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Shaun White

Shaun Roger White (born September 3, 1986) is an American professional snowboarder and skateboarder.

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Shaun White clinches spot in fourth Olympics in s.
It’s crazy that Shaun White and Shani Davis still have potential to win Gold medals
Shaun White. How would you like to be that good at something for that long?? Amazing.
Yeah and even so I would have chosen Khawaja or Shaun Marsh over White anyway. *shrugs*
My heart stopped longer when I discovered Shaun White was going to his 4th Olympics than when I was one number away…
Shaun White wins at Snowmass, leads trio of Americans to qualify for Olympic…
I just saw a video of Shaun White qualifying for the Olympics and I feel like at this point, he’s been in approx on…
omg shaun white just pulled out a perfect 100 holy dang! HE BE GOING TO S.KOREA! WTG SHAUN!.
So is this like Shaun White's 8th Olympics?
Shaun White Scores Perfect 100 to Clinch A Spot on for the Winter Olympics!. h…
Shaun white is old and still can shred what a beast
Shaun White scores perfect 100, qualifies for Olympics (video) - NBC Sports
Shaun White got a perfect score today and he’s going to compete at the Winter Olympics, my man has still got it😭😍
Halfpipe superstar Shaun White makes Olympic statement with perfect 100 in Snowmass Grand Prix
It is cool that Shaun white has qualified for his fourth Winter Olympics at the age of 46.
Throwing the most aggressive and flawless run of his life in what became the most competitive snowboarding halfpipe contest…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If this was a white kid that committed this horrific act, every black celebrity & athlete would be twee…
A perfect 100!! Love the Winter Games of the Olympics!✨
Wow, Shaun White hitting us with a perfect 100 in the US Grand Prix today 🔥🔥🔥
Shaun White is the absolute loml and I can’t wait to watch him crush it this year @ the Olympics tbh
Dude is a BEAST!!. Shaun White scores perfect 100 in halfpipe to qualify for Olympic team.
31 year old Shaun White still collecting perfect scores in superpipe finals lol
Denim, denim, Shaun White hoodies and denim!
Absolutely stoked to see Shaun White compete at the olympics. After that awful crash, i was a little worried. But he’s back…
Last weekend I got to see Shaun White and Travis Barker, next weekend Snoop Dogg will be here. I love my internship
In Oct of 2017 I took a bad fall. It was tough, but it brought me into the new year feeling strong, focused, and determined…
Next month, Shaun White is gonna have to be really flawless after his Olympic peformance sc…
No clue, I am ready for Shaun White on the half pipe
You know you're getting old when your last memory of Shaun White is a skater bro to seeing him in a commercial years later wi…
Shaun White is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
an RSO called the “Good Mule Project” organized by a white feminist to promote the hard work of the “diversity” pop…
White: 'Getting the perfect score was just nuts'
.scores perfect 100, qualifies for Olympics
Shaun White scores perfect 100 in Snowmass halfpipe, setting stage for his fourth Olympics:
White punches Olympic ticket with perfect 100
Watch Shaun White qualify for his fourth Olympics with a perfect 100 run
See Shaun White’s spectacular perfect-score run that qualified him for the Olympics
.wins at leads trio of Americans to qualify for Olympic halfpipe team:
.scored a perfect 💯 to clinch his fourth Olympic berth
WATCH: Shaun White stomps perfect run to punch ticket to Winter Olympics
Snowboarder Shaun White's fourth Olympic appearance came down to one run at the U.S. Grand Prix in Snowmass,...
✅ QUALIFIED! . 2️⃣-time Olympic champ is back for more! He earns his spot with a perfect 💯! See you…
Shaun White scored a perfect 100 to qualify for his fourth Olympic games.
Shaun White clinches spot in fourth Olympics in spectacular fashion
Shaun White's perfect score punches ticket to Olympics.
