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Shebby Singh

Serbgeth (Shebby ) Singh is a football coach, television commentator, and former international football player from Malaysia.

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can't be as bad as Paul masefield and shebby singh
Absolutely.. that last clown Shebby Singh that spoke for us was a joke.
Oh my. Reminded me of Shebby Singh after such a long time!
I heard Toh is better than shebby singh
Better to have Spurs fan Shebby Singh to be co-commenter for this match!
kean ince laws Dunn and shebby Singh
Let's look at Shebby's credentials -
Shebby Singh on a 12 year deal, heard it here first
Can Shebby Singh talks like a normal person? 😑
Even the pundit team thinks this was not a penalty. Shebby Singh thinks Kaya can advance to KO round.
.and FOX Sports pundits Shebby Singh and talking & in the studio.
I dont think shebby singh should be commentator. Some of the stuff he says are really harsh. As if he used to be that good. 😒
Shebby Singh tried something similar with a blow-up crowd: .
People talked about Shebby Singh as a pundit NT & less about how he was absent in N9 because of injury. 😅
"Arsène Wenger needs to teach his players how to be street wise like Diego Costa" - Shebby Singh on Arsenal's...
Shebby Singh really needs a slap in the face la
Shebby Singh just said Dele Alli should play for Barcelona and is better than Ivan Rakitic and Arda Turan combined . Mabuk …
unrelated - honest - but what is Shebby Singh up to these days?
shebby Singh is taking over I heard
he didn't stabilise anything! The owners got rid of other parties (Shebby Singh). That stabilised the club!
Shebby Singh hasn't been on 5 live for a while. That was the low point.
Has Gary Bowyer been sacked, if so are we gonna see that great season under Shebby Singh and Keano being repeated
A much as I want to blame the manager or the players this all goes back to Venkeys appointment of Kean and Shebby Singh. Ruined our club
What happened to shebby singh? Was on ssn everyday at one point.Is he dead?
Shebby Singh storms the Nakatomi Plaza, brandishing a gun and a 4 year contract for Dickson Etuhu. Panic ensues.
Aye, like Shebby Singh was the most knowledgeable person in Asia.
Peter Andre with glasses or a young shebby singh
Turns out Chris Fong just might be the new Shebby Singh... allegedly. .
Who is this guy and how does he get paid?! Bring back Shebby Singh
can also be called as the female Shebby Singh :D
Remember the time when Shebby Singh would tell us that Matt Jarvis is the best midfielder in premier league? featured in NBC s Science of Love
no doubt they asked shebby Singh for a character reference on Tim. He was a huge fan.
Blackburn manager Steve Kean admits that he hasn't seen any of his 3 deadline day signings play live. Recommended by Shebby …
Why are people even entertaining the rumour of Messi to chelsea? Yeh, and ive just spotted Benzema in shandars with shebby singh.
I can think of 1,000,001 ideas that Accrington Stanley can use as ways of fundraising. That idea however, is Shebby-Singh-Tastic
"Gerrard is a poor passer of ball so he should play at right back. I think that is the best position for him." Shebby Singh
still nowhere near as good as the MGP one after shebby Singh said he was too old
potentially, business will grow for Shebby?.
This is for Steve Kean and this is for Shebby Singh .
Stan. Venky's. Shebby Singh. Global advisor. Enough said. Let the manager do the business. Simple.
Shahid Khan has accepted his challenge to embark on the "Shebby Singh invitational managerial search"...
Shebby Singh is a Tottenham fan lol. Steve has played for Liverpool. He's footballing views are pretty rational though. Yes,
Shebby Singh was an *** has zero knowlege. McMahon was highly Liverpool biased..Masefield was very good.
Malaysians don't know how to run a football club. Look at Shebby Singh, Vincent Tan and Tony Fernandes.
OMG Shebby Singh is on Astro Supersport it's been a long time not seeing him on tv, the CRAP KING
Shebby Singh was better than these Ten Sports C grade pundits.
Weekend drama as Mourinho mocks, Moyes moans: It was shocking to say the least when Jose Mourinho mocked the r...
