Shah Rukh Khan & Wankhede Stadium

Shahrukh Khan (born 2 November 1965), often credited as Shah Rukh Khan and informally referred to as SRK, is an Indian film actor. The Sheshrao Krushnarao Wankhede Stadium (Marathi:सेशराव कृष्णराव वानखेडे मैदान) is a cricket stadium in the Indian city of Mumbai. 5.0/5

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IPL 2014 Final Remains in Bangalore LIKED this post? for more LIKE PAGE Despite temporarily lifting a ban on Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai will not be hosting the summit clash of Indian Premier League 2014. This after the Governing Council of IPL chose to stand by their earlier decision of shifting the venue to the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore.
One similarity between Shah Rukh Khan and Me.. Both of us couldn't go to Wankhede Stadium to see Sachin's last match..!
Superstar Shah Rukh Khan wants that master blaster Sachin Tendulkar must be allowed to enjoy his last game for India thoroughly. Sachin is currently playing his 200th and final Test match against the West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium here.
Similarity between Shah Rukh Khan & me. Both of us can't go Wankhede Stadium to see Sachin's last match :( I want
MEET & GREET SESSION Banned from Wankhede Stadium, Shah Rukh Khan meets Knight Riders in the team hotel SHAH Rukh Khan may have not been able to make it to the Wankhede Stadium due to the five-year ban imposed by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) for his misbehaviour during last IPL, but the Kolkata Knight Riders’ co-owner did not miss out on an opportunity to cheer up his players at the team hotel ahead of their clash against Mumbai Indians yesterday. The Bollywood superstar arrived at the team hotel at Nariman Point half- an- hour before the team’s departure. Shah Rukh, wearing a KKR jacket, greeted his co- owners Jai Mehta and actress Juhi Chawla outside the hotel entrance before heading into the players’ meeting room. It is learnt that he gave a pep talk to Gautam Gambhir & Co. KKR’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Venky Mysore, however, did not divulge any information. “ I don’t know whether it was pep talk or what,” is all that Mysore said. Shah Rukh stayed put at the ...
Long live Raj Thackeray.He gives support to Shah Rukh Khan about the Wankhede Stadium issue. "Shah Rukh is...
Will actor Shah Rukh Khan, owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders or KKR, be allowed to cheer for his cricket team when it takes on the Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium this evening?
Shah Rukh Khan: Will they shoot me if I enter Wankhede Stadium? - ♥
just in just in.! Mumbai: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray has thrown his weight behind Kolkata Knight Rider’s co-owner Shah Rukh Khan saying he should be allowed to enter Wankhede Stadium. "Shah Rukh is not a criminal nor a terrorist. He should be allowed to enter the premises of Wankhede Stadium," Thackeray was quoted as saying in media reports.
Shah Rukh Khan regrets scuffle with guards at Wankhede Stadium
What will MCA do if I enter Wankhede Stadium... shoot me: Shah Rukh Khan
iToday IPL 6: Shah Rukh Khan to use mask, fake moustache to enter Wankhede stadium?: Asked what would he do wh...
What will they do if I enter Wankhede Stadium..'shoot me?'..asks banned Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan was banned from entering Wankhede stadium, so he won the cup and brought the opening ceremony and finals to Kolkata
Wankhede Stadium ban imposed on Bollywood actor and Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shah Rukh Khan is set to remain.
Is Shah Rukh Khan new bad boy of Bollywood? The actor’s alleged ‘drunken’ scuffle with security personnel and a lifetime ban at Wankhede Stadium has King Khan in a downward spiral of rifts and brawls He’s done it again. Just when you thought it was safe to skim through the Bollywood gossip pages, Shah Rukh Khan has gone ahead and filled the section with R-rated column inches courtesy of yet another alleged drunken brawl – this time with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). With a lifetime ban on entering Mumbai’s prestigious Wankhede Stadium looming in the horizon, Khan has this time around managed to upset cricketing officials, the state government and fans for supposedly abusing security officials who were only performing their duties. In words of MCA treasurer Ravi Savant to Times of India, he said: “He [Khan] misbehaved and abused the MCA security personnel, as well as MCA officials, including our president Vilasrao Deshmukh, after the IPL match (between KKR and Mumbai Indians).” MCA ...
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Very unfortunate. But money is always right which means might is right. Poor security guards can not do anything. The same incident happened when Shah Rukh Khan confronted poor security guards at Wankhede Stadium , abused them but no police action was taken against him. This is fight between elephant and ant where elephant is always right.
