistress described as 'quiet' by neighbor: The license plate on Janele Hyer-Spencer’s champag...
Judy Rapfogel, close friend & ex-chief of staff to Sheldon Silver, convicted former Assembly Speaker, writes to judge extolling his virtues
Judge postpones sentencing of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver until May 12. So now former Senator Dean Skelos will be sentenced first
3 of 4 Candidates for Sheldon Silver's Seat on restoration of Adoptee Access to Birth Records. Special Election 4/19
Y is it so difficult 2 find information on Silver conviction on Google
Schumer I don't believe that you wasn't aware of X Sheldon Silver activities. Like they say the fruit don't fall 2 far.
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When you go in to vote in the NY Primary on April 19th, you can also vote in special election to replace Dean Skelos + Sheldon Silver.
New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie gets new SUV courtesy of taxpayers — just weeks
Former Sheldon Silver counsel is now a lobbyist cc:
Expanded version: Bill Collins, former Sheldon Silver counsel, is now a lobbyist
Former Sheldon Silver counsel is now a lobbyist
Former Sheldon Silver counsel is now a lobbyist: Bill Collins, a former top aide to disgraced ex-Assembly Speaker
In her 2007 speech to recognizes & thanks Sheldon Silver, who was convicted on all counts of corruption last Nov.
Sheldon Silver disbarred as corrupt pol awaits sentencing
Anyone want my copy of Sheldon Silver's criminal complaint?
Sheldon Silver already indicted. Next up: former junior Senator from
The dem party is failing blk people in NYC :Sheldon Silver,Ex-New York Assembly SpeakerFound Guilty on All Counts
Sheldon Silver has nothing on you. May you end up in the same spot if circumstances dictate
Judge in Sheldon Silver case wants list of all of NY's convicted pols. That list is long.
More worried by Sheldon Silver who was convicted on corruption charges
Otis should have received the Sheldon Silver award instead for his work in destroying Bob Schubert's watershed.
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Who are the non-parties named in the "inflammatory" evidence Sheldon Silver's lawyers are fighting s
Cancel: "me and Shelly fought" over Seward park renewal project. "I was one of the people. ..,to fight against sheldon silver."
At debate for Sheldon silver's for assembly seat
Thanks for the endorsement I’m grateful for the support and ready to get to work for New York’s families .
4 Candidates Running for Sheldon Silver's Seat to Debate tonight, sponsored by
Former Assem. Speaker Sheldon Silver has been disbarred after conviction on corruption charges.
I would Love 2 know Y it took so many years 2 ndict Silver. How many Laws have been paid 4 though our his career.
Judge sentencing Sheldon Silver wants feds to cough up info on other corrupted pols
130 years or what? Judge wants help (and a chart) deciding how much prison time Shelly Silver deserves.
Sheldon Silver judge wants info on other convicted pols ahead of his sentencing, reports
Speaker Carl Heastie doesn't back candidate to fill Sheldon Silver seat # is a...
broadcast by Ex-NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver disbarred
Sheldon Silver disbarred due to conviction
Sheldon Silver was disbarred yesterday. Can't say I feel bad for him. This is what happens when kings fall.
Sheldon Silver is disbarred before his sentencing:
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Sheldon Silver, former NY state Assembly Speaker, has lost his license to practice law.
Sheldon Silver, the former New York State Assembly speaker, is disbarred before his sentencing in April
Sheldon Silver, former Assembly Speaker, disbarred over conviction
We can't afford more fruit off a poisoned tree in AD65 -- Sheldon Silver's wife, friend helped pick his replacement
well Mr. Hanna's kids could always look up to politicians like Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver or Shirley Huntley !!
Why is Sheldon Silver & not Carl Heastie or Joe Morelle choosing Democratic candidates to run for the Assembly?
Ex-Sheldon Silver aide's pension to top $126,000
Much like Sheldon Silver, the NY convicted racketeer, wouldn`t resign until he was pushed out.
