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Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton (born Sheena Shirley Orr; 27 April 1959) is a Scottish recording artist.

Sugar Walls Kenny Rogers Modern Girl Sam Harris James Bond Esther Rantzen Laura Branigan Miami Vice Air Supply Bill Conti Juice Newton George Michael Dennis Waterman West End Kim Wilde Tim Curry John Peel

When you see we want video of you with Sheena Easton.
Also worn previously in the 90's by Madonna, Mike D of Beauty Boys, George Michael, & Sheena Easton
If I were single, and you were single, I would propose to you!!
Thank you Sheena,you've made my day. ;o) x
(I've never seen it, I just googled "sheena easton cowboy" in the hope of finding an image that would fit the joke)
".. that lesson over and over again." Sheena Easton
A night at Columbus Symphony with Sheena Easton: Last night I was doing the Columbus Symphony featuring Sheena…
For your eyes only with Sheena Easton singing the theme song
Sheena Easton's career floundered in the late 80s, so she reinvented herself under a new moniker "Cathy Dennis"
Sheena Easton wanted to make it big
Missed 14, I will look up. 13 Downtown Train/Sheen Easton. Sheena, always from Scotland as Casey always tells me
On this date in 1959, former Prince protegee Sheena Easton of "Sugar Walls" fame was born in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Happy birthday to Sheena Easton! Here she sings Prince's song Sugar Walls in Japan.
Now playing: We've got tonight by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton! Listen {
Here is my reminder that Sheena Easton has, lately, turned into Karen Walker...
also you both can search for the song "Voice On The Radio" by Sheena Easton. Blessings...
He's played behind the likes of Janet Jackson, Sheena Easton and Teena Marie. He penned the 1990 R&B hit "The...
Sheena Easton drank it, and she was Sonny Crockett's one true on Miami Vice. So yeah, very hip
42nd Street with Sheena Easton: Tickets from £20.00 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Sheena Easton, Director Mark Bramble, Tom Lister, Claire Halse, Jasna Ivir, Norman Bowman and the cast of the...
Sheena Easton (front L) Mark Bramble (front R) and (back row 4th L) attend a photocall for the cast...
All the news from the launch of starring Sheena Easton, Tom Lister & Clare Halse.…
Sheena Easton as Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.
Sheena Easton: 'At my age, great roles aren't written every day'. Watch our video from the 42nd Street launch…
ICYMI: Sheena Easton – to make her West End debut in Cast also includes TOM LISTER, CLARE HALSE, JAS…
BBC News - Sheena Easton to make West End debut in 42nd Street
7. Sheena Easton - One Love (1988). This always sounded like Karyn White should have sang it! .
A rainy day and sad news... Might as well sweat it out with Sheena Easton and Pacific West…
In the next 60 minutes: Swing Out Sister, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Sheena Easton and more!
Correction, I may have actually done it with Heart, Sheila E, Sheena Easton, Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks, Beyonce,...
35 YEARS AGO - On this day in 1981, up seven places to No.27 was... For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton
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?? Sheena Easton - For your eyes only lovesongsradio dot net
If I was still at school, I'd be looking at Britney Spears and dying t...
I was blessed in the sense that I got handed so much early on in life.
What to expect from Sheena Easton show at July '16? Watch concert now!
BREAKING NEWS: Sheena Easton is performing in Atlantic City! Tix & Info:
Every time I show up to do something here it's considered a comeback. ...
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - SHEENA EASTON do Album Best of Bond... James Bond - iTunes:
You know you've reached the 80's when Sheena Easton is singing the theme song
sheena easton was class with Prince rip
I wouldn't consciously pursue trying to make something for the charts.
Another song from the on Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only.
Now playing: Wind Beneath My Wings by Sheena Easton on & via TuneIn app
I liked a video What if we fall in love - Eugene Wilde and Sheena Easton
Im not playing BET. a Prince tribute should consist of The Tyme, Sheila E, Chaka (he wrote I Feel For You), Sheena Easton and Martha Wash.
also saw them there.. and Maria McKee... had the good sense to stay in Fixx and miss Sheena Easton ..
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Good morning all, today's births1939 Judy Carne; 1946 Nicholas Serota; 1959 Sheena Easton in Bellshill; 1967 Tommy Smith in Edinburgh;
Even Prince's lesser know songs performed by other artists are beautifully crafted, e.g. 101/Eternity for Sheena Easton, U for Paula Abdul.