I remember when Shebby Singh used to lose the plot every time David Jones played for United
Abbas Saad and Shebby Singh to be Moyes's successor at Manchester United.
Steve Kean as a replacement for Moyes advised by Shebby Singh?
true. cant say the same for shebby singh, though he was voice of football when we were growing up.. :P
As far as supervillains go, Shebby "The Invisible Singh" hardly sound as terrifying as "SHADOW SINGH".
I'm guessing the accused one is Shebby Singh?
Look what JDT fans think of Shebby Singh, and yea JDT is Shebby's current employers
I'm guessing it's Shebby Singh again. After all he destroyed Blackburn last season
Shebby Singh seems like a popular guy...
orite I am on nights so can't make it sorry. All best have a good day. P.s is shebby Singh going
A Sterling performance in the midst of bad Kompany via
Shebby Singh: "Despite being a friendly match, the stadium is full just because Pablo Aimar is playing"
hi Brett, I proper miss your texts. They complete me. Not as much as a shebby Singh pie though
For Chrissakes Shebby Singh is Astro's "pundit" on our game, what the *** is that *** doing back in this country, hasn't he got some global advising to do elsewhere?
Didi's accent reminds of shebby singh
Starting high, the weekend may live up to its promise: After the midweek European fixtures and the expected pr...
What's Shebby Singh up to these days?
Shebby Singh and Steve Kean on the end of season trip to the horses 2010
OMG yesterday I was in BV2 and I saw Shebby Singh sitting at Coffee Bean. He's a football pundit. Lol
What about if I had some Karachi Cash, would that work? Now move along you Shebby Singh cheerleader.
I have a uni friend that looks like Shebby Singh
Why does nothing about Rovers surprise or shock me these days? Sad times and the club gets dragged through the mud once again! Would like to thank Steve Kean, the Walker Trustees, Venkatesh Hatecheries, DJ Campbell, Bradley Orr, Leon Best, Shebby Singh, Kentaro, Derek Shaw and Paul Agnew .. Hope you all get a big pat on the back for your brilliant efforts!
Local player Sanjiv T has been found match fixing with Shebby Singh. More on the story after the break.
. Much better than Shebby singh and Co.
it's flipping shebby Singh and shaw deal this ! They probably said bet against us, we don't care
hi there. Neenge shebby singh ah? :p Ramsey is not performing la. Giroud typical la. Walcott should come in.
Make sure you grab December issue of - the one with ace Frank Lampard on cover! Great reading about Atletico Madrid, Shebby Singh's Blackburn Rovers' adventure & The Lovely Ladies of Astro including new recruit $5.50 in Singapore RM10 in Malaysia.
This Monday, Adam Carruthers makes his debut as host of BPL Turning Points as Shebby Singh and Dez Corkhill duke it out! 9pm Monday Astro SuperSport C831HD/810
Serbegeth Singh a.k.a. Shebby Singh was in FourFourTwo December's issue!!!.
In our latest issue, we talk to the infamous football pundit, Shebby Singh!
Rubbish or pathetic? Or both?: Diabolical refereeing decisions, goalkeepers in clogs and pathetic Spurs! It ce...
After an exciting weekend, here's clip from as Abbas Saad & Shebby Singh debate...
Join as Abbas Saad and Shebby Singh go face to face on BPL Turning Points at 9pm tonight only on
I respect Abbas Saad more than Shebby Singh coz he does not talk crap
RAHEEM STERLING AT WING-BACK?? Surely you've taken a page out of Shebby Singh's book there Paul?. Jason Dasey and...
Wow Shebby Singh going against Abbas Saad on on 23rd September. Anyone missed him? ;)
Wonder what ever happened to Blackburn Rovers' Malaysian-born global advisor Shebby Singh? Well, he's coming to a...
Shebby Singh wanted Gerrard to play right back for club and country
Can one man make a difference? Arsene knows: We still park on pavements. Yet today, I feel there is more reaso...
probably because we were still run by the idiotic Shebby Singh at the time, hopefully those days are long gone
And contributed a large percentage of that thanks to the clown pairing of Shebby Singh & Steve Kean.
