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Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet is a senior group of opposition spokespeople in the Westminster system of government who together under the leadership of the Leader of the Opposition form an alternative cabinet to the government's, whose members shadow or mark each individual member of the Cabinet.

Ed Miliband Jeremy Corbyn Tom Watson Diane Abbott Shadow Minister Labour Party Hilary Benn Dan Hodges Shami Chakrabarti David Cameron Andy Burnham Shadow Foreign Secretary Jo Stevens Dennis Skinner Alan Johnson Shadow Chancellor

Fun with math. 136.4% of Conservatives think Skippy is doing the bestest job of anyone in the Conservative shadow cabinet.…
The UK list of Soros's puppets is everyone in May's Cabinet - obviously including…
I’m told and shadow cabinet will make common cause with Tory Remain rebels on opposing amendment to…
"We ask you and your Shadow Cabinet colleagues as a matter of the utmost urgency to stop this unfathomable trajectory toward…
Neil Hamilton is very pleased to be joining Shadow Cabinet of leader Neil is now leader
25/ Reporting from The Washington Post from last September suggests that Mike Flynn was also in this Shadow Cabinet. http…
I do have one great advantage over Jeremy Corbyn. . I have a great team: our Shadow Cabinet has 10 former ministers.
‘Ideology never put food on my table'. Labour’s Angela Rayner (not just on the front bench but in the Shadow Cabinet).
Shadow Cabinet are out in Tory marginals today. Join me & in Chingford & Woodford Green next week with…
Shadow Cabinet has a show on 07/01/2017 at 08:00 PM @ Fiddler's Green I... in Winter Park, FL
Please may we have a round of applause for Jeremy Corbyn's current Shadow Cabinet. They've shown loyalty, talent & great se…
She has the easiest job in the Shadow Cabinet, yet still makes a hames of it. Is Peter Kay now writing…
I didn't plan to use my Easter Sunday to rebut a Labour MP's smear of our Shadow Cabinet in The Sun, but ahh well. [cl…
II see a business opportunity:. 'Today's Shadow Cabinet interview brought to you in association with ABC Insurance…
From our grassroots to the Shadow Cabinet: just a few of Labour’s incredible women share their vision to mark tomorrow's
Jeremy Corbyn struggles to fill Shadow Cabinet positions by Brian Adcock - political cartoon gallery
"I am a loyal member of the Shadow Cabinet and I am loyal to Jeremy Corbyn" - Diane Abbott showing her class. Wish we h…
Clive Lewis' replacement ready to take up Shadow Cabinet post
Good news... I've been elected to the Shadow Cabinet!! Not such good news... I think I've been employed as a decoy/ bullet catcher for JC :(
"Shadow Cabinet" its mp working 4 the media again not the electorite karmawill return at b box
Did you know who Jo Stevens was before she quit the Shadow Cabinet?. Please vote & RT.
I support---Jo Stevens is first Shadow Cabinet member to quit over Jeremy Corbyn's order to 'vote for Brexit'
Get facts right - Jeremy & the Shadow Cabinet decided that we should vote against & imposed a 3-line whip https…
The Australian Arab Association Committee met with Hon Mark and his Shadow Cabinet in Southern River Perth, to...
Michael Dugher demonstrating why he's not back in the Shadow Cabinet
Here's our take on attacks on Keir Starmer & Jeremy Corbyn over weekend. Please share. Support our Shadow Cabinet https…
Surely a 'labour Shadow Cabinet reshuffle' just involves moving Diane Abbott from one unsuitable job to another even less suit…
The media are determined you won't find out but Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet appointments are record breaking in these fo…
Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet has the highest no. of BAME MPs, first Black Shadow Home Sec & first Asian Shadow Attorney Genera…
We should have the whole new Shadow Cabinet by 7pm this eve, I'm told, including Corbyn's replacement for Jon Ashworth o…
Fab to see such a diverse Shadow Cabinet & Shami Chakra…
We've appointed the most diverse Shadow Cabinet ever with & Sham…
I didn't think Labour could get any nuttier, but with Diane Abbot and Shami Chakrabarti elected to the Shadow Cabinet, they…
shadow cabinet must not be selected solely by the grumbling, discredited, selfish and shameless MPs who didn't back
Labour MPs to reject roles in Corbyn shadow cabinet | Politics | The Guardian
Worth remembering the string of v effective PMQs Corbyn won vs. Cameron. People forget that. (Plus his Qs were leaked from shadow cabinet.)
What a charmer! No she isn't, she's got her foot in the door - next stop shadow cabinet. No integrity left.
A part-PLP-elected shadow cabinet is unthinkable, suicidal. Corbyn'd face a perpetual fifth column it'd then be impossible to get rid of.
I can't think of a worse idea, members voting for shadow cabinet. Ridiculous. Are members going to vote for th…
Oh, and latest party estimates point to fresh landslide - 65% of leadership vote (up from 59% in 2015) https:/…
Death of New Labor: Gordon Brown has surprised MPs - by urging them to back Corbyn if he wins
If Corbyn appoints his son to the shadow cabinet then I'll worry. . We all use nepotism in various forms.
Idea for early Christmas shoppers: a Labour Party chess set. Shadow Cabinet as white pawns.
If I were Corbyn, I'd keep most of the current Shadow Cabinet. Such great talent, and now he has a fresh mandate so everyo…
Hilary Benn sacked from shadow cabinet
I'd want more people like her in the shadow cabinet. . At least she's not a career politician.
Shami helps Corbyn. Corbyn makes her a baroness. Shami helps Corbyn. What will he do for her now? Shadow cabinet post?
