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Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan (born 4 April 1970) is an Irish actress, writer and comedian.

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Chain Reaction - Olivia Colman & Sharon Horgan One of the best things on radio ever
Portnoy is voiced by Sharon Horgan - didn't recognise her at all
100% on board with Niall Horan & Sharon Horgan becoming a thing. Shame she's already married. Irish…
Des Cahill and Sharon Ní Bheolainn doing a great job once again 😳
You have a lot of shows, Sharon Horgan. . (Which is great!)
Sharon Horgan guest-stars in the new series of on Netflix
I accidentally referred to Sharon Horgan as Sharon Corr today. What does it mean?
We talk to about creating comedy and pushing into commercials & branded entertainment w/
9 times Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan were complete friendship goals
If really do come true, I can't wait until the one I just had involving me, Sharon Horgan, and Aisling Bea happens.
We spoke to Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney about their plans for after THAT dramatic series three final…
Interview: "She was just a wonderful, wonderful person." Sharon Horgan & Rob Delaney on Carrie Fisher.
About time, it's simply superb. Binge watch and enjoy, Sharon Horgan & Rob Delane…
Stephen Root and Sharon Horgan are incredible as Martin and Minerva.
Sharon Horgan & I pretending we like each other while filming Catastrophe in London.Succeeding!
The thing is, I love a celebrity interview. Doesn't matter how big...
Spending way too long worrying about what people think about me is...
Mark Hamill remembers the “crazy things” he did to impress Carrie Fisher on the set
Let's explore a relationship as it navigates the shark-infested waters of the acrimonious divorce industry.…
. See Sharon Horgan is playing in prague and galway
I think the best comedy is tragicomic. Yeah, I suppose if you were ...
- How ‘Divorce’ Creator Sharon Horgan Became the Master of Marital Discontent -
Catastrophe is such a funny show. Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan absolutely kill it. Wish they had more episodes per season
Sage advice coming from top talent in the industry. Don't miss this read from
Catastrophe is my fav sitcom written by Sharon Horgan & Rob Delaney. Is she bette…
"She was so real that it was almost dangerous." remembers Carrie Fisher:
I'll have to try it again without Michael. I do love Sharon Horgan.
Catriona B (in Money Monster) and Sharon Horgan (catastrophe) have the same accent but I don't get where it is from
Also, I was very impressed by Catastrophe (Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney). Two series for C4.
If you're not the brightest or if you're not great at sports, or if yo...
Sarah Jessica Parker of 'Divorce' different from Carrie: creator Sharon Horgan
Sharon Horgan: ‘Carrie Fisher was so real it was dangerous’
Some essential creative advice for 2017, tips from James L. Brooks, Sharon Horgan, De La Soul, and nine others.
By the way - catch up on Divorce - new comedy by Sharon Horgan with Sarah Jessica-Parker. Half hour show Sky Atlantic
Thought I'd better put 'Sharon Horgan' in front of that in case James got worried
Sharon Horgan's Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, will air from Oct 11 on Sky Atlantic in the UK:
Sharon Horgan. Diane Morgan. You've got to have a system.
paper will also be taking in the work of Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis.
Here's what to watch on TV tonight, including a new comedy by Sharon Horgan :o
Her new comedy pilot, is on tonight (10pm on Channel 4) so I compiled Sharon Horgan's guide to life
Anyone who’s ever been to a bad dinner party should watch Sharon Horgan's
'In 2009 neither of us had ever been to a f***ing dinner party' Sharon Horgan & Dennis Kelly on their new comedy .
