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Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American reality TV show which premiered on ABC television in August 2009. The series is based on the Sony Pictures Television International format Dragons' Den and features a panel of five wealthy investors called Sharks who consider offers from entrepreneurs seeking investors for their business or product.

Daymond John Barbara Corcoran Mark Cuban Dragons Den Conservative Party Real Estate

I remember this dude from shark tank… chuuh . Making bank
How do u think shark tank will fund my remake of the night to change the temp.
Here's The Buzz! We recognized the winners of the 5th grade Shark Tank! Great job!
"Shark Tank" star Daymond John reveals he was diagnosed with cancer
A week from today, the finalists will pitch their ideas live. (It's like Shark Tank!!) Come watch!…
The entrepreneurs working on their "Shark Tank" products! 🦈
After every wedding desi relatives sit around & do matchmaking of the remaining single women in the fam like a shark tank e…
Dude was on Shark Tank, good for him.
Shark Tank's Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis hope he will be okay! One answer, GRAPE SEED EXTRACT!!
Team at Summit!! With special guest Bruce from the Shark Tank!
What You Need to Know About Thyroid Cancer and Shark Tank’s Daymond John’s Diagnosis. A version of this article…
'Shark Tank' star Daymond John speaks out about his cancer diagnosis - ABC News
This is what 'Shark Tank' investor Mark Cuban looks for in the perfect pitch via
Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran knows the 1 thing you should focus on for your business.
Shark Tank's Daymond John reveals he has thyroid cancer
Noticed both & first run of James Bond had an attack that broke a shark tank at a ritzy party.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Watched this young man do his pitch on Shark Tank. Got no deal but did get mentoring from Daymond John now business…
(prayers out to for a speedy recovery ) Shark Tank's Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis htt…
Early detection is so important! "Shark Tank's Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis" via
Thank you for sharing Glad ur good!. Shark Tank's Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
Daymond John of 'Shark Tank' on his cancer diagnosis: The entrepreneur hopes his…
Advice From Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary on When to Make a Deal (and When to Walk Away)
Hope to see you in person just watched an episode of Shark Tank with you in it yesterday! !
Then I'll invest if one of the shark tank people invest with me.
Shark Tank. Me: Sharks, I've come up w/ a business for sons to beat up their dads. Sharks:. Guest Shark Me With a Mustache Disguise: love it
In a way Phil is almost like a contestant on shark tank and his fans a…
I am freaking addicted to shark tank!!
My next product on Shark Tank: a sign that you put on the your apartment door that lets your neighbors know that...
It gets better. I found Shark Tank x Harry Potter fan fiction.
Just rehearsed my presentation for and I's Shark Tank idea. Excited for tomorrow! 😏🤘🏻
Cambridge startup behind a microwaveable notebook is going on 'Shark Tank'.
LMAO @ the shark tank and trying to have a serious convo with screaming guy in the background 😂😂😂
Both the tank top and a supportive shark boyfriend of my very own.
was Shark Tank for people who couldn't understand there are numbers and math involved in business; aka
I can't lie. I want this. Prince Sidon: Supportive Shark Boyfriend
I found criticism of shark tank fan fiction.
About to watch shark tank..Bae got me hip on that 💕🤑
I rather sit back and watch shark tank my last night in indy than spend my hard earned money on a broke bish 👌
WIN a $100 gift certificate for the awesome stuff from Xero Shoes (yes, from Shark Tank) -
For a good five years I thought Shark Tank was a show where people actually went in shark tanks..
Shark tank needs to play all day even old episodes 😁
sent my AP Econ Ss a video about their Shark Tank projects. Thank you for being such an awesome advocate for educat…
Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary on how he gets to 'yes'
Watching Shark Tank, eating ice cream, green olives and sauerkraut. I'm not lying about any of that and neither am I ashamed.
Congress won’t pay for Trump’s wall either, so Trevor Noah suggests he try Shark Tank:
Healthcare in this country will eventually be like Shark Tank where you stand before 4 billionaires and explain why you de…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Intuit CEO Brad Smith, Jennifer Garner & Chad Pennington are in town today to judge a Shark Tank-like event at…
Still time to make it to the Shark Tank to Defend our Waters vs Giants. Tip-off in T-minus 60 minutes at 7pm
Robert (from Shark Tank) is a Cyber pioneer. If you are looking to change fields, this is the place to be!