In my humble opinion, it's wrong to purge loyal Shadow Cabinet Members to make way for Egos to return to Cabinet to brief &…
Gordon Brown urging MPs to back Corbyn amid claims is set to win 65% of leadership vote. vi…
EOIN is right. Why should loyal Shadow Cabinet members be purged to make way for those who tried to destroy JC & made…
This article by my Shadow Cabinet colleague really is very much worth a read:
Labour Party info apparently that is on 65%; Gordon Brown calls on people to respect the election. https:…
Think I'll put cheeky fiver on "Shami Chakrabarti" being named a member of the Shadow Cabinet by this time next week
Get her on the shadow cabinet, immediately.
Several MPs in current Shadow Cabinet were bullied by some Labour MPs when they plucked up courage not to resign. Wrong to…
I am told there'll be no deal on Labour MPs having power to elect some of shadow cabinet at tomorrow's NEC
she was a balance to all the anti-Corbyn MPs rolled out. Why not one from the current Shadow Ca…
I bloody love Shami Chakrabarti. She knows exactly what's going on. Would love to see her in the Shadow Cab…
No MP who voted 'no confidence' can, in all conscience, serve in a Corbyn-led shadow cabinet.
Tom Watson's plans to introduce Shadow Cabinet elections have not been successful, according to SkyNews. Defeated by 16 - 15.
"I'll never leave Labour," tells but he adds he can't work in Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet
How will Bill Shorten explain away Doug Cameron's Shadow Cabinet position, given he has announced his retirement...
Chairing her final Shadow Cabinet meeting last week, acting party boss Harriet Harman, left, could not resist a ...
Jeremy Corbyn ditches mental health job in his new smaller Shadow Cabinet
Mental health job ditched as Jeremy Corbyn unveils his smaller Shadow Cabinet
Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet now numbers 25 people. It's a mixture of people from the pre-Thatcher & post-Blair era, whic…
Tom Watson's bullies are cowards. That's why he demanded a secret ballot. How many of Tony Blair's spies are STILL in the Shadow Cabinet?
Good man He's in Parliament today, performing his Shadow Cabinet role holding in Theresa May to account. A…
Jeremy bringing together Education Women & Equalities in Shadow Cabinet to directly hold Nicky Morgan to account. Honoure…
Can I get a job in the Shadow Cabinet? I'm available weekends and need at least 10 days holiday. Will attach my CV via DM. Thanks.
The Shadow Foreign Secretary was said to have asked his colleagues in the Shadow Cabinet to 'resign en masse' if Mr Corbyn remained as
Shadow Cabinet source: Owen Smith thinking of running for leadership. Met with Eagle. Eagle will not now declare.
Andy Burnham, one of v few Shadow Cabinet members who didn't resign, just headed to Jeremy Corbyn's office with Chief Whip Ro…
Two thirds of the Shadow Cabinet gone - who should Corbyn's new government be? ... Continued here:
David Cameron jokes new Labour MP should 'keep her mobile on' in case of Shadow Cabinet job on her first day
Karl Turner says Mr Corbyn has lost support of Shadow Cabinet
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East MP Karl Turner is among the 11 who have resigned from Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet this weekend
The 'drama queen' resignations from the Shadow Cabinet show that some MPs think that they are more important than the people they represent.
PODCAST: A third of the Shadow Cabinet has now resigned. What's next? and Marcus Roberts discuss:
"Shadow Cabinet" still sounds like something Charles Dance would be leading in a Jason Bourne film.
I'm more surprised by whose not already in the Shadow Cabinet tbh. Some real talent ready to step in. Cat Smith, Holly Lynch, Jim McMahon?
Ian Murray expected to resign from Shadow Cabinet. MP from seat south of the border to represent Scotland
Shadow Cabinet. Anyone else remember when there were 2 versions of Bucks Fizz touring?
I'm available for ennoblement - then Shadow Cabinet - just in time to resign by about 5 pm
I've been one of those saying Corbyn should have a chance. He has had it. He failed. He has to go NOW. Shadow Cabinet - resign
Jeremy Corbyn dismisses Hilary Benn from the Shadow Cabinet according to reports tonight. Sad if true but inevitable giv…
Almost 100% Labour Council & they can't agree, just like the Shadow Cabinet.
Shadow Cabinet receiving a briefing from Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce on his final report
These are pretty extraordinary comments, coming from a serving member of the Shadow Cabinet
Fresh blow for Corbyn: Key member of Shadow Cabinet could QUIT to run for Manchester mayor
.keep criticizing for not winning votes within the Parliamentary Labour Party and/or Shadow Cabinet. Makes no sense.
ICYMI EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn could face a Shadow Cabinet walkout after the EU referendum
'facing Shadow Cabinet walkout after EU referendum'
Labour should invite U.K affiliated Union Leaders to Shadow Cabinet. -Secretary of Labor & Workforce Development
Looks like Stephen Smith may have had a 'Simon Crean moment', with a farcical leadership spill given Shadow Cabinet's statement
At Dagenham Town Hall for special Shadow Cabinet meeting with veteran Ford women strikers
seriously Robert? Ask Jeremy the same of his Shadow Cabinet.
Ugh, parts of the Shadow Cabinet, trivial, stupid & unprincipled.
Owen Paterson is NOT a member of the Shadow Cabinet.
Janan Ganesh wants Hard Right to resign en masse from the Shadow Cabinet? That is quite interesting. Why don't they?
