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Sheila Jackson

Sheila Jackson Lee (born January 12, 1950) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 1995. The district includes most of inner-city Houston.

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Texas should be ashamed for voting for an incompetent *** like you! You and Sheila Jackson are 2 peas in a pod!
How did CrowdStrike get its name . "Cute" literally and figuratively . Sheila Jackson Lee is the closest thAng Americans have to say FU
Sheila croaking swamp toad Jackson is outraged and is not going to stand for this. Sheila eat a bug…
She is very similar to Sheila Jackson Lee here in Houston, the district is the poorest area…
Dem TX Rep Sheila Jackson Lee took to House floor on Monday,to blame all racial hate crime…
Chuck Schumer/Wall Street is not the heart of the Democratic Par…
It's probably the same ones repeatedly though. Have you heard Sheil…
Sheila Jackson Lee wants mars mission to take photo of flag placed by neil Armstrong in 1969 on mars?
I heard that Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, . Sheila Jackson Lee, and Rosa DeLauro will be cheerleading during half-time for the Dems.
Is Sheila Jackson Lee on the mound tonite? Anybody? Hear she's got a wicked slider that breaks left.
25-year-old Nebraska freshman Damion Jackson (6'1, 245 lbs)—a former Navy Seal who made the team despite never playing…
Sheila Jackson is too pure for this world
that's the most dumb word we eva heard Sheila Jackson Lee old *** said that but stupidity ISSA hot MESS
You need to take a good hard look at yourself Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, you are one of the most hateful, vitriolic pe…
I looked up at the TV and you were interviewing Sheila Jackson Lee what were you looking for the American Flag on Mars? Crazy!
Sheila Jackson Lee wants US to pay for her additional security instead of packing, having personal responsibility. Puke.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sheila Jackson Lee (send the Mars rover over to where we put the flag) wants armed security. Why not constitutional carry for all?
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee - Ms. Racist - on Cavuto spewing her diarrhea of lies before the cameras. Let's all play nice.
Never thought I'd agree with Sheila Jackson Lee on anything, but she's spot on here.
This is the best series ever : Frank & his 6 kids & their neighbor Kev & V plus Sheila Jackson. ***
This is too fun. I gotta this article.
Please don't forget Sheila Jackson Lee "Homicide is the leading cause of…
93 million? We really need a big room to put him, Nancy, Maxine, Sheila Jackson, & a host of others…
Walked with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson on the steps of the US Capitol-- Tonight at 10 her reaction and message to…
Sheila Jackson, Maxine Brown and others need to tone down their political hate speech, and Sanders.
Shame on you you devil Sheila Jackson Lee Spewing lies is somethAng hillary always done for over 30 years aftermat…
Vote out Sheila Jackson from Congress her district looks like 3rd world country Vote in a Good Trump supporter that is not…
ets our enemy's like Obama Jerry Brown ramen Emanuel an Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters Sheila Jackson hit them in pocket books we the ameican...
You mean as opposed to Sheila Jackson Lee, Bernie Sanders, or the Brady Campaign, who all chimed in at basically the same time?
Sheila Jackson Lee and the cingressional black caucations started this c…
Sheila Jackson Lee was the first to start this rant years ago on…
House members led by Rep Mark Walker just prayed in basement GOP conference room joined by some Dems, including Sheila Jac…
Guy who runs Andrew Jackson's house says he's glad his car was stopped when he learned of Trump's Civil War comments htt…
Venezuela: Maduro Decrees Alt. Legislature to Rewrite Constitution ( will we! - Sheila Jackson Lee)
I guess so she don't have to funnel through other PACS like Sheila Jackson Lee's buddies
You know who is funny...Sheila Jackson, now she is funny.Al should take his ques from her.
Joy Reid is the biggest *** to come down the pike since Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee.
President Trump is right about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War, the morons on cable news are wrong.
Sheila Jackson Lee has got to be the most STUPID human on the to
Did you guys know randy Jackson and Michael Jackson are brothers? I am SHOQ this is breaking news
"The best thing about mistakes is that we get to correct them." - Sheila Jackson, Shameless
As opposed to Sheila Jackson and elijah cummings? Lol. 2 of the dumbest humans ever on Earth.
