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Shane Douglas

Troy Shane Martin (born November 21, 1964) is an American professional wrestler and promoter, better known by his ring name The Franchise Shane Douglas.

Franchise Shane Douglas Ricky Steamboat Chris Candido Terry Funk Eddie Gilbert Dean Douglas Dean Malenko Barry Windham John Cena Caleb Konley Justin Credible Tom Zenk Brian Knobbs Jeff Jarrett Dustin Rhodes Ric Flair Johnny Ace

Shane Douglas knocking down Gary Wolfe in the neck halo. The most "smart" wrestling crowd of that time…
i’m putting together the lineal history of the NWA title starting with Shane Douglas in ’94 if Douglas hadn’t throw…
I followed today, and now my entire feed is Shane Douglas. Well worth the click.
Available NOW! Shane Douglas ECW PPV Pack for 1st 4 ECW PPV ATTIRES so accurate not even…
Hi I am a big fan of the wwe 2k franchise. So I think there should be at least 200 created superstars in…
Lol THANK YOU ❤❤ my first happy birthday from the legend Shane Douglas 😍😍 what more could a girl ask for 🙈🙈
Away too long but back now w Ep. 24 of the Triple Threat Podcast w the Franchise Shane Douglas. Catch it now on iTu…
Shane Anthony Vernon, an escaped prisoner from Coosa County, Ala., may be in Douglas County. He is considered armed an…
All the awesome stuff we loved, from Maeda's shootkick to Shane Douglas throwing the strap down, would b…
Maybe... would calling them “the revolution” be too on the nose? Or are they worried about getting a…
Shane Douglas argues with a Nazi security guard
Watching old WCW makes me take back my constant praise for Shane Douglas. Heyman used him perfectly, but he was out…
Interviewer Shane Douglas has a heated encounter with a limousine driver (/bodyguard?)
young child from douglas, thomas has been kidnapped Shane is being questioned
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.can we get a confirmation will the match take place on 12/8 in Old Bridge NJ with the win…
New Jack: Shane Douglas is a Worthless Piece of S**t!: via
If it 1997 see if u can sign Shane Douglas n Chris candid cause I think u could turn them in a best…
I wanna feel bad for Shane Douglas. I think if he was around in the late 70s and earlier 80s he would have had that…
Tag team. Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham. Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas. Steve Williams and Terry Gordy. Arn...
And don't forget to catch Ep. 23 of The Triple Threat Podcast w The Franchise Shane Douglas. I promise, you're gonna lo…
I liked a video Ric Flair RIPS Shane Douglas to pieces!
aid worker from douglas, thomas scheduled to arrive in mallow next week to kill Shane
I see Cody shirts at live shows and I just think about watching any indie from 2000-2002, the sea of Shane Douglas shirts
Available NOW! Shane Douglas ECW PPV Pack for Download ATTIRES & ARENAS for the 1st 4 ECW PPV's and re-live…
I can get a Mountie, glacier, Greg the hammer, Alabama doink, dynamic dude Shane Douglas on a skateboard and Scott…
I was just in a Gauntlet match at with Tito Santana, Shane Douglas, Kevin Sullivan, and Justin Credible... .
- - Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson beat Kidman/Madusa in a tag match and Booker T beat Kevin Nash.
Currently watching Shane Douglas vs Bobby Fulton w/ Road Warrior Animal in his corner that happened in a small town in Ohio in 2017.
Sasha Banks gets all the press Kenny King compares TNA & ROH, Shane Douglas on John Cena being called The Franchise.
There's an underrated MV from 97ish for Shane Douglas set to Verve Pipe's Villians that's top notch.
Only if Shane Douglas gets the Andy Richter part...
in 1996: ECW Hostile City Showdown: Raven defeated Shane Douglas to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Cha…
yes and thus he is a traitor to the revolution (Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Shane Douglas, and Perry Saturn)
Booker T wins the title from Rick Steiner thanks to Shane Douglas. Bad match thanks to the lack of selling by Rick.
