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Shane Meadows

Shane Meadows (born 26 December 1972) is an English film director, screenwriter, occasional actor and BAFTA winner.

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Shane Meadows was once asked why he filmed 24 7 in black and white. He replied "Cos it's Notts County's colours". Ace.
Abul & Saifur with Shane Meadows the director of the Co-op community videos which Newark are…
A beautiful film by Shane Meadows for the Co-op
Exclusive screening of new cinema advert directed by Shane Meadows, before the screening of new Transpott…
Turns out it's directed by Shane Meadows. Needed a plot, tbh.
erm yes Withnail & I is one of my favourite films but bears no relevance here. If you like Shane Meadows, see dead man's shoes
Take a look at Shane Meadows' new film for before it hits the big screen uk
Getting drunk and watching everyone Shane Meadows film 😭 I can't cope
H/t to Shane Meadows and for the uplifting pre- advert ❤️
Check out Shane's new film for the Co-op which will be screened in cinemas soon. . https:/…
it's from Shane Meadows, the guy who went on to do This is England after.
I would forever be in your debt if you could get Shane Meadows on the podcast.
Vicky McClure webchat – your questions answered on fry ups, Motown and Shane Meadows
Not a check-out in sight. Shane Meadows helps Coop show the 'power of community':
Congratulations Co-Op and Shane Meadows. Absolutely brilliant ode to the north and the culture of a business.
This is Co-op '17: Shane Meadows directs film for supermarket
My first experience on a feature film was with Shane Meadows on 'T...
at least Shane Meadows films tend to be finished in 90 mins
Watching this first week of Trump's presidency has been more depressing than watching a Shane Meadows film.
If you missed it last week, one of the cinema advertising companies have an article about Shane's Co-op advert.
Saw this wonderful, inspiring little 'ad' at the cinema last week. Well done
Campaign of the day. We love new advert directed by Shane Meadows.
I hope in the future, Shane Meadows takes inspiration from T2 and does a 20 year follow up to This is England with This is England 2020
watching Dead Mans Shoes 'shane meadows' film
Shane Meadows' latest film... is an advert for the Co-op by
Yay ! Tickets to see at in . I love her . Is that weird?
Not sure how to describe it. Maybe if Shane Meadows at his darkest made an American "About A Boy". It's unreal though, do it.
A Shane Meadows classic. Paddy Considine at his best. Just watched it again. Quality.
TEPIN, freshly-crowned 2016 champion turf female (adding to her 2015 award), works with TAMIT this am at Palm Meadows -…
Shane Meadows has directed a nice piece of branded content for cinema, showing how members help local cause…
Shane Meadows filmed the communities Co-op members support. Watch the film + join us
Shane meadows should make 'this is England '17' with this premise
Watch Shane Meadows' new film about how Co-op members help local causes. Read more from here
fresh off her honor, worked 4F with Tamit at Palm Meadows for Watch more:
Shane Meadows creates new community film to launch Co-op recruitment campaign
Get behind-the-scenes with super fan Shane Meadows as he lives his dream with
Me at the with Shane Meadows and his lovely wife Jo x
Director Shane Meadows and others pay tribute to the late great singer-songwriter Gavin Clark
I'm getting a heavy sense of Shane Meadows watching this final. This really is England!
Shane Meadows is my jam plus I'm also keen to check Joss Whedon, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and Jane Espenson.
I like them. Like a Shane Meadows set.
just watched the shane meadows roses movie. Any spanish gigs this summer?
Home alone for a Friday night... you know what that means... *** right... Pizza, Beer and Shane Meadows films
how was it working with thomas turgoose for the music vid? Big fans of Shane Meadows' work?
A shot from the first ever film we made together: myself and Shane Meadows in 'The Shumachers' (1991).
This MUST happen!! - please call Shane Meadows IMMEDIATELY! Seriously, this would be AMAZE
Empire Inspiration special award goes to Paddy Considine, presented by Shane Meadows.
