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Shaun Cassidy

Shaun Paul Cassidy is an American writer, producer, actor, and singer. He is the eldest son of Academy Award–winning actress Shirley Jones, and the second son (his older half-brother is David Cassidy) of Tony Award–winning actor Jack Cassidy.

Leif Garrett Parker Stevenson Scott Baio Tiger Beat Andy Gibb Todd Rundgren David Cassidy Hardy Boys Kristy McNichol Leif Garret Bay City Rollers She Wrote Erik Estrada Bobby Sherman Nancy Drew Pamela Sue Martin Barry Williams

HW=HOLLYWOOD. There is just nobody in Hollywood whose opinion of Trump matters to me. Cept maybe Shaun Cassidy?
Can't decide if the Muzak in this place is ancient or ironic: "Takes My Breath Away" - Shaun Cassidy
Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher and Shaun Cassidy share a word at the 20th in 1978.
we didn't have boy bands growing up, we had teen idols. I can't believe I didn't take care of my Shaun Cassidy albums, da doo ron ron
My sister and I are still fighting over who's going to marry Shaun Cassidy.
According to the article - Mitch Brundle, Toby Ajala, Nick Cassidy, Shaun MacDonald and Jack Elliott.
Mitch Brundle, Toby Ajala, Nick Cassidy, Shaun McDonald and Jack Elliott all free to find another club after leaving Gateshead
I wonder if Shaun Cassidy gets as excited when I @ him as I do when he responds?. No? Whatever... FIGHT ME!
Scott Baio - Being a teen idol or being a heartthrob on all the magazines, with Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, and Sc…
Bill Mumy's He is the rhythm guitar player for Shaun Cassidy's band. Sweet !
Parker Stevenson, Shaun Cassidy, Heather Thomas, Grant Goodeve and Pam Dawber are all on call.
30 yrs ago tonight.Shaun Cassidy, Dinah Manoff, Karen Grassle & Jennifer Holmes in "Murder in a Minor Key" on 'Murder, She Wrote' on
Question: Is Shaun Cassidy still on the cover of Tiger Beat?
Wikipedia says David Cassidy, Shaun is her uncle
Shaun Cassidy. I moved on to Matt Dillon. He was a bad boy in a HBO movie and knocked up some girl. Bad role modeling! Lol
Oh, you don't know who Shaun Cassidy is?. BLOCKED!
I still luv u Shaun Cassidy. I still want u on my wall. I remember what it felt like to fall. in luv with;) . ❤️Shaun…
Bev, which Cassidy was it you had a crush on? David or Shaun?
reminds me of fake interviews we did as kids to a cardboard cut out of Shaun cassidy
My first was Shaun Cassidy at age 7. However at 12, I discovered and haven't stopped crushing on him yet!
First crush was Shaun Cassidy then Rick Springfield. Still crushing on RS to this day!!!
Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett & Andy Gibb but the ultimate was Donny Osmond I still go wherever to see him
Vintage Vinyl Record Room Service LP Album by Shaun Cassidy 1 by vintagepoetic via
'Redliners' picked up to pilot. Based on a story by Charlaine Harris, Shaun Cassidy and Kelly Sue DeConnick writing.
Swooned over David Cassidy. I was too old for Shaun but I had a crush on him, too. 😄
LOL one of the guys chicks like before Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett etc
Da Doo Ron Ron / Shaun Cassidy play now straight from your TL:
Clark Brandon looks like a cross between Shaun Cassidy and Rick Springfield
Forgot Shaun Cassidy, get that trapezoid guy!!
She's not interested in you,Shaun Cassidy!!
David Cassidy’s half brother Shaun Cassidy in flared white dungarees.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Wow, I had the biggest crush on Shaun when I was little, my sister had a crush on David Cassidy. :)
I admit-I'm a sucker for clickbait with headlines like 'What Shaun Cassidy looks like now will AMAZE YOU!" But it never does.
Shaun Cassidy - Morning Girl (76) listen to MP3 Stream from RadioMaxMusic
Hopefully the Hardy Boys, aka Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy, will be bringing presents
"You will marry Shaun Cassidy and cheat with David" "Well, good for me."
half didn't know who Ryan Beatty was and half have no clue who Shaun Cassidy is.
