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Shannon Doherty

Shannen Maria Doherty (born April 12, 1971) is an American actress, producer, author and television director, known for her work as Heather Duke in Heathers (1989), as Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–1994) and its spinoff series 90210, and as Prue Halliwell in Charmed (1998–2001).

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Someone in my training class just said that Shannon Doherty got cancer as a result of karma for being a horrible person.
Shannon Doherty who played Prue on Charmed is currently battling Breast Cancer. Even if you aren't a charmed fan - just d…
Do you know someone with cancer? The answer is probably yes. Watch Shannon Doherty's journey with breat cancer.
agreed. Shannon can't have either name spelled out🙄 Hope they're better on air than they are overall online
Tomorrow we discuss Charmed and whose boobies are nicer Shannon Doherty or Holly Marie Combes. Prue or Piper in character.
I added a video to a playlist Shannon Doherty 3B/1B Class of 2019
Shannon Doherty is in very poor health due to her Breast Cancer.
Catching up on show. The Shannon Doherty episode was incredible.
Ok lets start a deadpool for the rest of 2016. Im taking shannon doherty. Who is your pick?
watching ET right now and I'm offended by the statement Shannon Doherty made about her hair being matted like dreadlocks. # not cool
I spy Shannon Doherty in an episode of Airwolf.
Shannon Doherty, Joanna Lumley, Julie Andrews, Angela Landsbury, the Queen and Betty White are my absolute limits. I'll be completely done.
Shannen Doherty talks cancer with Chelsea Handler. Shannen Doherty moved Chelsea Handler to tears.
I know I’ve been watching too much pay tv at my parent’s house when I find myself really wanting to see the Shannon Doherty reality show.
Jim with the very gorgeous Shannon Doherty. Taken a few years ago at Comic Oz Melbourne.
Shannen Doherty shares moving photo after chemo: 'Hope is possible' via Bless you Shannon Doherty!
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Shannon Doherty puts on a brave face for 'Chemoday'
Shannon Doherty and Holly Marie Combs among the stars at opening night
Shannon Doherty and Michael Landon relaxed my mind as Alexander and other lives with good advice.
Hi Doherty, This is customized T shirtz and Hoodie with Ur name!BUY NOW:
but when Shannon Doherty (Prue) left the show you could tell the character dynamics changed a lot
Shannen Doherty Ai the Shannon do they ... Be concerned about the Jason Thomas there's two
Shannen Doherty E LA LOTTA .., in glum ellen the Shannon. Dithery had the glyn Ellen
Thanks for the tank Shannon Doherty!!! The "thrust was a must" this morning!
yes. The only good person in that is Shannon Doherty and she's still trash.
Luke Perry. You are the luckiest man in the world. Had to choose out of Shannon Doherty and Jenny Garth. LEGEND
Paige Doherty's brave mum has attended a fundraising auction which raised over £2k in memory of her tragic daughter. http…
Paige Doherty murder accused back in court
Scotland: Paige Doherty's mum attends fundraising tribute night at local pub in memory of tragic daughter
Man charged with murder of Paige Doherty
Celebrities join friends and families to pay tribute to the tragic teen
Did you hear Shannon Doherty’s starring in the Murder, She Wrote remake? It’s a rumor I’m starting. Pass it on.
Oh yeah... lots of drinking or drugs or both after the OC finished. And she has the diva rep - Like Shannon Doherty.
Weird: @ gym on 1 TV Shannon Doherty on Highway to Heaven next to Luke Perry in Goodnight for Justice
Definitely did not know Shannon Doherty was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Shannon Doherty had a bad reputation and even worse attitude. She could have had a better career.
On this day in 2001, Shannon Shannen Doherty appeared as Prue for the last time. What was your favourite Prue moment? htt…
Shannon Doherty and Holly Marie Combs have been announced for Sydnova. This is going to get interesting
3pm and Michael Strahan discuss his health scare and wake-up call + Shannon Doherty's Breast Cancer battle.