Good idea Corbyn, get rid of the sensible thinkers.and end up with a Shadow Cabinet including Diane Abbott
I'm beginning to wonder who else is in the Shadow Cabinet... Ronnie Corbett? John Motson? Katy Perry? We'll only find out when they resign.
. Is this the none hard left Shadow Cabinet's NATO's Article 5 move on Corbyn's Warsaw Pact?
Beard Liberation Front says it expects an increase in hirsute representation in the Shadow Cabinet following the
Ken Clarke quotes on on expected Shadow Cabinet reshuffle: 'David Cameron’s looking on with interest' (£). https:…
I doubt it or they wouldn't have joined Shadow Cabinet in 1st place. No one will fall on their sword for Hilary Benn.
Absolutely ridiculous to move the most popular member of the Shadow Cabinet out of his role.
Ken Livingstone nor any other member of the "Team" or "Shadow Cabinet" has spoken out against racism in clear unambiguous
Under Corbyn, Labour moving on Abbott, hardest working member of the Shadow Cabinet, except when it comes 2 own job!
Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Seumas Milne clearly wanted to deny the Shadow Cabinet a free vote. They were let down by John McDonnell? :(
deconstructing the car crash of shadow cabinet minister Richard Burgon MPs position on Stop The War
Extreme left project is to take over the Party. It is not to win elections. Phase 2 starting. Sidelining elected MPs/shadow cabinet.
absolutely outrageous. He probably does have to get these people out of the shadow cabinet
It'd be good to see shadow cabinet member, for example mentioning t…
Why accept a Shadow Cabinet position if you are going to then undermine the leader you are serving?
Corbyn to meet shadow cabinet on Syria
Time for to purge shadow cabinet and use time constructively for Social Justice issues!
Stop The War's Corbyn at war with his party. Now Stop The War's Diane Abbott is at war with the party
so voters like a bloke who demonstrates he can't even control his shadow cabinet, let alone a country. And who wont sing our anthem
Arise, Lord Livingstone of the Gulag! Famous newt collector to be ennobled & parachuted into Corbyn shadow cabinet.
it gets worse and worse!! Hypocrites. Now Livingstone might be about to take a peerage and join Shadow Cabinet!!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Ken Livingstone being lined up for a peerage and shadow cabinet seat, Labour moderates fear
Labour's women at war: Former sex partner of Diane 'plots to oust Chief Whip' .
Bye bye shadow defence minister Don Touhig; we don't need Tory Lite in the party or in the cabinet.
Just who the *** does that bloody Corbyn think he is? Expecting collective responsibility from his shadow cabinet! https…
Shadow culture secretary criticises in 'highly provocative interview'
What the Shadow Cabinet can learn from the cast of Friends -
Labour's women at war as Diane Abbott 'plots to oust Chief Whip Rosie Winterton' ...
CANNOT make good copy, not at this time, not with such exposed conflicts of loyalties and lack of Ethics, Morality.
via Labour moderates fear that Ken Livingstone will be given a peerage and appointed to the Shadow Cabinet.
New post: ". Labour's women at war as Abbott 'plots to oust Chief Whip' over plum Shadow Cabinet job . " .
Also labour moderates fear Livingstone will be made a lord and join the shadow cabinet
A few home truths here from > the shadow cabinet and the NEC should both sit up and pay attention. .
Please think about coming back into shadow cabinet Ed. Foreign secretary I think.
Having second thoughts about a Labour "purge" if any of the things "unnamed Shadow Cabinet ministers said" are true
Credit to Owen Smith, not seemed to brief or undermine Jeremy since joining the Shadow Cabinet and has improved. That's how to do it
Shadow Cabinet meeting.Who'll blink.Its mutually assured destruction.would sooner crash party than hand it back to moderates
More than half the Shadow Cabinet can drop dead. 66% want him. Liz Kendall's 4.5% can split if they want.
Heath sacked Powell from his Shadow Cabinet the day after the speech and he never held another senior political post.
Is Zell Miller still alive? He should be Webb's VP. Webb should form a Shadow Cabinet. Webb should kill again.
At this point it seems almost as if the Shadow Cabinet is allergic to competency.
noticeable that there are some Shadow Cabinet in the Chamber, supporting Jo Cox, Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn to name one
PMSL fit a character to the Shadow Cabinet would be Hattie Jacques
is demolishing Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary on There appears to be no Shadow Cabinet collective responsibility.
Chair meeting with Shadow Cabinet talking on equality issues
Shadow cabinet mocked on Shadow Cabinet member Chris Bryant laughing his head off. Labour is dead.
There are people in London moaning about Corbyn not offering St Caroline a place in the Shadow Cabinet.
How would the Shadow Cabinet member like us to treat another 'social ill' - namely a huge number of politicians?
Jeremy Corbyn reveals his Shadow Cabinet with top jobs for Andy Burnham, Hilary Benn, John McDonnell
Andy Burnham's supporters have joined the Shadow Cabinet to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. He's popular. They're not. They want to strangle him.
John McDonnell, Angela Eagle, Luciana Berger and John Healey the Shadow Cabinet members mentioned by name by Corbyn in speech
Interesting Jeremy Corbyn names Luciana Berger and John Healey in speech - two of the most unifying figures in new Shadow Cabinet.
Who is on Jeremy Corbyn's new Shadow Cabinet from John McDonnell to Luciana Berger?: . Team . Jezza has been an...
Jeremy Corbyn has finalised his Shadow Cabinet. Full list of appointments here:
Now talking about "credibility" of Shadow Cabinet. What about *** such as Chris Grayling, not to mention Iain Duncan Smith?
