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Shaun King

Shaun Earl King (born May 29, 1977, in St. Petersburg, Florida) is a former Tulane University and National Football League quarterback.

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Shaun King of The Daily News “Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party” Bernie or not, I'm gone too after this election
“A complete accounting of every dollar raised by Shaun King throughout the Black Lives Matter…” by
"Shaun King gets it wrong" should be THE title of a biography on him. So much goodness there.
Complete RECEIPTS of every PENNY raised by Shaun King during the Black Lives Matter Movement
This week these champions of Women and POC called Jill Stein pro-fascist and Shaun King irrelevant for having mild anti-C…
Does Shaun King still think he's black?
Shaun King on why, like many others, he's switching his voter registration to leave the corporate Democratic Party htt…
People crucify Brietbart for Renegade Jew Meanwhile New York Daily News praises Shaun King for constant "white man must be stopped" articles
Shaun King wrote a great article here 4 days ago about cop killers being white the true Bigots ripped King
Shaun King trying to teach black people how to be black. He learned how from his two white parents, while being white according to his BC.
So, Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Killer Mike, Ana Kasparian & Shaun King are all white guys?!!
Daily News fires editor after Shaun King accused of plagiarism
Gotta give Shaun King credit though for trying to pull off the Adam Clayton Powell moustache.
Most churches have NO IDEA what to do with the true skills and gifts that men and women have. —Shaun King
The article about Shaun King's finances (from last yr) was by Goldie Taylor in Daily Beast, neither of whom I trust a bit. Does it hold up?
Shaun King is a white guy and more importantly a johnny-come-lately
I'm recruiting Shaun King as a member of my team cause he just stays ready any time of day does he even sleep???
Shaun King and Curt Schilling should have an academic decathlon. That'd be must see TV, absolute train wreck TV. Jersey Shore level.
Shaun King has essentially co-opted a movement that wasn't his in the first place, so plagiarism seems fitting.
crap, I misread the vote and ruined the unanimous Shaun King vote with the first vote.
USF Touchdown Club tournament with new QB coach Shaun King. Leading at 11 under in the clubhouse.
Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King should have a baby.
are you taking a shot at Clinton, Alexander, Shaun King or all 3 of them?
he actually funds the whole BLM movement Shaun King got hired by the New York Daily News after he got kicked out from BLM
My chest hurt from all these memes man! Haven't laughed this hard since Shaun King couldn't finish a 3pc from Popeyes
Yes, he may even fund ppl like Shaun King from BLM movement
NY Daily News did a good job of showing this. Doesn’t excuse them for hiring Shaun KIng, but no one’ sperfect.
Shaun King & M. Alexander publicly advocacting break from Dem for new Party might want to wait until have Leader
I'm sorry. A progressive party lead by Shaun King. Rosario? And Bernie? Stop it. Ur gonna make me pee
does milk come out of your nips I think we find that is the question 😐
Nice job on making sure I never click a link of yours again. Gee I wonder where that poser Shaun King works?
Maybe it's just invisible because targets aren't famous? But Shaun King was national news.
Shaun King must be very upset that his bosses at the Daily News exposed Bernie!! That transcript! Omg!
On this day 48 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed in Memphis, TN:
Does Shaun King realize the vast majority of Sanders voters are definitely not rejecting the Democratic Party?
Whos gnnaa be kissin my air maxs cuz im gnna be gow4 king
Shaun King: Michelle Alexander is right, we should consider starting our own progressive party
If Shaun King can pass off as black, then so can he. NOW PLUCK ME SOME COTTON BONGO
Bernie is our last chance to have a Civil Rights activist become President - Shaun King on The Benjamin Dixon Show
Tomorrow, when the treasurer asks Shaun King where the Easter offering went
How about a fresco of Shaun King? The black & white contrast should be quite staggering
Don't leave out that fraud Shaun King. .
but southern states don't matter. What the *** I cannot with him, and Michael Moore, and Shaun King. ugh
Doctor Sleep: A sequel to Stephen King's 'The Shining' is in the works
Shaun King says they've already started a new Progressive party. smh
Idk who's more annoying, Shaun King or Michael Skolnik
domain names
Well stated, Shaun King!. KING: Progressive voters are rejecting the Democratic Party
"We still have a long, long way to go.". Dr. Martin Luther King was killed 48 years ago today.
easy u got it at a Trump rally from Shaun King lol
2nd time King spreads the same BS KING:Re-newsit:
Minister, activist, humanitarian... remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was assassinated 48 years ago today https:/…
Shaun King is a fraud. Had to disband his own activist group due to serious lack of transparency & credibility.
