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Shaka Smart

Shaka Smart (born April 8, 1977) is an American college basketball coach, and the current head coach of the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams men's basketball program.

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Heard you mention TheMount reminded you a bit of VCU. It would make sense, Jamion Christian used to be on Shaka Smart's staff!
it's a Shaka Smart kind of situation. Are you content with being the big fish in a little pond, or are you ready for the river?
Another Shaka Smart disciple getting it done. Jamion Christian had done a great job rejuvenating Mt St Mary's. Quality run all season long
Texas gets up shots under the eye of head coach Shaka Smart.
Lots of Texas basketball fans are frustrated with Shaka Smart right now. I always feel confident because he can answer the hard questions.
Shaka Smart is thoughtful, willing to push back in a respectful way on phrasing he disagrees with, and generally commanding.
Pretty impressive for a team that went 8-10 in conference play. Maybe Shaka Smart's do have a chance in…
And Shaka Smart, who I'm sure you were yelling for when Barnes was hired, has tanked.
How does ex-Longhorn Kevin Durant rate Shaka Smart’s first...
Worth noting that Pitino was hired by Norwood Teague who was the same guy to hire Shaka Smart.
.It’s no wonder Shaka Smart couldn’t wait to bail on that town. We’re a better city & already a better soccer club in year 1.
How does ex-Longhorn Kevin Durant rate Shaka Smart's first year at Texas?
"Force your opponents to play differently than they practice every day." . -Shaka Smart
I love the list and agree with most of it, but I was curious if Shaka Smart would be an option in the search?
No, he did not. State opted for Shaka Smart but got Gottfried.
Shaka Smart has clearly not worked out at Texas so why not tried to lure him to NC State a familiar part of the country.
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Tom Crean replacement options. 1. Shaka Smart. 2. Steve Alford. 3. Mark Few. All dreams, but you got to dream right?
Cool, I'll tell that to VCU coach Shaka Smart and Butler coach Brad Stevens
I doubt it'll happen, but if Shaka Smart is let go at Texas that would be a great target for . Thoughts?
Shaka Smart also turned down the job the last time it was open.
Shaka Smart has announced that Tevin Mack is transferring from Texas.
2.8M base salary is Shaka Smart at Texas
Shaka Smart is not exactly doing great at Texas.As bad as it is, Miles is not a bad coach.Stick with him and with the team.
prime example is Shaka Smart, great run at VCU but struglling at Texas. Plays better teams in Big 12 day in a day out.
Did not realize University of Texas was 10-21 this year. Shaka Smart better pull it together before the alumns get restless.
Shaka Smart isn't coaching at Texas collapsing over Kevin Owens. So many head coaches popped up great then dropped…
Did Bill Walton really refer to Shaka Smart as Shaka Zulu
Great read on a coaching career challenge.
Bohls: Texas' Shaka Smart still learning on the job via
Almost bumped into Shaka Smart while wearing my KANSAS hoodie and I wouldn't have it any other way 👌🏼
Embarrassing reg season for Shaka Smart as fall to 10-21, dead last in (4-14) after loss to https:/…
Texas doesn't appear to run the defense Shaka Smart is known for. Ain't that why they hired him?
Shaka Smart hoping this season is a mere bump in the road. "It better be an anomaly. I’m really confident we’re going to tak…
I had my doubts about Shaka Smart at Texas...those doubts are becoming reality. Needs turn it around next year.
Shaka Smart: "This, for me, has been a really, really challenging hard year. I’m more disappointed than anybody."
Devonte' Graham pickpocket steal and a dunk (!) has Shaka Smart and Texas wanting a timeout. It's 9-2 with 17:07 left in first.
I think I'd take Chris Beard over Shaka Smart if I had to pick one of the two to coach for A&M.
With decision looming, Matt Coleman's relationship with Shaka Smart has given Texas a big boost
KA talked to Shaka Smart last year about Barnett, said Texas had other guys at his position. SS expected him to play more this year
Texas HC Shaka Smart front and center today to see 6'2 Matt Coleman (Oak Hill). .
ESPN 100 No. 67 Jericho Sims says yes to Shaka Smart and the Texas Longhorns.