Sheena Easton on Prince "The world of music was forever changed the day he picked up his guitar.His talent was breathtaking..heart was kind"
BBD sounds something like a cross between Sheena Easton and Kelly MacDonald.
Come spend the night inside my Sugar Walls. - Sheena Easton, Sugar Walls
"Heaven and earth inside my Sugar Walls" - I never realized Sheena Easton was a dirty girl in 1985. w/
I remember the TV programme that 'broke' Sheena Easton - was it presented by Esther Rantzen?
plus he did Apollonia, Sheila E, Susanna Hoffs (my fave), Vanity, Sheena Easton etc. Thats 1 lucky ***
What animated movie today would have songs with Tim Curry, Robin Williams, Tone Loc, Raffi and Sheena Easton? Seriously.
Feeling not at your best because you got Sheena Easton instead of Kanya West? Make a list, get the perfect gift
"I wanna hear sing! Sheena Easton told me David has some singing chops!" - Come on David! SANG!
Mark Ronson joining the Sheena Easton accent hall of shame on
Was this back in the days when Sheena Easton played Tecmo Bowl with ? :)
Catching up with Top of The Pops 1980. Cringy interview with Dennis Waterman talking about his rock and roll tour with Sheena Easton...
Spent the morning listening to old Bond themes. Sheena Easton's 'For Your Eyes Only' is best suited to Eurovision
Enjoy Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton - We've Got Tonight and other 1950s-2000 Oldies on .
I got a little stoned and decided if I get married, I want Kenny Rogers and sheena Easton's "we've got tonight" as my first dance
Sheena Easton on KFC? It's like living in a time machine.
Sparring. -Do something other than a roundhouse. -Everywhere's a vital point. -"Look over there, it's Sheena Easton" is surprisingly effective
Fab surprise 's Modern Girl on new ad. Two of my favourite things mixed together x
Just in case anyone wants to get confused, "U Got the Look" has both Sheila E and Sheena Easton on it.
The trouble with music shuffle: going from Queensrÿche's "Eyes of a Stranger" to Sheena Easton's "Morning Train (Nine to Five)". So jarring.
Episode of Miami Vice on when Sheena Easton gets killed and then we find out she's pregnant :(
If only Sheena Easton's 'Modern Girl' had been about a girl with laser cannons instead of ***
Coming up in next 2 hours Kirsty MacColl Patti Smith Sheena Easton +
This had me skipping to work this morning. Yes, that's right. Skipping. 'Sheena Easton - Modern Girl' .
Cannot get this song out of my head this morning Sheena Easton Modern Girl via
This man's a child, this man is old. Sometimes he's mild, sometimes he's bold. This man I love, sometimes in spite...
The only reason I watched 2 and TV series was because of Sasha La Fleur voiced by Sheena Easton
I added a video to a playlist Sheena Easton - Strut (Special Dance Mix)
Hi Sheena, do you remember wee Andy Daisley? ;o)
now playing... Sheena Easton. Morning train (9 to 5). T-Shirt Radio.
watching Miami Vice on Cozi-TV. Back to the 80s! Guest star Sheena Easton. She was big back then.
Yeah, I know. Sheena Easton. Prince. Sometimes I do worry about the boy.
Spy music night at SF Symphony with Sheena Easton drew from multi media: Spy music night at Dav...
"For Your Eyes Only" by Sheena Easton means this is my favorite James Bond theme song.
on Elevate247 : We've Got Tonight by Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton at
James Bond from real life escapes prison in Mexico... For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton - vía
When I die, please bury me in an 84' IROC Z with Sheena Easton's For Your Eyes Only playing on the tape player.
My Ma might be jealous of Sheena Easton. Sheena was at school with my Da and then she sang a duet with my Da. Prince. That's probably why.
as would Sheena Easton, remember her?
Sheena Easton would have taken the train.
Find out what Sheena Easton is up to these days.
Sheena Easton, my dirty mind is all your fault. I remember this as a 12 yr old & finding out what Sugar Walls were. http…
just pulled a Sheena Easton and my *** heart exploded.
Just saw you performing 9-5 on TOTP , and I remembered "another broken heart ", found it on You Tube ,great song,best wishes
Anyone else notice Gozer looks like Sheena Easton?
Watching a TOTP from 1980 where the top 4 - in reverse order - was Sheena Easton, The Jam, Abba & at no 1 Bowie.
*** Sheena Easton had TWO records in the top 20? Oh, Britain...
Sheena Easton. In just seven years from this, she'll be banging Prince.
