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Shaw Blvd

Traffic Update Capitol Commons Mandaluyong City Drive Social San Miguel Pasig City Ortigas Ave North Ave San Antonio

Waiting before my 4pm event starts — drinking iced coffee at Starbucks 515 Shaw Blvd
Currently talking to the two Alyannas of my life. 😄😘😘
It was nice meeting you, 😊 @ WCC Bldg, Shaw Blvd Cor EDSA, Mandaluyong City
which is a faster route to shaw blvd from Slex? EDSA or C5?
Still can't tell which one comes first. Bambang or Tayuman. 😝
Who is free now near Shaw Blvd MRT station with place? I wanna unload this! 😋
Croissant Bakery. Minus the croissant. Minus all other baked goods. 😓
SERVICE STATUS. Train unloaded pax at Shaw Blvd Stn NB at 7:04am d... We are sorry for the inconvenience. Info:
Thank you, Sweety & Caloy for the pasalubong from Bora! 🤗 @ WCC Bldg, Shaw Blvd Cor…
Why can't the Senate Blue Ribbon committee investigate the MRT breakdown at Shaw Blvd station?
.Passengers unloaded at Shaw Blvd. SB at 7:18 a.m. due to technical problem. It is the second time this morning.
Puta, this bus is flying through EDSA! We should still be in Buendia at this time but um we're in Shaw Blvd??
God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it's worth the wait. 🙏
See you Jose Rizal University Shaw Blvd. this coming friday Sept. 15, 2017 at Lower Quadrangle…
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a stand still traffic jam on 141: Shaw Blvd E, Pasig on - Drive Social.
Traffic Update: As of 02:51 pm Pasig Blvd. Pineda going to Shaw Blvd. (Moderate to Heavy). [admin10]
Two passengers complain of minor injuries when MRT's doors malfunctioned at Shaw Blvd station this morning.
CELESTA bldg B at PRISMA to launch on Oct 2, 2017 located across C5 in Shaw Blvd, Pasig City. Please inquire at glo…
Traffic Update: As of 8:11am. Shaw Blvd. cor Pioneer going to EDSA (MH). [Admin11]
Mam/Sir as of now passable naman po ang Shaw Blvd going to Kalentong
Is there flood on Shaw Blvd from Acacia Lane to Kalentong?
passable po ba boni tunnel all the way to Shaw Blvd?
"Mom has no classes tday so Imma be fluffy in a while!" 😍
is Pioneer tunnel going out to Shaw Blvd. flooded?
Better charge up now. The sky is full of emotions, someone might decide to eat up the electricity. 😵
Seeing dragonflies fly this far up is a rare occurrence. 😝
Drizzling days bitter winds. Roaming the heights, seldom flown. Days like this, it's hard to tell. The fear of the unknown you ought to bear
To think na sa shaw blvd ako sumakay. Haist!
EDSA Shaw Blvd. (gutter deep). Passable to all types of vehicles.
Almost zero visibility along shaw blvd earlier. Thank God for calming the storm. Wheew!
Experienced rush hr mrt for the first time +got lost for going down the wrong stairs at Shaw Blvd station without a clue how to get to Shang
I do also sacrifice being in a "central" position being near Shaw Blvd. and all.
Almost 2hrs from ayala to shaw blvd. WTH bruh! 😩
Otw to work. Shaw blvd gutter deep flood in some areas. Paco and Pandacan, Manila baha din sana kawawa kids.
MMDA ALERT: Vehicular accident at EDSA Shaw Blvd. Tunnel NB involving MC and taxi as of 3:10 PM. 1 lane occupied. MMDA enforcer on site.
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on Shaw Blvd W, Mandaluyong on - Drive Social.
You are invited this sunday to Jam with us at the Mandala Park in Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. 10am to 2pm, with...
Soon To Launch condo project in Mandaluyong. Paddington Place @ Shaw. Walking distance going to :. -MRT Shaw Blvd...