Texas' Shaka Smart is learning to navigate the state's recruiting waters in Year 2, from
Shaka Smart, Sean Miller, Roy Williams watching PJ Washington. Williams eyeing Brandon Randolph. Alabama three-deep for J…
mine are John Chaney, Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, LaVelle Moton and Shaka Smart. It's so many coaches out here
now beginning. Chris Mack, Kevin Ollie, Mark Turgeon, Matt Painter, and head coach Shaka Smart leading the way…
The University of Texas may have two of the best coaches in the country with Shaka Smart and Charlie Strong.
Jarrett Allen committed to the University of Texas on Friday morning giving Shaka Smart a huge recruiting win at…
Texas has landed Jarrett Allen, source told ESPN. HUGE pickup for Shaka Smart and the Longhorns.
he looks like Texas coach Shaka Smart
Isaiah Taylor said he keeps in touch with Shaka Smart. Coach texted him this morning and said, "I love G." Can't tell us what that means.
PG Isaiah Taylor (Texas) says that he developed great chemistry with head coach Shaka Smart
Texas head coach Shaka Smart speaking to HS coaches and AD's. Smart's a presenter at the CLEAT program today.
UT Men's Head Basketball Coach, Shaka Smart, giving his advice to fellow coaches at
Saturday with Shaka Smart head coach of Texas!
I think a college coach gets a shot from one or the other. Shaka Smart, Bill Self, Ollie if he's ready to jump
Really nice to meet University of Texas head coach Shaka Smart today with
Gettin it in y'all! Day 2 Session 2. Nike Basketball Coaching clinic. Matt Painter of Perdue. Shaka Smart next
If Pop was as good a coach as Shaka Smart and Charlie Strong, SA would have even more rings.
"Our purpose is to transform our guys’ lives by helping them become the best version of themselves.” Shaka Smart.
For all of you saying that Shaka Smart should coach the I say...what about TOM???
My choices would be Shaka Smart (who's probably not leaving Texas, yet) or Gregg Marshall.
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Shaka Smart and Texas have offered Cristo Rey (MN) 2017 wing Jericho Sims, per
With five-star big man Jarrett Allen's commitment potentially on the line, Shaka Smart and the Texas Longhorns...
Nice heroics by Shaka Smart to keep Jai Lucas on staff as reported by Strong Texas recruiter and probably got a nice $ boost.
Sounds as though Shaka Smart will keep Jai Lucas on staff. Lucas was close to joining Jamie Dixon's staff at TCU as an assistant.
HD's latest on attempt to hire dir of ops Jai Lucas and Shaka Smart's effort to keep Lucas ($).
Shaka Smart's former Richmond home sells for $1.26 million: Seven-foot, four-inch door frames to accommodate ...
Add Shaka Smart and *** Cronin to those closing the live period with Houston Defenders and Florida Vipers.
Coaches & ADs, there are a few spots left in our UT leadership training ft. Shaka Smart. Sign up here:
Shaka Smart is a recruits dream coach. Young, likable, he's a winner. Don't get your hopes up man. Durants been on JA too 👀
Watching Rick Barnes play a football coach on Friday Night Lights is bizarre. They better cast Shaka Smart if they ever do a reboot.
Shaka Smart has countered w/ a lucrative offer & Jai Lucas may shun to remain at while possibly being added to the road!
That just wasn't smart, Darren McFadden is still nice...but Baltimore D bout to be hot again🔥
This man Reggie just put the full court pressure on me just now. Shaka Smart full court pressure
Point guard Isaiah Taylor has decided to forgo his last year of eligibility declare for the draft!.
why isn't Patrick Ewing, Becky Hammon or Shaka Smart in considerations for the Lakers Job?!?!
if Shaka smart is ok with losing him and not coming with a counter offer, I doubt he's all that valuable.
how is that a smart move by Shaka to lose Lucas???
why hasn't Patrick Ewing, Becky Hammon, Shaka Smart been considered for the Lakers coaching job!?!?!
Shaka Smart? Surprised he's not getting consideration. He reminds me more of Stevens as any other college coach. Unlikely though
Texas Longhorns head coach Shaka Smart is closing in on landing a big-time target.
heard Shaka Smart's name tossed around last night - hadn't thought of him
Shaka smart just stopped and asked me how my day was going. I feel blessed. 🙏🏽🙌🏼
Kornheiser apparently just said on the radio that Shaka Smart should be a candidate for the Laker job. Apparently with a straight face.
Eeek. Tony Kornheiser just mentioned Shaka Smart should be a candidate for Lakers job. (Not a source, just saying he’d be fit.)