Sheena Easton on Famous Glasgow gig interaction "I wrote this with my good friend Prince'. Heckler : "Ah've got a dog called Prince"
From a fantastic last night Carmen to an episode of Top of the Pops from 1980. Sheena Easton, The Jam...
top of the pops 1980 Modern Girl. Just catching up on bbc4 tonight
Unaccountably exhausted. Weakly watching Sheena Easton on TOTP. God she's awful.
Pamela Stevenson's impression of Sheena Easton sings better than Sheena Easton.
Sheena Easton's Modern Girl sounds like she has a really boring life.
I may change to Angela Winbush or Sheena Easton, I'm not sure yet. I'm too attached to Vanity. ,_,
I won't be surprised. I bet he's gonna mention Sugar Walls by Sheena Easton, too.
(Casey Kasem voice) The song this week in 1981.Morning Train, by Sheena Easton.
Like Dylan rhyming 'table' with 'table' 3 times in '...Hattie Carroll', Sheena Easton rhymes 'again' with 'again' 3 times in Modern Girl.
You're on right now giving it some Sheena Easton ☺
has probably wrote more number ones than any , the time vanity Apollonia Sheila E Madonna Sheena Easton Britney many many more
He is a grwat writer. He wrote Sugar Walls for Sheena Easton, she's from your area
I'm listening to For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton on
Next up: Taylor Swift singing a yodel tribute to Sheena Easton.
Sheena Easton's "Sugar Walls" is about gingerbread houses, right?
Martin laird is a weird amalgamation of Graeme McDowell and sheena Easton
ah the days when the Aussies gave us the likes Olivia Newton John, Sheena Easton, and Kylie. What happened?
1983: only women I'd heard: Sheena Easton, Donna Summer, & in this particular week, their songs not danceable. Year of Laura Branigan, iirc.
'I call you on the telephone... but you're never home.' I still love Sheena Easton... :)
Thanks for hosting the 80's pop videos ; I met Sheena Easton after her support act to Dennis Waterman in Poole Dorset in the 80's
Bond songstress Sheena Easton is back. Watch out Miami - February 21 @ Magic City Casino
Whoever was the Young train driver in that Sheena Easton video must be one lucky man.
Just about to watch MOTD but got waylaid by Sounds Of The Eighties on the red button. Sheena Easton video? Yes please!
That Sheena Easton one has a thing for steam trains it would appear
Nice jumpsuit thingy Sheena Easton. I do remember the decade as being more stylish than than
The video to 9 To 5 (Morning Train) by Sheena Easton was filmed at Bluebell Railway.
button .sound of the 80's bit of Sheena easton classic
This Sheena Easton number will hear around the summer time when BBC Four show Top Of The Pops from August 1980.
Yay! Now its Sheena Easton. Love this song! I'm so cheesy!!
hey Debbie just saw u as Sheena Easton in stars in their eyes on challenge!! Looked and sounded fab!!! 😃
Is that you as Sheena Easton on Stars in their Eyes on Challenge TV?!?
Sheena Easton performs an evening of James Bond songs with Bill Conti conducting the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, at Copley Symphony Hall, in San Diego, CA,...
Here's an '80s flashback: Sheena Easton at the House, 30 years ago. More photos:
The so lovely Sheena Easton did her first concert here Oct. '84. See it here at
going to dream of Sheena Easton now :( Tom Jones will be singing "Kiss". You coulda made it "The Green Green Grass of Home"!
I prefer Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton's version of We've got tonight to the original, so shoot me now if you want. (Smile).
