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Shannon Hoon

Richard Shannon Hoon (September 26, 1967 – October 21, 1995) was an American singer-songwriter and musician.

Blind Melon Kurt Cobain Layne Staley Chris Cornell Danny Clinch Scott Weiland Axl Rose Andrew Wood Bradley Nowell Neil Young Andy Wood Seth Avett Eddie Vedder Robert Hunter Izzy Stradlin New Orleans

Missing from that photo is Shannon Hoon and Bradley Nowell
Why does everyone forget about SHANNON HOON??? Beautiful soul and songwriter. I love Pearl jam but they are no Blind Melon.
I just hope that Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Shannon Hoon are having the greatest jam session ever! Oh yeah and Cobain also🤘
Don't Cry is one of my favorite rock ballads because of amazing vocals by the late Shannon Hoon. I'm also a sucker for trilogies.
I like it awesome... should also had Shannon Hoon and Ben Mcmillian in the pic too
Wow. Just popped up on my Shannon Hoon, another lost star that burned his mark into our souls.
This one has me shaken... Much like Layne Staley, Shannon Hoon and Brad Delp. 🥀RIP Chris, yet…
i've been sooo into them lately. Shannon Hoon was an amazingly talented human
And Shannon Hoon was a big loss who knows what he could've done
Andrew Wood... Shannon Hoon...Kurt Cobain... Layne Stayley... Scott Weiland... Chris Cornell...RIP...that's a great band up there...
Not to mention Scott Weiland and Shannon Hoon. *** Eddie Vedder is basically the last man standing.
Andy Wood, Curt Cobain, Lane Staley, Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland, and now Chris Cornell... . The 90's have now officially died!
Thank you for including Shannon Hoon. How quickly it seems we've forgotten.
"When life is hard, you have to change" Shannon Hoon le dedico a Kurt Cobain "Change", ♫♫ ►
and the beautiful Shannon Hoon ---"Change"-"Bless all souls, a time of change-Legends never die, Thank you for all!
Chris Cornell's iconic bent fork necklace, given to him by Shannon Hoon. Thanks for all the excellent music.…
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*** where'd everybody go, another loss from gen.x there's been so many people, Shannon hoon let's not forget too
Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, now Chris Cornell. All great vocalists had to end this way and for what?
I also loved Shannon Hoon I so love Blind Melon.
Sobering. As someone pointed out, could add Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) to this list too.
*** u mention those 4 greats of the 90s an didnt mention Shannon hoon. *** touchin is gross
Might as well throw Andrew Wood and Indiana's own Shannon Hoon in there as well...💔
crazy all singers from that era. Layne Staley Shannon Hoon Scott Weiland curt cobain Chris Cornell
I think Shannon Hoon would also be rocking out with them. A sad day and time the establishment recognises mental health
Totally they always leave Shannon hoon out from love that man.
All the rock heroes I grew up with are gone. Layne Stanley. Kurt Cobain. Scott Weiland. Shannon Hoon. Chris Cornell. 💔
Kurt said the Seattle Sound came from Washington State, Eddie Vedder is as grunge as Shannon Hoon & Scott Weiland
Chris Cornell and Shannon hoon were my two favorite voices from that era. This has been talkin grunge
They should be the elder statesmen of rock Kurt Cobain Layne Staley Scott Weiland Shannon Hoon and now Chris Cornell an entire era gone 😔😔
You're so wrong USA TODAY. Not mentioning Andrew Wood and Shannon Hoon is a MAJOR mistake. Get your facts right,...
No love for Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon, huh?
. hm . Debatable, Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon I.m.h.o. But not less. . Just as tragic
Could only fit 4 photos so to continue to tribute... Scott Weiland. Shannon Hoon. Bradley Nowell. Mia Zapata. This is a far…
I'll close my eyes really, really tight and make you all go away.
You start wanting to see a different place every day.
