Shannon Sharpe & Dan Marino

Shannon Sharpe (born June 26, 1968) is a former American Football tight end who played for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. Daniel Constantine Dan Marino, Jr. (born September 15, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League. 5.0/5

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The NFL Today show just aint the same without Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe
Still missing Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on the
CBS was better with Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe tbh. i like the addition of Gonzo but i dont like Bart Scott or phil sims.
Need to bring back Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino
I don't think I like NFL Today without Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe
Dan Marino and Shannon sharpe no longer on cbs?
Good lord CBS is horrible without Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino.
Tony Gonzalez and Bart Scott are not better than Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino on CBS
Bart Scott and Tony Gonzales are nice guys but I must admit I miss Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. Mostly Marino - Sharpe not so much
Still can’t believe CBS replaced Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino with Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez
Good riddance to Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez are doing a great job on CBS.
I'm glad Dan Marino is gone!! Tony Gonzalez is an awesome addition! Best Tight End of All-Time! Shannon Sharpe is gone? Bart Scott is cool!
Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez have replaced Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on CBS Football
Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe out of CBS NFL coverage - San Jose Mercury News
CBS NFL fired both Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino??? Seriously, this is just unacceptable! I liked those two guys. Guess it is just one more reason to watch Curt, Terry, Howie Michael Strahan and Jimmy.
The NFL on CBS FIRED both Shannon Sharpe & Dan Marino & have replaced them first with Tony Gonzalez & now Bart Scott will join the team.
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Former and linebacker Bart Scott will join the NFL on CBS as an analyst. He will be joining Tony Gonzalez as new analyst. NFL on CBS let go of Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino for Scott and Gonzalez.
Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe are both done with CBS on Sunday's...Dan can get back to training with Snowflake and Shannon can worry about running in The Kentucky Derby
Love Mushnick. We see eye to eye on a lot of stuff. From today's column: "If ESPN's self promotion plan is to make itself easily ridiculed, it's working. The network released the following: "ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Tony Gonzalez will replace Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino on CBS, ACCORDING TO A CBS PRESS RELEASE." And then, Mushnick adds: "I didn't think Sharpe was half bad. On those occasions when he could be understood, he occasionally had a thoughtful point of view. Still, one wonders if CBS knew he had a diction problem BEFORE it hired him." Wish I'd written this stuff. Beautiful, Phil.
CBS has just announced that studio analysts Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino won't be returning this fall for its NFL pregame and Halftime Shows. So who does CBS have in…
So, CBS got rid of Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino and hired Tony Gonzales . I don't think that was a good move.
Any thought that Tony Gonzalez might change his mind about retirement (again) can probably put to rest, as Gonzalez has a high-profile new job: CBS has announced that Gonzalez is joining its pregame show. As part of the same announcement, CBS said Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe will no longer appear…
Shannon Sharpe, Dan Marino out, Tony Gonzalez in on major CBS pregame shakeup -
Good day in football news...apparently CAN has fired Shannon Sharpe & Dan Marino from NFL coverage. Even better news Tony Gonzales is one if not the only replacement. Glad to see Sharpe go, never could understand why CBS had him in the first place. Now if only the SNF broadcasters can become the MNF broadcasters.
Longtime analysts Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe will not return to CBS' "The NFL Today" pregame show.
Dan Marino & Shannon Sharpe have reportedly parted ways with CBS pre-game show "The NFL Today". Tony Gonzalez has joined the show
Tony Gonzalez in, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out at CBS yes! Sharpe like listening to nails on a chalkboard.
Dan Marino & Shannon Sharpe are OUT at CBS and Tony Gonzalez is IN.
One legendary tight end replaces another on CBS. Tony Gonzalez will be joining The NFL Today, while Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino have both been let go.
CBS Sports today bumped Dan Marino from “The NFL Today” pre-game show along with Shannon Sharpe, clearing room for the debut of newly retired tight end Tony Gonzalez. Marino’s release immediately fueled speculation that he might end up in a front-office role with the Dolphins.