Chachi is now speaking at I guess Danny Bonaduce, Shaun Cassidy & Barry Williams were all busy tonight.
Actually, I was a whole lot more interested in Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol...and the chicks around Shaun Cassidy...
2018 RB Shaun Shivers, one of the classes fastest prospects, releases summer visit schedule.
“The seeds of potential are all around. Constantly be looking.” 🍀
Flipagram featuring Do You Believe in Magic? by Shaun Cassidy created on 08/09/2014
Flipagram featuring Hard Love by Shaun Cassidy created on 08/10/2014
Flipagram featuring Hey Deanie by Shaun Cassidy created on 08/09/2014
::grin:: I used to dance with the Shaun Cassidy album cover.
I'm pretty sure I had this poster on the back of my bedroom door. It replaced Shaun Cassidy.
Did Davy Jones ghost-sing on Shaun Cassidy song? My internal 70s pop culture child head is exploding over my Tiger Beat pin-up clad walls.
Isaiah Cassidy, Jacob Cassidy, Leah Cassidy, Laura Gamache Cassidy, Larry-Cheryl Cassidy. Remember how we used to...
I talk about effectively strategizing your growth in the digital space.
I was honored to sit down with Mr.Ruben Torres community leader within San Diego
Listen to my interview on the Connected with Ruben Torres Podcast.
Social Media influencer and owner of Shaun Cassidy Cassidy Creative Solutions talks to us about effectively...
so this exists, for those of you who always wanted to hear Shaun Cassidy sing Rebel Rebel via Todd Rundgren
It feels like summer outside, so I probably should trim my Shaun Cassidy do.
sounded like the Italian Chef from The Simpsons when he tried to a Shaun Cassidy Irish brogue
Shaun Squee Cassidy sugrrshots: Jan 7 2007 I squee’d today. I giggled and smiled like an *** and the reason why is
"List of important people who have influenced me." by on
Shaun: "I buy my toilet paper on Amazon". Cassidy: "everything about your life gives me anxiety"
I used to bus tables there. Shaun Cassidy sang once. 😂
Shaun Cassidy WAS cute, but I was (retroactively) more in love with David Cassidy (Keith Partridge was a stone cold fox!)
Vintage Record Room Service by Shaun Cassidy 1979 by vintagepoetic via
the baby boy face of 1977 Shaun Cassidy compels you
"This is gonna sound crazy but this is something I've wanted since I was a little girl.". "You bought Shaun Cassidy?".
Shaun Cassidy : Mickey Mouse Follow the yellow brick road .
This boy and girl have the voice of angels and their cover of “You Raise Me Up” is proof – Rare Shaun Cassidy
Jesse and Cassidy... 'nuff said. is now streaming on Amazon Prime.
I thought I was the only one! Parker Stephenson and Shaun Cassidy as the Hardy Boys!
Richard Crenna as Han Solo, Kenny Rogers as Obi Wan, Shaun Cassidy as Luke and Pamela Sue Martin as Leia
LITERALLY the worst thing ever to happen since Shaun Cassidy cancelled his show in Illinois when I was 11 years old.
Ok let's make this fun, I don't have much to give, but I can certainly give of myself. You see my fundraiser get...
Shaun Cassidy was my JTT. Guess which actress just said this who won’t stop talking next to me and I don’t have headphones.
Strangely attracted to Shaun Cassidy in his 1970's days
I now realize you were a girl crushing on Donny Osmon when I was a boy crushing on Shaun Cassidy (yes, I used to wonder)
About to reach 1,000 members in only weeks!
Help me get my music career started!
I wouldn't be a man of my word if I didn't post this again, don't you just love seeing it, lol?
at first I thought that was Shaun Cassidy.
Nice of to own it; I'd have said the magazine was wrong & it was really Shaun Cassidy
Shaun Thomson and Steve Cassidy closing up day 3 at the Harrisburg Great American Outdoor Show. Thank you...
