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Sharia Law

Sharia (', ; sp. shariah, sharīʿah; also ') is the moral code and religious law of Islam. Sharia deals with many topics addressed by secular law, including crime, politics, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, and fasting.

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In front of tower, people protest for Sharia Law. National Guard should round up and through in jail.
Sharia Law = Extremism. It must be rooted out from Western Democracies:
they are sitting down. That's it. Good God my grandma protests for Sharia Law every year at Passover Seder!!
Go back to a Muslim country so you can practice Sharia Law if that is the rule y…
team with Linda Sarsour, lives in arranged marriage and Sharia Law advocate.
Just like I don't think Black Bloc is showing up as peaceful protestors, I don't think Sharia Law is the reason for these rallies
Sharia Law has no place in America. Terrorism is not protected by free speech or freedom of religion. We need to ban
Tony Bellew is there with his massive Sharia Law beliefs. Oh hang on.
"What part of Sharia Law is reasonable to Linda Sarsour?"
Seeing the writings on the wall with a full take over and seemingly Sharia Law eventually. DC Masonic Lo…
Two young *** men sentenced to 85 lashes each by a Sharia Law court in Aceh Province in North Sumatra, Indonesia.
So glad to hear you are claiming to be Native Americans and Vikings. Neither group supported Sharia Law while livin…
A Nation that accepts the worship of Islam without laws banning Sharia Law soon fall to Radical Islamic Theocratic Style Gove…
Islamic cleric in Germany warns Germans at a city square: Sharia Law is coming. "Yr daughters will marry Muslims."
I will do as you request when you renounce the Advocacy of Sharia Law in public.
Rise Up America and take a real good look at this Advocate of Sharia Law. Do not let her or libe…
First Amendment will not exist if you are under Sharia Law.
. Please you are going TO STOP San Diego Unites School district as theu have adopted Sharia Law into…
Mayor of San Diego GET READY! Sharia Law coming to you. Your city will be destroyed. Islamic plan = TAKE OVER USA…
The global jihad and strive for Sharia Law became more important than the welfare of the people of Afghanistan.
American women don't accept Sharia Law. Unless you're a liberal..then you think it's a woman's right to be oppressed, beaten, ra…
We must unite as Christians and work to restore Christianity to our political offices. We must work to ban Sharia Law. Write…
.. both countries with Sharia Law, but in SA, women can't have jobs or drive cars, wh…
A petition against Sharia Law is spreading across Canada.
Burger King has caved to the pressure from Islam, they just said that they will ONLY serve 100% halal meat, under the rules of Sharia Law.
Disgusting *** Maxine Waters stood before the Muslim Brotherhood & openly DEFENDED & Advocated for Sharia Law in Americ…
Sharia Law calls for woman to go back to stone age! Way to go Va jay jay hats...
Sadly it's far more than a lunatic fringe ISIS follows Sharia Law to the letter. It has strong support.
Kshama supports Sharia Law. She will continue to create an Islamic state in Seattle.The have no clue
extols women's movement in the Middle East with mother, who promotes Sharia Law. What a farc…
With 51% of all American Muslims wanting Sharia Law here in America, we must stand by in support of his
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🚔Head of Soros' protest, Sharia Law advocate Linda Sarsour, just arrested outside of Trump Tower:. ht…
Putting a veil on is like submission to Islam-Sharia Law! No way! My only submission is to Jesus Christ my Lo…
I added a video to a playlist Sharia Law in Missouri | Capitol Report
I liked a video from Sharia Law in Missouri | Capitol Report
Lived in Kuala Lumpur and saw the total injustice of Sharia Law it was beyong disgusting and is for perverts.
Good question. Under UK law they're seen as arbitrators however under Islam sharia takes pre…
Sharia law is enterpreted by using the and the hadith
Anti-Sharia Law rally flops, Diversity and welcoming rally breaks out in
exactly lol. Forcing sharia law in another country is also haram. No one should be forced.
i wonder if anyone else noticed the comment about Muslim marriages being Sharia but not UK law compliant?