The party is over. Tesla shares are set to crash, according to Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary
... Shark Tank is the way he and the others on SharkTank do this to normal people trying to get ahead of just getting by..
Just watched & her hubby on Shark Tank & now currently online picking out which leggings & tank top I want 💪🏼🍑👑
All business owners of huge huge corporations will run into all kinds of lawsuits. Big business means entering the shark tank baby
Cheers and congrats to my old roommates, friends and new shark tank killers!!...
*** is ruthless on this season of Shark Tank.
High school entrepreneurs wade into ‘Shark Tank’
I liked a video Shark Tank- "Special Forces Marine gets Twice what he asked for!" - RuckPack $750,000
WOW Just now seeing this?! you're my hero! Sorry Skippity-do-da, don't get in the tank with a shark
Here are the 5 most successful investments ever from
Find out how I helped grow a company I invested in during
Exactly! I wanted to watch Shark Tank tonight, but fell asleep! Love that show! Mad Dog Is a teenage…
Crying at that Fargo homage they did on Shark Tank
If you tell me you're an "entrepreneur," I'm going to assume you're a drug dealer, unless I've seen you on Shark Tank.
You a business man or woman that don't watch shark tank ?! Interesting
Robert, Lori and Mark squash Kevin, like the cockroach he is. lol. I happen to like Shark Tank's cockroach. .
Advice from the CSX Panel: watch Shark Tank for free pitching advice. I agree!
There should be a Shark Tank but instead of start ups, legislators have to defend licenci…
Fair enough. I'd give Cuban an "F" on his trolling. Stick to Shark Tank, Mark.
'Tis fine, thanks. Just made some tea so a little better than fine. The meows and I are getting ready to watch Shark Tank.
Wow I really been sleep on Shark Tank
Who else turns into a business expert when they watch Shark Tank?
I wish I had a Shark Tank. You know, for door to door Christians, hobos and my many enemies.
I liked a video Shark Tank -The sharks get a taste of their own Medicine 'You are full of crap'
I need to be a shark on shark tank. I would invest in NOTHING also I need more money tho
ABC's Shark Tank promoting the April 21st encounter! .
Much better than my flare shooting bouy idea... Today, just saw him on Shark Tank. He's looking for an investor...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I honestly only watch shark tank because of
I love shark tank but the raging raging misogyny makes me feel more like a cosy blanket.
I'm perfectly happy staying in and watching shark tank on Hulu
I'm gonna be doing more reading next week. Models For Writers, Shark Tank: Jump Start Your Business. I have to read to be…
How does one choose between Dateline and Shark Tank??
Shark Tank. Me: I've brought samples of my cheese sauce for all of you *tosses jar to Barbara, hits her in the head*. Mr. W…
to get my brother Ryan and his app, on Shark Tank!. The arrival of Trippie, means the departure of your a…
Why would anyone want to interview this guy? . Is it because he has 2 thumbs and can count to 10?
Friday night filled with shark tank and pizza
Fargo business owners appear on 'Shark Tank' for a second time
is the move late night for Shark Tank and Undercover Boss.
Check out a local company that recently made a splash on "Shark Tank."
Mr. 305 aka Hialeah's Finest aka El Toro got his own day at the Shark Tank. Check it out. 🎥 | Justin Garcia V-Neck Day h…
If its not Pardon the Interruption, Shark Tank or Power I don't watch it
Ever dreamed of pitching the Sharks? Make it a reality by attending where Shark Tank producers will be holding open casting calls!
Order Miche Bag Online!
DeKalb: NIU grads hook investor on 'Shark Tank'
Telarus partners get a chance to compete for $10,000 to grow their business in a Shark Tank style competition!