Relaxing and about to watch "Undatebale John". With Shannon Doherty, Stella Warren and . . Enjoy the weekend.
This might be a great fit for you: Restaurant Manager-Shannon Rose Irish Pub - NJ
Lily Ann O'Hora comes through like a train to take the 60mH. in 2nd, with Shannon Dawkens outdipping Kate Doherty for 3rd
Carys Weaver and Shannon Doherty Joint 3rd Place in the AHT Comp Cardinal Newman school Coventry
Good to see Shannon Doherty back in TV
If Shannon Doherty is the my I'm ready to crash and burn now
I think I saw some years ago.. Luke Perry and Shannon Doherty if my memory serves me correctly
Shannon Doherty as prue in charmed is my spirit animal
I wish Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and either Rose McGowan or Shannon Doherty would reboot Charmed as a movie or som…
Important to state : Athlone & Carrick-on-shannon are both OPEN for centres accessible despite …
We're Read about our latest opening here: Executive Chef-Shannon Rose Irish Pub - NJ
Where does Shannon Doherty get off winning a dance contest and going swimming when she had contracts to deliver?
I can't help but wonder how epic the final episode of charmed would have been if Shannon Doherty was a part of it.
This is a town that gave a key to the city to Gene Simmons and Shannon Doherty so, yeah, we are REALLY thirsty for attention.
My only regret was too young for Shannon Doherty.
someone please watch seasonally themed movies and chill w Shannon. please.
Watching what up to my girl ❗️ anything Shannon Doherty does is great
Which hit show from the 1990s starred Jason Priestly, Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth?
a ground survey is being conducted at a garden in connection into the historic disappearance of Natalia Doherty in 2003
Rose-Server needed in at Doherty Enterprises. Apply now!
Doherty Enterprises is looking for a Rose-Busser in apply now!
really? I never really liked her because I always heard Shannon Doherty was terrible to work with. I liked Piper cos freeze powers
Lol why is Shannon Doherty in all the 80s movies I'm watching
'Nice pet, Michael. It looks like an *** with teeth!' You would know, Shannon Doherty. You. Would. Know.
Sometimes it pays to check the TV guide. I'm now about to watch Blood Lake: Attack Of The Killer Lampreys starring Shannon Doherty.
I wonder what Shannon No Job Doherty has been up to lately.
she was there once Shannon Doherty was deemed as "not pasty-white ugly enough"
i was told I look like Shannon Doherty
This Korean actress Choi jung won keeps giving me Shannon Doherty vibes... Like in the face
I liked a video Scott Steiner on Doing Jobs, Cruiserweights and Shannon Doherty
Want to work at Shannon Rose Irish Pub? We're in NJ! Click for details:
I look like a Picasso...or a Shannon Doherty.
Do you remember when Deidre Hall was on a show with Shannon Doherty? Our House
No, fox announcers, I know it's spelled that way, but it's not pronounced Way-Zata. It's ok, Shannon Doherty once made same mistake.
Wishing 90210 Beverly Hills is on Netflix. The version with Shannon Doherty of course
joel probably loves the early seasons bc he's a closet Shannon Doherty fan
and those bad boys were the inspiration for Shannon Doherty in 90210.
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Have you ever noticed Shannon Doherty's wonky eyes?
If you can't make spooning work with Shannon Doherty, I don't know what to tell you, man.
Which leads me to a greater tv mystery than what happened between J-Marg and A.Panjabi. Why does Aaron Spelling keep hiring Shannon Doherty?
The Beverly Hills 90210 movie just had "Ian Ziering" say to "Shannon Doherty," "You're like a shark mixed with a tornado." Beautiful.
Really sad about Shannon Doherty and cancer. How ironic that she did that Breast Cancer scare show on Beverly Hill 90210
~ Shannon Doherty announced she is battling Breast Cancer.
Lawsuit reveals actress Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer:
I have just heard Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer. I hope she comes through it. Mt thoughts go out to her.
Oh no.Shannon Doherty is undergoing Breast ur acting roles in ur tv shows and I wish u all the best!
Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer - partially blaming her former business managers for it.
Shannon Doherty Has Breast Cancer: Oh no! Shannon Doherty is in the fight of her life: she’s…
Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer 😥 My heart goes out to her and wishing her a full recovery x
Shannon Doherty had Breast Cancer and elderly ppl go to school.
Properly devasated that Shannon Doherty has cancer :( kick its *** ❤️
Shannon Doherty used to be mega babein in charmed. Now she looking hella old
Beverly Hills 90210 star has cancer: Shannon Doherty has revealed she is battling breas...
Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer, sues former managers.
I've thrown up prettier things than Shannon doherty
did you hear Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer? :(
Oh :(( sad to hear BH 90210 Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer. Still young. Thinking of her n all the women battling the disease. Hope 1day
My prayers and thoughts are with Shannon Doherty and her fans as she (Shannon) is battling Breast Cancer.
Shannen Doherty's lawsuit reveals actress has Breast Cancer (from very sad to hear. Wishing Shannon the best.
Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer, sues former managers
Never been huge fan of Shannon Doherty but sending prayers + best wishes. Shannon discov. she has Breast Cancer + agency didn't pay policy!
can we get the 06010 community to say a prayer for Shannon Doherty.
Curious how Shannon Doherty's cancer diagnosis is gonna hit filming for Mallrats followup. Obvious her health is bigger, but
Former 90210 star Shannon Doherty has been diagnosed with cancer.
Poor Shannon Doherty :(. Everybody is wishing you the best of luck!
Doherty has Breast Cancer. Me: :o. fine.
Shannon Doherty has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Shannon Doherty reveals she has Breast Cancer in lawsuit against business mgr over insurance
Sad to hear that Shannon Doherty has Breast Cancer :( love her! my prayers go out to her🙏 stay strong!
. Corin Nemec, Holly Marie Combs, Shannon Doherty, Sam Lloyd plus more, was great fun mingling with them all.
Why isn't Shannon Doherty the ~cool mom~ on Holly Marie Combs absolutely kills it (pun intended) on
Lundqvist, best spokesperson for uneven, lopsided eyes since Shannon Doherty
Dude on the right looks like Shannon Doherty!
Now they just need to do a Gossip Girl reunion. All they have to do is call, and I'll be there. I won't even go all Shannon Doherty on them.
Bradley Cooper has Shannon Doherty eyes. How come I never noticed that before?
I do particularly like shannon doherty's power, and that's why I'm leaning more towards charmed atm
Watching Charmed. Shannon Doherty is one of my all time mega babes, wonky eyes an' all.
You do realize you are making Shannon Doherty look like the smart one by comparison.
calling a HS lax game tomorrow. a player is named Shannon Doherty. think she has any idea of Brenda Walsh?
Hair is finally out of mullet. Now it's Shannon Doherty. THAT'S WHAT WE CALL PROGRESS GUYS!
great series. Loved that show along with Charmed post Shannon Doherty
Rose-Host/Hostess needed in at Doherty Enterprises. Apply now!
I hear ya. Shannon Doherty asked me out and I accidentally deleted it!!! Now the meaning of life is gone.
Shannon Doherty is my favourite character. The show wasn't the same after she left.
The fact that Alyssa Milano had to pretend to be sad after she kicked Shannon Doherty off her own show makes me cackle so hard.
Shannon doherty 40 in Spoons starter pack
Theater 304: How to get along with fellow cast members with Professor Shannon Doherty .
my ex loves that show she still watches reruns, I rather charmed with Rose McGowan, the Shannon Doherty seasons (& her) sucked
Shannon Minihan Dellow Nicole Marie Oswald Emily Case-Doherty... This popped up on my news feed thought of you ladies
OMG!! Who the *** is Shannon Doherty!?!? I can't believe this terrible mistake came from the…
Music television is about flea market finds, Shannon Doherty road trips, catching gators, NJ-ites, and boozing southeners
THE best episode. Also a lot of love for Shannon Doherty.