And people moan at Rovers fans for bemoaning Steve Kean, Shebby Singh & Jerome Anderson. We were rotten to the core!
Does anybody have any idea where Shebby Singh is??? Anybody???
Shebby Singh is the best direct of football, any club can have.
And what he earned in return to someone like Shebby Singh or Agent Anderson dipping into sport & taking from communities. Jim the richer man
what's happenin up there post window? Will cabaye play again between now & Jan? Sounds like kinnear is like our shebby singh!
After today's announcement understand next appointment is Shebby Singh as Global Advisor
Espn starsports! 1st u had shebby singh who was filled with crap. And now Abbas Saad? Corrupted mofo, who knows nothing but match fixing!
Shebby Singh you cannot be a real person!
Big ties for big teams, a promising weekend in the EPL: Well, I see we still don’t use indicators when we driv...
Did I saw Shebby Singh attending draw at this moment?
Iain Dowie = the mio tv version of shebby singh
yeah, positive thoughts. If Shebby Singh stays in his hole we should be fine!
how I missed him. Best ever. The US fox tv presenters are live Carlton palmer and shebby singh's love-children
Our Star Sports is hooked with Premier League Tv. Great build up show from John *** Michael Owen on the panel. Goodbye to Shebby Singh!
come on nephew of shebby singh. Give me your prediction for ?
A shout out and happy birthday shebby singh
Minutes of the Blackburn Rovers Fans’ Forum Ewood Park, Monday 24th June 2013 – 7.15pm Present – Fans’ Forum Present from BRFC Ste Birtwell Derek Shaw John Wareing Greg Coar Ben Sumner Stuart Caley Simon Barnes Supt John Puttock Neil Duckworth Jennifer Lewis Alan Birkbeck Ray Williamson Rob Parker Tris Stock Jim Holden 1. Apologies for absence Glenn Pegden Andy Neill Gordon Ormerod Terry Crawford Annette Birkbeck 2. Away Game at Burnley SC and JP joined the meeting to update the Forum on plans for the away game at Burnley. SC stated that the club had already had meetings with Burnley and the police. Given the number of arrests at the games last season compared to other fixtures the police felt they had no choice but to recommend that bussing of away fans to the games continue this season, which both clubs had accepted. They did however want to make this necessary inconvenience as palatable as possible for fans. Burnley had suggested making defined areas of the away stand for family groups, with se ...
Shebby Singh clearly is not a professional. Very one sided view. Not sure if you could do half the things he says the players should do on the pitch.
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I think I might finally have the answer to what my purpose in life has always been. Writing long posts, blogs and reviews for restaurants at Zomato. Finally a place where I can channelize my talents, and then grow and become a connoisseur. B| Writing about sports is for people like Navjot Singh Sidhu and Shebby Singh.
Hi all, I was wondering if there is anyone on here with a Tata sky+ HD box that is willing to do me a favour? I will make it financially worth their while whoever is willing to record a certain programme for me. The channel in question on the Tata sky network is TEN Action channel on Friday night usually at 9PM is a programme called Blackburn Rovers Tv usually runs for around 3 hours and broadcasts the full 90m game and has rare interviews with players and staff. The reason I ask is because here in England all we ever get in terms of highlights is 10 secs on the football League show and apart from one presenter the other guest presenters make Shebby Singh look good!. This is the only place that has any extensive coverage of Rovers games that's the reason I ask. If there is someone out there willing to do this for me I would be eternally grateful and would make it worth their while I would also personally sort out the cost of the blank disks to record it onto. I hope someone can help. Thanks Savio.
Shebby Singh hopes that new Blackburn Rovers manager Gary Bowyer isn't "clueless" like his predecessors.
Love the Football League news paper awarding Shebby Singh The Mug of the Year award
Apparently has been in talks with Shebby Singh in a £45m package
Shebby Singh eats samosa's with his feet, samosa's with his feet 🐔👳
and before you say it...Shebby Singh had nowt to do with it. ;-)
Mancini sounds does his best Shebby Singh impression as he barks "YES!", "YES!", in response to questions over whether he will stay at City.