The Aliens actor Michael Socha is convinced Shane Meadows won't do any more This Is England
This Is England: Shane Meadows set out to tell the story of his childhood –
A most powerful series, by Shane Meadows. Also has best pure punk wedding ever seen in film
has been nominated for 'Best Drama Serial' & 'Best Writer (Drama) - Shane Meadows & Jack Thorne' at the Programme Awards!
This Is England's Michael Socha doesn't think Shane Meadows will write any more | News | Culture | The Independent:
This Is England's Michael Socha: 'I think the story's ended'
Looking at my IG, I seem to like taking photos of garages. I blame Shane Meadows subliminal influence.
hi-I'm a media teacher,trying to purchase Shane Meadows essays;wondered if yr book was available for less than £50 anywhere?!
Premiere: releases a remarkable Shane Meadows inspired video
just need a movie and music out to it maybe by Shane meadows this is Geordie.. staring nail, heavy, Whatley,
yeah mate!!! I went running down with when Brownhill scored as well. You look like summet off a Shane Meadows film mate
Shane Meadows is a national treasure
Kelly you need to try and watch this film. Shane meadows who made this is England. Made it, so good
Shane Meadows said he heard some new stuff, I think he said it was alright actually.
"The standard's ridiculously high" Shane Meadows on the 2016 Shorts showcase. Playing 'til 8 Mar, don't miss!
Fantastic how Burton Albion have progressed over the past 15 years. Maybe Shane Meadows will make a film of it?
When I die, Shane Meadows will direct and produce a montage of my life events and Ludovico Einaudi will deliver the soundtrack
I hope one day I can work with people like Shane Meadows and Derrin Schlesinger
I watched Shane Meadows' for the first time today. Excellent movie.
If Shane Meadows were to write and direct Coronation Street, that person on the bus just then would have been ideal foil for a whole plot.
I am so game for this lecture on Shane Meadows.
What Shane meadows did with the whole of This is England is stunning
Recent photo of Joe Dempsie with Thomas Turgoose, Vicky McClure, and Shane Meadows after the NME Awards
they should get Shane Meadows on board to do Wham! Rap 90
A Room For Romeo Brass is a fairly strange film. I like it though, Shane Meadows is a geezer
Shane Meadows's This Is England gang will give Channel 4 a kick up the 80s - arsemard:...
with Charity Shop Sue,Resnick,RHood,Shane Meadows etc lets get Nottm on this map
Never watched anything that's made as big an impression as - Shane Meadows genius. Hope there's more to come.
I added a video to a playlist The Living Room - A Film by Shane Meadows
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Thank you to St. Collette School in Rolling Meadows for including "Journey to the Cross" in your Catholic School...
Just finished watching Shane Meadows is a genius. What an amazing film/series.
Nobody found shot It was "This Is England" (2006) by Shane Meadows. Next shot in 5min!
Fint soundtrack till Shane Meadows Dead man's shoes. Smog - Vessel in Vain
Shane Meadows Pillsborough. A look back at acid house culture and the death of working class football culture in 1989. Authentic Reni hats.
A letter that I sent to Shane Meadows. I never got a reply.
Just when I thought Shane Meadows might have made a charming and pleasant film…
i haven't got a TV. Although I do watch Game Of Thrones.& the This Is England series'. I love Shane Meadows. Just films mostly
He might be, but considering Colback and Tiote are Shane Meadows and Ken Loach that's not a bad thing
Amazing feeling to see heroes like Shane Meadows talking about with clips of our own! …
Day 34 *** McPharlin's Moll by Tim Winton. A very long and dark short story just waiting to be directed by Shane Meadows
Finally finished This is England, Powerful stuff Shane Meadows is brilliant!
This is England and all its series, pure brilliance by Shane Meadows
Britpop, Ukip and pickled brains: what the future of This Is England looks like
Camera geeks! shooting This is England 90 with BMCC & Pocket
nah, not really - this is Shane Meadows. You're an emotional wreck pretty much constantly.