I just completed this 208 piece Jigsaw Puzzle on my iPad using Jigsaw Box app!. Shaun Cassidy
I'm not a big fan of religion for that reason. But I am a true believer in ...
Justin Bieber - Non-threatening to pre-teen girls. Pretty boy. Like how we used to swoon over Shaun Cassidy
Was singing Shaun Cassidy while I was walking the doggies. This should be an interesting day.
I wish we'd done musical chairs to this at theatre workshop.Woulda been fun knocking people over to this!
"Connectors are the people in a community who know large numbers of people"
Listed within the top 1% of profiles viewed worldwide with over 30,000 first level professional connections.
Ms.Katty Ibarra, the founder of Macro Idea Studio which is a San Diego and Mexico City based design firm.
Clearance Sale Vintage Record Room Service by Shaun Cassidy 19 by vintagepoetic via
Actor Jack Cassidy and actress, singer Shirley Jones, parents of actor, singer Shaun Cassidy
Got my Quasi-Geek on. Successfully pulling over the air broadcast TV from my house to my phone. Shaun Cassidy's on Matlock.
Not true! It also had TONS of Shaun Cassidy and Scott Baio.
I was just telling someone at the retreat that I had a Shaun Cassidy poster on my wall!
OMG, yes! I had a Shaun Cassidy poster on my closet door. And Parker Stevenson... yum!
then totally Shaun Cassidy or Partridge Family Reuniion. or The Difalco Family or or or
This is an old clipping of Shaun Cassidy with Marty Ingles and his Mother Shirley Jones .
Also loved the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew show. Had to sneak read my sister's Tiger Beats to see articles on Shaun Cassidy and Pamela Sue Martin.
Hm Shaun Cassidy? 😂😂 just kidding of course. He had his chance with me
Blackie got out of jail prior to 1987. Just ask Shaun Cassidy! :-D
Let's not for get Teen Beat David Cassidy and brother Shaun.
The Hub got me an early Christmas present! It's Shaun Cassidy, y'all!…
Shaun Cassidy. March 4, 1978. But the person I've seen MOST is
1980 - ABC debuted the TV series version of the film "Breaking Away," starring Shaun Cassidy.
I posted this photo of Shaun Cassidy back in 1975 .
Shaun Cassidy was on my teenage wall :) Major crush ...ha, ha!!!
last a lot longer than Herman's Hermits, Shaun Cassidy and NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, etc. Poptimists could find themselves on other side
Dude,I know you're ashamed of the Shaun Cassidy album but own that mf.
Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy get me through my day. Bummed I lost Scott Baio in the Pronto Pup s…
How does Danica Patrick win NASCAR races with a car full of baby seats, Celine Dione CDs and Shaun Cassidy & Bobby Sherman posters?
Used to look like Shaun Cassidy, now Adam looks like Matthew Nelson, Ricky's kid,
I looked at Shaun Cassidy's twiiter account and turns out his wife graduated from UF.
Love that Shaun Cassidy is a Gator fan! Who knew?!
September 27: On this day in 1958, Shaun Cassidy was born. . The son...
We share the same birthday but here's some others who do to Samuel Adams Meatloaf Shaun Cassidy Mike Schmidt Carrie Brownstein
Why do I own four Shaun Cassidy records
The Island Morning email box bursting with great picks. Bryan Adams to Boston, Shaun Cassidy to Styx, Meat Loaf to Michael Jackson
I think I had this same conversation about Shaun Cassidy back when the earth cooled.
or when Shaun Cassidy as impetuous Joe Hardy has his fiancé die
LoL. only barely remember the 70s, but mine were all polaroid shaped photos in PJs or overalls. Star Wars figures/Shaun Cassidy
Lol! I didn't know he was the next Shaun Cassidy!
I seem to remember that Shaun Cassidy record had a couple good tunes, but I could be wrong.
Thanks Shaun! just trying to get faster & stronger. Remember u have 2 studs yourself and Cassidy
the photo of the Shaun Cassidy/Lief Garrett impostor must have been fun to riff off of!!!