Bobby Vee in the streets, Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton in the sheets
John Peel and John Walters apparently enjoying a cooked breakfast under the watchful eye of Sheena Easton:
Listening to music from the 80's. Sugar Walls — listening to Sheena Easton
"Sugar Walls" by Sheena Easton was the no. 100 hit of 1985
The dirtiest song ever popped up on Spotify " Sugar Walls"- Sheena Easton . Cochina :)
Ok I need to avoid getting sucked into ink master next year because this is the the second time the biggest LOSER and most arrogant artist who actually causes me to get angry and yell profanities at the tv all season because for some reason I feel like they have him on the show to make my life miserable because for some reason Spike TV personally hates me. Then he wins and it's like Dave Navarro looks right at me and mocks me.bite me ink master and Dave your hair looks like the same style Sheena Easton wore in the 80s and you look like an *** get a normal haircut moron
SIDEBAR: Prince had his ex Sheena Easton on a duet & his then-girlfriend Anna Garcia appear on the album then left HER for …
shared4 Sam Cooper - JAN BUCKINGHAM & SAM COOPER Wed. at The Commodore Wednesday April 23 at 8:30pm - 9:00pm Commodore Grille Nashville at The Holiday Inn Vanderbilt 2613 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203 Invited by Sam Cooper Not to be name-dropping, but let's see--who do I know that has had cuts as a songwriter with Whitney Houston, Johnny Lee, Pam Tillis, Melissa Manchester, Laura Branigan, Lee Greenwood, Air Supply, Gary Morris, Crystal Gayle, George Jones, Englebert Humberdink, Tim McGraw, Patty Loveless, Sheena Easton, Rick Springfield, Dottie West, Bill Anderson, David Frizzell, and tons more recording artists? The answer- Jan Buckingham! I'm honored to be scheduled to be playing with her in the 8:30 songwriter half hour for Debi Champion's songwriter showcase at the Commodore Grille Nashville--just the two of us. Early birds get the best seats. Great food, free parking and no cover charge.
Tonight April 12 at 7:30 PM HSPAA presents "Three's Company" St. John’s Anglican Church, 1930 Diamond Rd Squamish Joani Bye has been wowing audiences as a singer, musician and entertainer for many years, performing on T.V., radio, concert and theatre stages and in nightclubs. As one of Vancouver's top studio singers, Joani's powerful voice has been heard on albums by some of the music industry's most popular artists such as Cher, David Bowie, INXS and Jon Bon Jovi, to name a few, as well as on countless commercial jingles. She has performed on stage with the likes of Sheena Easton, Del Shannon and Mellissa Manchester. Her current projects range from theatre, appearing in Jupiter Productions’ “Cruisin’ With the Boomers” to fronting her R&B band the Homewreckers and writing arrangements for several local choral groups. Even with concert tours, school shows, theatre, club work, sessions, song-writing and arranging, tennis, yoga and her family, Joani still finds lots of time to ...
The *only* thing going on in my head right now is a loop of the chorus of "Morning Train" by Sheena Easton.
All that AND Sheena Easton before my coffee...yeesh!
Sheena Easton, oh not a fan at all... I love the song with prince, but not a fan. If I get tickets your coming ...
you should! Last time I saw Sheena Easton! (On stage, not having a Vodka to Better the Devil. Ha!)
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Sheena Easton - The lover in me ... "
I remember having the same haircut as Sheena Easton in this video
"She looked like Sheena Easton?". "No, like a Shiba Inu.". Either way, she must have looked awesome.
I do like sheena Easton the singer as well as Dame Shirley Bassey
Because I missed it earlier & because it demands it Intense Sheena Easton opener. A.T.A.C. system!
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Sheena Easton vs Duran Duran. Hardly Clash of the Titans is it?
For Your Eyes Only about to start on ITV+1. One of my fav Bond themes.. love Sheena Easton.
I remember Noel Edmonds playing For Your Eyes Only on the radio and then criticising it for being in too high a register for Sheena Easton.
Roger Moore theme sung by Sheena Easton Composed by Bill Conti a Happy 72nd Birthday a week today!
How the *** did Sheena Easton get this gig considering she'd basically won a talent show hosted by Esther Rantzen?!
Nearly time for Sheena Easton Sunday and a Bond reboot
I was at that.Also went to the Glasgow Green gig.Sheena Easton was the definite highlight!
Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only via Only for you
Time heals all wounds they say and I should know. 'Coz it seems like… ♫ Almost Over You by Sheena Easton —
It's going to be Sheena Easton vs what is currently playing, Peter Gabriel. Snide looks will be exchanged.
1981 Track of the Day: Sheena Easton - "For Your Eyes Only" The last Bond song before "Skyfall" to be Oscar nominated
Sheena Easton's body of work is in another strutosphere.
Sheena Easton - When He Shine lyrics and translations
Sheena Easton has everyone "shaken" it up on the dance floor. Young Professionals have also joined the party!
Belinda Carlisle, Sheena Easton and Kim Wilde! Why are 80s pop stars so much better looking than todays divas? :)
Has anyone got a copy of the full length Esther Rantzen Big Time with Sheena Easton? I can only find an 8 min clip on You Tube . . .
Having a great time at Carlos Ortiz and Lisa Lisa excellent. Looking forward to Sheena Easton.