Sharon Horgan & Dennis Kelly’s middle-class dinner party pilot The Circuit is 'on point' (and on C4 tonight at 10pm)
Irish sitcom writer Sharon Horgan on how she narrowly didn't avoid Catastrophe
A new Sharon Horgan comedy and two fascinating documentaries - our TV picks for tonight:
Therapy, divorce and 'kitchen sex': Sharon Horgan's guide to life
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hackney gets a bit of a bad rap, but it's the only place I've ever lived that felt like a com
SO much talent involved in this. Morgan and Maxwell-Martin are great, Graham Linehan and Sharon Horgan writing
Sharon Horgan and Frankie Boyle to deliver Alternative MacTaggart Interview by
Sharon horgan and Frankie Boyle to deliver alternative mactaggart interview
Sharon Horgan and Frankie Boyle to tackle comedy taboos during Alternative MacTaggart Inte…
I always, always want to make people laugh. In every situation. Even when it's inappropriate.
I'd have swapped Black Books for the IT Crowd and where the flipping flip is anything by Sharon Horgan? (I know)
Sharon Horgan is brilliant. His towering smugness is impossible to break though.
I despise shows that present friendship where you're always there for each other and really s
'We’re prob'ly going to chat about why I always make comedies that have a lot of sex in them' Buy tix:
New Sharon Horgan clashing with new Nashville. Remembered sky plus. Order restored
Old prog but two of the funniest women. Chain Reaction, Series 10, Olivia Colman talks to Sharon Horgan
Reminder: Sharon Horgan is the Irish Tami Taylor and we don't deserve her.
Sarah Jessica Parker + Sharon Horgan = dream team. Put them together on a show abt divorce & I am ALL the way there.
"Horgan deepened this autobiographical approach ... set a rule: make nothing up." .
Comedians... they're different from actors. There's more ego there. They cr...
Ermegawd just spotted awesome funny woman Sharon Horgan going into a vintage shop on my street.
Yes, you really should watch it, it's very funny and I've loved Sharon Horgan since Pulling. Very much a bit like you!
Sharon Horgan talks Rom-Com on TV vs Film and the Hopeful Tone of 'Catastrophe' by
No matter how many frustrations come along, or how many problems arise, I n...
This new Metronomy single 👍 (plus the god like Sharon Horgan in the video)
Hi Sharon. You liked 'Catastrophe' didn't you? Have you seen this interview with Sharon Horgan?
Well that was longer than I expected, but at least now I know how Sharon Horgan feels about her forehead
That's from this brilliant piece about Sharon Horgan in the New Yorker.
I was the kid who liked making other people laugh, so maybe the comedy came...
Sharon Horgan is in the new Metronomy video
Sharon Horgan & Ben Crompton feature in the video for Metronomy's Old Skool:
Fisher and Catastrophe co-creator Sharon Horgan have no illusions about Hollywood double standards.
Loving the new Metronomy track and video with the Queen that is Sharon Horgan. Also, EPIC hair alert
What a great profile of Sharon Horgan: via
You've only got a short shelf-life as an actor, and I want to make the most...
New Metronomy single with queasy, Abigail's Party-inspired video starring Sharon Horgan! Oh happy day.
What's better than a new Metronomy song? A new Metronomy song with Sharon Horgan in the video
CAT'S OUT THE BAG! Brand new track 'Old Skool' from new album. Video stars Sharon Horgan from Catastrophe
I never felt like I had to rebel against my convent upbringing, because it ...
I love Sutton House in Clapton, a beautiful example of Tudor architecture.
My hero. "Catastrophe" star on writing roles for herself nobody else was writing:
holy moley! Diane Morgan, our Cunk is gonna do a sitcom from Sharon Horgan and Graham Linehan?! . I CAN NOT EVEN
...and in thanks for Dornan's chest, Aiden Turner, Ed Byrne and Dara O'Briain, Sharon Horgan, Aisling Bea, CB, I could go on...🍀
Wait sorry the Mike Judge episode was last week. Nevertheless - still terrif.
I have ozzy Osborne in my celebrity deadpool, sadly for him but fortunately for me this split from sharon will see him eat a shotgun barrell
Every Irish girl just wants Sharon Horgan to be their dream best friend
Every Irish girl just wants to be their dream best friend
I'm a massive scaredy cat. I'm scared of being in a fast car, I'm scared of...
Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney won last month for Catastrophe. But there was a comedy section last night too?