Not at all surprised that our Andy has stayed on in the Shadow Cabinet. He epitomises loyalty. Labour comes first before eg…
More resignations from the Shadow Cabinet, and SNP are planning another referendum.
List of people leaving the Shadow Cabinet so far. Jamie Reed. Rachel Reeves. Tristum Hunt
leaving only Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy to join Tom and Jerry in the Shadow Cabinet?
and the Shadow Cabinet will be launching the Plaid Cymru roadshow at at 10:30 today
Shadow Cabinet ministers are now resigned to Mr Corbyn becoming leader when votes are counted next week:
he wont as Mrs Thatcher & Blair had majorities of 100+ when Major was in, unlikely to persuade Shadow Cabinet to support him
I wonder if Dennis Skinner will be given a Shadow Cabinet post in Corbyn's exciting new look Labour Party.
10 reasons why is a bad idea. 8. Diane Abbot will be in the Shadow Cabinet. I mean Diane Abbott!
Dennis Skinner to be Foreign Sec, Diane Abbot to be Chancellor in Shadow Cabinet!
Good luck to Tim Farron in picking his Shadow Cabinet, a large pool of contenders.
Encouraging to hear Shadow Cabinet is challenging Labour's Leader over her decision not to oppose tighter & Child Tax Credit cut
Sadiq Khan has resigned from Shadow Cabinet - presumably this is firing the starting gun on his London Mayoral bid
Harriet Harman to unveil Shadow Cabinet on Monday. Hearing rumours Chris Leslie to Shadow Chancellor
I want to win Maureen Johnson's Shades of London from
Labour admit they'll get rid of nuclear weapons-madness UK won't be able to defend itself Labour must NEVER get power …
U think Miliband marks the end of New Labour? Him & the millionaire shadow cabinet & advisors he's surrounded himself with?
A vote for Labour will put national defences at risk- don’t let it happen:
Ed Miliband refused 4 times to rule out any form of deal with the SNP & his own front bench back scrapping trident:
The former PM appeared at a low-key fundraising dinner for 15 Labour target seats - but only one Shadow Cabinet minister, Chuka Umunna,
Revealed: wants to 'get rid' of Trident - via . Fatal defence cuts. . .
If you think Ed cares about you more than Dave does you're totally deluded, the shadow cabinet is also full of millionaires!
Snr Labour minister reveals party wants to scrap Trident- a vote for Labour would put our national defences at risk
Labour disarray on Trident. Little doubt now that national defence will be on the table for negotiation in SNP deal
So a few months ago I put from DJ Mag in touch with one of the Labour shadow cabinet...
Revealed: Labour wants to 'get rid' of Trident, admits shadow cabinet minister - via
This is the Labour shadow cabinet.. They are the same people we voted out for incompetence in 2010.
Today, our outstanding MP Murray Rankin was named the Health Critic of the newly minted NDP Shadow Cabinet. Look...
Spell out how you'll cut in your departments - Peter Mandelson tells Shadow Cabinet to hammer home Labour's deficit me…
You just know that Emily Thornberry will be back in the Shadow Cabinet within six months.
After Yvette Cooper's interview, it's obvious Labour's best electoral strategy must be for the Shadow Cabinet to hide till May.
Everything Alan Johnson's 20 Shadow Cabinet cheerleaders are doing is designed to help David Cameron. Or else they're too stupid to live.
There are exactly six months to go before a General Election which will decide the future direction of our country. Labour will fight and win this election street by street, house by house, taking our case to the people on every issue. That is how I am going to be spending the next six months. That is what my Shadow Cabinet and our MPs will be doing. That is what our councillors, party members and activists will be doing – because that is what they do week in and week out – and they know that is how we win. We are in the fight for the future of our country and in the General Election Labour will show we are equal to the challenges of the time in which we live. This is a deeply anxious country riven by profound inequality, where millions of people neither believe Britain works for them or that politics can provide solutions anymore. The Conservatives cannot meet these challenges. Week after week I listen to David Cameron trumpeting how well everything is going. And I know it rings hollow with so many p ...
UK Government passes motion to recognize Palestine The UK House of Commons passed a motion, voting overwhelmingly in favour of recognizing Palestine as a State. Significantly, this motion is not binding on the UK government even though the House voted 274-12 in favour of granting recognition. Therefore, the vote, though highly symbolic, is not expected to bring about any real change in the policy of the British government with respect to Palestine. Stand of the UK government The British government has maintained that it will grant recognition to Palestine only if it will further the cause of peace. It is believed that the government will consider recognizing Palestine only if a peace deal is agreed upon bilaterally by Palestine and Israel. Split between parties The majority of the Labour Party voted in favour of the motion granting recognition. The motion had the complete backing of the Shadow Cabinet of the Labour Party. However, the Conservative Party was not in favour of granting recognition. Most Con ...
Can every member of the Shadow Cabinet please read this?
Ed Miliband and the Shadow Cabinet are outlining the choice Britain faces in just under 10 months’ time.
As the Labour Critic on the Green Party of Canada's Shadow Cabinet, I am proud to announce that all my policy resolutions have passed relating to labour issues. The GPC now recognizes that collective bargaining is a Human Right and that discrimination on the basis of union activity should be open to charges laid under the Human Rights Act. Wal-Mart, who goes out of its way to recognize and persecute union minded employees will eventually have to change their attitude and promote to management those so inclined. As it stands now, if one is not anti union, they do not get promoted to management.