Machine selected candidate for Silver's old seat says former speaker did "wonderful things" for his district.
.says he has no opinion on Sheldon Silver exerting influence over "That's up to the voters."
Out of field of 5, Democrats choose their candidate to replace Sheldon Silver.
The strings that manuevered Alice Cancel to run for Sheldon Silver’s are controlled by the ex Speaker:
Preet Bharara visited Albany yesterday -- has the details on the visit
Controversy surrounds the Democratic candidate chosen for the special election for Sheldon Silver's seat
Even on his way to prison, Sheldon Silver's still a political power via
domain names
The man who brought down Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos talked ending corruption in Albany
Sheldon Silver`s wife, fr... State News is published on NYS Conservative Party app. Relevant URL for app is
.Niou drops out of 65th AD Democratic nomination selection, saying “This process is the problem,”
Even on his way to prison, Sheldon Silver’s still a political power
Incredibly disheartening. But I didn't expect much more from a community still stained by Sheldon Silver's legacy.
"You think no one knew Sheldon Silver was corrupt before he was put in handcuffs? Not a chance." Preet Bharara.
Sheldon Silver's wife, friend helped pick his replacement /that's disgusting. No wonder pple are fed up w/politics
Alex Cancel triumphed in a backroom battle for Sheldon Silver's seat.
Today's front page: Is a disgraced former Assemblyman still pulling the strings?
Sheldon Silver's wife, friend helped pick his replacement
Let's not forget scumbag politicians Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno
Sheldon Silver had clout like he was the Governor of NY, and he was Speaker of the Assembly for 11 years, with unanimous Dem. Support
Sheldon Silver, Speaker of NY Assembly was elected the 11th time last year. Then gets caught on corruption charges, found guilty on 7 counts
Sheldon Silver. Yea, he had one job. He failed us, horribly.
Sheldon Silver to be sentenced on corruption conviction April 13
The chances are better since scumbag Sheldon Silver was busted by the FBI for $4M in kickbacks last year.
Where Sheldon Silver used to sit in the Assembly, there's now an empty wire-mesh trash can in place of the chair.
2 familiar faces missing from opening day of new legislative session at State Capitol. Deal Skelos & Sheldon Silver convicted of corruption
Sheldon Silver sentencing on corruption conviction April 13
a vote is happening later this month. Sheldon Silver who was preventing the vote is in jail (or on his way).
Sheldon Silver sentencing on corruption conviction April 13: He was convicted of charges including ...
Sheldon Silver's sentencing on that corruption conviction is set for April 13
Sheldon Silver sentencing on corruption conviction April 13: A Manhattan federal judge has schedul...
Judge sets April 13 for sentencing of Sheldon Silver, former Assembly Speaker convicted on Nov. 30 of federal corruption charges.
Sheldon Silver sentencing on corruption conviction April 13
Cuomo could face next guilty verdict in potential probe: Sheldon Silver (left), Gov.
We got Sheldon Silver, but what about the guys who bribed him? via
Amid talk of banning outside income for lawmakers after the conviction of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver...
A guy who has a record of voting against reform and for Sheldon Silver, great choice.
Whoa NYT let's not compare Dr. Zizmor to Sheldon Silver please.
The city that Shelly built: Sheldon Silver. From the January issue: Sheldon Silver may have had just one vote, ...
Sheldon Silver's seat to be appointed by secret members of the Democratic party
Inbox: A coalition of Latino leaders from the Lower East Side has Jenifer Rajkumar for the State Assembly seat vacated by Sheldon Silver.
Thank you Sheldon Silver and the corrupt politicians making New York a sue happy state. Wish me luck today may the truth come out.
Sheldon Silver and Hillary.He got her the Senate gig..
Bernie Madoff is 77, Sheldon Silver is 71. Do you advocate their release?
.Precisely what Sheldon Silver's lawyer Steve Molo said. The jury found it entertaining at least.
I agree. All crap! Just like Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver!. This is an outrage.
Lincoln Anderson editor of misrepresenting public choices in race to succeed Sheldon Silver. Nothing new with that.