We should have a national Shannon Hoon appreciation day
We've seen a lot of people self-destruct because of a small taste of...
it came to mind because I still listen to Blind Melon. Shannon Hoon 😍😔. I was semi into Garbage for a bit. Tool and NIN a lil
I'm in road-coma at the moment. But it's OK. I think you sublimina...
Shannon Hoon is a lyrical genius and a vocal god. He did just fine. The man up above took him from us early so he could be serenaded anytime
Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon fame. . I remember him telling off a Musique Plus VJ for bringing it up during an interview.
As I evolve, I think I'll probably end up looking like Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon
There's no leader of this band, and there never will be. That's the key...
We all enjoy the band and what we're doing, but we know this isn't gonn...
shannon hoon died like 4 days before I was supposed to see them.
I'm going as Shannon Hoon for Halloween, but without the hair, glasses, Birkenstock's or drug overdose. Basically, I have a blue shirt.
Also listened 2 Don't Cry after a long long long time. The part I liked best was probably Shannon Hoon's backing vocals. Sad 2 hear it again
I can't believe that Shannon Hoon sang backup vocals on Gun's N Roses "Don't Cry"
Dude, this is the best version of Soup! I saw them live 2 years ago, new guy is not Shannon Hoon but WOW!!
I think we really almost burnt ourselves out on one record.
Keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin' it's time to die.
Blind Melon on the anniversary of Shannon Hoon's death.
His name is Shannon Hoon, you insensitive jerks
I hate the word 'hippy'. I hate a lot of people, and hippies don't do t...
When Shannon Hoon died my brother called & told me had died.
just watching Blind Melons last ever concert... Shannon Hoon is a beast!!!
Axl Rose with the late Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon, c. 1991
I feel more confident about what we're doing as a band and what we're t...
Listening to Blind Melon sometimes makes me tear up. RIP Shannon Hoon
Shannon Hoon was an amazing artist...just wow
Mr.Sebastian! I didn't know about you meeting Shannon Hoon!
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"But I know we can't all stay here forever, so I want to write my words on the face of today" - Shannon Hoon
today 21 years ago. Shannon Hoon. Woodstock 94. Epic shot by
Why are there a billion and a half post-mortem documentaries on Kurt Cobain but none on Layne Staley or Shannon Hoon?
.When I was in college I'd capture my ideas on a boom box. Shannon Hoon used an answering machine.
I'm trying to Shannon Hoon tonight n.o.
Blind Melon Shannon Hoon shirts over 20 years old.
" life isn't a tiptoe through the tulips "🌷. - Shannon Hoon
I know that sounds selfish, but you have to look at what it's doing to you ...
You use everything. You use tragedy you use everything.
I don't like many albums better than Blind Melon's first three. Such a bummer Shannon Hoon isn't still around.
Easy. Shannon Hoon. Blind Melon was my Phish before I really knew Phish.
I dunno when this Shannon Hoon doc is supposed to come out, but the suspense is killing me
I really enjoy the therapeutic value of writing songs.
DID YOU KNOW❓. Nico of Blind Melon's 1996 album was the daughter of the then recently deceased vocalist Shannon Hoon
You're the words in a song that Shannon Hoon sang to me. And all around my memories, you dance. featured in NBC s Science of Love
If you can't recognize the scary glorious talent of Shannon Hoon, singer of Blind Melon, you prob take pot or DO alcohol. Watch live stuff.
I want to meet a guy like Shannon Hoon was and fall in love.
Gone way too soon. Crazy to think how much great music he could've made. Rip shannon hoon!
Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon used to twist forks into pendants and give them away as me it was an...
Blind Melon is on the radio an we should just appreciate Shannon Hoon for a moment ⚰
If Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, Layne Staley, and Scott Weiland formed a band, as zombies, that would be the best rock band ever.
any update on the Shannon Hoon documentary?
Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, Shannon Hoon, drugs are scary.
and Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon (also born 1967) and Andy Wood of Mother Love Bone. Sad.
Exclusive: Photo Essay of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon by Danny Clinch via
Another great tribute to Shannon Hoon. Thanks for remembering Shannon today.