Shaun King doesn't believe most black people have…
Shaun King: America should have ZERO tolerance for BIGOTS with BADGES.
For a comically extreme example, see Shaun King and his world-orientation that makes him always right by always being wronged.
Shaun King doesn't believe most black people have the intellectual=>
Yup, Shaun King & these other Sanders surrogates r definitely going to lead a 'vote 3rd party' mvmt when he loses. htt…
Shaun King's fall will be extra ugly and I'll enjoy every second of it.
Shaun King Talks about Bernie, from when Shaun Knew Virtually Nothing about Bernie to Endorsing Him:
Wow! Directly from the mouth of Shaun King.
Seven years ago Democrats elected the first black president. Now Shaun King and Michelle Alexander are calling on AAs to leav…
Shaun King is running a scam on the Nice White Progressives and I wouldn't follow him out a burning building.
I come home to see Shaun King causing trouble again, wherever his dad is I'm sure he be proud of his white son leading a black hate group.
Did say that?. That white-boy That pretend darkie, Shaun King?. THAT
"It's all relative - when compared to Shaun King's radical views, then perhaps Garland would appear…" — Luv2GoFly
West, Turner,Killer Mike, Shaun King. What an awful cast of characters.
I def got Jesse Williams n Shaun King mixed for awhile last year 😭
Shaun king isn't supporting you smh
yeah, everyone and there best friend has heard it. Keep getting your opinions told to u by Skip Bayless and Shaun King.
Learned just now I've been blocked by both Erick Erickson and Shaun King, so I'm feeling quite fair and balanced.
It's fake yall, this dude posting it is shaun king, he pretends to be black and scams money, don't take this serious
Hey shaun king: I'm calling u a *** AGAIN! How u like that for racism against ur race!
It has shaun king copied, nuff said 😂
Lmao at Trump answering shaun king's white *** .. uhhh... no 😂
Her mentions must be *** just like DeRay's, Shaun King's, Michael Skolnik's...etc...
For teams I didn't really root for, the 98 Vikings and Shaun King Buccaneers' losses in the NFC championship were depressing
Isn't obsessively litigious nature of note?. cc
Dear Shaun King, you are nothing but a race baiting D list writer. You are the what's wrong with the media and world.
I wonder if Shaun King thinks he made Manning retire today?
Why did Rachel Dolezal disappear in a puff of disgrace but Shaun King didn't?
I'll miss the double standard writing of Shaun King trying to find some racial conspiracy about Peyton. lol
I hope one day someone loves me the way Shaun King loves Bernie Sanders.
I hate Bernie Sanders with a burning passion. He’s on the list as Shaun King Deray Tom Brady.
So Shaun King who rehashed an old story about used to be a part of before (cont)
Shaun King looks like a mime without the red lip and black eye makeup.
no what?! There's no lions is talking like Nala from The Lion King and Shaun the Sheep
Shaun King can suck my *** for a $100. For $200 I'll pretend his black while he's doing it.
One of the greatest role models ever retires and a band of scissoring bra burners want to Shaun King him for the spoli…
Shaun King makes the utterly unreadable.
I don't listen to a word Ol' White Shaun King has to say. He's a race-baiter of the worst kind. He needs a therapist not an audience.
Listen to The Message: Shaun B. Interview by DJ Cam aka King Éron on
& that *** Shaun King tried to deface Manning. Shame on u. Lindsey. Your pathetic.
BTW if Lindsay don't get that it was bad timing then she needs to go work at Daily News with Shaun King
From Shaun King: How the Super-Delegate system is a PC way to stuff ballot boxes for Hillary Clinton
Your rehashing of the baseless on Petyon rivals only Shaun King in classless journalism.
Shaun King is UNinterested in facts/truth
Shaun King is pure evil in every sense of the word
Peyton retires the richest football player ever and somewhere Shaun King is still white and broke AF eating hot pockets tonight.
