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Kinda makes me think that Elizabeth and Sharrod Brown have a plan of some sort.
Sharrod Brown on Carson: "I will give Dr. Carson the benefit of the doubt based on commitments he has made to me... and to this Committee."
I thought she or Sharrod Brown should have been on the ticket
Just read your November article: 11 Democrats who might run in 2020. Sharrod Brown not on this list. Where does he rank?
Sen. Sharrod Brown (D-Ohio): "Trump's White House is looking like a Goldman-Sachs Executive Retreat." Yo Rust Belt states, like what ya see?
Agree re Sharrod Brown. Would have added a lot to Democratic 2016 ticket. Sad! Now we will suffer consequences...
Sharrod Brown is being a total jerk. Will not let Mnuchin answer questions.
Dear Connie Schultz Bernie supporters are so over your husband Sharrod Brown and you that he will lose Senate
but it will probably be one of the following: sharrod brown of Ohio, one of the Castro Brothers of TX, or DWS of Florida
Potential VP pick Sharrod Brown"s wife. Trying to learn more about potential picks. Connie is fantastic
He needs to get out of the Beltway. Elizabeth Warren or Sharrod Brown.
she won't need to pander bc Trump will motivate every single Dem to vote against him. She'll pick Sharrod Brown
Another crazy argument. Y is it that not a single Senate collegue is willing 2 endorse Bernie not even Sharrod Brown?
INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED WITH SHARROD BROWN :( and I cant say that strong enough!!! will never send u another $$
Hey Chris,you gave a negative interview with Sharrod Brown but then a positive interview with Nina,that's not Fair sir!
Amy klobuchar on a ticket with say Sharrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren with Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton on a...
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Sharrod Brown will not respond..has to wait for Harry Reid's instructions
Love Sharrod Brown, but wish he'd stop using "emasculate" for weaken. "Emasculate" cld mean make sane! LOL
So great to see Ohio's state senator, Sharrod Brown turn his FB profile picture Red!
Karl Rove has accused Obama of suppressing the vote--by telling voters they should not vote for Romney. Sharrod Brown: "Ludicrous."
Anyone else think Sharrod Brown sounds like a drunk guy? :)
Just throwing something does an Ohioian vote for Romney and also Sharrod Brown?Seriously. Know someone who did it. Don't get it.
I got a security warning off the ericdondero link re: Josh Mandel w/ Sharrod (sp wrong) Brown. He's linking to bad sites.
SHOCK POLL!! Josh Mandel pulls even with Sharrod Brown in Ohio
Other than Elizabeth Warren THIS made me the happiest last night!!! Sharrod Brown and Bernie Sanders CONGRESSES...
Wow. This was as close to a "perfect" election as it could have gotten. With President Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Sharrod Brown, Tim Kain, ADAM GRAY, Prop 30, 32, and many other victories. There were some casualties in Hernandez, Jackson, Galgiani, and Prop. 34; but I can't help but be happy this morning. It looks like America voted for reason and sanity in 2012.
Repubs opposed Sharrod Brown so vehemently because they know he will be the Dem candidate for Pres in 2016. He can deliver the mid-west
Day 7: I'm thankful that Obama and Sharrod Brown won last night!
I wish my state wasn't so stupid... Not only did you go blue you elected sharrod brown to Senate... Smh
More disappointed that Sharrod Brown was re-elected then Obama :(
Oh my goodness!! Lead story this morning is sharrod brown lost his voice. Uuuummm who gives a crap!!
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Obama won. Joyce Beatty won. Sharrod Brown won.Ohio is rocking the vote right now🇺🇸✌
Lesson Learned: to Carl Rove and the Koch Brothers, After backing Super Pac's with tens of millions of dollars to run lies and misinformation against the opposing party Pres. Obama and Sharrod Brown of Ohio to name a couple... THEY STILL WON! People can recognize lies and see past your smoke and mirrors. Next time why dont you donote the money to the homeless, to education, to healthcare instead of wasting it on lies. You would build someone up instead of tearing them down!