A feel good :) Watching this kid since he was a kid, lol. Cannot wait for the Olympics!. See Shaun White’s spectac…
ICYMI | 🇦🇺Scotty James had an amazing day with a 96.25 in the Snowboard Halfpipe to secure World Cup silver!. INCREDIBLY, 🇺🇸…
Shaun King, Deray, and Netta all blocked me on my old account, because I said:. Meet the Black Lives Matter leaders: A whi…
Tell me it is because there isn't any other top athletes competing for the US. Tell me it is becau…
Actually she was at best fifth billing in 2010, behind the old Apollo Ohno, Shaun White, and 2 othe…
Shaun White's Air+Style competition slated to come to Sydney - Daily Telegraph
What's going on NY? Bobby Flay and Shaun White back frozen veggie startup Daily Harvest - New York Business Journal…
Run 2 men’s HP at Ben Ferguson into 2nd, Shaun White holding 3rd after throwing 1440.
Shaun White takes some powder laps in Austria during an off day training for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Kor…
How cool is it to have Shaun White perform for you every night .
a year. Have to imagine a percent are black people. Where's the protest? FB…
Shaun King is famous for being Black and he's White.
Lol. I guess Trump won't choose b'cuz Shaun is a white boy trying to pass as black
I'm so embarrassed here's my Shaun White cosplay inspired by
Shaun King is basically a black man trapped in a white mans body.
Right now that White F__OT Shaun King is trying think of way to link Al Michaels joke of Harvey Weinstein to White Privilege
He is Jewish. Does Hillary enjoy white privelege?
That Shaun White commercial got my hyped for the olympics hope he comes back as good as he once was. 🏂
Yay Shaun White is coming back for the Winter Olympics 😄
I have the impression people who make youtube videos in general also tend to be white men, just like serial killers
Close but Shaun King is a white guy
Random thought:. Since Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal identify as black even though they are white, and Bruce...
Shaun king is the worst isn't he white lol?
Wow u r so dumb if u have to ask. SHAUN is white who tries so hard to b blac…
He’s too black to be Shaun King! White White Baby that dude is White White baby
it reminds me of the way Silicon Valley innovates - they never know what minimal viable product will sti…
Why are white people way more pressed than Black people about whether or not Shaun King is really Black?
Make sure to check out Shaun King's new album due out when it snows during a white Christmas.
Can’t decide which white privilege is the best. A) being passed over for college spot by less qualified affirmative act…
No, Talcum X is that bellend Shaun King. Thinks he’s Malcolm X, but he’s white as you and me
White folks be thinking we crazy cause our names are hard, first of all your sons name is Shaun but it’s spelled Sean. Explain that.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Shaun King is not correct. He is a liar. Shaun is a white man. Okay, with that logic I…
Shaun King is a white guy. Who lies about being black. U cant trust someone like that.
Shaun King is a fraud. He's a white man disguised as a black guy. Can we support real b…
Shaun Kink is white, this Dude is black. Bad meme
The years have not been kind to Shaun White.
DeAndre also used the $166,000 in GoFundMe which Shaun King helped him raise off White guilt to buy a Mercedes-Benz https:/…
Clueless immature *** who've been brought up to take the easy cheap shot at the whit…
Actually this wouldn't be accurate because Shaun King is white
Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume via
Scared grey/white boy kitty "Shaun" gets yet one more chance on the Devore CA kill list 10/16! Rescue/foster/save!. https:/…
Anybody remember how dope the Shaun White snowboarding game was
- "I wonder if Snow White is going to be in the Winter Olympics.". *I give him a weird look*. Josh - "...I meant Shaun White."
To be honest this is exactly what Shaun does. If you look inside most of the story they're all white
Look Shaun...cheating isn't nearly as big a deal as offending the sensibilities of the white majority. G…
You don’t have freedom of speech unless you’re white , support Trump, or a Supremacist
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Did you see these pale white giraffes?! 😍 .