Anyone who thinks that Sharia Law does not eventually supersede the local or national laws of the countries that Islam invade…
Sharia law is enterpreted by using and hadith
The is used along to interpret sharia law
if bad governance gave rise to boko haram, then what gave rise to sharia law? Because boko haram are practicing sharia law.
Fight for a free Canada: The battle against Sharia law
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I liked a video from BREAKING - CANADA just FELL to SHARIA LAW Thousands of TERRORISTS
There are no Sharia zones in the UK. We have one law not two.
The is used to interpret sharia law
Muslim monsters seem to get a word wide pass. Not from me. We must rid world of Sharia [murder] law.
Why are there Sharia courts in UK.British Law or foxtrot oscar.
Research the thousands of woman/kids being raped by Sharia Law across Europe and sponsored by Obama/Clinton/Bush.
The and the hadith are means to interpret sharia law
Sharia law is enterpreted by using the
Sharia law is enterpreted by using the and hadith
Fun fact: The organizer for the women's march supports sharia law and radical Islamic terrori…
lets make it clear.. Linda Sarsour is NOT a feminist, but a fighter for Sharia Law
& Muslims hold the balance of power in Eritrea & they push Sharia law.
What part of London is no longer British don't people get? Sharia Law/Pedophilia spews out of it and they write the laws.
Why do the UK government even allow sharia law in the UK? a total disgrace & against UK values
UK: Sharia courts operating beyond reach of British law and oppressing women
All purpose parts banner
This Muslim Bishop's claim is proven by books on sharia law - found in public libraries in England!
The Truth This is What Muslims want to do in your Country Ban Sharia Law
Saudi Arabian justice, Sharia Law has been well known for decades.
McCain is all for Sharia Law creeping into America. He wants civil unrest and war
Lets see when Sharia Law comes in how they will enjoy it. Toronto pro Islam protest no Canadian flag
And anywhere else where Sharia Law is creeping in. It's 180 degrees from Western beliefs.
Imprison the criminal Sharia Law animals. Let Bruno in the state penitentiary have his way with'em
Why don't you report on Dearborn Michigan an the taking place in this City of Sharia Law?
ABC to publicly condemn and fire Yassmin Abdul-Magied over pro-Sharia Law comments.: ABC to public... via
Sharia Law center opening in Boise. we kill children.Amen. bring family
The Liberals/Muslims will want to enforce Sharia Law next - Canadian values are a JOKE to Trudeau !
quit being so quick to declare Sharia Law here. Christianity is not a requirement to be an American.
Tower on 5th Avenue Manhattan Rent to Qatar Airlines, Islam, Sharia Law! Saudi Royal Family Apt., in Trum…
If there is Muslim US becomes an Islamic state under Sharia Law there will be NO ballot boxes. Protesters beheaded
in full force in Europe.Invade, out populate, infiltrate government,enact Sharia Law, become an Islamic…
Is that why Sharia Law (IE Islamic law) has no problems with child marriage?
I would love someone to interview Whoopi n Joy about Soros, Sharia Law, Europe n true Islamic Culture n women rights
Just need to drop common core & get Islamic teachings & Sharia Law out of our classrooms along with CNN
Show your anti-American Sentiment & approval for Sharia Law by buying a Cup of Starbucks!
BOOM! Texas BANS Sharia Law and the First Islamic Sharia Court in the USA is NOT Happy!
Or else they have critical thinking to advocate endorse and promote communism or Sharia Law - they are working together now ODD
200 lashes after reading the Bible in Saudi Arabia. This is Sharia Law.
When your Christian faith is driven by nationalism you might be closer to Sharia Law than you think.
"Muslims want Sharia Law!" the Christian woman says, voting Yes to a bathroom bill based on religious beliefs.
Sharia Law permits Homophobic Savages to throw *** off buildings in the Middle East. This must be stopped. End Radica…
You do realize that the Hamas Charter calls for extermination of Jews worldwide I assume. Pro-Sharia Law?
