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Shawn Marion

Shawn Dwayne Marion (born May 7, 1978) is an American professional basketball player currently with the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association.

Mike Miller Richard Jefferson James Jones Kendrick Perkins Brendan Haywood Steve Nash Jason Kidd Kevin Martin Tyson Chandler Joe Harris Leandro Barbosa Jason Terry Raja Bell Joe Johnson Amare Stoudemire Ray Allen Lebron James

1. Kawhi is the Shawn Marion now. Extremely good but will be shadowed out by the talent surrounding them.
Shawn Marion back in the day man was a DAWG
Saw Shawn Marion at Citizen last night lol
Shawn Marion Was averaging 22 and 9 Raja 14 and Boris and barbosa 14 each
Challenged Shawn Marion to a game of horse but he had valid concerns that I'd break his ankles…
Lmao facts. its up there with shawn Marion
You shoot your shots like Shawn Marion on 2k12.
Shawn Marion has that in common with Martin. Both have ugly jump shots
now blocked by Kendrick Perkins, Shawn Marion and Bauer x2 that i know of smh
The Cavs are up by so much that I expect Shawn Marion will get some burn.
Shawn Marion had no problem getting his shot off lololol
Kevin Martin has one of the most awkward looking jump shots ever (One of many, coz hi Shawn Marion! 😂) but still ef…
MGK has the worst jump shot since Shawn Marion
yo I HATE Kevin Martin. Top 5 ugliest shots of all time. is Shawn Marion lol
Between him and Shawn Marion.. them jumpers.. boi.
yep. It'll be adjusted in the pros but Shawn Marion and Kevin Martin were fine with some funky mechanics.
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Nash, ray, Shawn Marion, kg, and shaq. That is my starting 5
Lmfao yo shep might hate cash more than shawn marion
When you're dressed up for thanksgiving and can't mess up your shirt or look but ball is life..shoot like Shawn Mar…
Shawn Marion? *** no. Kidd? Yes. Forgot bout him. But he was a shell of himself then.
Cranberry sauce would be the equivalent of Shawn Marion's jumpshot.
Last time the Cavs started this hot from downtown, we still had Shawn Marion.
Bad bih from Liberia, she Liberian, 31k back it like Shawn Marion
Carried a team full of scrubs in 2006 to a 3-1 lead against nash, stoudemire, and shawn marion
You and Shawn Marion got the same jumper
if you were to have a team who would you add... Steve Francis, World B Free, Jerry Stackhouse, Dennis Johnson, Shawn Marion
Amare Stoudemire left Shawn Marion left Leandro Barbosa Boris Diaw and Raja Bell left
When the defender sags off Shawn Marion
lmao. Josh Childress, Shawn Marion's and Kevin Martin is ahead of me and KG.
🙌🏽 now let's bring back Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Raja Bell, and Boris Diaw
it shouldn't but Nash had Stoudamire, Shawn Marion, Frye, Jason Richardson, Diaw, barbosa, Raja Bell, dragic.
all not on mavs. . 1. Steve Nash . 2. Jason Kidd . 3. Shawn Marion . 4. Jason Terry. 5. Josh Howard
If I'm Shawn Marion or Ray Allen, I make myself available and sign a 2 year deal for $33 million.
Tate's shot is in the Shawn Marion / Leandro Barbosa realm - quick/short/low release.
Jason Kidd, James Jones, Leandro Barbosa, Channing Frye, Shawn Marion... All players who got rings after leaving the Suns...
So Marquese Chriss is a "bigger Shawn Marion" huh? Is that like if Shawn Marion didn't have the slightest clue how to play defense?
today's kids don't know about the Leandro Barbosa that played with Nash, Amar'e, Shawn Marion and Raja Bell on those 140pt…
Back when the Phoenix Suns had Leandro Barbosa, Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, and Amare Stoudemire, they were so cool.