A critical (though absent) figure in Sheldon SIlver's corruption trial: Daniel Chill, who introduced Silver to Taub
The story of Daniel Chill, a Sheldon Silver-connected lawyer who made millions thanks to a Court of Appeals ruling:
"And we will make Sheldon Silver, Speaker Silver again!"
.in NYS Assembly 45 years. Sheldon Silver crony w/landlords. Time to quit. Poster child for term limits
In the wake of the conviction of Sheldon Silver, Wayne Barrett delves into the record of recently retired Chief...
.The lack of transparency around how Sheldon Silver’s successor will be chosen
Dereliction of duty in Albany: As the convictions of Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos documented, New York’s leg...
... convictions of now former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and
Sheldon Silver going to prison,Dean Skelos going to prison. says was in the room too.
man nose is more crooked than Sheldon Silver
, Moves to Collect State Pension you must be kidding!!the assets of corrupt officials!!!.
Lovett: Swift convictions of Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver signal an end to ‘business
Based on its endorsements it's hard to get what stands for. Sheldon Silver, Andrew Cuomo & Bernie Sanders - go figure.
Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was convicted of corruption charges on Monday.
Sheldon Silver's Empire State of Mind - The Awl see more
Sheldon Silver, Found Guilty, Moves to Collect State Pension: The former Assembly Speaker, who was convicted o...
Sheldon Silver applies for state pension after conviction: ALBANY -- Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon...
Is there a silver lining to Sheldon Silver's guilty verdict? Some pols hope it brings Assembly reform.
Zephyr Teachout explains the cost of Sheldon Silver's actions in her recent Valley Views.
Brilliant piece by 4 HuffPo on Sheldon Silver's Legacy. Hear her tonite
Sheldon Silver's Legacy corruption is why we can't have nice things
Sheldon Silver's Legacy See all of our Sheldon power maps:
.Sheldon Silver conviction shows impact of worst kinds of corruption & need for fundamental reform
State Comptroller's Office can't provide exact estimate of Sheldon Silver's pension, but he still gets it: via
Busine$$ as usual for . Sheldon Silver's Legacy via
Sheldon Silver will get state pension despite guilty verdict law...gee I wonder who made them in first place
Sheldon Silver, ex-New York Assembly Speaker and one of state's most powerful politicians, guilty on all counts
Sheldon Silver's Legacy: There's an old corruption joke that you'll find variations of in India, in Nigeria, in…
Sheldon Silver found guilty on all counts in corruption
“It wasn’t by the people or for the people. It was [Govt.] by Sheldon Silver for Sheldon Silver.” - Howard S. Master
Jury gets case of ex-New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
Verdict in Sheldon Silver trial postponed: There is still no verdict in former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s…
The trial of former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reveals the extent of political corruption in More:
The judge will not meet with a "stressed" juror in the trial of Sheldon Silver, ex-Assembly Speaker.
Today on Former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver & his storied history of corruption in
Juror asks to be excused from Sheldon Silver trial, says she is being "pressured"
Closing arguments in Sheldon Silver's corruption trial leads our new 'Week Ahead' -->
Lovett: Preet Bharara’s legacy is on the line in Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos cas
Real estate company did not want Sheldon Silver to be 'an enemy,' witness testifies Hills
When the puddle of political plutonium named Sheldon Silver melts its way cleanly thru the courthouse floor..
Prosecutors have alleged that Sheldon Silver, who is accused of political corruption, used his influence to benefit Glenwood Management, on…
Jury seated in trial of Sheldon Silver, ex-New York State Assembly Speaker accused of receiving bribes - ABC7NY
The Moreland Commission seems likely to play a big recurring role in the Sheldon Silver trial--was a big part of questioning today.
So far in Sheldon Silver's trial, the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption has come up two out of two days.
Criminal defense attorney Peter Brill said Preet Bharara was pursuing Sheldon Silver “almost like a case.
Ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he will be vindicated after trial
Sheldon Silver attys: Prosecution is gaming us: Attorneys for disgraced ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sai...
Frederick Ulrich, Mitch Brown, Sheldon Silver, Kristen Cleland, Kayla Ron are all celebrating the day of their...
"Sheldon Silver intervened with state agencies to block a substance abuse clinic as a favor to a powerful developer."
Feds say disgraced speaker Sheldon Silver blocked substance abuse clinic in NYC as favor to developer pal:
Sheldon Silver intervened to block substance abuse clinic as favor to Glenwood Management, prosecutors allege
Little Giant Ladders
Sheldon Silver, former Assembly Speaker, intervened to block clinic as favor, prosecutors say
Hillary Clinton is Andrew Cuomo, Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos wrapped into one.
Adam Silver sound like sheldon cooper
DJT is a Democrat owned by the mob. Sheldon Silver. Andrew Cuomo.
Special orders. New clasps for her Bracelets in silver. "Loop" is solid silver alongside the
Excellent. That will give FBI enough time to complete all probes and eventually lock him up with Sheldon Silver
The Silver Linings Playbook is such an amazing movie💕
Jacob, appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver, says all the evidence these abortion groups submitted is basically hearsay.
Roth, an appointee of federally indicted Sheldon Silver, has left the room from which she was teleconferencing. Her motion is on the table.
Jacob, appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver, says the next exec dir. should have no connection to state government.
Jacob, appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver, wonders how there was authority to hire anyone.
"Marvin Jacob, appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver". He hopes his past does not catch up with him.
Marvin Jacob: "I will volunteer right here and now." Roth also volunteers. Recall: both appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver.
Jacob, (appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver): We should appoint this vaunted search committee here and now, not via private email
It's very heated now. And here comes Renee Roth (appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver) complaining she can't hear on the phone.
Marvin Jacob, appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver: In the past we delegated responsibility to an executive director. No more!
So here's Marvin Jacob, appointed by federally indicted Sheldon Silver: "I hope the process will be reformed this time around"
Sheldon Silver signature was to help or hurt? Battery Park 'Green Goddess' ousted from parks conservancy
best line of Friday's show after Ryen lays out crazy details of Sheldon Richardson car chase "Those Silver Spurs are sweet"
"Richardson, a Pro Bowler last season, was driving his 2014 Bentley Silver Spur at speeds clocked as high as 143...
Duke Edric Warner Gabriel Higgins MBE, and Dame Peg Silver Clews Sheldon OBE, of Compton Abbas, married at Newton on the Heath.
Looks like and Sheldon silver will both be on trial in lower manhattan at the same time in November
Look out Sheldon Silver! Friends of Paul Newell are growing
Today at work I'm filling materials from when my org honored Jon Corzine, Elliot Spitzer, and Sheldon Silver. Memories
Sheldon Silver used allegedly corrupt cash to give out $800G in loans
Barrett: praised Sheldon Silver, "titan of Albany-style transactional politics... as a 'man of integrity'” now indicted 3/x
How to make Albany feel the heat: For years, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver blocked any legislation th...
me asking Sheldon Silver r u corrupt walking in court house yrs a head of press I don't have balls. Bettr
Not even Sheldon Silver can stop that event in New York, New York
1 example is Sheldon Silver (D) look at where he represents, been keeping the poor out since he was elected!!
which One hangs out by the Grand Sheldon Silver? Prof. Zempf? You Ladies really must make this parade Friday.
The big question is which one of these guys flips first
'Delusional' Sheldon Silver still thinks he can lord over via
ICYMI: Sheldon Silver just decided he won't disclose his outside income anymore.
Sheldon Silver cites supreme court decision in asking judge to toss charge.
Sheldon Silver just decides he won't disclose his outside income anymore.
Malcolm Smith got 7 years. The pressure is building on Skelos and Silver to cut a deal.
Right -- compare Thomas Jefferson to Sheldon Silver. I thought you knew something about history.
Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos skip the end of session
Sheldon Silver refuses to disclose outside income
Former NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver doesn't think he should have to disclose outside income right now.
Shelly won't reveal his income: From the Daily News: Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is already taking the…
omg one time my dad mixed up Shel Silverstein and Sheldon Silver. It was hysterical.
Sheldon Silver to resign as Assembly Speaker via
The owner of Hampton Court, Glenwood Management has given MILLIONS to Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos and
Disgraced Silver we don't want to pay this legal fees
Silver is We don't want to pay this billionaires legal fees.
More federal charges for Shelly. But when is the Skelos shoe going to drop?via
Sheldon Silver plead not guilty to new corruption charges yesterday. He also got a trial date. ht…
Preet Bharara now basically wiretapping everyone in Albany thanks to Sheldon Silver.
Who will Bharara go after next? Lots of folks laying awake at night wonder if it could be them. via
Preet Bharara is *not* screwing around, files new corruption charges against Sheldon Silver. http…
ICYMI: Bharara turns the screws on Sheldon Silver with new corruption charges.
Sheldon Silver on one end, on the other. NY is literally bookended by corruption.
Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver potentially facing charges at the same time creates a unique Albany moment, via
Yo! Sheldon Silver pleads not guilty to upgraded indi
Not up with state's second most powerful man, Sheldon Silver, used public money to pay Greeks for laziness and cheating?
If Silver keeps his seat, we have to pay this millionaire legal fees
They got Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos. Hopefully Andrew Cuomo is next!
Silver as long as this embezzler holds his seat we pay the billionaires legal fees.
NYS Senate leader Dean Skelos (R) & his son are expected to be arrested on federal corruption charges. Joining Assemblyman Sheldon Silver.
ICYMI: Preet Bharara has loads of new wiretap targets in Albany thanks to Sheldon Silver.
All in the family: Son-in-law of indicted ex-NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver charged in $7 million Ponzi scheme.
Bribery case against former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has a local connection.
Sheldon Silver, who was arrested last month, served as Assembly Speaker for 21 years
Sheldon Silver, the former speaker of the New York Assembly, is indicted on fraud and extortion charges
ICYMI: Sheldon Silver pleads not guilty to bribery charges, his attorneys argue to have the case thrown out:
Sheldon Silver has submitted his letter of resignation as New York Assembly Speaker
Sheldon Silver and Brian Williams had accomplices in deception: Commentary by Stephen Kimatian
Mayor Nice Guy admits see no evil, hear no evil. FBI hasn't talked to me, so everything is fine. I'll bet Sheldon Silver said the same thing
I wonder if Sheldon Silver being out of office will affect scaffold law like it will tort reform. Let's hope so!
Sheldon Silver, asbestos and the Judicial Hellhole, the NYC Asbesos Litigation court. via
NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver resigns from post, Bronx lawmaker Carl Heastie expected to be elected new speaker
New York State Assembly, with a chance to become more accountable post-Sheldon Silver, isn't rising to the challenge.
Sheldon Silver's 21 years as the leader of the New York State Assembly will come to a close tonight.
Yea, you can thank Dolan, Sheldon Silver & Anthony Weiner for that
New York: Sheldon Silver has submitted his resignation as Assembly Speaker effective Monday, his spokesman says -ABC
Sheldon Silver submits resignation; will step down as N.Y. state Assembly Speaker Monday
Sheldon Silver has submitted a letter resigning his post as Assembly Speaker effective 11:59 p.m. Monday, his spokesman s…
NY's State Assembly leader Sheldon Silver's complex medical research scheme cost him his position - so far (
Very nice read by the When it was over, for the first time, Sheldon Silver shouted
MT Hilarious: “Sheldon Silver and the Lawyers of New York” by :
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silver as speaker . ... say it ain't so
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silver as speaker: ALBANY - Embattled Speaker Sheldon Silve...
Watch: Sheldon Silver leaves the Capitol and Joe Morelle announces the new plans:
Assembly Democrats will oust Sheldon Silver as speaker
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