Would love to see Benitez at Blackburn Rovers. Benitez and Shebby Singh together can work wonders :D
'Shebby singh eat samosas with his feet' is such a catchy chant, been singing it all day
Took control of on my first course of action was to sack shebby Singh
thanks for the follow! Worth a vote for the shebby Singh "2 robbies" interview on its own!
voted and good luck. Your interview with Shebby Singh was good listening and an insight to the circus at Rovers
I voted. Can I have a follow Rob? I'll even say Robbie in the voice of Shebby Singh ;-)
It could be worse mate. You could have Shebby Singh picking your new manager!
Without disrespecting I can see, the club appointing Shebby Singh! o_O Imagine that?!
I've had enough. I want Shebby Singh as our manager. Because
Hope you become new sports minister. Take Football Malaysia to glory days again. No Shebby Singh please.
Will be consulting Shebby Singh on who they appoint?
I just remembered that I've got a quid on Shebby Singh being Blackburn's next manager lol
Breaking news!!! Howard Webb has been announced as new Manchester United manager with Shebby Singh as his assistant.
Man Utd to have da greatest football mind to helm the hot seat next season - Shebby Singh
should be between Dean Saunders, Shebby Singh and Mark Hughes.
My mate reckons Shebby Singh to help pick new utd boss,he works for moss bros but said he would consider as a favour to Shebby.
"Sir Alex is now ready for Blackburn." Are United ready for Shebby Singh ? :-)
Anyone considered Shebby Singh from Blackburn to takeover from Fergie lol
Shebby Singh is a great shout. Steve McMahon assistant manager. Andrew Leci for post-match interviews.
Lucky Shebby Singh ain't the new director ☺
Shebby Singh has surely caught the eye as replacement for David Gill.
Shebby Singh and Subhash Bhowmick nominated by AFC and AIFF to replace SAF.
No truth that Shebby Singh has been approached to replace Sir Alex... Not yet anyway...
well it does tbh, instead of Shebby Singh being at war with Derek Shaw/Paul Agnew
I hope Shebby Singh comes back to the Pre Match program as a Pundit, we'll get to hear new pronounciations of players
The guest on RTM 1 reminds me of Shebby Singh.
"whoever gets the most vote will win." -Shebby Singh
I can imagine election show hosted by Shebby Singh. "that is a very very very hotly contested seat John".
Being Star Wars day I'd like to also wish Derek Shaw and shebby singh a happy venkys day. 'May the farce be with you.'
4. Unless Venky's sack the maniac that is Shebby Singh and let an English board make the decisions, the decline will only continue.
New manager. Shebby Singh to *** off. Good squad of players. That's what we need for next season.
Relax Rob, it was just a Shebby Singh joke!
Have you made any further inroads with the lyrics to the Little Talks/Shebby Singh mash-up 2k13?
Shawnee Smith is like the Shebby Singh of TV.
erm I thought that was what Shebby Singh was doing! Or is he just getting a free ride?
voted! Main reason being that Shebby Singh interview.
‘Every Tom, *** and Harry thinks they can own the club’ - Blackburn advisor Shebby Singh has swipe at prospe
shebby Singh? He's a clown but a jokes one, alright watching me thinks
U need a visa to attend the wedding lol ... Where is shebby Singh at the moment.., English press r missing him...!!!
Rumour here in England shebby Singh is going to b the stand up comedian at the wedding.. Lol
Manager Michael Appelton om global advisor Shebby Singh: He is not globaly advising me.
idk, but he *** at managing. Shebby Singh for Arsenal :D
You can expect a call from Shebby Singh for the managerial post at Rovers. :P
Sacking shebby Singh on football manager was very satisfying
Hopefully the Home Office,will stop Shebby Singh from coming back
shebby Singh is trying to distance himself from the henning berg mess and blame others, but it was HE who appointed berg, was it not?
