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Shane Battier

Shane Courtney Battier (born September 9, 1978) is an American professional basketball player.

Ray Allen Mike Miller Jay Williams James Jones Bruce Bowen Jay Bilas Rashard Lewis Ron Artest Grant Hill Dahntay Jones Mike Dunleavy Bobby Cremins Hassan Whiteside Chris Bosh Michael Lewis Bobby Hurley Norris Cole Tony Allen

Lance compares more to Shandon Anderson than Shane Battier
There's some Battier there but he's not Battier.
boss move. But yeah you're in the country where Shane Battier sells shoes in. Of course they're a lil behind
If Ibest team of acc players of all time Ty Lawson. Tyler hansborough Antwan Jamison C. Paul ,Shane Battier, MJ ,Tim Dnkn,Grant Hill
But there is one duke I have most respect for and that is and that is Shane Battier
Miami has been a dream! Got to kick it with Shane Battier... Thanks for spilling your drink on…
I literally have the same line up 😂😂😂😂 almost. Try and get Shane Battier from the Grizzlies set I believe. Also, K…
I don't complain about playing time. My job is to play so well the coach can't sit me - Shane Battier
Look, dawg, Tim Kaine is a real Shane Battier-type glue guy, but Mike Pence is a Dwight Howard prima donna with no post moves
"We in two different games, you playin’ patty cake. Brother you lame, you’re Shane Battier"
Thank you Shane Battier, making college really cheap for me 😭😭😭 .
yeah I think miami would like a big SF so Winslow can play the Shane Battier small ball PF role next to Whiteside
All the talk of duke alumns without mentioning Shane Battier? Shame on shame on
sacrificed winning to have cap space to add the big 3. Added Shane Battier & Ray Allen to that squad. Pat the gawd fam
Bean sprouts are the Shane Battier of Vietnamese cuisine. Unimpressive stats; always raising the game of the entire team w/ their presence.
never forget when Shane battier made six 3s in Game 7 of the finals. Kiss the ring.
Missed my flight but I saw Shane Battier in the airport. Worth it.
Never forget when Amar'e did this to Shane Battier😂😂
In honor of Amar'e Stoudemire retiring, let's look back at how he did Shane Battier dirty! 🔥.
That Duke team with Shane Battier, Jay Williams was one of my favorites
You forgot about Mike Miller, Shane Battier and Ray Allen fam
Shane Battier should be doing the interviews at the draft. Lisa Salters is flat out trolling these poor kids. She is awful in this role.
Little brother hanging out with Shane Battier at brothers game🏀💪🏼 @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
Shane Battier presenting Vince Carter with the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award
Wonder if Lebron misses Ray Allen, Mike Miller & Shane Battier all the guys who used to save him when he got in a tight spot?
Dahntay Jones is on a group text this morning with Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy and they're all blaming Biyombo's balls for asking for it
. Since I posed the question, my Top 4 are PJ Brown, Keith Askins, STEVE SMITH & probably Shane Battier.
Ryan Anderson looks like Shane Battier and Jordan Clarksons love child.
The day the Grizzlies traded away Hasheem Thabeet and got Shane Battier back in return
Who was the better defender against Kobe; Ron Artest, Doug Christie, Bruce Bowen, Ruben Patterson, Shane Battier or Tony Allen?
Yo... We need Ruben Patterson, Shane Battier, Dahntay Jones, Ray Allen @ the game Who else did Kobe give all the buckets? Ronnie Brewer..
It is official -- The announced today that they have signed free agent forward Shane Battier
Shane Battier ain't walking through that door.
the heat also had Chris Bosh, dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Mario chalmers and Shane battier
Brother your lame your shane battier 🔥
not having a Mike Miller or Ray Allen or Shane Battier is very unfortunate for the playoffs
I heard you're badder than Shane Battier -- that true? (cc:
Oh well, maybe we will pull a O.J. Mayo Shane Battier 8 seed first round win this year
Shane Battier said on the Lebatard show that he turned down $24M offers from Toronto and Indiana to sign with Miami for rings
he reminds me of Shane battier. Lol I'm a big milsap fan tho. I'm also happy for bazemore
Can't find the picture but, from what I remember, he didn't have Bobby Hurley, Shane Battier or JJ Redick on it.