I liked a video from 20 Facts You Didn't Know About Shark Tank
Did you see he could be our next Prime Minister in Canada? Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank we will have our own Trump
She's a shark in the tank and a top golfer at Packed house. See you at o…
To lure Shark Tank contestant and other businesses, Portsmouth is ready to break its own rules
Someone on shark tank made a cat wine company and I can't help but think of and 😁🍷
TV ALERT! See Moanalua HS grad Mylen Yamamoto pitch her Cropsticks on Shark Tank tonight - 8pm on KITV! Fashion...
Mark Cuban and other 'Shark Tank' investors share 10 things you have to do to be successful
My wife caught an episode of Shark Tank tonight, she mentioned some dude got a deal on Pin…
New Addition:. Shark Tank was recently added to Plex.
Yo I have become so obsessed with Shark Tank recently that I had a dream about a Sponge Daddy.
Omg so cute I saw her on shark tank! 💛
I love to watch shark tank, you could learn a lot about the business industry.
Walgreens corporate office on this Shark Tank that was just on looked disgusting.
Shark Tank is the most Rock N Roll show on television. Fact.
PlexPy (Shad0wFlix 2.0). Shark Tank was recently added to Plex.
I think i seen this on shark tank too, incredibly impressive
Wine for cats got a deal on Shark Tank tonight. Go ahead and pack it up folks. We're done here.
I hate to say it but the show was terrible. If this is what Shark Tank Jr. looks like I'll pass The Toys…
I remember watching her on shark tank
When your night goes from watching Shark Tank to new Grace and Frankie episodes...on a Friday know you aren't hip anymore
New episode. Shark Tank: Episode 20 (S8E20) was added to Plex.
please remember me,Mr.John,Cynthia & "Hobo Chic" bags.Pls let me send u & wife a set,no shark tank just u
I immediately think of anytime someone mentions Shark Tank.
Mr.John u r classiest shark in tank,u r the one I need.I am Cynthia. I designed "Hobo Chic" travel bags.U WILL love my bags
BREAKING: Cincinnati company just scored big on
I see the advertisements during commercials of Shark Tank against if that's the best they can do bring it!
Get an inside look on the growth of after appearing on
New episode of Shark Tank tonight !! We are back. And guess what, we are about to start shooting again too !
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cincinnati company scores big on 'Shark Tank'
ABC and Mattel Partner to Create a ‘Shark Tank’ for Toy Inventors
Here's to an all new Shark Tank tonight at 9/8c .. finally !!
Just saw the Shark Tank clip. Congrats team from one Vet to another. Marketing idea - a 5.56 style large magazine that (cont.)
Cardinals' Deone Bucannon and Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran face off in challenge -
3 tips to pay off your mortgage from Real Estate expert Barbara Corcoran. Read the Shark Tank star's
San Beda's very own Professor Alexis Revilla on stage to introduce the mechanics of Shark Tank!.
Thursday is Spoil your pet with this subscription box from 'Shark Tank'
Interviews with Tim Storey, Shark Tank's Daymond John and Kevin Harrington and more!…
Getchyo pie baking, purse-peddling, oingo-boingo thinga ma-jig business plan together and try out for Shark Tank.
Things you don't do: cry on Shark Tank?
I'm going on shark tank next week, I'll see u in court good sir
Shark Tank and my dog. What more do I need?
Date idea:getting real high watching shark tank then go to the aquarium to pitch your company to the sharks
Uh I'm watching shark tank and this lady is cutting her hair in front of the sharks
When my dog bit and the targets lock you see what the do in the shark tank
My late nights consist of laying in bed and watching as many "Shark Tank" pitches as I can
Axe is doing a bang-up job resisting the urge to pitch Mark his Shark Tank idea.
Nobody is getting deals on this episode of Shark Tank and it is heartbreaking.
Psa: go on YouTube and look up Jimmy Kimmel pitching on shark tank. You won't regret it.
I'd rather stay home & watch Shark Tank with my mom than go out most of the time
I liked a video Shark Tank - You wouldn't believe her background
Welcome to Shark Tank. ;-) amplificationinc was proud and honored to support Temple Dor Dorim's…
Self-made millionaire and 'Shark Tank' judge says this is the book every professional should read
The One 'Shark Tank' Deal Mark Cuban Regrets Not Making - pitch by on by
The bearded guy on Shark Tank is one of the biggest *** on the planet and yes that includes Mr. Wonderful.