Derek Shaw and shebby singh show all that is wrong in the world right now
can't blame henning! Wrong man but not his fault! Blame shebby Singh and the venky boys!!!
After watching Tan's speech I actually think the guy is Shebby Singh's long lost brother. Can you imagine those two in the same room FFS?
Nd 2 keep shebby Singh away from Brfc / England. The man shud b in a circus. He is costing the club millions & bad pr 4 the club
Shebby Singh to go in goal for the last game / Venky's to offer 11 fans the chance to play as a gesture of goodwill?
I clearly do! Listen when you've worked with the likes of Shebby Singh come back to me 👍
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I'm still on the fence mate. Convinced I'm a bok. Do you need any places? Have Shebby Singh lined up for the top job next week! about shebby singh for afc presidency? :p
Not surprising at all. Shebby Singh has turned out to be a farce. Steve Kean, I am sorry to say, was much better.
When Shebby Singh used to do punditry on ESPN, I used to think 'this man has something in him'. But now. z...zz.z..z.
are they talking about Shebby Singh?
just voted for you for the Shebby Singh questioning. Great stuff. Have you seen today's admission that BRFC is out of contol?
Venky's seem to be on course to ruin Blackburn Rovers.. The writing was on the wall the day they hired Shebby Singh as an advisor..
Its funny watching shebby singh on Blackburn Rovers tv..looks like one of those boneless chickens @ venkys' outlets..
Seems that Shebby Singh has opened a shop in Edinburgh
speaking about that,I feel so bad for them since Shebby Singh took over the club's business,they look even more terrible =/
give an example of ridiculous so that the appointment of shebby Singh makes sense
Carlton Palmer, Shebby Singh could run rings around you. and thats saying something!!
read about it in the papers and I saw the movie Goal. n tbh, Shebby Singh is capable of doing something like this
Shebby Singh is still missing. Since we haven't got promoted is it safe to assume he has died trying?
steven gerrard lacks flair& creativity. He is better suited at right back says shebby singh. Spot on.
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Shebby Singh..." I have built a good relationship with the fans over there". What?
Shebby Singh would not be allowed behind the bar with me. I would not even serve him a drink. He is barred for life.
BREAKING NEWS shebby singh is the only man in the world to pay full price for a scs sofa
Time for FSG to show some ambition and not indulge in Shebby Singh like incompetence. Get him in!
shebby Singh is on great terms with him. Calls him robbie. Apparently.
Shebby Singh has just asked if the deal is still available.
Shebby Singh got Judan Ali who was part of John Abraham's Goal and made him coach of Blackburn Rovers
we've a similar problem at Blackburn,with shebby Singh a complete waste of time & money.
Ace news that Robers Trust have acquired a shareholding in the club. Have that Shebby Singh you massive ***
Liverpool awaiting written reasons tomorrow. Wow, I think even Shebby Singh would have realised the reasons.
player of the year results will surely look like this 98% - Jordan Rhodes, 2% Shebby Singh (Burnley Protest vote)
he is not snidey he has been manipulated a bit but a good guy!shebby Singh is out of his depth obviously! Should do the right thing
If Shebby Singh is moved/removed & he gets it fair enough. Otherwise I think he'll just be a front for Shebby. I also think it's
can the council make shebby Singh persona non grata. Keep him out of Blackburn. (joke)
Shebby Singh my lord spend some more, Shebby Singh my lord fail some more, Shebby Singh my lord sack some more ohh Shebby Singh my lord.
Pair hit back at Blackburn Rovers global advisor Shebby Singh (From Lancashire Telegraph)
I'd have said from the top starting with that clown shebby Singh!!!
nah. It'll be shebby singh no doubt.
the shebby Singh stand at turd moor
we sit in the shebby Singh stand now!!
I'll text Shebby Singh, see where it's got to.
When is Shebby Singh going to stop running his mouth..
Shebby Singh with some more words of wisdom today where do we find these clowns!? More reason to back
"Pair hit back in Singh row" Shebby knows 1st hand about not being able to run a football club! >:-(
Fascinating article by on the current plight of Blackburn Rovers
Trust and Seneca hit back at Shebby Singh Comments -...
apparently Shebby Singh is favorite to win it
Singh hits out at Venkys critics The perfect comments to unite the club for a relegation battle!
