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Shaun Livingston

Shaun Patrick Livingston (born September 11, 1985) is an American professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Lmao bro Ethan just told Mike Sherm that he looks like Shaun Livingston. I'm done.
Richard Jefferson just got traded to the Warriors for Shaun Livingston 😳😳
David West passes to a cutting Shaun Livingston for the two-handed jam.
Klau Thompson looks like Shaun Livingston with those knee sleeves on
I love how modern the Warriors are but then there's Shaun Livingston posting up and David West cashing in mid-range jumpers
Ive never seen Shaun Livingston miss a fadeaway
Shaun Livingston is actually perfect from midrange
Can we just say rn that Shaun Livingston is gonna EAT Wade, Rose and IT alive!!
Shaun Livingston has the prettiest midrange jumpers.
Shaun Livingston will always be one of the biggest 'What if?"s of my life as a NBA fan. Wish we'd have had his career without the injuries.
"You don't have to play Livingston or Shaun." ***
DWest is gonna need to find a new go-to guy with Ian Clark gone. I'm cool with it being Shaun Livingston.
Shaun Livingston has never missed a mid range jumper
You always gonna be Shaun Livingston to me cuzo 😂
Iggy, Shaun Livingston, Swaggy P off the bench? I know they’re not as good as the Cavs bench but they can compete with them
on offense Jordan Bell will be a center in the same way as Shaun Livingston, except bigger, stronger, & taller.
Dude I will up the ante on you. I've seen Shaun Livingston wear a Brian Cook jersey
Melo lookin like Shaun Livingston in this picture.
Walking down the street in Oakland & realized that I’m walking next to Shaun Livingston lol
Can’t be mad at them for that.. building a bunch of solid role players like Iggy, Shaun Livingston, Draymond, etc a…
Lmao-ing at folks picking washed DRose and Korver over Shaun Livingston and Iggy tbh
One they can just throw up lobs too and another they can go…
You're forgetting DRose vs. Shaun Livingston. Battle of the torn ACLs!
Shaun Livingston is the best Point Guard on the Warriors right now.
Who is earl clark or shaun livingston or javell mcgee or zaza puchulia
LIVE: Shaun Livingston is at the podium! Watch the Media Day interviews STREAMING NOW:
I think the upshot of Wade joining CLE is that he gives them a better matchup against Shaun Livingston than they've had. That's not nothing.
Wade is 35 cmon bro let’s be serious? And I didn’t know Shaun Livingston was an all star? Flawed theory you got here
But they're far from role players. Role players are guys that have a little impact or eve…
Big draft news. traveling to watch Shaun Livingston. Metrics love him.
SHAUN LIVINGSTON just pulled up from 40 out with 2 secs left in the quarter and swished. THIS GAME IS ***
Lol klay, draymond iffy and Shaun Livingston all be D'ing up, defense not a problem
So wait you’re taking Nick Young, Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala over this?
John wall, d rose, and Shaun Livingston are my favorite players in the league.
They got like David West.. iguodala.. Nick Young.. Shaun Livingston.. All hoopers
Neither can shoot, and anytime IT is on the court they are gonna get worked. No way he can co…
your Game is absolutely garbage gameplay Shaun Livingston just hit a contested buzzer beater 3 Imma go buy Live this 2k ***
This man Dorian said Shaun Livingston is better than drose
Bench is nowhere near GS, which has Iggy, Swaggy, Shaun Livingston, Zaza... which is compared to Dro…
Shaun Livingston is somewhere rubbing his hands like birdman rn
The Cavs would kill for a Shaun Livingston right now. Tell me I'm wrong. That's one example.
Shaun Livingston is better than rose at this point
Aye the play with the GSW bench they got Nick Young, Shaun Livingston, Javale McGee.
Shaun Livingston. Nick Young. Andre Iguodala. David West. Javale McGee. Don't talk to me about a bench
I know you did not just say Cavs bench is better, Warriors starting bench...PG Shaun…
Or do you want to compare D Rose to Shaun Livingston? Ha
Shaun Livingston has routinely cooked players like Rose and 2017 Wade. He was cooking Cavs' STARTI…
Shaun Livingston is the best backup pg tbh
Stage will barley average 10 points that's like saying kd and Shaun Livingston are the best duo
A good comp for Lonzo Ball is young phenom Shaun Livingston.