Somehow Raja Bell, Shawn Marion, Kurt Thomas, Jared Jeffries, and Tyson Chandler could all defend for D'Antoni
Channing Frye is looking like a rich man's Mike Miller from last year. R-Jeff is looking like a rich man's Shawn Marion from l…
Dirk had Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, & Caron Butler.try again
Remember Nash and that suns fast past fast break offense when amare stoudamire and Shawn Marion were nice
5/7/16. Traci Lords is 48. Breckin Meyer is 42. Shawn Marion is 38. Alex Smith is 32. Kevin Owens is 32. Earl Thomas is 27
Draymond Green is like if Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd and 2004-05 league leader in blocks Andrei Kirilenko had a baby. http…
I rather watch Jamaal Wilkes and Shawn Marion shooting
I guess Steve Nash, Michael Finley, and Shawn Marion are now Larry, Moe, and Curly.
Basketball's hall is just so big. Like.. Shawn Marion is probably going in. So of course Howard's cheezy *** is getting there.
TBT Suns players - Joe Johnson, Leandro Barbosa and Shawn Marion - are unpullable in packs on PC
The only help that comes to mind is Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion in 2011. Tyson Chandler, maybe? Never had a "sidekick".
Richard Jefferson getting Mike Miller & Shawn Marion minutes is like a god send this year.
Richard Jefferson has already done more in the playoffs than Mike Miller and Shawn Marion combined last year.
This was just in 2011. And that team had Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, and Jason Kidd.
It's been said that I favor Damian Lillard, Shawn Marion and Brandon T Jackson for whatever reason.
Richard Jefferson is looking more like Shawn Marion every day...
Richard Jefferson is this year's Shawn Marion. Empty minutes.
Justin Anderson's four dunks last night were the most in a game by a Mavs non-C since Shawn Marion had four in April 2010…
Tyler Kennedy is taking shots with Shawn Marion at the bar.
your jump shot looks like Shawn Marion's.
I think TBT players like GeraLd Wallace n Shawn Marion, should be given their prime dunk packages..they have soft ones right now
Sonny Weems looks like Shawn Marion wearing Andre Iguodala's jersey. This is the deepest thought you'll get from me tonight.
Shawn Marion and Billy Ray Cyrus gotta get together and have a "much to think about" party
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It's always the guy with the Shawn Marion form that makes the game winning basket smh
Shawn silencing a crowd of 6,000 at a sold out radio city music hall in NYC. https:/…
since Kobe's probably not playing tnite, time to start LNJ at SF. UNLEASH THE HOMELESS MAN'S SHAWN MARION, BYRON!!!
lol this you? Facepalm anyone who pays more Shawn marion than Anthony Davis
Shawn Marion and Ricky Davis were on that team tho...
facts Cuzz I done seen the jet peace up Shawn Marion with his ugly *** jumpshot... and Desean Jackson is 6owe
I always preferred the Shawn Marion comp, tbh.
Also helped Shawn Marion Average 21 pg the next year. And that fact alone is impressive. Even tho I say Lebron should've got it
When Shawn Marion retires, I hope to god he becomes a shooting coach
.has 12+ points and 12+ rebounds in five straight games, longest streak by a since Shawn Marion (6) in 20…
Shawn Marion really had the ugliest shooting form
Shawn Marion jump shot is the equivalent to me shooting my shot in 2016 it ain't pretty but it goes in
saw him in HighSchool thought he was a Shawn Marion like athletic skill set with a higher ceiling & better ball handling
Per the last player to have 5 cons. games of at least 12pts & 12rbs (Len's current streak) was Shawn Marion in 2006.
16.Kevin Johnson, Shawn Marion, Adrian Dantley, Chris Bosh is the MT.Rushmore of underrated players.
Hooping with Shawn Marion at our family reunion was lowkey cracking. Seeing that form in person even uglier
Remember when we had Mike Miller or Shawn Marion instead of Richard Jefferson? Glad that's over.
lol that line up was not inferior... Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler where great pieces.
Shawn Marion was one of the best perimeter defenders ever. Jason Kidd was a great passer, Tyson
Dirk Nowitzki said Shawn Marion and KG were the two toughest defenders he's ever faced.