A vivid and thrilling dream last night. Like something scripted by the Coens and co-directed by Ben Wheatley and Shane Meadows
The 12 minute version of Made of Stone from Shane Meadows's Made of Stone is superb. And even better in the flesh
You seen the Shane Meadows doc? Seeing them all in the one room jamming is a joyous moment.
This is England writer Jack Thorne has said he's 'keen' to do a 2000 version if creator and director Shane Meadows wants to go ahead. YES!
on his beautifully written play Mydidae
Playwright Jack Thorne (1998) on 'This is England '86', his play 'Mydidae' and working with J K Rowling:
Great article with in as opens tomorrow night at the MAC
Excellent interview with the ever brilliant in We loved so so much.
Checkout the outstanding article by Henry McDonald for for opening tomorrow
Can't wait to open Mydidae on Tuesday... Such a special play..
Having a Shane Meadows retrospective. This is England last night. Next up Dead Man's Shoes.
Do not say this and not mean it. (The possibility of more This Is England shouldn't be taken lightly)
This Is England writer: '92, '98, 2000? I'm ready to pen more
we are days behind schedule but amps are crackling to life,. 5 cameras & backing video - Shane Nolan Tanner...
Shane meadows probably went to Hamilton saw how that brogan girl gets passed around the boozer and got inspiration for t…
That documentary 'Stone Roses: Made of Stone' by Shane Meadows is amazing. Can't stop listening now
you should check out Shane meadows interview the cast before shoots. Very interesting and young fresh talent.
Finished watching this is England Shane meadows legend
Writer Jack Thorne describes tears at end of This Is England ’90
Ah that is fab, and a fine set of overgrown mutton chops. Never known Shane Meadows to work with anything but talented people.
That was absolutely incredible TV. Shane Meadows is a genius and the entire crew are bloody brilliant!
I'm the luckiest sod, cos I got to hang out with Shane Meadows for this li'l film. BEST DAY.
Now, first ep of Loved these characters since the movie so long ago. No faulting the Shane Meadows lad!
Been looking forward to this for a very long time. Got to love Shane Meadows.
it's probably the most excited I've been about a TV show in a LONG time. I love Shane Meadows.
Shane Meadows' This Is England '90 finally returns to our screen in this long-awaited series .
This is England '90 – behind the scenes on the final chapter of Shane Meadows' gritty series
oops. Clearly I haven't yet recovered. Here it is Shane Meadows and Andrew Collins Q&A
This Is England star on what Shane Meadows means to him & the rest the gang
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
bed now , only another 750 to work out tomorrow - Victoria Coren Mitchell, Shane Meadows, Robert Webb, CAITLIN MORAN
Shane Meadows once nearly crashed into my car on his bike near Maid Marian way. He was wearing shorts eating an ice cream
This Is England '90 – exclusive trailer for the Shane Meadows drama
And you thought it couldn't get any better? 'Frankie Boyle, Julia Davis and Shane Meadows join line-up' http:…
It'll take u into the mind of director Shane Meadows. The best at what he doe's. And trust me. This Is England!
Shane meadows is a genius the scenes intercutting at the end of Ep3 of tie86, harrowing juxtaposed with the football and combo arriving. Wow
I was just thinking maybe the Stone Roses will be in this is England 90' and that's why Shane meadows done Made of Stone before the series?
Not sure it's in the right theme as such, but Grave of the Fireflies? Also Shane Meadows' Twenty Four Seven. Sort of.
3rd for Shane Sweetnam and Chaqui Z in 2night's 1m50 Jump Off
I wonder if this photo they've used is from the This Is England 90 shoot?.
Photoset: This is a brilliant film by shane meadows! Called deadm mans shoes, go watch it!
The first episode of This Is England 90 will be premiered at the Edinburgh International TV Festival in August!