With Isaiah Taylor going pro, Texas coach Shaka Smart can now turn the reins over to Roach, Davis, Jones.
Tony Kornheiser said the next coach of the Lakers should be Greg Marshall or Shaka Smart.
Shaka Smart on the list of coaches the are looking at?
I'm going to Austin in September and can if I can bring back Charlie Strong or Shaka Smart, who goes in the trunk?
Texas' Shaka Smart among the college coaches keeping a watchful eye on Boo Williams (VA) vs. E1T1 United (FL) at the in Indy.
Lon Kruger, Tom Izzo, John Calipari, Bill Self, and Shaka Smart on hand to watch 2017 5-stars Troy Brown and PJ Washington.
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Matt Coleman discusses his bond with Shaka Smart & Tony Bennett + new interest from Duke |
Tom Izzo, Roy Williams, John Calipari, Shaka Smart and more already in their seats
Beaux Bridge (LA) Galen Alexander (is piling up offers. Shaka Smart and Texas extended an offered to the four-star 2017 forward
Shaka Smart to coach U18s, with assts Kevin Ollie & Mark Turgeon
Shaka Smart to coach the 2016 U18 Kevin Ollie & Mark Turgeon will be assistants.
USA Basketball announces Shaka Smart will coach the 2016 USA Men’s U18 National team. Kevin Ollie and Mark Turgeon wil…
U18 National Team staff: Shaka Smart as head coach, with Mark Turgeon and Kevin Ollie as assistant coaches.
UConn coach Kevin Ollie will join Shaka Smart's coaching staff on USA Basketball's U-18 team this summer. Will be in Chil…
Texas' Shaka Smart will serve as head coach of Team USA's U18 team this summer, per release. Mark Turgeon, Kevin Ollie wi…
Ollie with work with U18 national team head coach Shaka Smart of Texas and assistant Mark Turgeon of Maryland
Kevin Ollie will be an assistant coach with Maryland's Mark Turgeon for Team USA's U-18 team. Shaka Smart will be head coac…
Shaka Smart named head coach of the U18 team this summer. Kevin Ollie and Mark Turgeon named assistants
That seems like a really big problem to me. Like how is Shaka Smart not an NBA coach?
Last off-season the University of Texas went all in and heavily pursued coaching sensation Shaka Smart
Anyone looking for me at 5 o'clock, leave a message w/my personal asst...unless it's Shaka Smart ready to hire me. She'll put you through.
Brad Stevens is a very good coach but others that could be considered if one was starting a team...Shaka Smart/Tony Bennett/Kevin Ollie!
Shaka Smart is 38. If age is a big factor, he is in the discussion here
[Dallas Morning News] Cowlishaw: Your NCAA final winner is ...; Shaka Smart's 5-year to-do list
What do Shaka Smart's 2 commits in this game show about the type of team he's building at Texas?
Do you think the hiring of Shaka Smart is helping in drawing attention from young recruits to the University Of Texas?
Huge Horns fan here. What do you like about James Banks' game? How do you see him fitting into Shaka Smart's system at UT?
Tonight we will have dinner At Vic & Anthony's for event / joining us Shaka Smart &…
I would think the conversation would start with Stevens, Shaka Smart and perhaps Chris Collins.
Shaka Smart is only 38. But still impressive that Stevens is so young for an NBA coach.
Shaka Smart is a great young coach.
Me and Moms with The Voice of college basketball *** Vitale and The Coach that shocked the World Shaka Smart
Isaac met and Shaka Smart at the Welcome Dinner last night!
who would you say is the next Brad Stevens in college hoops? Shaka smart?
Brad Stevens is to Popovich what Shaka Smart is to Roy
Shaka smart gonna be a nba coach soon
Had dinner with *** Vitale and Shaka Smart tonight.. Dickie v told me "Chase your dreams kid. Go for it all." ✊🏼
good times. And Shaka smart. I remember heifer Howland after Lavin we were gonna get guy from Pitt and pitino was on list
can the Knicks just hire Shaka Smart already
Brad Stevens should give kings hope to go after a college coach for they go full rebuild mode. (i.e. Sean Miller, Shaka Smart, Kevin Ollie)
Sooners Hield is like a volcano Shaka Smart told me at some point he will erupt
Muss & Shaka Smart are the only coaches to win CBI in their 1st year.
like Shaka Smart & Mike Brey been pumpin out NBA guys lol
Shaka Smart, Billy Kennedy, Kelvin Sampson and Mike Davis are our honorary chairpersons. Should be fun and laughs
Well, yeah, but the counterargument there is he's recruiting against Larry Brown, Shaka Smart, Scott Drew, a good A&M team, etc.
