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This scene broke my heart! I was praying for Angel! I was so proud of Kenny, Shannon and Scott. They saved him. 🙌 y…
If they were Antifa, you wouldn't care about "permits"
Shannon wasn't even talking and look at how she was ready to pounce. 😂
Scott’s Keith Shannon says there isn’t a team in East Tennessee with a more formidable schedule, and he may be right.
I'm guessing Scott is a 40 year old virgin playing Nintendo in his mom's basement.
What's next for Scott and Malia now that they've held hands? 😉
Shannon O'Neill and Scott Byrne talk real-time analytics for and at
Court of Appeal hearing on 20th March 2018, Scott. In the meantime, you can read our ;-)
Looking forward to hearing Kim Scott speak tonight
I'd want Shannon and Scott to be my docs!
Scott and Shannon are so sweet with this kid i love it
Scott and Shannon kicking the ICE agent where it really hurts with their medical degrees!. .
YESS SCOTT TELL HIM this guy thinks he can go over Shannon didn't know what he was getting himself into
Shannon and Scott are the dream team I never knew I needed until now
Shannon compassion for her patients is awesome Scott not so happy nvr mk proms
That kid's gonna be an awesome doctor. He's a smart cookie. I hope Scott and Shannon can help his mom.
WWU's Shannon Point Marine Center in Anacortes is taking citizen scientists out to sea:
Is there a classier coach around than Scott's Keith Shannon? Unfailingly polite, never a bad word to say about his team or opposing coaches.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Working to Define WOTUS in Black and White, and Eliminate the Grey Shannon Ferrell
Nothing, Shannon. Absolutely nothing. They're no longer advocates for just guns, they've become…
Thanks to Angie Maloney-Drummond and Scott Shannon for taking us to $1315 and 52%! 7 days to go!
Scott looks like that hot PE teacher that everyone fancies & Mitch is that awk dad that's like 'aren't…
Please consider making a donation, and thank you to Scott Harvey for taking the time and making the effort to... https…
yeah, I don't watch local news - it all leans to the left. WDRB not as much, & 11 is not as…
Always remember Shannon your cancer and you're representing the late great Stuart Scot…
Adm. Scott Swift: Remains of some Sailors have been located. -
Scott and Shannon Raney have made it to Detroit with their U-11 Miss J&D's.
happy belated bday Shannon! Love your heart for people and the Lord. We love you & are thankful for you!
did Jimmy just say "She's a nice lady!"? Ugh. Scott Shannon said that about Carrie Underwood a few years back
Hey Scott M. Shannon thanks for the follow! - thombyxbe Visit my blog at
Scott M. Shannon is now one of my followers! Thanks! 1712
Scott: Paul, hey. I just finished up with a patient. Syd's tied up with a patient in OR 1. Where's Shannon?
His passing was one of the expected ones... Followed by Shannon Hoon and Scott Weiland (who lasted a…
Should the pack leave Beacon Hills for good?:
Shannon Scott sends the San Antonio Spurs to the semifinals with the game-winner! NBA TV
Ep. 76 - Jar of Noisy Thoughts - Scott gets supes cranky about a man's life work
Looking for information on Shannon v Rampersan in the CoA - Any idea when judgment could be handed down? :)
Shannon sharpe and Scott McCloughan think otherwise
90 laps in. Scott Bloomquist leads Shannon Babb, Gregg Satterlee, Dennis Erb Jr, Jimmy Owens. That is your top 5
its kick in the guts, like losing Kurt, Shannon,Layne and Scott all over again,, all the wounds ope…
I cant get over this myself bring up all the wounds when we lost Kurt, Shannon,Layne,Scott... I just cant believe it
This is a great list, but only Scott and Shannon are actually grunge here, Mia was from Seattle but punk and Bradley was ska.
Andrew Wood... Shannon Hoon...Kurt Cobain... Layne Stayley... Scott Weiland... Chris Cornell...RIP...that's a great band up there...
Not to mention Scott Weiland and Shannon Hoon. *** Eddie Vedder is basically the last man standing.
