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Shelby Steele

Shelby Steele (born January 1, 1946) is an American author, columnist, documentary film maker, and a Robert J.

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Assuming he's not just describing how he thinks the Left sees it. Shelby Steele on similar idea:
Could be describing what he takes to be Left's view. Follows Shelby Steele's take:
SHELBY STEELE EXPLAINS 12/06: End of the Cold War has made these wars between the West & the Third World inevitable
As a Black Conservative,the museum wont get my money until he, Thomas Sowell & Shelby Steele are included. Their om…
Well if we review Shelby Steele and Coates, are there gems of truth.Did Obama turn his back on Blacks as FDR turn on his Class?
Identity politics divide the nation-The New Soverignty by Shelby Steele-ahead of its time- calls out race pimps like Al Sharpton 20 yrs ago
Find the Shelby Steele quote in this article. Read it. Fight fear with simple, everyday effort.
Try to get Shelby Steele on the show!
thank you Shelby! We miss you and hope your having the time of your life!
.Jason Riley, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele — their alignment with GOP reads as comfort with antiblack sentiment.
The blacks at the Hoover Institute Shelby Steele,Thomas Sowel are hired to defend the racist ideology of ts founder.
Mismatch theory is promoted by horrible racists such as Tom Sowell/Jason Riley/Walt Williams/Shelby Steele
.I loving urge you to read Shelby Steele, Walter Williams and Jason Riley regarding poverty and families. Not flame-throwing.
"[T]oday`s whites, the world over, cannot openly have a racial identity."
Shelby Steele: Some statements, although false, are "poetic truths." E.g. "All religions are equally violent." gets it.
Again, BLACK people are not a monolith. IE Malcolm X, MLK, Huey Newton, Shelby Steele, Angela Davis, Clarence Thomas.
Little Giant Ladders
Triton Central makes statement with win over Ritter: FAIRLAND — In a couple of years when Aaron Steele, Ethan ...
Buckley and Will and Whitaker Chambers and Shelby Steele all examples of intellectually respectable conservatives.
Coach Ava's Strength Camp! Tomorrow we're meeting at Steele Lake park.
Let's all hope this is merely the last gasp of what Shelby Steele described as race hustlers pining for a time "when posture alone ennobled"
Joseph Epstein on Shelby Steele and political polarization in America via
Shelby Steele "Today, liberal and conservative Americans are often contemptuous of each other with a passion t...
White Guilt by Shelby Steele sums up liberals reaction to Ferguson.
Q: "So, are YOU a challenger, or a bargainer?" Shelby Steele: "Neither. I'm an individual!"
My new piece for is a review of Shame by scholar Shelby Steele:
Peggy Noonan's "misty-eyed recollections of the peaceful and prosperous 1950s" but Shelby Steele recalls the racism.
Our QUOTE OF THE DAY today at the Youth​ is by Shelby Steele of the Hoover Institute. Here:
'An important contribution to a future of liberty& justice for all' . -George Weigel on Shelby Steele's SHAME
Q: How does a conservative know that the media and press are dominated by liberals and slant news to the left? A: Well, c'mon - Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and Mike Huckabee and Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and George Will and Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and Michael Medved and Ann Coulter and Michael Savage and Pat Robertson and R. Emmett Tyrell and Jeff Jacoby and Monica Crowley and Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager and Steve Doocy and Ollie North and Tucker Carlson and Neil Cavuto and Brian Kilmeade and Dana Perino and Bret Baier and Liz Cheney and Mark Steyn and David Limbaugh and Bernie Goldberg and Ben Shapiro and G. Gordon Liddy and Rich Lowry and Victor Davis Hanson and John Podhoretz and Lou Dobbs and Cal Thomas and Walter Williams and John Stossel and Debra Saunders and Shelby Steele wouldn't all be saying that in their syndicated columns and on their national TV and radio shows if it was ...