Does Shaun King know about stealing truck? This could be more ancient breaking news.
Shaun King is a *** *** and will never again have the respect of Blacks with his ***
From SHAUN KING: The single most racist word that Donald Trump has used this entire campaign
This is not okay in any context. Words have consequences. Teach love, not hate. . via Shaun King FB
has Shaun King taken over this account? Enough with the attempt to start trouble.
Bet you that Shaun King filmed this.
seems Cam Newton has plenty of PR help to diss other QBs. First, Shaun King, now DeAngelo. Just as credible too (i.e. Not)
"Now I know that [Bernie] went against the Democratic establishment & endorsed Jesse Jackson for President in 1984 & 1988." -Shaun King, BLM
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
KING: Wannabe Marine tossed for Donald Trump rally antics one of the rare times I agree with Shaun King
Sanders Lost in Shaun King 's State " Georgia " with King 's Endorsement. Definitely free thinkers..
I think I am almost as tired of Shaun King as white people are.
so the fake white black guy Shaun King is mad at the actual black guy for going too far?
I think the biggest takeaway from Shaun King's awful Chris Rock column is that he really does act like an outraged white liberal on comedy.
Can we sent Shaun King back to White People already?
wow a white man wants to tell a black man his jokes were racially insensitive. Shaun King=white privilege
Shaun King is literally a black woman in a race baiting white man's body. This is amazing.
Our grandmothers? When did white grandmothers get lynched Shaun King? Because you think you're black doesn't make...
Shaun King really hustling backwards why get paid less as a black man when you can scam and get paid more as a white one
Chris please do you have your way with the white man Shaun King, we'll all enjoy it.
I guess Cornel West and Shaun King just don't have that much pull in South Carolina. ::shrug ::
Yes, I sent it on to Spike Lee and Shaun King who I know both support Bernie. It is very informative and tha…
Shaun King gets a pass for calling a black dude an Uncle Tom and a *** Is this what looks like?
Shaun King is a con artist, but so was Sharpton at one point. King just needs to hang around until everyone forgets.
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Jason Whitlock is to Bill Cosby as Shaun King is to Hannibal Burress
makes hires of Shaun King as QB coach & Darren Hiller as OL & co-OC & David Reaves to TE official:
Here's why Shaun King is angry Throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one hits barks loudest htt…
yes his entire family is white. Google image "Shaun King family white" you can see his whole white family tree
and she went to women's help center who had her fill out the affidavit where what the race baiter Shaun King documents had
Shaun King has as much credibility as Ken Kratz. Y'all need to grow the f-up.
Shaun King vs Jason Whitlock is like Freddy vs Jason, only none of us actually wanna watch this movie.
Shaun King played that race card to stardom
Shaun King needs the Reggie Miller and Cris Collinsworth treatment
too bad Mort didn't have this story instead of Shaun King
I made a lot of mistakes at SI but I learned a lot. No editor--and no lawyer--at SI would ever have let Shaun King's stories run as is.
and it looks like Shaun King is his Floyd Landis.
would be better if after the argument Shaun King ate Chris Collinsworth! Circle of life!
Shaun King is a propagandist of the highest order. This is about Cam and race, not Peyton.
Seems like black people and white people want no part of Shaun King. Dude's gonna have to go play in China or something.
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It does, you're right. I mean Shaun King. Peter King didn't write the article
Shaun King going at John Lewis is like Johnny Manziel going at Joe Namath.
I'm sure we all saw this coming when he cut ties with Shaun King. He cut off from shadier people in movement.
BoB is questioning Neil deGrasse Tyson and Shaun King is questioning Coates. Is the option to stay in your intellectual lane…
same. Don't need him to be a Shaun King or a Daunte Culpepper where they just get close once
oh Jon B is real he isn't a Shaun King pls
RamZ to white nationalism is what Shaun King is to the black folk.
My daughter got blocked by Shaun King and DeRay, I AM SO PROUD!
Please keep Shaun King off my tl. Thanks
Kyrie Irving mixing up Shaun Livingston real quick. Hits the jumper!. .
BIG Endorsement! Shaun King: Why Bernie Sanders is the best candidate in the running for…
got it right & more than fair: Where Did All the Money Shaun King Raised for Black Lives Go?