Macs : : We can also be nice to be fair to David Rodigan on Sat! Le Donk, innovative Shane Meadows fan Congrats
u haven't seen Room for Romeo Brass? it's Shane Meadows best work. I will lend it u if u don't mind travelling to Lancashire ;)
Dead Man's Shoes with Paddy Considine was a *** good film, Great acting and a good story. Good job Shane Meadows. 👍
you have to include Deaf Man's Shoes staring Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine.
Johnny Harris also casually said he would get Shane Meadows to come in and talk to us... Yes please!
I'm big into movies and I think Shane Meadows is a genius but nothing in a film has ever shook me like the last scene in This Is England 😰
Shane Meadows should make a Union Jack movie.
I never watched that Shane Meadows Stone Roses documentary, must get on that.
Bob Odenkirk is right. Watch all of Shane Meadows' films now...apart from 'once upon a time in the Midlands'.
31 Oct Social Realism in cinema from 1930s Night Mail to Shane Meadows with Dr David Forrest
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (2013). Shane Meadows doc on the Manc bands reunion. Great, if only for the concert footage. 💿
Never been a fan but I love Shane Meadows films so let's see if I like this despite that.
Right about now though I'm going to watch "Made of Stone" the documentary on The Stone Roses by Shane Meadows.
brilliant, speaking of Shane meadows, have you seen 'A room for Romeo Brass'?
Shane Meadows, Clio Barnard, Lars Von Trier, Terry Mc Mahon. Terence Malik. Directors, artists I'd love to work with today.
Technically I'm supposed to be working but if Meadows let's me out for a bit I'm there, man.
On are Like John Cooper Clarke slapping John Shuttleworth in a Shane Meadows film.
5 Shane Meadows makes films so proudly British they should come served with a bowl of sarcasm & a side of fish&chips
Social Realism, from Night Mail to Shane Meadows by is the Ideas Alive talk on 31 Oct. Free, all welcome
Seen it, great show. The director Shane Meadows directed the "This is England", series. Thats better again.
One of Shane Meadows/Paddy Considine's greatest films, with a superb performance from Toby Kebbell.
Nothing can top Shane Meadows' excellent Stone Roses doc, but I am nevertheless VERY excited to see this!
"love for He's like Billy Bragg meets Shane Meadows. love Stocks
One of our favourites. Directed by a local, Shane Meadows. One of our staff once featured as an extra in one of his films.
Always thought Shane Meadows reboot of the Weetabix packet cartoon was a bit off, like.
Omg i just saw on the STARS channel. It was a commercial for the Chair. Your going places Shane!
Today's movie recommendation: This Is England directed by Shane Meadows.
Here's what's coming up on today's show... Our Listed Londoner is Eve Ferret, singer, actress and old friend of Robert's from the Blitz Club days. Kate Williams will be here with a tale of a historical London woman, the lady in questions today will be music hall singer Vesta Tilly. We continue or World War One at Home series, talking about the Post Office Home Depot in Regent's Park. The World Cup is coming, so we'll begin our series finding out where you can see your home country's games in our city. And we'll have live music from Gavin Clark and a chat with Shane Meadows, who's made a film about Gavin's work.
**CASTING CALL* 2 male actors and 1 female actress required for a short student social realism drama about alcohol abuse and domestic violence. The film follows Mollie, who while visiting her brother Charlie reveals through a series of flashbacks, the struggles of trying to live about her normal life, which proves to be difficult giving the working and living circumstances of her abusive boyfriend Trevor. The film draws inspiration from the works of Ken Loach, Gary Oldman and Shane Meadows and in doing this, we hope to capture the gritty realism that have been the theme of many acclaimed and authentic British films over the fast five decades. The film will also follow some of the conventions of the genre in itself, the usage of natural light, hand held cinematography and an urban environment setting whilst remaining a truly original piece. Think of it as a crossover between Nil By Mouth and This Is England. We are planning to shoot the film within the last week of May/first week of June. Expenses can be p ...