Love this! The photo reminded me of Shaun Cassidy or another 70s star, a poster hanging in a teenage girl's room.
"(He) is a somber, flabbier version of Shaun Cassidy..."
Good Lord man, what is wrong with you?. Next thing you'll be saying . Shaun Cassidy>Parker Stevenson
Can I bring over my Shaun Cassidy albums and listen to them?
Daughter set up Pandora on my phone. It now plays The BCR's, The Monkees, Shaun Cassidy, David Cassiy--I might have died & gone to heaven.
Shaun Cassidy & Parker Stevenson played the bros in the show - the interviews are the best
Shaun Cassidy was pretty attractive in the 70s
The 70s/80s retro-nostalgia can continue indefinitely if they keep playing Shaun Cassidy in Crate & Barrell
anyone else think Faber looks like Shaun Cassidy?! can't take him seriously. expecting other Hardy Boy.
LOL.I mailed Shaun Cassidy a love letter, but used an Easter Seal for a stamp
A2 Shaun Cassidy was my first concert - in the 70s, I was under 10!
jamming to Shaun Cassidy in the bank drive thru !!
Listening to That's Rock n' Roll by Shaun Cassidy, on my Echo!
... Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Shaun Cassidy, who burst quickly onto the teen scene...
Shaun Cassidy was born on my birthday. I review his first album sort of: GD Reviews: THE Shaun Cassidy Album!! Yay!!:
70's Teen idols: Another hair boy. I can't tell you how many posters of Shaun Cassidy covered my…
Remember Wait until you see what he looks like today at age 56:
True fact: Ilya's theme from the 1979 Star Trek movie was turned into a 45RPM pop single by Shaun Cassidy. "A Star Beyond Time" bombed.
Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy, found with Listen now:
I've heard two Shaun Cassidy songs today surely a sign of the apocalypse.
Old Man Alert - listened to a bunch of Shaun Cassidy songs. May have set a record playing "Hey Deanie" 5x in a row.
I'm obsessed with Shaun Cassidy I'm crying why am I like this
To all the girls in 5th grade who tried to tell me Shaun Cassidy was better than KISS, the decades have passed, and you were so, so wrong.
Love this via Shaun Cassidy's syrupy and 70s song made from cue from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (!)
Now to cheer everyone up, here's a Shaun Cassidy thing:
Sneyds best game for the club for me , pity Shaun Wane couldn't give the young Hull lads a pat on the back
Shaun Cassidy, Adam 12, and Emergency were not minstrel shows. Fantasy Island might be.
was it not Ms Sharky? Or something like that? The class with Shaun Egan and Graham Cassidy?
It is not often that I hear Leif Garret and Shaun Cassidy back to back in the coffee shop. But when I do I feel like I was made for dancing.
First Album Andy Gibb Flowing Rivers. I don't feel so bad, my sister's was Shaun Cassidy Da Do Run Run.
if you don't like Shaun Cassidy you can GTFO
I wanted to be Shaun Cassidy's
My earworm today: the Todd Rundgren-produced Shaun Cassidy version of Talking Heads' "The Book I Read." That's obscure, even for me.
I just used Shazam to discover That's Rock And Roll by Shaun Cassidy.
Shaun Cassidy…jumped through a hoop like a lion and the girls went crazy. 8/26/78
I had the same lol Scott Baio and Shaun Cassidy...shoot for the stars !! *** I'm old 😢😃😂
Got an old Partridge Family song stuck in my head last night which devolved into imdb-ing both David and Shaun Cassidy. Kind of regret it=(
How do Erik Estrada and Shaun Cassidy full their days?
Laying in the dark watching Shaun Cassidy be a teen detective solving crimes in the 70's along side his"brother"and Nancy Drew. Life is good
Now that takes me back. How about Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy next? Trip back into to those teen years. Wow! Showing my age:)
Ed Sheeran is the modern Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy. Have fun for now, fangirls.
You could have been a pin-up for Tiger Beat, like Shaun Cassidy & Leif Garrett.