"Racial representation is not the same thing as racial development, yet affirmative action fosters a confusion of these very different needs. Representation can be manufactured; development is always hard-earned." ~Shelby Steele
There’s nothing subtle about this, and there’s no doubt the hunt is on. Just ask Harry Alford, Ken Blackwell, Deneen Borelli, Janice Rogers Brown, Herman Cain, Jennifer Carroll, Ben Carson, Ward Connerly, Larry Elder, Michel Faulkner, Niger Innis, Alphonso Jackson, E. W. Jackson, Kevin Jackson, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, Mia Love, Lenny McAllister, Angela McGlowan, Rod Paige, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson, Michael Powell, Tim Scott, K. Carl Smith, Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele, Shelby Steele, Lynn Swann, Tara Wall, J. C. Watts Jr., David Webb, Armstrong Williams, Walter Williams, Crystal Wright, and many others. They will tell you plainly that the attacks, the vitriol, and the disdain with which they must contend are unending. But we shall not be deterred from the fight. The Left must destroy black conservatives because it cannot afford to have freethinking, independent-minded black Americans. If we begin to pull away from the dependency society and stand for the fundamental principles that once made ...
Shelby Steele, White Guilt and Obama IN A 2006 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, civil rights historian Shelby Steele argued that the reason the US has lost every war it has fought since World War II despite the fact that it has had the military might to vanquish all of its enemies is “White Guilt.” White Guilt, he argued, makes its sufferers in the West believe that they lack the moral authority to act due to the stigma of white supremacy and imperialism. Writing of the then raging insurgency in Iraq, Steele explained, “When America – the greatest embodiment of Western power – goes to war in Third World Iraq, it must also labor to dissociate that action from the great Western sin of imperialism. Thus in Iraq we are in two wars, one against an insurgency and the other against the past – two fronts, two victories to win, one military, the other a victory of dissociation.” This neurotic view of America’s moral underpinning is what explains the instinctive American tendency to strike out at t ...
"Affirmative action" has become the touchstone of Democratic racial politics. Democrats portray anyone who opposes affirmative action as racist. But affirmative action, as currently practiced, is racist to the core. It is based on the assumption that African-Americans are incapable of competing with whites. It represents the kind of paternalistic racism that would have done honor to Calhoun. For the modern liberal Democratic racist as for the old-fashioned one, blacks are simply incapable of freedom. They will always need Ol’ Massa’s help. And woe be to any African-American who wanders off of the Democratic plantation. Ask Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, or Ward Connerly. Although they echo the call for a "color-blind society" that once characterized the vision of Martin Luther King Jr., they are pilloried as "Uncle Toms" of "Oreos" by such enforcers of the Democratic plantation system as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.
Welfare policy is an incentive to teenage pregnancy-the mechanism that literally grows the underclass.--Shelby Steele, D…
On 7/23 show asked Shelby Steele what best way to help black community.Steele answer:leave us alone.
Shelby Steele's definition of poetic truth is very good. .
I read Shelby Steele & D'Souza in college. During the L.A. riots. I knew these problems weren't new & thought we would've solved 'em by now.
As long as there are Black men like Shelby Steele, parrots will always have competition.
Why did civil-rights leaders get behind “This young man was, after all, no Rosa Parks:” Shelby Steele http:…
Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, lots of others calling out black leadership.
Given recent comments from juror on Zimmerman trial, some reasonable comments from Shelby Steele appropriate again
a man named Shelby Steele, a "scholar" who's unfortunately being hosted by the Hoover Institute at Stanford
I'm truly ashamed that is hosting someone as ignorant as Shelby Steele based on the comments he's made
Shelby Steele's interview on Laura Ingraham's show talking about Trayvon Martin/race relations is truly disgusting
Just re-read Shelby Steele: Decline of the Civil-Rights Est. If you have 10 mins. I would urge you to read too
.is right. Barack never wants to have a conversation about race with Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, or Ben Carson.
also why does Shelby Steele need Trayvon Martin's character to be comparable to Rosa Parks? a phony trap.
Shelby Steele: "Yes, Trayvon was a kid, but he was also something of a menace." I read it but I don't understand what…
Another good piece a la Shelby Steele . O'CONNELL: The growing irrelevance of the old school Black Leaders:
AUDIO: interviews Shelby Steele of on in
My new sounds: Dennis Prager interviews Shelby Steele on race in America on
Shelby Steele: "Put bluntly, [black] leadership...tolerates black kids killing other black kids."