Stephen Woolley, Shane Meadows and Helen Mirren pay tribute to actor Bob Hoskins, who has died aged 71
One of my favourite Bob Hoskins performances came in Shane Meadows' debut film Twenty Four Seven. Seek it out if you have…
Shane Meadows is the best British film director in a generation.
Nice work from Shane Meadows on the Stone Roses: Made of Stone. What a guy 🇬🇧🇬🇧
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Documentary is brilliant. Mainly when they're playing live. Let down a bit towards end with Shane Meadows not looking at.
Tickets now on sale for a special screening of Shane Meadows' 1 April at Sheffield
Jake Bugg misses out on gong at NME Awards but Shane Meadows does win ...
Awesome night at the NME AWARDS!!! Met some wicked celebs - Peter Crouch, Johnny Marr, Alex Turner and Shane Meadows to name a few!! :D
Well done Shane Meadows a true gent
Lily Allen won best solo artist and Shane Meadows gave away his Spike island tickets.
This is part 1 of 6 sketches and short films directed and starring Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine, basically them having a bit of a laugh.Shane's world wa...
Ben Wheatley is one that uses this method very well as does Shane Meadows. You feel that you have been ...
Directed by Shane Meadows. With Paddy Considine, Gary Stretch, Toby Kebbell, Stuart Wolfenden. A disaffected soldier (Considine) returns to his hometown to get even with the thugs who brutalized his mentally-challenged brother (Kebbell) years ago.
Director of the National Film and Television School, London A – Z OF STORY – STORY FROM A PRODUCERS POINT OF VIEW In the early 1970's Nik Powell set up Virgin Records with Richard Branson and in the space of ten years the pair turned a small mail-order record operation into a multi-million pound conglomerate. In 1982 Powell went into partnership with Stephen Woolley, having sold out from Virgin in the previous year.  Together they formed Palace Video, followed by Palace Pictures, and then Palace Productions, soon establishing each as highly regarded entities within the film distribution and production industry.  Powell has acted as Executive Producer on all of Palace's productions including Neil Jordan's COMPANY OF WOLVES, OSCAR NOMINATED MONA LISA, Michael Caton-Jones' SCANDAL, and Neil Jordan's multi Oscar nominated THE CRYING GAME. Nik and Stephen Woolley's new company Scala produced Iain Softley's BACKBEAT, Terence Davies' THE NEON BIBLE, Shane Meadows' TWENTYFOUR: SEVEN, Mark Herman's Oscar and ...
but 3x25 min shorts by guys like Richard Ayoade, Shane Meadows, Gareth Evans & 4 mini trailers by others would rock
Just held forth on the films of Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Shane Meadows. Didn't realise I was such a fan of British social realist cinema...
Shane Meadows has joked that the release of a new Stone Roses album in 2015 would be quick for the band. The Stone Roses released their last album Second Coming in 1994, five and a half years after their self-titled debut.After splitting in 1996, the band reunited in 2011 and at the time promised a "live resurrection" with new material, though have only played old songs at their live shows and festival appearances so far. During Meadows's documentary The Stone Roses: Made of Stone, the director got visibly excited about the 'New Song' on the running order for a band rehearsal for their Warrington Parr Hall comeback. However, the band played no new songs during that performance, and no new material is heard on the film itself. Asked if he heard any new music during the making of the film, Meadows told Digital Spy: "No, we didn't. The day I think we were going to get a chance to hear something, I think Ian [Brown] and John [Squire] were having a bit of a sort of get together and I went to show them a cut. " ...