Now or all-time ? Cos I still haven't got over what they did to Terry Taylor, Shane Douglas, Low-Ki or Colt Cabana
They start the show before Ultraclash 93 to announce the ECW title changed to Shane Douglas off air, and also Eddie Gilbert out main event
in 1999: Taz defeated Shane Douglas by submission to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. A total…
Member when Shane Douglas "invaded" Raw in 2012 to promote Extreme Rising and no one knew who he was?
The feud between Gary and Shane Douglas continues...
Shane Douglas versus Gary is perhaps the greatest feud ever booked.
Bailey is the first wrestler since the Shane Douglas to use the belly to belly as a finisher
I didn't like that as Shane Douglas' finish in the 90s but it worked for him. What's old is new again?
Bayley elevating Shane Douglas' finisher is incredible
Bayley wins with the Bayley To Belly. Bayley makes Shane Douglas proud.
Have you Bought Your Tickets for a Night With Shane douglas yet ? or Bought Your tickets for Wrestle Island ?...
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Talking NWA-TNA- "Shane Douglas was cutting some good promos." "Jeff Jarrett never cut a good one."
some kinda shane douglas shoot here? i shouldn't say that, you're way better than Douglas.
Great Show guys, when "Impressionist JR" started going ha ha after every word I thought he was doing Shane Douglas
Good but according to the Nick-Names, the main event is Sting vs Shane Douglas 😉
As Shane Douglas was coming down the aisle, supposedly a teenage girl pulled his pants down and bent over showing his knee was fine.
When Shane Douglas asked why he wouldn't agree to be portrayed on his show other than no guns, knives, rapes and robberies.
As Shane Douglas, by the end of his interview his nose was bleeding.
Shane Douglas out for his third appearance this PPV.
Faces get two on one on Shane Douglas.
Tygress just got a headlock on former ECW champion Shane Douglas.
Backstage The JOB squad talks with Shane Douglas. For some reason the Job Squad has three belts... Oh...
Hey bud sent you a PM about our shane douglas event :)
looks like Polo Promotions are warming up for Dudleys by wrestling Whiplash and Shane Douglas in Carlisle.
"I hate dabbing, but I'll do it when I have to.". - Shane Douglas, October 25th, 2016
3 weeks today ... Meet The Star of WWE , WCW, TNA - ' The Franchise ' Shane Douglas only at An Evening with...
:) Never imagined I'd meet Jay Lethal (let alone holding the ROH title!) or Shane Douglas. What have you been up to?
Great little video about how 3rd party voting can be a game-changer. . Douglas Hathaway Shane Hathaway
Apparently Shane Douglas is going back to its list of UFC fighters who are dabbling in pro wrestling.
What was your favorite Shane Douglas gimmick? The one where he is a teacher, or the one where he is angry at *** Flair" all the time?
And then Shane Douglas was the leader of Shane Douglas when the rest of the Revolution bailed for the WWF.
Cody Rhodes is revolutionary. In the same sense that Shane Douglas was leader of the Revolution in WCW.
in your house 4 was awful Scott hall replacing Shawn Micheals to face Shane Douglas ic belt
Shane Douglas has also endorsed him and now I’m really
On this date in 1992, Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas took on Steve Austin & Brian Pillman on the Main Event.…
The FRANCHISE is coming to Manchester and The Ruby Lounge next month. Early bird tickets on sale NOW via Skiddle.
18 years ago today Shane Douglas defeated Lance Storm to retain the ECW World Championship in Altoona PA for ECW
In just four days Shane Douglas returns to Morganville New Jersey to defend is W1 television…
Fun find. I was at this show. 10/31/97 ECW "Shane Douglas and Chris Candido vs Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon"
Here's the link to a new interview I did with Shane Douglas Keene, writer/editor at Shotgun Logic!.
Cllr Shane O'Shea says Douglas-Glanmire took 1 hr 15 mins. He asks WHY has traffic gridlock hit the city in recent days?