Can we all just agree to completely delete JPRizal, Shaw Blvd, and C5 thnx
Which is the fastest route from Slex Northbound to Shaw Blvd? EDSA or C5?
For inquiry you may may call us at (02) 722-7876 / (02) 705-1543 or you may visit our showroom at 411 Shaw Blvd.
.unloaded passengers at 6:12 a.m. in Shaw Blvd. southbound due to technical problems
Chillax w/ officemates here at giligans starmall shaw blvd...
Here's to one of my best days as an intern ✨ @ Bunk Bar, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
Wanna watch good quality films?! . Drop by Luna Mencias in San Juan, near Shaw Blvd. 'yan!
Try mo sa Nice hotel near shaw blvd. Walking distance from shang and megamall.
Thanks! Sorry last question are there selected areas in Pasig that there is no window? Like Shaw blvd?
how is EDSA SB from Kamuning to Shaw Blvd?
That awesome feeling you get when the whole bus backseat for yourself. From Shaw Blvd to Laguna. Two feet up, and...
why are we getting payment reminder when due pa sa July 19 bill namin? mali pang account nasa notif. Shaw blvd, Mandaluyong
Good morning SHoe capital if the Phil atm, SHAW blvd
Btw I went to ukay-ukay last night in Shaw blvd near MRT station and I bought this sweater for only 50 pesos.👌🏼👕…
come get you some real St.Louis bbq! 4000 Shaw blvd.
Traffic Update: As of 10:39pm. Meralco Ave. going to Shaw Blvd. Kapitolyo (M). [Admin11]
Uber's Waze conked out and we somehow ended up in Shaw Blvd instead of Ortigas and the traffic is so bad I want to murder someone
SHAW Blvd:. may queue for north-bound to control overcrowding sa platform but we have those kababayan who lie to guards para makapasoo agad
in Shaw Blvd. should be renamed "UNFRIENDLY CARE" coz the girls in the reception seem to hate life & just wanna die. Ugh.😏
Traffic Update: As of 2:22pm Meralco St. Paul going to Shaw Blvd. (Moderate to Heavy) [Admin13]
How to get to our new shop? Here's a map for easy reference. . Mandala Park, Unit 1 2F Bldg. C. Sha…
We’ve got new brands & new services too! Our new shop is at Mandala Park, Unit 1 2F Bldg. C Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong…
Traffic Update: As of 06:48 am Shaw blvd. going to EDSA (Moderate to Heavy) due to volume of vehicles. [admin10]
Order Miche Bag Online!
What's taking so long for the loaded trains to leave Shaw blvd station???
why do Pasig traffic enforcers allow the jeepneys to screw up traffic on Capitol Commons- Shaw Blvd area?
May service na po ba ang MRT from Shaw Blvd. to Taft?
Well this is swell. MRT only goes North Ave to Shaw Blvd. and back.
Traffic Update: As of 2:15pm Shaw Blvd. Pioneer going to F. Banaag Pineda (Heavy) Due to volume of vehicles [Admin13]
Alert Loudoun--Update NB Shaw Rd shut down at Sterling Blvd due to vehicle crash. Sign-up to receive for more info at
Engine 611 responding to S STERLING BLVD / SHAW RD for the VEHICLE ACCIDENT
Was walking along Shaw Blvd. w a female friend, old man walked to us and whispered "ansarap nyo"
Kimmich is better than all English full backs especially Shaw and I don't even want to know his wages
Sports News about Pacquiao-Horn & SMB is the Champion of 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup on News Night w/
Traffic Update: As of 4:11pm. Shaw Blvd. cor Oranbo going to Bagong Ilog (MH). [Admin11]
you are my favorite everything @ Bunk Bar, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
I'm here at Shaw Blvd. Who's in for a live face-to-face tarot reading?
Traffic along Shaw Blvd. Frm C5 to EDSA is SUPER HEAVY, NOT MOVING. Opposite lane is light-to-moderate.