Nothing like film for me, watching the art of John Hughes as a kid, Ferris Bueller, Home alone, getting introduced to John Candy. The 80s and the 90s. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. The terminator and special effects. Cameron and Spielberg. ET and the Alien. Boyz n the Hood and Charlie and the chocolate factory. 6 years of Lost and Trading places. Eddie Murphy and all things America. Shane Meadows and This is England. All good memories but never have I experienced anything as good as what Vince Gilligan has created with Breaking Bad. Perfection from one man and his Camera! Paul Roscoe Neil Parsons Rob Prince James Walman Dan Meiring Robert Wolstenholme
Most definitely! Paddy Considine gives one of the best performances I've ever seen. For me, it's Shane Meadows' best work.
Shane Meadows' film is brilliant. Loved Fool's Gold at the end & Eric Cantona's in it!
What's the verdict on Ben Wheatley's A Field In England? My take - it's quirky, genre-defying, original, nicely shot, imaginative, very English - all those things - it just isn't very good. Ultimately I found it tedious and lacking in any substance. A panto that thinks it's Beckett. Didn't really engage on a narrative, psychological, historical, philosophical or comedy level - so what are you left with? Everybody else seems to like it, so maybe it's just me. But compared to other very English independent filmmakers like Andrew Kotting and Shane Meadows, I find Wheatley very shallow.
I wonder about allegations of elitism when some of our finest directors are people like Danny Boyle and Shane Meadows.
Joe Gilgun is essentially Woody isn't he? 'This Is England '90' will hopefully be the last, says Shane Meadows
Shane Meadows, you da man. Made of Stone is the *** Did justice to one of the most important bands of my generation. Long live The Roses.
First a film about Stone Roses, now Tom Simpson, and a Nottingham bloke to boot. I bloody love Shane Meadows.
Sounds like the Shane Meadows film on Tom Simpson is happening. It's only 156km from Ventoux to Cannes.
Shane Meadows making Tom Simpson movie? I would kill for an audition or a day as an extra!
Warm and energetic, Shane Meadows's love letter to the Stone Roses may be his best film so far, writes Peter Bradshaw
Are you going to be involved in the Tom Simpson film that Shane Meadows is reportedly making?
If you only watch one film this year make it Made of Stone - Shane Meadows, The Stone Roses and a sound bite from Hitchcock - brilliant! I was also reminded how much the young Ian Brown reminds me of Timothy Ruben Gandy ... just without the emergency fruit stash.
"looks as if the Shane Meadows biopic of Tom Simpson should be happening... via
JoyOf6: Dave Gahan, Kelis, Shane Meadows and Mark Herbert.: Shaun Keaveny is joined by Dava Gahan of depeche...
Featuring Kelis, Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and filmmakers Shane Meadows and Mark Herbert.
This is what we need downloaders!!! Shane Meadows, Ally Beacock, Kristian Neal, Leeroy Watson, Cherie Hunter, Karlos Morgan, Sam Pearson, Col Simon James, Cat Champion, and any other download fanatics out there lol
Ace. Shane Meadows is on to talk to us about those Stone Roses gigs he went to back in the 80s & 90s
Blimey: Shane Meadows's The Stone Roses: Made of Stone is excellent. I think it's his best film
Shane Meadows' highly anticipated documentary THE Stone Roses: Made of Stone, about the legendary Manchester band, will open on 5 June across the UK and Irel...
Who is going to see Shane Meadows' Made of Stone tomorrow? More importantly - where are you going to see it?
Tomorrow: Stone Roses attend world premiere of Shane Meadows' documentary 'The Stone Roses: Made of Stone' in Manchester
Exclusive preview + satellite Q&A with director Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert on 30 May.
yea I know, there's 2 Stone Roses films coming out soon, Shane Meadows one and the spike island one
Enter Film4’s competition for your chance to win VIP tickets to the premiere of Shane Meadows' The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
The new trailer for Shane Meadows film Made of Stone has got us VERY excited indeed
Yes Nottingham. Directors like Shane Meadows. Actors like Vicky McClure. Musicians like Jake Bugg. Boxers like Carl Froch. And Robin Hood.
Watch the trailer for Shane Meadows' new Stone Roses documentary, 'Made of Stone'
That'll be Shane Meadows in Dead Mans Shoes then? Quality film.