Labour needs ex-postman Alan Johnson back in the Shadow Cabinet as Party Chair to deliver victory …
Great to bring the Shadow Cabinet to GE in South Wales - a world leading manufacturer supported by the Welsh Labour Govern…
Labour's Shadow Cabinet and the Welsh Government cabinet hold a joint meeting in Nantgarw
First Minister writes for ahead of tomorrow's Shadow Cabinet visit >
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Ed gathers the Shadow Cabinet after the Fabian’s report today:
Shadow Cabinet turn on : Labour pays price for ignoring Farage
Meet Member of Parliament & 1st person of descent to be member of a Shadow Cabinet
Former British PM, and UN special envoy for global education, James Gordon Brown, a doctoral graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Brown spent his early career working as both a lecturer at a further education college and a television journalist. He entered Parliament in 1983 as the MP for Dunfermline East. He joined the Shadow Cabinet in 1989 as Shadow Secretary of State for Trade, and was later promoted to become Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1992. After Labour's victory in 1997, he was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, becoming the longest-serving holder of that office in modern history.How many Nigerians will have PhD without Using Dr. in their name?
Opposition Leader Marc Bean announced a Shadow Cabinet shuffle this morning [Apr 30], with numerous Opposition MPs taking on new roles. David Burt [Finance], Lawrence Scott [Transport] and Michael Weeks [Community & Sports] will retain their Shadow portfolios, while the remaining Shadow Ministers have all been re-arranged. Mr. Bean said, "The team I have unveiled today, represents the first of a series of an
Shadow Cabinet featuring Mr. Harley on the drums just got a last minute gig at Fiddlers Green Irish Pub & Eatery in Winter Park. We start at 9. Come on down! The food will be good, the music will be good and the drumming will be not as good as Tony Williams, or Bill Bruford, or Keith Moon but will be above average.
on regarding Labour's GE Camp. However, I would like to see Douglas and Shadow Cabinet more involved in camp
60 years ago today, Aneurin Bevan resigned from the Shadow Cabinet over disagreements with Clement Attlee on foreign and defence policy
In the recent reshuffle of KCC UKIP Councillors' Shadow Cabinet all 3 of the Swale UKIP Councillors have been given Shadow Cabinet Posts. Mike Baldock is Shadow Cabinet member for Growth, Transport and the Environment; Lee Burgess is Shadow Cabinet Member for education and Young People; and Adrian Crowther is Shadow Cabinet Member for Public Health and Care. Congratulations to our local Councillors and we look forward to such a strong team taking forward UKIP ideas and principles over the coming 12 months. It is noticeable that whilst the Tories speak of cutting back they themselves have retained 8 Cabinet Members for a reduced number of Directorates on KCC - each with 1 or 2 deputies - UKIP have appointed a much smaller team of 4 that are directly related to the new system. Perhaps UKIP can take the decisions that the Tories only talk about!
Just a reminder that Plaid Cymru's full Shadow Cabinet (including Shadow Minister for Education) will be in Pontypridd tonight to answer questions. It's open to all, no matter what your political views, and free of charge. Just turn up at 7:30!
. Shadow Cabinet minister: "We all remember when Andy was Health Secretary, happily contracting out bits of the NHS to the private sector"
SHADOW BUDGET wil folow aftr a Shadow Cabinet "Madam Speaker,, Morupule B wl no longer exist its all cancelled Madam Speaker,,,BIUST wil no longr b recognised, we r closing it Madam Speaker,,we are gona increase our rivers in Botswana, we shal make rivers dat run frm d North 2 fill up Gabs dam
Vital questions these Labour apologists for child sex MUST now answer This week the Mail published a major exposé revealing how three senior Labour Party figures gave their support in the 1970s to a vile organisation that tried to legalise sex with children. At the time, the trio — Harriet Harman (now deputy Labour leader), Patricia Hewitt (who was Health Secretary in the Blair government) and Jack Dromey (now a member of Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet) — held key roles in the human rights campaign group the National Council For Civil Liberties (NCCL). Harman was legal officer, Hewitt its general secretary and Dromey was on the executive committee.
The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Wafula Oguttu has announced a new Shadow Cabinet as he plans to stimulate a vibrant opposition in Parliament. In the appointments announced at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi this afternoon saw CP President John Ken Lukyamuzi named Shadow Minister for Tourism, wildlife and antiqities, Mathias Mpuuga as Shadow Minister for Rehabilitation, relief and Disaster management, while Hussein Kyanjo moves to the Presidency from the Internal Affairs docket which has been entrusted to Aruu County MP Odonga Otto. Soroti Woman MP Angelline Osegge takes over the newly created post of Shadow Minister for Kampala. Abdul Katuntu and Medard Lubega Sseggona retained their posts as Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for Justice and anti-corruption respectively, while Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze is named Shadow Minister for Local Government. In other appointments, Kampala Woman MP Nabbilah Naggayi Ssempala is appointed the Shadow Minister for Information replacing ...
A revolt in the Shadow Cabinet over HS2 could scupper the £50 billion project, despite Ed Miliband promising to support the plan
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Announcement: I am no longer entertaining Leadership-Change-At-The-Top debate, but only debate on how the MDC-T can be more effective, leading up to 2018 election. I will start with the issue raised by many that the MDC-T Shadow Cabinet seems to exist only on paper. Missed opportunities to criticise Zanu PF policies. If you are friends with any of these Shadow Ministers, please tell them we have a very friendly independent Press and we are not taking advantage of all the blunders in Zanu PF. We also have social media. We expect them to be commenting on the very directionless policies of Zanu (PF). 1. International Relations and Cooperation: Gordon Moyo 2. Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources: Thamsanqa Mahlangu 3. Finance and Economic Development: Tendai Biti 4. Defence: Gift Chimanikire 5. Health and Child Welfare: Ruth Labode 6. Basic Education: Concilia Chinanzvavana 7. Higher Education Science and Technology: Dr Matarutse 8. Local Government: Sesel Zvidzai 9. Transport: Elias Mudzuri 10. Communi ...