Today, the White House press secretary used the people's podium to call for the firing of an individual citizen,
If the worker would have been white Shaun King would have brought his Antifa crew and that McDo…
He's cancelled Muslim traditions at the White House that had been going on for 20 years. And the wal…
Go Shaun! You are doing the lord's work. The white supremacists are on notice. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
They got me at PacSun in white marsh tonight , pull up
I thiiink it got taken over by Iceland. Reminds me of a good Shaun Ryder joke. What's black and whit…
It's like Kaep and Shaun (whatever-his-last-name) trying to hide their white sides by over-doing the "I…
Shaun the problem is only with the few white people who say it ? Or maybe there's some th…
Why aren't Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal a couple? they are both white people, who hate white people an…
Plus some white gloves, global Hypercolour t-shirt, face mask and Vicks vaporub. Oh, and a whistle
There's King, a white boy who thinks he's b…
Shaun King is a white supremacist because he thinks he's better than most black people.
Everyone thinks Donald Trump is a white supremacist Shaun. Because he is
Keep up the great work, Justice will prevail. White supremacist, KKK and Nazism has no place in America…
Shaun you should slap yourself for being white and responsible for slavery.
Shaun White Tiger 🐯 Shirt- size 4/5- just $3.99! To hold or purchase this item, call us at…
When are you dummies going to learn this ain't even y'all country tho? I know yall dumb *** remember tracing...
When somebody ask Shaun King if he white
Never forget Shaun White saving his *** when he was 19 😂
Taylor Swift and Shaun White on my TL on the same night is anti black propaganda. I'm disgusted.
Here are some more story ideas, Michael Phelps, Roger Ferderer, Shaun White, Gary Kasparov, Harlem Globetrotters, Tom Hanks
Shaun White might be the next celebrity real estate mogul. After renting out his Malibu home for…
I used to watch the x-games with Matt. Our favorite athlete was Shaun White. I do miss the long red hair. It's...
Shaun White back in the super pipe might be the highlight of my week!
Sunset strip home that Shaun White sold last year just flipped back onto the market up 70%. ht…
Former Sunset Strip of X star Shaun White lists for $4 million
Former Sunset Strip home of X Games star Shaun White lists for $4 million
so u can say "white people" and put us all into a stereotype but if I said "black people" y'all would pitch a fit hm https…
Shaun White sued by ex-bandmate Lena Zawaideh for sexual harassment
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Shaun White sued for sexual harassment: A January, 2015, photo spread of Zawaideh in Riviera San Diego Modern...
People are searching for: shaun white - - August 17th 2016
I've known for years that Shaun White was someone I've wanted to chill with. this is just further proof
what would Shaun White be if he wasn't brilliant at snowboarding?. A virgin!
But why is Shaun White even in a band ?
Olympian Shaun White accused of sexual harassment by San Diego woman: In this context, it doesn't matter,” sa...
VERY graphic new allegations revealed in sexual harassment lawsuit against
Hangin with Bob Costas talkin and on --
Every skateboarder always knew Shaun White was a kook. Now the world knows.
Why do Black People allow Shaun King who is a white conman to represent them?
I see Shaun White went to the Brett Favre school of how to treat a lady. smdh
I've been in love with Shaun White since I was little. I had his snowboarding video game for the Wii and his brand of gum 😂😂
Why do you have Shaun White on to talk about snowboarding in August?
"Shaun White... white like snow bc snowboarding"
Me, too! I don't even really like Shaun White, so it's extra annoying. I was a Ross Powers snowboarding fan.
Bob Costas just teased Shaun White later in prime time. White's new coach KO'd him from 2002 Olympics at age 15
Shaun White surfing. Thank you and he's gonna be in 2018 Olympics! Can't wait. Love my snowboarding
Shaun White to compete in half pipe at next Winter Olympics
Idk man, Shaun White still exists. I'm pretty bias though> I love snowboarding.
What's less dramatic/exciting: Michael Phelps in a swimming race or Shaun White in a snowboarding competition? this one is for you.
"I think the way to become the best is to just have fun." . -Shaun White, gold medalist in snowboarding.
one time I wanted a Shaun White snowboarding jersey for Christmas. I got a horse instead.
People out here hyping Phelps, but they're sleeping on Shaun White winning gold in snowboarding AND swimming!
"My idea of *** would be Carrot Top & Shaun White taking turns sneezing in my face."