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I never used to see anything on TV where the man was in the weaker position...
I've never for a second felt like my job has been more of a struggle becaus...
Sharon Horgan is INcredible in Catastrophe. She'd have been my choice for hands down.
The BAFTA TV awards are underway with Sharon Horgan and...
I love Michaela Coel, but am sad for Sharon Horgan. Mind you, I did hold a lift open for her last week, so she can't have it all.
Sharon Horgan should have got that She's a comedy genius.
If has got any sense it's got to be Sharon Horgan!
Sharon Horgan is my woman crush Sunday
It's between Sian Gibson and Sharon Horgan for this.
Sharon Horgan has just missed out on a award for her role in Catastrophe -
There's the brilliant Sharon Horgan looking fabulous at the awards (we LOVE her!):
Sharon Horgan and Graham Norton lead the Irish BAFTAs charge - and it's our TV pick tonight https:…
Disappointing that Sharon Horgan's first American project is with Sarah Jessica Parker instead of idk Catherine Keener of M. Louise Parker
America's next great project should be cloning Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney so we can get more than 6 episodes at a time of "Catastrophe."
Listen to Rob Delaney & Sharon Horgan discuss the best you'll ever experience!
Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney still fancy each other in exclusive Catastrophe trailer
Father Ted creator Graham Linehan and Sharon Horgan team up for new motherhood sitcom -
Sharon Horgan teams up with Father Ted’s Graham Linehan on new project
Sharon Horgan teams up with Father Ted's Graham Linehan on new project: Sharon Horgan is set to join forces wi...
Graham Linehan, Sharon Horgan teaming up for BBC sitcom
Sharon Horgan's new show is a sitcom take on Come Dine with Me
Those new pilots from Johnny Vegas, Sharon Horgan & Graham Linehan. The Keeping Up Appearances prequel sounds good too.
Way more excited to see new Sarah Jessica Parker show Divorce now that I know that Sharon Horgan is involved.
First Look at Sarah Jessica Parker in HBO's new comedy series, "Divorce" created by Sharon Horgan!
Actress and writer Sharon Horgan, star of the Channel 4 comedy 'Catastrophe', talks to the Guardian about Kate's...
Sharon Horgan mentions a band. Wendy buys the album.
On my radar: Sharon Horgan's cultural highlights
also Sharon Horgan has a pair in season 1 of Catastrophe and I just coveted
A lot of scenes in &take place in bedrooms; the stars of the Amazon comedy, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, shine
Sharon Horgan's bone dry "That's fantastic" in ep 2 was one of my favorite TV moments of the whole year.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG. Sharon Horgan makes the best tv
I love it, it's what I missed since "6 Reasons Is the Best Rom-Com You'll Ever See"
Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan on their 'brutally honest' rom-com ...
I can’t put into words how much I admire Sharon Horgan or Olivia Colman, so you can imagine how much I like this
DEN : Sharon Horgan, left, and Rob Delaney co-star in the new Amazon romantic comedy, Catastrophe. Ed Miller…
I like Catastrophe but it makes me sad because I want Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney to be my friends.
Still, where do we start! Gervais, Sharon Horgan, Keith Lemon, Miranda, John Bishop, Merchant, Vic&Bob, Berry! and there's more.
Watch Teaser Trailer for Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan's "Catastrophe" - thecomedybureau: Read More
New situation comedy thingy coming in new year. Has Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney. Looks like we might like it.
I'm SO excited about this! with the fabulous Sharon Horgan in new
30) Best 2015 show seen in 2014: Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's Catastrophe
Between Catastrophe (Channel 4) and now this for HBO, Sharon Horgan might be having a very busy 2015:
Sharon Horgan writes new comedy for Sarah Jessica Parker I'd prefer Horgan to write a comedy for Horgan, but hey ***
Sarah Jessica Parker is set to star in new half-hour comedy entitled Written by Sharon Horgan and naturally shot in New York.
Hi, Sharon Horgan isn't British. She is from the Republic of Ireland.