Tickets are also available at Hit Arena located at Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd. Buy your tickets NOW and be a part of H…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
LUMIERE Residences. A modern-tropical high-rise development by DMCI Homes on Shaw Blvd, Pasig City that is...
Good am, traffic situation along Capitol Commons going to Shaw Blvd. is (MH) due to volume of vehicles. Thank you [admin10]
📷 Travels to : Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City Just revealing one of my favorite foods - FRAPPE!  I love...
Traffic Situation along Capitol Commons going to Shaw Blvd. (MH) due to volume of vehicles [Admin13]
Traffic Update:As of 2:49pm Shaw Blvd. Oranbo going to Capitol Commons (M) [Admin13]
ADVISORY: MRT-3 under provisional service only running from Shaw Blvd to Taft Avenue Station and vice versa. | via
EDSA - NB from Pioneer - Boni to Shaw Blvd. is H as of 02:56PM
Shaw blvd traffic is an absolute suckfest
Stay clear of 141: Shaw Blvd Drive times 21m more than usual
what's with heavy traffic. I cam from P. Guevarra, heading to Shaw Blvd. hindi gumagalaw.
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd near 141: P Sanchez still causing an extra 28m delay
Traffic Update; As of 7:04am St. Paul Road going to Shaw. Blvd. (Moderate) [Admin08]
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd W still jammed. Will add 22m to your drive
I need a Photo and Video Studio around Ortigas or Shaw blvd area, any leads friends? comment or pm me your suggestions. Thanks
what is the quickest way from Slex to Shaw Blvd? Should i go thru Edsa or C5?
Update your maps at Navteq
Traffic Update: As of 4:10pm. Shaw Blvd./Capitol Commons going to EDSA (MH). [Admin11]
Traffic Update: As of 2:29pm. Shaw Blvd./Meralco Ave. going to EDSA (MH). [Admin11]
What is the situation of traffic in shaw blvd and pasig area?
Good am. Shaw Blvd. going to Rizal Medical Center/Pineda (Light to Moderate) [Admin08]
Traffic Update: As of 8:03am Shaw Blvd. going to Edsa gong to Edsa (Moderate to Heavy) [Admin08]
There's a i think lifeless man lying in the ground near JRU SHAW BLVD. Icalled 117. The guy that answered my call dont know JRU. Sad.
Accident on 141: Shaw Blvd still delaying traffic 20m more than usual
Stay clear of 141: Shaw Blvd / EDSA Flyover Drive times 24m more than usual
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd / EDSA Flyover still causing an extra 21m delay
Went to Shaw Blvd. for the first timeee!!
Traffic Update: As of 04:09 pm Shaw Blvd. going to Kapitol Commons (M). [admin10]
Traffic Update: As of 02:46 pm Shaw blvd. going to EDSA (M). [admin10]
Traffic Update:As of 10:27am Meralco ave. Cor. J.Vargas going to Shaw Blvd. [Heavy] [Admin13]
Renz applied at our newest facility in Shaw Blvd. He shares that his experience with…
Traffic Update:As of 7:05am Shaw Blvd./Meralco going to EDSA/Crossing WB [Moderate] [Admin13]
I think I'm not even sure anymore. @ Bunk Bar, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
Traffic Update: As of 6:20pm. Shaw Blvd./San Miguel going to EDSA (H). [Admin11]
Traffic Update: As of 4:12pm. Shaw Blvd. cor Meralco going to EDSA (H). [Admin11]
Accident on 141: Shaw Blvd W still delaying traffic 21m more than usual
Traffic Update: As of 2:46pm. St. Martin/Javier-Ultra going to . shaw Blvd. (MH). [Admin11]
Traffic Update: As of 2:42pm. Meralco Ave. flyover going to Shaw Blvd./Capitol Commons (M). [Admin11]
Traffic Update: As of 2:24pm. Shaw Blvd./Oranbo going to Capitol Commons (MH). [Admin11]
3 firetrucks already passed Shaw Blvd. I wonder where the fire is.