I'm on the phone with Shane. It could be anybody. Shane Douglas. Shane Bockwinkle. You don't know.
the time I saw a heel get that kind of mic time was Shane Douglas😏
"Franchise" Shane Douglas was an amazing heel. You can tell Triple H was influenced by him.
Yeah. That product isn't for everyone. Shane Douglas pretty much ran it, then he left and 99-01 it was better than ever.
I added a video to a playlist Goldberg vs Shane Douglas 4/9/2000 6men on goldberg
Chris Candido and Shane Douglas.two members from the trio
Great episode the Radicalz. Love hearing how Shane Douglas, K-Dogg (LOL) and John Kronus…
Shane Douglas vs Billy Kidman Leather Strap match - a single light in the fog
Beautiful Bobby, Michael Hayes and Arn Anderson teaming up first bout, no explanation why, vs Z Man, Shane Douglas and Jonny Gunn (Who?)
Shane Douglas & Steve Blackman vs. Nation of Domination in a Tag Street Fight on IYH: Unforgiven
Watch COC and SVP, Shane Douglas's training on the Compensation Plan from San Jose NOW on Compass!
That was Booker T, Luger, Bagwell, Shane Douglas, Meng and Scott Steiner, Saggs etc in the New Blood.
1989 Mark Madden article on Shane Douglas and the Dynamic Dudes
22 years ago today Shane Douglas defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the ECW Championship in Philadelphia PA for ECW
Shane Douglas claimed he tore Bam Bam Bigelow, after which Ted DiBiase fired Bigelow saying he was *** Jim Ross.
"But...Will he fight THE FRANCHISE??". Yes. Ambrose will fight Shane Douglas, John...
John Cena is the "Franchise"? I think Shane Douglas would beg to differ
John Cena just reminded me that "The Franchise" is an overused nickname in wrestling. Cena, Shane Douglas, Sting, anyone else?
That's funny John you don't look anything like Shane Douglas. . And you *** sure don't talk like him.
Did John Cena just say Shane Douglas is coming back?!?
Every time John Cena says he's the Franchise Shane Douglas dies a little inside.
I'm pretty sure Dean would fight a present-day Shane Douglas, John.
I'm pretty sure he'll fight Shane Douglas, John.
It's 2019 in this Dynasty file & Oklahoma's QB is Shane Douglas. He's not The Franchise though cause they're 3-6 ATM.
The most random ppv in history continues as Hugh Morris and Brian Knobbs takes on Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko
Watching some I realized nobody has a better heel voice than "Franchise" Shane Douglas. "You just got your *** franchised
Mauro called Cena the "Franchise player." Is he copping Shane Douglas's gimmick?
Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morrus vs. Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko. One of these things is not like the others.
I liked a video Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas vs. Barry Windham and Bobby Eaton (12-27-1992)
Got to meet & get autographs from Stan Hansen, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas yesterday at Icons of Wrestling
looked more like John Thompson and Shane Douglas combined!
Caleb Konley looks like Shane Douglas with a terrible haircut.
somewhere in this world Shane Douglas, Tracey Smothers, CM Punk, Vader, The Mountie, and Honky Tonk Man are crying.
Bartending at Nitro Grill. Old man orders a Tom Collins. Serve him warm gin in a pint glass. "Here's your Shane Douglas,…
lmao, Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas wrestling under masks as Dos Hombres because Douglas was fired and replaced by Tom Zenk.
definitely a Shane resemblance there
.Shane FIlan on your instagram feed does the same. ;)
In just 13 days Shane Douglas comes to TRUE Wrestling to go one on one with Go to for tickets
Watching heatwave 98 and Shane Douglas could have been very good at calling matches. Wonder if he ever considered it?
Fans! Let it be known. If you shot video or took pics, post it and get it trending. Make Shane Douglas aware that is waiting.