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Sharon Horgan having two shows in production is good news though. If you haven't seen Dead Boss your life is incomplete and sad.
sorry. On my way back but have to interview Sharon Horgan first.
Advance notice: I am watching the first episode of this and it is GREAT.
Carrie Fisher is to co-star in Sharon Horgan & Rob Delaney's Catastrophe, on Channel 4 from January 20.
I think Sharon Horgan walks down the street behind you at some point but there's no exterior shot.
It was an incredible pilot: Julia, Olivia Colman, Sharon Horgan, Peter Serafinowicz. Picked up but cast had scheduling issues.
I'm rewatching Pulling by Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly. So funny!!!
Jane Krakowski is playing Sharon Horgan's role in the US remake of Dead Boss!
Jane Krakowski is set to play Sharon Horgan's role in the US TV remake of BBC3 comedy Dead Boss:
Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) will star in the Fox pilot Dead Boss, playing a woman wrongly convicted of murdering her boss and relying on her mess of a sister to prove her innocence. The comedy is an adaptation of the BBC3 series of the same name, with the star and co-creator of the original Sharon Horgan on board as an executive producer. Patricia Breen (Suburgatory, Big Love, Frasier) wrote the script.
Directed by Ben Palmer. With Christian Massa, Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan, Peter Serafinowicz. A dysfunctional, wealthy mining dynasty, with an ailing patriarch and some greedy siblings. A peculiarly British take on telenovela style melodramas, played for laughs.
Brand new Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, Rob Delaney an Sharon Horgan's Catastrophe to air on UK's Channel 4, A Puddin' Christmas with Eddie Pepitone, and more.
Channel 4 has announced three new sitcom pilots. Flack, starring Sheridan Smith; Catastrophe, starring Sharon Horgan; and from David Baddiel.
Channel 4 has announced three new comedy pilots for 2014 starring Sheridan Smith, Sharon Horgan and David Baddiel.
Do people really find Miranda Hart funny? ...It angers me, Sharon Horgan is such a better writer and comedy performer... If you don't believe me, watch "Pulling".
Channel 4 has lined up Sheridan Smith, David Baddiel and Sharon Horgan for three new comedy pilots
Hat Trick Productions and Avalon TV make comedy pilots for Channel 4, with Sheridan Smith, Sharon Horgan and David Baddiel -
ABC has posted the unreleased David Spade pilot "Bad Management" on its website. The ensemble work comedy, co-starring Irish actress Sharon Horgan, is still in limbo at the network although the out...
she is ace. Lead the way for the likes of Sharon Horgan, Dawn Porter type tv lol docs/shows.
News regarding Noel Fielding, Sharon Horgan, Dee Plume, Joey Page, Katy Brand and many more, all over on Peel away!
I don't know who any of those are. Konnie Huq, Sharon Horgan, Tanya Branning
Sharon Horgan is a brilliant comic actress
better than his Tracy Morgan's World of Sharon Horgans, where he cut up photos of Sharon Horgan and cried.
...Angela Kinsey and Rachael Harris pitched a show to FOX a few months ago but ultimately they never gave it a pilot order. So today both have landed new shows. Harris will join David Spade and Sharon Horgan in "Bad Management" at ABC. And Kinsey will join Tim Meadows and Rob Riggle in "The Gabriels" at FOX. I don't expect either show to get picked up unfortunately.
Flick Nation has learned that comic veteran David Spade will head to ABC next fall to co-star in Bad Management, a single camera comedy meant as a showcase for Irish comedian Sharon Horgan.