Rewind: Celebrating the Music of the 80s with Sam Harris and Sheena Easton Thursday, Mar 6 – 8:00PM Revisit the era of power ballads, synthesized pop and really big hair with Star Search grand champion Sam Harris and Grammy-winning pop princess Sheena Easton. Since Harris became an 80s icon after winning the first ever Star Search, he has been a platinum selling recording artist, Tony nominated Broadway star, and international concert sellout. After Easton took the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1981 with her self-titled debut album, her many subsequent hits including Morning Train and Strut, and collaborations with Prince (U Got the Look) and Kenny Rogers (We’ve Got Tonight) and James Bond Theme For Your Eyes Only have become a virtual soundtrack of the 80s. Take a tubular trip down memory lane with hits by George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi and many others. REWIND features a full band to bring this great music to life featuring the hits you know the words to from artists like Journey, U2 and mor ...
Well look who got their White Hats yup Sheena Easton & Sam Harris
So many people at tonight for Sheena Easton and Sam Harris Rewind. Hits of the 80s!
80's Hits with Sheena Easton and Sam Harris @ Jack Singer Concert Hall - Check out for more info
Taking care of Sheena Easton and Sam Harris today...
I am really looking forward to meeting & shooting (with my camera, lol) Sheena Easton & Sam Harris along with the CPO tomorrow :)
Fort Lauderdale's historic War Memorial Auditorium is pleased to welcome Pride Fort Lauderdale this coming March 1 and 2, featuring Sheena Easton, Lisa Lisa, Tiffany, and Judy Tenuta. Tickets are $15 daily, $25 weekend pass, $100 VIP Weekend. Now on sale at
What song by Sheena Easton was the no. 46 hit of 1985? See the answer:
Brilliant. By the way, I was at that Sheena Easton gig.
Not sure I quite like the mental image of something shuffling onto Sheena Easton.
You don’t truly understand the transcendent power of art until you’re on a packed bus and iTunes shuffles onto Sheena Easton.
Nice Sheena Easton reference by And now I will have that song stuck in my head all day
"long long distance love affair, i can't find you anywhere 🎶"- Ang makabagbag damdaming Telefone ni Sheena Easton.
No woman has ever rocked the She Mullet like Sheena Easton
"I can't go for that" or any song by Hall & Oates, "Sugar Walls" by Sheena Easton, or what about Club Nouveau?
What song by Sheena Easton was the no. 95 hit of 1981? See the answer:
'Sugar Walls' by Sheena Easton is on but I still say her best song is this:
Finally on today's the answer IS Sheena Easton. Perhaps round 2 will have anal sex?
Indeed and nobody went for Sheena Easton
This date in 1983, Liberty releases the Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton remake of Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight."
SERIOUSLY?!?! Gloria Estefan's "Bad Boy" is being played on the PA at the Orange Bowl ... What's next? Sheena Easton? Juice Newton?
Jan 1, 1981: “Instead of Joy Division, John Peel confesses, he's been singing Sheena Easton's ‘My Baby Takes The Morning Train’ all day.”
If you like Sheena Easton - Modern Girl you'll love listening LIVE to Humboldt 101! Go to
SHEENAnews - a Sheena Easton fansite with all the latest news and information on Sheena plus a detailed career history. PLUS MUCH MORE
Live and Let Die by Wings is the first that jumps to mind. A guilty pleasure is For Your Eyes a Only by Sheena Easton.
Just settled down to watch Quantum of Solace. They don't make the theme tunes like they used to - I say bring back Sheena Easton...
it's my fav album of probably ever, oh apart from Sheena Easton's debut album that is
When I click the "people near me" icon in ...Nicholas Cage, Sheena Easton, and Celine Deon" shows up.
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I think I will begin karaoke with "For Your Eyes Only" by Sheena Easton. . Long time since THAT one. -James Bond 1981 movie theme
Sheena bloody Easton on the radio in Whitcoull's. Please, please make it stop. I'm begging you. Please.
I'm listening to The Lover In Me by Sheena Easton on 80s on 8 at via this week in 1988
What are all these OLD people doing interviewing and watching Grace Slick? She looks like Sheena Easton in this...
I would make tea for Joni Mitchell or clean her car, anything to be in the studio and watch her work. - Sheena Easton
Our Mam is in the kitchen singing Morning Train by Sheena Easton again.
Too Beautiful by He Is We, Concrete Angel by Martina McBride, So Much In Love by Sheena Easton, Love Is Contagious by Nina
I'm having a Sheena Easton day. 80s flashback, next thing I will be heading to the Limelight or Delaneys
Listening to some Sheena Easton with my mom on her new record player she got for Christmas. Pretty good music too since its something I haven't heard before.