Hi my name is Sheila Jackson Lee and i'm a Liberal clown *** I do nothing for my…
What kind of STUPID are we dealing with. With Andrew Jacks…
Sure there is. Sheila Jackson Lee comes to mind, for starters.
Sheila Jackson Lee is in same boat as Maxine
Jimmy Kimmel’s Tearful Plea for Obamacare Cited by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on House Floor
Sheila Jackson Lee: 'Jordan Edwards did not have to die'
Jackson Lee: “In the aftermath of such a heinous attack, we mourn those who were killed and pray for the wounded...
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee  Statement on the Stabbing Attack at University of Texas at Austin
On House floor right now, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is mentioning Jimmy Kimmel's son
Have you ever heard Sheila Jackson Lee speak? It's a close run for the position. Lol!
Dumber than a box of's close but she still may edge out Sheila Jackson Lee
Nope Sheila Jackson Lee is the dumbest. Maxine is second, Lewis and Pelosi.
Sheila Jackson Lee will give her some competition.
I take that back I forgot about Maxine Watters and Sheila Lee Jackson.
The punchline is not the Jackson comment, but Trump's self congratulation on being 1st to ask why the Civil War had to happen
unpresidential 45 admires alot of bad hombres the dictators Hungry, Phili…
Trump clearly knows almost nothing about Andrew Jackson. His fetish for our most violently racist, genocidal president reek…
Did you know Sheila Jackson was a slave who was freed after the ? She must of found the Fountain of Youth in DC Swa…
She has lied before. Missouri. Vote her out. She's almost as dumb as Pelosi waters and Sheila Jackson Lee
Maxine Waters was a Millennial once just as Sheila Jackson is a freed slave.
Sheila Jackson Lee is a disgrace along with all the dems.
Tough call because there's also Cynthia McKinney, Sheila Jackson & John McCain in the running.
Sheila Jackson . -so precious . -so pure. -deserved a better daughter than Karen . -she lowkey a freak and I respect that h…
seems to me she is just bright enough to be elected when Sheila Jackson Lee retires
Unbelievable. This guy and Sheila Jackson Lee should get a comedy team going.
Sheila Jackson Lee? Isn't that the racist female pig from Houston?
ok Ms 500 years... OMG. That was rich and even dumber than the Sheila Jackson Lee's 400 year old Constitution comment😂
Katrina's brain is on a par with that of Sheila Jackson Lee.
Sheila Jackson Lee is an excellent example of why we need term limits. And an IQ test for congressmen and women.
Just go nuts, I say run with Sheila Jackson Lee. It makes as much sense as any of this stuff so far.
Discover the work of author Sheila L. Jackson on L. Jackson
I think the Justice Department needs to be the final protector of the peopl...
Sheila E now playing for Unity Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson
If you live in the district, please vote for Bartley for Congress - and help retire Sheila Jackson-Lee.   10% Off
Have you not been awake for anything Joe Biden's been saying for the past seven years? Or Sheila Jackson Lee?
Of course. Because, as Democrats know, the Constitution is 400 years old and more.
Awww. Did stupid boy not read the link and realize his DEMOCRATS were saying it was?
LMAO. You think the Constitution is 400 years old and you're calling me uneducated?
Lol, given what you Dems say, Dr. Seuss makes way more sense.
Excel Magazine interview with Congressional Aide to U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee: via
Millions of Americans find community, comfort and support in their faith.
"My moral compass is to make a difference." - Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
Sheila E. provided the percussion on Michael Jackson's "Don't stop 'til you get enough" . ...listen to MJ :)
Turning 30 how to get the life you really want, Sheila Panchal & Ellen Jackson
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is asking the apartment owners to work with the flood victims and allow them 7-10 days
Sheila E is performing the same function as LaToya Jackson and the Three Marys, Mary the Mother of Christ, Mary...
I miss the days of mocking Sheila Jackson Lee's flag on Mars comment. Dems no longer have a monopoly on stupidity.