"If you keep doing it for long enough, eventually someone gives you a sitcom." Sharon Horgan's Big Questions:
some of you have been seeing already some of you are already testing some of you are preparing for your next pilot audition before going in, this is a quick reminder of some of the pilots that are being cast this year brought to you by On Camera NYC ABC COMEDY Bad Management Logline: A slightly self-centered female boss (Pulling's Sharon Horgan) at a high-end luxury goods department store who finds her ways challenged when the boss' son comes to town and makes youth and sex the new company focus. Cast: Sharon Horgan Team: W Sharon Horgan, Holly Walsh (Dead Boss); EP Aaron Kaplan, Sharon Horgan Studio: ABC Studios, Kaplan Entertainment Format: Single-camera Location: Divorce: A Love Story Logline: Based on the Israeli format Life Isn’t Everything, the comedy revolves around Kenny and Robin, a recently divorced couple who were bad together but discover they're even worse apart and can't seem to stay out of one another's lives. Cast: Team: W/EP Mike Sickowitz (Rules of Engagement), Daniel Lappin, EP Noa Ti ...
Kylie Minogue, Anna Friel, Matt Smith, Idris Elba, David Harewood, Johnny Vegas and Vanessa Redgrave amongst the stars of Sky Arts’ new series of Playhouse Presents Beginning March 2013 on Sky Arts 1. An all-star line-up of acclaimed and celebrated talent are set to appear in the new series of Sky Arts’ exclusive comedy and drama strand, PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS… beginning March 2013 on Sky Arts 1 HD. Featuring Kathy Burke, Frances Barber, Julia Davis, Idris Elba, Anna Friel, Rebecca Front, Stephen Graham, David Harewood, Ian Hart, Sharon Horgan, Mathew Horne, Suranne Jones, Kylie Minogue, Vanessa Redgrave, Peter Serafinowicz, Matt Smith, Johnny Vegas, Marc Warren, Jack Whitehall and Reggie Yates, PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS… showcases the incredible wealth of acting, directing and writing talent in the UK, and represents unmissable TV for Sky customers. Kylie Minogue will appear in her first project for Sky with Playhouse Presents…Hey Diddly Dee which has been written and directed by Marc Warren. "When the sc ...
Who spotted OPI featured in 'On the Verge of a Midlife Crisis' with Sharon Horgan last night on Channel 4?
Modish Shoes and Sarah Decent made fine appearance on Channel 4 last night, with Sarah in the background
If, like me, you're having a pre-midlife-crisis midlife-crisis, Sharon Horgan's thing on C4 last night was mega.
Most entertaining part of Secrets of a Good Marriage was watching Sharon Horgan's body language with the different couples.
Got Sharon Horgan's on in background. Hoping there are fewer placentas.
Funnily, sharon Horgan called her daughter the same. Will watch the Midlife Crisis thing for sure, she's great
Sharon Horgan's Midlife Crisis thing is bumming me out 'cus I already feel too old.
Dearest followers. Sharon Horgan wore our 'Blue *** T-Shirt on Channel 4 this evening and there has been rather a high demand for it. Our site is temporally down but we shall sort it ASAP - as in tomorrow or by Friday and the T-Shirt will be available again for a limited period. Thank you for your patience. And blowing our inbox!
Quote: 'A fully-blown, well-executed mid-life crisis is the way forward - and if that doesn't work, just hit the gin!' (Sharon Horgan, C4)
Sharon Horgan is my new love. She is hilarious!
Just spotted in Modish on Sharon Horgan's C4 documentary!The bright green stood out a treat in the window!x
That Fritzl joke Sharon Horgan cracked on 'The Verge of A Midlife Crisis' was a little far...bit dark
Sharon Horgan's hilarious! "I don't think Joseph Fritzl could've done better in such a confined space."
I've decided Sharon Horgan has the most beautiful accent in the world. I know you have all been dying to know is.
Watching Sharon Horgan's programme on Midlife Crisis and thinking eekm! I really should be more crazy and cool now that I'm middle aged.
- Does it cost money to watch 4oD? You and your new boots can watch it for nowt!
Sharon Horgan - what an absolute breath of fresh air. Finally a female presenter I can admire. I salute you
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- Oh yeah Sharon Horgan was on again in "(Women) On the Verge of a Midlife Crisis" - Watch it on Ketchup .
Oh it's beautiful! I'm about to watch the second :) ALSO I just got a reply from Sharon Horgan! Love her!