Shebby Singh is a Wanker, is a Wanker
Agreed, I'm still amazed we won back to back games. That Shebby Singh has as much hide as Kean to blame others
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“Shebby Singh hits out at Venkys critics Some front that shebby's got!
Shebby Singh hits out at Venkys critics
have you seen the disgusting comments Shebby Singh has made about Blackburn and ? Shockingly out of touch
Shebby Singh: Tyrannical Leader - Great piece. I'm a Brighton fan, but am watching your plight with astonishment. All very sad.
Shebby Singh can't get back into the UK as he is waiting for a visa. Whoever is in charge DON'T GIVE HIM ONE
Response from Seneca and Rovers Trust to Shebby Singh's comments
so now u blame ur school for ur dumbness? Dhamu you are like shebby singh these days!
poyet, pochettino, Dyche. Oh and I think you should include Shebby Singh in that aswell.
So I go on holiday.. Rovers pick up 6 from 9 (not bad) and Shebby Singh keeps proving he is a bellend
Gary Bowyer will stay as Blackburn Rovers boss if they avoid relegation: GLOBAL ADVISOR Shebby Singh claimed...
Just found out that as manager on FM 2013 I can sack Shebby Singh!
Shebby Singh 'any Tom *** or Harry thinks they can run a club' yes like the people who pay your wages you massive useless thick ***
new owners, no Shebby Singh, something to cheer!
Apparently we have a good relationship with Shebby Singh. Forgot that the "Shebby Singh you're a wanker" chant means we love you
In tomorrow's LT: Shebby Singh hits out at critics, and our preview of tomorrow night's Blackburn Rovers match.
Anyone know how much Shebby Singh is on at for a piece I'm doing? Is it £600k a year?
Has anyone asked Shebby Singh if he can run a bar?
Shebby Singh slating people interested in buying Rovers of Venkys I would like to make point we was ran fine before Venkys so please feck of
Blackburn global advisor Shebby Singh has criticised groups who claim they are keen to buy the club from Venky's.
Shebby Singh would love to appoint Tim Sherwood as Blackburn manager this summer
Knew there was tension between Steve McMahon and Shebby Singh in the ESPNStar studios and then I saw this -
The Art of football club ownership by Venkys. Foreword by Shebby Singh
How to run a Football Club by Anuradha Desai. Foreword by Shebby Singh
- Running a Football club 101 by Shebby Singh
just for putting up with Shebby Singh!
The Perks of being a Wallflower by Shebby Singh
how to successfully managing the managers by Shebby Singh
10 easy steps to becoming a global advisor - shebby Singh (forward by Steve Kean and mrs desai and rao brothers)
My life juggling football and chickens by Shebby Singh.
How to run a football club by shebby singh
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broken promises, tales of shebby Singh
How to Successfully run a Football Club - Shebby Singh
speaking truthfully by shebby Singh
'Relationships in the office' - Paul Agnew, Derek Shaw and Shebby Singh
How to run a football club by Venky's and Shebby Singh.
how to put out fires by shebby Singh
Contributions from Steve Kean and Shebby Singh among others
"How to keep the fans on side" co-written by Shebby Singh, Steve Kean and Andura Desai
how NOT to be a feckless, wispy bearded, clueless, Malaysian *** by Shebby Singh
Doesnt shebby singh have a work permit for UK? if working on tourist visa can he be deported?
'My career as a radio commentator' - Shebby Singh
"We're Out Of Our Depth - The Confession". Venky's and Shebby Singh chuck in the towel.
ESPNStar in Asia *** too. The pundits are biased. A scouser and Shebby Singh. Not much had improved there except # of channels
Rovers' "global adviser" Shebby Singh had been unable to obtain a travel visa quickly enough to return to Blackburn to tackle Shaw.
Quote. Of. The. Decade. "Portuguese players are not to be blamed for destroying all the work of Kean and global advisor Shebby Singh."