I researched the : Organized by a woman who wants Sharia Law in the U…
The co-organiser of Linda Sarsour on Sharia Law - you can't make it up!!.
they protest 4 no tax on tampons, free abortions , free medical ,Sharia Law, free school. .. sounds like…
That awkward moment when you realize the organizer of the is pro Sharia Law, the very opposite of women's rig…
Sharia Law and American law Are not compatible! Middle East has been warring since biblical times!
“Buy American furniture for the Taliban will install Sharia Law in the greater Houston area.” -Mattress Mack
51% of American Muslims prefer Sharia Law to 25% think violence against Americans is justified. . Source: C…
Muslims Aliens have better health Care than Americans right here in our own home and they want Sharia Law you could be living under Sharia Law; instead of living under a Judeo-Christian society.
. Stephen Coughlin with the US Security Center . explains enforcement of Sharia Law on USA.
But why? Islam is the religion of peace.. We should let MORE into the country and make one province a Sharia Law zone. Diversity!
If we don't stand together now, Sharia Law will erase Constitution &Women's Rights in America soon. Is that okay wi…
Mayor Rahm Emmanuel would be burned to death under Sharia Law (WARNING: UNCEN…
EU Embrace the Rape. It's in their book. Not even kidding. America made it's choice. Sharia Law will NEVER be welcome h…
If only Sharia Law could come to your country. Your 10 year old daughters could have nice wedding photos like these! htt…
Sharia Law is also not compatible with anything later than 1200 A.D. Enlist -> Join up! htt…
Well done... Sharia Law belongs to arabian desert not to USA.
This is the standard response to anyone trying to moderate Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia.
Keith Ellison took his oath of office w/HIS hand on the Koran. I'd like to know his views on Sharia Law vs USA Constitution/B…
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Islam is a "Religion of Peace" if you live under Sharia Law in an Islamic Caliphate, otherwise it's an "…
is correct. No ... Separatist, Sharia Law, women as property. Keith would LOVE to see Melania HIS slave.
NO! Sharia Law will NOT dominate in US. We have our own Charles 'The Hammer' Martel now. May I introduce you to Pre…
A reporter stood on the street and ask people what they thought of the Sharia Law. Do you know what it is?...
sharia Law forbids inequality. Take the time to study Sharia Law you would know that. Stop the sheeple quotes
Bakker Show,Obama goal,destroy constitution by replacing it with Sharia Law,Hilary will continue the plan!
\You are welcoming Sharia Law which is mutually exclusive to Common Law = America.
The reason why British Can never support Christian nations is bcos they are benefiting from Sharia Law..
Sharia Law is spreading to New York Fashion Week '17 and it's never looked more beautiful 😩😍💁🏽
ACDP on Sharia Law and South Africa as a democratic state: Some points made by JoAnn Downs ACDP National Chair .
Huma's mother is a promoter of Sharia Law & stated USA had 911 coming to it???!! KEEP Hillary Clinton OUT!! ht…
My View: Since Sharia Law is Antithetical to USA Constitution, Supporting Sharia Law is Tantamount to Treason ht…
Sharia Law to be in British legal system as lawyers get guidelines Islamic rules | Daily Mail Online
Our individual rights come from Magna Carta 1215. Inherent to every person not granted by Gods or Lords. Sharia Law is an…
Muslims never assimilate. Only intent is to institute their lifestyle, religion and Sharia Law.
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in the UK there are 85 sharia courts.Theresa May said many Britons “benefit a great deal” from Sharia Law.
ummm… Sharia Law anywhere in the world is the same? Like bacon, flowers, sunrise? Am I missing a point?
The Union Jack may soon be replaced by Sharia Law. Enlist in the at Patriots only.
The Cardinal says this but he is no Bible teacher so how does Christianity grow? Sharia Law will own the west in 15-20 yrs.
Call it what you want Islam has said their goal is to rule the world with Sharia Law. Why shouldnt we be phobic?
Do you really want more and more Muslims to be elected to various offices and then Sharia Law?
What said regarding sharia law makes absolute good sense. It's just not PC. But screw PC when we have people dying.