The guy on the abbey's Snapchat fawning over Scott & acting all flustered is ME
Grunge legends Scott, Shannon, Baker, Andy, Mike, Kurt, Layne, and Chris. Gone, but not forgotten.
Are you joining us at BWN this Tuesday with guest speakers Scott and Shannon Kent?. What You’ll Learn. Learn the...
why do I feel like you are the one who is saying Shannon Scott is better?😂😂
We're pleased to welcome Shannon Scott as Mortgage Loan Originator in the area.
Down 10 with 8 to go. Put in Shannon Scott and Aaron Craft so we can go full court press.
With the amazingly talented director of this episode Scott Peters!
Shannon's on the floor Scott's expo
Like, how you making Mike Ditka, Kellen Winslow, and Shannon Sharpe wait?
CS GO Hide and Seek with Shannon, Andy, Scott AND now with new added Paul!
Theo: "First love. You remember what that's like?". Scott: "Yeah, trust me, I remember.". https…
same guy who gave Scott Baio a primetime slot at the RNC. Nobody with a career wants to be se…
Shannon do yourself a favor and don't engage, Scott and his friends are very sick people.
LA office ON FIRE today - lines out the door, waiting lists & vols phone banking in the streets!…
The second a boy acts like Nathan or Lucas Scott, I'm marrying them.
If you need a reason to get out there and vote on Tuesday remember that you alone have the power to make sure Scott Baio…
"What About Me" by Shannon Noll might be the whiniest piece of trash ever committed to song
what happened to Shannon, Lily, Adam, and Scott? Lol
I presume 'little' is referring to Laurie and not Scott's tall ***
The Incomparable Shannon Powell will be playing at Chef Scott's Creole BBQ soon. Stay tuned.
Stephen A smith , Charles Barkley, Shannon Sharpe, & Stuart Scott my fav commentators bro they all hilarious
Thanks, Shannon Scott, for your excellent review on Google
Shannon Beveridge, Camden Scott and superwoman are my fave YouTubers
This time of year makes me so skint. Paige's birthday, my birthday, Christmas, new year, shannon n chanelle n scott in Jan 😫RIP bank account
Scott Greene arrested and charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder. Handcuffs belonged to fallen officers.
OMG that is so *** funny!!! Cheryl Scott Shannon Hederich Renee Cole Christina Dortch Cindy Burnett Eileen...
It's not as hot as Shannon Sharpe's seat, we know that.
Can't argue with you. It's been a minute since I really enjoyed a baseball game. How you feeling, ?
I hope Beyoncé walks up and strokes Scott's scruff
Shannon Hills Alderman Scott Bennett came to speak to Torch Club at our Davis club today! He spoke to the group...
Life for us all is just leading up to the day Scott gets a selfie with Beyoncé so we can spontaneously combust in unison
Scott Shannon MD an incredibly effective speaker. Colorado is blessed.
Dr Scott Shannon just referenced this article in Lancet (on drug harms at
Faculty Scott Shannon, MD - "We can help people manage there our own health."
excellent focus by Scott Shannon MD re: ecology of healing, diversity and interconnection. Like how his mind works!
Dr Scott Shannon just referenced this painting by Alex Gray at
Dr Scott Shannon says "Anything that deals with life itself has to be thought of as a subset of ecology" at
Dr. Scott Shannon (at says life is "profoundly interactive". "Life moves to a higher level of order"
The Ecology of Healing: spirituality, science, and the future of medicine - Scott Shannon, MD Everything is connected
This is where Scott Greene was arrested. He was taken into custody in Dallas County.
I love how all those old comic names are alliterative, Bruce Banner, Lois Lane, peter parker, Scott Summers, etc..
he looks like a mongoloid Scott Shannon
Shannon Scott, Jeff Floyd and Hunter Rasdon are your other heat race winners.
darty at Shannon Scott's house on Saturday be there or be ▪️
Shannon Scott is the best basketball player I have ever seen. Shannon Scott> bogut> Kobe
10 things not to say to a tranny: Shannon Scott is an equality consultant at Shannon Scott Speaks, a company that…
Sim Bhullar tips an Erie inbound pass to Shannon Scott for the steal, and the 905 hang on for a 108-104 victory.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I can't attach a pic atm, but her name is Shannon Scott, and she's a happy-go-lucky Grenadier with skull facepaint, a cigar and pink armor.