"LeBron's game is sharper than the cubist angles on Shannon Doherty's face! Sportsguy out! Picasso!".
Power Rangers bullying an actor, Shannon Doherty in her shows, Fred MacMurray contract, Nicollete Sheridan law suit and now
preparing for the IT exam and doing it
The last time Shannon Doherty was likeable was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
New opening at Doherty Enterprises in - Rose-Host/Hostess
girls just wanna have fun! Sarah Jessica Parker, dance TV, mini Shannon Doherty..what is more 80's??
Kelly Doherty's funeral is today. She is survived by her husband, Donald Doherty and their four girls, Shannon,...
Every morning the show "Charmed" is on at the gym vs. ESPN. Been this way for a year or so. I now prefer Shannon Doherty over Chris Berman
B&B are better. And that Shannon Doherty... Hachi Machi!
Shannon Doherty is in episode 4 of I wonder if she's unpleasant and mean as a kid as she is as an adult.
I meant what I said, I said what I mean
as long as Shannon Doherty and Joey Lauren Adams are in it!
you beat me to that (its like Brady is Shannon Doherty and Garoppolo is the girl who was once Kelly Kapowski)
Shannon Doherty needs a new pair of shoes.
Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano was the original Good Wife scandal
Shannon Doherty has had three costume changes in one day at the same mall. Why
absolutely. Shannon doherty is also at her best
Personal best for Erin Doherty in the 1600 with 5:31
I think it hit Shannon Doherty's corpse in the eye.
Charmed :D shannon doherty and alissa melano
Breast Cancer Awareness
My Riveria memory, watching rooftop boxing w/dad as a kid and sitting next to Shannon Doherty. I told dad, "She's not as pretty as mom!"
especially Shannon Doherty. Do you think Stan Lee will be the last get?
Shannon Doherty and Jason Lee confirmed for Pretty good news to me!
Confirmations that Jason Lee and Shannon Doherty will both return for Mallrats 2!
Today, Shannon Doherty is exactly as old as U.S. Grant was the day Gen. Lee surrendered to him: 16,053 days.
so then we will be seeing Jason Lee & Shannon Doherty reprise their rolls I hope?!!! :)
Shannon Doherty is a nut case so I think this is legit.
Love how jemma&shannon is snoring beside me And I really can't sleep 😔
You're the Shannon Doherty of the serving world... that's not a compliment.
Idk why I said young bc Shannon Doherty is still bae
I'm like a genetic mutation of Marcia Brady, Lynda Carter and Shannon Doherty. 😅😒
In all three seasons she was in of Charmed, I don't think Shannon Doherty wore a bra once.
uh well I think we have established my Shannon Doherty crush on here so it's probably well over redacted views like mine...
Felicity Jones, how do I know you? You're swearing Shannon Doherty's face and Zoe Deschanel's hair.
sounds like the title to a great/bad disaster movie starring Shannon Doherty & Lorenzo Lamas. .
Auto's way of stopping me from accusing Shannon Doherty as a child prostitute
Omg Shannon Doherty totally skepticism this guy as a 12 yr old
Shannon Doherty and Holly Marie Combs are like the perfect team
Shannon Doherty suggests Jason Priestly has brain damage
Just waiting for "Shannon Doherty made out with a hot dog"
convinced you're related to Shannon Doherty now.
Because of a rip in space time, Adrienne Barbeau & Shannon Doherty are the same age in Jailbreakers (1994)
I'm old enough to have watched it 1st time with shannon doherty and Luke Perry etc!
I know he may not be in the class of Gene Simmons or Shannon Doherty but would you consider giving Teemu a key to the city?
Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano are so hot on Charmed wow 😍😛
Not sure on Watson could break down lifting a tissue. Doherty. .. bloody Shannon Doherty would get more turn than him on a good day
I met Shannon Doherty and she gave me a free selfie😍!!