And following win, Rhys Greenaway not only said April was his final match BUT called out ECW legend The Franchise Shane Douglas
Are you planning to do interviews with billy gunn, steve blackman, and Shane Douglas later this year?
Love you guys, your sister is having the time of her life. Guy Larsen Douglas Larsen love you nephews Shane...
My guest post for WIH for Shane Douglas Keene.
GCW returns to Sat March 12 with Former WWE Star Gangrel, The Franchise Shane Douglas + much more!
Tell me a lie first aired back in 1995 when HBK gave IC title to Shane Douglas
Do you enjoy watching a shoot interviews? . Shoot of the Week: Shane Douglas on the Steve Austin Podcast Part 1
Eric, remember when the fake Shane Douglas would IM you and on AIM? That was me. Great times, guys!
feel the power of TATER TOTS AND THE SPEAR! . also why is Ronan so hated? He's used even worse than shane Douglas.
Watching and Dean (Shane) Douglas match from 1995. Both men would go on to do great things for their sport.
GCW returns to Sat 3/12 w/Gangrel, Shane Douglas, Kenn Doane, plus so much more!
I never liked Shane Douglas but he could shoot interviews and he was a great heel.
Fri March 11 GCW returns to Manville NJ With Shane Douglas, Gangrel, Kenn Doane, Crowbar and so much more!
Shane hill in douglas what is going on here
I liked a video from Shawn Michales shoots on ECW and Shane Douglas
HHH didn't congratulate me on making Dean's List because he's still holding Shane Douglas down.
Cue the Deep Purple and send out Shane Douglas & Francine.
GCW returns to Shane Douglas, Gangrel, Kenn Doane, Crowbar plus much more!
|| Don't mind me. Just watching Taz vs Shane Douglas on an ECW DVD.
|| I might change the Mikey Whipwreck account into Shane Douglas.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The Miz is like Shane Douglas. He can't stop living in the past and always loved kissing ***
GCW returns to Manville Fri 3/11 with The Franchise Shane Douglas, Gangrel, Kenn Doane, Crowbar + so much more!
when Shane Douglas attacked Gary Wolfe when he had the halo on, did I see fans jump the guard rail? It looked like a crazy scene
Shane Douglas begging Road Warrior Animal to pitch his Classic Wrestling promotion to Animal’s son and his NFL buddies is so hilarious.
Don't watch current WWE product, prefer LU and indies. Who would pop me? Akeem, Gangrel, Shane Douglas, Marty Jannetty-Mike
Gotta love how Shane Douglas still rips on sports entertainment but had no problems taking money from WWE to be interviewed on their DVD's
Hey ... Looks like Shane Douglas is going to flip the Wrestling world on its ear once again.
that Whole F’n Show podcast is trying to Shane Douglas your Ric Flair
you look like Shane Douglas as Dean Douglas in WWE circa 1995
Can someone explain why Shane Douglas was never WHC anywhere but ECW? He just put on a classic with 2 Cold Scorpio.
I added a video to a playlist Shane Douglas ACN Senior Vice President
Sounds like a plan! I need to bring this Shane back from 4 years ago —>
"I'm gonna teach you some proper english" - Shane Douglas
closest we got was Shane Douglas, but he's from Pittsburgh. New York is more important to ECW than Philly
Join top income earner and Sr. Vice President, Shane Douglas and Staci Wallace as they show you how simple...
I bet Shane Douglas was texting Dreamer all week like "let them know I'm available".
Fill in the blank. . Somewhere Shane Douglas is _
If they really want send Shane Douglas out to shoot on Flair.
There's a trained sniper in the rafters in event of Shane Douglas showing up.
To beat the Wyatt's they should've got Justin Credible & Shane Douglas
These Rosebush segments remind me of Shane Douglas on Raw back in the day
😂😂😂 bruh if Cleveland weren't that far Id go. Shane Douglas need to let it go tho
yep. There are many "progressives" in the Republican Party. isn't the party of frederick Douglas and Calvin Coolidge ne more
On this day in December 13, 2003~ Dan Maff defeats Jerry Lawler & Shane Douglas to win the Jersey All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title
On February 27th Shane Douglas will take on Will you be there?