Magic Johnson would be poor mans Shaun Livingston in this era tbh
Darius Miles was gonna be a hybrid KG/Shaun Livingston
Bob Myers said Shaun Livingston could've made a lot more money in free agency
Still remember the SLAM magazine that had Shaun Livingston,Sebastian Telfair, & Dwight Howard! Awesome! 🔥🏀🏆💯
Source: Warriors, Shaun Livingston agree to three-year deal - Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
Shaun Livingston has agreed to a 3 year, $24 million deal with the Golden State Warriors. (
I love it now the Thunder need to add to they bench maybe go after Z-Bo,Shaun Livingston & Andre Iguodala
honestly think Lakers will get a couple of vets in FA; Ian Clark, Patty Mills, Brandon Jennings, or Shaun Livingston... ✌🏽️
Good morning to everyone except the Golden State Warriors who aren't named JaVale McGee, Shaun Livingston and Matt Barnes.
I will never like Steph Curry or Draymond Green or Klay Thompson or Andre Iguadola or Zaza Pachulia or Shaun Livingston, or Kevin Durant
Learned today Andre Iguadola and Shaun Livingston both played in our Decatur turkey tournament! Both are showing well tonight!🏀👍
Shaun Livingston would be a solid 16 & 8-type PG as a starter.
It's 2017 and the amazing stories that are Shaun Livingston and . JaVale McGee are on the court in the NBA Finals.
Shaun Livingston killing it with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel.
Tristan Thompson by Channing Frye, Warriors-Steph by Shaun Livingston, Klay by Andre/Ian Clark, KD by Barnes, Draymond by David West.
So you don't occasionally go back and re-watch the Shaun Livingston or Kevin Ware injuries just because?
Golden State Warriors hope to get Shaun Livingston, Matt Barnes back for round 2
Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston are questionable for game 2 against the Trail Blazers. 👀
Just caught up with bball recruit Da'Monte Williams @ the Shaun Livingston tourn: I'm not going anywhere, I start r…
Would you rather your favorite player be Shaun Livingston or potentially a Derozan/Thompson/Butler caliber 2? That'…
Warriors vs. Spurs GameThread: Shaun Livingston, Pat McCaw, and Kevon Looney will start for Golden State -…
Shaun Livingston was complete trash & you know you're not gonna cash when Robert Covington is your best player 😂😂
For today's game at Orlando: Shaun Livingston (rest) and David West (non-displaced fracture, left thumb) are out.
iggy David West Shaun Livingston..3 solid players off the bench
Shaun Livingston plays very efficient minutes off the bench, David West knows the Spurs a little and is injured right now.
David West and Shaun Livingston are among the six Golden State Warriors who just walked into Belk Arena.
Shaun Livingston has shot 50 percent or better from the field in the last 11 games, tying a career-long streak.
...Klay Thompson also was terrific with 23 points, Ian Clark racks up 14 points and Shaun Livingston with 10 points.
Warriors' Andre Iguodala goes through the legs and behind the back for an alley-oop to Shaun Livingston (that came after t…
Shaun Livingston shines as different kind of leader for . MORE:
Of all PG/SG, only Jared Dudley, Shaun Livingston, and Avery Bradley have a better FG% than Demar. & only Westbrook + AD have made more FG
If you compare one of these dudes to Len Bias or Shaun Livingston you will have a god *** gallery of "Best That Ne…
Shaun Livingston donates $1 million to his former elementary school in Peoria, Illinois
Trying to convince the Oracle arena staff members that you're Shaun Livingston
No reason Patrick McCaw should play more minutes than Shaun Livingston . Just bad coaching there
Shaun Livingston got the best mid range game since Sam Cassell
bench players are also heavily slept on like enes kanter, Shaun Livingston, and Jamal Crawford.
76ers We can't have Shaun Livingston but we can get FA- Kevin Martin. We need offense.
Ralph Sampson, Andrew Toney, Grant Hill, David Thompson, Shaun Livingston. That's my "what-if" starting five.
Tell me why Shaun Livingston from the Warriors is at my church
64. Shaun Livingston throws it down on Richard Jefferson.
Shaun Livingston probably the best choice but I'd go with my guy Linsanity
Michael Carter Williams is like the not as good Shaun Livingston
2nd time today I been told I look like Shaun Livingston
Dog look what type of crib I'm in. Stacking up my dividends. Hit the stage break a leg. *** Shaun Livingston
except I'm more of a Shaun Livingston type player at this.