Shoutsouts to cnbc for rerunning shark tank every day during my luxury hour
True Life: I'm addicted to Shark Tank videos on YouTube
I could watch Shark Tank for hours.
Shark tank has to be one of my top favorite shows
The people on shark tank get turned down so fast
All 7 Shark Tank Stars Share Tips on How to Become a Millionaire via by h…
Shark tank: Do not get me invested in this persons life with a 10 minute home video intro, if you aren't going to make them an offer. 👏🏼😭
Bar rescue and shark tank are on no one bother me
shark infested waters huh? Looks like a giant fish tank to me. ROFL.
That is so awesome!!! My Shark Tank activity is reviewing the different Scientific Revolution inventions
Ss just presented their Shark Tank projects to local business leaders for us last week. Check out on
I thought Shark Tank was some shark week thing
A6: This week, my Ss are writing their own folktales w/ Confucian relationships, selling Scientific inventions on S…
This company's inflatable solar lanterns took off after appearing on 'Shark Tank'
[deliriously, to shark tank] this one's called Rabbit Airport it's just like a regular airport but for America's favorite pet!
There is currently nothing scarier to me than this 8-year-old boy entrepreneur on Shark Tank standing next to his dead-eyed dad
Most of the products on shark tank are pretty unnecessary
When you chill out in your comfy clothes by the fire watching shark tank with your youngest son…
The Sharks open up about deals that they regret not making.
The kid in the room next to me got a TV over spring break and now he's blasting shark tank... boy oh boy I hope this isn't an everyday thing
No one on Shark Tank was down with my mashed potato and gravy Pop-Tarts and those people don't know what they missed out…
Someone from palm beach county on shark tank 😲
*goes on Shark Tank and pitches a very tiny lint roller just for velvet chokers*
I hate when people go on shark tank and cry
Shark Tank science projects:. When students pitch their ideas to investors (teachers), similar to the Shark Tank...
I'm sorry but a 9 year old just got a 50k loan from Shark Tank.horrible deal.
COSmic Knight Adele Papoosha will soon be swimming with the sharks as an intern for ABC's Shark Tank.…
I liked a video Shark Tank - "Mark Cuban Goes OFF on Dumb Business Owners"
Join our Sleep Styler Giveaway! Just saw this on Shark Tank.. looks awesome
"He had me shakin cause I thought he was gonna get the guys from Shark Tank on me"
For all our entrepreneurs out there, Shark Tank is coming to the Queen City!. Check it out!.
In Plain Sight Marketing has been a proud supporter and partner of the Carson City Schools CTE Shark Tank program...
Chiefs DT Dontari Poe is hosting a ‘Shark Tank-like’ competition as part of a charity event (via
Kansas City Chiefs' Dontari Poe hosting 'Shark Tank-like' competition as part of charity event - Sports Illustrated
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
has more common sense and knowledge than you will ever have. Stick to Shark Tank and the Mavs.
San Jose a real life Shark Tank right now
Shameless, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Shark Tank, and now Planet Earth 2. So many shows to watch😍
Mr Wonderful & Mark Cuban from Shark Tank going at it on FOX News 😂
Don't miss out on an opportunity to watch a rebroadcast of Shark Tank's very own Barbara Corcoran in AW 210 at 6pm…
'Shark Tank' star Barbara Corcoran reveals when it’s time to quit your job and start your own business
Lil Yachty teamed up with Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank to record a commercial for Target. Who knew she could s…
Can't tell if that's Carly Rae Jepsen or Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank
great episode on Shark Tank --- looking forward to meeting you at the Commerce Club presentation --
Read why Shark Tank's Daymond John thinks now is the most exciting time to be an Entrepreneur! .
I'm watching Shark Tank 8x07 "EcoFlower, The Style Club, Safe Catch, laying on the couch...
Shark Tank's Daymond John: If you're a scared entrepreneur, you're dead
it's alright, it's not better than West Texas Investors Club, The Profit or Shark Tank
.go blue and gold for Night at the Shark Tank. MORE @
I added a video to a playlist Shark Tank - Luckiest Offer from Robert Herjavec - Dream Water
Not USA news, but Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary is running for leadership in the Conservative Party in Canada.