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd still causing an extra 23m delay
2 hour trip from Shaw blvd to Eastwood. Wow parang byaheng Tagaytay
Good job PNoy! 👏👏👏 thanks to you it took me 45mins from Boni Ave to Shaw Blvd via MRT. 👍👍👍
EDSA - NB from Shaw Blvd. to Ortigas Ave. is LM as of 05:30PM
Traffic Update: As of 6:38pm. Meralco Ave. flyover both Bound going to Shaw Blvd. and Ortigas Ave. (H). [Admin11]
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd near F. Martinez Ave still causing an extra 23m delay
Traffic Update: As of 9:04am St. Martin Ultra going to Shaw Blvd. (M). [Admin14]
Update your maps at Navteq
Just some of the good stuff that you can get at the weekend market today!😊 Right along Shaw Blvd!
Traffic Update: As of 3:02pm. St. Martin Javier going to Shaw Blvd. (M). [Admin11]
Visit us at Worldwide Corporate Center Building, Shaw Blvd. on April 25 & 26 for an Endless Summer Caravan Sale!...
The relics of St. Anthony of Padua have arrived. @ St. Francis Of Assisi Parish, Shaw Blvd,…
Avoid 141: Shaw Blvd W You'll be stuck 21m longer than usual
Work out muna ang clowclow here at Eclipse Fitness Center Shaw Blvd. 😊
Veneration of the holy relic of St.Anthony de Padua after the 8 A.M. mass until 11 A.M. at St.Francis Parish Shaw Blvd.Mandaluyong
Traffic Update: As of 6:06pm Shaw blvd cor San Miguel going to EDSA [H] [Admin12]
Traffic Update: As of 4:54pm Along Shaw blvd Capitol Commons going to EDSA [M] [Admin12]
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd E still causing an extra 22m delay
SEA you at our pop up next week, Flow In The City Summer Wellness Market at Mandala Padk, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong...
Traffic Update: As of 10:00 am Shaw blvd. going to Mandaluyong (M). [admin10]
Traffic Update: As of 9:40am San Antonio Shaw Blvd. going to San Miguel ave. (MH). [Admin14]
Traffic Update: As of 8:41am Shaw Blvd. Oranbo Westbound going to EDSA (M). [Admin14]
Traffic Update: As of 8:18am Shaw Blvd cor. Meralco ave. going to San Miguel (M). [Admin14]
The search is on for batch 2! . Audition is on April 29, 2016 - 10am to 3pm. 5/F Citystate Center, Shaw blvd. Pasig! https:…
Traffic Update: As of 7:41pm Shaw blvd/Oranbo going to EDSA [M] [Admin12]
Traffic Update: As of 5:22pm. along One San Miguel going to Shaw Blvd. to EDSA (M). [Admin12]
eating lunch at Slice 'n Dice, Starmall, Shaw Blvd
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd E still jammed. Will add 35m to your drive
Off to work. :) — traveling to World Wide Corporate Center Office from Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Traffic Update: As of 11:45 am Shaw blvd. / San Miguel ave. going to EDSA (H). [admin10]
Traffic Update: As of 11:27 am Shaw Blvd. going to D. Flores is [Moderate] {Admin 10}
Traffic Update: As of 11:23 am St. Martin going to Shaw Blvd. is [Moderate] {Admin 10}
Traffic Update: As of 10:16 am Shaw Blvd. / Hillcrest going to Kapitolyo (MH). [admin10]
Guys, anyone know where St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Shaw Blvd is???
Traffic Update: As of 08:11 am . shaw Blvd. San Antonio going to EDSA (MH). [admin10]
Traffic Update: As of 06:34 am Shaw Blvd. cor. San Antonio going to San Miguel ave. (M). [admin10]
Traffic Update: As of 06:14 am Shaw Blvd. going to Crossing EDSA (L). [admin10]
Traffic Update: As of 2:25 pm Shaw Blvd. Cor. San Miguel Ave. going to Capitol Commons (Moderate to Heavy) [Admin08]
The traffic is heavy in edsa and shaw blvd.. Be advised
hello po, may close road po ba from coastal terminal to shaw blvd on November 16? thank you :)
SUPER TRAFFIC! Di na kami makakaabot sa Left Alabang around 1:45 & now it's 3:21 & we're still in Shaw Blvd area.