“Does she thinks she's in an episode of "Charmed"?” Only acceptable if she's referring to the Shannon Doherty episodes
Holly Marie Combs and Shannon Doherty and Brian Krause are in the same building as me. I don't know what to do
Alyssa Milano, Shannon Doherty, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs play the best witches ever on charmed
Nailed it fox... "Fox news anchor suggests skin colour helps identify 'typical bad guys'
Why exactly did everyone hate Shannon Doherty?
I miss charmed Shannon Doherty playing Pru was the best the only time I would watch
Shut up! Jim Jefferies and Shannon Doherty are here too!!! Star studed
Since everyone on fb is on vacation. Shannon O'Doherty✈️ traveling to Starbucks,Burlington MA with 0 others from Hickory lane,Burlington MA
Loving the doco about the 90s on with social commentary from Shannon Doherty, Vanilla Ice and Monica Lewinsky
Got a sweet black eye & my right side is so swollen, that my eye looks smaller than my left one. I'm Shannon Doherty!
I got a bow on my panties because my *** is a present
what about this one 'I'll be back at 11 you just act like a present'
I'm not going to fight back the urge to quote a bit o in this conversation.
naw a big one so I don't have to go to school and face the haters
I learned the hard way that you never tell a woman she looks like Shannon Doherty
How can I arrange interviews with Shannon Doherty and Holly Marie Combs? For my new film?
Apparently Shannon Doherty likes her to be specific.
oh because in 20 minutes theres a show coming on with Shannon Doherty and holly Maria combs its a reality show
Update your maps at Navteq
Airwolf: season 1, episode 4. Guest starring a teenage Shannon Doherty. Doesn't get much better than this.
claw-like *** of Shannon Doherty.. Man, that show had EVERYTHING!!. .
Think my heart just died just found out Shannon doherty and holly combs still hang out with eachother :')
If you see a movie with Shannon Doherty as part of the cast...the movie is going to suck..
Shannon Doherty. Christopher Lloyd. And Mary Jane from Half Baked must have all been hurtin for money when they accepted to be in this movie😄
Holly Marie Combs, Shannon Doherty, and Brian Krause are all going to be at an Austin con. If I can't go, I will literal…
90210? Like... not unless it features Shannon Doherty and Jason Priestley.
Can't believe I never noticed how crooked Shannon Doherty's eyes are. It's kinda distracting. 👀
Shannon Doherty is like the female Gary Busey.
As if I needed more reason than that description, Shannon Doherty is the star. I'm sold. @ Holiday Inn…
Me: What you doin?. Roomie: Watching Charmed. Me: Don't get attached to Shannon Doherty. DON'T.
busted Stears!! You can't have known unless u watched it too ruined. Also..It was better when Shannon Doherty left.
Getting shannon off her bus like the protective mother I am
Is it just me or does Emily Browning look a bit Shannon Doherty 90120 in this poster?
Don't know which I like better... Charmed with Shannon Doherty or with Rose McGowan. Best. Show. Ever.
Sad that someone who fights for good reason is labeled "difficult" putting him/her in category w *** like Shannon Doherty.
Shannon Doherty used to be my girl...on 90210 and Charmed...ahhh the good days
*** ! It's a show from the 90s with young tori spelling and Shannon Doherty !! Teen drama basically
Story of my life. Can't decide who is hotter : Shannon Doherty or Alyssa Milano . The other one is ok…
Shannon Doherty era or Rose McGowan era of ?
Totally forgot Shannon Doherty's character was gone when Tiffani came on the scene.
This revisionist history DD created, does he do custom orders? Shannon Doherty can use this on 90210 story.
I feel like everyone knows what happened on 90210, though. Shannon Doherty and her mess made sure of that.
it's hilariously awful. And Shannon Doherty is the worst of them all.
Shannon Doherty was so beautiful, and still is.
shout out to frat boy Kevin Costner and Girl Scout Shannon Doherty
My next door neighbour has a permanent yard sale, so if you need a copy of Shannon Doherty's 2010 book Badass, I can hook you up. Just FYI.
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