Aaron Gordon is sorta like Shawn Marion...just taller, quicker, more hops and a much less ugly jumper.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the actual Rod Strickland meets the apparent Shawn Marion 👙
so apparently I look like Shawn Marion and sound like Kenny Smith, now I need their $$$
Didn't the cavs have Shawn Marion last year? These decisions were not good. Marion, Jones, Miller, Jefferson, MO, all 🚮moves
Roosevelt Jones out here looking like Shawn Marion
Nash, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, Amare Stoudamire & the rest of the Suns players & you can't tell me they weren't better the the Warriors
Jordan in his last all star game hit the OT game winner over a prime Shawn Marion.goat
I miss the days when we had Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Amare, Shaq, Barbosa, Grant Hill... We was OD back then
2015 my shots were Shaq, Shawn Marion, young Lebron James, Deandre Jordan and a mix of James Harden on good days but I'm improving
at worst, defensively he should be prime Shawn Marion or Stacy Augmon
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shaq,hot sauce,the professor,lil bow wow in like mike,Shawn Marion
Shawn Marion is a Hall of Famer. Don't argue with me
Shawn Marion another guy who had a very good career, but woulda killed more if he was born a few years later
Shawn Marion has the ugliest jumper in NBA history
The might as well sign Shawn Marion and Steve smh
Chase Budinger's release is stealth ugly. From a distance, it looks OK. Up close, it's all Shawn Marion.
Out in vegas ballin like im shawn marion
Like how would D'Antoni view Khris Middleton? Like how he did with Shawn Marion during those 7 seconds or less teams?
Finna launch this 3/4 Shawn Marion the moment I peep my chance. For now I'm on the bench on my 6th man
My brudda, you are not shawn marion, you are definitely steph curry, at least Klay
Richard Jefferson is the greatest upgrade from Shawn Marion you could ask for at such a cheap price…
Richard Jefferson a good pickup compared to Shawn Marion
fits in so much better than Shawn Marion
Richardson Jefferson was great pick up for Cleveland. He does everything they brought Shawn Marion to do last year but adds more scoring.
Richard Jefferson (6.9 PPG) taking the role this year & minutes from Lebron James that Shawn Marion (4.8 PPG) was supposed to take last year
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such an upgrade Over Shawn Marion or Mike Miller!
Richard Jefferson's best quality is that he isn't Shawn Marion.
you can't dribble and you shoot like Shawn Marion
Shawn Marion knew how to shut you down... . “Lebron too real talkin about Steph Curry 🔥
you look like Shawn Marion jumpshot
Marion Maréchal le pen, Patriot deputy, hope of the return of free and Christian France
Shawn Marion, Kevin Martin and Carlos boozer were the hardest players to shoot free throws with in NBA 2k
lmao more like Shawn Marion with the shot. It ain't pretty but it's gonna go in my ***
Draymond Green's shot/form. Trying to find a comparison to this unique shot. Shawn Marion?
I mean Shawn Marion never made an all NBA defense team and we all know he's a great defender
Shawn Marion shot having *** l Could block it with my chest bruh
I'm giving away something for you on Shawn Marion - Magenta printing plate 1/1. Get it here -
Caspi's shot is cross between Shawn Marion and my 9 year old who can't walk
Who has/had the uglier jumper.Kevin Martin or Shawn Marion?
Ugliest shot of all time.. Kevin Martin or Shawn Marion? Gotta go Marion
I'm tryna hoop but my arms are dead I'm bout to be like Shawn marion lol
I liked a video Shawn Marion Top 10 Plays of his Career
A look back on the underrated career of Shawn Marion.
I remember that all star game well.. Jordan hits go ahead fadeaway over Shawn Marion & then Kobe had to ruin it & make his free throws smh
i agree Andre is better than Shawn Marion. And Barry was better than emmitt
cavs would have won last year if they played Shawn Marion and Mike Miller. Those boys needed clock.
Richard Jefferson is playing way younger than I thought he would. I was really expecting Shawn Marion part 2.
How fun is it watching Richard Jefferson NOT play like Shawn Marion
Like cuffs said earlier Richard Jefferson is playing how the cavs wanted Shawn Marion to play
Richard Jefferson is giving them everything they expected from Shawn Marion last season
Watching Jefferson play well really makes the whole Shawn Marion thing we had look just terrible lol which it was
It's safe to say Richard Jefferson is an upgrade over Shawn Marion
And it's HUGE that Richard Jefferson still has quite a bit left in the tank. I'll happily forget Shawn Marion.