& follow for a chance to win a Shaun of the Dead Pop! prize pack!
what about Shaun King? Not joking, biracial relationships & kids have made race conceptual.
Yes but people know who he is, maybe not so much what he stood for. But will the people remember Shaun King or Deray 🤔-😂
be sure to mention how Shaun steals money!! Dr. King deserves more than a mention!!!
well i finally got that Shaun King Block. time to log off forever i guess. logical conclusion to this story arc
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. "The time is always right to do what is right."
What you didnt say is milo ripped off his employees and lied about shaun king. thats most telling.
you'd think you were looking at one of Shaun King's family photos.
ICYMI: Bernie Sanders is partnering w/ Shaun King on the campaign trail.
the lies about Shaun King that you claim Nero has said?
Shaun King announced he was returning donations given to his charities only after this article was published.
But milo shopped around and lightened up pics of shaun king to sell his claims
But still clinging to the thoroughly debunked shaun king lie?
.hence why I replied to where you mention Shaun king.
Those people were supported by BLM and the man in front is in face Shaun King, although I can't find a similar picture...
Shaun King tingles all my sexism sensors tbh
what lies did he say about Shaun king?
And Milo is free to rob his former employees and lie about shaun king. Journalistic ethics, yo!
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Holy *** you're even more stupid than Shaun King. ***
Some background on this pos thug racist cop hater
Shaun King was at CMU today. I wonder how that went
And I can't help but feel all nice inside knowing the whole movement is led by frauds like Shaun King
Shaun King last name isn't even King, he's just tryna appropriate MLK's last name.
stop trying to be Shaun..we all know he's the king of falcarragh should attend the Oscars this year! I heard that Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal are hosting.
Milos source for shaun king was arrested by the FBI. Remember that?
Is that Shaun King dude black? He looks like he might be mixed.. somewhere down the line.
'Teaching how to scam'? Shaun King's hitting the road with hero Bernie Sanders
Shaun King: "It is convenient for cartoons and corporations and conservatives to reduce Dr. King to a tiny sliver...
More from Yahoo Sports and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Shaun King... breaking down the Arizona Cardinals and...
shaun king wants you to invest money in Enron
Shaun King so responsible he gets his audits from Arthur Andersen.
From Shaun King: MLK was more than a dreamer, he was revolutionary
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Our man Shaun King, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB and Yahoo Sports NFL Analyst, raises some interesting Head...
"Bernie Sanders plz redistribute patriarchal wrath on -Shaun King
"At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love." Martin Luther King
Shaun King blocked me and I have no idea why
Thank you Dr. King for your significant work in the fight for civil rights.
shaun king is one of many white guys to endorse Bernie Sanders LOL. Nothing new to see here.
Shaun Harper delivered the keynote address during Duke's celebration of
Anita Sarkeesian turned out to be Sacha Baron Cohen all along, and Shaun King came out as trans-white.
Lol remember when people tried to bash Montel Williams for calling out that herb Shaun King?
. Shaun King, Deray, Laurie Penny and Chris Kluwe are all verified. For some bizarre reason.
So true. I gave all of my money to Shaun King's Haiti charity.
If Sanders gets elected, we'll have an equivalent of Jim Crow laws. Shaun King laws? I don't know. This joke's kind of breaking down now.
Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and even Shaun King. . Even white guys can make living just being black! Lol
LeBron James isn't Michael Jordon, and while I support him standing w/the people, Shaun King going after him is such blatant opportunism.
Shaun King ‘floored at the astounding ignorance’ of LeBron James: Author: Doug Powers -…
oh no! Different people like Roland Martin, Shaun King, and others were expressing their "disappointment" in his response
we we can't all be transracial millionaires like Shaun King, pictured here at college
Jesus is about as white as Shaun King is black.
It just hit me, Shaun King will be the next Shane Smith (Vice) if not put in check.
You niggaz are doing a great job, is Shaun King sama still getting donation money for his trans black op…
don't mind Pete, some1 ruined Star Trek by spoiling it on here for him. That said NYDN employs Shaun King
why does Shaun King look exactly like the sketchy hood-activist dude from grand theft auto 4
The only reason why Shaun King released the funds to Tamir Rice mother (a fund she didn't know about) is because Ben Crump made him
A rare look at what Shaun King looks like at home.