Larry Elder, Kevin Jackson, Shelby Steele, and others, are saying it, and better.
Guess who's on tomorrow during Hour1 of the The great Shelby Steele of & author of this piece htt…
Shelby Steele: "1 wants 2 scream those outraged at the Zimmerman verdict: Where is your outrage over the collapse of the black family?"
Shelby Steele is a great essayist, & he speaks w/moral clarity & passion about matters of race.
Shelby Steele on Zimmerman and civil rights leaders.
So many things wrong with this: -- and what a curious attack on poetic truth!
Shelby Steele: Establishment Black leaders not so much outraged at injustice as the disregard of their own authority. http…
ICYMI: Shelby Steele discusses his op-ed, "The Decline of the Civil Rights Establishment" w/ -
Dr. Shelby Steele doing an interesting interview on Michael Medved show right now. You can listen on 870 The Answer.
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times more likely to be killed by other blacks than by whites…Shelby Steele in WSJ. Thx Dennis Prager for suggesting this piece.
White Guilt: HOW BLACKS AND WHITES TOGETHER DESTROYED THE PROMISE OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT” - Shelby Steele (Book by that title, by Shelby Steele) “ARE THERE ANY BLACKS AND WHITES LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY WHO HAVE AS MUCH AS AN OUNCE OF INTEGRITY?” - George Moss (Question by me, by that title) After witnessing once again a despicable white person, Paula Deen, publicly prostrating before a despicable black person, Jesse Jackson, so he could collect her apology on behalf of black people, I am driven to ask, “Are there any blacks and whites, left in this country, who have so much as a modicum of dignity, when it comes to matters of race?” Watching Paula Deen beat herself upside her stupid head on the “Today Show,” and then reading an absolutely disgusting report that she had called Jesse Jackson, asking for forgiveness for something she said before Methuselah was born, apologizing for using a word that Jesse Jackson, and everybody else on the planet, has used, was another sickening display . ...
I just wished for: 'White Guilt' by Shelby Steele via
John McWhorter & Shelby Steele might be the only light skinned intellectuals who AREN'T militant.
Old, but worth a read in light of the upcoming trial - Shelby Steele: The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin via
Omg! Steel Magnolias is on! What a prefect way to end a day that started at 830 and I was home by 11! I've loved this movie since I was a kid and I always said I wanted a daughter named Shelby because of this movie, then I met my mother in law who is more like a mother, less like the in law, whose name is Shelby, and now we finally have lil shelbi grace!
Gah Man of Steel was such a long movie, but I sure didn't mind it b/c Superman is freakin hott!! :)
A very Happy Father's Day weekend to all my Daddy friends and family members! Some people who have lost their fathers may choose to ignore this day or let it stir up anger, sadness, regret and many other emotions. I am one of those people but I choose to use this weekend to reflect on ALL the amazing memories I have of my Daddy! He was a wonderful man of God and my hero. He was not perfect but he knew that and just tried his best to love Jesus and his family with all he had. I love him and miss him so very much! My life would not be the same without him and I would not be who I am today without him. I choose happiness, joy and laughter (it's good!). Happy Father's Day! :)
Listening to a Hoover Institution podcasts with Bill Kristol and Shelby Steele. They are so scary
Rush: Democrat Party is really saying "U better not choose the route that Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas chose."
I am a civil rights worker from sixties & admire writings of Shelby Steele & Thomas Sowell. R they tokens too? Open yr mind.
.That's all got for men like West, Sowell, Williams, Shelby Steele, West, Cain, Tim Scott, etc.: hate and stupidity.
By this time, most people are aware that, according to those on the Left, the only racists in America are white conservatives. In much the same way, they dismiss the likes of Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly, Condoleezza Rice, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson, a...