Richard Jefferson has played more minutes in 3 games this season than Shawn Marion has the whole entire season last year for the Cavs
Richard Jefferson replacing Shawn Marion was like exchanging a whopper for a steak dinner
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glad the Cavs ain't giving Richard Jefferson the Shawn Marion treatment like they did him last year
I love how Richard Jefferson can put the ball on the floor! Already an upgrade from Shawn Marion
Richard Jefferson is so much better than Mike Miller and Shawn Marion. Great pickup
Richard Jefferson has scored in double figures both games so far. Shawn Marion did that six times all of last season.
Richard Jefferson a huge upgrade from Shawn Marion so far lol Finals MVP??
I don't understand the thing where people have to put down Shawn Marion when complimenting Richard Jefferson.
The cavs are a lot deeper this year Mo Williams Richard Jefferson big upgrades from Shawn Marion and Mike Miller.
Mo Williams & Richard Jefferson are major complimentary additions for the Cavs. Although most thought Shawn Marion would be too...
Ohh silly me I left out Dikembe Mutombo, David Robinson, Baron Davis, KG, Jason Terry, LBJ, Shawn Marion, and Penny Hardaway.
wth they're on there too? Tmac is good. But Suns have Nash, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion when he was good, and Amare
would have preferred a Suns team with Nash, stoudimire, Kurt Thomas, Shawn Marion, barbosa, Joe Johnson, and Richardson
this dude Kobe had smush Parker, chris mihm, and Brian cook starting with him. Steve had amare and Shawn Marion. Cmon
and Shawn Marion. If that series was on NBA Live 07 they woulda been X-factors
why Shawn Marion look like he possessed
Shawn Marion yall need to use this guy more 😎🔥 featured in NBC s Science of Love
remember depth won us our title in 2011 and Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd and Peja but still can't beat Depth
That's dope af I didn't kno Shawn Marion was from Waukegan
please gento, my best ruby pull was ruby shawn marion and I havent pulled an onyx
When the defender sags off Shawn Marion (Vine by
I feel bad for Shawn Marion. People know him for having the WORST form ever 😂😂
For all you Chicago kids going to junior college, remember Tony Allen and Shawn Marion played Juco ball, went to 4 years, then…
Ctfu they had like 3 last year James Jones, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller none was a factor
Leandro Barbosa TO, Lebron James fouled on fast break. 1of2 from the line. . Shawn Marion scores on a Diaw feed. Heat ball up 2. 36s left
He requested Mike Miller, James Jones & Shawn Marion when he could've had younger guys who could play.
current cavs James Jones Mike Miller, Perk, and Shawn Marion who just retired
Shawn Marion, Steve Nash, and now Tyson Chandler- don't fact check me. Those are the only examples necessary.
When you realize the cavs roster consist of Kyrie, Joe Harris, Shawn Marion, Timofy mozgov, Mike Miller, and rookies
delladova. James Jones. Mike Miller. Shawn Marion retired. Jr smith shumpert and monzgrov and more
His shot form is just as strange. It's like Shawn Marion mixed with Matt Bonner.
ICYMI We interviewed Shawn Marion for Should we call today
Want more Here's Marion "undercover" as a pedicab driver in downtown Phoenix:
It's which means we're celebrating the career of Shawn Marion!. . PHOTOS >>
Amare Stoudemire, Steven Hunter, Shawn Marion and Yuta Tubuse will get it done.
but everyone forgets about Shawn Marion smh
he kind of takes Shawn Marion's place
Lebron Mike Miller James Jones and Shawn Marion all former heat player coincidence I think not
I would too. Plus Shawn Marion retired so that'll free up space
Shawn Marion is a WAY BETTER defensive player than James Jones and he's a scrapper. Can get rebounds, Jones can't.