Bill Self, Bruce Weber, Lon Kruger, Shaka Smart, Bob Huggins, Tubby Smith, Scott Drew, Jamie Dixon have all made it to Elite 8 or farther..
VCU wins & Texas loses. Good thing Shaka Smart has a big pile of Red McCombs' money to cry on
Texas-Northern Iowa just tipped. My story today on how Shaka Smart will help represent coach Bill Brown
So Andy Enfield ends up in Florida Gulf Coast's region and Shaka Smart ends up in VCU's region. Coincidence?
Top 5 coaches for me (not named Cal):. Tony Bennett, Tom Izzo, Jay Wright, Sean Miller, Shaka Smart.
Former Texas AD Steve Patterson hired Shaka Smart. Probably the best basketball decision of his career. Some might say…
Texas Tech is a good story and Tubby Smith has done an excellent job, but Shaka Smart should run away with Big 12 Coach of the Year.
If we still want to run a full court press system it needs to be with Shaka Smart. I want Greg Marshall though.
Golden, on Shaka Smart: A Final Four within three years: One reason I believe Shaka Smart will have his team i...
Watching Shaka Smart's weekly press conference. Awesome coach. A great fit at Texas.
It's somewhat like Brad Stevens at Butler or Shaka Smart at VCU. I only see Archie leaving for a top-10/15 basketball resources program.
Shaka on Ridley's status, telling his team in Nov. they have a bunch of front-runners, learning from losses, more:
WATCH: Shaka Smart talks Texas Longhorns basketball in Monday press conference
WATCH: Shaka Smart talks basketball in latest press conference.
If you're not on-board yet, it's time. All Access: Inside Texas Basketball with Shaka Smart premieres at 7:30 CT. htt…
Just so you know, Shaka Smart has coached a team to the same number of conference titles as has.
Hoop Thoughts on Diamond Stone, Amile Jefferson and why Shaka Smart is a better coach than I thought. Lots more! https:…
has high praise for Tuesday's opponent, Texas' Shaka Smart.
Shaka Smart talks WVU, road losses during his availability today: ($)
Shaka Smart discusses the mindset of heading down the homestretch of the regular season.
Terrific show today Kyle. I still can't get over that caller who wants to bring in Shaka Smart to replace Crean lol
UT goes from Rick Barnes and Mack Brown. To Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart. 😂😂😂
AD Mike Perrin joins next to talk future, and Shaka Smart. LISTEN:
Shaka Smart, Fran McCaffery, Randy Bennett, Jay Wright, Gregg Marshall, and Dana Altman would be my top-5 for national coach right now.
Leonard Hamilton & Shaka Smart are doing great coaching jobs this year. Both FSU and Texas at 15-7 and hitting strides after rough stretch.
Rick Barnes opens up on his exit from Texas, his belief that Shaka Smart will do well and his new job at Tennessee. ht…
I'm not necessarily saying 1 way is better than another but Will Wade and Shaka Smart are clearly two very different communicators. I dig it
Shaka Smart said he'd give his team a C+/B- for the way it defended Jawun Evans. He only scored 12, but Evans set up his teammates often.
alternate free space: Shaka smart comes out looking like doug funny.
Questions regarding Texas basketball are in the air. & give their thoughts. .
I was so hype when Shaka Smart came to UT. The guy is an incredible coach
Help Shaka Smart win $100K for in Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge. Vote now!
Has anyone considered Shaka Smart to be a good fit for next Lakers HC? His havoc defense took VCU from first four to the Final Four in 2011
It really comes down to who wants it more. Should doesn't get it done for you; you gotta go make it happen. – Shaka Smart
do not rule out Larry Brown or Shaka Smart becoming the next Nets coach
Dabo Swinney is the Shaka Smart of college football. His energy and intensity is contagious
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Shaka Smart sounds ready to break his fragile Longhorns
Don't think Shaka Smart needs your advice.