'The Bank of England which is an impartial technocratic institution would implement whatever monetary arrangements were decided to the best of our ability.' Mark Carney Governor of The Bank Of England Alastair Darling ex Chancellor of The Exchequer and in charge while banks ran out of control and crashed the world economy interprets agreement as being told what to do. Maybe the two things are not totally disconnected. He talks of a very integrated social, economic and political system. Obviously not or we would not be having this debate or Referendum in the first place. So who do you trust? An ex Labour Chancellor of The Exchequer who was the darling of The Tory conference and who cannot get a seat in the Shadow Cabinet. Or someone who at least takes what you aspire to seriously and offers thoughts on a method. Thank you Mr Carney for your courtesy and respect and, I suspect, your sense of humour.
The 50p tax backlash: Shadow Cabinet split as Balls is attacked over 'politics of envy' Shadow Chancellor's plans to raise tax caused rifts in Labour, say insiders Ed Balls has been criticised for using 'GCSE economics' by former minister Yesterday Mr Balls even denied that Labour's deficit was a problem By TIM SHIPMAN PUBLISHED: 23:42, 26 January 2014 | UPDATED: 23:44, 26 January 2014 412View comments Labour was in turmoil last night as members of the Shadow Cabinet, party donors and businessmen united to condemn Ed Balls’s plans to raise the top rate of tax to 50p. Insiders said the Shadow Chancellor has left Ed Miliband’s top team divided over the wisdom of ramping up tax after refusing to consult his senior colleagues about Labour’s biggest economic announcement in a year. Former Labour City minister Lord Myners accused Mr Balls of using ‘GCSE economics’ to justify a return to the ‘politics of envy’, while other critics said the move would deter investors from coming to Britain and damag ...
Labour leader Ed Miliband was last night warned by backbenchers to ‘wake up’ to the threat from UKIP and sack underperforming members of his Shadow Cabinet, or face the consequences at the General Election.
OPPOSITION LEADER ANNOUNCES CHANGES TO LABOR FRONT BENCH Opposition Leader John Robertson has today announced changes to his Shadow Cabinet to strengthen Labor’s front bench ahead of the 2015 state election. Mr Robertson said Carmel Tebbutt indicated she would be stepping down from Shadow Cabinet following her announcement that she would not be recontesting the next election. “I thank Carmel for her service over the past three years – and the enormous contribution she has made to the Labor Party,” said Mr Robertson. “Ryan Park has been promoted to Shadow Minister for Education and Shadow Minister for the Illawarra. As a former high school teacher Ryan knows the importance of education to every child and will be taking up the fight against the Liberals’ cuts to schools and TAFE. “Deputy Opposition Leader Linda Burney adds Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education to her portfolios. “Walt Secord will take on Shadow Minister for Roads as well as Shadow Minister for the North Coast. Walt ...
The sudden emergence of Tristram Hunt as the next leader of the Labour Party has been one of the most amazing transformations of modern politics. Last week, I wrote about the absence of rivals for Ed Miliband's job, and how he reshuffled his Shadow Cabinet to preserve the vacuum around him.
Delighted you have responsibility for in Shadow Cabinet. Subject close to my heart. Will call to…
Atos/Coalition Gov't causing misery even early death to people with disabilities/serious illnesses/those in poverty through bedroom tax/welfare benefit cuts .Politicians remaining quiet,even Labour leadership.Thankfully at least Dennis Skinner is having a real go.We need more Labour MP's to really speak out and run high profile campaigns-unlikely but it would be good if it was led by the Shadow Cabinet. Might even win them a few votes!!
Diane Abbott's main fault lies in her constant Grandstanding, it's all about our Diane !! Ed Miliband needs Women in the Shadow Cabinet who are interested in The Labour Party without concentrating on Power Suits and 'Good Morning'
promotes me to Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Housing Minister, downgrade position to Parliamentary Unde…
Blow for Blairites: Liam Byrne and Stephen Twigg lose frontbench jobs as Ed Miliband reshuffles Shadow Cabinet
Maria Eagle and Mary Creagh seem to have swapped roles in the Shadow Cabinet - is that right? What's the logic for a straight swap?
Congratulations to who joins the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities.
Burnham writes to BBC over lack of coverage for Yet another reason to keep him in Shadow Cabinet
Will Dan Hodges keep using his spy in the Shadow Cabinet now that he no longer even pretends to be a member? I expect Jim Murphy won't stop.
We know Dan Hodges claimed to have a spy in the Shadow Cabinet who was briefing against other, including Tom Watson and Owen Jones.
Why not? I am almost 100% he is Dan Hodges source for private discussions in the Shadow Cabinet. If not Jim Murphy, who was it?
Jim Murphy is a witch hunter. A spy for Thatcherite goon Dan Hodges. Why not expel this McCarthyite turd from the Shadow Cabinet?
Before resigning because Labour wouldn't back illegal wars opposed by 90% of voters, Dan Hodges had a spy in the Shadow Cabinet.
The Express tomorrow reports Andy Burnham is the most likely person in the Shadow Cabinet to mount a challenge to Ed Miliband
Good piece on the case for keeping Liam Byrne in the Shadow Cabinet
In his column, urges to kick out poor Shadow Cabinet performers
certainly knows how to pack a punch. But which Shadow Cabinet poor performers should be kicked out?