Ohio State product Shannon Scott in Raptors 905 starting lineup. Also, 7-foot-4 Sim Bhullar, who scored 17p in game in Canton last year.
Getting schooled on the dead and symbolism in Savannah from Shannon Scott at the famous...
I liked a video from Oliver Tompsett sings Scott Alan's 'Stay' at the Hippodrome,
Stiles: spell "me". Derek: m-e. Stiles: u forgot the d. Derek: there's no d in me. Stiles: not yet. Scott: bro this one was gold…
Appreciate that, Shannon. Scott's a great guy
Big crowd for rally w/ Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy. No more standing room - 1000+
I didn't understand until I moved to NYC, and now... HILARIOUS. "The Day Beyoncé Turned Black" - SNL
Scott and Alex better take cute snaps today
Shannon Quinn gets the Tribe on the board. 2-1 Terps.
Hearn has flapped the Martin fight then. Shannon Briggs or Malik Scott it is!
My Thoughts on David Haye vs Shannon Briggs or Malik Scott as next opponent
Raptors point guard Shannon Scott fave part of All Star is up on our Snap chat!
Applications available for 2016 Cameco Touchdown for Dreams. https…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I'm excited tbh I wouldn't be surprised if Scott or Mitch already had the props we need
Your 'come On' from the Futurama Pilot episode has been a Scott Shannon Radio drop staple for a decade now ;o).
A Shannon fake looking for a Camden Scott fake
Scott Shannon, MD explains how psychiatric medications can backfire in the treatment of a mental health patient:
Shannon Scott realises dream with first novel via
This is Scott & Shannon Milholland. God brought them together in the most incredible &…
u r the best heard u in Scott Shannon cbs fm! Hoping for a Ny show!
Way to go Scott and Shannon! Give Tommy a little more HP and we will see you in the winner's circle!
Congratulations to state Champion Sara Doyle Scott Co and runner up Kayla Shannon from Male
Shannon Scott, Sam Thompson Trey McDonald all improved greatly from year 1-4.
Shannon Scott finds Toupane on a backdoor cut, Raptors 905 up 10-5 early on
Shannon Scott steals and drops it off to Roberts for the slam. Raps up 86-78
Shannon Scott with a sneaky dish to Ronald Roberts for the J-J-JAM
Tracy Stallard and Carol Dale join with Shannon Scott, and Jason Barton to help with Celebrity Bagging
Shannon Scott was underrated as a ph and a defender
Leighty was another example of talent that never developed over 4 years, Shannon Scott, Buford.
Scott Suggs and Shannon Scott are finding an early (and necessary) chemistry in backcourt -
My take from first half: Shannon Scott and Sim Bhullar have great offensive chemistry together
Buckeye alum Shannon Scott having a great floor game for the 905 with 5 points, 4 boards and 6 assists at half
Shannon Scott connects with Sim Bhullar for the third time tonight for an alley-oop 44-33 for the good guys
Crowd erupts as finishes back to back alley-oops from Shannon Scott. 18-9 for the home squad
First Christmas for Women Dec. 12, 9:00AM. Teaching and worship with Shannon Scott and a Christmas painting party!!
Thanks to all who helped and/or shopped at the Craft Fair on Saturday. Shannon Scott organized another great fair. We'll see you in 2016!
Ex-Ohio State guards Shannon Scott and Sam Thompson have been released by Raptors and Hornets, respectively.
Just cheered Edwin's flyball like it was a homerun. Someone's gotta do Buck's job if MLB won't let him.
I want a gif of Colabello running at Fielder and I want it now.
. singing O Canada is one of the greatest things I've seen. Next great thing coming up - a playoff win.