Since the social victim has been oppressed by society, he comes to feel that his individual life will be improved more by changes in society than by his own initiative. Without realizing it, he makes society rather than himself the agent of change. The power he finds in his victimization may lead him to collective action against society, but it also encourages passivity within the sphere of his personal life. -- Shelby Steele
I think I will follow the advice of Chris Rock, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart on my way to instant wealth. Since, Marco Rubio dropped the water to be the new GOP hero of color to re-market their image. Now, I see Dr. Ben Carson doing it and now is the GOP or Tea Party flavor of color for the month. So, I will follow in their footsteps to be the new GOP token brother since I noticed it has a lucrative financial advantages just to deny polarization and racism just like the GOP do with climate change, civilization, and budget deficits. So Walter Williams, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, I guess there's money and extreme white conservatives are willing to give more of it to know your place as a minority, and knowing that its BS. But hey, I guess I see no problem no problem getting rich by fooling Fox News viewers to make them feel very comfortable about their negative stereotypical views of others.
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Over at Powerline, Paul Mirengoff makes a sensible argument against Black History Month, echoing calls from an NRO writer. Normally, I’d be at least open to the argument, would sincerely wonder what Shelby Steele would say about it, and would be interested in discussing Mirengoff’s idea that insofar...
Black History Part II Babette style! Ron Miller: an associate dean and assistant professor of government at Liberty University, conservative activist and commentator, and author of SELLOUT: Musings From Uncle Tom's Porch. The nine-year plus veteran of the U.S. Air Force and married father of three, and by some strange blessing a friend of Babette's ;) States: "Black people who wish to have an honest dialogue about race in America aren’t treated any better. Ask Bill Cosby what happens when he speaks frankly about race and class to his fellow black Americans. Talk to Shelby Steele, John McWhorter, Thomas Sowell, Joseph C. Phillips, Star Parker, Ken Blackwell, Roy and Niger Innis, LaShawn Barber, Justice Clarence Thomas or any other black person who has dared to be candid about his or her views on race in America"
Parents - what a great day ! Thank you so much for taking the time to attend the event. We feel it was a great day overall. VERY close score for some of the teams and solos. This is a time to remember the smallest move can make or break a score. Tiny Pom - Little Dippers 1st place and Division Champs Mini Pom - Twinkles - 3rd Youth Pom - Comets 3rd (by .83) Junior Pom - Cosmos 2nd Open Pom - Galaxy - 1st and Division Champs Solos Mini - Trinity Winer 1st Youth - Bergen Campbell 3, Abbie Carley 6th, Shelby Steele 8th, Amelia LeBoufe 8th Junior - Tiana Winer 1st, Jaida Smith 2nd, Mariah Vargas, 3rd, Courtney Quigley 6th Senior - Jami Jones 4th Mark you calendars for our next competition to be held at Farmington High School Saturday Feb 9th !
Shelby Steele tells of his 'Black Power' years, says his identity was based on provoking 'White Guilt'.
Y'know, it's a "no brainer" that white supremacists, kkk, birchers, etc. are lunatics, and have never been taken seriously, I'll not only agree to that, I'll assert that. But there's another thick line of bullish** going around that is just a feeble. It's an ideological weapon used by either persons of incredible ignorance (like white trash) or persons of ambitious agenda (kkk). They purvey emotional, incendiary demagoguery to rile up the emotions of the ignorant or feeble minded, to garner social and political support (or in some cases, to get an audience for an outrageous talk show or publication i.e.. rush limbaugh). Many are self aware of their use of demagoguery, and others are self-deluded, they actually believe the nonsense they speak. What I'm addressing is the concept that author Shelby Steele refers to as "White Guilt". It is no longer deniable that there is and will continue to be what the media refers to as a 'browning of america'. Increasingly the 'complexion' if you will, of america will be ...
A BARGAIN...Shelby Steele argues, is what Obama made with America...He would not hold America's racist past against it, if America was color blind in making him president. Obama, betrayed this easy and unspoken bargain...agitating race relations by enabling the narrative that his race is the only reason he is politically opposed.
Watching Anne Coulter on CNN, watching the epitome of rationalization of White supremacy and defense of White privilege and she just quoted Shelby Steele saying Clarence Thomas is the freest Black man in America. Amazing how a syncophant for Caucasians and White Supremacy is free, when has he taken a position as Supreme Court justice or voted against White interests or protecting White interests on high court? And where were his legal qualifications ... but that is freedom?