Shaun King could be green. That's irrelevant.
Morgan really didn't have many black points to lose. She gotta sit at the lunch table wit Shaun King now.
Shaun King is so white Grandmaster Mel Melle wrote a classic rap about his lines.
DeRay vs. Shaun King is the ultimate Predator vs. Alien scenario. Popcorn, please!
Shaun King stole money from petty cash at Daily Kos - that's a fact!
Rex Ryan counters with DeRay McKesson, Shaun King and Dr. Cornel West. Good adjustment.
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Shaun King don't give a crap that non whites have owned slaves since the beginning of time. Like its a white thing. Liar!
Jameis Winston tied Buccaneers’ single-season record for rushing TD by a QB- 5 (also Steve Young in 1986 and Shaun King …
Jameis Winston ties Steve Young and Shaun King for Bucs' single-season record for Rush TD by a QB with 5.
Jameis Winston is first Bucs rookie QB to win six games. Shaun King went 4-1, Doug Williams went 4-6, Mike Glennon 4-9 as ro…
Shaun King's a white guy posing as black, from Every time he'd post I'd say "pretty fly …
Charles Clymer, Shaun King, Chris Kluwe, anyone from Salon as well
Shaun King must have really inspired to make that garbage front page. Classless rat bags they are
SHOW RECAP: Today was all about the benching of Johnny Manziel. We talked about it with Jim Donovan and Shaun King.
.still has some great guests line up this morning:. at 8:05 is Jim Donovan, at 8:25 is Brady Hoke, and at 9:05 is Shaun King.
Good catch from -- Jameis Winston set Bucs record for wins by rookie QB. Shaun King, Doug Williams, Mike Gle…
You tell me. Sounds like you're keeping track. If you live by facts why are you believing white boy Shaun King?
Don't know who Tim Wise is? Picture a white Shaun King. That's Tim Wise.
"White privilege" isn't great enough for Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King.
Do you have a source that knows if Shaun King is white?
I am traumatized from reading abt monsters like Michael Brown, Trayvon, Sharpton, white Shaun King & all of
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It seems Shaun King is too busy to care about he is still too busy defending himself for being white https:/…
Does that make the white guy in there Shaun King?
FSU guys making plays on Sundays (Thursdays). And FSU won a nat'l title w/ the modern day's best team. But yea, Shaun King. U…
Lmao Shaun King is a snake oil con man
Charities touted by Black Lives Matter activist appear to have never officially been formed
If my *** Wyze didn't swear he was 100% sure Shaun King was black, I'd bet my vital organs he was white.
Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, 'Barack Obama', George Bush all naturally born from Caucasian women.
that's great I like that name and the meaning . My name is irish Shaun , john, Sean is same means prince soon to be king 👏
Why were SJWs outraged at Rachel Dolezal (formerly of NAACP) but Shaun King (Black Lives Matter) gets a pass?
funny how articles of incorporation show different results when he uses his real name Jeffery King vs Shaun Kin…
If you gave money to Shaun King & , I wouldn't hold my breath for that refund.
Thanks to Shaun King at the NY Daily News for highlighting Orange County CA cop corruption:
I am so happy to see that the hashtag is auto spelling . Shaun King is a lie in every way. Where's the $?.
I had more black in me last night than Shaun King will have his entire life
When Shaun King tried to prove he was black but came off even more white.
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Shared from Shaun King: . Please read + share. ---. On Sunday, as a guest on CNN's State of the Union, Jeb Bush...
Deron Williams looks like Shaun King with a headband
Shaun King ain't the one... Learn from Montel Williams ya'll
Aww come on Stacey. The next thing you will be trying to tell us is that Shaun King is white also. :)
Shaun King is the modern day Charles Ponzi.
Shaun King blocked me aftr I linked 2 the WashPo piece abt the Tamir Rice fund debacle+his decision 2 deny any responsibility 4 what happend
on trivia night. I had to name a prominent black activist in the BLM movement, but it turns out Shaun King is white
The only difference between Shaun King & Micheal Jackson is Shaun can only afford the cream to change his skin colour.
Shaun King currently doing his imitation of Glenn Greenwald.