'Shark Tank' judge Kevin O'Leary is running to lead the Conservative Party in Canada
'Shark Tank' cast member Kevin O'Leary to run for the leadership of Canada's opposition Conservative Party.
I liked a video Jimmy Kimmel Pitches to Shark Tank
When we had the OG Shark Tank including GrilledCheese. When JHay burst onto the scene.And when Travis Snyder made that catch in RF
I'm watching football instead of Shark Tank because I don't care about our impending doom
When someone pitches a dumb soup mailing company on shark tank and you find out that it costs $69.99 before shipping
Plenty of fish but I'm the shark in the tank
Crazy .. bc last night I was watching Shark Tank and I googled Mark Cubans net worth
Great initiative by with the Airport Security Shark Tank - loved pitching our Snap "…
If I see a snake in my tank ima put a shark in it
still recovering from Charles Manson Shark Tank eh?
I'm tired of people crying on shark tank
SHARK TANK - "Episode 812" - Pitches include an entrepreneurial single mom who works with Santa…
So and i spent our Sunday making incredibly good Shark Tank and Dragon's Den ornaments for the Christma…
Watch shark tank with me in my bed. Told muh dude we couldn't watch it together because it's our thing
I wanna go on Shark Tank show and negotiate for a will to live
Excited to judge my first Shark Tank tomorrow. Amazing and cli…
Literally Sunday's are made for watching Shark Tank
Plenty fish in the sea, but I'm the shark in the tank
Every time I watch shark tank I just wish I had a cool idea and could partner with Man he seems very cool.
Fish in the sea but I'm a shark in the tank
Shark tank is a show that does not represent the practices in the Valley that does not represent the life of startups any…
"I think we should tease him and throw him in the shark tank at Sea World" me too
Yeah Friday is not a good night. I'm already DVRing shark tank & dateline hardly ever get around to watching.…
Shark Tank: Jump Start Your Business: How to Grow a Business from Concept to Cash
America, you were warned but Trump is what you wanted. Shark Tank Star opens up about the Donald.
Tiffany Krumins: Shark Tank winner and creator of Ava the Elephant -
Billionaire playboy has a very weak ego. I said 'his politics are weak but I like him on shark tank', and he…
A big thank you to Shark Tank star Mark Cuban and the executive leadership teams at Texas Instruments, FedEx and...
Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank: all his returns have come from companies either owned or run by women
.Shark Tank was shoved to Friday evening-- Friday is considered “dead television.” Besides, you are not the s…
Mike Ricci, Patrick Marleau and Ron Stern at the Pacific Bell Fest at the Shark Tank on Feb. 27, 2000.
Mark Cuban needs to focus on Shark Tank and shut up.
Jerry Jones in Shark Tank business? owner willing to help startup companies at The Star |…
I watched Shark Tank with the girl I nanny and now for the past two hours she's been pitching me business ideas
classy, 4 people dead & she's talking lost revenue! Seems the lecherous persona she projects on Shark Tank is pretty accurate
If Pierce Morgan had money, he would be a good fit for a Shark on Shark Tank.
Haiya!there's a Shark Tank Kenyan chapter now?
In retrospect, putting a shark tank in your mansion was not his brightest move. $5K to feed them per month, $1500 feeder
Appearance on 'Shark Tank' drives company's expansion into N.C.
Since Shark Tank we have teamed up with and opened a store from in Portland. Doing great!
great!! While you were voting, was preparing to pitch Trump TV on shark tank soon after election;)
this thing boring,shark Tank was far much better. These lions don't have money..
Growing up poor made me a huge success today! Thanks and for the feature.
When a product you carry at your store ends up on Shark Tank
it's nice that u brought but I think I speak for many people when I say it wasn't worth displacing shark tank
I just followed some guy from shark tank cause I thought he was cute lmao I h8 myself
If you watch lions den and shark tank you will notice so much similarities and yet even more difference.
Deal is not usually a deal on Shark Tank. Here Are The Results. via
Shark Tank is back tonight on ABC. We get to know Kevin and and battle it out . DONT MISS IT htt…
"Small business owners have a problem with thinking big."