Shane Battier jokes about the time Kobe Bryant scored 56 points on him in three quarters:
Shane Battier had one of the most honest responses to the ‘How would you defend Stephen Curry’ question...
Shane Battier had way better career than Yao Ming
Aaron Brooks, Luis Scola, Shane Battier all had shoe deals. MAny more player shold cut Yao a check!
Shane Battier's opinion on the Grayson Allen tripping incidents: . Drum Roll... . "You know how many people I tripped in…
I could probably listen to Shane Battier stories all day. And by probably I mean definitely.
Shane Battier: "One guy can't go and take a culture with him".
Only the can make Josh Norman less interesting than Shane Battier.
Shane Battier: I’ve been converted. I’ve gone to the Church of Whiteside. Pay the man
>> Shane Battier wrote off Hassan Whiteside after ‘get your *** up’ incident
Shane Battier wrote off Hassan Whiteside after 'get your *** up' incident
I remember I hated Shane Battier when he played for Houston cause he dislocated Dwyane Wade's shoulder . Lbvs
I use to be such a big Kobe lover that I hated Raja Bell,Bruce Bowen,Shane Battier,and anyone who tried to check him.
brotha you're lame, you're Shane Battier.
yeah, they need a Shane Battier type. Space floor (love does that) but defend 4s well (love does not). Just weird fit issues.
Yes, Shane Battier remembers the time Kobe scored 56 on him in 3 quarters. He remembers it vividly, in fact. WATCH:
The last senior to win the Wooden Award and National Title was Shane Battier.
that kid Richardson is the real deal. Give him a couple years and you have a Shane Battier type player
Let's talk about Daryl Morey a little bit. How'd he go from signing the Shane Battier, Chuck Hayes types to MICHAEL FREAKING BEASLEY?!
Jared Dudley looks like he goes on long walks with Shane Battier
I remember hating Dahntay Jones and Shane Battier. K recruits punks of all colors.
Lancaster Bible's CJ Dunston is the Shane Battier of the & NCAA Divisioin III - very high basketbal…
An sbnation post on the Rockets' implosion led me to this amazing Michael Lewis piece about Shane Battier from 09.
at one point they played the Lakers and took us to I think 6 or 7 games with Ron Artest, Shane Battier, Scola, Luther Head, &trash
Retired Joint Chiefs chair, Gen. Martin Dempsey, sitting next to Shane Battier at Cameron and yeah that's quite the row
Kenny Stabler in the Pro Football HOF is the equivalent of what? Terry Pendleton in the MLB HOF? Shane Battier in the NBA HOF?
I miss when we had them shooters man... Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Rashad Lewis, Ray Allen, Chalmers all on the same squad.
have been Dragic, Bron, Wade, Bosh, and Gasol James Jones and Ray Allen and Shane Battier and Mike Miller would've stayed
Hire Jerry Colangelo, sign Elton Brand, and now Shane Battier could be a potential hire. Coach K sent the team to take…
I was just thinking and its crazy the amount of good shooters LeBron had in Miami... Ray Allen, James Jones, Mike Miller, Shane Battier..
Forgot Elton Brand, Shane Battier and Corey Maggette played together on Duke
And of course they always had a Ray Allen/Mike Miller/Shane Battier that they would put on the floor in key stretches as well
James Jones and Ray Allen were, Shane Battier was not. He's referring to people who were shooters ONLY
Jay Williams and Shane Battier won separate National Player of the Year awards in the same year
Name a College Basketball team that was better than Duke in 2001. Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier, Mike Dunleavy, Jay Williams, Chris Duhon
Website Builder 728x90
Google exec: "We actually changed the way thought about hiring" after reading NYT Mag article on Shane Battier by Michael Lewis.
Shane Battier looks like a tennis instructor who gets a little too close to your wife.
Its funny that they treated him and Shane Battier similarly, when Battier was MILES better than Gibson
"If there was an NBA Hall of Fame, it should be in New York." - Shane Battier - Zach Lowe podcast.
just remembered Zach Lowe's podcast has Shane Battier on it today...