Crosswalks are completed on Shaw Blvd in Shaw. Don’t forget 4175 and 3901 Shaw are looking for developers.
Shaw Blvd going to Edsa... Anong meron at this time of the night?
crosswalks are completed on Shaw Blvd in Shaw. Don't forget 4175 shaw and 3901 Shaw are still looking for developers.
Chill with my new found friends.. @ Giligan's Resto Bar, Starmall, Shaw Blvd
Traffic Update: As of 6:49pm. Bagong Ilog going to Shaw Blvd./Oranbo (M). [Admin11]
40 minutes from Shaw Blvd to Timog via EDSA on payday Friday. That's a big improvement! Thanks :-)
Traffic Update: As of 2:28pm Shaw Blvd./Orambo going to Capitol Commons (MH). [Admin14]
Our closest branch to SM Megamall is our S&R Shaw Blvd. branch. . Open to the public.
Good am, Traffic Situation along Ortigas Ave. going to Shaw blvd. is (MH). Shaw Blvd. going to EDSA is (H). [admin10]
141: Shaw Blvd W Pasig is brutal today! Will add 1h 41m to your route
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong still jammed. Will add 44m to your drive
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong still causing an extra 20m delay
Is the internet network within Shaw Blvd, specifically in Nueve de Febrero really slow?
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd W Pasig still unusually bad. Will add over 2h to your drive!
Impromptu birthday get together! 9pm at Jones on Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo.
Traffic Update:As of 9:27am Shaw Blvd. going to EDSA [Moderate] [Admin13]
UPDATE: 141: Shaw Blvd W Pasig still jammed. Will add 54m to your drive
Traffic Situation Along Rotonda going to Kapitolyo (M). Kapitolyo going to Shaw Blvd. (MH). (cont)
Traffic Update: As of 5:18am Shaw Blvd. going to Bagong Ilog (L) [Admin11]
We would like to invite you to our buyers night event at Peri Peri, Capitol Commons, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City on…
ADVISORY: Due to technical problems, MRT-3 will only operate from North Avenue and Shaw Blvd. stations only.
PASIG: Traffic Update: As of 6:24pm Shaw Blvd./Oranbo West Bound going to EDSA (H). [Admin14] via @ PasigInfo
Chill night.. here at Padis, Shaw blvd. 😏
Avoid 141: Shaw Blvd W Pasig You'll be stuck 58m longer than usual
Observation on traffic rules and violations at Shaw Blvd. St., Mandaluyong City.
Thank you to Sir JP Tamayo of for my new look 👍🏼visit them at CT Center Bldg 520 Shaw Blvd https…
Tower Grove Neighborhoods CDC have announced an open house and RFP for a redevelopment opportunity on Shaw Blvd. .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
141: Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong is brutal today! Will add 1h 58m to your route
Traffic Update: As of 3:58pm. Shaw Blvd. Hillcrest going to Capitol Circle to EDSA (MH). [Admin11]
Saw this while stuck in Shaw Blvd. traffic. Perfect. 😁.
Accident at Shaw blvd cor St. Francis in front of Lourdes School.
See you tonight at *** Bara Shaw Blvd. 9pm sana, dun na kayo. Sarap dun. If uve never been, just look for Puregold Shaw on your Waze.
Traffic Update: As of 7:55pm. Shaw Blvd. Oranbo going to EDSA (L). [Admin11]
sa shaw blvd and southbound of EDSA from shaw? Thanks
Cherry Foodarama on Shaw Blvd. will open, finally, on Oct. 13 at 3:00PM!