“Want to see the new Stone Roses doc from Shane Meadows? We'll be showing it first week of June,
Heaton Park a bit of a let down but looking forward to this. Shane Meadows a big plus.
'The Stone Roses: Made of Stone' documentary trailer revealed - watch: Trailer for Shane Meadows's documentary film is posted online.
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone: trailer for Shane Meadows' documentary
Shane Meadows' Stone Roses documentary 'Made of Stone' trailer is out with interview voice by
Now trying to work out whether I love Shane Meadows or Ian Brown more. I think Meadows edges it!
Shane meadows has been working on the Stone Roses documentary film so it won't be out for a while
Pontardawe Arts Centre only Independent cinema in Swansea showing live premiere of Stone Roses Made of Stone film by Shane Meadows
This is England is such a good film. Shane meadows is a good director can't wait to watch Made of Stone
Shane Meadows has made a documentary about The Stone Roses. Roll on June 5th...
Shane Meadows full CH4 interview is here
Watch the trailer for Shane Meadows’ Stone Roses documentary, Made of Stone:
Stones Roses are an awesome band and Shane Meadows a great director. Could there be a better combo?
“Great interview by Full-length interview with Shane Meadows about his Stone Roses film -
Tickets on sale at for Shane Meadows' Stone Roses documentary
Hello lovely nostalgia! Shane Meadows' film about the Stone Roses looks AWESOME.
Attention Stone Roses fans! Tickets for a special screening of The Stone Roses: Made of Stone by Shane Meadows on sale 9.30am tomorrow
You can view the trailer for Shane Meadows' film THE Stone Roses: Made of Stone by clicking on the following link
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Great interview with Shane Meadows! You should get a ticket Jon for Stone Roses at Finsbury park, you'd love it.
Shane Meadows, the guy who made This England, Is making a film about The Stone Roses. Should be snazzy
Shane Meadows does the Stone Roses - what an exciting combo!
It's either Shane Meadows or Richard Curtis. I never saw 'me' on screen; not even anything to which I wanted to aspire.
Hannah Montana by Shane Meadows, starring Cathy Burke, Peter Mullan and Paddy Considine... Okay just getting silly now
Just what watched 'Wild Bill' what a film & what a great directorial debut by Dexter Fletcher! Loved it, very Shane Meadows-esqe :-)
Being the Shane Meadows website person, I do know that Warp producer Mark Herbert (who works with Shane) is in the duck scene
Ludovico Einaudi is an all-rounder - as his record shows. The Italian composer and pianist wrote the soundtracks for the Shane Meadows film This Is England and, more recently, the French box-office hit Intouchables. He is also the artistic director of the Italian music festival La Notte della Tarant...
Watching This is England makes me proud to be from Burton. Shane Meadows is amazing. The cast are amazing. It's all bloody amazing.
...I was about 18 when Shane Meadows' first movie came out. Only cinema to play it here was the local artsy place, and I was thinking back..
how the *** can I be in a Shane meadows film never acted in my life n I WANT it, everytime I watch makes me want to act
watching This is England is taking me back to the Shane Meadows project I did for
cheers Ronan. Shane Meadows, will Defo get them. That's the bar there.
Shane Meadows best film by far was Dead Mans Shoes
Shane Meadows has created a film that will never die.
Catching the end of this is england. Shane Meadows, you are a genius.
'THIS IS ENGLAND' is one of the greatest films ever made! Unique, beautiful, comical, tragic and so powerful! God bless Shane Meadows x
Watched em when they were on, all very good dude.. shane meadows is a beast
Shane Meadows probably will never make a better film, hope he proves me wrong
If you like Shane Meadows i would recommend you watch Dead Man Shoes
This is England is just too good. Shane Meadows is a genius.
Shane Meadows top director loves to take risks. Up there with Alan Clarke for gritty realism.
is still so good, tbh all of shane meadows films are!! Can't wait for this is england '90.