I'm quite excited by a Shadow Cabinet that is "govt of the future" - George Jetson, Ellen Ripley & a Morlock?
Ed Miliband is being urged to bring back Alan Johnson or Alistair Darling into the Shadow Cabinet:
Chris Bryant is trending. Who said the Shadow Cabinet were keeping quiet. On the other hand .
Shadow cabinet reshuffle in September? Only so many times you can move people around
Ed Miliband is planning to reshuffle his Shadow Cabinet team in September, reports say.
The problem isn't just it is vast swathes of the shadow cabinet. If he doesn't have a clean sweep reshuffle soon, he's doomed
Ed Miliband has been told to get a grip on his own MPs and impose “iron discipline” on the Labour Party
Shadow Cabinet reshuffle soon. I'd like to see and David Lammy on the frontbench please!
So Milibland to reshuffle shadow cabinet. If he could shuffle himself out of the door and make way for that'd be grand thanks
Potential shadow cabinet reshuffle. Sure will be open to suggestions. has a wish list. Ideas?! :)
Hmm... Can you reshuffle that Liam bloke out, please, Ed? ~ Miliband plans fourth reshuffle - Yes, a fourth!
Fair point. Although the shadow cabinet would surely benefit from having the likes of Alan Johnson & (post ref) Alistair Darling
Labour Shadow Minister reveals there's a "big disagreement about welfare policy in the shadow cabinet"
Well done Ed. Sack only female Asian minister & promote a few more Oxbridge noobs. "Labour" Party? My ***
Graham Stringer, Labour MP: "It's important to be clear about the message and get the right people in [shadow cabinet] positions..."
Graham Stringer, Labour MP: "The real worry is the deafening silence from the Shadow Cabinet... The party is genuinely worried."
all the Labour's "talent" is in shadow cabinet. Outer ministry shadows even more talentless. Lacking any credible policies too.
via Demoting would be stupid for Miliband. One of the most principled MPs that Labour has.
Four reshuffles in three years. Starting to look a bit like deckchairs on the Titanic.
Like rearranging chairs on the Titanic but people knew the Titanic existed: Miliband plans 4th reshuffle.
The real problem is Red Ed isn't Prime Minister material and the public know it.
Miliband plans fourth reshuffle, wonder when will he realize that HE needs reshuffling
'Ed Miliband plans fourth reshuffle to shake up shadow cabinet' - but who? Leading contenders all women I'd say:
Miliband plans 4th reshuffle to shake up shadow cabinet -
Miliband needs an enforcer. Whilst on holiday, his backbenchers and even his Shadow Cabinet have had the knives out. Tories look disciplined
But what Labour policies would shadow cabinet promote while their 'leader' dithers?
Please make sure its reshuffled to the Left and distance yourself and our party from Progress .
Maybe he should shuffle a few of them across the floor of the house to where they belong...
Interesting, too, that talented & effective Liz Kendall is tipped for Shadow Cabinet promotion. Surely a nobrainer for Labour?
On Graham Stringer tells "The party is genuinely worried about the lack of activity in the Shadow Cabinet"
Ed Miliband urged to sack his critics from Labour shadow cabinet
I've heard of a shadow cabinet reshuffle soon. You should go for leader.
Shouldn't we be calling all those Shadow Cabinet members attacking Ed Miliband "Internet Trolls"?
'One Shadow Minister told the Observer: "We need the return of a big beast – an Alan Johnson or Alistair Darling."'
So now it isn't just Ed Miliband's backbenchers, donors and brother criticising him; his Shadow Cabinet has joined in http:/…
for Labour Stella Creasy, Chris Bryant, Chris Leslie & Lord Mandelson will be joining the Shadow Cabinet
Hilary Benn batting away Andrew Neil's questions, he clearly needs promoting in the Shadow Cabinet
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Over the weekend, key Labour figures briefed favoured Guardian journalists about a proposed final break with the trade unions, since disavowed by Ed Miliband. We cannot be sure who they are. What we do know is that there is a hardened Blairite axis within the Shadow Cabinet, led by former David Mili...
Tom Watson's resignation letter (via Nick Gruen's earlier post). It's either just the ebb and flow of politics or Watson has skewered something profound and unsettling about the fractures in the way we currently play the game. Are we too squeamish or should we demand more? Independence day resignation letter July 4th, 2013 | Ed Miliband MP Leader of the Opposition House of Commons London SW1A 0AA 4nd July 2013 Dear Ed, I said that I’d stay with you as General Election co-ordinator within the Shadow Cabinet as long as I was useful. I think it would be a good idea for you, and me, if I stood down from the role now. As you know, I offered my resignation on Tuesday and you asked me to reconsider. I’ve thought about it and still feel it is better for you and the future unity of the party that I go now. There are some who have not forgiven me for resigning in 2006. I fully accept the consequences of that decision and genuinely hope my departure allows the party to move on. Yet it’s not the unattributed .. ...
Wow has resigned from Shadow Cabinet!! A man of integrity:
Latest: MP Tom Watson resigns from Shadow Cabinet over Unite trade union row
Ooo! Tom Watson MP resigns from the Shadow Cabinet! What must Labour and their shadowy union paymasters have been up to I wonder?
Labour's bitter internal row over the influence of the Unite trade union claimed its first victim today when Tom Watson , the man in charge of the party's General Election campaign, resigned from the Shadow Cabinet.