5. Shaun Livingston . If this one ain't obvious idk for y'all
thanks moe, I definitely don't look like Shaun Livingston though lmao
Wessler: Shaun Livingston and the friendship worth more than $1 million - Sports - Journal Star - Peoria, IL
The Warriors bench is now Shaun Livingston, Anderson Varejeo, and Kevon Looney lol
Kyle Anderson is a combination of Boris Diaw, and Shaun Livingston.
So the Warriors will now have a roster of Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Draymond, Durant and Shaun Livingston. They probably resign Barbosa too
Wow a PG better than Shaun Livingston and he didn't cost Nerlens Noel or the Lakers pick 🤗
Lil Dicky, Leandro Barbosa, Shaun Livingston, A. Verajo and Steph all look like a baby's first time seeing fire
💪 Shaun Livingston's one-handed slam ties the game late in the 3rd quarter. WATCH:
I think Shaun Livingston is from the 70's and still goes to discos on a daily basis
In the words of Lavar Burton: My main man, Shaun Livingston!!
Shaun Livingston did something only Tony Parker, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson did.
LeBron got outmatched by Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa 💀💀💀
Been about my *** Shaun Livingston since he came outta Peoria.. Still got a 2004 SLAM magazine with him on the cover..
Shaun Livingston has tied his playoff career-high with 18 points tonight!
Shaun Livingston from mid range is fuego 🔥🔥🔥
Shaun Livingston looking like the top 4 pick he was.
Shaun Livingston reminds me of the guy from Captain Phillips.
Warriors' Shaun Livingston: Key buckets in deciding run Monday
Million dollar pass from Shaun Livingston and a 10 cent finish from Mo Buckets... smh
That Andre Iguodala celebration on the Shaun Livingston dunk.
Shaun Livingston now know how Mesut Ozil feels every time he passes to Giroud
Pre-injury Shaun Livingston was so dope. Never forget.
Shaun Livingston looks like a he could be a member of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Morgan said Shaun Livingston mid range game is crazy is this a fact?
Shaun Livingston has entered the time machine and pulled out the Peoria Central Bag of Tricks.
Shaun Livingston has done nothing bill kill momentum all post season
Shaun Livingston gon look like George Jefferson when he start balding
I miss Alan Anderson and Shaun Livingston, also Plumlee and Andre Blatch . Nets
If they had a Mid Range Jumper contest at All-Star Weekend, who would be favored over Shaun Livingston?
Another great one from Jabari Parker and Shaun Livingston in 2004.
[Shaun Livingston rushes out of the tunnel and brains an unsuspecting Scott Foster with a folding chair]
Shaun Livingston has been ejected after receiving 2 technical fouls in a row while arguing a missed foul call.
Shaun Livingston looking like someone stretched out Andre Miller.
Guessing backup point guard Stephen Curry is starting in the second half after Shaun Livingston was ejected.
Shaun Livingston or Andre Miller?? Ok, from far away it looks more like Dre.
Saw Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Anderson Varejao and Leandro Barbosa at the ES today
him Kobe, Wade, Andre Miller, Shaun Livingston lots more but for sure
Not putting Shaun Livingston number one on this list was the hardest thing I've ever done:
and Shaun Livingston kinda favors Tevin Campbell lowkey
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Shaun Livingston will look like Andre Miller in the future
Shaun Livingston might be the best post up point guard other then Andre Miller that I have seen.
Shaun Livingston and Andre Miller are the perfect examples of having straight up old man game
Shaun Livingston looks just like Andre Miller. That's his lil bro.
Hey can we get a SportScience segment on Kevin Ware, Marcus Lattimore, and Shaun Livingston? Please and thank you.
If there were a 7th Man of the Year award my vote would go to Shaun Livingston
Shaun Livingston finds Klay Thompson for the And 1 and the
Shaun Livingston is Matt Saracen if he had blown out a knee in the 6th grade & if Jason Street only had a mildly sprained ankle
who's the starting PG then? Shaun Livingston , now your just saying some wild shot
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have a combined 1,507 3-point attempts; Andrew Bogut and Shaun Livingston have 13
My 11 year old girl saw Shaun Livingston have a TO and said, "Livingston ruins everything... He's just like Screech Powers."
Am I the only one who thinks Shaun Livingston looks like Adrian Dantley?
I still think Richard Pryor went to Peoria in '84-'85 when he was single, and knocked up the white lady who had Shaun Livingston
Warriors going death lineup with Ian Clark instead of Shaun Livingston is weird.
Shaun Livingston is like the modern-day Ron Harper. Granted, Harp was a starter. Maybe Michael Cooper. Legendary!