It does. You watched other Shane Meadows films? X
If you like This Is England watch Dead Man's Shoes or Room For Romeo Brass. Shane Meadows is a genius.
Shane Meadows is an incredible British director
Yea, it's intense at time. Have you seen any other Shane Meadows?
Watching This is this film and the TV series. Shane Meadows is fab. Cannot wait for 90
This is England 🇬🇧 One of my fave films. Shane Meadows is genius ❤
oh ye, Shane meadows is a *** of producer, hes got like a trademark, can tell by the actin style, like improv feel to it
Shane meadows is an awesome director...powerful moving stuff!
This is England, my favourite Shane Meadows film, that and Dead Man's Shoes. He's a genius
A room for Romeo Brass is a film to watch if you like Shane Meadows work :)
U should checkout some more of Shane Meadows stuff lad great director all quality
Forgotten just how much I love This Is England, Shane Meadows and british film at its finest
Shane Meadows genius and a fantastic cast. This is England
This Is England is one of my favourite's. Love the story, characters and the emotions! Shane Meadows couldn't have done any better
Oh come on, come sit down, bloody el mate!! I friggin love Shane Meadows... This Is England '90 is in the run for this year ;)
Saw @ cinema. I love Shane Meadows. If you like this then watch Dead Mans Shoes.
A yeah, just got it now! ta! 'tis great-really gritty and only a bit clichèd! Anything Shane Meadows has written is decent!
it's gr8 film by a gr8 director. If u have a chance Shane Meadows back catalogue is well worth seeking out
absolutely stunning. Shane Meadows' stuff tends to stay with you a long time after viewing...
Great show & Shane Meadows is a super director If you like it then I would check out Paddy Considine is super
I've only just realised that the director, Shane meadows, who based it on his life, called the main character Shaun fields
and if you don't know who Shane Meadows is LEAVE
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I love what Shane meadows did with this is England, so raw and a true representation of England past and present, good and bad
Shane Meadows doesn't get enough recognition
But yes it is! Apparently Shane Meadows might come into Uni soon :))
Love how shane meadows frames his shots of people, super close ups can be beautiful
Apparently This Is England is on tonight. If you've never seen a Shane Meadows film, watch it. Then watch Dead Man's Shoes.
This is England is such a classic British film that shows the origins of the early skinheads Love Shane Meadows
I hope gets on the blower to Shane Meadows soon to give him a kick up the backside to get This Is England 90 underway!! 😜
it's alright you into Shane Meadows? Dead Mans Shoes is the one!
with a pre-existing fanbase cos of this film which was based on Shane Meadows life :))
This is England. Great film. Hats off to Shane Meadows.
I was all ready to go to sleep but actually I'm dying to see This is England, love Shane Meadows
i proper love Shane Meadows films, that nitty gritty feel
This is England is such a quality film. Shane meadows
The haunting piano music is by Ludovico Einaudi, have a listen, really good stuff! Shane Meadows films have mega soundtracks!
This is England and. Dead Mans Shoes av got to be up there with the best British films ever, two belters from Shane meadows
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Yes, very good. I've seen it a few times but it's not my favourite Shane Meadows film.
Shane Meadows is a cracking director
Shane Meadows is fantastic but he will never top Dead Mans Shoes
A dissertation I wrote on Shane Meadows/This is England that I thought I'd pass on!
Giz ya pud pud!! This is England on in 10 mins, Can't beat a bit of Shane meadows intensity to top off the weekend
is a triumph for British cinema. Shane Meadows is a legend; Not in the sarcastic Chichester sense either...
This is England will forever be one of my favourite films, Shane Meadows is unreal
Shane meadows is such a good writer/director
Did you hear Shane Meadows did a documentary on The Stone Roses thats due to be realised late Spring/early Summer?
This Is England is great but Dead Man's Shoes is equally as good a film, if not better. Shane Meadows is an amazing director.
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