Chaz surprised sharrod brown won. Lol I told him Josh Mandel looked good but that young boy don't know
And sharrod brown kept his place in senate.
I'm pretty sure Sharrod Brown or was that governor?
Congratulations Senator Sharrod Brown on retaining Ur seat in the senate! Good Dude! He will help President
Ok..Kendra wants to kno, If Sharrod Brown dies who takes his place? I would have no u?
i just got out of a marketing review session, any word on Sharrod Brown??
Sharrod Brown ,Elizebeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, man we are havin fun now!
3 of my predictions have been called by CNN: Elizabeth Warren - yes! Sharrod Brown - yes! Claire McCaskall - yes!!! Now I need Obama to take Ohio and Florida and we're done! Oh... And Bachman to loose her seat. That would be super extra fun!
They need to be announcing a new president soon. Sharrod Brown wins again come on now
Does Sharrod Brown only own one suit? oh wait thats all he needs because he inexistent in this state
Congrats to sharrod brown democrat and senator for ohio!
Lol @ Sharrod Brown acceptance speech: "it was all about ...laying pipe in Ohio". *snicker*
WOW WEE __ the Senate, Elizabeth Warren, MA ; sharrod brown in OH, Claire McCaskill in MO, the guy in Indiana who's name escapes me, and maybe maybe now Heidi Hietkamp in ND running against another indifferent to rape candidate. Govenorships as well looking good. sen. BEN NELSON IN FLORIDA is a big big win, Tammy Baldwin in WI appears to be a bit behind, a win by her would really cap off a tremendous national campaign to keep D control of the Senate
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Well fellow Ohians you've let your state down by re-electing Sharrod Brown.don't be complaining about the terrible things to come!
Sharrod brown wins the Senate seat in Ohio!
Atleast Sharrod Brown rapped Josh Mandel im there election!
Sharrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren are kickin' *** And Akin is toast!
Sharrod Brown sounds terrible...we get the point, happy he won, but sit down!
Sharrod Brown needs a Ricola. And he just mentioned in his speech lol
Take that Mandel! Sharrod Brown won Ohio. I voted for the Libertarian though.nice to see one of my favorite politicians, good ol' Bernie Sanders, got re-elected.
Really proud of in all of her hard work to help get sharrod brown reelected!
And Sharrod Brown from OH, beat that snotty nose kid Mandel!! Thank GOD!!
10:13. Sharrod Brown making his acceptance speech.
I refuse to watch Sharrod Brown's speech
Obama and Sharrod Brown got my vote today. Lets get this show on the road Ohio.
Sharrod Brown won.. but in other news come on ohio keep Romneys votes higher
Sharrod Brown won in Ohio.. That's a good look!
Great news Elizabeth Warren won in Maine, and SHARROD Brown won in Ohio
Woo sentor sharrod brown won for democrats in ohio!
I'm so proud to know that America is paying attention. Good job Elizabeth Warren, Sharrod Brown our New Democratic senators. Presidential race is right on course thanks to minority voters and women. Republican Party really needs to rethink their beliefs and attitudes. If they want to grow, they need to come and join the 99%
Sharrod Brown will retain his Senate seat and the Democrats retain the Senate.
Do any of you know what Sharrod Brown wants to do? Or did you just vote for him because he's a democrat?
Congrats Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Sharrod Brown on your election and re-election to the Senate Great for women Richard Mourdock loses!
Sharrod BROWN JUST WON THE OHIO SENATE RACE Lord know we went hard for him Go Go Go !
Sharrod Brown wins Senate in Ohio - more outside, unreported dark money spent against him ever.!
More good news in Ohio as Sharrod Brown prevails.
Yahoo! Sharrod Brown wins against an incredible onslaught of Republican/conservative money.
Wisconsin called for Obama. Curtains are coming down! Called Sharrod Brown - OH. Is it over?
Sharrod Brown Is are Senator! glad all are grassroots organizing helped him with the win!