Have Sasha win and give the Shane Douglas treatment to the Divas
best swerve/shoot ever was Shane Douglas throwing down NWA belt and crowning himself "NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion!"
Watching and thinking about the show last night. Had the feel of a classic show with and Shane Douglas.
that's true. Maybe Taz if he wasn't working for tna. Is Shane Douglas still alive???
At least it can't be as bad as when Shane Douglas and The Wall had a best of Five tables match where no one knew the rules.
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Jack swagger look reminds me of when Shane Douglas came back WCW in the dying days
Shane Douglas beats angel of death who came back from starving in wild west rasslin.hard 2 get used 2 clean cut babyface shane.
I liked a video Scott HaII buries Shane Douglas
and new UNITED STATES champion shane Douglas
Shane Douglas is probably the only wrestler to Politick his way out of the top three wrestling companies.
Am I really seeing Shane Douglas on right now? Hmmm….. Probably an interesting story behind this.
when did Vince Russo's last run in WCW start? He told me he doesn't remember SuperBrawl 2000 when Shane Douglas punched Tygress
I enjoyed listening to your show on pod cast a great interview with shane douglas.
Why am I not surprised to see Shane Douglas involved in something that looks so carny?
WHEN wins the ROH belt on 1/4 and throws it down while cutting a 1994 Shane Douglas promo about a promotion which died 9 years ago.
well when you have Shane Douglas as the Headline of the show... well you better bet your *** it's being CANCELED.
Conor is on the WWE Network trying to show Dana a clip of Shane Douglas throwing down the title
you Shane Douglas is like an old woman
Alfonso got beat up by women. Shane Douglas piledrove Beulah. Dreamer piledrove Francine. Sabu almost died. was an interesting company.
ON POINT: O'Shane Taylor Douglas is a sublime ballhandler who allowed Vaughan to not miss Nembhard. William Tran is solid. So intelligent.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I interview Eddie Gilbert. Clip of Shane Douglas winning uwf tv, shane didnt throw the title on the crowd & declare the nwa dead
This has to be the most burnt Battle Royal ever, George South The Mulkey Brothers, Blue Meanie, Shane Douglas, Greg Valentine,EC3
23 years ago today on this date: Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas beat Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes for WCW world tag title in Macon,Ga.
Mandrews going for that Shane Douglas, Johnny Ace, Dynamic Dudes gimmick! Hooray for horrible 90's WCW gimmicks!
In the history of World Championship wrestling matches, Shane Douglas vs. Tully Blanchard is definitely one that occurred.
Hark at referring to Sting as "The franchise" like they've never heard of Shane Douglas.
There is only one Franchise and his name is Shane Douglas
hey the franchise was Shane Douglas
Every time they say the franchise I think they are taking about Shane Douglas..SMFH
I thought Shane Douglas was going to be wrestling on Raw when they said the Franchise was going to be in action
way back in WCW. But him and Shane Douglas had a Franchise vs Franchise match.
For a split second I thought they were gonna say the Franchise Shane Douglas.
I always thought Shane Douglas was the Franchise. When did Sting get that monicker?
There is only ONE Franchise and that's Shane Douglas
They said its about the franchise I don't see Shane Douglas unless he use to have face pant
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"We celebrate The Franchise!" Shane Douglas is on the show?? On no, it's another bloody Sting video.
I'm pretty sure Shane Douglas was The Franchise, not Sting.
Celebrate the career of the franchise. Shane Douglas???
When Michael Cole 1st said they were going to celebrate the career of The Franchise I wondered when Shane Douglas was going to show up.
I heard "the Franchise" and I immediately thought Shane Douglas but no :(
"We celebrate the career of the Franchise!". For a brief moment, Shane Douglas was elated.