The WE is me, Shaun King, Jeremy Scahill. It seems your English reading comprehension is very low
Shaun King needs to be removed from speaking in any public forum IMMEDIATELY. He is a dangerous inciting person.
"This man is an Uncle Tom, a sellout." Shaun King tells truth about Sheriff David Clarke .
Join us Tuesday on our sports radio journey. Steve Clifford (725) Mike Rucker (745) Jason La Canfora (810) and Shaun King (910) join us
From this racist Shaun King: Fix is in; Investigator hired by Cleveland for Tamir Rice murder cited by DOJ for..
I hate Shaun King. If I had a legal chance to strangle him to death I would do it.
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I didn't even read the article, I was just shocked that Shaun King was savage enough to bring Montell's kids in their dispute.
Montel is Drake and Shaun King just got Meek Milled... Back 2 Back
I can't tell if that Shaun King guy is like Rachel Dolezal or what.
Are you the only one that doesn't know Shaun King is white pretending to be black? Brainwashed child
lol u follow Shaun King. A white girl wigger wanna be. Lol lol
Photoset: mayaangelique: brownglucose: blkoutqueen: biohazerd: blacksnobbery: First of all, Shaun King just...
why does Shaun King hate strippers? and what does the color of the strippers have to do with anything?
"you gon make me buy bottles for Sally Jessy Raphael" -Shaun King
Wow. Shaun King has a nerve. Like people believing his bogus story has made him even cockier
No, you didn't. I meant the faux outrage expressed by Shaun King.
Your sensitivity to someone's emotions is the key that opens a... More for Pisces
A blog post by Ivan Fowler of the Auramala Project about my recent visit to Pavia and my talk about Edward II at... http…
Phony Black tries to tell how to be Black. Source:
Should Shaun King be mad at his wife, too, for marrying outside her race??
'Ur Native American now Shaun?': Montel Williams and Shaun King get into insult war over Redskins
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An Indian, a Black woman and a Black man walk into a bar…. Oops! turns out it was Elizabeth Warren,Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.
The is a serious piece of kit. Find out why:
What if Zelda is black, like Shaun King?
Shaun King is a Mad TV parody come to life.
But, Black Lives Matter is incredibly useful to white people like Shaun King.
But for Shaun King implying strippers are inferior for getting paid (where some are in college trying to better themselves) is ignorant
only in a liberal delusion of cognitive dissonance is Shaun King black and George Zimmerman is white...
Its pretty obvious Shaun King is trying to label strippers all with one brush.When that is nowhere near the case...
Photoset: baelightsavings: blacksnobbery: the-black-bolin: blacksnobbery: First of all, Shaun King just...
lmao you work at nasty as Burger King
Idea of being lectured about how to be black by Shaun King is ludicrous, almost as insane as taking career advice from…
Shaun King has a lot of nerve to mention since he stole all that money from his family.
If you believe him, it's based on faith only. Here is Shaun King's evidence...
'Refusing to ever say the mascot name': Shaun King takes a bold stand on a very important issue
Every black person with eyes can look at Shaun King & see he's black but Montel persisted in perpetuating lies.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
It's also not fair to continue questioning Shaun King's ethnicity after he's told his whole life story to the world.
I hear you but Montel took it there first. He got personal, Shaun King got personal back. All's fair I think.
How y'all gonna be mad at Shaun King when Montel is the one that came at him sideways? No really...
I'm sure Breitbart et. al. will approach this with the same vigor they did the Shaun King story.
Well Rupert Murdoch Ben Carson is a real black man so a real black President he would be, not mulatto like Obama or white like Shaun King
From this racist Shaun King: Why in the *** did it take a random viral video for McGraw-Hill to fix this mist..
Chris Mintz is a hero and Chris Harper is an hero. Shaun King is black, Harper is white, Neva5Get.
His relationship with Shaun King probably confused him about what black and white are.
Media hacks: "Mercer looks white.". So does Shaun King. Guess which one is actually white? (Hint:
Oh I gotcha .Shaun King, the self-professed black man. . BLM claims him unless he kills, in which case, *** he was white.😂
also have to say Shaun King is white.
He is blacker than Shaun King. Both of King's parents are white; this shooters mother was black.
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