Traffic Update: As of 12:16 pm Shaw Blvd going to EDSA (. L). [Admin08]
I badly want to join the block screenings, meron bang after 7:30 pm dyan, near shaw blvd. huhu. .
Can't sleep, drove off from my place & C5 Ortigas Area, straight to Shaw Blvd then Capitol Commons, listening to 2pac's "Picture Me Rollin".
Jgh from Shaw Blvd. Had fun today. :-)
Sheridan Tower Condominium in Mandaluyong near Pioneer and Shaw blvd.: Live in a genuine…
traffic status in EDSA from Monumento to Shaw Blvd. Thank you.
traffic status from Monumento to Shaw Blvd. Thanks!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Stay clear of 141: Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong Drive times 20m more than usual
Traffic Update: As of 6:00pm Shaw Blvd going to EDSA (MH). [Admin05]
Traffic at Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong from Pioneer going to Edsa
Traffic along Shaw Blvd., Pasig City. From C5 to EDSA is heavy traffic opposite lane is moderate to heavy.
Traffic Update: as of 6:47 am Martin St. Ultra going to Shaw Blvd. [Moderate] {Admin 06}
is operating only from Taft Ave stn to Shaw Blvd, vice versa
Just got home from the at Ortigas Ave. and Shaw Blvd. 2.5hr-ride home. 😓
hi can i please have a Traffic Update on shaw blvd from manila to pasig? Thanks.
An exclusive residential community in Kapitolyo Shaw blvd. Starting at only P10k for 1 bedroom and P18k for 2...
Good am Bagong Ilog going to Shaw Blvd. [Moderate] Thank you [Admin06]
The Sandwich Guy Worldwide branch now open! Ground floor Worldwide Bldg Shaw Blvd. beside mini stop. . See you there!
A not-so throwback picture of our Yabu Lunch and coffee-hunting for Epic's Roastery. ^_^ @ Shaw Blvd
You are just the special like no other. I love you, bestfriend 💋❤️ @ Shakey's 500 Shaw Blvd
Please come and visit me today here at along Shaw Blvd corner Nueve De Pebrero as I…
Officers respond to building in 1500 block of Schrader Blvd. in Hollywood, where man on rooftop is possibly armed, LAP…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
@ the LOBBY of our new office in 40th/F., Summit One Bldg., 530 Shaw Blvd., MANDA !!!.
See you later at the Celebrity Weekend Bazaar! 1pm onwards at the Shaw Center Mall (shaw blvd corner…
Jamming with Santy Namoro Jonathan Ngo at padis pont edsa shaw blvd.
its pamper time! relax mode here @ Ness Astilla Salon Shaw Blvd branch!
If you saw me running along Shaw blvd, yes.. it was me.
Shaw Blvd from C5 to EDSA is heavy traffic. Opposite lane light to moderate.
Shaw Blvd. Always a problem. Especially around the rotund. I blame the jeepneys. There are too many & they stop wherever they please.
Traffic Update: As of 2:18pm Shaw blvd. going to EDSA (MH) [Admin10]
a defective train emergency stopped at Shaw Blvd. station!
Mrt: North Ave to Shaw Blvd only... Wew.. Technical problem daw.
MRT-3 on provisionary service (North Ave Stn to Shaw Blvd Stn only, vice versa) due to tech probs at Buendia Stn, as of 6:09am. |
MRT opertion up from North Ave to shaw blvd ONLY
MRT3 at provisional service, from North Ave station up to Shaw Blvd only.
And if you lose yourself I will find you 💕 @ Shaw Blvd
UMID Card . I will have you after 3 months ??. @ SSS Shaw Blvd
LTFRB suspends for 30 days entire fleet of RMQ Taxi for a hit & run of pedestrian on Feb 2 at Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong ht…
MMDA | ADVISORY: As of 2:48 PM, Vehicular Accident at EDSA Shaw Blvd NB involving Car and Truck at the tunnel. 1 lane occupied. Ten-4.