Shah Rukh Khan has been stripped of police security after a recent review by authorities concluded that he no longer faces any threat. Until 10 days ago, eight constables from the Mumbai police's Protection and Security Branch used to guard him in two shifts. The actor was provided police cover in 2008 after the 'Indian Mujahideen' sent an email to news channels, threatening attacks on him and three other celebrities. Some industrialists also figured in the terror outfit's 'hit list'. Intelligence reports of fresh threats against Khan in 2010 forced authorities to maintain the cover, though the number of policemen was reduced to half. Last year, Deputy Police Commissioner Pratap Dighavkar submitted a report to then police chief Arup Patnaik, warning of threats from the 'Lashkar-e-Taiba' to Khan and his son, Aryan. However, months after the report, the Protection and Security Branch carried out an audit, and decided to withdraw the cover. An officer with the department said that the Wankhede Stadium episod ...
Three months after Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was involved in a row at the Wankhede Stadium, the Maharashtra Commission for Protection of Child Rights has issued a notice to cops asking them whether an FIR should not be lodged against the actor.
one day in wankhede stadium by Shah Rukh Khan
Reports are now in, that Shah Rukh Khan will not be allowed to enter the Wankhede Stadium ever. For more Bollywood: Log on to ‪
In his first sit-down interview after the infamous Wankhede Stadium incident and much-publicised spat with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), SRK says he was provoked into the fight by an "unsecular abuse" hurled at him. On The Buck Stops Here, an in-depth conversation with Shah Rukh Khan on the ...
If iam a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and I m no way resonsible for his behaviour in Wankhede Stadium? Think differently.
A city-based lawyer, on Wednesday, filed a private criminal complaint in a local court against Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan for allegedly abusing the police officials and creating ruckus during an IPL match at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.
A criminal complaint was filed today in an Indore court against actor Shah Rukh Khan for his alleged involvement in the Wankhede Stadium
Criminal complaint filed against Shah Rukh Khan 4 his alleged involvement in the Wankhede Stadium spat on May 16 during the IPL tournament.
Shah Rukh Khan misbehave photo revealed at Wankhede stadium
Shah Rukh Khan spoke to NDTV's Barkha Dutt in his first sit down interview since the infamous Wankhede Stadium i...
Shah Rukh Khan to buy 50 pc stake at Dempo. Matlab Wankhede ke baad ab he'd be banned in Ambedkar Stadium.
"Shah Rukh Khan has apologised for his behaviour at the Wankhede Stadium" who comes up with these names?
Shah Rukh Khan has apologised for the ruckus he created at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai recently after a cricket...
Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shah Rukh Khan at Wankhede Stadium, even though the controversy has apologized, but was 5-year ban on them will not. Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) by the start of the managing committee
Shah Rukh Khan banned from entering Wankhede Stadium for five years. [
Shah Rukh Khan today again apologised for misbehaving with Mumbai Cricket Association(MCA) officials at Wankhede Stadium.
If it’s cricket stadium, it’s Eden Gardens or Lords. Wankhede banned Shah Rukh Khan, but who the *** cares?
IPL: The Dirty Picture A late-night bust-up involving charges of molestation and assault at a hotel suite in Delhi booked in the name of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Deccan Chargers on May 18. An early morning Income Tax raid at the offices of Pune Warriors and Royal Challengers Bangalore on May 23 following a TV sting operation in which five fringe players were caught striking deals on spot-fixing and switching teams for more money. A brawl at Wankhede Stadium leading to a five-year ban by the Mumbai Cricket Association on Shah Rukh Khan on May 16. It was a week from *** for IPL. And the week promised to stretch into a long year. Around 6.30 p.m. on May 22, Zohal Hamid, 27, was giving yet another live interview on her now famous charge of molestation by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) player Luke Pomersbach. The incident acquired bizarre momentum, especially after her 'fiance' Sahil Peerzada, 33, was hit by Pomersbach and she turned out to be close to a defence agent. India Today was present ...
Ban on Shah Rukh Khan may be Wankhede Stadium case, as SRK apologizes MCA. Mr.Vilasrao Deshmukh
Shah Rukh Khan apologised for his behaviour at the Wankhede Stadium last night.
Decent of Shah Rukh Khan at Chepauk grounds in Chennai to publicly apologise for his misdemeanour earlier .at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai
He’s got the luck of the Devil After all the non-sense that happened at the Wankhede Stadium, Shah Rukh Khan has a reason to cheer! His team Kolkata Knight Riders have made it to the finale of IPL5. And in what style! And Shah Rukh Khan seems to be delighted. And he also knows how to celebrate. We will be cheering for Shah Rukh Khan’s “Kolkata Knight Riders” this Sunday. Hit “LIKE” if you will be cheering them too…
Banning Shah Rukh Khan from Wankhede Stadium is as futile as banning Sachin Tendulkar from Mehboob Studios" - Sourav Ganguly
Some Political Party started honuring the security guard of Wankhede Stadium who misbehaved with Shah Rukh Khan.. I was sure these 2 Political party are behind the entire scenario.. He never Apologise to anybody then who are these these *** MCA officals.. You are the real King Shah Rukh..