Might as well guess BIG for Shaun Cassidy! A con in Dallas announced I Dream of JEANNIE, Barbara Eden today.
yeah. 😊 the closest I ever got to fangirling was a crush on Erik Estrada and Shaun Cassidy long ago.
Update your maps at Navteq
He was hot and still is . I went to 2 concerts.
r u saying I’m old? My first concert was Shaun Cassidy-now that’s old.
Shaun Derry confirms interest in re-signing striker Jake Cassidy.
Shaun Derry wants 's physicality back at
only when I put the Shaun Cassidy album on.
Listening to “Morning Girl” by The Neon Philharmonic, awesome name, but they’re no Shaun Cassidy.
I don't want what Shaun Cassidy gets. I am a serious actress.
boss Shaun Derry confirms interest in re-signing Jake Cassidy from
Shaun Cassidy got old. He was supposed to fit into those tight white pants forever. Sigh.
I just googled Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb! What the *** is going on here.
15yo son channeling Shaun Cassidy after tangling with _greena 's hair straightener
to console yourself, Shaun of the Dead may be getting a stage musical, adapted by Wright...
I remember! Bobbie step daughter sang. Shaun Cassidy was on then😃
I adore how grateful Shaun is. Even if I just get him a dr. Pepper at the store he says thank you and is just so happy about his Dr. Pepper.
I was a teen idol and that has a short shelf life. ~Shaun Cassidy
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Shaun Cassidy: Hey Deanie: via Welcome to the first Monday of the new year.
Oh lord yes, John Taylor. And Izzy Stradlin (still.) And, earlier, Shaun Cassidy who jump started my puberty I think.
those 1977 mixes have everything frm the bubblegum pop of Shaun Cassidy to all the best punk,no-wave stuff.
"Fill in the blank: My first concert was Shaun Cassidy...but my second was Blondie/The Cars!
You get a HUGE lot of used magazines with b/w and color features on the Osmonds (and Donny and Marie Osmond solo), the Jackson Five, Bay City Rollers, Leif Garret, Shaun Cassidy, Brady Bunch, Monkees, KISS, John Travolta, Andy Gibb, Bee Gees, Scott Baio, and so many more!
Ooh. I love a random Shaun Cassidy mention. Makes you *** up your ears. 😀👂
I don't like the idea of marriage. Shaun knows this😂😂
I could be with Shaun for the rest of my life.. Like not marriage.. But just like my 85 year old boyfriend
LOVED Invasion! Never understood why it was cancelled. And I've ALWAYS been a fan of Shaun Cassidy!
loved him & David Cassidy Shaun Cassidy OMGosh what flash back to the 70s
for me it was Shaun Cassidy, I actually got to meet him a couple of years ago on the show!
True story: I had a LIFE-SIZE poster of Shaun Cassidy on my door that I kissed goodnight every night for longer than I care to admit lol
Seriously?! Chuck Norris looks absolutely ridiculous with that '70's mustache and that red Just For Men Shaun Cassidy hairdo!
When I was five I had a Donny Osmond eight track and wanted to marry Shaun Cassidy so much that it made my chest hurt.
My 1st crush was Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, 2nd was Shaun Cassidy from The Hardy Boys. I was 8. Didn't "choose" anything.
Shaun Cassidy - Wasp. Prod by Todd Rundgren, backed by Utopia. Cassidy's attempt at edgy new wave.
Is Justin Bieber the Millennial Shaun Cassidy and who would be his Parker Stevenson?
SHAUN MICHAEL CASSIDY got their posted to Charlotte Mugshots
I've been asked 2 times if Shaun was *** Both times I said hel yes😉
Two of my favorite childhood memories in one place: Shaun Cassidy (my birthday buddy) and Dynamite m
Tiger Beat magazines ... Shaun Cassidy posters, I had them all!!
I've misplaced my ugly Christmas sweater. My second hand, well worn, Shaun Cassidy tshirt with the bleach holes will have to do.
No he was just slightly before my time -- my oldest sister had the posters. Me? I was more about Shaun Cassidy.
I may be the only person to have seen both Shaun Cassidy and Justin Beiber live in concert.