Sheena Easton is a British recording artist. Easton became famous for being the focus of an episode in the British television programme The Big Time. Telepho...
Sheena Easton was discovered by Esther Rantzen's reality TV show "The Big Time" in 1980.
Music from the 1986 movie "About Last Night", featuring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe. Great song by Sheena Easton...ENJOY AND SUBSCRIBE!
Sheena Easton sings Sugar Walls but keeps subbing "gravy." Prince isn't having it.
Sheena Easton lyrics - Christmas (all Over The World): all my life i tried to do what's right, first star i see tonight make my wish come true, why can't we join hands around one tree, let live and let...
Sheena Easton had a very good start as a debut artist in 1980-1981, but could she have possibly been more successful? Let's explore uncharted territories and...
Sheena Easton is interviewed on Wogan, a BBC talk show, 25 November 1985. She then performs the title track from her 1985 album, do it for love. Too bad it i...
Sheena Easton wish you well! played nine to five,playing now Gareth gates appearing next year on Dancing on ice 2014 as discussed on the big show rewind
Sheena Easton - So Much In Love Lyrics You must be happy, you look wonderful, never seen you look so fine I've heard all about her, you're mad about her You ...
the beautiful Sheena Easton from the album "A Private Heaven". One the best ballads from the 80's.
one was with Sheena Easton and one with Roberta Flack. Both Xmas concerts. White *** kids singing to all black crowds.
Sheena Easton in wheelchair as she leaves clinic after mystery visit
1992 production with leads Raul Julia and Sheena Easton. The musical was the 5th highest earner on Broadway that year. This was Easton's first outing in a st...
I would have loved for Michael McDonald, Lisa Stansfield, or Sheena Easton to be in the segment not Vanilla Ice
Music to make you smile. 1. It takes a man and a woman - Teri de Sario 2. You never told me you love me - Gabriel 3. I never dreamed someone like you could love someone like me - Katie Irving 4. Miles Away - Colin Blunstone 5. I've never been to me - Charlene 6. I know I'll never love this way again - Dionne Warwick 7. Someone that I used to love - Natalie Cole 8. I don't want you to go - Lani Hall 9. Almost Over You - Sheena Easton 10.More than you'll ever know - Michael Ruff 11.Just when i needed you most - Randy Vanwarmer 12. I never thought - Dan Hill 13. If you ever change your mind - Crystal Gayle 14. I honestly love you - Olivia Newton John 15. You needed me - Anne Murray 16. You decorated my life - Kenny Rogers 17. My endless love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie 18. Longer - Dan Fogelberg 19. Can You Read my Mind - Maureen Mcgovern 20. Just Once - James Ingram 21. Lost in your eyes - Debbie Gibson 22. In your eyes - George Benson 23. Lately - Stevie Wonders 24. Something in your eyes - Dusty Springfi ...
Go watch Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest again. And listen to the music. Alan Silvestri, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, Sheena Easton, Raffi, Ton Loc, Tim Curry. Now that's some talent. I love that movie.
Only four UK female singers have ever topped the US singles chart. Petula Clark was the first to score a US No.1 single in 1965 with Downtown, Sheena Easton's Morning Train followed in 1981. Kim Wilde was the third with her 1987 cover version of the Supremes hit You Keep Me Hangin' and X Factor winner Leona Lewis became the fourth in 2008 with her single Bleeding Love.
"An independent lady, takin' care of herself" Modern Girl by Sheena Easton
Bonnie Tyler,Irene Cara,Sheena Easton,Laura Branigan,Simmon Le Bond and George Micheal. As I borned in 1971, Im afraid I cannot get those name out of my mind.
I see your Air Supply and raise you a Juice Newton or possibly a Sheena Easton
You know you aren't sleeping your best when you have a dream of Chris Farley dancing to Sheena Easton and realize you're dancing too...
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Let's fill this room with 'blue by Sheena Easton for the
The profiles of two girls with 1980s hairdos - perhaps Sheena Easton and her twin - rubbing noses.
bit obvious but 'Downtown Train' or 'Midnight Train to Georgia' or 'Morning Train' Sheena Easton ? :-) x
yup. Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton : we've got tonight
Is listening to strut by sheena easton.
Some swine has earwormed me with Morning Train by Sheena Easton...