We miss Shebby Singh at the studio! Miss the way he used to pronounce Chelsea as CHAL-SEA. Bring him back!
Shebby Singh would appear to be about to be demoted.
Hi Fox, When is the Shebby Singh show going to be on. I know you are following him while he is at Blackburn. Thanks BKR
How Shebby Singh ever got into football punditry will forever mystify me. "Steven Gerrard should be played at right-back".
Derek Shaw, Shebby Singh and Paul Agnew has also flew out to India to meet the Blackburn owners. -Ash
And not forgetting global advisor Shebby Singh, without whom no meeting would be complete!
Crawley Town, Stevenage, Carlisle, Preston and co could be on the agenda next year take a bow Shebby Singh will he?
Shebby Singh alert on Barely legal drivers !!
That's provided he is not sacked and replaced with either Shebby Singh and/or Smithers from the Simpsons...
Oh Rameez Raja you just uttered the words DLF you *** . It is PEPSI IPL! Shebby Singh of cricket
not yet shebby singh is in India having a meeting where they're discussing his future at the club
I'm a little concerned for the welfare of If anybody has seen or heard from him, please contact Mr Shebby Singh c/o BRFC.
They don't know anything about football that is their problem... they got Shebby Singh as their global advisor but he knows F all..
Message to : big teams with big histories do get relegated to L1. Shebby Singh & co take note
Even the chicken could have smelt the coffee when they suggested Shebby Singh.
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They will pay half of that to that Shebby "legend" Singh; & then be in debt of approx £60m for severance payouts.
If pitbull refers to himself as "Mr worldwide " does this mean he is similar to Blackburn Rovers' global adviser shebby Singh?
another football 'fan' as ignorant as a chock of wood. It was Shebby Singh who hounded him out. Kean was a conman and liar
Agnew and Shaw are League 1 PNE Rejects and Shebby Singh is a VERY POOR EX FOOTBALL PUNDIT! Employ decent people from the TOP!!
If you see him, could you ask Shebby Singh which of his decisions at Blackburn Rovers is he most proud of.
Blackburn Rovers are now in the relegation zone of the Championship. Their fall & demise has been shocking. Well done Venkys & Shebby Singh!
Blackburn slip into the relegation zone, which is probably due the hard time we give Shebby Singh for not being called Sam Smith??
Shebby Singh and shagnew get out of our club
I hate shebby Singh I hate Venkys now I'm on the verge of hating this battered Club
If another relegation means Venkys sell up then it has to be done!!! The sooner they and Shebby Singh leave the better.
“Shebby Singh(Football genius) is in town vaughny football fool must be more accurate
Morning. Just what does Shebby Singh actually do at Blackburn?? Cushy Job. Off to the Bookies.
DaFaq ? do you realize you've used the words "football genius" and Shebby Singh in the same sentence ?
3 points for Wednesday. Easy. Shebby Singh to drive Blackburn into the ground.
"Nervous day ... Shebby Singh(Football genius) is in town. Give him a slap will ya!!! For us blackburn fans
Breast Cancer Awareness
shebby singh- a football genius? That guy never played the top class game! Ruined blackburn!
Shebby Singh is having a party bring your vodka and your Charlie
Frank Spencer & Hyacinth Bucket having nothing on the comical Shebby Singh Savio
I fully expect Shebby Singh to end the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 29.
Karren Brady as new MD. Now that would be a positive! Wipe the floor with Shebby Singh.
Finally got round to registering - wanting some element of control, we'll be able to afford Shebby Singh a sense of direction.
what are the chances of getting Shebby Singh doing the draw b4 end of season?
Down at Ewood Park to replace my smashed mug. No sign of Shebby Singh yet...
'Venky's are committed to Blackburn': Blackburn's global advisor Shebby Singh tells BBC Sport that Rovers fans...
Blackburn Rovers are the biggest joke in England. Shebby Singh is an embarrassment to football.
Shebby, shebby Singh, shebby, shebby Singh. Live that song this ones better though, shebby Singh is a wanker is a wanker.
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