Sharrod Brown won and he back Obama so nine times outta ten Obama got OHIO without a doubt.thats my story and I'm sticking to it lol
Sharrod Brown keeps his seat & people are still voting in Columbus - things are looking great my way!!
Hey guys, remember that time Sharrod Brown co-sponsored SOPA AND PIPA. Ef that guy in the face.
Spent most of the yesterday and today canvassing for Obama and Sharrod Brown. It is amazing how many people really feel oppressed by many Warren County conservatives and feel that they have no representation.
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So I hate politics with a passion. Idgaf who wins, but I have one question. Obama Romney sharrod brown Josh Mandel. U guys spend Millons of dollars on Ads to bad mouth each other, u let other people spend millions of dollars on Ads to trash the other people. Here's an idea that might make me vote for one of u. Take that money u just wasted and us it for cancer research, find a charity, stem cell research, struggling schools,homeless shelters,hospitals, public housing or something important. Don't waste money on bashing each other.
Tre asked did I vote for Josh Mandel or Sharrod Brown? I said Sharrod Brown because Josh Mandel hires cronies. The use of that word makes me chuckle.
Wish I could vote tomorrow to help oust our President and Sharrod Brown but we didn't get to Ohio in time to register to vote. To those of you that can I hope you do go vote and ask yourself who is better for us. All I know is I don't like to be told I have to do something, and with a limited income I can't afford four more years like the last four.
Time to get Sharrod Brown of the the Government Titty.
They say Butler, Warren and Hamilton counties in Ohio are going to decide this election.I sure hope it comes out in the right way! When this Democrat gets off work tomorrow at 1:30PM, the four of us will then go to our polling place and pull the lever for Barack Obama, YES on Issue 2, write in Kelly Cuvar to get rid of John Boehner, and vote for Sharrod Brown so that Josh Mandel does not prevail! AND.I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!
As I was playing a nice quiet game of poker, a big booming voice took over my computer and told me not to vote for Sharrod Brown or Obama because they are job killers. What's up with that?
Obama and Sharrod Brown must go! Vote the bum out! Early vote starting today, Ohioans! Get rid of the Marxist scum and take back our state. God bless our miners, and return them to their jobs and livelihoods. Go Josh!
The more I see Sharrod Brown's political ads the more I don't like the guy. All he does is smear. He can't rely on his track record that's for sure.
Tuesday cannot get here fast enough. I am tired of hearing about Romney did this and that, Obama did this and that, Sharrod Brown did this and that and Josh Mandel did this and that.
So either my son watches entirely to much TV or this just shows that the political ads are out of control...but Dylan was just sitting at the computer and said to himself "I'm Sharrod Brown and I approve this message." I busted out laughing and said "Dylan can't you at least impersonate a Republican (since we are republican) and he turns to me and says "I'm Josh Mandel and I approve this message." "Is that better mom?" Lol my kid is crazy, but he keeps me laughing ;)
Found this radio ad humorous "'Josh Mandel hired friends and we should hold him accountable' -paid for by Friends of Sharrod Brown"
Civil Rights, Women's Rights, *** Rights, Workers Rights, We are all in this together. Lets Re-elect President Obama and Sen. Sharrod Brown
Who is this little wessel, Josh Mandel, trying to go up against our beloved Sharrod Brown? This kid can't be anymore than 12 yrs old. Little twarp.
Join me in sending Sharrod Brown packing. Sign a Pink Slip for Sherrod Brown!
Just got through watching Josh Mandel and Sharrod Brown debate it was pretty interesting. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Anybody see the debate between Sharrod Brown and Josh Mandel? I thought Mandel was repulsive. Usually politicians try to fake respect. He just came out and called Brown a liar as he stood there STARING at the camera for an hour RECITING his lines. Pretty funny coming from him. He had the nerve to say Brown doesn't show up to work. What!? He got booed when he told Brown to calm down while Brown was speaking passionately, as opposed to reciting a script. Mandel said he was against *** marriage and in the same breath said he will serve 100% of the people of Ohio. I don't want some brat on a power trip bringing his unqualified friends to represent Ohio.