I'm White like Shaun, but I can spit like my name was Daquann, grew up in Nonquon, nothin sweet like Bon Bon, money long like Tom Condon
People crucify Brietbart for Renegade Jew Meanwhile New York Daily News praises Shaun King for constant "white man must be stopped" articles
Every time I've had a bad performance at an event, I've come back more dete...
Follow the top Shaun White stories for May 16 on our topical page:
Shaun White crashed into the wall in halfpipe snowboarding Sochi ... &...
I was sponsored when I was about seven by Burton Snowboards.
It's hard to just kinda get some privacy and do your own thing.
The white man will say this is fake cus he is Jelous of the black man
Shaun King wrote a great article here 4 days ago about cop killers being white the true Bigots ripped King
White Privilege at its finest. Positive representation AND a tv show for murdering her family?
Has Jeffery Shaun King changed his birth certificate or does it still say he's white. Anyone know...
So if Rachel Dolezal and Jeffrey 'Shaun' King can identify as 'black', why don't blacks identify as white if privilege is so pale?
Shaun King trying to teach black people how to be black. He learned how from his two white parents, while being white according to his BC.
I can't stay away from Chinese food. I really love that stuff.
I get e-mails from mothers asking me to call their daughters for a date. I ...
De Bruyne now back atop the higher rankings. Updated: 1. De Bruyne 2. Andy Dalton 3. Shaun White
Grown people be surprised as *** when I ask how you doing or say have a nice day that's sad as *** Especially white people
Shaun King is running a scam on the Nice White Progressives and I wouldn't follow him out a burning building.
Got a white lion at the house named her
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Shaun White SnowBoarding: Road Trip (Nintendo Wii, 2007
is it cize by shaun t? I was too white to be any good at it. 😂
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I come home to see Shaun King causing trouble again, wherever his dad is I'm sure he be proud of his white son leading a black hate group.
Justin Bieber didn't get the memo that white people look stupid with dreadlocks huh?
I've got to stand up for the sport. - Shaun White
I still think Richard Pryor went to Peoria in '84-'85 when he was single, and knocked up the white lady who had Shaun Livingston
White people with dreads will forever look like grinch fingers
I like white folks, but I dont like you..
Did say that?. That white-boy That pretend darkie, Shaun King?. THAT
so Rays playing in Tampa indoors is cold? news to me and Shaun White has sucked for 6 years
bc I don't watch things that involve cold unless Shaun white is involved
still wearing those third jerseys. So the home team wears white. As it should be.
Snowboarding attempt Knocked myself out and broke my thumb. Watch your back Shaun White
Shaun White is super adorable and so is Apolo Anton Ohno.
[China]Super star Shaun White, competing at the Snowboarding World Championshi…
Shhh, no one at work knows I am king of snowboarding Shaun White.
Shaun White turns to snowboarder who kept him off 2002 Olympic team -
Tomorrow's cover: White to headline US Open. Shaun White will compete in halfpipe and slopestyle in Vail next week. https:/…
WATCH LIVE STREAM: Navy Seal from Otsego to receive Medal of Honor at White House ceremony.
I think I am almost as tired of Shaun King as white people are.
so the fake white black guy Shaun King is mad at the actual black guy for going too far?
I think the biggest takeaway from Shaun King's awful Chris Rock column is that he really does act like an outraged white liberal on comedy.
No Shaun you discredit yourself with Hack Journalism and Pretending to be Black , when in reality you're White.
Can we sent Shaun King back to White People already?
wow a white man wants to tell a black man his jokes were racially insensitive. Shaun King=white privilege
So Shaun King is attacking Chris Rock over his Oscar speech. Two things. First: "lynching of our grandmothers"? King? News flash. You're white
. Hey Shaun : grow some Black and get back to us, ok White Boy w/ a Fro
Shaun King is literally a black woman in a race baiting white man's body. This is amazing.
Our grandmothers? When did white grandmothers get lynched Shaun King? Because you think you're black doesn't make...