"I bloody love Sharon Horgan's teeth (and also the things that come out of her mouth-hole) FYI
for later or tomorrow or a snatched moment of down time :D
My new idol is sharon horgan after watching the mid life crisis show! She definitely can't be middle aged?!
On the verge of a Midlife Crisis with Sharon Horgan
Channel 4+1 NOW 'On the verge of a Midlife Crisis' with Sharon Horgan Women in their 50's coming out the other side with
just missed the question you asked Sharon Horgan to fill in with her red book. Before the blue line then next page opposites
Just watched On the Verge of a Midlife Crisis with Sharon Horgan! perhaps a ?
Really enjoyed Sharon Horgan show on C4. Now considering the tattooed rockabilly thing.
How strange to watch yourselves on the telly!
fascinating sharon horgan documentary on c4 about women and mid life crises! wondering which one I'm going to be!...
good to see you on Sharon Horgan's mid life crisis programme tonight...
Anyone else think Sharon Horgan is sexy or is it just my weird taste lol
Sharon Horgan on inspection on inspecting a narrowboat with its proud owner- "This is nice, Josef Fritzl couldn't have done better"
Sharon Horgan funny on mid life crisis. Ch4
Watching Sharon Horgan - like the idea of getting rid of everything. Except people, cat, allotment, bike & of course my phone
Loving Sharon Horgan on CH4. Can't get any slower than a stationary boat!
I want Sharon Horgan to be my best friend so she can make me laugh everyday
Sharon Horgan on c4 is so irritating - secretly patronising to the people on her show and totally fake! 😡
I am loving with Sharon Horgan, lots of possible options to consider when the time comes
Sharon horgan makes me laugh , she's defo my Fav person
Is anyone in my timeline watching this Sharon Horgan doc?
Sharon Horgan is so beautiful, the twinkle in her eye says she would never destroy this with plastic surgery
I actually thought Sharon horgan was that woman teenage.daughter there.
Sharon Horgan may be on the verge a Midlife Crisis but she's got some great outfits
Loving that sharon horgan girl on C4.
do like Sharon Horgan docs. A Louis Therouxness combined with fun and honest sarcasm.
One can only hope that they look like Sharon Horgan at 40.
Quote of the day 'I feel like a dining dogger' Sharon Horgan CH4
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Sharon Horgan meets six women who have gone through midlife crises to find out what happened, and how they coped or even transformed themselves.
On the verge of a Midlife Crisis with sharon horgan. Hilarious!!!
Watching Secrets of a Good Marriage... Sure it's not supposed to be, but it's hilarious! Love this Sharon Horgan woman!!!
- From Africa to Sharon Horgan and Midlife Crisis. Added to The Undateables last night is mid week tv getting better, or am I getting boring?
There are 3 Sharons I would take advice from: Sharon Corr, Ariel Sharon, and Sharon Horgan. One of these has a useful show on now
Sharon Horgan says 40 is the old age of youth and 50 is the youth of old age. The next thing is death! Great x
Yes Ch 4 a woman with a great sence of humor ,Sharon Horgan
Kids in bed chill out now to watch The Notebook with a nice cold glass of Rosé what could u want :)
Sharon Horgan On... on 4 on Demand. Watch Sharon Horgan On... online when you want on 4oD. Being a mother nowadays is tough. Everyone's got an opinion, whether it's about stay-at-home vs out-to-work, or bottle vs breast. Does anyone really know what they're doing? Award-winning writer and actress ...
Oh my Giddy God, and just when I thought things had calmed down. (once again I have been lulled into a false sense of security *** you karma)
Someone please tell me you are, or you have watched How To Be A Good Mother with Sharon Horgan?? I've never seen women with such warped views on pregnancy and parenthood!!! There is a woman making a charm out of an umbilical cord! Gros!
Watching channel 4 How to be a good mother with Sharon Horgan. She meets 6 mums with unusual parenting methods. One mum is just cooking some other mums Placenta, slicing it so the mum can eat it. Now shes making a smoothy out of raw placenta. Er sick or what.