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Shaun Livingston was instrumental in limiting Kevin Durant & forcing him to make 9 turnovers in Golden State's win.
after barber house you'll go from Steven A. Smith to Shaun Livingston 😂
Tyreke Evans would be complete trash with Cavs unless he came off the bench to matchup with Shaun Livingston lol
Shaun Livingston embracing role as Stephen Curry's backup
I've never seen Shaun Livingston miss a post up jumper EVER
Shaun Livingston is like Ron Harper if Harper hadn't been really good before the injuries.
Look at the box from that Spurs/Warriors game. 2nd and 3rd leading scorers were Brandon Rush and Shaun Livingston. I'd live with that
Is Adrian Dantley from the bad boys Shaun Livingston's dad?
Shaun Livingston is doing Michael Carter-Williams things to Aaron Brooks offensively.
Shaun Livingston is what David Ruffin would look like if he were lightskin
Kyrie Irving mixing up Shaun Livingston real quick. Hits the jumper!. .
Arizona fans should think a combination of Shaun Livingston & Michael Carter-Williams in commit Kobi Simmons.
and Shaun Livingston , Andre Blatche *when he wants to play*, and at one point Reggie Evans💪🏾
was right when he predicted the rise of Shaun Livingston for GSW this season
At a point we had Shaun Livingston & Gerald green & we let the go smh nets
Klay took a page out of Curry's book, and Bogut found Livingston as Beverley was caught up between Shaun and Clark
Oh man, did he hyperextend it himself? If so, kind of reminds me of Shaun Livingston in NBA 8 or 9 years ago.
Shaun Livingston had so much promise
look at Derrick Rose, Marcus Lattimore, Shaun Livingston, list never ends
I just want someone to look at me the way this guy looks at Shaun Livingston
PG-SG Shaun Livingston starting at PG in place of superstar PG-SG Steph Curry (calf).
Shaun Livingston had the worst injury ever, became a champion
Dwight Howard blocks Shaun Livingston's shot. Then does a Mutumbo by wagging his finger. Then he does a Shaq and looks a…
Agreed! Draymond Green was huge for them but they would've never won that game if Shaun Livingston didn't come to play!
Did you see Dwight Howard trying to call a technical foul on Shaun Livingston? He is such a dysfunctional big baby.
Luke Walton said Shaun Livingston will start for Steph Curry. Ian Clark and Andre Iguodala will split the rest of the PG…
I'm also sure you wouldn't pay 2k for shaun livingston the other night when aaron brooks was 3.5k
Although it won't last long, it's special from a personal standpoint to see Shaun Livingston start at PG once again. Amazing passer, he is.
Shaun Livingston : 13 points on 6-12 shooting, 4 rebounds & 7 assists in 33 minutes (Started for the injured Steph Curry)
No reason to throw retard out there but ite, Shaun Livingston gettin cooked. All of em gettin cooked
Shaun Livingston (13 points) is in double figures for the third time this season. It's his highest scoring effort as a Warriors starter.
It makes me happy that Shaun Livingston is having such a nice career.
Shaun Livingston Got a Top 3 free throw line & below jumpshot this year
This is what Dwight does! The last 2shot attempts Dwight blocked Livingston twice. Shaun got scared & traveled
Shaun Livingston had made 11 3's in 573 career games.
Shaun Livingston would never admit his defense on James Harden is day-to-day.
NBA. HOU 47 - 53 GS. Shaun Livingston just got an FT. Sponsored by
We were denied seeing what Shaun Livingston could have been. The young man is still a solid player even after that devastating injury.
Say something nice about Mo Speights, Shaun Livingston, Draymond Green, or Andrew Bogut plz.
Has Shaun Livingston lost his mind challenging Dwight Howard at the rim???😂
28-1 Congrats Golden State! and also thanks to Shaun Livingston and Draymond Green
Huge game by Draymond and Shaun Livingston. Big close out buckets by Steph Curry as well.
Mo Speights and Shaun Livingston do for sure. When Barbosa says it the rest of the team just laughs.
Shaun Livingston is one of the best guards in the post I've ever seen. Gary Payton, Nick Van Exel, Jason Kidd, Jordan and Livingston.
Mo Williams is such a stud. He honestly can be a Shaun Livingston like addition for Cavs. Can score, can play D against back up PGs. Great!