Former Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez has joined CBS Sports as an analyst for "NFL Today". Dan Marino & Shannon Sharpe are no lo…
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SB Nation: CBS hires Tony Gonzalez, lets go of Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino.
NEW YORK (AP) — Goodbye, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. Hello, Tony Gonzalez. Marino and Sharpe will not return...
CBS fired Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe from the NFL Today and replaced them with Tony Gonzalez. George Zimmerman wanted the gig
CBS parts ways with Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe, hires Tony Gonzalez.
A shake up at CBS as Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino are out and Tony Gonzalez is in for "The NFL Today" - Not posted by Rod.
Big shakeup for CBS' NFL Today. Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe are out, while Tony Gonzalez is in.
Tony Gonzalez joins CBS Sports; Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out Gonzalez will be an anal
Headliner here: Shocker with NFL Today Talking heads: Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out and Tony Gonzalez in as well as yet unannounced newbie along with holdovers James Brown, Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason...
CBS has added Tony Gonzalez to “NFL Today”. They have parted with Dan Marino & Shannon Sharpe
Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe are out , Tony Gonzalez is in . I like it !!
Big shakeup at CBS Sports as Tony Gonzalez joins the "The NFL Today." Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino are both out.
Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino get fired from CBS sports today.
Recently retired TE Tony Gonzalez will replace Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe for NFL Today on CBS.
In a one-for-two move, CBS will bring in recently retired Tony Gonzalez and dump Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe from its “The NFL Today” pregame show.
Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out on 'The NFL Today' on CBS, Tony ... - New York Daily News
For those who watch the NFL pregame show on CBS, they're adding Tony Gonzalez and dropping Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe.
NEXT on CBS: THE NFL TODAY Dan Marino has a quarterback-to-quarterback chat with Tom Brady. Shannon Sharpe talks to the Denver Broncos receiving corps of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas.
Shannon Sharpe of CBS Sports unknowingly takes a shot at Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason as they sit next to him! Watch the hilarity ensue in this clip:
THIS JUST IN: Dan Marino, just said that Shannon Sharpe has been extremely animated in the CBS studio. It's fun that our old vets appreciate this great sport as much as we do.
Dan Marino hates Shannon Sharpe just like everyone else that has to listen to him talk. He sounds like a foreigner with a mouthful of oatmeal!
From a Simmons mailbag. I go with the Fox crew too. Q: Ron Burgundy's return reminds me of a very important question: which NFL studio crew wins out in an Anchorman style back alley brawl? —Welshy, Ottawa, ON YES! YES! YES! I am so ready for this one. In order … Let's all agree that Fantasy Football Now's crew (Tim Hasselbeck, Matthew Berry and Robert Flores) gets slaughtered within 15 seconds. Let's cross off NBC (Dan Patrick, Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy and Bob Costas) and NFL Network (Deion Sanders, Steve Mariucci, Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk and Rich Eisen) — the opposing crews would just target Harrison and Irvin knowing that nobody else could beat them. As for CBS, Shannon Sharpe's whoop *** potential makes that crew mildly interesting, but they're saddled with two QBs who won't want to get hit (Boomer Esiason and Dan Marino), as well as a 56-year-old coach (Bill Cowher) and the nicest guy in sports media (James Brown). That's not nearly enough unless someone makes fun of Marino for never wi ...
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CBS NFL pregame will feature Dan Marino tightroping over Shannon Sharpe's ego.
This Halftime Show is weak compared to James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Boomer Esaison, and Shannon Sharpe
So, SNL is telling us they have no one who can come close to imitating James Brown, Shannon Sharpe, Bill Cowher & Dan Marino. Alrighty
My Baltimore Ravens are world champs! Words cannot describe my emotions that collided throughout the game. When those final 4 seconds ticked down, it was the longest 4 seconds of my life. My heart was beating like a drum. The streamers flew, the players through their hands up, the fans went nuts, and those final words that came out of Jim Nantz mouth "The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl champions". That feeling overcame myself and after eagerly awaiting 12 years for a Super Bowl victory, I am the happiest guy in the world. All of the sports announcers that picked us to lose: Dan Marino, Bill Cower, former Super Bowl champ shannon sharp, clay matthews, and especially Jim Rome, you sir are an arrogant *** who doesn't know what the *** you are talking about. But despite those gentlemen, all of the joe flacco haters out there can SUCK IT! And on top of all of that i wouldnt of rather spent it with anyone else. Congratulations boys. The team of destiny arrived, we conquered, we fought hard, and played BAL ...