I hope it is Shaun Cassidy or the Bay City Rollers if so I am going to buy a new pair of gauchos for the concert at Eaton's!
"You will marry Shaun Cassidy and cheat with Dave"
u can tell there were mostly cassidy fans, I listen to the bars not the crowd, diz 2-1
Cassidy may have had the edge on the punchlines, but Dizaster won this battle through his personals
WHat majority? *** Cassidy is trending 46 thousand lol. *** look at your trends. Diz died. I bet on his *** too.
Did you look to your trending. Cassidy killed that *** One of them was gonna die I thought cass and I was wrong
I could sleep next to Shaun every night if he didn't twitch.and snore. And kick... And snore louder.
I wish my husband wasn't so jealous of Shaun Cassidy.
So my mom has this book she made in 7th grade all about Shaun Cassidy
I added a video to a playlist Silver Bells Shaun Cassidy and Shirley Jones
I liked a video Silver Bells Shaun Cassidy and Shirley Jones
Wait until you hear what Shaun Cassidy does with "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again." Oh Michael. Oh Jesus!
Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
Shaun cassidy.she share the cassidy gene?what do u think
My gas! These belong to my sister. Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy. .
Today I had the pleasure of interviewing actor Patrick Cassidy, better known as Shaun & David…
I was so little when it was on, the show was a gateway to the books. :-D Plus, singing Shaun Cassidy didn't hurt.
Shaun has the maturity of an 8 year old.😒
Lucky you! I was a huge Shaun Cassidy fan too. Lol. Loved him on the Hardy Boys TV show and his music!
Shaun Maloney says his winner vs Republic of Ireland had not worked in training:
(I will of course remember Glen Larson as the man who brought Shaun Cassidy into my life, for which I'll be forever grateful.)
I thought girls spent their youth having slumber party pillow fights and dreaming about Shaun Cassidy
Great to meet Shaun & Cassidy at Waverley's in Cisco earlier today!Fab place Dave Anderson MP
Why is Shaun Cassidy and the sun dance kid on the wall?
Thanks for that! Nice to know I'm not alone & these feelings are valid. Yup for Shaun Cassidy...Richard Hatch too ☺️
You know it's bad when iTunes chooses Shaun Cassidy u realize you're still a nerd.
there's a picture somewhere of Darth Vader, a Harlem Globe Trotter and Shaun Cassidy.
Before he flew out, Nick Cassidy spent a day fine-tuning the new FT50 at Hampton Downs. TV3's Shaun...
I was alive in the 70's all it gets you is.. Bell bottoms, permed hair, blue eye shadow and Shaun Cassidy. 😘
I followed you on the Bianca Del Rio and Shaun Cassidy fan club websites, if that's any consolation.
First look of Katie Cassidy as Black Canary .. Coming soon on cw_arrow !!
but it's awesome I would do that and play only Shaun Cassidy, sly and the family stone and engleburt Humperdinck
cruising down Wilshire Bl in Beverly Hills listening to Shaun Cassidy on my way to Long Beach
Also, you were the most awesome kid if you were buying Harrison over things like Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy at the time. :)
I had a Shaun Cassidy record once. Cut it out of the back of a cereal box.
One of those special slow mo shots and we are DONE. Aagh, what a show! Shaun Cassidy is some guy.
1977: Shaun Cassidy performed his cover of "Da Doo Ron Ron" on *** Clark's American Bandstand.
Did you get the information I sent you about Shaun Cassidy's production company to shop them your movie? I sent a PM
gonna geek: hardy boy Parker Stevenson was on did anyone make the shaun Cassidy freemen joke?
I absolutely adore you. I'm so proud of you and appreciate everything thing you do for me. I love you shaun💕
Since you guys are havin a night in, crack open the beers,nd listen to my track
She had no idea who Herve Villechaize was and why anyone wanted a poster of him. See also Shaun Cassidy.
That John Lennon has been dead all these years while Ted Nugent and Shaun Cassidy still live infuriates me.
nation Leif Garret day is the day after national Shaun Cassidy day
Shaun Cassidy on Murder, She Wrote: "forgive me. I'm ODing on frustration." Best worst line ever
Shaun is a perfect example of how to treat your girlfriend😌
to when Shaun asked me to be his girlfriend. In candles 😍
I wonder if Shaun Cassidy or Davy Jones would need an arrest record or sex tape to be popular today?