People have been turned away from hospitals simply because they have no ins...
YEA I am posting another one. Sheila Jackson Lee (D *** Thinks the Constitution is 400 Years Old
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Sheila Jackson Lee is truly a certifiable *** She is so clueless she thought our Astronauts landed on Mars in…
so are you! Sheila Jackson Lee one of the most ignorant Legislators in the country. Ugliest also.
The ever comic loon Sheila Jackson Lee opens her mouth and proves she's an ***
Does Sheila Jackson Lee even have a 3rd grade education? How'd this *** ever get elected to Congress?
. I don’t know. I haven’t the time or interest to investigate every stupid thing Sheila Jackson Lee says.
. Sheila Jackson Lee is an absolute moron. I suspect my dog is smarter than she is but will never know because dogs can’t YET vote
MSM would never have done this to a Dem woman. How many hate pieces on Sheila Jackson Lee has anyone seen?
She must be friends with GUY the thought Guam would tip over. Hank Johnson, or that Sheila Jackson Lee Planting a flag on mars.
Sheila Dixon received $500 from Kenneth "Bird" Jackson, reminding me of this article alluded to in "The Wire"
Despicable to think congresswoman SJL won't look out for our immigration laws!!
so why don't they hate Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi or Debbie Wasserman Shultz?
kinqs! ugh she's so iconic Sheila Jackson chart topper trend setter revolutionary kidnapper :(
MR. D-MARS last night with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson...
So important!! Sheila Jackson Lee is Obamas BFF and a total bully and abuser.
Channel 2 is interviewing Sheila Jackson Lee and she's passionately defending Hillary Clinton. Proof why term limits are needed. 🤔🔫
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I was watching news till they brought on that racist Sheila Jackson Lee. Channel change, I have no time for that ignorant hater.
in Houston tonight with Sheila Jackson Lee! Oh my it's a premiere of Dumb and Dumber!
Here's the correct link to the Sheila Jackson Lee article you republished.
Read my statement explaining why Supreme Court should uphold POTUS' executive actions.
Sheila Jackson Lee already informed us the Constitution is 400 years old.
Fanning those flames of racism. Really, Sheila Jackson Lee? Y'all set the United States back 50 years.
15 minutes till game time on Pierre Jackson, vs. Vander Blue,
Randy Short shared Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's live video. Just now · . What about Sandra Bland SJL?
SVG, Reggie Jackson brief with reporters after Pistons' 111-101 loss to Chicago: Detroit allowed the Bulls to ...
What have you got against Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee?
not Sheila Jackson. Should have been retired long ago.
Please stand with and help her rid congress of Sheila Jackson-Lee!
im not big on the birther stuff or proving education. except in one instance. Sheila Jackson Lee. . shes dumb as a rock.
Sheila Jackson Lee needs a stylist cuz I'm tired of her hair lookin like that
Time to send Sheila Jackson Lee packing, time to get Houston back on the right track, & the only way to do that is voting
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give Sheila Jackson Lee a peach lol
Wow Sheila Jackson Lee is on rhoa . Great lady . Kim probably should have left the baby at home or let Phaedra team help
Watching and saw Sheila Jackson Lee and immediately thought
Now then, who's this popping up my late night TV?. Marianne Lytton; Sheila Jackson; Geoff Jackson; John Pullen
You ruined the show by having Sheila Jackson Lee there a true RACIST!
Best news of the night - Sheila Jackson Lee has a good conservative challenger. Godspeed,
I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila Jackson Lee last year at my old church Wheeler Ave she's AMAZING !!
My momma does not like Sheila Jackson Lee lmao I know she having a fit watching tonight lol
Rep.Sheila Jackson Lee, from the is a bright spot to
Sheila Jackson Lee is such an opportunist
I love me some Sheila Jackson Lee. Love, love, love.
Sheila Jackson Lee.Good Lord! No surprise phony Phae Phae is sitting at this table
I really want Sheila Jackson Lee to get another braid. I'm tired
Baby I love me some Congresswoman Sheila Jackson!!! Love her!