You are making absolutely little to no points. Shawn Marion? The guy offers absolutely nothing. Now we have 2 C's 2 PF and a combo
TT had a backup named SHAWN MARION that blatt chose not to play. Please go look at the roster before you try to talk about it
Speaking of the I never wished a happy retirement to Shawn Marion! Special player; gonna miss the
My dad is still of the belief that the Cavs would've won the title playing Joe Harris and Shawn Marion
Kevin Martin has 2nd ugliest shot I have ever seen; 2nd only to Shawn Marion. comparisons
not really. Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, and Brandon Hayward will be GONE. Don't worry. Lol
I'd risk getting a big forward... Replace Shawn Marion and get LBJ rest maybe.
we got a Shawn Marion type player. I love the pick. UVA may win title if he isn't hurt.
did you really just equate broken-down/old Shawn Marion and always crappy Alonzo Gee?
Look we watched Alonzo Gee and Shawn Marion stand in the corner and take 5 minutes loading up trebouchet jumpers being ignored. It's a fear
RHJ can defend, and he’s athletic. Those are two things that Shawn Marion isn’t anymore
mavs trade the 21st pick for Shawn Marion and an over the hill pg for 1 year.
Mavericks select Justin Anderson. Awesome. Could bring a flair of Shawn Marion being able to do it all but with a jumper.
You are going to turn out like Shawn Marion. Sitting the bench cheering on your team...
Get Dekker from Wisconsin, he's a get it done type of guy a lot like Shawn Marion.
Shawn Marion is retiring tho and if Smith leaves that creates a chance to sign Ellis
Cavs need to get rid of shawn marion, shumpert, jr smith and Brendan Haywood and just sign 👀
I remember when Jalen compared Dante Exum to Shawn Marion. :scratch:
Stanley Johnson shoots like Shawn marion. Don't believe me ?. YouTube it
Shoutout to the Matrix..Shawn Marion. Great career, said he was going to retire after this season.
yall are gonna be trash regardless... Needa trade Kobe for dellevadova and Shawn Marion .. Weak *** line up yall got
Shawn Marion coming out of retirement to take loves place and avg 27 ppg
Question for my hoops heads. Shawn Marion or Andre Iguodala?
not cool... But I'd take a 2nd rounder or Shawn Marion for Karl right about now
Shawn Marion confirms his retirement after 16 seasons in the NBA
Submit your final mock drafts for a chance to win an autographed Shawn Marion jersey...
Cavaliers F Shawn Marion says he's retiring after 16 seasons
In the 1999 NBA Draft, Shawn Marion was selected 9th overall to the Phoenix Suns. .
I use to have a Shawn Marion jump shot 😂
Haywood, Andy, Perk, Joe Harris, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion's corpse and a couple of picks. What say you,
I bet D. Wade ends up at the Cavs in trade for like Shumpert and J.R, or Mike Miller and Shawn Marion.
Cavs bench had Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Perkins, Haywood and still only rotated 7 guys
That would be 2 bench guys who are way better than Mike Miller and Shawn Marion.
LeBron's pulling power got you Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, James Jones, Shump, JR & Love. Did any do anything in the Finals?
Who would you rather have on your squad: prime Reggie Miller or prime Shawn Marion?
Congratulations to Shawn Marion, who's retiring after 16 years & 5 very fortunate franchises.
One thing I was mad about the finals was the didn't put Shawn Marion in.
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Respect is earned. He *** and should be fired. Shawn Marion,Perkins,Miller where were they?Steve Kerr COACHED
Shawn Marion confirms that he's retiring. Incredible career. Earlier story on why he's done: ht…
Why? U Think the coach has anything to do with signing free agents (Mike Miller, James Jones, Shawn Marion) or trades (love)
Yes, b/c his acquisition of James Jones, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion and Kendry Perkins last offseason were so helpful...
Remember when the Cavaliers signed James Jones, Mike Miller, and Shawn Marion and everyone thought the Cavs had the title wo…
Stats I would've taken the under on: Anderson Varejao started 26 games this year, Shawn Marion started 24.
In hindsight, the Cavs filling three roster spots with Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins and Mike Miller may have been a mis…
Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, etc. Two good players that Blatt left on the bench
So disrespectful to not even use Shawn Marion in the series. Even if just for defense and rebounding.