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like how the "clipper" fans miss Chris Kaman or Baron Davis or Shaun Livingston or Marcus Camby ***
Shaun Livingston needs to come to Seattle
he's the next pre injury Shaun Livingston. Just wait on it
Never saw the Shaun livingston injury cas I felt like it wouldn't be something I wouldn't wanna see. I'm scarred for life now...
I won't watch Andrew Bogut or Shaun Livingston injuries ever again... Watched both of them once after they happened and said that was it
If only he would have never got hurt Shaun Livingston would have been an all star
I also think Shaun Livingston could've been really good if he didn't have that gross injury.
So I just found out that I went up and asked Gerald Green to take a picture of me and Shaun Livingston today
Idk why, but I always watch Shaun Livingston & Kevin Ware leg injury 😕 weird right
For example I see no difference in Magic Johnson and Shaun Livingston
the clippers with Darius Miles, Shaun Livingston and Elton Brand and Lamar Odom
After I get signed, don't be talking bout how we're coo! Y'all don't even rock with me like that! Shaun Livingston...
Catdaddy hates me lol. "Hey let's give him Shaun Livingston! Now let's give him Timofey Mozgov!" -.- Well screw you too catdaddy..
whose injury do each of you think was worse, Sid, Kevin Ware or Shaun Livingston?
While most of the Warriors starters are training with Team USA in Vegas Shaun Livingston headed to Brazil to work...
Buster Posey, Shaun Livingston ... Sam Laird. You too will join the list of great Bay Area athletes to bounce back from injury.
I'll never watch Shaun Livingston's injury again
Matthew speights to Shaun Livingston 360 alley oop ...
Shaun Livingston was ranked higher off of upside but he never really killed after the ABCD Camp. Bassy took on everyone
if 2Chainz comes back hot thats the greatest return ever better than shaun livingston better than the jedi
Shaun Livingston officially signed a 2-yr $02.95M contract with the GM Nets
I see Dante Exum having a Shaun Livingston type career. solid combo guard with length & quickness. he just missing the defense
With one twist and snap, Shaun Livingston's entire basketball career flashed before his eyes
You have the prototype in Draymond Green. Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson fit. Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala brought in. Now this.
Shaun Livingston with the pass to JR Smith with the Monster Dunk on Damian Lillard .
Wood Marco Bellinelli be a champ if he wooda stayed in the East? Wat about David Lee? How about Shaun Livingston? *** Tyson Chandler. NOPE
Shaun Livingston on being an NBA Champion after his horrific knee injury: "I had 2 careers really. It felt like 2 lives tha…
Shaun Livingston: "I've had two careers, really. It felt like two lives that I lived." So happy for him in this moment…
Congrats to Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson, Shaun Livingston and Harrison Barnes though. Only people on the warriors I can stand
I'm glad Shaun Livingston got one too. He worked his *** off!
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So happy for Shaun Livingston man.dude has come such a long way. He deserves this ring!
Congrats to Luke Walton, Shaun Livingston, Jerry West, and enjoy that Ring sir's.
yes ! 😂 I been a fan of curry and definitely a fan of Shaun Livingston
Every time the announcers say 'Shaun Livingston' i laugh because i mishear it as Ron aka Peter Gibbons the GOAT bland white dude actor
The only warrior I wanna see win a ring is Shaun Livingston -_-
Shaun Livingston was a great pick up for the Warriors... Made them sooo versatile
Shaun Livingston didn't know if he'd play again. My favorite story of the Finals.
look at Shaun Livingston , and barbosa they playing there roles
Shaun Livingston look like mike Jay lol
plus minus is overrated.Shaun Livingston is plus 20 when he on the court you think he been that big of a factor
Shaun Livingston is always interesting to talk to. Feelings while Curry was lighting up the 4th? "A sigh of relief."
"2015 NBA Playoffs: Shaun Livingston's difficult trek to the NBA Finals" via
Matthew Dellavedova is not the one who is living the moment in this NBA Finals. It's Shaun Livingston, who nearly...
From season-ending injury to playing for an championship. . Journey of a True Warrior --http…
Former Cavalier tells he sees familiar faces on old team, but different atmosphere: https…
Love this story. Covered when he played at Peoria Central.happy to see him playing for a title http:/…
I hope the Warriors win. Rather see Shaun Livingston win a title.
The Arab delegation selects Shaun Livingston to play Jafar in the new live-action Aladdin movie.
too bad Shaun Livingston suffered a bad injury
Warriors sought flagrant foul on LeBron James on Shaun Livingston in Game 4 -
How bout Shaun Livingston getting it done in the NBA Finals for P-Town!