Sheila Jackson Lee and her one braid have made it to the big time. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jackson e sua esposa Sheila no Red Carpet do Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite do AMAs (21/11) [Atualizado]
If you live in Houston, know that Sheila Jackson Lee is major involved with Sylvester Turner's campaign. For Mayor. Ugly.
Just heard Obama has endorsed Sylvester Turner for mayor of Houston at the request of Sheila Jackson Lee. A sure sign to vote against Turner
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee clearly not happy IFTA rider on customs bill would sunset (by 2020) Texas ISP tax.
Why is Obama backing Turner for Mayor and only told Sheila Jackson Lee
So I was doing some reading research on civics for a piece I'm writing and I came across this quote by Sheila Jackson (D-TX)
Have you ever heard of Sheila Jackson Lee? She's a Yale grad...please YouTube her.. I know, one can't represent all.
Humanitarians wrapping presents at the office of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee
Sounds like something Rep Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas would say.
Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Houston speaking truth on the bravery of US first responders on C-Span now
Tyrone Jackson says Officer Sheila Jackson did say of "He is the commander. If he wants to take a Taser, he can do that."
Campbell took notes during Sheila Jackson interview, Tyrone Jackson testifies. He doesn't know what happened to those notes
Jackson said he believes Martrice Campbell took notes when interviewing Sheila Jackson. But he never saw them.
"No it didn't concern me," Vincent Jones on conflicting info on the Taser matter involving Sheila Jackson.
"There's no notes for that," Vincent Jones said of the Martrice Campbell, Sheila Jackson interview.
Jones admits there were no notes from Campbell, who wrote report 15 months after unrecorded interview with Sheila Jackson
Martrice Campbell had to be told told to write report of the conversation she had w/ cop Sheila Jackson, Vincent Jones said.
caressed the lover's cheek ,filled with sweetness ,You and Me❤ ©sheila_lee1a
did she get invited to Sheila Jackson Lee's party at The Hay Adams? 🤔
Sheila Jackson Lee trying tell immigrantion oversight committee how 'stringent vetting process is'.LOL
Sounds like your staff could use some.
Will that encouragement look anything like this?
The party that booed God, the party of D.W. Schultz, Sheila L. Jackson, Al Sharpton!
Please read this article. If, after you have read it, you have anything good to say about this waste of human...
It's a funny thing to say. But do we really think a congress full of Joe the Plumbers will be better than Sheila Jackson Lees?
If you thought your boss was toxic, think again.
Jeez. Would be lovely working for her.
Congressional bosses from *** Sheila Jackson Lee via an obama backer's resume
“Congressional bosses from *** Sheila Jackson Lee. another scab in DC
If a Republican treated staff like this the feminists and the labor unions would have a field day.
"Congressional bosses from *** Sheila Jackson Lee. Sounds like a lovely woman
“Congressional bosses from *** Sheila Jackson Lee. Much to despise here.Lib.
Sheila Jackson Lee is a poverty pimp and has no place in public office.
Chronicle of how awful treats her staff from is a for folks:
I agree. I think Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, or Charlie Rangle wold be great choices.
I'm proud to join Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee for a Candlelight vigil on the 47th anniv. of Dr. Martin Luther King
Sheila Jackson proves that ignorance is not bliss.She is miserable.
Sheila Jackson Lee, now there is a brain surgeon 4 u.
We need term limits b/c ppl don't research the candidates and ppl like Sheila Jackson Lee,Reid Pelosi,etc get re-elected unbelievably
“I disagree that our border is in devastating condition.”. Sheila Jackson Lee, July 10, 2014
“You don't understand.I am a queen,and I demand to be treated like a queen.”. Sheila Jackson Lee
New Release! PERFECTLY NORMAL by Have you been told that you are worthless, ugly…
Well, that's not what Sheila Jackson Lee said ... huh.
the artist should add Sheila Jackson Lee somewhere riding backwards on a mule...
Can't find the flag that Sheila Jackson Lee planted on that picture.
is so stupid he makes Sheila Jackson Lee look like a nuclear scientist. He should just STFU. Please don't ask him anything.