If I give you a Shaun Cassidy poster signed by me and $5, would you do a show here? It would save me travel ti…
No that's not my long lost sister, nor is it Shaun Cassidy. Me photobombing Big Joe hoisting his first…
For a second I thought said Teen mag. I was going to look for Shaun Cassidy...
*sings* "We can't... just can't... understand. why Shaun Cassidy (Cass-i-dy) fired us (cut us lose)."
shout out to sam mcpheeters' shaun cassidy hair here:. swagged TF out
A5 If I were younger, I would have loved Kevin the same way I loved Shaun Cassidy!!!
What are YOU doing on Halloween? We're going to be partying with Kristy McNichol, Shaun Cassidy, and Cher!
Nope... Couldn't stand it - had to add one more. Shaun Cassidy, present day.
Grooveshark...I love your service, but how is Shaun Cassidy a related artist to Weird Al Yankovic?
I basically just want Shaun Cassidy to get the credit he deserves
Mom: "this never happened with me and Shaun Cassidy"
HBD Shaun Paul Cassidy (born September 27, 1958) is an American actor and singer. .
Shaun Cassidy and the Dooron dance kid
But Shaun brought me roses today at work 😍❤️🙈
Hey did you know it is Shaun Cassidy's birthday?
.. I also share a birthday with Shaun Cassidy and Barry Williams.. Did I just give my age away.. Lol
My remaining records will be a strangers art project. Shaun Cassidy gets a 2nd life. Da doo ron ron.
When the other girls were crushing on Shaun Cassidy in the Hardy Boys, I was 100% Parker Stevenson.
I thought there'd be more essay-writing in adulthood, so I'm bloggin again...Happy 56th
LOVE the songs from Blood Brothers with Shaun and David Cassidy also Petula Clark too!!! :-)
Happy Birthday Shaun Cassidy!!! :-) This is one of my favorite song that Shaun Cassidy sings!!! Most days I feel...
Happy 55th Birthday to Shaun Cassidy who took the song Hey Deanie into the US Top 10 in 1977.
Happy 56th birthday to singer and actor Shaun Paul Cassidy.
2day the Bday of Shaun Cassidy. Here with 1 of ours. Nice!
“The propensity to do good things is a choice.” -Shaun Cassidy
Happy 56th Birthday to Shaun Cassidy!! Who is your favorite celebrity heartthrob from when your were a teen?
My wheelchair just tore my $50 black corduroy shirt I've had since the 90's! I may be Shaun Cassidy's Birthday :) but isn't my day :( sigh
Today is the birthday of Shaun Cassidy - born 56 years ago today
If I was born back then my ultimate biases would've been Michael Jackson and Shaun Cassidy...maybe Leif Garrett 👅
a workout program by my boy Shaun T 👊
on mine. You'll probably find disco on there maybe some Carpenters, Manilow, ABBA There might be a Shaun Cassidy song on there too!
Captain Mexico. Lip Syncing in the Rain. Shaun Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Think Like a Man Too.
What song by Shaun Cassidy was the no. 45 hit of 1977? See the answer:
OMG Shaun Cassidy is doing a in 2 days…LOL
switch it off, Mere. Watch Shaun Cassidy's Hysteria on Amazon Prime!
Had my oldies on in the car and my son started to sing Da Do Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy.
"Hey Deanie" by Shaun Cassidy was the no. 68 hit of 1978
Grew up listening to my parents vinyls. Shaun Cassidy I could never get enough of 💕. Shaun Cassidy: Hey Deanie:
Stoked about my good friend Shaun Cassidy's new thriller HYSTERIA which premieres today on Amazon!
Weebles wobbled but they didn't fall down. The Bobbsey Twins solved a lot of mysteries. Shaun Cassidy
Love the former boy detective. So cute. Shaun Cassidy was then, is now and will always be my favorite!
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