This *** just said Shaun Livingston and barbosa will lock Kyrie up 😕
Is it me or does look like shaun livingston 😂
Let's go warriors. Stephen Curry and Shaun Livingston gonna earn a ring this year🏀💯
Shaun Livingston winning a championship would be a terrific story.
and bogut and Shaun Livingston and speights and Barnes and barbosa and Iguedola
Shaun Livingston of on G6 'It's human nature to look and see you're up 3-2 and think see series is over .. But it's gonna be war."
Shaun Livingston: 2 pts, 2 rebs, 3 asst... 1 win away from showing off NBA championship ring in Peoria.
Follow to win this Shaun Livingston signed floor. htt…
Follow to win this Shaun Livingston signed floor! http:…
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Shaun Livingston 2nd best player if he was on Cavs. Barbosa would be 3rd, Barnes 4th, etc.
Follow to win this Shaun Livingston signed floor! ht…
Lawrence Alexander the best player to come out of Peoria outside of Shaun Livingston and if you don't think so you must not …
Breen: "Shaun Livingston, who has become a very good defender ...". [LeBron scores easily]. Breen: "You're dead to me, Livi…
Shaun Livingston look like a lightskin version of my Uncle Leroy 💯🌚
Shaun Livingston. Mo Williams. Jarret Jack. Trey Burke. The list goes on & on. He said Delly is better than all of them
David Lee, Shaun Livingston, Stephen Curry, Festus Ezeli, Kay Thompson and individual or as a team
lowkey Shaun Livingston should win comeback player of the year every year.he came back from that knee injury in 2004
Up last night - on Shaun Livingston and his long journey back since his nasty injury.
Peoria native and Golden State guard Shaun Livingston played at Wharton Field House in 2004
Did nobody see how Kyrie mage Shaun Livingston spin ?
So we just gonna act like kyrie didn't mix Shaun Livingston
Shaun Livingston might as well bring back the cornrows.
ICYMI: Listen to Jim Mattson interview Warriors guard and Peoria-native Shaun Livingston as he is about to...
.Shaun Livingston will be $2,000 lighter for that technical. Fine is tax deductible
I love that Shaun Livingston's comeback story isn't a story anymore. Just another talented player who's getting it done. Huge for this team.
lol u stupid. It was Shaun Livingston
Totally disagree. You did watch the Shaun Livingston show, right?
JR Smith is playing like the potential All Star he use to be... Shaun Livingston would shut him down
A SHOUT OUT to Shaun Livingston for making a BIG IMPACT in game 6!!! His strong efforts were key to our overall success 2 night!
Kerr: "Andre made some huge plays, Shaun Livingston gave us some big minutes"
I will never be able to get the "what could Shaun Livingston's career have been like" question out of my head.
Had Shaun Livingston went to Duke indeed, we'd have six national championships already. Great chance of repeating.
Shaun Livingston and Stephen make up for that. Go Duke!
Shaun Livingston : 10 points on 4-6 shooting in 20 minutes off the bench
Shaun Livingston is in the NBA Final Four! His amazing comeback story keeps getting better!
Everything you know about Shaun Livingston is wrong.
Shaun Livingston brought the Nets 3 pt celebration to the warriors lol
Shaun Livingston got the 2k default crossover
God bless God Bless Shaun Livingston, if u knew his past you would love him like me.
Shaun Livingston stopped that Grizzlies run. Now he sits back down, but Grizz are down 12. May not be able to come back.
I would really enjoy having Shaun Livingston donning a Bulls uniform next year
Why did I think it was a good idea to watch the 2007 Shaun Livingston knee injury
Courtney Lee crossed Shaun Livingston into another country!.
When Shaun Livingston came in the league, I thought he was gonna tear the league up but injuries held him down. Beyond happy for him.
Shaun Livingston out there looking like a 2K glitch.😂😂😂
Shaun Livingston already suffered one horrific injury. That was *** near another.
Courtney Lee just fractured Shaun Livingston's other fibula.
*** said Shaun Livingston got the crossover 1 2k joint on my player 😂😂
Shaun Livingston is still playing ?! Is this the same guy that blew his knee out years ago?!?!?!
Shaun Livingston's Netrtg in the playoffs is a 41.4. Golly.
Anytime I see Shaun Livingston do something on the court, I think 'This *** 'bout to blow out a knee or something'...
If there's not a small part of you rooting for Shaun Livingston to get a ring I don't think you and I will ever understand each…
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