Lot of love in room for Scott Selwood, sitting next to captain Shannon Hurn, acknowledged by most of his award-winning teammates
Check out Scott Shannon Friday morning 101.1 CBS. The man knows his Garage Rock!
Ways to show you're a bandwagonner - "this is my 1st game" signs after the trade deadline & criticising the team after 1 loss.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Did Pete Rose also take a hit to the head? Because there has to be a better explanation for his words than he's an ***
This is why its a best of 5 series. The got this.
We say organization differently??? Who are these people that Fox is letting talk?
You could tell by the look on face that ball was going out of there.
When you are so into the game you forget you have to pick your kids up from the bus.
"This is a nice infield. They catch the ball." Oh my gosh, the Fox guys are worse than Pat and Buck.
Blythdale auction item idea. Pay to see a video of Scott Shannon exploring NYCC 2016. biggest hit item there ;o).
Can hockey please keep Don Cherry. We've already got wannabe Don aka Gregg Zaun, we don't need the real thing.
Did I hear Scott Shannon say you will be on his radio show tomorrow morning, WCBS FM, 101.1? I will be listening
The sun is shining and the are playing. It's the perfect October day. Haven't been this excited since I was 11.
How To Be A Video Game Snob: My favourite film critic, A.O. Scott of the New York Times, is trying to reclaim ...
CONGRATULATIONS Shannon Scott Bala for winning accessory set and Kaitlyn Kraus for winning accessory set
ICYMI: Here's on and his new autobiography 'Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music'
Shannon Scott is a unique matchmaker, designing wineries and tasting rooms.
I learned more about baseball from in 1 inning last night than I've learned in (what feels like a) lifetime with Pat & Buck.
John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival praised Taylor in this interview. At 6m30s
If you told me back in April the would be starting & Estrada in the ALDS... I'd have believed you.
Kiss your crows feet Goodbye!!! Check out Shannon Scott's AMAZING Results with Rodan + Fields Multi
Shannon bailey is my best friend bc she has no other choice
Scott looks so good in black lordt godt whyyy
can theia fake cammie scott and I fake shannon bc cannon is hella cute
congrats! Scott Shannon just announced it! Not skipping out on u, u n team on vacay this week! award
Two minutes in and I'm already annoyed by the American baseball coverage. The playoffs should be a lot of fun.
Currently trying to hide my huge smile in class because I'm so distracted by shirtless pictures of Nathan Scott that Shannon is sending me 😍
thanks for sharing Naeem Scott, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
Shannon and I get hit on by the Leech's and Deep's of the world instead of the Nathan and Lucas Scott's of the world 😭
Good fodder here Shannon O'Brien tells Reed Hillman that Scott Brown coveted his lieut. gov. candcy at the time
clear the deck. "alleged". contenders . these gangsters. are no joke. play 7, 8 and 9. DEEP. that's where they. live . © http:…
My new album, American Suite, is now for sale on Amazon. I'm SO excited! Share my joy.
Watching Shannon in the 4th Row wearing gray is to stand up and wave to her mother!
If anyone knows Shannon Scott Lewis luis...tell her to call boom
Camera man on must loves my cousin Shannon in the audience! Also her mother want's to say hi!
One of the highlights of every Max . convention is a message from Shannon Scott. She and Steve Scott are the...
The Raptors have announced they have signed FA guard Shannon Scott. Scott played for Ohio St in 2014-15
Its free today 4 your Kindle/reader. Discernment & Decision Making by Shannon Scott via
Just saw this on Amazon: Discernment & Decision Making by Shannon Scott vía
The raptors can sign Shannon Scott in but can't give a spot ???.. smh him nd cj needa be together on a city ting..
it's like mad libs where you could sub in Trey Burke/Shannon Scott.
The sign free-agent guard Shannon Scott. Played four years at Ohio State and helped lead San Antonio to NBA Summer …
This was the station Scott Shannon left Z100 for. The format didn't really work though and he was back in NYC 2 years later.