ICYMI: got exclusive deets about this season of
I better stick to shark tank.hehehe
😂😂😂 I sure need something!!! Let's go on shark tank together and pitch that idea to them lol
'Shark Tank' deals rarely turn out the way they appeared on camera—if they happen at all:
He was featured on and now he wants his idea to take off! on this sweet idea! .
"It's the knife fork. I'm gonna get on shark tank. It's brilliant!" -
Lori, I always watch you on Shark Tank. Your hair is so beautiful. And you are my favorite on the show.
Barbara Corcoran: Chris Sacca is 'probably the most arrogant Shark we've ever had'
We're counting down to unPack's dive in the shark tank. See us this Friday 10/28 on
This is so dope & inspiring especially knowing that Shark Tank tried to humiliate this black woman on national TV. http…
'Shark Tank' investor Mark Cuban has been a part of 41 televised group deals totaling $15.7 million htt…
If you would like to compete to win the Ultimate Business Services Package or if your interested in being a...
Why have I not watched Shark Tank before? Been missing out mos...
To the Sharks time is money... and this entrepreneur just ran out. 🕔
"The 5 biggest mistakes small business owners make according to 'Shark Tank' stars"
Greedy Cuban,crook globalist 1%er says on Shark Tank "How much r u making it for in China&selling for here?" TAX HIS IMPORTS NOW!
we are all part of the same franchise. Shark Tank/ Dragons Den/ Lions Den Kenya was at the international…
Okay... It's obviously too soon to compare to Shark Tank or Dragons Den but the pitches need to be polished.
Is the same concept as Shark Tank or Dragons Den. & Quite Bright Films got rights from Sony f…
is Kenya's version of Shark Tank or Dragons Den, its licensed by Sony.
And the Shark Tank pitch competition is Amy Heffernan! Congrats Amy!
did you see this on Shark Tank it's a butter sprayer that uses real butter for popcorn and pans
Amazing shark tank pitches science Comms event Congratulations to all the finalists.
Excited to see the finalists battle it out in the shark tank at
You know you're an adult when you switch from Anime to Shark Tank.
An intense session around the negotiating table led to a sweet deal and a win for Gavin and Numberwise.
How this 'Shark Tank'-backed bagel maker bagged a deal with Starbucks via
Having experienced a basket state bureaucrat workshop, passing the baton to, say, Shark Tank on the Road would be much better.
Shark Tank from this past Friday.The legal reasons R explained there.Fuzzy peaches are the is Maple Syrup.
Just saw your Canadian treats video. Re the Kinderegg, it's about the container in the egg. Watch Shark Tank from...
Hear the finalists jump into the shark tank with their ideas!. Today, 2pm building, Parkville h…
Mark you are savvy in shark tank, but undiscerning in politics. Why cannot you see what is before u?
Two Memphis preteens pitch their products on "Shark Tank"
Just in case you ever somehow DOUBTED that Americans are ... 😡😑
this is an easy choice. I choose the people of Shark Tank over The Apprentice
You are Lookin' at a Shark in a Fish Tank .
Thank you! We're on the list of 34 Of The Best Products From Shark Tank
Watching Shark Tank and this dude is straight up talking himself out of a deal
Ugh lori from shark tank. Ill give you a 20% stake if you sit on my face 😈
I bet Shark Tank's ratings have dropped now that people know you are really against America! I don't watch anymore!
MR CUBAN..I don't agree at all with your politics/..but your great on shark tank
Like I could do it for my guy friends, random guys I've gone on dates with. It'd be so helpful. Get this girl to SHARK TANK!!!
are ben and I signed up for the shark tank? Stream makes it rather unclear
'Shark Tank' judge: 7 signs you're on the right career path
It's come down to me watching Shark Tank on demand. I have a problem.
I watched Joy tonight on HBO for the first time. That movie should be subtitled "Mops." It's like a dramatic Shark Tank sto…
This waterslide in Las Vegas plunges you through a shark tank.
Watched Shark Tank for yrs, u were my fav. You seemed to be a man of principle. Supporting shows otherwise.
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