Remember: If you won't criticize Islam for fear of violent reprisal or being called a bigot by CAIR, then you're living u…
Criminal law under sharia is not the same thing as Muslims refusing to charge each other interest. Conflating the two is ig…
Hillary & Obama side w "democratically elected" Erdogan. Proves they believe that if we vote to adopt Sharia Law, Cons…
Guess it is not a state to ban Sharia law. 16 have already. The governor may go to ***
The Islamic Medical Association of North America requires members to follow Sharia Law. Better check your med…
Sharia Law has no place in western civilization. PC will kill the west if we don't destroy this evil. https:/…
. Me too. Sharia law is incompatible with freedom and liberty. It is against me breathing.
Sharia means "the way" in Arabic; Halacha (Jewish Law) means "the way" in Hebrew. Also expel orthodox Jews?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Absolutely! Any law system (Sharia) which calls for the murder of *** is incompatible with Western values.
I she a muslin practicing sharia law in my town. There will be a shallow grave waiting for him with a bible in it.
To boot, I regularly hang in a city with a Muslim-majority city council. Ain't No One advocating Sharia Law here
.is exactly right. Sharia law does not belong in the US. Obama & Hillary support it. States having to vote it ou…
Newt G, is for removing all muslim who follow sharia law .Pence is against banning muslim. Im for Newt, rather than Pence
I'm with Newt: Any Muslim who wants Sharia Law needs 2B deported. Sharia Law is filth. Only U.S. Constitution is law. Throw the scum out.
On what Newt said: Sharia Law is not compatible with our Constitution. So yes, we should not let Muslims come here who b…
Lynch loves her Muslim terrorist and sharia law. Even at the expense of our constitution.
Page 1-Ban the Quran, Ban Sharia Law in Canada. Write your MP, MPP, City Council to demand these bans.
Really??? Yeah sure. No it's crushing a rebellion that despises Sharia Law
Sharia law should be banned in the United States. It is incompatible with advanced societies and western culture.
No sharia law aloud in the United States of America - EVER!
"Repugnant" is the word I'd use to describe a deranged President who supports Sharia Law in America. Due process is not…
Sharia law does not threaten the US. And we don't establish laws in relation to religion. Read the Constitution. https:/…
.“...Sharia Law is not compatible with the United States Constitution.”
People yelling Muslim Sharia law is "incompatible with our secular republic" were very quiet when Christian Sharia law wen…
Sharia law in Saudi Arabia kills witches, and Muslims who convert to Christianity . SAVAGES
Someone asked if Sharia law and courts were in effect in the US when I suggested a ban. . https:/…
for sticking up for Erdogan vs the moderates whom DONT want your precious Sharia L…
Funny how Religious Conservatives hate Sharia Law but don't realize that they share the same beliefs.
Sharia is not a religion its a Law that's against US Law I see no problem in banning any Law that has a direct conflict with o…
If we ban Sharia Law in Congress it will cut the Muslim Brotherhood at their knees.
5 things you need to know about Sharia law
Gingrich: Every Muslim in US who believes in Sharia "should be deported" LETS START 👇http…
I have an Associate Degree in Comparative Religion specifically Islam. I know Sharia Law! While I disagree w/Newt-
Theresa May forced to defend views on Sharia Law as she prepares to enter No 10
Theresa May is not going to be a good PM, she favours Sharia Law and Muzrats by the sound of it and will hold out with
She supports and allows Sharia Law in Britain. All Remain MPs are so badly out-of-touch with the English people.
Leadsom or Crabb. Why is May backing Sharia Law in England? Our country's jurisdiction & legislation is English…
'Many British people benefit a great deal from Sharia Law.' No, Teflon Trease, no. Sharia has no place in my country https:/…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trudeau will protect Moslems by introducing Sharia Law superseding the CCCode & ending freedom of speech&The Charter https:/…
'Cultural enrichment' in isn't croissants/tapas, it's code for Sharia Law, forced diversity quotas & segregation
Saudi Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal, pledged $32 billion earlier this year to spread Islam/Sharia Law in America
Hillary - financed by 10 Islamic Countries living under Sharia Law-gladly spreading it across the world for a price
Defend this Conspiracy Theory? Islamic Sharia Law on our shores is their goal, but you know this. Fool. ht…
Declaration: War against Sharia Law in Nigeria: The dust raised by the constitutional amendment proposed by A...