Raptors sign point guard Shannon Scott to deal
Undrafted Ohio State guard Shannon Scott has agreed to a partially guaranteed deal with the Toronto Raptors, league sour…
"don't drink and drive because if you hit a bump you might spill it all over you" - Michael Scott
Is it bad that I don't care if Encarnacion stays out of the line-up for a bit longer?
hey "GoldenGirls perm" you and your butt buddy Scott Shannon should go to the plastic surgeons 2gether you 2 BJSs need it .
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
when you finally get Shannon's number>>>>>>
And just like that, the lead the AL East.
Scott Walker urges voters not to focus on “racial discord”
I'm standing and cheering for the last out in my living room.
Settle in folks, it's going to be a long and wild night.
That Tom Brady sketch looks like Michael Shannon in an anime cartoon drawn by a 7 year old.
Our Master Storyteller Shannon Scott doing what he does best! . I love seeing our guests using our new fans!!!...
The Brady courtroom sketch looks like Scott Shannon
Ohio State's Shannon Scott was recently signed by the Toronto Raptors:
I swear shannon and I have the same friendship as scott and stiles (':
Weathers decent and Scott's at work how wonderful😒
Shannon Scott is in the NBA.Jordan Loyd is in Brazil.DaiJohn Parker is in Heaven.https…
*** all it took was one Scott Shannon meme and this happens. I sure did miss
My desire to see the Yankees lose has kept me up way past my bedtime.
I'm feeling sad. I miss on The Voice. He and Lyndall were my two favourites to win! I hope Scott makes new music s…
We let the other teams score first so we don't feel so bad when we start driving in all those runs.
LB Frank Shannon talks about returning to OU after doubts he wouldn't be back.
Middle aged women drool over Kevin. *** guys love Scott. *** turn straight for Mitch. 13 year old girls fantasize over A…
One day without a game feels like an eternity.
PG Shannon Scott has signed with the Toronto Raptors.
Hey since you all have the NYC studio, any chance of getting Scott Shannon on the show?
as an intern my first day at WPLJ Scott Shannon sent me to kmart to buy underwear.
Wildcat formation may be gone, but Chad Scott hopes Jojo Kemp can apply its lessons this season
Free Kindle Book. Get City of Angels (The Trials of Kit Shannon by James Scott Bell via
please will you get Scott Shannon in studio. Love you Rat
Wait so Liam can kiss Hayden and stop her from dying but Scott couldn't have thought of that with Allison?
I’m gonna make a prediction: Scott’s going to turn against Stiles next, with or without Theo’s “help” in doing so.
Scott is hugging Theo and it's cute, but at the same time Theo's a psychopath so...
BREAKING: Spurs Video: Kyle Anderson's slick behind-the-back pass sets up Shannon Scott for a layup in summer leag…
Congrats to Buckeye Bball's Sam Thompson, Trey McDonald and Shannon Scott who were 3 of many students graduating! http:/…
A whole lotta music for only $10! The Quiet Hours, Minor 9ths, Lauren Hall, Third Of Winter and Shannon Scott for...
Amir Williams missing dunks, Shannon Scott missing threes. Welcome to the 2014-2015 season.
Ohio State's Shannon Scott is son of Tar Heel great Charlie Scott. What? That'd be like Sean Elliott's son playing for Oregon.
thought Shannon Scott would be that guy but it just never happened
Shannon Scott is the only Buckeye who came to ball
Who is that wearing that jersey for the knocking down jumpers like that? Shannon Scott, been waiting to see th…
Shannon Scott and Amir Williams are the 2 worst basketball players to ever come through Ohio State
Amir Williams, Shannon Scott, SamThompson & McDonald good luck in life but please get off our courts.
I'm sorry but Amir Williams and Shannon Scott *** to me my goodness
Wrote about 5 guys for this years draft (Delon Wright, Anthony Brown, Alan Williams, Rakeem Christmas, Shannon Scott)
Neither of Sam Thompson or Shannon Scott making B1G All-Defensive team is ridiculous.
wow. No Sam Thompson or Shannon Scott surprises me
Shannon Scott was named to All-Defensive Team the last two seasons. Not this year. Thought Sam Thompson should have been on it this year.