Michael Cole said "The Franchise" and I thought he just might be referring to Shane Douglas, b.
Sting is the franchise. so Shane Douglas is Sting?
Is it bad that when I heard Cole said "The Franchise" I thought Shane Douglas?
So Sting is "The Franchise" now? Shane Douglas isn't going to like this.
I'm sorry but when I hear the words "The Franchise" I only think about Shane Douglas.
Sting isn't The Francise, Shane Douglas is the franchise.
The Franchise? They got Shane Douglas to show up tonight?
Would have marked out if H had said "Shane Douglas" after he said "the Franchise"
For a sec, when Triple H mentioned "The Franchise" I thought he was gonna say Shane Douglas...
The franchise? Shane Douglas is having a match on
WCW in 2000 had Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk and Mike Awesome... and they still had the worst hardcore division of all time...
Shane Douglas yells in to mic Saginaw Michigan, an their at Winston Salem NC! Whoops lol
Michael Bollea vs. Shane Douglas in a Battle royal
And there are no more than 400 here for a show w/ Jake Roberts, Shane Douglas, Mickie James, Samoa Joe.
I think Charlotte dethrones Nikki, but would love to see Sasha win the butterfly belt first and pull a Shane Douglas with it.
will go one on one with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas on Aug 29 in Berwick, PA! http:/…
"The goal of social media is to turn customers into your personal evangelist" -
Westlife's Shane Filan has a new album and you can watch the video here first
was clearly comparing shane to croutch, and lids to Douglas
of course Shane Douglas is a hall of famer
I'll always love Shane Douglas for the promo where he called Kidman a ***
I unironically love Triple H (until he turned face in 2006 or whatever), Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas more than you'll know.
Cruising around bad neighborhood with Shane Douglas. Shane says best way to score a cheap TV is taking it from a flop house.
Any plans for you to wrestle for Classic Wrestling Revolution wrestling promotion Shane Douglas is involved with.
Little Giant Ladders
I wouldn't want to promote Shane Douglas either
SCOOP Shane Douglas cuts a shoot promo on Bam Bam. That never happens.
WCW had jarett, ECW has shane douglas, who did WWE have that was like that?
Shane Douglas not so shockingly wins
the Franchise Shane Douglas and Eddie Gilbert. Both overlooked and underrated.
Terry Funk and Shane Douglas battling while a bunch of talent are in the entrance way watching
Sabu vs Terry Funk vs Shane Douglas, 3-Way Dance for the ECW Title
I used to be a pro wrestler under an assumed name which makes me think it could be Shane Douglas.
Makes Shane Douglas look like a saint.
Dean Douglas or Shane Douglas now is fantastic. Great guy.
I once was sitting by Shane Douglas, ECW legend, and didn't say one word to him. I'm mentally like "Don't bother him" 😂 but that's me.
If Shane Douglas, Caleb Konley, and Buzz Sawyer had a kid together, it would be Dash Wilder.
I added a video to a playlist Lex Luger on the Kilq ruining Shane Douglas's career
Does Shane Douglas have any clue what he's saying?
Shane Douglas is in the new WWE Kliq DVD?!?!?!?!   10% Off
i agree. Shane Douglas was the beat ECW champ ever! This gimmick was not hom
Shane Douglas vs. Black Lotus in a Belt on a Pole
I'd like him to have Shane Douglas on, LIVE so anything goes, spill the beans on
Whoever came up with the Dean Douglas gimmick for "The Franchise" Shane Douglas should have been slapped sillier!
Barrett should throw the crown to the mat and start cursing for no reason. Shades of Shane Douglas starting ECW.
Shane Douglas was a face in Pittsburgh and a heel in Philly.
Don’t Underestimate The Power of Permission Marketing by via
Watching Rick Michaels (looking like 1996 Shane Douglas) scold AJ Styles for not having psychology during his matches is hilarious
On this day in August 3, 1987~ Shane Douglas defeated Eddie Gilbert to win the UWF Television Title
150 yrs ago tonight I got the call from Shane Douglas telling me Chris Candido had just passed away.