Saturday will be the second week for our new "Think Link" feature. Last week we played songs from Lulu, Sheena Easton, Carly Simon, Duran Duran, A-Ha, Paul McCartney and Wings, Shirley Bassey and Adele. The link? They have all sung Bond Themes. Did you get it, will you get this week's? Starts at 8pm.
Remember when women like Sheena Easton wore multiple layers of clothes from neck to toes and we thought they still looked hot in videos?
listener request and now playing: Easton, Sheena - Morning Train @
know what MIGHT put me in a better mood? A Prince:Shelia E/Vanity 6/Applonia/Sheena Easton/Mary Jane Girls music morning...
Now playing Sheena Easton - for Your Eyes Only on Radio Gold II
Started watching "For Your Eyes Only" tonight while working on something else. Is it okay that I still have a crush on Sheena Easton?
wonder if Sheena Easton will be on to honor Kenny?
Whew, EVERYBODY is there! Never dreamed Sheena Easton would be presenting... ROCK 'N' ROLL
How many of these hideous "Sheena Easton cover band with a lap steel" faux country award shows are there, for god's sake?
Something keeps nagging me about that Sheena Easton "Sugar Walls" song. I think it's trying to sneak something past me.
were you listening to Sheena Easton?
What were you up to in 1980? wants to know. Still to come on the Golden Years Sheena Easton and before 2.30pm
I have a bet going with Katrina Nelsen on who can pick out the saddest and most daggiest 80's love song, you need to vote between Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight and Jason Donavan and Kylie Minogue's Especially for you and all your votes so i can collect my prize thank you all!!
ACR is Kenny Rogers And Sheena Easton - We've Got Tonight Listen now at
Listen to music by Sheena Easton on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Dear Meijers, If you do not want people to sing and dance in the aisles, than I have two suggestions for you. 01) You should post a sign saying such. 02) You shouldn't play "Morning Train" by Sheena Easton because everyone is aware that it is scientifically impossible for me not to sing and dance to that song. Thank You, Grant
I think sheena easton has a nice voice. And fun songs.
Anouk Aimee and Sheena Easton was born on 27 April
"Boys like small talk, small minds really don't impress me."~ Sheena Easton
Michael Damian on Jeanne Cooper (after her death) commenting between his own hair & Jeanne's: "In the 1980s, I went with Jeanne to a fundraiser in Natchez, MS, and we stayed at a plantation hotel. It was a big, black tie and I remember I was in my room, getting ready when my phone rang. It was Jeanne and she said, 'Michael, I need your help!, My hair is a disaster!, Can you help me?' There was 100% humidity, so she was having severe hair issues. I asked, 'You want me to come to your room and do your hair?,' She said, 'Yes, can you help me?,' and I said, 'Sure,' so I grabbed my mousse, hairspray, hair blower and flat iron and brought them all to her room. I sprayed and blow-dried so I could get her hair really tall. I gave her a total '80s do. She looked like Sheena Easton. After I was done, she looked in the mirror and said, 'I look good,' I'll never forget doing her hair. I wish I would've taken a picture. Judging what my hair looked like, back then, you can just imagine how hers looked. She always said, ...
Sheena Easton - "Strut"from the album A Private Heaven (1984)Billboard Hot 100 peak: (one week)Weeks in the Top-40: 15Today's song of the day is by Scottish singer Sheena Easton, who had returned herself to the top-10 in 1983 with "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)" and followed it with anothe
I've been with Vernon since Jan 1983. So I'm just hearing this story. "Val in school I was in love with Sheena Easton and I just heard "for your eyes only". I think I fell In love with you because you look like her". Wow thanks babe. I thought you fell in love with me for ME! Lol MEN!
Saturday cleaning with the i-pod on shuffle: 'Dream' by the Cranberries, Eydie Gorme' on 'Frenisi', Jessye singin 'Dich: Teure Halle', 'Morning Train' with Sheena Easton, and Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own'. Just like that. Out of nowhere. My profile picture sums up how I'm feelin'...
Sheena Easton as I get my ratchet twerk hoodrat hoochie self ready for a night full of ratchetness
Ok question 4 , last one tonight What nationality is '80s star Sheena Easton? thanks
Helen Reddy was an amazing vocalist.Sheena Easton has a great voice but not as effortless as Olivia Newton-John
I liked a video from Sheena Easton and Kenny Rogers-We've Got Tonight-Official Video
Yeah. I tried to look like a cross between Ian McCulloch and Robert Smith. Somehow ended up more like Sheena Easton.