2016 5-star PG Andrew Jones. commits to and Shaka Smart. More via at
5-star PG Andrew Jones picked Texas because of his relationship with Shaka Smart | Story:
Beating Roy Williams' 3rd ranked Tarheels is the first big signature win for Shaka Smart with the program. A wi…
I want to be Shaka Smart when I grow up. Also, Roy Williams looks like Droopy Dog.
Heard that Shaka Smart and David Cason visited Andrew Jones today, and Mike Morrell was in to see James Banks.
2017 wing Brian Bowen of La Lumiere (IN) adds an offer from coach Shaka Smart and the University of Texas.
LaLumiere (IN) four-star 2017 wing Brian Bowen (picked up an offer from Shaka Smart and Texas, per
In better news, Shaka Smart's Texas basketball team beats Washington, who they lost to in Steve Patterson's Shanghai Classic, 82-70.
It's a small sample size, but Will Wade's "Havoc" might be described as if Shaka Smart & Chris Mooney had a defensive lovechild.
From "Siddhartha" to "The Power of Now" to the Tao of Prince Ibeh, Shaka Smart has Texas finding enlightenment.
Not a lot of head coaches are running 19 wind sprints with their team like Shaka Smart is today. Impressive.
Shaka Smart and his program grow closer through
I keep forgetting Shaka Smart is no longer at VCU. Just doesn't feel the same, but he's gonna do well at Texas.
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Kerwin Roach Jr. is going to be fun to watch in Shaka Smart's offense/defense strategy. He's a young flyer
True Freshman for Texas - Looking forward to the Shaka Smart Era at UT
Kerwin Roach's vertical jump was impressive - I wonder how that athleticism will translate to Shaka Smart's team
shaka smart may actually make Texas basketball nice again
ICYMI, yes Texas freshman Kerwin Roach just might bring some athleticism to Shaka Smart's roster.
BREAKING: Man can fly. . Think Shaka Smart smiles when he sees this?.
Do you know if Rick Barnes recruited Kerwin Roach Jr. or was it Shaka Smart?
might be able to make a good run in the tourney. Shaka smart at HC is big and some solid talent on the roster
"I loved the campus when I played there for AAU with the WV wildcats..I remember looking up to Shaka Smart, great guy" Levi co…
Fredi Texas hired Shaka Smart there basketball program is in good hands no need for Izzo
Shaka Smart drives a BMW. Don't ask me how I know.
Shaka Smart got me hyped for UT basketball this year
Shaka Smart STRUGGLING with 2016, in-state guys. Out on 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 11, 12. Severely behind on 5, not in on anyone else.
How Shaka Smart is instilling his style in his first summer at Texas
Roy Williams, Dana Altman, Larry Krystkowiak, Shaka Smart, Mike Brey and Mark Few all made less than Larry Brown last season.
“We have the mentality of the hunter. We want to be the most enthusiastic team in the country. That’s what we can control” – Shaka Smart
It's a daily decision to be uncommon. - Shaka Smart
Just talked to Shaka Smart. He said that this Texas team will play just as fast on the offensive end, but won't...
Shaka Smart's Longhorns survive Navy SEAL training. McGuire: "I think we left Texas on very positive high note.".
And I think the best thing to happen to LHN so far is the Shaka Smart hire. People are interested in him, and they get to s…
"Find one thing to compete in today, could be classroom, could be weight room. Coaches will follow up and ask you." -Sha…
Instead of Shaka Smart, the Gophers should have tried to hire Miguel Sano as their new coach
Lon Kruger and Shaka Smart both made it in today for 2017 Cinco Ranch guard Jay Jay Chandler
what are the odds if shaka smart had a very good year it puts even more pressure on Charlie Strong
Shaka Smart is going to have to do some lights out recruiting after the 2015-2016 season.
Texas Head Coach Shaka Smart was in to see Class of 2018 SF from Byron P. Steele II (TX) Gerald Liddell this morning.
When you're sitting right next to Shaka Smart>>>>>
Texas coach Shaka Smart and his staff hit the road today. Here a couple of key updates
Shaka Smart has been busy recruiting for the including checking out a '16 5-star & a 2018 prospect.
Shaka Smart popped in to see Gerald Liddel of Steele HS this am.
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Recruiting period began today for hoops, & Shaka Smart checked in on a key five-star this AM. Details: ($)
Scott Drew and Shaka Smart both expected to see Andrew Jones today at his school. One of the biggest summer risers.
how much pressure will be put on Charlie Strong if shaka smart has a good first season with hoops?