..yeah, that was Sheila Jackson Congresswoman from Texas.
“I need to be entertained. I am bored.” Sheila Jackson Lee
Sheila Jackson You are our unsung hero of the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society and I just adore you. You have...
Most of the stuff like Sheila Jackson Lee is found in the pastures or stock yards.
Wait, is that a trick question or is Sheila Jackson Lee really stupid?
that is not Sheila Jackson Lee pictured its the loud mouth Fla. rep correct it please
Sheila Jackson Lee is NO lady. Sounds like the boss from *** which makes her the Devil. And she …
Sheila Jackson Lee in a different seat!
I wish your professor had been confirmed. If Scalia is an "originalist", I'm Sheila Jackson Lee.
Sheila Jackson Lee can't be far behind!
Shes practicing to be Sheila Jackson Lee's replacement, you never know what will come out of her
whose service dog is Sheila Jackson Lee?
A Tribute to an American Legend and Musical Icon - In 2009 Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced resolution 600...
not any more insane than Hilary or Pelosi or Suzy Rice or Sheila Jackson Lee or DWS or vjarrett or Maxine Waters..
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please please are of no help in the morality fight. You might as well be Sheila Jackson Lee..
Sheila Jackson Lee trying to figure out what to spend her food stamps on
EHN has a long storied history of being as incompetent as Sheila Jackson Lee...
the number of American flags Sheila Jackson Lee thinks are staked on Mars
The novel Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson,Melissa Harris-Perry, and Charlie Rangel don't want you to read
Sheila Jackson's score on an American history quiz
Sheila Jackson Lee is an excellent representative of her constituency, most believe as she does.
For some reason the song Blank Space really reminds me of Sheila Jackson from Shameless 😂
Sheila Jackson Lee is an absolute moron and a blithering racist.
SHEILA JACKSON H - Welcome to The SHEvolution™! We invite you to 'SHARE' this page with your friends; 'POST',...
Congresswoman Eleanor Holms Norton, is give Sheila Jackson Lee a run for her money for craziest woman in D.C.
liberals should be concerned about the morons in Dem Party like Hank Johnson and Sheila Jackson Lee.
OMG Sheila Jackson Lee must really b insane ... is she jessie jackson's daughter???
Sheila Peterson of Fdn welcoming a great crowd @ SIF's talk w/ keynote Dr.John Jackson of Schott Fdn!
It's the FINAL round of Entangled's March Madness cast your vote for Jackson or Drake.
Last day to vote JACKSON as sexiest hero in SWOON!.
Somehow i wish the bday wish to jackson which we did in chinese appeared in the fan project vid.. too bad they said the time is not enuf ;(
Rep Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas said there are 2 Vietnams and she is or was on the foreign relations committee.
Sheila Jackson Lee and obama? Why is this artist only mentioning blacks with degrees? Bye
Sheila Jackson went to college! She Thought the Astronauts planted a flag🇺🇸on Mars😬
me too, in dreaming of three some with Sheila Jackson Lee & Debbie W asserman Schulz would have been better time investment.
as if texas couldn't get any more screwed up by having Sheila Jackson Lee as a rep... We get this moronic crap 😔
plant a flag on mars, stand before you a freed slave, eh Sheila Jackson Lee?
This is amazing! Never seen anything like it. Sheila Jackson and Kathy K Taylor will want to watch this, for sure!
Sheila Jackson Lee is the queen of stupider
yeah would you believe latoya mj was right there on that mj memorial stage ( Sheila Jackson Lee cough)
Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson (TX) thinks the Constitution is 400 years old and that there are North and South Vietnams.
Men are from Venus...Sheila Jackson is from the Andromeda Strain!