Udonis Haslem finished 10th in Teammate of the Year voting (voted by players). Shane Battier was the previous winner.
nicest guy in the world Shane Battier probably has u blocked.. Joel Osteen too
Why does shane battier always were that golf masters jacket on the bench, lol
What do Shane Battier and Quixote have in common?
why dont u add a siver or gold Shane Battier to
not just large, he had those folds in the sides. Kind of like Shane Battier!
bro, you look like Shane Battier lol
we didn't go but get the gym open and I might go Shane battier from the corner
WINNING TEAMS ARE SELFLESS.No asks about stats. They ask, "were you apart of that team?"-Shane Battier 🏀
For every championship I've won. HS-Pro. No one asks about stats. They ask: Were u part of that team? - Shane Battier …
Duke Stars never turn into NBA Stars...And if they do,they're injury-prone (Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Jay Williams, Kyrie, Shane Battier)
Morey isn't a loan shark he's more like a media built mogul of some new type of GM that hasn't worked ex Shane Battier
Rashard Lewis, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Birdman, Haslem all players who turned down more money elsewhere to play in Miami.
Our Director of Analytics discusses Justise Winslow as the next Shane Battier:
James Jones channelling Shane Battier taking that charge
I hear you. My point is just that every team needs a player like him: Patrick Beverly, Matt Barnes, Bruce Bowen, Shane Battier, etc
Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Udo, Shane Battier, Chalmers, Norris Cole, James Jones...nah I think his were right there
Lebron always has some scrub save him in the finals. Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Delly...
In short the study says that, the Corpse of Mike Bibby and Eddie House were better than Ray Allen, Shane Battier
Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, and now Mathew Dellavedova. Just another person to bail Lebron out.
If Lebron was with the Heat! He would had passed it to Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Shane Battier! So many options!
saying it right now Bron might not have a ring if it wasn't for Mike Miller and Shane Battier
LeBron is lucky he got 2 to be honest. He better have paid Ray Allen/Mike Miller/Shane Battier some ring money!
Cavs should sign Shane Battier real quick so they can reunite the dynamic duo of Battier and Mike Miller to ball on the …
Bruce Bowen, James Posey, Shane Battier, Danny Green. No true value of glue guys that hit open shots. Add Corey Brewer to that list
Tony Allen was put in the NBA to play defense. It was his specialty. So was Bruce Bowen, Shane Battier, Tayshaun Prince, and Ron Artest.
Yeah dawg, we had players like Shane Battier and Mike Miller and Also Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Norris Cole, Chris Bosh, D Wade and Chalmers
We need Mike Miller , Shane Battier, Ray Allen , James Jones all three point shooters we lost
been rockin with Duke since Shane Battier & Luol Deng was on the squad. 👏
Jay Williams and Shane Battier are the LAST mufukkas on earth u should ask about the use of *** .smfh
Seriously, my analysis has come from Grant Hill, Jay Williams and Shane Battier. This is a problem.
Espn has Jay Williams, Jay Bilas, and Shane Battier covering NCAAB. Add Grant Hill on TBS and you wonder why America hates Duke
What about the 3 person panel earlier on ESPN Jason Williams, Shane Battier, and Jay Bilas?
idk bruh, that 99-2000 team was legit good too. Jay Williams, Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy, and Nate James
its so annoying when Duke guys Jay Bilas Jay Williams and Shane Battier have to do Gameday at the exact same time smh
Jay Williams, Shane Battier and Jay Bilas on the ESPN set right now.
“I’m Rece Davis, here with David Lloyd, a Duke legend… and Shane Battier." SC is live at the Final Four all day.
and next year the sample group will be expanded beyond Shane Battier, Bobby Hurley and Jay Williams.: " )
Off the top of my head, Laettner, Ed Cota, Wayne Turner, Shane Battier and Frank Kaminsky would like to have a word with…
As ball players, I hate Shane Battier and Justice Winslow too
Good company with Duke's Shane Battier and Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins!
The Legends are being recognized at the half. Bobby Cremins and Shane Battier among those honored.
If you had enough of Shane Battier in the ACC Tournament fear not, Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas on the call tonight for the ACC semis.
[Bloguin: Project Spurs] - Shane Battier thinks the Spurs’ Big Three have more sway than Pop..
Three biggest celebs at Sloan conf, based on groupie followings: Shane Battier, Mike D'Antoni, Sam Hinkie. They were mobbed at all times.
Kendrick Perkins, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and calling Shawn Marion on the phone. He's changing the face of the league. Oh James Harden.