I wish political ads had kindergarten insults like Sharrod Brown has cooties and Josh Mandel is a fart sniffer. I would pay more attention.
I don't post too much about politics but this made me laugh tonight. Just had an Obama campaigner stop by my door.after describing some of my views..he asked "Do you know who Sharrod Brown is?" Me knowing who he is said, "Yes, is he in office?" Campaigner, "um...I guess.yeah he is." He then asked, "Do you know who Josh Mandel is!" I said I've heard of him. His response, "Well don't vote for him because he's a psychopath." Seriously.that was professional. Get off my door step.
Debate impressions. Romney brought the Etch-o-sketch. Suddenly he's is the moderate. Obama was a little thrown off thinking "I was going to be the moderate. we can't both be the moderate can we?" Obama did win the debate when he tied together Romney's tax plan, healthcare plan and bank policy as all lacking specifics. Obama was also better on MEDICARE, but . it was uninspiring. So many chances to really make the case for Democratic and Progressive policies were missed. I think Obama did not make the case for a progressive vision because he is not a Progressive. People have to be wondering what is the big philosophical difference between these guys? and is there any football on the other channels? I can ONLY think of about a hundred other Democrats that I wish were our candidate...Gore, Dean, Finegold, Spitzer, Sharrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren,. BILLL CLINTON!
Woke up this morning to find our Barack Obama and Sharrod Brown yard signs have been stolen! Seriously who steals yard signs.oh well, nothing a trip to the Butler County Democratic Office can't cure :)
It seems Sharrod Brown is spending a LOT of money promoting one ad dissing Josh Mandel.makes one wonder what he's hiding on his own side.couldn't be his lousy record of supporting obama's pathetic record of spending us into oblivion could it? or maybe his disdain for unborn babies???.just askin' questions here...please school me if I'm wrong.
I just donated a few bucks to Barack Obama's re-election campaign and to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to get out the vote. This week-end the BIG MONEY guys are spreading their tens of MILLIONS around to Republican Congressional candidates because, as we've seen, most Republican law makers don't care about clean air, clean water, women's health issues, or good public education, but I care! So before the Sunday night FEC deadline, I will donate to Senator Claire McCaskill's campaign. She's running against Todd "legitimate rape" Akins. Don't want him having a deciding vote on the next Supreme Court justice. I will also make contributions to Tim Kaine, Virginia; Bill Nelson, Florida; Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin; Sharrod Brown, Ohio; and Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts. I will be a little poorer, but my spirit will be richer because money is speech and I will have spoken. Please join me to make our country better for all people not just the 1%. Thank you, Teri
Judy heard a lady call herself a moderate yet she likes Obama, Sharrod Brown, and Betty Sutton. Sounds like a liberal to me
If Californians want to make a difference and have a few dollars, pick a group of people you agree with running for the House or for the Senate. Donate a few dollars in their direction. The President really has very little power without Allies in the BOTH houses. That is why the last 2 yrs have been worthless. The House of Representatives has blocked nearly anything with substance that would help average working Americans (With Few exceptions). The first 2 years of the Obama Administration and the democrat controlled Congress were victim to more filibusters than any other time in History. Just as a few examples of amazing people running for office, Elizabeth Warren, Sharrod Brown and Wayne Powell.
Sharrod Brown rushed in to cast the deciding vote for Obama care, Josh Mandel rushed on to a battle field in Iraq...
Sharrod Brown is attacking Josh Mandel for missing work to campaign?? Talk to us when he starts using tax payer $ to campaign -- Obama
Josh Mandel Is a United States Marine Iraq Vet who felt strong about defending freedom for others to enjoy. Josh has been back home here in Ohio holding the office as treasurer. I am asking you to join me in supporting Josh as he challenges Sharrod Brown for the senate seat Help keep Freedom in Ohio! Help keep freedom In this great Nation!
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