Driving home and listening to the Top 40 from 1984 on the Sirius '80s channel. I still remembered the lyrics for "Out of Touch," by Hall & Oates, "Strut" by Sheena Easton and "I Feel for You" by Chaka Kahn. Is there any way I can reclaim that brain space?
I thought I shared with Sheena Easton but it turns out she was year older
I remember why I didn't post it originally. Sheena Easton's heavy featuring ruins it.
You know what else *** is the gaping void in Spotify where all the Sheena Easton songs should be.
You should listen the glee version. Rachel and Finn duet:')"Kenny Rogers ft. Sheena easton- we've got tonight"
Love doesn't sit there like a stone, it has to be made, like bread: remin the studio and watch her work, - Sheena Easton
Time for Before or After! Today I'm starting with Sheena Easton's "9 To 5" - but the song I play following that,...
"Who's that woman from Miami Vice?". "Sheena Easton?". "No, nor a Western. She's in Miami Vice.". (ends)
those are golden oldies. Now oldies are Air Supply and Sheena Easton!
Walking into this room with Sheena Easton in my brain
Bouncer Cletus is spinning 'We've Got Tonight' by Kenny Rogers And Sheena Easton in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Hot news - lead guitarist, Tony Stalloné is back in the recording studio with Sheena Easton!
Guys, when I told you my fave song of Shania was AlmostOverYou, it was wrong. I was thinkinh bout Sheena Easton. Lol
Sheena Easton did that to me back in the 80's
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Morning Train (Nine To Five) by Sheena Easton
Laura Branigan's Gloria and Sheena Easton's Telephone, kinda have same tune
Random sound of the day... Walked into backyard only to hear the voice of Sheena Easton, blaring out "for your eyes only" from a neighbors house. Blaring. Loudly. Very random indeed.
Kenny Rogers says the favorite song he ever recorded: We've Got Tonight with Sheena Easton!
I have Sheena Easton in my head. Dear god why
good ole Sheena Easton! Where did she go? On the train waiting for her baby stop working 9-5 Lol
-- I think it was U Got The Look. Duet with Sheena Easton. I remember watching the video on MTV (they used to show videos).
.poses with one of his favorite albums, Sheena Easton's "A Private Heaven." @ Sylvan Park
Learn English With Songs - Nine to Five, by Sheena Easton via
Go ahead Heidi Klum. Of course every work out Ipod needs Blurred Lines (Robin thick), Just Dance (Lady Gaga) Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake), U got the look (Prince/Sheena Easton), Sexy can I (Ray Kay), Naughty Girl (Beyonce)...and others, but these really get me going...:-)
Dear Jo, Please when you leave the office for your break again can you turn that rubbish you call music off!! I have been looking everywhere for a distressed badger in the office till I realised it was your music!! ;-P anymore of that and I will be bringing my Sheena Easton albums have been warned! Best Regards Pat
Sugar Walls...Sheena Easton...and who do you think penned this song for her...I will tell you in a few..WXPI 88.5 FM
Maryelizabeth Tramposh my first big 16.. my first big first big purchase..i had beautiful long hair but.. had to have this one wig/ the strip mall in back at tower plaza had a wig shop..and this perfect fall i buy it and strut. and flaunt it.. i mean the innocent type of strut.. i just love that song by miss sheena easton.. but before...i told the lady i may want to die my hair.. she said no problem with this type of fall.. you can also wash and dry this... see i always wanted a difference in color between my hair and the made it look streaked.. where the fall fit in.. well i washed it..and colored it.. and only part of the fall was me and mama took it back .. no store,.. no furniture, no wigs or falls..and out of business sign.. only there for less than a week at that time..i had to rid of the fall..
I'm hearing Sheena Easton in a club. Oh my!
Shots and singing to Sheena Easton and Dolly and Kenny..happy birthday Lorna Mansell!!
Sheena easton is a punk rocker now :)
What's the deal with Sinead O'Connor & Britney Spears bashing Miley Cyrus! Who's next on the Miley bashing bandwagon? the preacher formally known as Vanity or even the Miley Cyrus of her day Sheena Easton thinking she's gonna bust Her Sugar Walls? lol, I stand with Lady Gaga because It's your life and your's only!!!
The deli guy at stop and shop just told me I look like Sheena Easton!! The kids were like.. who? Lol
The guy blasting Sheena Easton in Woodruff; that would be me.
Some days you just need to start your morning with Sheena Easton. Specifically, on the Morning Train
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