If you're sharing photos from Shannon Hoon's vigil include so we can RT.
Bob Gaudio > Frankie Valli just like Shannon Hoon > Kurt Cobain
hilarious I almost mentioned this yesterday Shannon Hoon is from Indiana and grew up in the same town is Axel Rose.
I was showing my cousin who Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon was and she just says, "Everyone you love is dead."
Breast Cancer Awareness
Every day above ground is a good day. -Shannon Hoon
Who wins in a fight between Shannon Hoon, Michael Hutchence and Bradley Nowell?
From Shannon Hoon's Mom "My little baby Shannon was singing when he was just a few months old"…
Blind Melon/ No Rain (Unplugged Live). Shannon Hoon was in his own league. What a fckin huge loss..
Spent 20 min tryin to look up the address for an Italian place Shannon found on internet,only to find it's located in Italy.
Shannon Hoon's music puts a smile on my face everytime :-))
Update From Danny Clinch via Shannon justice they were right band at wrong time
bill get that ford galaxie...check the video Blind Melon made for their song galaxie, Shannon hoon had one
Shannon Hoon is one of the most underrated frontmen of all time. I saw them in Providence, RI a month before the tragic event.
Rolling Stone Magazine signed by Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon - Owned by Nel Hoon - Full re…
And I don't understand...why I sleep all day...and I start to complain...that there's no rain...RIP Shannon Hoon
Made this because Shannon Hoon is an amazingly attractive man.
Shannon Hoon started filming his documentary over 20 yrs ago but his early death left the footage untouched-until now …
Shannon was always filming-he had a vision for a documentary. Help us complete it! 2 DAYS LEFT …
Personal RT: if I could resurrect one single soul it'd be Shannon Hoon pre H
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
here's some great Shannon Hoon i just found.
actually 20 years, but still feels like yesterday. At least we have this to look forward to
Shannon Hoon footage - filming himself in the studio in New Orleans recording St. Andrew's Fall
y'all remind me of Blind Melon..the song Undertaker..singer sounds like Shannon Hoon reincarnated 💛🌻✨
Watch Jim James and Seth Avett cover Blind Melon to raise awareness for an upcoming doc on Shannon Hoon
Danny Clinch details his Kickstarter campaign to complete a documentary about Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon:
Only 7 days left to help finish this very personal story-Shannon Hoon's documentary!
This beautiful Shannon Hoon print by Danny Clinch is available as a reward for your pledge.
Seth Avett of covers 'St. Andrews Fall' in honor of Shannon Hoon & his story http…
Just passed $56K! Thanks to you we're on our way to finishing the documentary Shannon Hoon started 20 years ago!
If Blind Melon & Shannon Hoon have played a roll in your life you can play a roll back by helping share their story! h…
would that be Shannon Hoon ? My friend I last saw backstage 92 😞
back when Comedy Central aired old SNL episodes they aired the one Blind Melon was on. Shannon Hoon looked so strung out...
Huh. Shannon Hoon got an individual writing credit on Blind Melon's songs even though the band also did as a group
Rock Calendar 2-7-94: Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon is arrested after being thrown out of the American Music Awards for obnoxious behavior
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Judah's Latest Music News from VH1: 1994 - Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon turns out to be an u...
Madison Sq Garden during UYI because Shannon Hoon was with us. I miss that kid
On this Day February 07, 1994: Blind Melon's lead singer Shannon Hoon was forced to leave the American Music Awards…
Blind Melon is my favorite favorite favorite band ever. Shannon Hoon has the voice of an angel. No offense to Travis Warren
only the beautiful die young... Shannon Hoon RIP
Shannon Hoon's vocal range was off the charts. I've never heard as distinct and melodic a voice as his.
I never realized how similar Shannon Hoon and Andy Wood were. They were *** near the same guy. It's spooky.
Since Mihali's voice sounds exactly like Shannon Hoon's did, don't you think a Blind Melon song bust out would be appropriate?
Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon, River Phoenix, Elvis... No, Addiction is not bias
'No Rain' by Blind Melon.: the debut album by the band whose lead singer Shannon Hoon died…
Shannon Hoon from the vastly underrated Blind Melon. An icon of my youth. Outstanding singer, songwriter + gentle soul. RIP.
Googled Shannon Hoon and found online reports of his death from 1995. 1 year before Cobain's death filtered slowly as media didn't do 'net'.
Me neither, Shannon Hoon's voice was a thing of wonder.
realized im listening to Shannon Hoon, Layne Staley, and never thought back in my younger days, they would so soon be gone.
Sometimes (like right now) I lie in bed and wonder how Shannon Hoon would've been remembered if he died at 27 instead of 28
I can't believe I didn't know until today that Shannon Hoon was friends with Axl Rose.
I saw the Dallas leg of this tour, 1993. Shannon Hoon, of Blind Melon, killed himself not too long after this, if...
Shannon Hoon, Bradley Nowell, Andy Wood, they all seem so similar in personality and in their demons that it's...
mind immediately went to Shannon Hoon
On the ground, when Adam Woods & Shannon Hoon, drove down that Dixie highway, Miss you.; Numbers,. Houston?
Seriously, one of my favorite songs ever! Shannon Hoon's voice is legendary for me.
See charismatic frontman Shannon Hoon lead Blind Melon on tunes from 'Soup' at the 1994 Woodstock Festival.
The man who appears in the Don't Cry music video singing with Axl is Shannon Hoon a friend of Axl from Indiana he once did Don't Cry live
Oh yeah I know lol. Can't really do that in video. If I watch myself I immediately want to stop transition lol
hate seeing myself on camera or in photos. I prefer the fantasy in my head to the reality
lol oh gosh, I don't even wanna watch it lol.
Letter from Robert Hunter to Shannon Hoon after the strange review of in
"did you introduce Shannon Hoon to Axl?" No they were friends from Indiana.Axl introduced me to Shannon
did you introduce Shannon Hoon to Axl?
True or False -Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon was the receptionist for Rachtman Entertainment
Our next collection references Blind Melon in it's original formation. It is a to Shannon Hoon,...
lmfao love this picture! Shannon Hoon your dad was an incredible man blessings to him you &your mom
Heaven is for real, by Shannon Hoon
Really nice of the Steelers to commemorate this week's anniversary of Shannon Hoon's passing with those Blind Melon Bee Girl uniforms.
mouthful of cavities by Blind Melon. Beautiful b/v's by Jena Kraus. Her own cover flips b/v's by Shannon Hoon.
that's right, Shannon Hoon was a good Axl buddy, RIP
he looks a little like Shannon Hoon in this picture.
Gran foto. Shannon Hoon, Chris Cornell y El Hefe. Tones of home
Blind Melon - No Rain. | one of favourite. luv his vocal, Shannon Hoon; ... to bad.
I have a question.Do you know the meaning/depth to the song "don't you cry"by Guns N' Roses w/Shannon Hoon?
Been on a Blind Melon kick lately. Shannon Hoon not becoming huge post overdose is weird and unfortunate.
Izzy Stradlin as well. and of course Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon. All products of the area.
This month marks the 19th anniversary of Shannon Hoon's tragic passing. RIP Shannon. You are missed.
On this day in 1995, Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon was found dead on his tour bus from an accidental OD.
locked herself in her bedroom for days.. just heartbroken.. then heart broken when Shannon Hoon Died , then
He's a dash of Shannon Hoon, a dash of Kurt Cobain but all .
Kurt Cobain Shannon Hoon and Bradley Nowell all died shortly after having children... Conclusion parenthood kills rock stars
Fri is Shannon Hoon's bday and anniversary of my first show here in OK. Maybe we could hear Smoke in Weatherford?
Choo Sung Hoon will be back to regularly appearing on 'Superman is Back' in October.