This week on Uncommon Knowledge Hoover fellow Shelby Steele and the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol discuss the elections.
Bill Kristol and Shelby Steele discuss the campaign on Uncommon Knowledge | Hoover Institution via
Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Shelby Steele, joins me on FBN’s Don’t miss it!
David Webb, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, Michael Steele, Star Parker, Ken Blackwell, John McWhorter, Allen West, Herman Cain, C.L. Bryant, K.Carl Smith, AlfonZo Rachel, Alveda King, Mason Weaver, Marvin D. Rogers, Michael Williams, Jennifer Carroll, Frances Rice, Condoleezza Rice, Lynn Swann. Who are all these people? What do they all have in common? This list isn't even close to being complete. They are all Proud Black Conservatives. The people that MSNBC tells you don't exist. There are many more than you can imagine and their numbers are growing daily.
-"well that sob wouldn't let me over.. So I just had to let myself over"
Steele had a great game, Clemens played they're hardest and I'm always proud to be a Buff!
Casual partying to be done at my buddy's house off Steele creek.
Women's soccer - Luther 2, Neb. Wesleyan 0 - goal by Shelby Steele assist by Maggie Herrity 9 minutes left in 1st half
Seriously, get up and move beside your friend..not in the mood for your ghetto conversation today!! 😡
One hour between me and the weekend!! 🎉🎤🍺🍸
If you're going to have a conversation across the classroom..why don't you just sit beside each other??
Campus is dead! Everybody was smart and didn't register for Friday classes..unlike me
Talk in an accent for a whole night out.
Today is one of those days where all I wana do is blast country music ❤🎵
This building seriously kills my phone battery!
Looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend!
Miss seeing and gossiping everyday 😔
Stay out of my business sweetheart, especially when you dont know what you're talking about:)
Why did I sign up for Friday classes??
“Going to see Florida Georgia line tonight! so lucky 😒
Going to see Florida Georgia line tonight!
Shelby Steele said Obama elected cuz wasn't angry black man like or Jesse Jackson. Whites felt gratitude voting 4 him.
Shelby Steele called racial redeemer in Obama was elected cuz black+he knew it.
Can't wait 2 read Shelby Steele's new book White Guilt. How white supremacy gave rise to White Guilt, both hut blacks.
Shelby Steele on Obama as a cultural symbol and the symbiotic bond that won him the presidency. Emperor's new clothes.
A Bound Man: In Shelby Steele's beautifully wrought and thoughtprovoking new book, A Bound Man, the award-winnin...
4 of 5 stars to White Guilt by Shelby Steele
Maybe, If I cared less, I wouldn't be so stressed.
I'll be back in ltown next week for alive at 25 😞🔫
Shelby Steele is so right about some of these dummies. ***
"Why is the educational performance gap (between blacks and whites) wider TODAY than it was during SEGREGATION ? Why ? We weren't allowed EXCUSES (Sean would also add nonsense) back then. We were expected to PERFORM." - Shelby Steele This sort of reminds me of this current administration !
For President Obama to promise Hope and Change was cynicism on a big scale. What was he going to do for the poor? For the illiterate? For the two million prisoners in our prisons? What was he going to do? All he could do was give black voters someone to believe in -- and then do NOTHING for them, and (as Shelby Steele points out) make white people feel they are expiating their sins (their imaginary sins) of racism by casting a vote for him. Mr. Obama's insight -- shaped by a lifetime of experience -- that white voters would vote for him out of shame over the past and maybe even out of a wish to be cool and hip, was historic. But the result for Americans has been a disaster: a national debt approaching the point of no return and a far deeper cynicism than before. The change that has happened, as my brilliant pal John Coyne puts it, is that ".now there is no hope." They are all scoundrels and the more they say they aren't, the darker the tunnel and the light grows fainter. God help us. I want to be back on ...
And by the way, where is the Change?