Makes a change to see Shane Douglas doing interviews in TNA rather than puking in the ring
wrong things stated on the podcast this week including the Shane Douglas comment, the Dave Sullivan thing & Georgia thing
i think he isn't fully recovered yet. Also he came back chunjy dad bod style. Like he's my age and looks like shane douglas
Tonight I will be giving away an 8x10 Autographed photo of Shane Douglas at The Raw Party, all you gotta do is...
Never would have stood for Johnny Ace cuckolding me. Shane Douglas maybe.
"The Night the Line was Crossed" edition edit of The Franchise Shane Douglas for more Shane edits to come. 🔜
when ya goin' to do a Shane Douglas D.V.D?
What was it like working w shane douglas?
The next champ from Alpha Male is gonna be He is the equivalent to Shane Douglas. He has his head cheerleader
that's like Shane Douglas being like "Wait, I'll take the NWA title."
Douglas Costa to Bayern Munich. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on. It's going to be a big test for him.
Sitting with Shane Douglas and bobby Fulton among others. A fantastic franchise day
Thought for a second that Shane Douglas was in the ring for Paragon Pro, but it was with a beard.
The Triple Threat(Bam Bam,Shane Douglas,Chris Candido) vs. Brock Lesnar would have been quite the match(though Brock would win)
LIVE NOW at come and check it out! Shane Douglas at 730...Blessings" Stacie Shearer at 7pm with praise and worship
I'll time how long I last before I accept defeat. The prospect of wrestlers wanting to kill Shane Douglas has intrigued me 😝
Ah yeah...that is pertinent information. Lol! Too bad Z Man is built NOTHING like Shane Douglas. Lol
Also helps that they needed to hide the fact that Shane Douglas got fired.
I had a sneaking suspicion that Shane Douglas wasn't really in this match. Turns out, its Tom Zenk as Steamboat's partner.
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Dropped my son and up to Douglas GC I would love to go back playing golf
We will be invading 2nite to pregame w/ b4 our match tomorrow vs Shane Douglas &
In the next week, I tag with Shane Douglas, take on , I for these challenges?!?
Yes! Our new episode with Shane "The Franchise" Douglas is currently streaming on all of our media…
Free agent guard Shane Larkin has agreed to a two-year, $3M deal with the Brooklyn Nets, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
Old school from the What if Shane Douglas Hadn't Thrown Down the NWA Title?
Put in Sandman RVD Tommy Dreamer Sabu and Shane Douglas and you have a Deal
Full Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for In 1993, a small…
Full Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for Shane Douglas douglas, shane, shane douglas
I was gonna say, who'd even be at a House of Hardcore show apart from Shane Douglas.
Shane The Franchise Douglas Trailer thought you would like this deal here
There needs to be a channel that shows ONLY Shane Douglas promos. If there was I'd be al over it. 🙌🏻
- were they as mean to her as you were to Shane Douglas?
Oh man, Shane Douglas. Time to fast forward.
We have a new World Television Champion in the Franchise Shane Douglas! He defeated Ares at Combat Zone 40.
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Why do I get the feeling Shane Douglas will get his digs in with the concussion suit?
Sabu is very quiet as well. Shane Douglas is full of energy. Ric Flair is quiet. William Regal and Albert are energetic
That's such a tough question because you can argue anybody as the face. Tazz, Dreamer, Joey Styles, Sandman, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk
Last time I saw Rhino was in January at the Sons of Italy Hall against Shane Douglas. He's the most over guy so far.
I'm sure Shane Douglas needs the money, but Kurt Angle is far too good for that!
Remember when Stevie Richards put his title on the line from Shane Douglas' promotion in games of FiFa and Douglas got mad?
Maybe Scott Steiner, Eric Bischoff, Shane Helms, Chris Kanyon, Shane Douglas, *** Foley and TNA were right about
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