Shannon Hoon tattoo 2013. "When life is hard, you have to change."
I agree with that. Just like if Shannon Hoon didn't die, Blind Melon would be Collective Soul.
Blind Melon- Me & Bobby McGee great cover by Shannon Hoon
Funny story, Shannon Hoon is buried in a small town in Indiana where my dad grew up. Saw his grave myself.
"If you dont like Neil Young than there's something wrong with your soul"...Shannon Hoon:
My uncle used to barbeque with Shannon Hoon.
Lead singer of Shannon Hoon died of a fatal overdose in 1995. The bee girl was still pursuing acting in 2008
“I went to the same high school as Shannon Hoon. fact one of my very favorite songs!
Find myself singing the same songs everyday. Ones that make me feel good when things behing the smiles ain't okay. - Shannon Hoon
Shannon Hoon on "There's nothing like a band like Pearl Jam. I would like them if I was deaf and I saw them playing."
Me and my auntie were on the phone last night just talking about how beautiful Axl Rose and Shannon Hoon were
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Weird question, I'm sure...and maybe off limits, but did anyone ever single out the vocal audio from Don't Cry w/ Shannon Hoon?
A short drive away from Campus in Dayton IN is the final resting spot of Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon.
Well fine...I happen to have liked Shannon Hoon
I think you all know my answer. . Shannon Hoon.
I just really miss you Shannon Hoon. I wish you were still alive. . Blind Melon - No Rain (Live Acoustic)
A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon...
You're the words in a song Shannon Hoon sang to me🎶
look up Shannon Hoon's Wikipedia. Her name is Nico Blue Hoon.
Mouthful of cavities and your soul's a bowl of jokes and every day you remind me that I'm desperately in need. -Shannon Hoon
I wish Shannon Hoon was still alive, (lead singer for Blind Melon)
from dannybones64 with repostapp. ---. With Shannon Hoon and Christopher Thorn of Blind…
There are certain times where I can't listen to Shannon Hoon sing without fighting back tears...
When ever someone menchains Shannon Hoon I think of Axl
Shannon Hoon grave sight. Blind Melon was the first concert I ever went to in 1993 :-(
Even Shannon Hoon need rain when he woke up"Who wants to be right as rain. It's better when something is wrong."
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Blind Melon - Only 2 albums with Shannon Hoon before his passing. by bandstarrstore
RIP Richard Shannon Hoon my favorite frontman, favorite singer of my favorite band!!!
Blind Melon - Change - Great song by an underrated band of the 90's. 2015 marks 20 years without Shannon Hoon
Did you know Shannon Hoon & Chris Cornell were friends? Hoon made the fork necklace Cornell wore in 'Black Hole Sun.' h…
yeah definitely true. I’m guilty of that, for sure. See my comments re: Shannon Hoon’s dancing.
Thank you to Nel Hoon for sharing this great photo. Helena & Shannon Hoon 04-24-1993 Mexico City, Mexico
Shannon Hoon, Steve Perry, Axl Rose, Layne Staley. Like did god wire their voice boxes perfectly or whut! Cant get over it
the song Throwing It All Away it's about Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon and it's one of my favorite songs!
I am pretty sure Shannon Hoon dancing in “No Rain” pretty much encapsulates everything that was awful about the 1990s
Honestly thoigh, it's a tie between the Spin Doctors. guy with the stupid hat and Shannon Hoon for biggest 90s doofus
What a loss Shannon Hoon was. 2 brilliant albums.
Please take your time to enjoy Shannon Hoon on this interview alongside with Brad Smith.
I would GIVE anything to get a time machine go back and see Brian Jones, Keith Moon,Jim Morrison , Jimi Hendrix,Layne Staley,Shannon Hoon,
Shannon hoon died in 1995 of a cocaine O.D in his band's tour bus on his way to New Orleans.
Hey, y'all, Shannon Hoon's daughter, Nico Blue caught the post for No Rain today. She's doing the music thing, too.