Shah Rukh Khan has been banned from entering Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium for five years. guys whom do you support guys
Shah Rukh Khan brawl: Wankhede Stadium guard fears for his life
Shah Rukh Khan banned from Wankhede Stadium for 5 yearz.
Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray and his son Uddhav have come down heavily on actor and Kolkata Knight Riders coowner Shah Rukh Khan for abusing a poor meek guard at Wankhede Stadium after an IPL match.
Raj Thackeray led MNS wants to felicitate the guard who stopped Shah Rukh Khan at the Wankhede Stadium.
Heard on Radio today: What did the security guard at the Wankhede Stadium tell Shah Rukh Khan? 'Wahan Khade *** jao'
Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday Night brawl worsened on Thursday at a fixed standoff between Shah Rukh Khan and the Mumbai Cricket Association on Thursday, with the “father’s love for his daughter” weighed against “the abuse and drunken behavior of the stars.”
"Surprisingly, US security officers detain Shah Rukh Khan at the airport...frisk him, but he does not lose his cool. He goes there again and again to get humiliated. But he argues with humble security guards at Wankhede, because here he has the protection of the law, and of Congress," Thackeray said in his editorial in the Sena mouthpiece 'Saamana'. "Shah Rukh is a good actor...but his behaviour at parties, public events are controversial. Recently, Saif Ali Khan too behaved this way. Perhaps that's why Centre gave him Padmashri. In that case, Shah Rukh deserves a bigger honour. Please do recommend him for President-nominated Member of Parliament," If Shah Rukh felt that the security guards misbehaved with him and insulted the kids of 'a celebrity', he should have complained to the authorities at Wankhede Stadium.The guards would have been punished without any inquiry," Thackeray said. The editorial also contrasted Shah Rukh with other members of the film industry. "Amitabh Bachchanand his family members, ...
Taki Sawant will be interviewing Shah Rukh Khan soon and she will ask him about his recent controversy at Wankhede Stadium with MCA officials. Please come ba...
KKR co-owner Shah Rukh Khan was on Friday banned for five years from Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium after a scuffle with security staff.
Union Minister and Mumbai Cricket Association president Vilasrao Deshmukh said here that the decision to ban actor Shah Rukh Khan from entering Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai for five years had been conveyed to BCCI, and let it consider it.
Calling actor Shah Rukh Khan's alleged misbehaviour with security personnel at Wankhede Stadium ...
Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) at the Wankhede Stadium in Shah Rukh Khan is banned for five
Breaking news: Shah Rukh Khan banned from Wankhede stadium for 5 years.
I was angry but not drunk- Shah Rukh Khan on Wankhede Stadium brawl...
Mumbai Cricket Association officials today rubbished Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan's version of the fracas at the Wankhede Stadium last night, saying his statement had no basis.
Chris Gayle must be wondering what exactly Shah Rukh Khan did with the MCA guys at Wankhede Stadium seeing it trending since morning !!
Wankhede guard contradicts MCA, says Shah Rukh Khan did not hit him - India Today:
Shah Rukh Khan banned from Wankhede Stadium after reported brawl with MCA officials? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Shah Rukh Khan's Wankhede Stadium spat: Are film stars above the law? Shah Rukh faces a ban by the furious Mumbai Cricket Association for an allegedly drunken brawl at the Wankhede Stadium with the security and officials of the MCA after the Knight Riders won the May 16 IPL game against the Mumbai Indians. Photographs from the stadium showed Khan charging angrily at security guards, pointing an accusatory finger while his daughter Suhana, players and other officials try to hold him back. Off the moral high ground, I can honestly vouch for the fact that the majority of us have had fights and done embarrassingly stupid things while drunk at least once in our life. So why should it be any different when it comes to a film actor? What makes people like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, who mowed down people with his car, or Saif Ali Khan, who slapped a man because he asked him to keep the noise down at a diner they were in, display the arrogant disregard for rules and flout publicly acceptable behaviour with impun ...
This is what Shah Rukh Khan said in Wankhede Stadium : India News - India Today via
Got angry when they manhandled children, says Shah Rukh Khan on Wankhede ban controversy
Shah Rukh Khan: Not allowing me in the stadium doesn&change my life
Shah Rukh Khan briefs media on brawl with MCA officials at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. Says: I was not drunk,I owe no apology
“Shah Rukh Khan can now enter United States of America, but not Wankhede Stadium.
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