BHO has Valerie Jarrett as his Top Senior Advisor, BHO is behind the spread of Sharia Law in to Western Cultures,
50% of American Muslims believe in Sharia Law, dolt. 75-90% of foreign Muslims do. Pew Research poll
Always good for Ontarians to remember that Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty once wanted to bring Sharia Law to Ontario!
Theresa May says Britain ‘benefits greatly’ from Sharia Law-total disgrace,British law is the only law for Britain htt…
.David French's treatment of his wife is reminiscent of Sharia Law ... Did he make her wear a hijab too? h…
what do you call a group of Islamic countries that use the Sharia Law in a respected way, practice peace, & work towards 1 Ummah?. a GOAL
Worst case scenario (if Trumpening thwarted), 2050: Sharia Law in Anglosphere, % employed @ record low, Whites fleeing to icy cold retreats.
If we told Pegida that Atheist Ireland's nxt meeting was proposing Sharia Law, would the ensuing punch up change Nugent's mind about racism?
has Fallen. The future is forced Sharia Law, grooming gangs, rapes & explosives coursed at Finsbury Park mosque…
Looks like Europe will be split between Russia and the Muslims. Won't be long and London will be firmly under Sharia Law.
True what is Worse Our Government is allowing Islam to prosper in our Country, Sharia Law
Listen to Dr.Goldberg discuss Sharia Law based on the most popular manual of Sharia law,“Reliance of the Traveler”. .
"Thank you all for attending our first Empowerment Conference for Women under Sharia Law."
Saudis fund Muslim terrorists to replace Assad gov w/Sharia law, "our" gov supports b/c from SA & Qatar thru Syria to Euro.
Might as well institute sharia law.
in case of Nigeria, more than 50% support Sharia law fully or partially but only 50% of who polled are muslims (1/2)
BELGIUM: Sharia law without firing a shot or flying planes into buildings
1000+ images about Why America must stand against the Ideology of Islam and Sharia Law on Pinterest
If you're a Muslim and you want to live in Western Society you have to renounce your desire for Sharia law...
Law of outlaws was an excepted part of Greek Byzantine Islamic Caliphate
Hiz-but Tahrir, a global Islamicist Group met in Turkey to reestablish Islamic Caliphate and rule w/Sharia law.
what you described is evil, true dish. But xtians making their own sharia law...
Pew Research study shows that majority of Muslims want Sharia law. Under Sharia adultery punishable by death, apostasy punis…
Name one countries Muslims have made better. You can't. They invade and destroy. Sharia Law won't make us better.
True Islam teaches that Sharia law is only applicable to Muslims & advocates complete separation of Mosque & state.
If Trump loses, USA declines, ISIS attacks, Sharia becomes USA law, women wear black or die! Change is coming!
If Sadiq khan gets voted in for London mayor next week he will promote Islamic ideology in London which will advance s…
Does he denounce the desire for Sharia law
Smh, tell a girl she got greasy hair n she's all "this is why we need feminism" aw no feminism is needed for things like sharia law lmao
The point is to allow everyone to have the freedom to practice their religion. ISLAM is band n screw Sharia law!
Imagine if this were a mosque. . You'd see people crying "SHARIA LAW ;AKLSJDF;LAK" for months.
A dangerous theocrat with a messianic complex who would have us ruled by his brand of Sharia law.
Are the Europeans preparing what they will tell their kids and grandkids about how they allowed sharia law to take over the continent?
Under Sharia law, women are not considered as human beings.
You don't enter a country, then begin demanding sharia law becomes the norm etc. You don't mass together and create no go areas
Wake Up,we have mosques & Islamic schools everywhere,sharia law,halal.We need to stand up to Islam de…
I'm surprised they didn't declare they live under Sharia Law & they did nothing wrong. Scumbags should be deported.