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With each additional hologram performance, does my idea of a JT and the Clouds + hologram-Shannon Hoon performance at a mostly-empty Empty Bottle become more or less funny?
Shannon with Ju Young Hoon on the set of "Hidden Singer 2"
Next year, the should revive Shannon Hoon for a Blind Melon hologram performance.
. Shannon Hoon was from my home town, Lafayette, IN. As are Izzy Stradlin and Axl Rose. Izzy lives there again. Said he never would.
I sometimes do, like getting faves from Merle Haggard's and Shannon Hoon's daughter
Shannon Hoon is forgotten for his huge contribution on Don't Cry. RIP.
I'm happy. Just remember those who made me happier like Kurt Cobain and Shannon Hoon :)
don't hate on Shannon Hoon... He's not just an annoying voice, he was also friends with Axl Rose.
Shannon Hoon does not approve from up above! The Red Sox and Tigers are under a rain delay at Fenway :(
Mine too. And it’d be such a lesser song without Shannon Hoon singing with Axl.
You're the words in a song that shannon hoon sang to me, and all around my memory you dance
If I could bring three men back to life and talk to each of them, it would be: John Lennon, Michael Larsen, & Shannon Hoon.
Shannon thought the world of his older brother, Tim Forkeotes. He is greatly missed by many. photo credit: Nel Hoon
Ever been to the Shannon Hoon vigil in Indiana?
do sad Shannon Hoon passed on. Great talent
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Shannon Hoon was right, it's time to go.
"If you don't like Neil Young, then there's something wrong with your soul." Shannon Hoon.
I knew someone who travelled to somewhere like Wichita to join a Shannon Hoon Appreciation Society / "Cult". (cont.)
And on the day I die... Thank God my soul will be released! ~ Shannon Hoon/Blind Melon
Thanks to Lori from In memory of Shannon Hoon for this beautiful picture of Shannon, taken in 1994 at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago by Jeff Kroll.
A daily dose of eMpTyV. Will. flush your mind right down the drain. Shannon. Hoon and Kurt Cobain, Make yourself a. household name.
Hmm. Blind Melon is playing on my iPod and on the PA system at work. The delay is weird. Shannon Hoon is EVERYWHERE!
When life get hard you have to change~ Shannon Hoon
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two, and speak my point of view, but it's not sane. It's not sane RIP Shannon Hoon
"If you don't like Shannon Hoon, then there's something wrong with your soul." Neil Young
Shannon Hoon, frontman of Blind Melon, tripping balls on LSD in a dress at Woodstock 94
"I'm gonna write my words on the face of today... and then they'll paint it" ~Blind Melon~ R.I.P. Richard Shannon Hoon
"They're telling me you all have really distorted behavior. Well for $135 a ticket you should be able to distort whatever it is you want to distort!" =) (Shannon Hoon Woodstock '94)
Well the lead off walk led to nothing. But faded out with Blind Melon's No Rain! RIP Shannon Hoon
I have ONE picture on my guitar. Shannon Hoon!! Also you're a good singer. I saw you on YouTube singing Change with Travis
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About a year or so before the death of singer Shannon Hoon. Blind Mellon performed the songs Change and Walk live on The Jon Stewart Show (Aired in 1994)
It's so weird to me that Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon is in Guns N Roses' Don't Cry video... lol they're not similar...
*We'd like to say goodbye to Kurt Cobain* - Shannon Hoon
"To ever look at what you do as a product that's when you've sold out."- Shannon Hoon
So my musically inclined friends .. where were you 20 years ago? Is this our "JFK" day? I, personally was a lot more upset about Shannon Hoon and Layne. But, I do think it was the beginning of the end for the grunge era.
i can never hear this song too many times! Shannon Hoon is badly missed ♫ No Rain – Blind Melon
Mom just told me I'm named after Shannon Hoon, the lead singer of Blind Melon.