I really dislike Shannon Sharpe. I adore Boomer Esiason. I wish Dan Marino would shut up.:-!
Was it me or did it appear Shannon Sharpe was waving his SB rings right at Dan Marino?
Dan Marino to salty Shannon sharpe flashed his rings lmao
Haters be hating. Can't compete with the best QB to ever play in the NFL according to Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharp
Shannon Sharpe & Dan Marino win the GQ Award today.
So apparently Shannon Sharpe is the only expert on the CBS Halftime Show picking mi Rojo y Dorado Armada to beat the Packers tonight. So basically what this means is that Phil Simms, Bill Cowher, & Dan Marino are up for some disappointment. Best of luck to all teams this weekend (except the Packers of course). Jajajajaja O=)
Playoff Musings, Saturday: 1. Aaron grew up a Niners fan and Kaep grew up a Packers fan. In case you didn't know. 2. Boomer Esiason says that Kaep "needs to find the missing man in his offense, and that missing man is Vernon Davis." Hate to admit it, but I agree with him. 3. Can't root against Aaron, but I can root a little harder for Kaep. 4. Bill Cowher says Dujuan Harris is "x" factor. 5. Dan Marino says Aaron Rodgers is playing better than anyone in the league right now. In case you didn't know. 6. Shannon Sharpe says Kaep is a little better than Joe Webb was last week. In case you didn't know. 7. Shut up, Joe Buck. 8. Ken, wanna chime in with some AFC musings?
It's official, by one game, Dan Marino and I beat Bill Cowher, Boomer Esiason, and Shannon Sharpe!
Whoever dresses Shannon Sharpe is a visionary. Whoever dresses Dan Marino needs to get him back on Nutrisystem or get him bigger suitcoats.
Okay...who's Shannon Sharpe's stylist today...Bishop Don Magic Juan? This cat is KILLIN' me! ... Looking at Dan Marino...I believe son's done went & backslid on his diet. Jacket's looking a little on the tight side. ... STELERS let Plaxico come back? He misses that championship smell. Welcome home, son. Welcome home. ... Greg Gumbel's the only reason why S-Curl is still in business. "Soul Man"'s holding onto that hairstyle for dear LIFE, son! ... WHAT? Stelers playing, & it's not being televised here? No problem...just switch to the KNICKS, & keep the party goin'! Turkey, anyone?
I can't believe that I was 14-0 on last weeks CBS Sports NFL Game Pick'em. Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino were only 12-2. Bill Cowher was 11-3 and Boomer was 10-6.
Got a question for Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe or Boomer Esiason? Post your question here and it could be answered live on THE NFL TODAY.
Anyone see Dan Marino throw pass to Shannon Sharpe this morning? *** I miss Dan
Shannon Sharpe, i love you but, what did you just say? LOL! Dan Marino and Howie Long are looking good!
Morning. I like to start my NFL sunday watching NFL Today with: James Brown, Shannon Sharpe, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino, and Bill Cowher. Only on CBS.
The NFL On CBS returns this week with Week 1 regional coverage. Tomorrow, start your day at 12:00 Eastern Time with the NFL Today featuring James Brown, Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe, Boomer Esiason and Coach Bill Cowher. Then the games kickoff at 1:00 with either Buffalo at New York Jets, Indianapolis at Chicago, Jacksonville at Minnesota, Miami at Houston or New England at Tennessee. That's the NFL On CBS Week 1 tomorrow.
Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe said they think the Eagles will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year. I like it!
Eye on the NFL on CBS SN at 4pm. With Shannon Sharpe, Dan Marino and Dan Dierdorf. It's worth it JUST to listen to Shannon Sharpe.
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