For my bff's Rachel Allen, Shelly Simas Martinez, of course my Sister Tanya Martin, my brother Eugene Martin, my Mom Roberta Jones, my Auntie Shirley Jackson, and Sheila Jackson, my cousins Jeniffer Jackson, Kahli Jackson, there's a lot this is for all of you...if I didn't put your name it's because my phone is dying but you all know who you are and I love you all
Last night I was in Houston I attended a Fundraising dinner for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, which was organized by Houston Pakistani community in few hours. The Pakistani community plugs more then one hundred thousands dollars $100,000.00 for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee election funds. I met with here and she gave me a special message for the Pakistani people, who live in Pakistan through Jang/ Geo.
UR right, people like Al Sharpton, Robert Byrd, Sheila Jackson, Steve Israel... DOH, those are Democrats.
I wish ambassador Chris Stevens would have had Sheila Jackson on his side, he would have gotten security they needed in Benghazi. I guess it just wasn't the right section of Africa. Well the Calvary is on its way to Cameron. I guess Americans don't drink too high on the White House's list. Oh well!
BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee still refuses to publicize the proof she says she has, that if the republicans take over...
Her being so ugly and stupid is inhumane and cruel punishment to whomever sees or hears Sheila Jackson Lee.
Sheila Jackson Lee looks like a hippopotamus with a Volkswagon tire on her head.
Sheila Jackson Lee, US Representative for Texas's 18th Congressional district acknowledging the Role of the Community Health Workers of Texas.
Sheila Jackson Lee: Deporting illegal immigrants is 'Inhumane & Cruel. Oh ya, it will be cruel if Dems don't get those illegals vote.
Theola Booker Obituary DR. THEOLA MASSIE BOOKER A strong woman of God and one of the unrivaled drum majors of Houston's gospel music community, Dr.Theola Booker has touched many hearts with the soulful expressions of her love for gospel music and ranks among its greatest and most enduring ambassadors. Dr. Theola Massie Booker is the oldest of two children born to the late Eugene and Cora Massie, on February 23, 1944 in 3rd Ward, Texas. Theola inherited a rich legacy of faith, family, character, and music that would serve her well. A native of Houstonian and a proud product of the Houston Independent School District, Dr. Booker attended Blackshear Miller Jr. High School (now The Contemporary Learning Center) and Jack Yates Senior High School. She was a graduate of Texas Southern University receiving her Bachelor's and Master of Arts degree in Music Education with an emphasis on piano. Additionally, she earned her doctorate degree in Music Education at Lacrosse University. Dr. Theola Booker a wife and mothe ...
msnbc was on campus today along with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee @ TSU
Funny, Obama, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Harry Reid, & Sheila Jackson Lee all agree with you.
Boehner jabs at GOP colleagues on immigration: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Buzzfeed’s John ...
I love both of my mother's Alice tilmon and Sheila Jackson
Sheila Jackson Lee on with Alex Wagner on MessNBC!They are so ignorant!..Its comical!
Here is what a lot of people don't know about Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. She is originally from New York City.
Alex Wagner announce that Sheila Jackson Lee is her next guess. The crowd went crazy chanting "Sheila-Sheila-Sheila." I kid you not.
While speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives Wednesday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat once dubbed the "Congressional boss from ***
Oh boy! man I hope that the ticket to win for President in 16 will be Sheila Jackson Lee and Debbie W.Shultz .
See all 3 photos - proof positive liberalism is a mental disorder - breaking news to the brain surgeon Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee - the constitution was ratified in 1787 not 1614 according to your math - absolutely mind boggling this dimwit swore to uphold the constitution and does not even know when it was ratified - ps Sheila pick up a history book ***
Sean Seibert is the Republican nominee for the 18th Congressional district currently occupied by Sheila Jackson Lee. All of Texas should be on Sean's team. A large majority of the people of the 18th do not like Sheila and are embarrassed by her but they vote straight Democrat. It is my goal to educate the voters of the 18th that with the e slates, they can vote straight ticket and change that one vote. Please re post and ask the citizens of Texas to donate just $5.00 to Sean's campaign. According to the last census there are 8,922,933 households in Texas. Just imagine if only a fraction sent $5.00 to the campaign.
A couple days ago Sheila Jackson Lee, "She-Jack" to her friends, mentioned she might run for president in 2016. The media have chosen to not make this a story just yet. The political cartoonist and satirists on the other hand are drooling in anticipation and dancing in the streets
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has partnered with the same cult with which Malik Obama has partnered. As such, Lee is blaspheming Islam.