Shaka Smart and the will have another huge recruit in town this weekend. More via
VCU talkin' all this cash... Without a football team... Or Shaka Smart..
I hope our NCAAB team under Shaka Smart will be good this year
PLAYERS: Can you sit in a stance and have the same enthusiasm as Texas HC Shaka Smart?
How well do you think Shaka Smart will do in his first year at Texas?
Rebounding, shooting, and trapping drills from Shaka Smart
ICYMI, Shaka Smart and got a visit from a 5-star over the weekend:
The greatest pep talk in the world won't help an athlete who has cheated on his preparation. Either you're ready or you're not. -Shaka Smart
I'm pretty sure you owe Shaka Smart a sum of money now.
ICYMI- Briante Weber on his comeback, hopeful pro future and father-figure Shaka Smart
WATCH: Good stuff from Briante Weber on comeback, hopeful pro future, Shaka Smart.
Not a good start for Shaka Smart at Texas. Probably gonna go o-fer on big 3 of Fox, Bolden and Ferguson in-state.
DYK: John Green attended Kenyon College at same time as Texas coach Shaka Smart while alumna Alison Janney got her start on The West Wing
I wish I had a coach like Shaka Smart
Shaka Smart is really going to turn around Texas! Would love to learn from Coach Smart one day.
The Longhorns game will be the first home game for new UT coach Shaka Smart.
Candid Coaches: Texas Longhorns hoops coach Shaka Smart was the best hire last year.
The way that new Texas Longhorns head coach Shaka Smart is dealing with Eric Davis is why the Longhorns will soon...
the guy in ir avi resembles the Texas Longhorns basketball coach Shaka Smart
Enjoyed having dinner & talking basketball with Shaka Smart tonight in Houston. Hel'll do great job at Texas. He can really recruit & coach.
Like Jim Harbaugh, Shaka Smart wants his team to "attack the day." Loved this article on the new Texas coach.
New Texas coach Shaka Smart has plenty to do in first summer - excited about The New Culture at Texas and our Coach
Great story by SI's Brian Hamilton on Shaka Smart and his first summer at Texas:
Honored to meet coach Shaka Smart and his staff today and watch them practice "havoc" - Horns fans…
Attack the Day: Shaka Smart instilling his style in first summer at Texas via I'd play for Shaka.
Great read about head coach Shaka Smart's first summer on the job
Shaka Smart (Head Coach, University of Texas): I will ask my players “Does our relationship depend on how much I play yo…
UConn here 4 deep for Rivals/Playaz. John Calipari here now for 2nd half too. Ed Cooley, Shaka Smart & Mark Turgeon as well.
you probably should've asked Shaka Smart... He'd give you a good answer.
Becky Hammon stealing a page from Shaka Smart as the Spurs unleash a little havoc. 8-2 run, they're up 7.
Shaka Smart, University of Texas Head Basketball Coach on the difference between INTEREST and COMMITMENT
Shaka Smart is one of those coaches that you'd want to run through a brick wall for... .
Also bring in a group of MIT analyst and revamp the team. Fire Byron Scott and hire Shaka Smart.
"Culture drives your program, Relationships drive your culture. Focus on teaching & installing everyday habits"- Shaka Smart
Met reigning Miss SA at King Shaka Airport. Beatiful, smart and sweet girl. Didn't even realise it was her until she introduced…
Shaka Smart, Calipari, Bobby Hurley, Scott Drew, Roy Williams, Brian Gregory all court side for MBA/TX Pro
Shaka Smart and the had two visitors on campus today. More from
NEW: UW coach Larry Shyatt may take a page out of Shaka Smart's book to fill the Cowboys' vacant scholarship:
Tennessee hoops assistant coach Chris Ogden stopped by CPA to see Braxton Blackwell on Friday morning. Texas' Shaka Smart has in-home today.
Coach Strong and Shaka Smart are going to make history. Watch it.
Top-50 junior Bruce Brown holds several major offers, including one from new Texas coach Shaka Smart | |
Q&A with new Texas head coach Shaka Smart...