This is for the women concerned with knowing the proper skirt lengths and the consequences under Sharia Law.
no. Sharia law prevents assimilation and goes against democracy and freedoms. Not possible unless they become fringe members
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
are you a muslim who believes in Allah? Do you know that the sharia law that you do not support comes from him? Answer me now
in other words Denmark is assimilating to Sharia Law. Not integrating them to their culture. Good-bye Europe!!
UK Islamist: "I want to see Sharia Law in Europe, I want to see it in America" A YUGE reminder of what we'll face
Sharia law courts are all over England and France, we're next.
If you think Muhammad is the perfect example and that Sharia law supercedes our national laws then you aren't welcome here
yep!! And deport anyone who's demanding sharia law to Saudi Arabia
All of the pro-refugee Libtards must want Sharia Law and Islamisation of UK not forgetting FGM and child marriage.
You want Sharia law to replace American law.
Halal = Sharia. When you purchase halal products in our Western countries YOU ARE LITERALLY FINANCING SHARIA law in our…
They should return them all over to a Muslim country.where they have sharia law they would love that
.What using alleged 'religious freedom' to oppress others is? In America, it is Christian-style sharia law.
A Christian women in Indonesia was caned for breaking Sharia law.
Sharia Law operating in our suburbs?- will never assimilate. is above everything.
Sharia law requires that women wear a hijab or veil. It is not a "choice," but Mandatory! . .
They think that killing us from the order of Buhari the paedophile will fuss us into accepting Sharia law.
Another attack on FREE speech and American citizens. WE need a Anti-Islamization Bill that prohibits Sharia Law,...
We're so backward for not allowing Sharia Law
Bringing Sharia Law with them. If something is not done, to stop it, it is coming soon
me, can't believe a woman would vote for someone who would allow Muslim immigration. SHARIA LAW.
This is awesome, folks. Welcome to the bible belt's version of Sharia Law.
...So if you think Sharia Law was not practiced by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, just b/c he wore a crown rather than a turban, you're a fool.
…And that just 1% wanted a ‘fully separate Islamic area in Britain, subject to Sharia Law and government’ 10/
Fascism comes from the Muslim world: Sharia Law will enslave you. It might be OK for us males but never for you. Change sides.
Where does National Federation of Republican Women Stand..Giving Refugee status to Muslim Men who Enslave and Torture via Sharia Law?
Tenessee passes 25% of Sharia Law without help from Islamic State.
Saudi Arabia is the baby sitter of religion & Sharia Law with weapons, thanks to and
Must watch: Sharia Law creeping into Canadian legislation. We are paying attention.
They won't be satisfied until everyone is ruled by Sharia Law!!.
So it seems Scottish Presbyterian women have been practicing Sharia Law on husbands for decades?
If White people understood the Islamic culture & Sharia Law, they would be more frightened than they are!
70 Islamist groups join hands in Canada to implement Sharia Law in Quebec that'll criminalise criticism of Islam.
In a way I do. All the politics surrounding abortion rights using religion is akin to sharia law.
Let me restate: I am sick of people abusing religion to justify ruining life.
Brussels - again. The 'suspect' is from a heavily Islamic suburb. Sharia, rather than local law, is enforced.
Under Islamic Sharia law, girls can get married at the age of six. Share this shocking video!
Sharia law should obviously be classified as criminal in advanced countries. Right 1000 yrs ago not valid in this era.
Will be mute point soon, better learn you some Sharia law
Ask your "amazing woman" Hillary about her support of Sharia Law? Do u know what that is?
Sharron Angle will finally end the scourge of sharia law in fictional towns in Texas!
Sharia law is not compatible with our Constitution.It enslaves women and children and cannot be "tolerated" in America.
law includes pronouncements for both Muslims and non-Muslims (Kafirs).
If allows thn these defenses nd more will b used n court.
Says Islamist elements in govt to execute Islamisation agenda FROM FRED ITUA, ABUJA DISTURBED by the recent...
Say NO to Sharia Law by bringing the Constitution back to it's proper standing in America Conservative
I would never allow women to be subjected to sharia law.there is no way trudeau likes women.