OK, those that know me, know that I have to blow off a little steam every once in a while, like a volcano. I just saw on the news, 3 different senators, that have Iraq war veterans running against them. And, the senators, all democrat, said the vets need to get a real job first, before thinking of becoming a senator. This, coming strait from their mouths, not made up by a conservative group. This infuriates me. I really don't know how anyone can vote for a democrat. Also, Obama and Eric Holder plan on releasing 20,000 felons from prison. Sure some of them should be released, but 20,000. Really? Going back to voting democrat, James Clapper, Rahm Emmanual, Janet Napalitano, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Boxer, Charles Rangell, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Al Frankin, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, Al Gore, Fredrica Wilson, Hank Johnson, and the 3 stooges, Obama, Holder, and Hillary, These are not nice people and they are bring ...
Make sure to read the article in our local newspaper's her magazine penned by our own Sheila Jackson. Beautiful love story!
The president cannot write new laws. Completely illegal. Only senators and representatives can write new laws. They are supposed to get together to write laws and pass them. The only thing Senators cannot do is the budget. That begins In the House. Then kicked to the senators. And the senate as we all know just LOVE LOVE LOVE to blame the House for the budget along with everything else. Thanks to Reid, Crazy Pelosi, Psycho Sheila Jackson-Lee and so many more to numerous to mention. Now if people would learn the facts about how the government operates, perhaps they'd see and know it hasn't been the House of Representatives holding everything up. Shutting down the government etc... That lies on good ole Harry Reid's shoulders. 100%!
VOTE CLIVEN BUNDY FOR PRESIDENT 2O16: (This add paid for by Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi)---Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Sheila Jackson say day guine kick in a lil on nex week when day git caught up a tad!!!
QUESTION: Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Sheila Jackson; Are these people really as stupid as they appear, or are they just pretending??
it's like a dumber male version of Sheila Jackson-lee
*** stopped at a round-a-bout talking on a cell phone. Got to be kin to Sheila Jackson Lee !
Sheila Jackson Lee claims she is a freed slave yet not once has she struggled and she was never owned by anyone. You where never a slave to begin with. This what's wrong with this country racism will never die until u stop claiming it. If your 20 years old and claiming reguardless if ur black white or Latino u will only be successful in life is if u work for it
Sen Chuck Schumer, D-NY, Sheila Jackson, (D-TX) and Keith Ellison (D-MN) are the newest bunch of MORONS added to obama and the rest of the list that think obama care is good, as it will allow more people to flex work, do part time and stay at Home. Will just ONE person on the left PLEASE tell me how this makes ANY sense? How STUPID can these people be to actually think WORKERS that want to succeed in life and be able to make ends... more than meet... buy this crap they are shoveling? How on Gods Green Earth are these people sitting at home going to afford to pay for a plan on the ACA? EXACTLY! They cannot. THE WORKER paying premiums will be paying for them. The left in office that voted this crap in and support it are vote getting... and the LAZY moocher is all in for the long haul on our backs! My bet, this post goes unanswered, as the voters that put these morons in office really have no answer. I only hope you, the voter that voted for these types are going to feel the pinch real hard. School of ...
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Nancy, why don't you, Barack, and all your libtard and dummycrat supporters and followers all move to the South Pole, or better yet, go to North Korea! You and Kym Dumb Dong II or whatever his name is can hang out and dictate all the stupid ideas that y'all want too!! And take that *** Sheila Jackson with you too!!
Sandra lee ms mccain Sheila Jackson arena miller warren stetson is trying to be Judith Anne markham. I heard them kill her when I was a child Der and wsp you will nort merge my religion James king with jfk royal genetics xd on ft good Kentucky blue gray all the way to my temple temple. I brought phallus Elliot Ellen and my love sonja sodomy back from .AZ to my temple without even trying I took them back from Travis lee hockey and the hacks and sharper after they iced them out and stole them from me those were my students and the hood program was overrun by Mr ebbe who is Mr Juan Paboo capistrano he is the Venezuela coke lord who recently faked his death again we have been waiting to catch tony crew j crew and t crew. 2.Tjwrong drugs. coke wars will kill or lead to these people's eventual deaths. ms dill mustard man herself and derick yes took him on a bush hill bean ride after I stole the tiger striped into bean from ms gattermams nate star galactic only 300 preschool I was the only child who stole th ...