Shawn Marion is retiring. One of the best defenders and rebounders of the 2000s Shame he didn't get any run in Finals
Kyrie could have played Kevin Love could have played Anderson V and Shawn Marion could have played
bro he has Shawn Marion, Mike Miller and Kendrick Perkins! Think about how good that team would have been in 2008
Shawn Marion doesn't deserve this mistreatment
Everybody's gonna foul out and it's gonna be David Lee vs Shawn Marion
Shawn Marion played high school basketball in Clarksville.
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The Cavs need to let Shawn Marion get some playing time next game.
who are the Cavs going to use Quincy? Tyler Harris and Shawn Marion lolololol
Shawn Marion is awful lol his role is what Gerald Wallace is to the Celtics
Jim Jackson Joe Johnson Stoudamire Nash and Shawn Marion 60-22 got knocked off by Timmy and Manu
The Cavs should shake things up in game 5 by playing Shawn Marion, like the Warriors did in game 3 with David Lee
still if you wanna run, the cavs gotta play Mike Miller and Shawn Marion to give breathers to delly and smith
Shawn Marion can give the Cavs some good stretch 4 mins, Mike Miller has to shoot better than JR and Iman have...give the vets a shot!
your "bench" consists of Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins, Brendan Heywood, and Joe Harris... So yeah give it a try
Adjustments? Shawn Marion guards iggy and Lebron shifts over to point/center?
Goatee barber: what you want. Shawn Marion: you know ventriloquist dummies?. Goatee barber: say no more
Brendan Haywood, Kendrick Perkins, Joe Harris, and Shawn Marion? Really? Fatigue happens to everyone.
Headlines of game: Lebron James is good. Shawn Marion is still on the Cavs? David Lee is still on the Warriors? Cavs up 2-…
I guess LBJ,James Jones,Miller, James Posey and Shawn Marion were not enough
PREDICTION: Cavs will finish the game with Brendan Haywood, Joe Harris, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, and Kendrick Perkins. Lol
Kendrick Perkins. Brendan Haywood. Shawn Marion. Joe Harris. Let's make this crunch time lineup a reality,
Tristan Thompson has been added to the list of annoying NBA players along with Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, KG, Harden, Shawn Marion n Rondo
We might get to see Brendan Haywood, Shawn Marion and Joe Harris tonight.
Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins and Brendan Haywood (!) are all active. For real. And LeBro…
Shawn Marion chilling outside the huddle looking like the team barber
Completely forgot about Cavs having Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, and Ken perkins. If they actually play them they might have a chance
Cavs have lot of Finals experience but that experience is old & barely plays: Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood, K…
Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Perk CNPD — That is why Kyrie had to play 43 minutes.
Cavs should run that lineup Lebron James, James Jones, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion & Brendan Haywood from now on IMO
Joe Harris, Mike Miller, Brendan Haywood, Shawn Marion, and Kendrick Perkins just been along for the ride collecting a check 😩😂😂😂
Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins, Brendan Haywood, James Jones, Mike Miller have all won championships before.
Well to me Eddie, sure Cavs have guys with title experience. Lebron, Mike Miller, James Jones, Shawn Marion, &Brendan Haywood.
Ceola Clark wins pro basketball title; will Shawn Marion be next?
Would the Cavs have the funds to pay Love AND TT if Shawn Marion, Damon Jones and Brendan Haywood retire?
Lebron, James Jones, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, Brendan Haywood all have rings. Varejao has been to the Finals too
About 13 Years ago, something similar happened with Shawn Marion and John Starks. Marion ended up being stretchered off with a broken neck.
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WFNY spent time with Shawn Marion in what may be the final months of his 16-year career
Shawn Marion and Aaron McKie will go down in history as pro players with grotesque looking jump shots. 🏀
If you give Tristan Thompson, maybe defensive minded Shawn Marion gets mins and you got Kendrick Perkins. Already those guys upgrade your D
Cavaliers should dust off Shawn Marion and use he and LeBron as stretch 4s. Keep Tristan Thompson as the big off the bench. AVOID PERK
The guys I'd want to see soak up a lot of those minutes are Iman Shumpert and Shawn Marion. That's ... not as much shooting.