Just watched Jupiter Ascending and that gown is beyond words. @ Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong…
I'm on the edge of glory. ❤️ @ H Studio, Liberty Center, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Greetings! We are open today for recruitment! We are Magellan Solutions Inc. We are located at PB Mezzanine Summit One Tower, 530 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. We have openings for the following positions: Customer Service Reps / Outbound Sales Reps (Voice) - At least High School Graduate - Average to Good English Communication Skills - Experienced and Non experienced applicants are welcome - Salary package will vary depending on experience For interested applicants, PM me your full name, desired position and mobile number for interview invitation
this one is in mandaluyong near shaw blvd. When i go to singapore, i am planning to hoard matcha powder from the supermarkets
IMMEDIATE HIRING! SERBIZ is a multi-purpose cooperative registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). It is owned by professionals and workers with work experience in diversified service functions and industrial operations. These workers are called “owner-members”. As owner-members, all of us are SELF-EMPLOYED individuals who are neither employees of the Cooperative nor employees of our clients. HR ASSISTANT •Candidate must be graduate of BS Psychology, Human Resources Management or any related course •with at least 6 months experience in the related field •at least knowledgeable in different sourcing channels •with good communication skills and strong personality •Fresh Graduates with potential may apply •willing to START IMMEDIATELY! All qualified applicants are welcome to drop by in our office located at GF San Buena Bldg. No. 9 Shaw Blvd. Cor. Pioneer St., Pasig City and look for Ms.Kristine from Monday to Friday at 9am to 3pm or you may send your resume in this email ad ...
Jimmy on SD (Again!!) Oh what I would do to be at Shaw Blvd now... SportsDesk at 10pm!
Traffic Update: As of 7:30pm Shaw blvd. going to Edsa (M) [Admin08]
Pls come on our show: Jan24 Saturday, 7pm @ BED Manila (Greenfield District, Shaw Blvd) Tickets: PhP250 w/ free drink
Hope to see u tonite at Shawtime Bar along guerrero street Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong, together w/russel&red
Traffic Update: As of 8:52 am Pasig Blvd. going to Shaw Blvd. [Heavy] {Admin 06}
Water main rupture at Marietta Blvd in Atlanta continues to flow after several days.
Traffic Update: As of 2:57pm Shaw blvd. going to Edsa (MH) [Admin08]
Hello, Shaw Blvd traffic. Just when I'm going home early 😐
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Traffic Update; As of 7:47 am Shaw Blvd. going to EDSA [Heavy] {Admin 06}
It's a sign on Shaw blvd that says “All People Matter” that's highly disrespectful!
This is such a nice Sunday to stay and chill out at home. ☺️ @ Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Hi everyone! Come & shop at the at the 2nd level of , Shaw blvd…
Waaah. Newest favorite for this year. 😋😋😋 @ Pho Hoa, Shaw Blvd.
Own an Ayala property in Shaw Blvd. for As low as 10k per month. . Please contact me for more details. Thank you!
Spotted near the new home. P.S. I live along Shaw Blvd.
They announced that Boni was unsafe for the train to pass through and the train had to stop running at Shaw Blvd.
Own this condo for as low as PHP 9000.00 monthly turnover in 2017. Located at Shaw Blvd near Lourdes and...
Ortigas, SM Megamall, Shaw Blvd and Boni is heavily crowded with people. MRT did something nasty again.
TRAIN ADVISORY: only operational from Shaw Blvd to Taft stations.
Uy diskaril nanaman ang MRT. Shaw Blvd to Taft and vice versa lang ang byahe. Walang byahe from North Ave to Ortigas and vice versa
MRT3 breakdown at Shaw Blvd station. No trips going north. South Shaw Blvd to Taft ave only.
As of 7:30 pm, mrt-3 will only run from shaw blvd- taft station and vice versa due to technical problems at gma kamuning-cubao stations.
Operations of MRT stopped at Shaw Blvd Stn. All passengers were asked to vacate the train.
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