How to be a good mother...Sharon Horgan - hilarious.cooked placenta.gads min!
OMG, why am I watching 'how to be a good mother with Sharon Horgan'? Placenta smoothies, nappy free, wet nursing and no bond if you have Caesarian! Oh please!!!
Someone is trying to tell something just checked my planned recordings and someone is recording how to be a good mother and on the verge of a mid life crisis!
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Been told there is a rather large mug shot of me in this weeks Times tv supplement. Thank you
Tonight at 9:30pm sky 1, following Sharon Horgan's, we have Darren Boyd's Little *** .should be cracking (oof pun).silent movie style ;D
My top three television turn-ons are Sharon Horgan talking, Julia Davis eating, and Stephen Mangan crying.
Jon Richardson, Alan Carr, Sharon Horgan, Greg Davies, Angelos Epithemiou... intros to classic C4 on 4oD, in
I really liked Bad Sugar! Olivia Colman, Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan, Peter Serafinowicz and Reece Shearsmith. You can't go wrong.
Julia Davis in Nighty Night, Sharon Horgan in Pulling and Olivia Colman in Green Wing, the most hilarious British actresses all in Bad Sugar
Just watched on 4oD, so brilliant! With comedy legends like Julia Davis, Olivia Colman, and Sharon Horgan! Everyone should watch!
That was great. Love Charlie Brooker. Now looking forward to Julia Davis, Sharon Horgan and Olivia Colman, how could it be bad?
like Sharon Horgan and Kirsty Young you mean?
11:15 Loose Ends: Clive Anderson is joined by Neil Sedaka, Helena Kennedy QC, Sharon Horgan and Luke Goss.
again if you missed Clive Anderson talking to Neil Sedaka, Helena Kennedy QC, Sharon Horgan & Luke Goss
I've just realised that Caitlin Moran and Sharon Horgan are different people.
Yo! Who was funnier on set: Sharon Horgan or Jennifer Saunders?
Dead Boss, starring Jennifer Saunders and Sharon Horgan; written by Sharon Horgan and Holly Walsh
Sharon Horgan: ‘I’ve never done anything as stupid as this’ via starring Jennifer Saunders :)
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Keen to see new Sharon Horgan comedy ep1+2 on BBC3 right now...I loved her series. Oh Jennifer Saunders is in this too :D
It ain't quite Porridge, but Dead Boss on BBC Three is quite a grower. Great stuff from Sharon Horgan, Holly Walsh and Jennifer Saunders
Hilarious watching Tim Lovejoy struggle to supress an anti-squatting rant against Sharon Horgan on Sunday Brunch C4.
Jennifer Saunders to play "sexual Margaret Thatcher" in BBC3 sitcom New comedy Dead Boss casts the Ab Fab star as an unhinged prison governor Share this episode Written By Paul Jones 4:05 PM, 20 February 2012 Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders is to play a prison governor described as a "sexual Margaret Thatcher" in new BBC3 sitcom Dead Boss. Penned by Pulling's Sharon Horgan and stand-up comic Holly Walsh, the show stars Horgan as Helen, a prison inmate falsely convicted of murdering her boss. According to Walsh, Saunders plays the psychotic head of the jail as "a woman of culture and elegance who finds playing mind games with guards and prisoners to be good for her morale." And if comparisons with the former PM are accurate, Saunders has had some practice for the role. Last year she played Thatcher as a Bette Davis-style caricature in The Comic Strip's The Hunt for Tony Blair. Walsh said Dead Boss was influenced by "comedy films that went for big jokes, like Police Squad, Stir Crazy and The Othe ...
Pulling's Sharon Horgan chats about starring alongside Jennifer Saunders in Dead Boss, while Griff Rhys Jones tells us what he's up to.
Sharon Horgan and Jennifer Saunders in a sitcom together? Shame it's doomed due to being on BBC3...
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