"Tracy McGrady and LeBron James are the two best basketball minds I've ever been around" - Shane Battier
The three players Shane Battier had the least success guarding in his career: Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and ... Jason Richardson
My Top 5 Lamest Ppl in the History of Earth:. 1. Shane Battier. 2. Tyga. 3. Christopher Columbus. 4. DL. Hughley. 5. Who ever my EX ends up with
Janae look like Kahwi Leonard and Dimitri look like Shane Battier. Both of y'all eat a ***
I'll take him over Shane Battier, Bill Walton, or Doris Burke when it comes to ESPN any day of the week
I remember when Jay Williams and Shane Battier used to slap floor. Cameron Crazies was so turnt up!
hopefully Jay Will, Shane Battier, Seth Greenberg and Jay Bilas are regulars on the channel.
I grew up on JJ Redick, Shane Battier, Mike Piazza, Fonzi, Scott Stevens, and Marty Brodeur
Shane Battier is the worst. Hes no Jay Williams or Corey Alexander.
Shane Battier and Jay Williams analyzing a UNC play with Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige demonstrating. *cringe*
Let's waive some players and make room for clutch shooters like Ray Allen, Shane Battier and lets work with Andrew Bynum.
LOL what ESPN exec put Shane Battier on color duty for the North Carolina game? In Chapel Hill too.
Been a Duke fan since Jay Williams and Shane Battier were there.
The only thing worse than Sam Thompson's free throw shooting tonight has been Shane Battier... Awful, just awful.
The only thing worse than Dorris Burke as a side line reporter is Shane Battier
national champs Nolan Smith, Shane Battier and Grant Hill are in the stands tonight. Former UNC player Jason Capel is here, too.
We starting dee NBA season without Ray Allen and Shane Battier being on a NBA team there is a God
NBA *** I hate: DFish, Jared Jeffries, Tyronn Lue, Stromile Swift, Jared Jeffries again, Jared Jeffries one more time & Shane Battier.
Shane Battier and Mike Miller won championships for the Miami heat y'all
Shane Battier. The Intangible matters. Made 6 nos 3 points in my biggest game, Finals against the Spurs. Did what I did best!
Shane Battier The lowest point of my NBA career was realizing the best chance of my teams success was not involving me! Crushing!
Shane Battier 98% of the game, I spent not touching the ball but contributing so fully in the intangible LeBron could do his thing
"Champions are made when no one is looking" Shane Battier - only at
Shane Battier What are you doing to make your coach sweat when you are not on the team? Make the intangibles count!
Correx: Former NFL star and Super Bowl champ Willie Gault in the audience again, NBA champ Shane Battier on stage now.
Shane Battier The things I focused on were not high on Sportscenter but was good for the team. By self sacrificing, the team won
Shane Battier The Art of The Intangible. How did a bomb like me stay 13yrs in the NBA & win 2 championships?
Brother your lame you shane battier
This Mike Miller cosplay in Cleveland is in really poor taste. It's enough to make Shane Battier turn in his grave.
Would have to be Shane Battier drawing it, correct?
Do you think you could beat Shane Battier in trivia?
Only player I really truly HATED was Shane Battier and *** no I would never take him on my team.
Shane battier's head is too big to fail
Everything will get better when Shane Battier is head of the Fed.
The 4th annual starts today: the Artic will be a topic & speakers include Walt Mossberger, Vanessa Kerry, & Shane Battier
Tyler look like Shane battier head on 2k14
Shane Battier just retired, y'all ain't praise him like that
let me know when you figure it out Shane battier
his character reminded me a little of a Shane Battier... smart and well spoken team player. & helped aid MKG's rookie year.
Little Giant Ladders
Krzyzewski said Amile is the team's best communicator and will have a huge role this year. Stopped just short of a Shan…
Shane Battier was in front of me at the airport. He saw me looking at him like 😯😍 and just smiled & laugh. lol
What is Shane Battier's strangest meal he EVER ate??? Please answer.
Shane battier, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, not to mention bosh and wade, they wanna put him as goat or even top 5. He QUIT in last yrs finals..
Wow Shane Battier has some serious hops in 2k14...
I know it's football season, but I can't be the only Clevelander happy LeBron didn't bring Shane Battier up to the Cavs, right?
George Lopez and Shane battier lmao classic
I still use Shane Battier a lot in 2K. Great 3pt shooter.
Coach K today announced that he'd run a small forward rotation of Shane Battier, Gordon Hayward, Kyle Singler, and Richard Jefferson.
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