I wonder if Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, MSNBC, Eric Holder, Sheila Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and the Obama ilk think God is racist because the snow is white??? ;-)
Well Anna Jackson & Sheila Jackson tomorrow is the big day I have been planning for my son Thaddeus Lewis & Maya Shaw their baby shower. I can't wait to see everyone there. I get tears in my eyes when I think of my grandson. Hope all goes well an everyone that attends will have a great time. I'm doing last minute preparations which is not much but you know me then it's everything I can think of. Lol - thanks lady's for listening but I'm a little nervous. Love you both
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee handing my dad a badge honoring him for leadership in the community.…
The greatness of Americans is that we are mosaic - we are diverse. - Sheila Jackson Lee
Found myself locked arms with Congresswomen Sheila Jackson-Lee
Cowards cut and run, Marines never do: via Jackson shut the *** up!
LOL you're kidding. Someone alert Sheila Jackson Lee and Jesse SR. They will NEVER get done
"This Lonegan is a racist" says the party that votes for Sheila Jackson Lee
Hillary is an incompetent, narcissistic, egomaniacal, power addicted liberal that has no more business being POTUS than Sheila Jackson Lee!
Will Sheila Jackson Lee be the DHS secretary for Mars, the Moon, or N or S Vietnam?
Sheila Jackson Lee is an embarrassment to the State of as well as the US. I was already following you, BTW. ;)
Not much I don't think. had wrote a spotlight for Sheila Jackson. Did u read that yet?
Superman is also in it. I'm thinking Sheila Jackson Lee. She'd look great in the outfit. Feminazis will love it.
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Quick pic with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Melissa Harris-Perry before recording her show on the March on...
Sheila Jackson Lee: Our next Director of Homeland Security if the Congressional Black Caucus has their way! Not! http:/…
Home-schoolers on trial for torture murder of 1 adopted kid & abuse of another. ‘To Train Up a Child’
Where is Sheila Jackson Lee or Cong Blk Cuacus now? SJL was very vocal on TM/GZ saying 'he was hunted down like a rabid dog' before facts.
As the mom of a daughter who rocks an afro, I wanted to give a shout out to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and her new afro!
Foster mother reveals how adopted Ethiopian boy was terrified, starving and bone-thin after...
I wonder if Donna Brazile is the next Sheila Jackson Lee? Or Maxine Waters? Scary huh?
My town hall meetings are with friends and neighbors, fellow Americans. We engage. -Sheila Jackson Lee
TOP Member and uninsured Texan Debra Walker at Townhall with Sheila Jackson Lee: "I’m glad to be part of an...
TOP is at Townhall with Sheila Jackson Lee, talking about
Larry and Carri Williams trial: Foster mother Sheila Jackson reveals Immanuel was terrified and starving
A roundtable with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is happening today to discuss affordable health care. Keep an...
If you think conservatives are dumb, can we presume has never heard of Sheila Jackson Lee?
stop the presses folks. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee changed her hair?!!
Toure and Sheila Jackson Lee need to get together.
Sheila Jackson Lee goes natural with new hairstyle
Um, Did they just say the TripleCrownWeave was UNnatural? .
Sheila Jackson Lee goes natural with new hairstyle via
BULL! Not familiar my donkey. TX Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton, J jackson, and the White House - Silence!
The new look of Sen. Sheila Jackson Lee and Rep Al Green are on stage
I added a video to a playlist Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Voicing your thought: Sheila Jackson Lee would be an amazing head of Homeland Security.
Harry Reid is making Sheila Jackson Lee look smart with his stupid remarks on race. How does this fool get reelected? Seriously Nevada?
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