Shawn Marion got the worst lookin jumper of all time and Boris Diaw right behind him lol
kawhi was initially supposed to be Gerald Wallace 2.0, then Shawn Marion, now he's compared to Pippen!
I chatted with James Jones, Kendrick Perkins, Shawn Marion, Haywood & Miller about their advice for playoff rookies
dis *** Shawn Marion's shooting form is uglier than Joakim's form and yet he's still able to make buckets
Mavs will show love for Shawn Marion
you forgot the form shooting of Shawn Marion
Watching Shawn Marion fall out of Cleveland’s rotation has been very :(
look at Shawn Marion stats in 2006 and compare it to Steve Nash.
why it look like you using Shawn Marion's form.
Your girl look like Shawn Marion's shooting form
I didn't shell out that kinda cash to see Shawn Marion, Mike Miller and James Jones. Long story short, teams shouldn't get to do that
I was there during the Tyron Nesby & Shawn Marion was fun to watch
Cauley-Stein is going to be a 7ft Shawn Marion 🔥 excited to see what he does in the league...
The Phoenix Suns is my favorite team, y'all not about to sit here and slander that onyx Shawn Marion card. 😭
Saved up 100K for TBT packs, pulled Shawn Marion and Pistol Pete.
u gotta yell Kobe when u shoot the ball for a higher percentage chance of making it even if u have a Sh…
Bleacher Report ranked Shawn Marion as a better small forward all time ahead of Grant Hill?? That's absurd
Ive spent a good ammount on these ruby packs and i pull 3 rubies all of them were shawn marion.. Cheapest ruby in game, less then packs..
Shawn Marion didn't play for the Mavericks in 99-00. They rushed this card.
Cavs PF Shawn Marion close to resuming basketball activities
Throw Roosevelt jones form in there with Shawn Marion's as eww
When u get a duplicate derek harper and shawn marion 😞
reminds me of long time NBA player Shawn Marion
Lone complaint from Nash's farewell piece: No mention, whatsoever, of Shawn Marion. Come on! Bob Sacre gets shout out but not Matrix?!!
Too bad too. That Suns team was great with Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion and Quentin Richardson.
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When the Suns had Steve Nash, Quentin Richardson, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, and Stoudemire, Barbosa and Steven Hunter they was ballin too
I like James Jones playing more than Shawn Marion. Jones is a better shooter in my opinion.
Does Jimmy Jones get these minutes with a healthy Shawn Marion in the playoffs, or is it matchup dependent?
Matthew Dellavedova has 4 career double-doubles. Shawn Marion has 427. JR Smith, in his 11th year, has 0.
that's behind guys like Raymond Felton, Shawn Marion, Ben Gordon, Eddie Jones, or that guy Lebron James
Kendrick Perkins, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and calling Shawn Marion on the phone. He's changing the face of the league. Oh James Harden.
*** if Bulls had Chicago natives they'd have DRose Jabari Parker Anthony Davis Dwayne Wade and Shawn Marion. Nuts how good that team is
Can we get rid of Richard Jefferson? For Jason Terry or Shawn Marion or something?
Nash Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion Raja Bell amare stoudamire. Had seeds in the west like 4 years n row
Mavs need to trade Richard Jefferson & Raymond Felton for Shawn Marion and then go sign Ray Allen & Jermaine O'Neal
Look. If Reggie Miller and Ralph Sampson are Hall of Famers, then yeah, Shawn Marion and Vince Carter are too.
Andre Miller, Baron Davis, Shawn Marion, Elton Brand, Rip Hamilton, Ron Artest, and Manu Ginobili CAN be Hall of Famers "Frank White" and "Walker Hurt" *** ?? Do you guys agree with this foolishness??
their offseason moves were horrible.Jamesjones, Shawn Marion and Mike Miller?Followed by panicking and trading for jr smith
Cavs are losing right now because their star player Shawn Marion is on the bench and injured for tonight's game.
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