Shaun King really hustling backwards why get paid less as a black man when you can scam and get paid more as a white one
KING: Chris Rock's Oscar opener lynching jokes went too far If Shaun White say folk one more time..
Chris please do you have your way with the white man Shaun King, we'll all enjoy it.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I love his skit "Get a WHITE FRIEND" Shaun. You are Mexican so you don't qualify
How Shaun King white *** gon say a black man went too far with jokes pertaining to black people and oppression ?
Shaun White from Daily News just called you out. Scathing piece against you. Damned if you, damned if you dont.
Chris rock's satirical act got Shaun kings panties ina bunch. Funny that some white guy was offended more than I was
Shaun is the blackest white man you'll ever find, trying so hard but Jason Whitlock, BLM laugh at em
Shaun White black and white roll last year at Brooklyn Projects
X Games triple-double club:. When an athlete wins 2+ gold medals over 3 X Games. Dave Mirra & Shaun White are the only …
weird. I mean Danny Davis is pretty great, but Shaun White is the most well-known.
This is my good friend Kevin Rogers, also known as Shaun White.
Just got the urge to play the Shaun White snowboarding game on Wii fit
Shaun White claims the top honors at the 2015 Dew Tour men's superpipe finals here at Breck. See the top three run…
When I go snowboarding next month ima try and be like Shaun White
Shaun White taught me the ways of snowboarding, so I listened🏂... @ Big Bear Ski Resort
Auburn QB Sean White throws consecutive picks. Maybe he should try snowboarding like Shaun White.
Best of Snowboarding: best of GO PRO with Travis Rice, Shaun White and John Jackson
You tell me. Sounds like you're keeping track. If you live by facts why are you believing white boy Shaun King?
You are horrific Shaun. You were never a slave. Stop acting like white people owe you something.
So someone felt the need to tell me who Shaun White is at work today. As if I didn't know.
Don't know who Tim Wise is? Picture a white Shaun King. That's Tim Wise.
"White privilege" isn't great enough for Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King.
Do you have a source that knows if Shaun King is white?
Daughter's OOTD: Shaun the Sheep shirt & new Converse in black & white. 5th viewing at $2 theater. Don't judge!
drinking flat white at Saltbean Espresso
that shaun King guy hates white people
Did you read the article? It'd be borderline white collar fraud for a white dude
Rough RB choices this week: Lacy, James White or Shaun Draughn in PPR. Who do you think?
ideal! I think that's what Shaun White rocks
What is most shocking that Shaun White had a girlfriend!! 😮
I am traumatized from reading abt monsters like Michael Brown, Trayvon, Sharpton, white Shaun King & all of
pick please, Ebron or Gates, Shaun D, Ajayi, or White?
Really wish white people would stop acting like they don't get cold too 😩
where are the Reverse Shaun Whites & Dolezals? Why do we not see tons of blacks trying to be white to get benefits?
maybe I'll just put all my efforts into snowboarding and transform into Shaun White
ok Shaun. is anything that comes out of your white mouth not a lie?
It seems Shaun King is too busy to care about he is still too busy defending himself for being white https:/…
Does that make the white guy in there Shaun King?
Paul Rodriguez, Chloe Kim, Shaun White, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore... Here are the athletes of the team.
When you yell Shaun White at a guy with a red Afro and he turns and looks at you. Lol at my life.
Chris Mintz is a hero and Chris Harper is an hero. Shaun King is black, Harper is white, Neva5Get.
I liked a video Shaun White's Game is HORRIBLE | Game Or Shame
I'd be a good Shaun White for Halloween
Josh just ordered chocolate cake shots this night is about to go downhill faster than Shaun white
LOL just found this article from last month .
His relationship with Shaun King probably confused him about what black and white are.
That black messed it up...Should've stuck with the red white and blue...
I didn't know Shaun White had a clone.
Over the last 10 days, Obama’s top advisers on cyber-security, ISIS, and Russia have all resigned.
My grandma just handed me a pack of shaun white gum didn't they stop making that like 2 years ago?
so THIS is what happened to shaun white!
When ur brother is competing against Shaun white???