New Texas coach Shaka Smart reveals his philosophy and initial impressions of his players | | D.. Related Articles:
Shaka Smart talks about Texas, the Longhorns' roster, and what lies ahead in the Big 12. A Q & A
A list of coaches who've made Final Four in last decade: John Brady, JTIII, Bruce Weber, Jim Larranaga, Shaka Smart, Jay Wright
Just confirmed that Shaka Smart will join Mike Dunlap, Bruce Weber, Bob Huggins, and Bob Hurley SR at the TABC clinic
Shaka Smart is Hulk Hogan when he went to WCW and became Hollywood Hogan. And that ushered in the Attitude Era.
Radford's Kyle Getter was Director of Men's Basketball Operations at VCU from 2009-11. He was described by Shaka Smart as a "superstar."
VOTE: Who do you think will have a better season next year: Charlie Strong or Shaka Smart?
VOTE: Who will have a better season next year: Shaka Smart or Charlie Strong?
Sherrington: Better season at UT? Why I think Shaka Smart has edge over Charlie Strong next…
Why thinks Shaka Smart will have better season than Charlie Strong next year
"Texas would pique anyone's interest," Jay Wright said, "but I'm not leaving Villanova. It's home." He loves Shaka Smart hire. More on blog.
Shaka Smart and Charlie Strong pose for a photo. “Smart + Strong = Texas!
Will Wade expected to be on a short list to replace Shaka Smart | Local News | Times Free Press.. Related Articles:
This guy thinks Bill Self, who has won 11 straight reg season titles, should be fired for Shaka Smart, who has won 0.
Shaka Smart said all the right things in his presser. Hope he can develop a top ten BB program.
.with grades for every D-I coaching hire to date, including a strong grade for Shaka Smart to Texas.
I asked Charlie Strong to give Shaka Smart the "Blazing Saddles" DVD I sent him after he joined Texas. It's a great way to get acclimated.
Coaching Grades -- updated after Shaka Smart took Texas:
Shaka Smart lands in Austin as new basketball coach: press conference expected today
Apparently the theme of my sports teams this year is the coach leaving after they promise to stay... Gary Kubiak... Shaka Smart... Way to go
Texas got Shaka Smart out of VCU, Koch Industries kept Greg Marshall in Wichita and Billy Donovan is thinking NBA... http:/…
Shaka Smart was never offered the MD job it was Sean Miller,Mike Brey,Brad Stevens, and Jamie Dixon then Turgeon no Shaka
At the intersection of Roy Williams and Shaka Smart stands a man named Brian Barbour--furiously beating a dead horse.
We welcome Shaka Smart with arms wide open! Texas Longhorns 2016 Champions is what I see in the future!
BREAKING: Shaka Smart has accepted Texas' head coaching job. (via and media reports)
THIS JUST IN: Shaka Smart has accepted the head coaching job at Texas. (via & multiple reports)
Shaka Smart will need to keep Isaiah Taylor around and he should stay. Smart could have a nice backcourt group with Holland and Yancy
Shaka Smart to Texas? Clearly just biding his time, waiting for the Wisconsin job to open.
Sources blast text national cbb writers with news of Shaka Smart to Texas at 10:30 on Thursday night of FF week. . Indy bar doors swing open.
Feel like a big, rich school like Texas would want more attractive style than Shaka Smart's. At this point, though, probably just wanna win.
Shaka Smart gonna chill at Texas until the UNC job becomes open.
"We are offering Shaka Smart unlimited Brisket and Apple Fritters if he decides to stay at VCU."
Texas never even contacted Gregg Marshall for the job. They wanted Shaka Smart all along.
Texas is going after Shaka Smart, aren’t they? Marshall turned down Bama, which makes a little sense, basketball-wise.
Shaka Smart getting close with Texas. Marshall is about to get paid. You're screwing this up Fred!
Not saying Shaka Smart isn't the right call. Just saying I'm amazed search firm didn't even reach out to Gregg …
Shaka Smart to Texas is a slam dunk for them. Sounds like Greg Marshall staying put at Wichita State for a big raise.
Texas AD Steve Patterson to meet with VCU's Shaka Smart, offer him head coaching position with Longhorns. »
Dang it, Marshall reupped with Wichita State. Idk who's even left on the market. Shaka Smart maybe, but that opens bidding war with Texas.
Full story: Texas AD Steve Patterson plans on flying to Richmond to get VCU’s Shaka Smart.
Texas has zeroed in on VCU basketball coach Shaka Smart in head coaching search. (via & http:/…
Shaka Smart is finalizing a deal to become Texas' coach, per Norwood Teague and Mike Ellis would be proud. Hired him at VCU.
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