Bishop doesn't believe Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will make any changes to his Shadow Cabinet in response to the government's
If any of Cabinet or Shadow Cabinet's loved ones had died at Midstaffs,Morecambe Bay, accountability over night!
Last week I highlighted 5 women from the 2010 intake who Ed Miliband could add to his Shadow Cabinet in the coming months. Today I’ve taken a look at five of the wise heads on the backbenches with experience of government who could add something to Miliband’s front bench team in opposition: Alastair...
Scumbag Turnbull supports referendum. This from Sky News today: DAVID SPEERS: Are you in favour of this change? MALCOLM TURNBULL: I think there’s a lot of merit in it yes, our position is to be, the position of the Shadow Cabinet is to
Thanks to the South London Press for their support of our campaign. Thanks also to their support of the Young Citizens over the last three years. IN SUPPORT OF LOCAL NEWSPAPERS "Last week every police officer in Lewisham agreed to add their hand print to the those of the children of Lewisham's 10,000 Hands Making Lewisham City Safe' cloth. Last month Boris Johnson added his hand print, and in July Ed Miliband and the Shadow Cabinet are to add their in Westminster. These are of course all newsworthy stories, there is interest from London and National papers, support and publicity. Four years ago I wanted the same things, I was 12 then and wanted to find ways to work with my community to give young people a positive voice, to make our streets safer, to find ways of us all working together for the good of Lewisham. Four years ago though getting support, or even people take us seriously was almost impossible. As we have travelled on our journey from an idea to a reality, from our classroom to Number 10 our lo ...
Fahan Abd ( DAP supporter ) SYA...what are your views on the quality of these BN ministers like Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Hassan Malek. You think these ministers are competent to hold the post they have been picked for? Do you think that with such Ministers Najib can take Malaysia to a higher level as he has been spewing all over the country before the elections. What about ministers like Idris Jusoh and Shadidan Kassim. Do you think these people are the creme de la creme of the intellectual resources available in Malaysia? SYA Reply 1. I dont even need to reply to your question because DAP got no rights to question about BN Cabinet when Pakatan Rakyat cannot even come out with your own Shadow Cabinet until today. Your only cabinet is all only about Anwar Ibrahim. 2. Stop questioning Ahmad Zahid Hamidi if you are a true Anwar supporter because it was Anwar who groom Ahmad Zahid Hamidi under his youth wing back then in UMNO when Anwar was the UMNO Youth Chief. If you think Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi is not capable t ...
With love from Pakistan...   Arming of Militants   Weapons Seized (see image appended below)     "...There are credible reports of official Pakistan support for militants fighting in Kashmir..." -U.S. State Department report "Patterns of Global Terrorism" 1995. - Mr. Jack Cunningham, Foreign Secretary of the Shadow Cabinet, Labour Party, U.K., in a press briefing on March 25, 1994. "In Kashmir Valley an insurgency is going on. But it is not by the local community. There is a lot of evidence to suggest the insurgency is organised, assisted and triggered by forces outside India. I mention here Pakistan, which is conducting training camps. I also met four captured militants: one Afghan, one Palestinian and other Pakistanis. They admitted that they fought in Afghanistan and Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan. A large cache of arms made in different countries and seized from the militants were shown to me. We want to cut off support to insurgency whatever the source.     The arms bazaar in Pakistan. (see ...
Mr Evans was Shadow Welsh Secretary and a member of the Shadow Cabinet under Iain Duncan Smith from 2001-2003.
Someone want Raila Odinga to name a Shadow Cabinet coz Uhuru did that when he was Opposition Leader... Yawa, what...
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outside of the Shadow Cabinet, only two Labour MPs are attending the funeral: Frank Field and Keith Vaz
Labour MP and Shadow Cabinet member Helen Goodman says Labour would keep the bedroom tax for people who refused to move if offered smaller accomodation.
Scottish Labour’s hypocrisy on the bedroom tax has today been condemned by the SNP, after a member of the Shadow Cabinet said that Labour would apply the punitive measure.
But to be fair, it was only Len McCluskey and few others who attacked the Shadow Cabinet.
The National Advisory Council (NAC) of India is an advisory body set up to advise the Prime Minister of India. NAC is also called as Shadow Cabinet. On 23 March 2006, Sonia Gandhi its Chairperson had resigned after an "Office of profit" controversy. On 29 March 2010, she was back as the chairperson of NAC. NAC was set up on 4 June 2004 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, during UPA-I, to implement the National Common Minimum Programme, or CMP. Organization (2010 - present) The NAC - II is a mix of activists, bureaucrats (retired and active), economists, politicians and an industrialist. Sonia Gandhi - Chairman Aruna Roy - superannuated bureaucrat Mihir Shah - Member, Planning Commission[2] Narendra Jadhav - former bureaucrat & Member, Planning Commission Ashis Mondal - Director of Action for Social Advancement (ASA), Bhopal[3] Prof. Pramod Tandon - Vice Chancellor, North Eastern Hill University Deep Joshi - Social activist Farah Naqvi - Social activist Dr. N. C. Saxena - former bureaucrat Anu Aga - Business ...
Roy Jenkins resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in April 1972 in opposition to Labour's support for a referendum on EEC entry.
Gotta say - Douglas Alexander is a class act. Likeable, thoughtful and with gravitas. Real talent of Shadow Cabinet. If only all were thus
David Davis, who resigned from Shadow Cabinet and caused a by election to make a point, calls the Lib Dems petulant
Nationalism takes back seat to the economy: The lineup of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet seems to underline...
actively stigmatised by Labour shadow cabinet member. Then tell me, where's this broad support..
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