Media hacks: "Mercer looks white.". So does Shaun King. Guess which one is actually white? (Hint:
Oh I gotcha .Shaun King, the self-professed black man. . BLM claims him unless he kills, in which case, *** he was white.😂
also have to say Shaun King is white.
He is blacker than Shaun King. Both of King's parents are white; this shooters mother was black.
Well then he is a decent kind hearted white young man. has taught me alot about doing Good. Thank you Shaun.
According to media:. George Zimmerman & Chris Harper Mercer are white. Barack Obama & Shaun King are black.
"Do you like black or white wiener dogs" -Shaun Boyd...
Shaun King is black? But a biracial terrorist with darker skin than him is white? How does that work? http…
Shaun White starts prep for snowboarding season
Shaun White starts prep for snowboarding season -
i'm looking at Jason Smith and Shaun White highlights on youtube they look great Shaun White can run also
"I'm not drinking white ace on a Sunday" Shaun is ruining Sunday fun day.
Dirty Soda spike lee white girl ice t🙌🙌
that gross moment when I realize you are a typical white girl and have Shaun's initials and anniversary in your bio 😷
a white woman with 'dog lover' in her bio just RT'd me. Timing. 😂
LOL I never said many others don't but EVERYONE including other white ppl know how much white ppl love their dogs.
This means tons from ppl who brought us "Zoe admits she trades sex for reviews", ft "Shaun King is actually white"
lmao of course. No one can deny that white folks LOVE their dogs...
well, if we're being honest any time I've seen these type of memes it has been certain kinds of white ppl responsible!
Shaun King and Deray took us back to the stone age of relations. And Shaun is white! We all can tell :)
to the guys who I sang these days/Alandria and white Limo with.. My throat canes but it was totally worth every second!!
Shaun Marsh has potential whipping boy about him I suspect.
"Hi! I'm a straight white guy who thinks the world is set up against me. Would you fancy a long internet argument?" http:/…
Try white toothpaste. You have my sympathy Shaun!
and Shaun King and cassandrarules are two white people who make large profits off exploiting black death n suffering
White Rose sets record in win - ESPN: White Rose sets record in winESPNRacing fourth along the hedge under joc...
The bassist at the bar looks like a drugged out Shaun White.
Got bent with Shaun White last night
Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King revealed to be white
White Rose Sets Course Record in Glens Falls - (press release) (registration) (blog): Bl...
And Marquez White got the job for being sure-handed!
That's like Shaun White levels of awesome.
Shaun King is a white ambulance chasing bottom feeder who makes $$$ off of black death, suffering n theft
Dressed like a skater, ride on you like shaun white
Netta got fired, Deray quit his job, Shaun King is white (according to records), Bassem relies on donations.
WHITE ROSE, Shaun Bridgmohan up, sets a new course record winning the Glens Falls at Saratoga.
Kudos to Shaun Bridgmohan,for staying on the gold hedge as long as he could with WHITE ROSE$20,the route to victory in The Glens Falls atSpa
Im drinking chocolate milk and watching Shaun White and Bucky Lasek on tv. I feel like Im a preteen again
While watching the Olympics about Shaun White. Brittany: oh is gymnastics on!?. Me: that's Shawn Johnson in the Summer Olymp…
"Harden ranks 825th among trendsetters, 'putting him on par with Guy Fieri, Shaun White and Sarah Jessica Parker.'" 😂
First Cize attempt complete.Shaun T has a whole lot of work to do to make this white girl a dancer! Lol!...
you've got to start seeing some of these white Beach Body coaches doing the latest Shaun T workout Cize. It's dance based. 😂😂😭😭
Going to start dressing like a Lion. That way cops know that if they kill me. White people will avenge me
Blessed to have this great guy with us tomorrow morning, Shaun White and his family from C3 Hobart. Love how far...
I can't tell if this kid is Shaun white or just a ginger wearing a vest
*looks at you the turns away, speaking to myself* you can do this... *skates down the half pipe like Shaun White and Tony Hawk*
LMAO is getting huge... I love it.. stupid Gawker
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