Come join Shannon Scott today @ 2pm and learn the enchanting history of one of the most beautiful cemeteries!!...
Currently on the bus with Shannon Scott. Should I invite him to my intramural game? I've watched him play. He should return the favor.
Ohio State leads Penn State 9-0 with 14:59 remaining in the 1st Half. Shannon Scott with 2 points and 3 rebounds.
Also, Shannon Scott has tied a career high with nine rebounds
It's one of those occasional games when Shannon Scott is a turnover machine, and can't throw it in the ocean from a rowboat.OSU still up big
Shannon Scott has tied his career high with 9 rebounds. He and Russell have 14 of Buckeyes 35
Just as Amir Williams has no hops or energy and cannot box out, Shannon Scott has no “pull up from 18 feet” game
Note to Coach Matta: less Amir Williams - Shannon Scott, more Tate and Bates Diop. Thank u for ur time.
Shannon Scott picks up 2 fouls in 9 seconds and heads to the bench.
This team is so much better when Shannon Scott can do things like that.
Great look by Shannon Scott. Jae'Sean running the floor for an easy bucket!
Shannon Scott and D Russ throw some incredible passes. ***
Shannon Scott with beautiful pass in transition to Jae’Sean Tate for easy bucket. Ohio State rolling, 32-16, as Penn State calls TO.
Sam Thompson's oop from Shannon Scott has to be on the top 10
Here’s a shocker, Sam Thompson just caught an alley-oop from Shannon Scott.
Thompson skies for an alley-oop from Shannon Scott. Buckeyes up 20-7
Shot clock violation, at the under-16 Ohio State leads 5-0 and Shannon Scott has three rebounds (really not much else statistically so far)
Shannon Scott with 2 points, three boards early. Pretty aggressive
Shannon Scott is going for all the rebounds tonight
Every time Shannon Scott shoots a jump shot, a part of me dies inside. Love you Shannon, but you CANNOT shoot to save your life.
Shannon Scott made a jumper, then got a rebound from a Penn State missed 3. He was feeling good! he took a terrible 3 attempt of his own
Shannon Scott gets a bucket and the Buckeyes take an early 2-0 lead.
I can live with Shannon Scott jumpers.
Ohio State wins the tip, sorry Amir Williams wins the tip and Shannon Scott opens the scoring
and Shannon Scott at today's game. Got bored
From last night: Ohio State's Shannon Scott said Dean Smith "was like my grandfather"
Ohio State guard Shannon Scott talks Dean Smith and lessons passed down from Smith and his father, Charles Scott
I forgot Shannon Scott's dad was the first black player at UNC.
Ohio State's Shannon Scott on Dean Smith: "I felt like I was his grandson."
Both Amir and Kam Williams check in for Ohio State, replacing Lee and Shannon Scott.
Tom Crean a big fan of Buckeyes' Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott, Amir, and Sam Thompson should play limited minutes. At least they got the win.
Shannon Scott and Sam Thompson do a number of things really well. Shooting threes is not one of them, yet they continue to do it.
Ohio State's Shannon Scott has had three excellent games in a row at the PG position for the Buckeyes.
Get to watch Shannon Scott my magnificent former pg; Evan Nolte; a pure winner at every level; Charles the man Mann, and Jalyn Patterson
Shannon Scott and Sam Thompson played well tonight and we needed that
O State trying to find a way. Sam Thompson and Shannon Scott have been fantastic in 2nd half
Sam Thompson makes a terrible decision with under a minute left but Shannon Scott bails him out with a steal.
Same exact play Ohio State got its last bucket. Shannon Scott to Sam Thompson on a backdoor cut for a dunk. Buckeyes up 3 with 1:44 left.
Sam Thompson collects the feed from Shannon Scott and knocks down a dunk for
Shannon Scott found Sam Thompson for a dunk. Gophers will be at the line out of the timeout. Buckeyes ahead, 64-62.
Besides Sam Thompson and Shannon Scott, I don't know any of these players on the Ohio State basketball team. But they can play..