THey don't care about Swedish Law, only Sharia law.
Sharia Law is absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with Western morality...
What does Sharia mean to the citizens of non-Muslim countries? Find out more ht…
Sharia law continues spreading, U'll have less freedom of speech, Sharia law banned in USA https…
Islam has cults practices once your in its difficult to escape! Communities use sharia law to intimate & deat…
How could they have sharia law.don't Britain have a constitution?
she’s seems to be in favor of the imposition of Sharia law as well. Interesting stance.
Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain . Bad Karma of Britain showing up .
Relax! ... "Creeping Sharia Law" Is A Myth - for more myths watch today's Liberty Report:
How does Sharia affect you, the non-Muslim? RT
People that follow the oppressive guidelines of sharia, which is islamic law, are oppressive.
News just now: American who joined ISIS changed his mind & turned himself in because sharia law doesn't permit smoking.…
Most liberals have no clue what is,and how women are oppressed under law
As 'an islamic republic', why dont we use sharia law or even do anything about people like ...?.
Gov should show its intent with mass Muslim immigration. full labelling of halal, life sentences for FMG, Sha…
The Muslims have infiltrated into our justice system...Sharia Law making...Islam and Muslim Sharia Laws are a...
Conference on Sharia Law, Legal Pluralism & Access to Justice w/ & next month in London htt…
Please watch. . Maj. Stephen Coughlin. Very good video: OIC & The Enforcement of Sharia Law on the West
If only that were true. 42% of Muslims in the UK want Sharia Law. Also this
ISIS slaughters civilians under Sharia Law while masked, why do Police in this state serve warrants with ski masks on?
Not hard to do, since they like Jim Crow laws, no fun zones and Sharia Law.
Step 1 to Sharia Law! Wynne, supported by Andrea Horwath, will make it illegal to say anything about a Muslim.
Private corp. governed by Federal Regulations/ creeping Sharia Law/ gets special accommodations/ you can research it on line
As it should be. Ban on Sharia Law in the USA. We have our Constitutional Law. Live with the Laws of the USA or...
These same people:. - worry about Muslims enacting "Sharia Law" while implementing laws based on their own...
I believe Canadian Islam has to abide by the laws of our country not Sharia Law
And? There's no Sharia Law outside Muslim countries. Unless you think that Muslims are going to just ignore European laws.
What muslims say about their desire to have Sharia Law in America should have you alarmed
The fact is that this bill, while well-intentioned, is the start of Sharia Law in our own country. ….
The Tory government allows Sharia Law in the UK. Also allows muslim men to have more than one wife. I thought both these we…
tied heavy to -->David Barton, Sharia Law ok in america.wmv via
Obama handpicks1st Muslim judge.Since the Quran forbids all law but Sharia Law, According to Islam,Sharia overrules civilized law. Now what?
Just what Americans want...not. Deport any who choose Sharia Law over US constitutional law!
Ask Muslim women in non-Western countries if she enjoys the universal non-negotiable Islamic requirement of Sharia Law. Oh You can't.
15 Year Old Boy Stabbed To Death : many more lives will be lost? Send these barbarians back with their Sharia Law!
Joe Courtney is a facilitator of Obama's Muslim advancement agenda: No room 4 victims of Sharia Law?
Mosaic Law and Sharia Law are somewhat the same. It has the same stand on death penalty (beheading, stoning to death).
Sharia in Germany:Activist Heidi Mund charged with “agitation against the people” Deutschland unter
So you can't oppose sharia law but support Islam since they are the same thing.
Oh, I see. I DO wonder why MSM won't expose Islam and Sharia law. Can't be because they WANT it, can it? NO !! Please !
Do all Muslims practice or believe in Sharia Law?.
When I taught in Iraq, I was surprised to learn most Kurds support sharia law as well. Their own interpretation of it. Sharia law = Koran
Saudi Arabia executed 47 ppl today. Method of execution followed Sharia Law, beheading by sword.
100% of muslims want Sharia. It is the essence of islam. Sharia translates to law of god. They really believe it https:/…
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