Mamet was a "factory setting" Liberal and didn't talk to a conservative until he was 60. The works that opened his mind? "White Guilt" by Shelby Steele, "The Road to Serfdom" by F Hayak and "Black Education: Myths and Fantasies" by Thomas Sowell. I have two of the three and couldn't recommend them more. I wonder how Hollywood will treat this guy?
Does being Black mean you're stupid? Obviously not, as we have Thomas Sowell, W. Williams, Shelby Steele & Allen West
Finally coming out on FB about my politics. The main reason, is because of all the posts I see that equate being Republican as being stupid at best or as racist, homophobic, sexist and jingoist, etc. In the last presidential election I was fairly silent in all regards about the candidates. There was a part of me (and with many others I knew) that felt an underlying excitement about the possibility of having a black president, for personal and political reasons. As a libertarian thinker, it was never possible for me to vote for Barack Obama. If only that candidate had been Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell or even Colin Powell, someone who shared or came closer to matching my beliefs. I understand that the language of the left sounds fair and noble, but in real life it often plays out as anything but. I do not doubt the goodness or sincerity of those who feel more government programs are the answer, however, in my experience, they often create dead ends for those they intend to serve. For the over fort ...
Shelby Steele reacts to a question about the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson...
You bet. As well as Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele
liberals in America are White Guilt apologists (Shelby Steele) and conservatives tend to be less government is better crowd
I challenge you naysayers and useful *** to pick up a copy of Edward Klein's " The Amateur" from your favorite bookseller. Its scary to see that people bought into Obama's Hope & Change more simply due to his skin color. Obama's success makes the precise point that "blackness" is a dead end. Shelby Steele quote. This book is making the Tea Party argument and is written by a left wing journalist.
RE: Phil Mushnik of the NYPost is not a racist..perpetuating racist stereotypes,violence and anti-female toxic language is..his comments echo those of people such as Bill Cosby, Juan Williams, Bob Herbert, Stanley Crouch, Shelby Steele amoung others
Shelby Steele reacts to being called an "Uncle Tom"
Hum, if one has respect for people such as Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Shelby Steele and Allen West but loathes and criticizes the alien squatting @ 1600, could it be about ideas/comportment and not about color, as the squatter and his enablers would have people believe.??
On "selective African American elitism" Via: James Robert Nielsen Baker excoriates leading public intellectuals, including Michael Eric Dyson, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Shelby Steele, Yale law professor Stephen Carter, and Manhattan Institute fellow John McWhorter, saying they pander to the powerful. He argues that they have lost touch with the reality of most African Americans. Professor Gates' statement after his July 16 arrest that "what it made me realize was how vunerable all black men are, how vunerable are all poor people to capricous forces like a rogue policeman" was a stunning example of how distant from black reality many successful African American figures like Gates have become.These elite African American figures, Baker argues, long ago placed personal gain and career advancement over the interests of the black majority. They espouse political positions palatable to a white audience, positions that ignore the radicalism and structural critiques of inequality by W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin Luther ...
"Black teenagers today are afraid of other black teenagers, not whites." Stanford University's Shelby Steele has a great essay titled "The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin". Excerpt: In fact Trayvon's sad fate clearly sent a quiver of perverse happiness all across America's civil rights establishment, and throughout the mainstream media as well. His death was vindication of the "poetic truth" that these establishments live by. Poetic truth is like poetic license where one breaks grammatical rules for effect. Better to break the rule than lose the effect. Poetic truth lies just a little; it bends the actual truth in order to highlight what it believes is a larger and more important truth. The civil rights community and the liberal media live by the poetic truth that America is still a reflexively racist society, and that this remains the great barrier to black equality. But this "truth" has a lot of lie in it. America has greatly evolved since the 1960s. There are no longer any respectable advocates of racia ...
have no idea what i was thinking reading the wsj editorial section at 1 in the morning but I'm pretty sure I'll send Uncle Tom *** Shelby Steele my rebuttal with a brick direct to his office at Stanford.
They should have sent it to Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, or Shelby Steele:
Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Juan Williams and their ilk provide cover for white privilege. They play their roles well too.
You know Larry Elders, Shelby Steele, Ward Connerly, Alan Keys, Ron Christie are scared of their shadows.
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