Enjoyed the Shannon Scott steal and his subsequent nicely timed behind the back pass to Kam Williams for a layup.
D'Angelo Russell scored 21 points last night to lead Ohio State over North Carolina A&T 97-55. Shannon Scott added eight points, 12 assists, and seven steals for the Buckeyes.
Shannon Scott looked lost with the ball, Sam Thompson wasn't great, Amir was Amir (bad) and McDonald was even worse...
The seniors on this team have to play better if this team is going to do anything this season. Shannon Scott & Sam Thompson had to be better
Good job Sam Thompson and Shannon Scott really showed your seniority...
DAR. Fire! 🔥🔥🔥 If Sam Thompson and Shannon Scott remembered how to play, we might be winning this game
Buckeyes somehow in this game despite very little from Sam Thompson, Shannon Scott & D'Angelo Russell, who is 4-15 but has 5reb, 7ast.
I tried calling out Shannon Scott and Lee and it hasn't worked this game.
Alatex Free Play Ohio State at Louisville Play: Louisville -8 This marks the first real test of the year for the young Ohio State Buckeyes. Thus far, the Buckeyes have feasted on weak competition at home, winning all five of their games by wide margins. Their stiffest test came against a rebuilding Marquette team on November the 18th, a game they won 74-63. This marks a completely different challenge, as they not only face the first team that is better than they are, they do so on the road in a very hostile environment. Ohio State is relying heavily on two freshmen and a sophomore that didn’t play much as a freshman and a couple of seniors. Freshman guard D’Angelo Russell is their leading scorer but he could wilt in the face of the Louisville pressure. He had seven turnovers against Marquette and four against James Madison, the two most athletic teams he has faced, and the pressure of the Cardinals will be much, much more intense than those teams. Senior guard Shannon Scott will be the primary ball h ...
Shannon Scott just averaging 13.7 dimes a game. I like where Thad has this team
Shannon Scott handed out a school-record 16 dimes, most of which went to D'Angelo Russell.
Shannon Scott to Sam Thompson aka the ally oop factory
Buckeyes lose Amir Williams, Trey McDonald, Shannon Scott, Sam Thompson and possibly D'Angelo Russell after this season.
A "Behind The Scenes" picture of myself and the lovely Shannon Scott on the set of "The Torment Of Laurie Ann...
Tough to leave off E.C. Matthews, LaDontae Henton, and Shannon Scott (and more!). But here’s our top 100:
St. Rep. Romanchuk presented Ohio Strong Awards to Keith Olney, Scott Gibson and Shannon Gregory of Cooper Enterprises of Shelby.
Alright I'm not waiting any longer for Jocktober. Can you see Scott Shannon at the top of the ratings all the way from 17th?
The election campaigns were so nice and civil before entered the race.
Shannon Scott- believe he has a huge year running the show
TOSu has a bunch of frontcourt athletes but Shannon Scott in charge or some young guy at point? MSU? Think they dropoff
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Grand Prize Package includes 4 tickets to the James Taylor concert in December courtesy of CBS-FM Radio DJ Scott Shannon!
Scott Stricklin's column this week… State fans should read the part about cowbells….
Our interview and feature with OSU PG (Shannon Scott) as he begins his senior year (free)
thank you for the WWP Alumni package. It means a lot. :) . V/R. Shannon Scott USN Ret
that's a shame what a good girlfriend you are Shannon you should be ashamed of yourself
Scott Lutz speaking in chapel about the heart and soul of sports!
How will this team be different than last year? Shannon Scott (discusses that at Media Day
Scott Allen Brooks. Lisa Brooks. Shannon Norwood. She speaks to me likes she knows whats going on in my life
Good Evening! Do you need a NEW Look Shannon English and Amber Stolicny had cancellations on Wednesday for Cut...
thank you for being the best boyfriend ever, I love you. 😘
Shannon Scott, Mackenzie Fleming Cooper, and any other parents of girls in the Lexington area, take note!
please shout out for my boyfriend Shannon Scott he's a super fan n as his girlfriend I come second to the Rabbitohs! lol
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