I wavered back and forth between Van Morrison and The Estate Of Shannon Hoon (empty seat with the Tax ID Number scothch-taped)
i was just wondering... when is the vigil for shannon hoon again? my gma Sandra Whisler babysat him a long time ago... awww :-\ i miss my hometown "glory" sometimes NOT ALLTHE TIME. SOMETIMES lol
Mouthful of cavities And your souls a bowl of jokes. And everyday you remind me That I'm desperately in need. -the late great Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon.
I just wanna hang out with Shannon Hoon and Layne Staley.
Shannon Hoon was brilliant, no? Also a junkie, druggie like Kurt Cobain! Though you didn't like those types? :)
It's an honor being favorited by Shannon Hoon's daughter. Good luck in your musical career.
wait...your dad is THE Shannon Hoon? Really?
I'd probably go off the board with Andrew Wood, or maybe Shannon Hoon. But you can't go wrong with anyone here!!!
I'm thinking that having the F1 street race in Melbourne is a bad idea. It seems to have inspired the taxi drivers too much
Listening to Shannon Hoon sing Sleepyhouse saved me from this. Can't imagine emotionlessness, ever just cry to Blind Melon?
I see the Boat Race is sponsored by that thing called 'BNY Mellon' again. No Rain was a tune and Shannon Hoon died too young.
In the words of the late shannon hoon "when life is hard you have to change "
I don't think I can tell the Blind Melon cover of "Three Is A Magic Number" apart from the original. Shannon Hoon was weird.
Kurt Cobain was awesome. I still believe Shannon Hoon was even better. Neither guy had a chance to fully bloom.
"This song's about a little old lady who always told me to keep it simple, stupid". - Shannon Hoon on "Vernie"
Shannon Hoon is still my favorite dead musician though. Mainly because he's from Lafayette and husband used to resemble him.
My fav cute dead musician is shannon hoon what about you guys
April 8, 1994 was a Friday. I'd heard Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) say something about Cobain on Letterman. Saturday was the day of mourning.
but the chances are high (no pun intended) that he wouldn't haven blown his face off. Same with Shannon Hoon, and many others.
20 years ago we had Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon and Eddie Vedder. Now we have Bane, Michael Shannon, and Eddie Vedder.
does this mean Pride(In the Name of Love) was really written about Shannon Hoon?
Just curious. Out of the list, I'd pick Lennon. (Not on the list: Shannon Hoon.)
Shannon Hoon with tin foil on his head from "Letters From a Porcupine". lmao
My is dedicated Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon! What a gorgeous man. Why can't…
it's funny, l never thought he was hot. my bf looked like Shannon Hoon and Sebastian Bach combined
Funny you bring up Blind Melon! Wound up going off on tangent in class the other day and telling stories about Shannon Hoon
So when you're remembering Cobain, take time out for Layne Staley, Shannon Hoon, Jay Bennett and others who left early, and still shine on.
And there are also others who passed away, like Shannon Hoon and Layne Staley, who had more influence on me personally.
Why is Shannon Hoon never recognized the way Kurt Cobain has been and will be for years to come? Personally, I prefer Blind Melon to Nirvana
If you're a 90's music person with an appreciation for Shannon Hoon, this is gold.
Dreams: having tea at Springs Hotel with Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon senior quote! "Change" is a song written straight from Shannon's heart and it has so much.. So much.
Next year is the big one: 20 year anniversary of Shannon Hoon's death.
Welcome anthony montana to the Shannon Hoon Fan Club:) much love and peace to u:)
"I'd scrape my toes across the floor This days the same as those before And though inside im feelin Giddy Always wrong For never giving myself An uninvaded door" -Shannon Hoon
Did you happen to take these photos of Shannon Hoon?
though I would put Shannon Hoon in the top three from lafayette indiana
When will I realize the skin I am in isn't mine and when will there be too much meat too hide- Shannon Hoon
Sign me up for the advanced copy of Shannon Hoon's Biography. PLEASE DO THIS!
finally listened to the with It was great.btw Shannon Hoon was a member too
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